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A Better Man

[COLOR=white]Thought this was something different than my usual muscle theft stories. Let me know what you think.[/COLOR]

A Better Man

[COLOR=white]Ben was humming a tune he really didn’t know as he waited at the bus stop. It was a song his roommate, the aspiring rock star, was working on into the wee hours of the morning last night. The tune was now stuck in his head. Ben had another frustrating day of classes and just wanted to crawl into bed to catch up on his sleep. But he promised his boss he would work tonight. He looked down the street again, still no sign of the damn bus. He pulled a pile of papers from his backpack to put them in some sort of order. Ben thought the disarray could be a metaphor for his entire life. He thumbed through the slightly crumbled school work reviewing his collection of tests. Every one marked with a B minus or a C. The professors’ comments were as consistent; “good work!” or “good job”. The last test’s comment was written in red. “You could do better!” appeared on his statistics mid-term. Ben sighed, “I wish I could do better. We all can’t be fuckin’ geniuses like you, ProfessorMandrel”. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]He pushed the papers back into his backpack. He hastily swung the bulky bag over his narrow shoulder throwing his thin body off center. He caught his balance and moved closer to the curb as the number 8 bus approached. He felt his breath quicken as he saw the driver. It was Giovanni. Ben ran his slender fingers through his shaggy, brown hair pushing it behind his large ears trying to make himself look better. The doors opened and Ben raised his eyes to meet the driver’s. “Yo, you getting on or what?” the driver asked in a deep voice. Gio’s handsome face caused Ben to freeze in place. “Of course I’m getting on. I’ve been riding this bus for months. Don’t you remember me?” Was what Ben wanted to say, but he didn’t. Then Ben’s constant self doubts resurfaced. Why would Gio remember him? Unlike the driver there was nothing noteworthy about this passenger. Ben lowered his eyes timidly and looked at his feet willing them to move. Ben boarded the vehicle and then remembered he needed his bus pass. He started to search for his wallet. “The fare is a buck, seventy five”, the driver said almost robotically. He wasn’t even looking at Ben any longer. Ben struggled to pull his wallet from the back pocket of his jeans. Even though they were slim fit 514s, his lack of an ass made the seat sag from the weight of the wallet. “If you don’t have the money, you’ve got to get off the bus”, Gio added growing more impatient. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]Ben finally managed to free his wallet, he opened the Velcro closure and held up his bus pass. He pulled his elbow into his body to control his nervous shaking. Gio looked at the pass to check the date. Ben’s eyes went from the driver’s excruciatingly handsome face down to his exposed chest. The tight top half of his uniform let everyone know he worked-out. The pale blue shirt strained to completely cover his well developed pecs. With just the top two buttons undone, the stallion’s thick chest was seductively revealed. The powerful cords radiating from his bull-like neck, along with the striations of his pectoral muscles were still visible on his olive skin despite the dusting of dark hair. Ben’s eyes next went to the large bulge between the driver’s thighs. The tenting fabric of his equally tight, navy blue pants made his abundant endowment obvious. The driver moved one of his hands to cover his attention grabbing package. Ben refocused quickly back to the driver’s face. “You can take a seat now”, the driver said in an even more annoyed tone. He knew his body was worthy of attention but he didn’t want it from someone like Ben. The student blushed and hurried to the first open seat. He placed his bag on his lap to hide his expanding crotch.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]Ben casually looked around the bus’s interior to make sure nobody noticed his aroused state, Once assured he went unnoticed as usual, Ben began to relax. He stared at the back of the bus driver’s head. Ben scanned the transit employee’s thick, black hair and hoped he would have to look to his right so Ben could glimpse his Romanesque profile. Ben moved his eyes down to the neatly trimmed hairline at the back of his neck. Down the steep angle of his developed traps, and over the driver’s broad shoulder which protruded well beyond the edge of his seat back. His globe shaped delts were encased tightly in his short sleeves. The sleeve’s hem was rolled up to accommodate his enormously developed upper arm. Ben exploration stopped when he got to his chucky tricep. Ben stopped breathing for a moment as the hunk’s muscle hardened as he turned the steering wheel to pull in to the next stop. The horseshoe shaped muscle formed in deep relief under his tight, smooth skin.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]A beautiful redhead entered the bus. She was wearing a form fitting black skirt and white button-down blouse. The top few buttons undone to show off her own impressive cleavage. She bent at her waist to lower her bountiful breasts to the driver’s eye level, as she slowly put the coins into the fare collection box. She counted softly out loud, her face looking at the coins, giving Gio the perfect opportunity to oogle her assets without her knowing. When done, she turned to look at the driver. “One dollar and seventy-five cents.” The woman put her hands on her knees and straightened her arms, squeezing her breasts together. “Does everything add up to your satisfaction, driver?” She purred. Gio raised his eyes from her bulbous tits and smiled, “Yes, your figure is just right”. He then looked away to continue on his route. The women quickly stood and grabbed onto a pole so not to lose her balance in the quick moving vehicle. Her four inch heels didn’t help matters. Looking frustrated, she scanned the interior for an open seat. A smile formed when she saw Ben. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]She hurried over to her friend, carefully counteracting the jerky movement of the bus. She dropped into the empty seat next to Ben. “This is a nice surprise. I didn’t think I would see you today. You don’t usually work on Thursdays”. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“There’s something going on at work tomorrow and Mr. Griggs asked me to come in tonight to get things ready”, Ben commented with a tinge of annoyance in his voice. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“Well, the extra money will be nice” the woman added positively. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“True”, Ben’s face brightened. “Tell me Ellen, will you count out the money for me like you did for Gio?” He started to laugh before he could finish his thought. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]Ellen backed her elbow into Ben’s stomach. “Not funny. I don’t know what I have to do to get that man to ask me out.” I tried ever trick I’ve got in my arsenal.” She looked down at her breasts and squeezed them in her hands. “The girls have never let me down before.” [/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]Ben rubbed his soft stomach where Ellen hit him. “Maybe he’s gay” Ben said secretly hoping it was true. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“No way. Look at him. He’s Italian for God’s sake” Ellen proclaimed as she gestured to the front of the bus. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“What does that mean?” Ben asked with laughter in his voice. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“It’s just he’s so, you know, manly.” Ellen looked at the driver and her eyes showed her yearning. “He’s incredibly strong and virile and masculine, and so fuckin’ hot. That body of his makes me want to…” [/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“Easy girl. You’re out in public, there are kids around”, Ben joked as he patted her on the shoulder. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“Sorry, but a man like that gets all my womanly juices flowing something fierce.” Ellen put her hands to her flushed face and smoothed out her long hair. She took a compact out of her purse and checked her reflection in the small mirror. “Maybe I’ll go blonde. Men like him always want a blonde”. She was quiet for a moment, she then turned to Ben. “Do you think I would look good as a blonde?” [/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]Ben looked at her and imaged the change in her hair color. “Yes, you would look great as blonde. Of course you look great as a red head.”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]Ellen smiled and ran her hand over Ben’s arm. “Thank you, Ben. You always know the right thing to say. You are such a good guy. I don’t know why you don’t have a girl.”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]Ben smirked, “I guess I’m not the kind of man that gets a woman’s juices flowing”. Ben waited for the beautiful woman to contradict his assessment.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]Ellen just chuckled and ran her hand over his thin arm again. “Don’t be silly you are a decent looking guy”.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“Thanks” Ben moaned.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“I mean a fairly good looking, that is to say a really good looking guy…“ Ben shook his head. “Now, now. I know there is someone out there who would find you juice worthy.” It was obvious from her comments she was not that someone. Ellen could see she wounded Ben’s male ego. “Plus we all know looks aren’t as important as a great personality. And you have one great personality.” Ellen’s attention was drawn to Gio again, “Did you see that? He was checking out that Barbie wannabe who crossed in front of the bus. I knew he was into blondes. I’m definitely making an emergency appointment with my hairdresser.” She held the mirror up to her face one more time before returning it to the depths of her bag. “I need to schedule some time at the tanning salon too.” [/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]After a few moments of awkward silence, Ben began to rummage through his backpack. “I have that demo CD from my room mate’s band. I asked Holt about their fee and he said they could do your sister’s wedding for $300, instead of the usual $450 since I know you.” He handed the generic disc to Ellen.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“Great. I’ll give it to Monica tomorrow. This wedding is all she can talk about anymore.” Ellen put the CD into his bag. “Too bad she’s marrying such a putz.”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“You’re going to be great maid of honor” Ben quipped. Ellen jabbed her elbow into Ben’s defenseless stomach again. Ben laughed but it actually hurt. “Anyway, the band is very good. Holt plays guitar and sings lead. He’s got a great voice. He writes all their original stuff too. But they’ll cover any songs Monica will want, even the chicken dance.”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“You sound like a groupie”, Ellen joked.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“I wish I had one tenth of Holt’s musical talent.” Ben looked at the window and pressed the bell cord. “This is my stop.” The two passengers stood and Ben passed by Ellen trying not to rub up against her. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“See you soon, Ben.” Ellen said as she retook her seat. Ben made sure not to look at the driver when he disembarked in case Ellen was watching him. It took all of Ben’s will power not to get one last look of Gio. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]Ben walked the two blocks to his part-time job, the Heavy Bar Gym. His official title was manager’s assistant. But when people asked what he did he explained he was a glorified janitor. As he walked he wondered where Gio worked out. He could feel a familiar swelling between his legs as he imagined Gio pumping iron and covered in sweat. The affect of his daydreaming was only enhanced as he entered the dingy lobby and was hit by the odor of men. This was no pretty suburban spa with shiny machines. It was a place for serious lifting, a real iron pit in the inner city. The walls were plastered with posters of the world’s best, hard-core physiques, not perfect looking fitness models. The lobby was a virtual shrine to the newly crowned Mr.Universe, ChaseJameson. He started his career in this gym. After winning a few regional titles he moved to California two years ago to accelerate his career. He was now the golden boy of bodybuilding. His youthful, handsome face, naturally massive physique, and impressive endowment made him a favorite for magazine covers. Some judges thought his insanely large arms detracted from his otherwise flawless symmetry, but what man doesn’t want big, powerful arms. The magazine editors called him the new MattMendenhall. Ben couldn’t help but stare at the poster of Chase doing a double bicep pose in front of his Mr.Universe trophy every time he saw it. He was so beautiful and powerful. His mind combined his fantasy men, the image of Chase and Gio making-out filled his brain. He was so distracted he walked right into the swinging door that led behind the deserted counter. His perky cock hit the door painfully first. He adjusted himself before entering the manager’s office.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]Ben, my boy, glad you could make it!” The leather skinned man behind the desk said in a gravelly voice. He was wearing a string top and nylon stretch shorts, oblivious to the fact he didn’t have the physique to carry the outfit. Once a top bodybuilding competitor, at 73, he was long past his prime. The flimsy shirt showed his drooping pecs and saggy arms. He held out his wrinkled hand to his employee. Ben shook it surprised by the strength the man’s old body still possessed. Of course, even though he could be his great grandfather, the owner still had more muscle mass than Ben. “You’re such a good boy helping me out like this on such short notice.”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]Ben rubbed his hand, “No problem, Mr.Griggs. I’m glad to help out. So he really is coming”.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“Yes, he’ll be here tomorrow afternoon. It will be nice to see him again. Of course he’s here as part of the promotional tour for his supplement sponsor. But still, this is the only gym he’s visiting in the city. I’d like to believe it’s due to his loyalty and not dumb luck.” Griggs walked around his desk to be closer to Ben as he spoke.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“I’m sure that’s why he’s coming. After all you allowed him to work out here for free for an entire year after he graduated from high school.” Ben said.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“Just one look at him and I knew he had great potential. His arms were bigger than mine when he was just 17. Bodybuilding’s been very good to me, I was glad to give something back to the sport”, the old man said humbly. “Hopefully when I’m gone and he’s the old geezer, he’ll remember what I did and do the same for another young prodigy.”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]Ben just smiled warmly at the kindly old man. It was apparent his mortality was heavy on his mind these days. “But enough with the deep thoughts, let’s get this place in top shape for Chase.” Mr.Griggs did his own double bicep pose when he said shape. The two men laughed and left the office.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]After getting instructions from his boss, Ben went to the utility room which was also the employee lounge and stock room. He changed into his one piece work uniform. Ben’s slim build allowed him to wear his jeans under the baggy jumpsuit. The multiple layers of clothing hid his almost continuous hard-on as he watched the men workout during his shift. Ben started his normal routine by cleaning the locker room. A flow of customers came and went from the space. WayneBostick, known to everyone as Beef Stick, was a gym regular. He spent more time in the locker room than on the weight floor. Seeing him naked made his nickname make sense. His oversized endowment was the envy of every man who’d looked upon it. His cock and balls were easily twice the size of the average guy and beautifully shaped. He kept his pubes well trimmed as to not to cover his masterpiece. He got great joy from strutting around the locker room showcasing his superior equipment. His physique wasn’t the largest in the gym by far. His body was athletic, but not large in bodybuilding standards. And he liked it that way. He wanted his manhood to be his biggest body part. He savored his ability to intimidate men who had two or three times his muscle mass just by standing next to them. He sought out the new guys; the more muscular and egotistical the better. He would approach the larger man and start a simple conversation never loosing eye contact. Then he would look away to speak to someone else for just a few seconds, allowing the other guy to check him out. When he returned his gaze back at his target, he could see their confidence was gone. Out in the gym they may rule over him, but in the locker room he was the undisputed alpha male. While Beef Stick was nice to look at, Ben lusted for real muscle. He hurried out onto the floor to see who was there.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]Ben scanned the room as he replaced the liner in a trash can. There were about a dozen people working out. Two women and some unimpressive men, but there were a handful of Ben’s favorites. He first noticed, Don aka Iron Spike, he was a true weight lifter, not a poser as he called bodybuilders. The stocky man was as wide as he was tall. His shaven round head seemed to be glued onto his blocky body. At only 5’ 7”, he was shorter than average but he made up for it with his strength. He was the undisputed strong man of the gym. His barrel shaped torso was a hard as iron. His thing was having people punch him in his chest. He challenged any man to make him loose his balance with a single pec punch. To date no man, no matter how tall or muscular, had been able to do it. Hell, he didn’t even flinch most of the time. Everyone would feel up his burly chest amazed at how hard it felt, even when he wasn’t flexing. While Ben didn’t find his plump, furry body attractive; he did admire his unbeatable strength.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]Next Ben’s attention went to a newer member, DamonJones. Damon played semi-pro basketball. His coach told him to bulk up if he wanted to move up to the NBA. Damon had been on intense lifting regime for over 3 months and the poor guy looked as thin as when he started; maybe worse due to his increased definition. He was one of those guys with a crazy fast metabolism that burned through every calorie he took in. The other men watched in amazement as he constantly ate before, during and after his workouts without getting fat. While they had to carefully count every calorie and fat gram in an attempt to be that ripped. Like the others, Ben was envious of his naturally low percentage of body fat, but it was his height that Ben truly admired. Damon stood at 6’ 5”, the man closest to Ben’s perception of the ideal height for a man. Ben always wanted to be 6’ 6”. There was something about the way it tripped off the tongue. Also it was tall enough to stand out, over the crowd; but not too tall to make living difficult or uncomfortable. You could sleep in a standard bed and not have to duck when you passed through a doorway. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]Ben then noticed in the far corner, GeoffRoberts, the model. Ben spent a lot of time covertly watching Geoff. Geoff was often alone. The other men and women never approached him. He was the gorgeous, surfer, blonde type Ben always wanted to be. His thick, wavy mane of spun gold framed a face that made people stop and stare; large, almond shaped eyes the color of a lapis, a nose immaculately straight and narrow, impossibly high cheekbones, and a set of lips that taunted you to kiss them. His flawlessly tanned skin was tightly wrapped around his prominent jaw bone and cleft chin giving a masculine edge to his ethereal beauty. Geoff’s awe inspiring looks did not end at his neck. His 6’ 1” frame looked like it had been sculpted by the Gods. His tight, smooth skin showed every muscle in great detail, especially when he was covered in sweat. The V-taper of his torso and his large hands added to his classical masculine appearance. But it wasn’t only the way he looked that made some of the over men resent him. It was because he was able to add and maintain muscle mass so easily. He usually worked out with lighter weights than we could handle. Someone asked him once why he did, and he said he had to or he would get too big. When he first started modeling he was working out heavy and he gained so much muscle his agent told him to stop. Being too big would hurt his career in high fashion. When word got out about “his problem” all the bodybuilders were pissed. They struggled to put on mass and he was afraid of getting too big. To a bodybuilder there is no such thing as too big. Ben agreed. He often imagined what Geoff would look like with 20 or thirty more pounds of muscle. As the image of the beefier Geoff working out appeared in his mind, Ben felt his body respond. “Thank God I’m wearing my jeans under this”, he thought as he checked to make sure his excited state wasn’t apparent. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]Ben was finishing the last few items on the list his boss gave him. He had spent the last six hours cleaning and oogling the customers. His body was tired and sore. He was just finishing the display in the lobby. The supplement sponsor, Size-Zup, had sent samples of their new creatine formula along with promotional materials. Ben put the samples on a fold-out table he set up. Mr.Universe would sit there to sign autographs and hand out the samples. Ben assembled the life-size cardboard cut out of Chase. He was wearing on a pair of posing briefs in the photo. He was flexing his left arm and holding a ten pound container of the product in his right. Ben moved the cut-out next to the table. He looked around to make sure he was alone. The gym was empty since it closed almost a half hour ago. After making sure his boss wasn’t near, he began to run his hands over the contours of the cardboard display. He traced his fingers over his idol’s voluminous thighs, over his narrow hips, and up to his cobra-like lats. He put his hand over his flexed bicep. It was bigger than his hand. He cupped his fingers around the amazing peak and closed his eyes. He pretended he was fondling the real thing. He tried to imagine want it must feel like to possess so much size and power. To be the best built man in the universe. To be a man who gets paid thousands of dollars to just pose and flex, nearly nude. To be rewarded for possessing a perfectly formed body. He wanted to be that man more than anything. He wanted people to lose control of their juices when they thought of him. Ben pressed his body closer to the cut-out. He bucked his hips, rubbing his hardened cock right on top of Chase’s larger bulge. Ben was about to release his own juices, when he Mr.Griggs called his name. “Yes, Mr. Griggs. I’m still here”, he said as he wiped his drool from his mouth and off the display.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]His boss entered the lobby and smiled. “That looks great, Ben. You did a fine job today. I really you appreciate you coming in tonight. You sure you don’t mind coming back early tomorrow?”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“No, it’s fine. I only have morning classes, so I can be here around 2:00. Chase is coming at 3:00, right?”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“Yes. I don’t know what kind of crowd will show up. I did notify the newspaper and local TV news that Chase was going to be here. I figure they can do a fluff piece on how a local boy made it big. The publicity for the gym won’t hurt either”. Griggs gazed at the cut-out and a smile took over his face. The old timer seemed to be relishing the day ahead. Ben had never seem him this happy, almost giddy.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I can’t wait to meet him.” Ben said turning to the display. “He’s just amazing.”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“That he is my boy. That he is. But enough tonight, it’s time for you to go home. Go change, so we can get out of here.” [/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]Ben jogged to the stock room and removed his jumpsuit, placing it on the hook behind the door. He collected his backpack and shut off the lights behind him. His boss was waiting for him at the main door. The two left and parted ways. Mr.Griggs owned the entire building and had an apartment above the gym. Ben walked to the bus stop, but realized the number 8 bus only runs once an hour after 7:00. Instead of waiting, he decided to take the 23A which took him through Chinatown. He could get something to eat and then walk home from there. It was only a few blocks out of his way. He did it every Friday night, which was he’s usual shift.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]Ben stopped by his favorite Chinese restaurant and picked up his usual to go order. As he headed back to his apartment, the smell of the food he carried intensified his hunger pangs. He opened the bag and pulled out the egg roll. As he bit into his hot appetizer the scolding oil dripped down his chin. His reflexes kicked-in and he dropped the bag of food to wipe his face. “Shit” he said aloud as he looked at the soggy mess at his feet. The soup container had broke open and was leaking out of the bag unto the sidewalk. Ben kneeled down to assess the damage and see what he could savage. He pulled out the wax paper bag full of miscellaneous goodies, then the paper boxes with his entr?e and rice. Finally he carefully removed the plastic soup bowl and its unsecured lid. As he examined the bowl, a dog crawled out of the shadows. The spaniel sized animal whimpered and gave him a pitiful look. “Oh, don’t do the sad eyes thing” Ben said with a crooked smile. The dog sat down but never took his big, brown eyes off of Ben. The man sighed, “I’m such an easy mark” as he pushed the partially filled soup container closer to the animal. The dog slowly approached the bowl. After another sorrowful glance at his benefactor, the dog lapped up the broth before chewing on the few wontons. After his meal, the dog showed his delight by wagging his tail. He looked at Ben while licking his lips, as if to say I’m still hungry. The dog lowered his head subserviently and edged closer to the crouching human. Ben leaned backwards, not sure what the strange animal may do. Ben lost his balance and fell on his ass. The clever dog took the opportunity and grabbed the container holding Ben’s pepper steak meal by the wire handle. “Oh, no you don’t. That’s MY dinner.” The dog backed away, before turning and entering the dark alley from which he appeared.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]Ben got to his feet, grabbed the remaining food items and followed the four footed thief into the darkness. Ben realized it wasn’t an alley, but a tunnel like structure between two storefronts that lead to the back of the buildings. The height and width of the passage was slightly less than Ben’s meager measurements. He had to stoop and askew his shoulders as he progressed. The only light in the passage way came from either end. Something about the tight space disoriented Ben. He ran the fingertips of his free hand along the tunnel’s brick walls to keep himself from feeling dizzy. He had to stop halfway to take a deep breathe. There was a strange odor in the air. Maybe that was causing him to feel so strange. Ben thought about turning back. Then he got a glimpse of the dog as it reached the other end. It was moving at a leisurely pace, obviously not afraid of his pursuer. Ben looked back and realized he had passed the half way point. He decided to take the shorter course and continue following the dog. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]Ben felt like he had run a marathon when he reached the end of the tunnel. He fell back onto the building and looked up to the night sky. He needed to see endless open space. He took a deep breath of the cool air. The odor was stronger now. Ben lowered his eyes and realized he was in a small courtyard about 15 feet square. The windows in the four story buildings that surrounded him were lit at various levels from within. The courtyard was asymmetrical with more space to his right than his left. He looked to his right and saw an older man in drab clothing and a Fu Man Chu mustache. Ben thought he looked as if he had stepped out of bad martial arts movie. The man was sitting, cross legged, on a rectangular pillow that rested on the ground. Above him was a simple canopy made of red cloth. There was a small camp fire in front of him with a tea kettle suspended above it. The man was smoking from a large water pipe, beside him was the dog.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“Does this belong to you, young man?” The smoker asked holding up the carton containing his dinner. Ben shook his head yes. “I am sorry. He can’t help himself. I believe he was a thief in a previous life.” The man said with a heavy Chinese accent. Ben did not answer; he just stared at the man. He didn’t know why, but something about him was totally captivating. After a few moments, the older man spoke again. “Do you mind coming to me? With my old bones, it will take me forever to get up.”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]Ben woke-up and said “sorry” before moving toward the old man. As he approached the strange odor became stronger. It must be coming from the pipe. As Ben got closer, the Asian man’s clothing caught Ben’s attention. While plain in color, the cloth was rich in texture and immaculately kept. The long vest had exquisite pleating and intricate stitching. Ben was surprised that a homeless man would be wearing such well-made clothing. He went to take the food carton but thought it was the wrong thing to do; the man was probably just as hungry as his dog. “Why don’t you keep it? Maybe fate meant you to have it?” Ben said as he withdrew his hand. He then put the carton of rice and the wax paper bag in front to the old man. He stood up and put both hands in his pocket. He moved his weight from side to side nervously.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“So you believe in fate, do you?”, the man asked.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“Sure, why not.” Ben answered in a careless manner shrugging his narrow shoulders. “You have to believe in something, right?”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]The man stared at Ben for a few moments. He squinted his eyes as if trying to see something in more detail. “You are so generous. Why don’t you join me?”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“No, thank you. I’m fine. I really should be going” Ben said looking toward the tunnel.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“Then just a cup of tea.” The man picked up the wax paper bag and removed its contents. He pulled out the tea bag stuck between the soy and duck sauce packets. He then held up the fortune cookie, “And of course to find out what fate has in store for you.”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]Ben looked at the tunnel entrance again and rubbed the back of his neck nervously. He felt like he should leave, but the man still captivated him. He looked at the man’s kind face and felt suddenly relaxed. “Who am I to deny fate?” Ben sat on the ground, cross legged, in front of the small fire at a right angle from his host. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]The old man smiled, “Good”. He reached for a small bell and shook it. A soft ringing echoed in the man made cavern. A petite Asian woman appeared from the building doorway behind the old man. She was dressed in a form fitting, short, silk dress that eluded to her heritage. The impeccably groomed woman bowed slightly as she stood in front of her elder. Her beautiful face glowed in the dim firelight. The old man spoke softly in his native tongue to the silent woman. Ben observed her posture. It was apparent the man was no penniless, bum. With her lowered eyes, she seemed to be his servant. Ben became embarrassed by his assumption. The man’s dialogue went on for some time. Ben lost interest and started to explore his surroundings. He found himself looking up at the star filled sky. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He wasn’t sure if it was the strange smoke from the man’s pipe or the fact his body was worn from work, but he found himself feeling more and more relaxed. He realized he was surrounded by silence. He brought his attention back to his host who was staring at him. The girl was gone. “My name is Wen Chu”. Ben said his name as he put his hand on his chest. “So tell me, young Ben, how did you happen to feed my dog?’[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“I’m sorry to say it wasn’t intentional. I accidentally dropped the food and he took advantage of the opportunity to get a meal” Ben said with smile. “He’s a clever pooch.”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“Yes. Every creature should take advantage of the opportunities presented to them. Don’t you agree, young Ben?” Ben nodded. “Is there an opportunity you hope will present itself to you?’[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“Not that I can think of” Ben said after a moment of contemplation. He then smiled, “Unless you count the usual stuff”.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“The usual…stuff?” Wen Chu asked.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“Yeah, you know: fame, fortune, and stunning good looks”, Ben laughed. Wen Chu squinted at younger man again without saying a word. Ben felt as if he was looking right through him. He struggled to think of something to say to ease his discomfort. But Wen Chu released his gaze on Ben when the beautiful girl reappeared. She was carrying a tray containing two porcelain tea cups and a cherry wood chest. The girl rearranged the items in front of Wen Chu and prepared the tea. The older man looked over to his guest and found him looking up at the sky again. He whispered something to the girl before she left. Wen Chu opened the chest. It contained eight equally sized compartments filled with different colored powders. He put pinch of one powder into Ben’s cup.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“The night sky is beautiful. One being under the stars and moon helps to keep things in prospective. Yes?” Ben just smiled not really knowing what the old man was trying to say. Wen Chu smiled back and held up the cup for Ben. “Those things you desire. They don’t make a man a good person. You are a good person, Ben. This I can tell. Isn’t that enough to be happy, to embrace what fate has already given you?”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]Ben tried to focus on the conversation. He took the tea and sipped the hot liquid. “Mmmm, that’s good. I usually throw out this stuff.” Ben took a larger sip. The warmth of tea raced through his achy body making him feel warm and even more relaxed.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“I’m glad you like the tea. We Chinese believe tea, like life, is to be savored.” Both men took another sip from the delicate cups. “Young Ben, you didn’t answer my question. Isn’t being a good person enough for you?”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“Good, oh yeah, I’m good.” Ben laughed before he continued, “Everyone thinks I’m good; a good friend, a good student, a good worker, a good employee, an all-around good guy. Tomorrow is my birthday and nobody will care. I’ll be lucky if I get a text message from my own mother. She’s busy with her new family. She always said I’m such a good son, that she doesn’t have to worry about me. But what she really means is she can forget about me. Being good is fuckin’ lame. Good is average, beige, vanilla. I don’t want to be good, I want to be better. I want to be special, talented, to be noticed, remembered and wanted and desired..and..and…and to make people’s juices flow. I don’t want to be this.” Ben said pointing to himself and spilling a little of his tea. “You know what I mean, Wen?” Ben finished his tea. He rubbed his forehead. He was feeling strange, almost like he was drunk. Why did he say those things to this stranger? Those thoughts he kept buried deep inside, too embarrassed to share with anyone.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]A young Asian man appeared from the darkness. He was wearing an outfit similar to the one Wen Chu wore, but he wore no shirt under his vest. The younger man was as strikingly beautiful as the girl. His glossy, black hair was long and framed his handsome face. The sleeveless vest showcased his broad shoulders and strong arms. The deep v-shaped neckline revealed his defined chest and smooth skin. Ben couldn’t take his eyes off the hunk. Wen Chu noticed that Ben didn’t stare up at the sky this time when they were interrupted. The man bowed slightly and presented a larger cherry-wood box to the older man. Wen Chu opened the box and scanned the contents. To Ben, it looked like a collection of gold rings. Each one perfectly placed in a specific location within the box. The rings looked identical except for the symbol or Chinese letter engraved on top. Wen Chu selected one ring and slipped over his middle finger. He twisted the ring so the symbol was on the underside of his finger. His handsome assistant closed the box and removed the tea kettle from the small open flame. He made an adjustment that caused the flame to grow brighter. The old man pulled back the loose sleeve of his shirt, then stuck his hand into the fire and held it there. Ben let out a same gasp and leaned forward, almost toppling over. His crossed legs had lost on feeling. His instinct was to pull the man’s hand out of the fire, but he stopped when he saw no concern by the other two men.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“Do not worry, young Ben. This no longer causes me any pain. I’ve been doing this for many years; more years than you can imagine. To my people I am known as a zhong yi. What you may call a medicine man. People come to me for help when the usual means will not work. I must decide if the person making the request is worthy. What fate wants for them. You believe you are worthy, young Ben.” As Wen Chu spoke, the younger man moved behind Ben and held him still by grabbing onto his shoulders. Ben’s body was almost numb as it was, but now he was totally immobile. “I believe fate has brought you to me on the night before your birthday, the most important day in a person’s life. I can not deny what fate says I must do. I am to help you become the better man you want to be.” Wen Chu removed his hand from the fire. The ring glowed red from the heat, but the man’s skin was undamaged. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]Fear overtook Ben. He tried to scream but his throat seized. Wen Chu jumped to his feet effortlessly with the vigor of an adolescent. Wen Chu bent down and put his hand, palm side up, between Ben’s open thighs. He moved his hand closer to Ben’s crotch. He grabbed Ben’s package. The old man’s thumb pressed down on the fly of Ben’s jeans, while his other fingers pushed up from underneath. The smell of burning cotton reached Ben’s nose right before the searing heat from the Wen Chu’s ring hit the tender skin of Ben’s ball sack. Ben tried to scream again, but his drugged body denied him a vocal release. Wen Chu whispered in Ben’s ear, “On the day of your birth you will become more than those you admire. With a single touch, you will become the better man” Ben passed out at the moment the smell of burned hair and flesh overtook the air.[/COLOR]
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tagsnola is on a distinguished road

[quote=Clarence591;68537][COLOR=white]Thought this was something different than my usual muscle theft stories. Let me know what you think.[/COLOR]

This is really GOOD! I can't wait to see what comes next!
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Very nice setup!
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Great work! I'm interested in seeing what happens next!
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same here
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Well done!! I hope the next chapter won't be far behind
AIM Trekka77
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REALLY nice character development and description. Gorgeous.
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I love your story! I give you a B+
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Is this a joke? There is no story - just a big space followed by all of your ocmments. If there is a story, could someone please re-post it? Thanks.
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Originally Posted by diegodominica View Post
Is this a joke? There is no story - just a big space followed by all of your ocmments. If there is a story, could someone please re-post it? Thanks.
its no joke i can clearly see the story
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Thanks. But that's really strange as I can't see anything beyond the title. Weird.
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The author chose white text; the background has been black by default for some time, but it seems that you are using a different style set to view this forum, which has a light blue background, upon which white text is barely visible, depending on the brightness and contrast settings of your screen.

In other words: to view this story, scroll to the very bottom of this page, find a drop-down menu on the extreme left, and choose 'Dark Fantasy'.

What's with old threads resurfacing every now and then?
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Or if you're using Windows just press CTRL + A to select all text, which will contrast the selection against the background.
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im pm'd the whole story to him
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