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Blessing of the Furries

“Blessing of the Furries”

Written by Cid SilverWing

It was 15th of February 2009. Kurt Einarsen was your normal 18-year-old video game addict living in an apartment in T?yen, in Oslo. The apartment was a boring one. You'd go into this door and find a door to your left and right from there, and a staircase led up to the apartments above them. Kurt was living in the bottom room. Coming through the door, you'd stand in the living room instantly. The bathroom was on your left, and hugging a table at the far left corner of the living room was a couch, a chair and a wooden stool. To the right of the couch, there was a kitchen unit shoved into the corner with two sinks and numerous closets. Next to it again was a blue refrigerator. The apartment itself had been worn over the years, but it was far from ugly. A couple of blocks away, lived his childhood friend Morten Fargo, also an 18-year-old video game addict. The two were hanging out in Kurt's apartment, watching a horror movie through Kurt's PS3 console. "This is so lame." Morten moaned. "300 kroner up the ass..." Kurt ranted, grabbing the cover of the movie that had a big title, "CURSED" scrawled across it and superimposed on a pale woman's face obscured by darkness on both sides. "Just makes me think how many hours we could've spent in the arcade instead." Morten said. "I talked to the manager, Nils, by the way. He got a brand new Final Fight cabinet installed." Kurt chuckled, "Give the beginners a chance while the pros are dukin' it out in the tournaments." Morten laughed. The longer Kurt watched the movie he had put on, the more he was nauseated by the overused cursed-werewolf plot of the movie and then let out a rasping moan of disapproval before he ejected the DVD from the console and stuck it back into the cover. "I hear some obscure director is gonna make a Castlevania movie. It's probably gonna suck, don't you think?" Morten sighed. Kurt opened the window above the couch and threw the movie clean out the window into the street, managing to hit a garbage bin perfectly. "Fuck yeah it will. What's up with people wanting to adapt famous works into other media?" He commented on Morten's statement. "Amen to that." Morten said. Kurt then grabbed the TV remote and zapped through the channels, stopping at "NRK1" to find yet another horror movie, but this one actually interested Kurt, especially since it had just started running and he hadn't seen it before. An infobar at the top of the screen recited the title of the movie, "Animal Blessing". "Hey, this must be the one they announced back in '07." remarked Kurt as he sat down on the couch again. "Doesn't look as bad as Cursed." Morten said, stretching a bit. A narrator started talking, "Remember all those clich?d stories about people getting cursed by werecreatures?" as the movie faded to a brightly lit room, with a loud sound of a pencil rubbing against paper coming from around a corner that was obscuring what looked like an author wearing a yellow chess-patterned shirt and blue shorts. "There's a new story going about. And this time." The camera zoomed a little closer on the author, who turned around to reveal a fox face and tail. "It's different." The female fox author finished up. "Woah..." Morten stared at the screen. "Hey, this isn't a horror movie." Kurt suddenly remembered, "It's an action film!" "Well, it seems good so far." Morten said.

The two best friends watched through the movie, and were both impressed to the fullest by the movie's content. Just before the movie faded to the credits, the screen showed an armored wolf who was sitting on a cliff with a raccoon in leather body armor standing next to him. The voice of the wolf narrated a repeated quote, "We are not a curse. We bless everyone." The camera zoomed out in a panorama-ish way to expose the beautiful mountains around the two, before it faded to black very quickly and the credits came on. It started with, "Executive Producer: Jack Kinnigan". "Holy shit this movie KICKED ASS!" Kurt approved joyfully. "Seconded." Morten agreed. Kurt looked at his wristwatch, displaying "16:32". "We better get goin' or we gonna be late for that tournament." said Kurt before he got up and changed clothes to blue jeans and a white shirt, before pulling on white sneakers and a blue sweater, with a green jacket over that again. Morten wore a black t-shirt, black jeans and a leather jacket. "It's time to kick ass." He picked up a bag with various energy drinks. They got into Kurt's car that was sitting in a parking lot outside the apartment, and then the two drove off to the arcades downtown. They came to a large hall crawling with video game players all over the game cabinets like freaks. Kurt left his jacket and sweater in the car before he and Morten got out and approached the hall of games before them. A minute passed, before somebody shouted, "Hey! It's the champions!!" prompting all of the players to shift their attention towards Kurt and Morten, who were both just standing idly by on the wooden steps into the gaming hall. Morten smiled. Kurt cast his eyes on the one cabinet that had "Final Fight" playing on it. The players who were occupying it immediately backed off from the cabinet and allowed it to return to attract mode. Morten went over to talk to Nils, the manager. "Well well, if it ain't my most appreciated member! How ya doin', champion?" Nils greeted Morten as though he was an exalted figure of leadership. Nils was a very built man, looked to be in his 30's, a little beer gut and a thick beard that contrasted his spiky hair. "Just fine, Nils. I see the new FF cabinet has gained popularity." Morten said. "Bad news though, Morten." Nils said as he slapped the cash register for being buggy with the digits. "Come again?" Morten asked.

"I had visitors last night."
"What kinda visitors?"
"Vandals. They fucked with the new cabinet and have rigged it so that the new high-scores that have been achieved on it cannot be reset, and I need my man Vincent from the States to fix it for me. People have filed complaints that their high scores aren't entering but I've told them that there's nothing I can do."
"That sucks." Morten sighed.
"It's dishonoring my den. But it isn't THE best high-score yet." Nils lightened up, "If you or Kurt can beat the high-score, it will make life easier for me until Vincent can get over to fix it."
"We'll do our best, sir." Morten bowed like a knight.
"Thanks. Here's 900 for the trouble." Nils gave Morten two money checks from his gold-colored pouch he always wore around his waist, contrasting his black white-striped vest over a blue shirt and light blue jeans.
"Thanks." Morten bowed again and walked over to the Final Fight cabinet, teaming up with his friend. "You ready, Kurt?" he asked.
Kurt just stared at the screen, displaying the game logo and the high scores underneath it. On the #1 spot were three initials "RSK" accompanied by digits, "224839". "Ronny... You sonuva-fucking-bitch!" He slammed into the wall with his fist out of anger.
"Let's beat his ass." Morten patted Kurt's shoulder.

Kurt stepped back and gazed at the manager behind the counter, "Yo, Nils!" "Yeah?" "Free Play on this one!" "You got it, champion!" Nils reached for a control panel next to the cash register and pushed a button that sent a command input to the cabinet to not accept coins anymore and instead allow as many tries as possible. Kurt hit the "P2 START" button and moved over to the Player 1-part of the cabinet. The screen faded to a character selection screen, displaying three vigilantes with varying builds and appearances. Kurt was highlighting the karate fighter in the middle, "Cody" who looked like Kurt but was more muscular, had blue wraps around his fists and had a stylish haircut. Morten highlighted a human tank named Haggar, who was wearing olive trousers with a belt running from his right shoulder down to his left-side waist, with a moustache and a look that could kill, with muscles as though carved out of stone. "This is the Final Fight!" The two slammed their clenched fists at each other as they pressed the Start buttons and began playing. The crowd in the arcade had left their games to watch Kurt and Morten plow through the game effortlessly, playing like they were born for it. After 35 minutes of astounding teamwork, Kurt and Morten had cleared the game with high scores that put the current ones to shame. Their characters posed respectively as they entered their names. The second Kurt hit his Start button to enter his name permanently, having typed "KE", a shout was heard from the speakers that went "Kiyah!!". Morten had typed "MF", and when he pushed his Start button, a different shout was heard, "Keeyoh!!". Then the "Game Over" logo appeared and the associated tune played, which prompted Kurt and Morten to high-five each other in victory.

Then suddenly an alarm went off in the arcade and a voice from a speaker next to the counter repeated, "Tournament time." "Alright!" Kurt cheered and dashed over to the cabinet that only the champions of the arcade could use. The crowds followed Kurt and Martin as they booted up the tournament cabinet and cleared that game again, with even better high-scores than previously. Then they would step back and watch the other professional gamers try in vain to beat their high score. Morten felt better than he had ever felt. Kurt just laughed at the players who were straining to ace the high score, all for naught. "Noobs are so cute." Morten whispered, drinking a can of Red Bull. Kurt and Morten stayed until the tournament was over, acing the high scores of all the cabinets in the entire arcade in the meantime. After everything was said and done, the two finally left the arcade and drove back to Kurt's apartment. But they had no idea that tonight was going to be a radical night.

Before the two could get across an intersection, with green lights, something bounced over the hood of the car that prompted Kurt to hit the brakes in panic and crash against a lamppost. "SHIT! What was that?!" Kurt exclaimed seconds after the crash. "Maybe an animal." Morten suggested. "It was way bigger than just an animal." Kurt insisted before he flung open the door and got out to inspect the damage. "Great, the entire front's fucked." "Ah shit..." Morten cursed and turned on a flashlight. Then the thing came back again and flung against Kurt. Before the two could react, the thing had already scratched Kurt on his chest, creating three long scratch wounds. "AGH!!!" He screamed with pain as he fell to the ground. "Kurt!" Morten shouted, running to check on his friend, but then he felt something slash at his chest too. The same kind of scratch wounds just zipped open, starting from his right pecs and upper abdomen to his left pecs and lower abdomen. "OH MY GOD!" Morten cried out, falling onto his knees. "Ow! Oh shit!" Kurt panicked, but the pain in his chest subsided strangely quickly, and he wasn't bleeding either as he would have. Looking around for whatever that hit them, Kurt saw a pair of glowing eyes in a dark alleyway. A voice that came from it spoke, "You are hereby blessed. Welcome to our ranks." before the eyes disappeared. "What?" Morten tried to run over to the alleyway, but he couldn't find whatever it was that had wounded them. Morten walked over to his friend. "You ok?" he asked. Kurt stared at the three red open stripes that ran from his right pecs and down diagonally to his left-side lower abdomen, "Depends. I'm not bleeding but the wounds are open." He had an utterly shocked expression on his face. Morten looked down on his similar wounds, seeing the same exact red stripes on his chest that had torn up his clothes. "This is some weird shit..." he said. "We better call the paramedics." Kurt looked at Morten with an absolutely horrified face. Morten reached for his cell phone, dialing 113.

Before long, the two had been rushed to the nearest ER. They were wrapped up in bandages that ran around their torsos, and several tests were taken to assure the two were not severely harmed or traumatized. After a while they were finally placed in a recovery room to rest up with two doctors who were still curious about the nature of their wounds. "Let me see if I understood this correctly." began one of the doctors, a tall male with a thick brown beard and thin hairstyle and freckles, "You saw something fly across the hood of your car, and you crashed into a lamppost, before you were assaulted by an unidentified object that caused these wounds?" "Yeah... that'd be it." Morten nodded. "What really interests me is the fact that you said you weren't bleeding even long after you were struck by this, ehh..." He seemed to be searching for words, "Emm, this claw-shaped object." "Yeah, it's weird." Morten agreed. Kurt was snoozing in his bed, not interested in partaking in the conversation. "Well, this is what we know so far." said the female doctor with long brown hair, flipping through some papers, "You're not suffering from infections or diseases or anything that we could find that could deteriorate your health. In fact your wounds were already healing once we started bandaging you. I reckon you can leave the hospital by tomorrow or even tonight if it turns out you aren't seriously hurt." "Hey, that's great!" Morten said.

The next day, at 17:48, Morten and Kurt had their bandages removed and they were discharged from the hospital without anything to worry about. Granted, the clawing had left scars on their chests but they would hopefully vanish in time as well. Morten and Kurt were on their way out of the hospital and had just turned a corner; Kurt suddenly stopped and stared emptily into the distance. "Hey, Kurt, you ok?" Morten asked. "I feel kinda... Weird..." said Kurt as he looked down on himself, and to his mighty shock, orange fur had started sprouting from the scars and was very quickly spreading all over his body. "AAHH!!! What's happening?!" He panicked as then he could feel the bones of his face shift and move his ears upwards, and lengthen his nose and mouth into a muzzle. Morten just stared in shock. "I'm turning into a werebeast!! AAGHH!!! Run for it!!" Kurt strained to speak while his face was morphing into a canid shape. He was already on his knees as his muscles spasmed a little and he felt himself grow larger and larger. Morten ran for what he was worth. While Kurt was left groaning on his knees as this freaky transformation took place. Not too long thereafter, it stopped and he fell over on his belly, facing a dumpster on his left side and right arm in front of him.

Morten ran into a dark alleyway, hiding behind a broken computer. It took him a while to notice, but soon he too felt fur crawling from the scars on his chest. This time it was gray. "What the fuck is happening to me!?" he exclaimed, trying to stand up. The fur was rapidly covering his skin like water. And before long, his face started elongating into a muzzle, and his ears moved upwards and lengthened as well. Morten was shocked beyond comprehension, but at the same time, he felt powerful as well. The real sensation of power came when all of his body started spasming and flexing compulsively as his muscles grew. They grew and grew until all his clothes except his pants got ripped to shreds. Then he felt something sprout from just above his butt. "A tail!" he thought to himself. The tail he had grown was large and fluffy, identical to a wolf's tail. He felt invincible, as if he had turned into a god.

Morten looked at himself in the glass of the broken computer, finding the reflection of a humanoid wolf staring back at him. And if that wasn't enough, he had the world's most enviable body ever. It was as though he had been working out since the second he was born. Gone was his nerdy human build, he was now a temple of muscular perfection. "Holy shit..." Morten couldn't believe his eyes.

Meanwhile, Kurt was still lying on the ground where he had undergone this unearthly transformation. But soon his eyes flicked open, and he could see straight once more. Moaning a little as he got up, he looked around him. He hadn't moved from the spot at all, and he didn't feel anything compulsive in his mind. "Ugh, what?" was all he could say as he inspected himself. He ran his hands all over him, he wasn't dreaming or anything. He had really become a fox. Complete with a bushy tail, and a complete rework of his physique. He was inhumanely muscled. Shock and despair grasped him and he fell back a few steps, realizing he was only wearing his pants, and memories of terrible were-movies came back to the front of his thoughts. Apart from that one movie he had watched yesterday, he couldn't remember one movie that didn't feature people turning into beasts and retaining their free will. He was wondering if the same would happen to him.

Morten was thinking the same thing. Would he suddenly become rushed with bloodlust like the thousand werewolves he had seen in movies? Would he pounce the closest virgin? He ran his hands over his body, checking if it was real, and indeed it was.

Kurt slipped to the ground on his butt and brought his legs up to his torso, wrapping his arms around them and just waiting for that clich?d bloodlust to strike his mind and render him inhuman forever. "I can at least enjoy the last few seconds of my humanity..." He idly said to himself as a tear ran down his cheek. He really thought that his human self was dead and a were-creature had settled in to make him a predator in the night. Morten got up and looked around himself, making sure no one was around to see his newfound form as he rushed over to Kurt's position. But Kurt was too self-absorbed to even notice Morten running towards him. Voices chanted in his mind, "You're doomed to be a beast of the night." "Predator of the innocent!" "Desecrated creature of evil!" "Kurt! Hey, Kurt!" Morten whispered as loud as he could, trying to make his friend snap out of his self-indulgence. "Huh? Morten?" Kurt suddenly awoke from his trance and stared up at Morten. "AHH FUCKIN' SHIT!!" He exclaimed in pure shock and fell onto his back when he saw Morten's wolf-like face. "Hey hey! Relax! I'm not gonna kill you!" Morten tried to calm down his friend. "You're... Not?" Kurt was utterly convinced that this entire affair must have been a nightmare he couldn't wake up from, probably being unconscious in a hospital bed in coma or something. "No! Now, calm down, will ya?" Morten sat down with his friend, putting a hand on his shoulder to calm him down. "This is so far out..." Kurt couldn't help but eye his friend with shock and fear. "Look at you, you look like the big bad wolf who's been bastardized by an artist." He remarked. "Yeah, I know. It's freaky." Morten nodded. "But what about you? You look like Robin Hood on steroids." "Ehh, hehe, I guess I do..." Kurt managed only to giggle weakly as he looked down on himself. He was still too shocked to investigate the inhuman physique he had gained so effortlessly. "Hey wait, so you're not ridden with that bloodlust shit either?" Kurt asked as he got back on his feet and supported himself against the dumpster he had been lying next to. "Not any more than usual." Morten shrugged his boulder-like shoulders. "Could it be delayed?" The foxman scratched his head. "Well, from all the movies we've seen, wouldn't the subject lose his humanity the exact moment the transformation was complete?" Morten asked. "Now that you mention it, yeah..." Kurt agreed. "I don't know why, but I have this feeling this is related to our 'accident' earlier." Morten said. "That can wait until later. I'm more concerned about what's gonna happen to us." Kurt had an overly obvious tone of paranoia in his voice. "Well, I dunno about you, but I feel great." Morten replied. "Remember that old arcade game Altered Beast? I feel like that dude." "I feel more like the guys from Metamorphic Force." Kurt recalled. Morten giggled.

Not wasting a second, Kurt walked straight back to the hospital with Morten right behind him. The moment he had stepped into the hospital, he got curious and confused stares from everyone and anyone within range. He tried to ignore the stares as he approached the reception desk, "I need to see a doctor, it's urgent." The female receptionist eyed him up and down, "What are you supposed to be, a fursuiter?" Kurt looked away and sighed, "Look, I think I've been afflicted with a disease or something twisted. I need medical attention right now." "Ok." said the receptionist, "Your family doc happens to be in his office having a break. You know where it is, right?" "Yeah." Kurt said and hurried to where he remembered his family doctor's office was. Morten followed closely behind him, ignoring all the stares he got from nurses and patients around them.

After a bit of striding in the corridors and halls, he finally found his family doctor's office and knocked on the door. The door opened, and a slim tall man in the 30's with a smoothly shaved face and blonde hair gazed at Kurt. "Hey, why are you wearing a fursuit?" He started laughing. "It's me, Kurt Einarsen and I think I'm suffering from something extreme. May we come in?" Kurt said dejected. "Very well." the doctor opened the door completely so Kurt and Morten could enter. "So, what's this little masquerade about then?" The doctor continued to laugh at the two friends looking like people dressed up in animal costumes while closing the door. "Well, doctor, we're not wearing fursuits." Morten said. "Really now? Mind if I test that texture out then?" The kind doctor suggested as he gazed upon the two humanoid animals.

"Go ahead." Kurt agreed, and let his doctor inspect his fur. He ran his hands all over the orange fox fur, not finding anything synthetic about it. Then when he investigated Kurt's eyes with an instrument. Thereafter he measured Kurt's heartbeat and blood pressure, as well as inspecting his throat and ears. "This is utmost disturbing." concluded the doctor. "What? WHAT?" Kurt was anxious to hear what was so disturbing. Morten twitched a little. "You appear to have undergone some type of transformation that I cannot diagnose. But a blood sample of you both should reveal more of this unnatural incident." the doctor finished up as he pulled off his earplugs and tossed the wooden stick in a trashcan. "What can we do about it for now until you can find out more then?" Kurt asked almost immediately. "To be quite frank I have no idea. You may not want to wander around in the public too much, much less dressed like that." answered the doctor as he prepared two needles and bottles for their blood samples. "Fuck..." Morten clenched his fist. After the doctor had extracted sufficient amounts of blood from Kurt and Morten, he sent them off with a promise that the results should be ready before the end of the week. Meanwhile, he advised them to stay in their homes. But as Kurt left the office, he started hearing things he could never even hope to hear. "Huh?" He stopped dead on the spot as his fox ears picked up dizzying numbers of noises and sounds from afar, way beyond the reach of human hearing. Morten felt the same. "Oh fuck... this is so weird." he moaned. A powerful scent of sterility slammed their noses just after they started paying attention to their keen hearing. It was quickly followed by the scent of food, or something edible. "Hey, you smell that?" Kurt looked to his left and sniffed more, focusing his attention on the scent. Morten sniffed a little too. "Yeah..." he said. "Boosted senses..." Kurt recalled all the bad werewolf movies he had watched again, and realized that while he was still human in his mind, he had a superhuman body in more ways than one. A grin slowly spread across his face, "Let's head back home and try something out." "Ok." Morten nodded.

Owing to their unnatural running speeds, the two were back at Kurt's apartment faster than Kurt's car would have taken them. Along the way the two humanoid animals jumped over tall obstacles and tested their agility out in general. Once the two had come into the boring apartment, Kurt drew the blinds over the window in the living room and closed the entrance and bathroom doors before flicking the switch to the light; darkening the apartment so much they saw nothing at all. "Just wait, I wanna see if this works too." Kurt instructed Morten and just stood there next to the switch, waiting for his eyes to adjust themselves to the dark. "Hey, it works!" Morten exclaimed as suddenly he could see his friend clear as day. "This kicks so much ass!" Kurt rejoiced once he could see his entire apartment interior. Everything had a bit of a gray shade to it, but everything was visible. "So, what are we gonna do?" Morten asked after a while. "Lemme try something else." Kurt answered and flicked the switch again, before he walked over to the big chair next to the couch, then crouched down and grabbed it by the sides. "What?" Morten gazed at his friend with curiosity. "Hrrrrggghh!!" Kurt then lifted the heavy chair, up and over his head and held it there. "Godamn!!!" He exclaimed with astonishment. "Oh man!" Morten awed at Kurt's strength. "Hey, let me try!" Morten walked over to the couch and crouched, grabbing it at the bottom before he lifted it up with just one hand above his head. Kurt put the chair down again and then grabbed his phone book from underneath the table. "I've always wanted to do this." He mumbled deviously as he held it with a tight grip and tore the thick tome of phone numbers cleanly into two halves. "Oh my.. just like in that Tom and Jerry cartoon!" Morten recognized the move. "Heheheheh!!" Kurt laughed, flexing his enviable muscles, "I can totally get used to this!" "Yeah, it's not too bad." Morten nodded. "But how the fuck are we gonna get to school? How are we gonna get to the arcade?" Morten sighed. "I got it all figured out..." Kurt pointed his thumb to his head, gesturing that his intellect had been kicked up to inhuman levels.

A paladin of righteous strength and retribution, bringing hope to his allies. <-- Lucid Dreams allow you to experience all this we talk about on the MG forums. <-- Furries. You might even find buff ones. ^^ <-- Seek articles over stuff here.

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