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Old March 24th, 2008, 02:19 PM
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A Sinister Change P2

[COLOR=white][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=white]Sorry about the few mistakes with the first chapter, as I said, kinda new to this haha! Anyways here’s the second part of the story, it’s starting to get a little more interesting I hope. Let me know what you think and whether to keep going with it! All the best[/COLOR] [/COLOR][/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Part 1 [/COLOR][COLOR=silver][/COLOR]
[COLOR=silver]Part 2 [/COLOR][COLOR=silver][/COLOR]
[COLOR=silver]Part 3 [/COLOR][COLOR=silver][/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]Biology passed by without much special occurring, that said if something special had happened I wouldn’t have noticed it, to say my head was somewhere else would be an understatement. Chris was huge; I could hardly believe the change in him. If I looked in the mirror now I could still see the young boy I had grown up from in my features, but Chris was so far from how I remembered him it was hard to believe he was the same person. I kept wondering why he had barged me so hard, I was 99% it wasn’t an accident. Maybe he was just being old jokey Chris, heck, if I were as big as him I would probably want to show it off a little, especially to get a reaction from someone who hadn’t witnessed the change in progress. Something deep inside of me however felt like something had changed, that our relationship wouldn’t be able to simply carry on as magically as it used to, if you’ve seen the film Fox and the Hound.. I kinda felt like the fox right now. Still, we had always played rough when we were little, maybe he just didn’t realize his strength these days and was just playing around like we used to in the front yard. I hoped so, and I definitely wanted to speak with him soon.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]My next class was English, and I looked around the almost full classroom for my now gargantuan friend, but he wasn’t there. I noticed Liam towards the back and went to sit with him instead and told him about what had happened, he told me to be careful and stay away but I laughed it off and thought nothing of it. Lesson after dull lesson occurred and I didn’t see a sign of him, which is tricky with him being the size he was. I arrived at gym class slightly earlier than the class and had changed into my loose polo top and shorts and was sat on a bench in the gym awaiting the rest of the class. The students were filing in one by one and I was suddenly aware that I didn’t really want to see Chris in this class, he was too big, and as if by some cruel fate no longer had the thought finished passing through my mind when the coach walked in… followed closely by Chris.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]If he had looked big this morning in his suit he looked positively insane in his PE top. The fabric was stretched so tightly across his body that you could tell exactly what his body would look like if he had been naked. His arms were what first caught my attention, great basketball sized biceps hung from the short sleeves, criss-crossed with veins the thickness of my little finger almost. His forearms were thick and strong, and so veined they looked almost like a road map of some point. I glanced back up to look at his huge shoulders and thick bulging neck and my eyes bulged slightly as I took in the largest chest I’d ever seen, his shirt was stretched ridiculously tight over it, and you could tell there was a deep crevasse in between the two pecs, his nipples had so much muscle packed behind them that they were pointing down almost to the floor and made two large bumps in the material. The t shirt wasn’t tight across his abs like it was the rest of his body purely because the jutting of his pecs pulled the material forwards almost like an awning. His thighs erupted out of his obscenely small shorts like tree trunks of pure power and mighty bulging carves bulged out of his lower leg, his shorts I noticed with an afterthought looked pretty tight too. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]I swallowed hard as he walked down the gym to sit on one of the further benches; he didn’t so much as glimpse at me. I watched him go past, his expansive back almost resembling the sails on a passing ship as he went, tight muscular round buttocks rolling against each other as he walked under the tight pale blue cotton. I wrenched my gaze back to the coach, mouth slightly open, and was distantly aware of the creaking of the bench at the end of the gym.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]“Welcome to your first term of Physical [/COLOR][COLOR=white]Education in the sixth form” he started, the coach was a big man by any standards but after watching Chris enter the room none us were in the slightest bit impressed. “We’re starting this term with a spot of friendly one on one wresting” he announced, and a small part of my soul died at that exact moment. “As it’s the first week I’ll let you choose your own partners, and then we’ll have four matches going on at any one time in each corner of the gym. GO” he finished, blowing his whistle, and I stood immediately looking for Liam with an almost terrifying urgency but before I had even made a move a large strong hand had a grip on my shoulders. I turned feeling ready to faint, as I was met with the same smug cocky grin I had seen in the corridor earlier “For old times sake?” he asked, feigning an innocent expression, before steering me onto a mat. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]After a few moments more everyone else had found their partners, and the first four partners were ready to begin. I stood facing my opponent, trying my absolute hardest not to vomit. Another whistle blew and before I knew what was happening something that I could only compare to a rhino launched itself in my direction, I was thrown to the matt with such force that my head bounced with a sickening thud and then I was shoved onto my front and my arm was pulled behind me so forcefully I was slightly surprised it didn’t dislocate. I felt his ton weight resting on the small of my back, it didn’t hurt but the sheer weight of him was almost making taking breath difficult. “Bring back memories does it?” I heard a snicker in my ear. Several of the other students have laughed at the quickness of the fight, and a couple more had gathered round to watch the next, I wasn’t looking forward to it. Chris climbed off of me and I slowly got up, trying not to look too defeated or embarrassed. We got back into the starting positions, and I could see he was looking pumped, his muscles slightly red, almost as if anticipating more. Another whistle blew and this time I managed to take a step forward, I’m not sure what I had planned, but it didn’t matter anyway. Two large hands grabbed onto my waist so tight I thought I might burst, the next thing I knew my body was rising up in the air as if I weighed nothing at all and I was being turned upside down. I felt his head in between my thighs, and was powerless to do anything as he jumped forwards ready to slam me into the ground. I hit the floor hard, and the weight of the man landing on top of me forced every particle of air in my body to come whooshing out loudly. The class burst out laughing and just to add to my embarrassment Chris’ crotch was directly over my face. Winded as I was I was powerless to do anything and wriggled my head in vein slightly only to feel the biggest cock imaginable flop down my cheek. Through the thin material of Chris’ shorts I could feel the heat of it, and it felt to be about 7 inches long, completely soft!! I wriggled frantically now, completely freaked out by what used to be my best friend in the whole world and the class was roaring with laughter now as I tried useless to push up against Chris’ monstrous thighs, it was like trying to life a steel car off of my body. Chris purposefully got up as slowly as possible, and managed to rub his enormous crotch right across my face once more. He finally got up and I went running off into the changing rooms embarrassed out of my mind. As the locker room door closed behind me the laughter was drowned out, and I sat in the cold silence for a second, feeling my face glowing with blush. I look down totally dismayed, I had a raging erection. What had happened to Chris, why was he being so nasty to me? and what was happening to me, getting turned on by a beating from another man? I didn’t have time to think as I head the door swing open once again I did my best to hide under some nearby clothes.[/COLOR]

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Old March 24th, 2008, 02:38 PM
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Well, for a first story, you're doing awesome. I'm enjoying it and I'm sure others are too. Can't wait for another chapter. Keep it going !
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Old March 26th, 2008, 12:48 PM
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Add my voice to the chorus! This is a great story and I can't wait to see what happens next!
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Old March 26th, 2008, 02:36 PM
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Very interesting! I'm eager to see how things unfold from here.
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Old March 26th, 2008, 05:21 PM
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hey sorry guys, got a bit caught up recently. hopefully have the next bit of this story up tomorrow until then, go easy x
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Old March 27th, 2008, 02:35 AM
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Very cool stroy! You got me hooked, I really want to know how this continues
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Old March 27th, 2008, 03:15 PM
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DUDE!! This Story Is Fucking Hot! My Kinda Story For Sure!! I'm trying not to cum So I can read chapter 3 but its Def 'Hard" Not to
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