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Old March 24th, 2008, 09:48 PM
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A Kismeta Fanfic 2

Finally here is the second chapter. I know it is too short, but I promise next one will be soon. Thanks for the comments of the first chapter.
.................................................. ..........................................
This story is inspired by the story Kismeta 1 & 2 of Rowan McBride. The characters are mine, but the environments described in the story are inspired by Rowan?s first story Kismeta.

A Kismeta Fanfic

Feels Like Home ? Chapter 2

Almost Lover

I woke up this morning, lying on the bed. I still tried to figure out everything that happened yesterday. It was strange. Surreal. It was just? like a dream or a strange French movie. I noticed Alan was not there in the bed with me. I worried for the first time. I wasn?t worried about him running away from me. Meta?s doors and windows are far too heavy for a human to open them. I was worried for his health. What if he was hurt? What if he fainted again? My head was a mess. I think this was the first time a Meta was confused about something.

I noticed I could not sense his smell for a while. That?s until I could finally catch a glimpse of his fragrant body. He smelled like the scent of a flower being carried away by the morning breeze of the sea in the summer. That smell, a sweet and salty scent. Just like him, filled by erratic movements and actions. He had no control over his life; he just left himself being carried away like a feather in the wind. He was not like the rest of humans, or like metas are. He just wasted time. He was always out of his mind, thinking on everything, yet on anything at the same time. He was sweet sometimes, but cold and harsh at the same time. He wasn?t predictable. He was the total opposite of a Meta, yet I loved him.

I heard the piano. Then, I heard his sweet voice. He was singing a song different to everything I?ve heard. I lifted myself from the bed. Then I noticed something strange was going on. Yesterday, before I slept, I was hugging him. There was no way he could have moved me. Instead now, I was hugging a pillow about his size. How did he escape from my powerful embrace?

I walked towards the piano. He had his eyes closed. He wasn?t even looking the piano. Just as if he knew the song and location of the keys. I got closer to him until he noticed my presence.

?Good morning Gabriel? he said ?did you have sweet dreams yesterday??

?Are you feeling all right Alan?? I asked concerned ?You fainted yesterday?

He ignored me for a while, concentrating on the music. He then opened his eyes just to look at me. His piercing green eyes were so distinctive of him, like two big emeralds that get into your soul.

?You don?t really look 15? 4?? to me? he said ?I think you are taller than that. Probably it?s just because I?m not used to see people that height and you look gigantic to me. Over two times my height. I?m 5?10 so that makes you? He begun to think, closing his eyes just to open them seconds after ?262.85% taller than me.?

?That doesn?t answer my question Alan? I was surprised by his mathematical abilities. Most humans need computers or calculators to do so. He was different indeed. He never answered questions; he told me that yesterday. Now I know he only makes me create new ones. ?How did you get out of my grip this morning??

Now his eyes fixed in the window instead of me. ?It?s raining today?. I looked trough the window. Sky was pouring like a diluvium. The clouds that were in the sky yesterday now looked more loaded, as if this rain was going to last forever. ?I love the rain the most. It is as if the sky was crying, for all the tears we haven?t allowed to cry. Tears slowly store in our hearts, that?s where we keep them, and sometimes we just drown ourselves in not cried tears.? He looked back at me. His piercing eyes looking directly into the core of my soul ?That?s why I love rain, it allows us release everything we have inside, and just come clean.?

His words were so deep and poetic. It was easy to get lost in his sweet innocent voice. He turned again and began playing another song in another language. ?Moztla?? he said with a smile. ??Queman nehuatl nionmiquis??The song was disheartening and heavy. I could feel the atmosphere in the room changing with his music. ?I don?t understand why metas can?t appreciate art. You lose so much. Art is food for the soul and spirit.? He said just to continue with his song. ??Arno queman ximocueso ??

I decided to grab his body, hug him. There was something about him. Something I couldn?t understand. Metas are supposed to understand everything. We are smarter, bigger, stronger, yet he was making me feel confused, small and weak. ?What are you doing to me Alan??

?I told you? he said with a sweet and soft voice ?I was going to hurt you if you wanted love from me? his eyes shut. I could smell something inside of him, was it sorrow? ?I always hurt the ones who love me Gabriel. I can?t help it.? Then he opened his eyes again, his mood changing instantly. Being with him was like being in a vertiginous vortex of feelings. ??Nican?

?Ocsepa nican niohualas?

?Cualtzin huitzitzilin Nimocuepas.

?Queman ticonitas tonatiu?

?Ica moyolo xionpaqui.

?Ompa niyetos ihuan totahtzin?

?Cualtzin tlahuili Nimitzmacas.?

He finished his song, but the sound of his words and the music of the piano still lingered in the atmosphere of the house. The air felt so heavy it was almost impossible to breathe. The song could only express a feeling: sorrow, a deep sorrow. ?What does the song mean Alan? I didn?t recognized the language?

?It?s a dead language only spoken by the people of my town? he said ?Metas don?t know it because it doesn?t exist for the rest of the world.? he looked to the window again. ?Aren?t you hungry Gabriel??

I haven?t noticed I was starving as every morning. Metas? high metabolism makes our bodies need to as much food as 10 humans. Most of us eat as much as six meals per day.

?Now that you mention it, I really am. Do you want to breakfast??

?Breakfast would be great. I tried to cook something myself, but your kitchen is too big for me to cook anything.? He smiled. God I loved that smile.

?I can hire some workers to make you a kitchen for you size? I said.

?Don?t worry about it? he smiled ?I won?t stay that long. I won?t need the kitchen.?

He said that again. This time I didn?t argued. After all I don?t think he can escape from me ever since he is only little taller than my knees. The problem is that I don?t want him to feel captive; I want him to love me.

He stood next to the piano and started to walk towards the kitchen. I decided to carry him all the way. ?I don?t want you to hurt yourself or faint like yesterday? I said, and the comment made him blush.

?I?ll make the best breakfast you?ve ever tasted Alan. Metas are great cookers? I said excited.

?Metas are always the best on everything, aren?t they Gabriel?? he said sharply, as if my comment was offensive to him.

?You?ll see what I mean? I said finally.


After breakfast, Alan and I just sited on the table, not saying a word to each other, just looking the other into the eyes. I tried to say something, but I didn?t know what to say. All I had were questions, and he wasn?t going to answer them anyway.

?It was a great breakfast? he said smiling ?I really liked your coffee, the best I?ve drunk on months.?

?Oh!? I said disappointed ?It was supposed to be the best coffee of your life?

?Come on Gabriel. Did you really expect to beat my mother?s, my grandma?s and great grandma?s cooking?? He said laughing. His laugh was so pure and innocent. ?But if it makes you feel better I can tell that you are a better cook that I am.?

He jumped from his chair and landed into the floor. Then he walked towards my chair and asked me to lift him. With my hands I could safely surround his little waist and lifted him so he could be with me. He stood on my thighs and kissed me so sweet and hard. I just kissed him back, feeling his love and attraction towards me. With one hand he started to caress my left peck. He found my nipple and started to massage it playfully. With his other hand he stroked me hair, playing with it. I broke the kiss only to let a soft moan out. I tried to kiss him again, but he moved his head. He looked into my eyes and I stared at his. I could feel as if he was reading my mind.

?It?s not and act I did for love. I did it because I wanted to show you I was grateful for what you did yesterday. If it was me I?d leave me there instead of carrying me to the room.? He looked regretful ?I?m sorry for that Gabriel, for what I did to you yesterday. I hope we can be friends sometimes?

?I don?t want your friendship? I want your love? I told him. I couldn?t understand why he was doing this to me. Any other human would have begged for some love of a Meta, but he? he was strange and beautiful to me.

?You could never understand the feeling of what I?m leaving? he said softly ?Leave it all to me, I?ll do the right thing. I?ll be everything I need?

?Show me you are really grateful? I demanded with a deep voice. I wasn?t going to let him escape from me. ?Show it to me that you really want to be my friend.?

?You can?t order someone to love you Gabriel? he said sharply ?Love must be given. Not ordered. If you want to be a friend of mine it?s great for me, but if you want love from me it will be something impossible.? He looked down to the floor. ?Everything, everyone I love gets hurt.?

?I don?t think you can hurt me Alan. Look at me! I?m way too big for you to hurt me.? I said to him, flexing my muscles a little just to show him how big I was. He even shivered a little.

?The wounds I?m speaking about are not physical. There are many other ways of pain.? He said with his face down. I put my finger under his chin and moved his face so he will face me.

?I love you? I said lifting him a pressing his body against mine. I felt so uneasy next to him, as if I was balancing at the edge of a cliff. He made me feel weak. A Meta should not feel this way, it?s against our nature.
?Please don?t ask me to love you back? he said ?not like a lover but like a friend. I?m no good for you Gabriel. I?m not constant like Metas. I?m impulsive and unpredictable. I never give straight answers. I?m always spinning in my own second circle.?

?What do you mean Alan?? I could feel it again. I felt being adrift. He was doing it again.

?The second circle of hell Gabriel. According to Alighieri's Divine Comedy the second circle of hell is the place where souls are condemned by they lust. They are consumed by their own passion in a vertiginous vortex, a hurricane in flames. Their bodies are thrown against the remains of the Babel tower. I live like that, spinning in a hurricane of emotions. My love is so strong that it burns everything I desire. I don?t want you to hurt you in the same way. Please don?t let me drag you to my own hell??

I was petrified by his words, loud words whose echoes only grew louder in my mind. I had him in my arms, crying like a baby. I could feel his pain somehow, something I couldn?t explain. I don?t think he was right about the pain. Destiny, kismeta, everything pointed out that I should be with him. Maybe he needed a big Meta to take care of his frail being. I hugged him hard against my huge body to make him feel protected.

?It?s raining outside? he said ?It?s pouring. The skies are crying all the tears I?ve kept for myself. Gabriel before you can reach my heart; you?ll have to sink first in all my tears?

His words lingered in my head. For a moment we just kept hugging. I wanted to day something, but I couldn?t find the words. He was my only weakness. I could drown into him, into his deep eyes. He started to sing that song again, but this time his words were heavier, with much more sorrow.

?Moztla?? he started singing again.
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I like the meta perspective . . . it's kind of cool. Though it reminds me of Flow and the way Jake was "tortured"

Could Jake be the first meta? Alan another Charlie? JK

I can't wait to read more!
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Old March 25th, 2008, 04:09 PM
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Originally Posted by bulknola View Post
I like the meta perspective . . . it's kind of cool. Though it reminds me of Flow and the way Jake was "tortured"

Could Jake be the first meta? Alan another Charlie? JK

I can't wait to read more!
Thanks for the comment. Speaking about that, I think there is a non intensional relation between my characters and the ones in Flow hehe, but I don't think I can answer that questions. I want to make my character a little more different.

I'm posting next chapter soon. Thanks for the comment.
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