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Alex's Brothers: A Sequel To Alex


So due to some requests I am posting an additional chapter. I had written this a while ago and it was laying around. I don't know if it is that great. Tell me what you think. Maybe I will be inspired to write more if it is good.

The previous chapters can be found at the following location. Please read them first.

Alex's King


I awoke as the first light of day streamed in through the full windows on both sides of the room. The whole last night was a blur. Alex was nestled against my body with his head resting on my right pec with one of my arms holding him close keeping him warm. I ran my fingers through his hair and over the rest of his body slowly exploring my mate’s smooth skin once again.

The previous night slowly became clearer. My roaring rang through my own head. I wanted to think I was acting like an un-evolved and uncivilized beast, but it just felt good. The old me would have been horrified, but now I was pleased by what had become of my situation. I felt driven entirely by my immediate urges. I could see that I had grown a great deal in the previous night and could remember practically raping my Alex on this bed. Now that I had made my ownership of my territory known, I felt truly comfortable in my new home.

I lifted Alex off of my chest and placed him on the side of the mattress. Then, I walked out of the bedroom and into the rest of the apartment. I realized that I was walking around while completely naked with my pendulum like, foot long soft cock swinging in front of my titanic legs.

When I entered the main part of the flat, I again noticed the gym set up in the center of the room and the different bays of couches at either side. To the opposite side of the room from where the bedroom was, I saw a commercial style kitchen. There were several stainless steel fridges against one wall and a giant island to prepare food upon. There was another door on the far side of the room, but for the moment I was starving.

I walked over to the fridges and swung the door of the closest one open. It was good that these refrigerators were steel otherwise I might have ripped the door clear off its hinges, but in spite of this I had accidentally left finger indents in the grip. It was packed with food, and I noticed nearly everything was meat. I selected three of the roasted chickens at the front.

I didn't even take the time to reheat them as I successively ripped each out of the package and hungrily ripped into them, but as I was starting to eat the last one, Alex walked out of the bedroom looking well rested. He came across the room then groped and kissed my body from behind as I engorged myself on the last chicken, not even acknowledging him till I had filled myself.

When I was finally done I turned my attention from my meal to my mate. I scooped him up in my arms as I always needed to protect and carry him close to me when he was with me. He was running his hands over my left arm that was holding him as if he were weightless as it flexed imperceptibly.

It turned out that Alex and I needed very few words to communicate. Generally the only thing on his mind was how he could best please me it seemed, and most often it seemed that he could nearly read my mind. This couldn’t be that hard as mostly I had become interested getting bigger and stronger, eating, and fucking him.

Alex said “the gym wasn’t built for you. I know you’ve focused on me, but you don’t need to.” I hadn’t felt the need for any other guys and I hadn’t even seen any since the last night when I knew I had changed. Before now I was satisfied by Alex alone, but when I thought about it, I needed more.

He paused for a second while I was thinking about such things, but then knowing what was going on in my head, he said “I want to watch you dominate other guys, my master deserves more than just me. I know your urges; I can feel your need to make as many boys yours as possible.”

When he told me that, I could feel myself get more aroused. The urge to grow my pack was undeniable. I suddenly knew that I had to do this. Alex said we should go to the gym.

I pulled on the cloths that were there for both of us in the cabinets in my bedroom. There wasn’t a single piece that wasn’t absurdly tight on my huge frame showing every rippling powerful muscle from my shelf-like pecs to my cobblestone abs. My back fought for space within the tight confines of the taught stretchy material. I chose a bright red t-shirt and some jeans. My crotch ached as I forced my lengthy cock and heavy balls into the jeans, but I could feel the material stretch a bit as my manhood made its own room, leaving stretch marks around it. I looked like a walking sex god with my perfect muscles and bulging package as I towered over Alex. He had pulled on some exceptionally revealing Underarmor outfit of solid white. He was unavoidable to the eye. Between the bright outfit and his perfectly sculpted body (better than most bodybuilders I knew of) he could have attracted the attention of any man, woman, or child, but while standing next to me looking in the mirror, he looked almost childlike. My definition dwarfed his and my body stretched far above where his stopped. I was multiple times his width and must have weighed magnitudes more than him.

He looked up at me and stretched his hands around my waist and told me I was his superman, his protector and master. I felt my cock throb for a second and the fabric groaned as it strained snapping threads around my dick. I knew I was lucky that I wasn’t getting fully hard because there was no way the pants could have taken that. Clydesdale horses would have been emasculated by the bulge I was packing.

I was able to keep control for the moment, and we finally headed down the now much smaller feeling elevator. We left for the school’s sports gym. Only the biggest guys and the football team dared to work out there so it would be the perfect place. Conveniently, the apartment was only around 4 blocks from the athletic complex. We ran there, but I had to jog at what felt like a crawl for Alex to keep up. He was running his hardest at around 9 miles an hour, but I knew I could have picked him up and made it to the gym in less than half the time if I had wanted to. I was enjoying watching him run though, so I had no interest in doing this. As much as my body overshadowed his, I loved looking at his cute muscle boy build.

We got to the complex and descended the two flights of stairs to the basement. The gym was in the lowest back corner of the building, but was an immense dimly lit room. As we got close, I could smell the intense musk of the thousands of boys who had worked out there. It was different though. I could smell every single body individually. It was like I knew who each smell belonged to and a few were recognizable to me. I knew the star quarterback of the football team Jake was there. I could also identify one of my former friends from the baseball team and two from the Frisbee team Jared, Nick, and Matt respectively. It was uncanny. I could size up the rest of the boys to a certain degree just from this scent, and I knew I was the Alpha-Male here as well.

I realized there was no way I could ever be anything other than the Alpha-Male of men again. I was certain of my virility and strength and stepped through the door of the gym.
Initially no one noticed us as they were all intent on their own workouts, but as I walked forward, two guys I didn’t know dropped their weights due to my impressive reflection overshadowing them in the mirror in front of them. At that moment, other people began to look up and freeze in mid rep looking at me and Alex. There were many gasps of awe and a few brave or stupid boys rushed forwards to feel my muscles. I could have crushed them in one motion, but they knew to show their subordination. They kept their heads down, not daring to make eye contact, as they felt my arms and groped my chest. For a moment I had forgotten about Alex, but then I realized and pulled him close to my side. I needed him to know that he was my mate and no other boy would take his place.

Suddenly, one of the biggest guys I had ever seen other than myself came forward. He had obviously been the star muscleman here, and wasn’t ready to lose his dominance without a fight. As impressive as he was, I was at least a foot taller than him and must have outweighed him by hundreds of pounds. He swung at me, hitting me solidly in the gut like the strongest of boxers, but my diamond hard abs didn’t yield one inch. He stumbled back and took four more swings. It took him a second, but it dawned on him that I was out of his league as he cradled his soar hand. I was out of any normal man’s league for that matter. I grabbed him by the neck and flexed my other arm in front of him, he couldn’t have possibly conceived of an arm this big, a yard around. He pissed himself in front of me, fell to the ground, and put his head against my feet. Each act of submission made me hornier, and I could feel my pants slowly rip as my cock engorged itself with blood.

When the pants gave way, all of the guys swarmed forward trying to feel my heroic body with their hands and the guys who could reach helped jack my cock while feeling its sheer size and weight. They ripped my shirt and pants off and those that could get close rubbed their bodies on me. The guys who could get close enough humped my tree trunk legs and several came simply by touching me. I loved the feeling of them worshiping at the shrine of my body.

Alex was leaning against the wall of the room jerking the otherwise impressive, second largest dick in the room while watching all of these guys submit to me. I didn’t see them the same way as I saw him. I could feel my connection to Alex all the time, these boys were just a toy for me to play with. They weren’t special to me like he was. They were disposable. I knew I would still give up anything for him. I knew these feelings were stronger even than the animal instincts that had been awakened and were growing inside of me.

Without breaking eye contact with him, I pulled one of these gym boy’s heads in front of me onto the head of my cock. The boy immediately began to lick all over the head of my nearly two foot long cock. He stuck his tongue a bit into the slit of my cock, and my cock uncontrollably throbbed. I still hadn’t broken eye contact with Alex as he watched me get worshiped. As I flexed my body for him, he had an orgasm with enough force to send his cum flying onto the boys crowded around me who were closest to him.

I then turned my attention back to the crowd. There must have been around 23 guys there all begging for my attention. I picked up two of the closer boys I liked, Nick and Matt, and let them straddle my arms; each arm was as big around as their waists. They were licking all over my cannonball shoulders, rubbing their hands over my massive pecs and expansive back, and basically humping my biceps.

The full body worship and submission by a crowd of these muscle boys was finally too much for me to take. My whole body convulsed nearly sending the two boys on my arms flying off as they hung on for dear life and I felt it building within me. I once again howled, but louder than I had before. I needed all of these boys to feel me inside their chests, the l low rumble of my voice penetrating them deep inside. My hot cum began to shoot out in ropelike streams pouring onto the guys worshiping at my dick as they were knocked back by its force. It must have felt like the force of a fire hose against their little bodies.

I could tell that many of the boys were terrified by my raw power as I lost control and they fell backwards over each other with fearful expressions on their face. I knew I was done here. I didn’t want any boys who would dare interrupt worshiping me for their own fear. I was the only one that mattered. They should have been willing to give their life to me like the others were. I would take them later, but now I wanted those offering themselves of their own will.

I was glad that to see that Jake the football quarterback, Jared the baseball pitcher, and Nick and Matt the Frisbee boys were among those left close to me. Nick and Matt couldn’t have gone anywhere as they were clutching at my body riding my massive arms. I saw that they had both came during my fit of passion. They each had telling wet spots on their shorts. I set Nick and Matt down and commanded the four of them to come with me. Jake was a 6’2” tall stud with a perfect bodybuilder physique. I suppose it had been perfect till the new me had come into existence. Now he looked weak in comparison. Jared had a lean but unbelievably ripped body and was probably 6’4”. Nick and Matt who looked like identical twins even though they had not met until college on our freshman floor looked like gymnasts and were both about 6 feet tall. I needed them all. They had been the boys who I had always admired most of any of the guys here. It was no surprise that they were here today as they worked out nearly all the time. The gym was practically their home now, but I was surprised that they were all among the boys most willing to be mine.

I commanded the rest of the boys to go back to what they were doing in my most powerful voice and they all scurried quickly back to their weights. I had decided that I could always have them later if I wanted, but for now these boys were enough. They wouldn’t dare disobey me after they had witnessed my strength so none of them even lingered for a second before following my order.

I looked over at Alex who had been watching from the side of the room, and he knew to come to my side. I asked the boys if they wanted to belong to me. They urgently nodded their heads, but they weren’t brave enough to speak. It wasn’t really a question I had asked. I really just wanted them to know that they were mine. After each of them had agreed to serve me, there could be no further question in their head of what their new place was.

I told them that they would get their stuff and come with me. I took some clothing from the gym to replace what had just been ripped off of me. Though the shorts were the biggest around and stretchy, they barely fit over legs, and I was forced to give up on finding a shirt here that could handle my body.

The 6 of us left the gym and started back to my place. On the way back, several guys just stopped on the street and stared at 6 of the most amazing guys on campus. It must have been a sight to behold, Alex ended up leading us back with the four boys behind him, and I was taking up the rear. Each of the guys I caught staring at us would start by looking at Alex and their eyes would trail back to each of my four new boys and would eventually land on me. Though they were already stunned by each of the other guys, I could tell that they couldn’t even comprehend my godlike stunning perfectly defined body. One little kid even ran up to me and asked me how I had gotten so big. I kneeled down for a moment and though I still towered over the kid I quietly told him that if he worked out very hard and tried to get as big as possible, one day he could be one of these boys. He ran away with wide eyes down the street while looking quite excited.

When we eventually reached my building, we all got into the elevator. Even with just myself and the five of them in the elevator we would barely all fit. They were pressed up against me tightly, but I don’t think it was an issue of room. I could feel several hands behind me feel my legs and ass during the trip. I flexed a bit for them. I knew they would get more excited by the preview I gave them, and then the doors opened. I stepped out and opened the door.

The instant that the door closed behind me they were all over me. Alex stood back, but Jake, Jared, Nick, and Matt were pulling at my cloths ripping them off of me, desperate for my body.

After my shirt was pulled away from my body, Jared jumped into my arms straddling my waist and began to massage my pecs while licking and sucking at my nipples. I couldn’t help but run my hands around his chest and abs. My hands could nearly encircle his tight waist. While he was working hard on my chest, Nick and Matt began to work their hands over my legs. My thighs were bigger than any part of their ripped bodies, but they put their whole bodies into it. Their tiny erect dicks rubbed against my legs. At the same time, Jake began to massage my cock with his chest. He began to lick the head of my cock while its long shaft was resting on his beautiful pecs.

I began to feel more and more aroused. My cock grew to its full length and began to throb urgently. I needed Alex. I knew he was the only one that could give me what I really wanted. I needed to grow I could feel my body craving more power. I threw my head back into the air and roared with beastly anger and pride.

Alex came to me knowing what I wanted. I needed his power. He put one of his hands on my abs and his other hand on my cock. I could feel him begin to push more power into me. I felt my body feel more and more energized. I felt hot everywhere and each of my muscles began to clench and flex. As I flexed each of the boys gripped my body more tightly. Each of them was in sync with my body. I grew upwards and felt the boys stop groping my body as I saw them stare in awe as I expanded over them. I felt my bones crack as they stretched and grew to make room for the muscle that I knew was coming. My legs grew first pushing my body higher, each inch making me more and more invulnerable. I felt my arms stretch outwards stretching my muscles as they fought against the growth until I resembled a gorilla, but finally the rest of my body caught up. It pulsed outwards in several painful bursts of growth, but it was more than overshadowed by my pleasure from this growth.

I again felt like a god. It was as if this growth was a drug. Every time I grew I needed to grow more, and I needed to take more of the world for myself. As I grew, I could feel my mind becoming more primal again. I roared again and flexed my entire body at once. My immense body knocked back all of the other boys except Jared. He was held to tightly in my arms and pushed up by my two foot long cock.

I carried him to my bed and put him down on his back. Nick, Matt, Jake, and Alex followed me into the room and in their arousal began to kiss each other. Jake held Nick against the wall while Alex pushed Matt onto the bed too. With my cock still under him, I held Jared’s arms away from him against the bed while kissing him urgently. I needed to mark him as mine so I began to finger his tight ass. With just one of my fingers pushed into him he squirmed and moaned.

At this point, the other boys took hold of him. Nick and Matt held his ass and legs while Jake held him from by the shoulders. Alex was at my side rubbing my body. While they held him in the air, they began to lower his body onto my cock. The head of my cock pressed against his ass and my steady flow of precum lubed him for me. They pushed down on his body, but it would not give. His body could not take even just the head of my cock. He began to look as if he was in agony. They pushed him, and between screams of agony he begged for them to push him harder. Alex put his hand on Jared and he went quiet.

As Jared moaned, I could feel his ass loosen and saw his body grow a bit. He looked even more ripped now, but he must have grown 4 inches in one instant burst of growth. I could feel my cock’s head slip into him. He moaned as now his face displayed a look of bliss. He began to yell again, but this time it was in ecstasy. He slipped an inch at a time onto my throbbing cock as they pushed him down it slowly. I had my hands on Nick and Matt and squeezed them hard. In response, they braced themselves as I thrust hard into him. He slipped halfway down my cock, but they were pushed onto their backs holding him tightly. I could watch his abs bulge outwards and his breath get pushed out of him each time I thrust into him. Jared grabbed his cock with one hand jerking it furiously while feeling the thick shaft of my endless dick where it entered his ass with his other.

I grabbed Alex and pulled him against me with my right arm. I could feel the energy in him and took it. I pulled more and more out of him feeling my muscles begin to grow. I roared into the air again thrusting into the air pulling Jared, Nick, and Matt into the air as they held onto him. Jake was laying on the bed, the formerly dominant quarterback fingering himself while jerking himself off to the vision of the god in front of him taking this mere mortals body as his own.

First, my arms began to grow. My biceps bulged outwards, as my arms must have grown another 4 inches around, drastically bigger than each of my little guy’s waists now. My forearm grew looking to have the power to crush diamonds in my grip. My back stretched to each side easily dwarfing two Olympian bodybuilders in width. My abs became even more ridiculously defined looking like a piece of corrugated steel. My legs swelled until they looked like concrete pillars and were easily as hard, while my calves bulged to at least 28 inches.

With two fingers deep into his ass Jake came with his boyish looking 9 inch cock at the sight of my now 8 foot tall body. I stared into his eyes as I flexed my arms for him and he convulsed with a second orgasm.

My cock could only fit about halfway into Jared, but Alex massaged the last foot. I could feel him push his energy into it. I felt my body flex and thrust as my cock began to swell a bit. Jared screamed as his body was nearly torn apart by each pulse of its growth. It must have grown another 2 inches in girth while about 3 more inches were exposed behind his ass. Nick and Matt were still holding onto his body, so with both hands I jerked the three of them up and down my cock. With this burst of growth in my now over 2 foot long cock that Alex gave me, he came on my leg in awe of his giant godlike mate.

With a fit of rage I began to cum. I held the three of them there as Jared was filled with my seed. His body seemed to swell a bit as it tried to accept my thick hot cum. Quarts sprayed out of his now full ass around my cock and ran down my thick shaft. While lying in front of me, Alex licked as much cum as he could from my throbbing shaft desperately needing every drop inside of him.

As I came, Jared shook on my cock in a violent orgasm. His tiny 7 inch cock sprayed a few shots of his cum on my chest. Nick and Matt came onto his back simultaneously. Their cocks were the only major distinguishing feature between them. Nick’s had a surprising 10 inch cock while Matt’s cock looked about the same as Jared’s little cock. Luckily for him, their cock’s wouldn’t matter to them again as they had mine to worship. They both pulled Jared off of my cock and Alex licked the rest of my cock clean.

I fell asleep with Alex once again resting on my chest, his rightful place. He looked smaller than ever as his body didn’t take up even half of my chest. His 6’2” 220 pound body felt like a feather laying on me. Nick and Matt snuggled together held tightly and dwarfed by my encompassing arm. Jake snuggled straddling the inside of my left arm, and Jared curled up between my legs, his head resting at my crotch against my 14 inch long soft cock. They all smelled different now, I could smell my scent in them as if their bodies knew to take a part of me into themselves.
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Hey Bro!
Thanks for posting this chapter. It's great. Your writing is awesome, so you gotta write more...PLEASE
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I am glad you liked it. If I have more free time soon, mabey I will be able to do some writing. I hope other people like it too.
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Really good and intense orgy and muscle growth!

Thanks for posting this!
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