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Old May 6th, 2008, 04:24 PM
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"Attention" - Chapter 2

Continuing the story quickly, another short chapter...
All names, places, and events, though based on real people, places, and occurrences, are entirely fictional for this story's purposes.

Chapter 2 - Legacies

?Urgh, f*ck?

Dayton woke up groggy from last night?s party, it was a Thursday night but the school?s lacrosse team banquet required an after party, they did, after all, go 18-0, a perfect season thanks to him.
He stretched and yawned and scratched at the brushing of light blond fur across his chest; every morning was a reminder for him to appreciate his athletic family and healthy upbringing: he saw himself in the half-length mirror atop his dresser upon rolling out of bed, and he grinned.

His shirtless reflection gave a playful flex, tensing his thick pecs and washboard 6-pack. He peaked his right bicep and looked down at it, impressed. He hadn?t yet stopped growing, and at this rate he could seriously intimidate football players, maybe even his older brothers? His boxers tented and as he moved his hand down to rectify the situation, he noticed the clock - and the time.

?Sh*t? Dayton cursed again and headed for the shower.

He didn?t particularly like cursing, he watched his mouth when he needed to; and when he wasn?t talking to the ignorant jocks he hung out with around school, he rarely cursed in conversation. He hated that they were his friends to be totally honest, but when you?re the star of the lacrosse team at one of the best athletics schools in the state? well? not only are you expected to be a jock, you simply had to be a jock?s friend, you received jock treatment from the teachers and from the students - those not athletically inclined that is - and well, jocks just kinda drifted towards you. It was the few friends he had that didn?t take him for just the All-American hot lacrosse jock stud-muffin beefcake stereotype that he cherished the most. Although he loved the attention.

Colin Gray came to mind, he was seeing his band tonight at that festival thing. Colin treated him like just another guy - he didn?t magnetize to him like the other guys did. What attracted him most was that his charisma didn?t work the same way on Colin as it did the others - he seemed unaffected or he at least did a great job hiding it, and it was this that intrigued Dayton so much. They hung out over the weekends sometimes when D didn?t have local things to be doing; he heard Colin?s band once before and it blew his mind to see Colin in this new element. Lacrosse he knew, and Colin was great. But music was a different language entirely and Colin was a king of that realm as well. He looked forward to tonight.

Dayton got to school just in time for another tardy to first period?

?Why hello Mr. First, running a little late this morning, are we??

?Why hello Mrs. Gibbon,? imitating the initial inflections of his teacher?s voice and earning a glare, ?yes, well, the lacrosse banquet last night kept me up later than usual,? he said, lying. He subconsciously struck an inviting pose, scratching his blond hair and balling his impressive right bicep, ?you understand??

?I suppose it isn?t entirely your fault, you weren?t so late after all?? Mrs. Gibbon said, played by the young stud?s charm.

Cursory glances were thrown at Dayton like daggers, some tipped with awe and others with annoyance. He took his usual back seat beside Vanessa, an attractive Hispanic girl who Dayton knew had the hots for him. He considered her a friend, at least for this class she was someone he could talk to.

? ?Sup? he started as he sat down. Mrs. Gibbon had re-begun her reviews for the test on Monday. Environmental science was a bore anyway.

?Hey? so what happened last night ferreal?? Vanessa asked, keeping her voice low and eyes on the board.

?Me and the guys went to Reid?s after the banquet for some beer pong. Summa the guys got totally smashed? I didn?t drink much though,? Dayton threw an imaginary basket, signifying his aptitude for beer pong.

Vanessa laughed, ?Sounds fun,? her eyes on him drinking up his reclined body. Dayton laid back just a bit further, pronouncing his pecs even more through his tight shirt. He relished in the attention. Her eyes went to his, then looked away.

After many agonizing minutes of learning, she looked back, ? so TGIF, am I right?? she smiled giddily, ?what are you doing tonight??

As the bell rang and the class picked up their books, Dayton began to answer, ?I?m going to that benefit show at the Starlight over in Madison, a friend of mine?s band is playing.?

As they shifted through the crowded halls of Washington Valley high, Dayton clasped hands and nodded heads as jocks do with some of the other well known ?athletic icons? of the school?

?Yaknow what? No way! My cousin?s in that band, Eddie! He?s the guitarist. That?s crazy?? Vanessa replied.

?Really?? Dayton asked, interested.

?Yea ferreal. You know I heard there?s a big party afterwards at Drew - the drummer?s house, I?ll see you there right??

?Sounds hot, I?ll be there.?

?Cool... walk me to the English wing?? Vanessa pouted, stopping and brushing up close, seductively.

He grinned, ?You know I?d love to but I gotta jet, history?s across the school.?

?Aww, ?kay? seeya later, D? she purred. Dayton raised an eyebrow at the sultry sway of her hips as she walked away. He turned left to the hallway ahead of him.

?Hello Wash Val High,? he thought, ?thank God it?s Friday??
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Old May 6th, 2008, 06:47 PM
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I wonder...

... if this is a JP/Nick epic in the making here. Pretty ambitious for your first time out as a writer but given the "density" (I don't know what other word to use.) of the content in these paragraphs, I'd say this story has the potential of developing into one of the "classics" in this group.

Keep going! Please!

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Old May 6th, 2008, 06:54 PM
It's a Secret
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Synth.x is on a distinguished road
I bet it was pretty easy to notice...

my writing is heavily influenced by the epics by luvyalots "JP"/"Nick". I also am a huge fan of "Flow" by Rowan. I read it 2 or 3 times...
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Old May 6th, 2008, 10:46 PM
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hot so far man; love the characters--even what little we've seen so far....
lookin forward to more!
just my thoughts as a writer

Things happen.
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