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Andrew Chapter 16: Monday In Miami

On Sunday morning, Andrew and Carrie woke up in each others' arms in the Master Bedroom of the Recruiter's Suite.

?Hey baby, did you enjoy last night as much as I did?? Andrew asked his fianc?e.

?Which part: the party or our long walk alone back to the hotel?? Carrie asked him, smiling up at him.

?Don?t answer a question with a question Carrie!? Andrew teased her, standing up and setting her on the floor.

?Oh look, you?ve got me down on the floor already!? Carrie laughed. Then she pulled him down on top of her and added, ?I guess I?ve got you down too!?

?I think you?ve got me up!? Andrew informed her, looking down. Carrie looked as well and grinned as she saw that her big man was aroused again, and certainly earning his name. ?No one turns me on as much as you do Carrie!?

"I should certainly hope not Andrew; or I'd have to hurt them!" Carrie informed him with a frown. "And then I'd have to come after you!"

"I think you've already done that: two nights in a row!" Andrew teased her.

"Shut up Andrew!" Carrie laughed, swatting him across his massive chest.

"You first Carrie!" Andrew ordered her, swatting her chest lightly.

"Not to worry, I'll shut up until you tell me to open for business!" Carrie promised him.

"Why you little minx, you just love talking and looking sexy, don't you?" Andrew realized. He slowly got to his feet and pulled Carrie up with him. "Now, if you're done trying to get me aroused, how about answering my question?"

"What question was that Andrew?" Carrie asked him, smiling at the softness of her big man's tender touch.

"I asked which part of last night you enjoyed the most; our walk or the party," Andrew replied.

"The party was lots of fun, but my favourite part of the night was the walk along the boardwalk with my big man," Carrie replied. She rubbed his massive chest softly as they went into the bathroom to have their shower. "But I'm now ready for my favourite part of the morning: the shower with my big man!"

Andrew smiled and helped Carrie into the shower, where they proceeded to have good clean fun.

After their shower was over, Andrew and Carrie got dressed and went downstairs to have their breakfast: their first hotel buffet during their trip. They saw Chad and Mrs. Peterson waiting for them at one of the tables by the window and they altered their course to join them.

"Good morning Andrew and Carrie; it looks like you slept well," Mrs. Peterson greeted them.

"Yes we did Mrs. Peterson," Andrew responded; remembering just in time not to call her "ma'am."

"Good, because we'd like to talk to you both before Ralph and Connor join us," Mrs. Peterson said. "And please, call me Betty."

"Okay Betty," Andrew said, somewhat uncomfortably. "What did you and Dad like to talk to us about?"

"Well, you know how I called Carrie's dad and told him what I overheard on the plane?" Chad asked Andrew, as they got up to enter the buffet line.

"I didn't know that actually, but I guess you two wouldn't have given us permission to sleep in the same bed without consulting Mom and Mr. Peterson," Andrew realized.

"Very good Andrew; you're exactly right," Chad said. "Carrie's dad and your mom had no trouble granting you permission to sleep in the same bed, once I told them how you plan to wait until your honeymoon to 'sleep together.' All four of us are very proud of you two for saving yourselves for marraige; we can only imagine how easy it is for teenagers to fall into the trap of casual sex these days. But since you two haven't fallen into that trap, we have no trouble letting you two take the next step in your relationship, even if it is under our roof. There's not much we can do about it anyway, since you'll both be 18 within a couple of weeks. I just want you two to promise me that you won't have sex under our roof."

"I promise that we won't do that Dad," Andrew assured his father, after Carrie nodded in agreement. "That's what hotels are for. But once we are engaged, we may have sex, but not under your roof Mrs. Peterson, or yours Dad."

"You're talking as if you two will be engaged while still living at home Andrew," Chad informed him. "Is there something we should know?"

Andrew looked carefully at the smiles on the faces of his dad and Mrs. Peterson and then looked over at Carrie again. Carrie nodded at him to go ahead and Andrew took a deep breath.

"Actually yes, there is something we should tell you two, but I don't want it to leave this table," Andrew replied.

"I promise that we won't tell anyone what you two are about to tell us Andrew," Chad promised his son. "Go ahead and give us the good news son."

"Okay Dad," Andrew said, letting out a sigh of relief. "Carrie and I discussed getting married before college last night actually. Judging by the smiles on your faces, it doesn't look like you two would have any problem with that."

"We were wondering when you two would finally get engaged," Mrs. Peterson informed him. "I know that my husband and I were hoping that you two would get married before you left for college. My husband would like nothing better than to walk his daughter down the aisle in the backyard of the house we have lived in since before Carrie was born."

"I have no problem getting married at home, since that is where I met the love of my life," Carrie agreed. She smiled and squeezed Andrew's hand gently. "Since you and Dad have come up with the perfect location for the wedding, I have no trouble letting you two plan the rest of the wedding as well. If, and when, Andrew and I decide to get married, we will make an official announcement of our engagement. Then there will be plenty of time to plan the wedding."

"Glad we had this discussion Andrew and Carrie," Chad said, as the four of them returned to their table. He noticed Ralph, Connor and their parents waiting for them, and added, "Now it's time to talk about the trip to U of Miami today."

"Can we go surfing this morning first?" Andrew asked, as they sat down.

"Yes we can Andrew," Chad replied, as their six companions got up to go to the buffet line. "This time I will take you up on your surfing challenge. Then around 10:30 am, the limos will take us to U of Miami, where Coach Malcolm will put you through strength tests on the football field. Then you'll have lunch and get a tour of the campus. You'll even be able to sit in on some of Anthony and Carl's classes; they start at 2 pm. Then it will be time to go to the airport, to catch our flight that leaves at 6 pm."

"I'll miss all my new friends down here when we go home Dad," Andrew realized. "But hopefully I'll be able to see Rick and his friends on the plane."

"Rick is Carl's younger brother; Carl got a full ride scholarship to Miami just like Mark did," Chad informed him.

"Then why didn't Rick stay with Carl this weekend?" Andrew asked him, looking confused.

"Carl's older brother, who just joined the Dolphins, is staying with Carl this weekend," Chad replied. "Daniel told me that during the BBQ last night, while you and your future teammates were playfighting." Chad noticed Andrew grinning at the memories and added, "I'm glad that you controlled your great strength during those strength contests son."

"Yeah, I didn't want to hurt anyone, because noone made me mad like Anthony did Saturday night," Andrew assured his dad.

"You'll have to control your great strength even more when you get angry," Chad informed him. "But I think you might get to show off your great strength in the Hurricanes' weight room during your tour today. Coach Malcolm is arranging everything, including a meeting with the University President. She is quite a football fan herself apparently, and when Coach Malcolm introduced us to her yesterday, she insisted on meeting you as well. So Coach Malcolm promised her that she could conduct your tour of the campus herself."

"What about us?" Ralph asked Chad, worried that Andrew was getting all the attention.

"She wants to meet all of you," Chad assured him. "Coach Malcolm mentioned to her how you three have all transformed yourselves into sports stars under Andrew's guidance."

Andrew's three friends smiled and Chad and the other parents grinned at them, very proud of the athletic performance of their teenage kids.

After breakfast, everyone went down to the beach, after getting changed. It was about 9:30 am when Mr. Anderson (Aaron) unlocked the shed for them and gave them all surfboards. Andrew was tempted to ask if Aaron and Anthony had resolved their fight, but then he decided that it was none of his business and kept his mouth shut.

The six parents and the four teenagers had lots of fun surfing over the next hour.

When Andrew expressed surprise that Ralph and Connor's mothers knew how to surf, Ralph's mom said, "Who do you think taught Ralph to surf? I did! I also taught my husband how to surf and Connor's mom did the same thing for her son and husband."

Andrew realized that having athletic parents explained why Ralph and Connor had quickly become star athletes themselves.

After their surfing was over at 10:30 am, the two limos had arrived to take everyone to the University of Miami. Everyone got changed and then headed to their seperate limos, just like they had on Saturday afternoon.

"Hello there sir!" Andrew greeted Coach Malcolm, who was sitting in the teenagers' limo. "How are you today?"

"I'm just fine Andrew; especially after the Hurricanes' won their game two days ago," Coach Malcolm replied. "It's good that all the assistant coaches were able to compensate for my absence and get the 'Canes" ready for their big game."

"I'm glad about that as well," Andrew agreed, as their limo headed towards the causeway. "It's great that the Hurricanes won on their home turf."

Everyone in the limo took pictures as the limo left South Beach and headed across the MacArthur Causeway. As the limo went along US Highway 1 en route to 'the U', Carrie leaned over to Andrew and whispered, "Did you notice how I'm not fondling you in public anymore?"

"Yes I have noticed that," Andrew agreed. "It wouldn't have anything to do with me chastising you for trying to seduce me in the limo yesterday, would it?"

"Actually yes it does," Carrie informed him. "You really scared me Andrew, especially since you seemed so angry!"

"I'm sorry Carrie, but you were coming onto me too much!" Andrew reminded her. "I was getting really embarrassed and aroused!"

Carrie was glad that they were whispering in each other's ears so that no one else could hear them.

It didn't take long for the two limos to reach U of Miami, and everyone took a picture of the entrance sign.

"If you use rental cars, or your own, you can catch a train across the road that will take you to the bus stop at Culmer Station. The buses there take people directly to the Orange Bowl Stadium on Hurricane game days. The buses, because of their function, are appropriately called 'Hurrycane' shuttles; that's hurry with a 'y' Andrew. Can you guess why?"

"Is that so people in a hurry can get to the 'Canes' games on time?" Andrew asked with a chuckle.

"Yes that's right Andrew!" Coach Malcolm replied, laughing at Andrew's joke. As the limo turned left, he added, "You're a really funny guy Andrew; that explains how you caught onto that joke so quickly!"

"It looks like I'll be able to catch more than jokes today," Andrew realized, pointing the Anthony and the other two Hurricanes who were waiting for them in the middle of the football field. As the limo stopped in front of the field, he added, "I'll soon be able to catch some tackles from Anthony and his teammates!"

"Yes you will Andrew, and you should be able to quite literally throw the tackles back!" Coach Malcolm realized. Everyone got out of the limo and he told the driver to pick the parents up around 12:15 pm. Then he led the parents onto the sidelines and motioned Andrew, Ralph and Connor onto the field. "You three stand on the north side of the field; Anthony, Mark and Carl will take the south side. That way, there will be one quarterback, one reciever and one guard for each side of the field."

"Good plan sir," Andrew said, as he and his teammates took off their shirts.

"It should be; I thought of it!" Coach Malcolm said, not quite modestly. "Get ready for your upper body measurements everyone; then you can start the football drills."

Everyone stood still as Coach Malcolm took their measurements, feeling a bit like pieces of meat as their upper body muscles were poked and prodded. Andrew loved the attention, but Ralph and Connor were nervous, not used to having their shirts off.

After the measurements were complete, Coach Malcolm supervised the blocking and passing drills. As the players progressed through the exercises, Coach Malcolm wondered if the players knew that Ralph and Connor were being tested that day, and not just Andrew. The proud parents videotaped everything, and Ralph and Connor's parents were particularly proud. They had never imagined, before their kids met Andrew, that Ralph and Connor would become sports stars like Andrew. But when they saw Coach Malcolm smiling at their performance on the field, they knew that they weren't imagining things.

Once the football drills were complete, Coach Malcolm motioned the six football players over to the sidelines.

"One more strength test before we go in for lunch Andrew," Coach Malcolm said. "lift the team bench with Ralph and Connor on either end of it."

"Okay sir and then I'm ready to refuel myself," Andrew agreed, coming up to the team bench. Ralph and Connor followed him and sat down on either end of the bench. "Get ready guys and sit very still," Andrew advised them. "This will only take a minute." He curled the bench in his arms and then set it across his shoulders. Ralph and Connor held on tightly so that they wouldn't fall off. "There, I lifted the bench with my two teammates on it for you sir. Can we go in for lunch now?"

"Yes we can Andrew," Coach Malcolm replied, as Andrew squatted down and his two teammates jumped down from the bench. "I was very impressed with your blocking and guarding abilities on the field." He turned to Ralph and Connor and said, "Your pass completion percentage was 100 % Ralph! I was also very impressed with your performance Connor; you caught every pass!"

Ralph and Connor were about to thank Coach Malcolm when they were distracted by Andrew dousing himself with water from his sports bottle.

"Very effective 'Jock Shower' Andrew," Coach Malcolm said.

"Thank you sir; it seemed like the quickest way to get cleaned up before lunch," Andrew said, shrugging modestly. He dried off and then reached for his tank top. "Tank tops are okay inside the school, aren't they sir?"

"Yes Andrew, they are," Coach Malcolm replied. "Even the Hurricanes, as catered to as they are, can't walk around shirtless inside the school!" Andrew looked disappointed that he wouldn't be able to walk around shirtless once he went inside. Coach Malcolm stepped closer and added, "Don't worry Andrew; you can take your shirt off once you're in the weight room." Andrew looked relieved and Coach Malcolm led the group towards the tennis courts. "As I was saying, before Andrew distracted me, I was very impressed with your performance on the field Ralph and Connor."

"Thank you Mr. Malcolm," Connor said, feeling embarrassed by his future coach's praise. "But don't forget, Ralph and I wouldn't be the players we are today without Andrew's guidance over the years."

"And don't forget that I wouldn't be a Hurricane if Andrew hadn't trained me so well in football!" Mark added. As they walked in between the tennis courts en route to the lake, he added, "Even Carrie is here as a result of Andrew's training! He has singlehandedly turned four teenagers into sports stars!"

Coach Malcolm looked back at Andrew as they all passed through the building that was between them and the lake. Andrew was looking down at the floor, really embarrassed by the compliments his friends were paying him. Coach Malcolm held the doors open for everyone, but Andrew wasn't looking where he was going. So he walked right into the metal partition between the two doors, bending it out with the impact.

"You see why you have to stop being embarassed Andrew?" Coach Malcolm asked him, looking exasperated. "You weren't looking where you were going because you were staring at the floor!"

"Understood sir," Andrew said quietly. He was ashamed of himself for denting the doorframe and looked up at his friends to see their reaction. As they stepped around him to get outside, Andrew only noticed embarassment on their faces, not pleasure at his embarrassment, even from Anthony. Andrew smiled slightly and then had an idea. "I can push the doorframe back into alignment sir; that way the maintenance workers won't have to do it."

"Good idea Andrew; go right aehad," Coach Malcolm agreed. "Then we can walk around the lake and go inside for lunch without any further delay."

Andrew grinned and pushed against the doorframe until it was upright and undented once again.

"Very good Andrew; your great strength caused this incident, but it also fixed it!" Coach Malcolm commended him. "Now, are you finished denting metal with your bare hands Andrew? Can we go around the lake now?"

"Yes sir we can," Andrew replied with a chuckle, as he noticed Coach Malcolm grinning at him. They began walking around the lake and no one knew that some students had videotaped the incident. "Oh look sir, there's an ibis! But don't worry, I won't bend him!"

"I appreciate that Andrew," Coach Malcolm said, as everyone took pictures of the ibis, the lake and the campus building. "As we all saw last night, the Hurricanes may not be able to keep you down, but they certainly will take you down again if you hurt their mascot!"

"Understood sir," Andrew said, as they all reached the west end of the lake. "Where do we go now?"

"We go to the campus bookstore, where all of you can buy merchandise," Coach Malcolm replied.

"Tell us what you all want and we'll buy it for you," Chad said to the teenagers. "I know you're hungry after the workout on the field, so we won't keep you from eating any longer. We'll see you in the President's Office at 1 pm. Good thing we already checked out and sent the limos back to the hotel to laod the luggage. So we won't be leaving campus until we all go to the airport."

"Thanks sir," Andrew said, checking his watch. "Since it's noon now, that gives us an hour for lunch."

"We'll take you to one of the dining halls Andrew," Anthony offered.

"Thanks man," Andrew said, as he and his friends handed their parents the lists of mechandise that they had prepared the night before. "See you later Dad."

"Bye son," Chad said, waving as Andrew and his friends headed to the cafeteria. "See you in the President's Office in one hour. Don't be late, and don't dent any doorframes in the next hour!"

"Very funny Dad!" Andrew laughed as he and his friends followed Anthony and his teammates to the cafeteria.

Once they got to the cafeteria, Andrew and Carrie sat down at a table, while Anthony and everyone else got lunch for them. Connor and Ralph sat down at the table and handed Andrew and Carrie their plates of food.
?That was amazing Andrew,? Connor said. ?I can?t believe you were able to lift the bench with both of us on it!?
?Thanks man,? said Andrew. ?I guess I will have to wait until spring break to lift the team bench here with the Hurricanes players on it.?

Anthony came over to the table, smiled, and said, ?You?ll be a fine candidate to replace me in two years Andrew. I guess Coach wasn?t exaggerating about your prowess on the football field!?
?It was a great way to test my strength against someone else, on the field this time,? Andrew said.
?Yes it was,? Anthony agreed. ?It also looks like you will be an even bigger man here than at your high school. I held the record as the strongest man, with a 1000 pound one rep bench-press. But it is quite clear that you are much stronger.?
?Yeah man,? Andrew agreed, smiling quietly. ?I can bench 2000 pounds for a ten rep maximum.?
?I believe I?d like to see that,? Anthony said. ?I?m sure everyone else would like to see it too, wouldn?t we boys?? Everyone else agreed, so Anthony said, "After the school tour, we'll have you perform some strength tests in the parking lot."

"How about we do it after lunch?" Andrew asked, as everyone began eating. "Then I'll be back to full strength."

"Good idea man," Anthony agreed, looking worried when he realized that Andrew wasn't at full strength on the football field earlier that day. "I'm kind of worried about you full strength Andrew, considering how you lifted Ralph and Connor on the bench effortlessly!"

"Don't worry man, I'll be a gentle giant today," Andrew assured him. "No more playfighting on this trip; I'll wait until the next one!"

Anthony looked relieved and Andrew grinned at him, pleased that Andrew wasn't scared of him anymore.

After lunch, Andrew led everyone out to the student parking lot and over to his car.
?I think my car is about 2000 pounds,? Anthony said. ?Let?s see you lift that.?
?Okay,? Andrew agreed. "Get ready.?
He squatted down, and lifted the car by the back bumper. Then he got both his hands balanced, and stood up with the car balanced on his 3-foot wide shoulders.
?How?s this,? Andrew asked, turning slowly to the team members. ?Is that good enough??
Anthony?s eyes were wide as he observed firsthand the true nature of Andrew?s strength.
?How about you press the car for the ten-rep maximum you were talking about,? he suggested finally. ?That should be good enough.?
So Andrew started straightening his arms and the car moved up. Once his arms were straight, Andrew let the car down to his shoulders again. Then he repeated the process 9 more times. He really had to struggle to get the car up on the tenth rep. But looking over at the awestruck faces on the football team, it was worth it. Andrew slowly squatted down and set the car on the ground again.
Then he turned to Anthony and asked, ?How was that??
Anthony was amazed, and finally said, ?That was awesome man!? He came over and shook Andrew?s hand vigorously. ?You?re amazingly strong; it?s almost freaky!?
?Freaky enough for the next headline on the school paper,? said a voice from behind everyone. They all turned around to see the Editor for the School paper standing behind them. ?I can see the headline now: ?Future freshman benches car.??
?Well, that?s very flattering,? agreed Andrew. ?I have already had that kind of headline at my high school a few months ago. But that was unplanned; I was simply pulling the car out of the ditch.?
?Don?t be modest,? the Editor admonished Andrew. ?No one I know could do that. I?m Ryan by the way.?
?Pleased to meet you Ryan,? said Andrew, shaking his hand. ?I guess you?re right; not many people could do that. I?m just so used to doing it by now.?
?Maybe you should start some kind of community service,? suggested Carrie. ?You could pull cars out of the ditch in the winter. You could even come up with a catchy name: AWAP perhaps.?
?What does that stand for?? asked Andrew.
?Andrew Winter Assistance Program,? replied Carrie.
?It seems a bit odd to name it after me,? Andrew modestly.
?Don?t be so modest, man,? Anthony said. ?You have to learn to take pride in your abilities. You?ve earned it. Besides, if you insist on being logical about this, community service would look good for your application.?
?I guess you?re right,? Andrew agreed. ?Well, it was nice meeting you, but my friends and I have to get going. We have to meet our parents at 1 pm."
?Introduce us before you leave today,? suggested Ryan. ?Maybe I could get a picture of the family for the school paper? I?ll send you a copy once it?s printed.?
?Okay,? agreed Andrew. ?Just one, or my modesty will wear off and I will start showing off. And once I do that, I don?t stop. We'll all meet you here, since it looks like a good place for the limos to come and pick us up. I'll ask my dad and then let you know. Do you have your cell phone with you?"

Ryan held it up and he and Andrew exchanged numbers. Then Andrew waved goodbye to the crowd of students and followed Anthony and his friends towards the President's Office. On the way, Andrew and his friends exchanged cell phone numbers and email addresses with Anthony, Mark and Carl.

Once the seven athletes reached the President's Office, they found Chad and the rest of the parents waiting for them. The University President stood up from her desk as Andrew approached her.

"You must be Andrew Pearson," the President said, coming around the desk to shake Andrew's hand. "Your father has been telling me a lot about you. I'm very pleased to meet you."

"Thank you Madam President," Andrew said quietly, shaking her hand gently. "It's a great honour to meet you."

"Thank you Andrew," the President said. "You don't have to call me 'Madam President' Andrew; 'ma'am' will do here. Your father tells me that you serve proudly in the Canadian Reserves."

"Yes I do and I see my father has been talking about me again," Andrew realized, referring rather subtly to his enhancement three months before.

"Yes he has, and he is very proud of you Andrew," the President said, leading them out of her office. "I'm sure you'll fit in here very well and soon feel right at home."

"I agree ma'am," Andrew said, as they followed the President down the hallway. "We already do feel right at home here, thanks to the warm reception Anthony and his teammates have given us."

He left out how Anthony's reception on Saturday had been more hot-headed than warm.

Andrew and his friends were surprised when the President took them on the tour personally. But she informed them that she was happy to do it, especially after all she had heard about their athletic achievements over the years.

"Consider this part of your Recruiting Visit," she advised her four guests.

After the President had finished the tour, which had included the Hurricanes' weight room, she waved goodbye and said that she looked forward to seeing them all again in March. The parents and the teenagers walked down the hall until they got to the classroom where Anthony, Carl and Mark had their 2 pm class.

"We'll meet you at the front circle near the bookstore around 4 pm," Chad informed Andrew.

Andrew waved as his dad walked away with the other parents. Then he turned around to see Anthony and Carl following Mark into the classroom.

"Wait a minute; how can you two be in the same class as Mark?" Andrew asked Anthony and Carl.

"We're TAs Andrew; that's Teacher's Assistants," Anthony replied.

"Thanks for explaining that guys," Andrew said, as they led him and his three friends into the classroom.

"You didn't think we were dumb jocks who failed some classes and had to repeat them, did you Andrew?" Carl asked him with a smirk.

"No man, I was just confused for a moment," Andrew replied, as they found their seats.

"Maybe you are the dumb jock today Andrew!" Anthony teased him. "First you run into a doorframe and then you get confused when you see us in the same class as Mark!"

"If you think I'm dumb, you're in for a rude awakening," Andrew warned him. As Anthony and Carl got up, Andrew added, "But since you won't be here to see how smart I really am, I'll let Mark tell you."

Anthony grinned and nodded. Then he followed Carl down the aisle towards the professor's desk at the front of the lecture hall.

For the next two hours, during that class and the next, Andrew and his friends learned a lot about University Level Courses. Carrie, Ralph and Connor looked confused by a lot of the subject matter, but Andrew was able to grasp it fairly easily. He feigned confusion though, despite what he had said earlier, so that he wouldn't make his friends feel bad.

After the classes were complete at 3:45 pm, Anthony and his two companions led Andrew and his friends towards the bookstore to meet the two limos that would take them home.
When they got there, they found Ryan, the Editor of the school paper waiting for them, along with some photographers. So Andrew introduced Ryan to his parents, and then Ryan took a picture of Andrew with his three friends, all the parents and the three Hurricanes. Andrew flexed his 30-inch biceps and grinned.
?Now I have the pictures of you benching the car, and this picture will complete the article,? Ryan said. ?See you in March, man, for Open House.?
?See you Ryan,? Andrew said, shaking his hand again.

The three Hurricanes said their goodbyes as well, and they exchanged handshakes and backslaps with Andrew. Then everyone parted ways.
?They love you!" Carrie shouted in astonishment. ?You?re a sports hero here too, and you haven?t even registered yet!?
?But I will register,? Andrew promised her. ?After this reception I am definitely coming here.?
?I'm glad to hear that you?re committed to becoming a Hurricane,? Coach Malcolm said, stepping forward to shake Andrew's hand. ?It proves I made the right choice when I scouted you.?
?Thank you very much sir,? Andrew said, shaking Coach Malcolm's hand gently.
?Well, it?s about time you caught the return flight to Toronto,? Coach Malcolm said, looking at his watch. ?The next time you come will be March. Then the true strength tests will occur. It?s good that the Hurricanes have accepted you Andrew. It will make things a lot easier the next time you come here.?
?I think it has something to do with his modesty,? Carrie said. ?Everyone is having to get him to take pride in his accomplishments.?
?I?m just naturally shy and quiet,? said Andrew, "except when I get excited. Then I show off. But since it got me in here, I guess it wasn?t a bad thing after all.?
?It was not a bad thing at all,? Coach Malcolm agreed, as everyone got into their limos, which were waiting in the parking lot. ?Well, good luck Andrew, Ralph, and Connor. See you in March. I will send all the details when March gets closer.?
Everyone said goodbye to Mr. Malcolm and then waved as the bus took them away form Andrew?s future home.
?I?m very proud of you son,? Mr. Pearson said to Andrew. ?Don?t let us down.?
?Don?t worry Dad, I won?t,? Andrew assured him. ?I won?t.?
Andrew made a promise to himself right then and there that he would do everything he could to justify everyone?s faith in him.
Sean Lackie
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