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Alex in Muscleland Chapter Four

This was finished quicker than I thought it was going to be, which is good for everyone I suppose.

Thanks to everyone who's reading this. I really appreciate all the nice comments I got.

Chapter 4: White Rabit Sends in Little Bill

As the door slammed behind Alex, he turned to face the thunderous glare of White Rabit. He didn?t know who this Marty person was but apparently he wasn?t allowed outside. Or perhaps he was supposed to be doing something and he wasn?t. Whatever the case, Alex was about to take the blame for something he didn?t do (and wasn?t supposed to do!). Before Alex could defend himself and explain the situation, he was grabbed by the arm and pulled through the small entry hall and into the living room. The room was dark with the only window in the area covered by red drapes. Alex felt himself spun around and was once more face to face with the crouching man. Even though he had gained a little mass since coming to this strange place, he was nowhere near a physical match for White. Alex?s heart hammered being so close to this human powerhouse, his body heat baking off him in these closed quarters. Alex opened his mouth to try and explain himself again but was stopped when White planted his mouth over Alex?s. Alex?s eyes shot open as he felt his mouth invaded by this man?s tongue. Instinctively Alex struck out and hit White in the chest, his hands bouncing back against the chiseled muscle. White pulled back anyway and smiled sadly at Alex, pushing his hair back. ?I know you don?t like being stuck in here Marty, but you have too! I can?t risk the Queen finding out about you!?
Alex, still in shock from the surprise kiss, only nodded. White stood up to his full height and said, ?Luckily, I have some good news. The Duchess isn?t expecting me for a few more hours so we?ve got some time to ourselves.?

Alex saw the dim shape of White move away and flick on a nearby light switch. Alex blinked a little in the sudden light and got a good look of his surroundings. It was what one would expect from a normal couple of guys living together in a college apartment. There was a couch that had a pair of leather pants tossed over it pushed against one side of the wall with a recliner pushed into a corner, a couple of magazines stacked next to it. A skinny black lamp was in the other corner along with a table that had a bunch of different pills and such things spread over it.

?That must be where he makes those Bulk and Diet pills.? Alex thought.

The only thing that was really missing was a T.V. It was so normal compared to everything else in this world that Alex started feeling a little more comfortable. This lasted about five seconds. When he turned to where White had turned on the lights he was met with an odd sight. White was still standing there though he had lost the leather pants and was wearing only a tight Speedo with the same two arms making a heart that was on Alex?s Speedo. This left absolutely nothing to the imagination, showing Alex that White was ready to have a good time. Alex didn?t know what to do. This was wrong. He wasn?t Marty and yet White seemed to think he was. How could he not tell the difference? Was this Marty person like a twin to Alex? Whatever the case this was cheating and it wasn?t something Alex was about to engage in. Unfortunately if White really wanted to go through with this there wouldn?t be much Alex could do to stop him. He stood his ground and decided to try anyway. He took a deep breath and said, ?We can?t do this.?

White stopped advancing on him and looked shocked. ?What? You don?t want to??

Alex shook his head and said, ?It?s just that??

Before Alex could do anything to explain himself, there came a knock on White?s door. White cursed loudly and said, ?Get upstairs! Hurry!?

Alex looked around and saw a staircase just outside the living room. He ran over to it and started up it, looking back at White as he moved to the door. Before he opened it he turned back and saw Alex was dawdling. He waved his hands at him and mouthed, ?Hurry!?

Alex didn?t know exactly what was going on but did as he was told and hurried to the top of the stairs. There was a door at the head of the stairs that was luckily unlocked. Alex opened it and closed it quietly behind him as he heard White open the door. Alex tried to listen but either the wood of the door was too thick or White and his visitor were talking too quietly to be heard. Either way Alex couldn?t hear a thing, so he decided to explore the second floor and see what there was to see. There was a small hallway that lead to three doors. Alex walked down the hall his bare feet sliding somewhat on the highly polished floor.

?Apparently this Marty person keeps things clean.? Alex thought. He didn?t think that White was the one doing the polishing. The leather pants tossed carelessly aside down in the living room proved that White wasn?t too concerned with appearances. Alex jiggled the knob on the first door on the left and found it was locked. Moving on, Alex tried to the second door and opened it to find a weight lifting room. Alex walked into the room and looked around, his eyes traveling over the various equipment from the leg press to the free weights sitting on a rack near the far wall. Alex looked from one side to the other and scratched his head.

?I swear this room is at least twice as long as the house.? Alex muttered to himself, trying to remember what the house looked like from outside. Either way, it didn?t really matter. Alex walked over to the free weights and picked up the twenty five pound weight in his right hand. He grinned as he was able to curl it easily up and down. The last time he tried to curl this much weight he had almost pulled a muscle, struggling to lift it once or twice. He set the weight down and picked up the fifty pound weight. This was more of a struggle but Alex was still able to curl it five times. He set the weight down and flexed his bicep in front of the mirror. He liked what he saw. His arm was no longer a stick the hard muscle rising up like a softball. He couldn?t get enough of his new body and was looking forward to getting back home. That nagging thought rose to the surface of his mind once again, ?IF you get home.?

Alex frowned and let his arm fall down to his side, turning from the mirror and heading to the door. He checked his watch only to find that it was no longer on his wrist. But that was to be expected. When he had grown in the Bizarre Sauna nothing on his body had been spared from destruction, leaving him in nothing but a Speedo with that strange heart shaped arm arrangement on it. He wondered what it was and what it was supposed to mean. He looked on the wall and saw a clock hanging there. It was already noon. Did anyone know he was gone yet? Did anyone care that he was gone? Alex didn?t let himself dwell on that thought. He may not be Mr. Popular but he did have a small group of loyal friends, not to mention his older brother and his parents. One of them would?ve probably noticed he was gone by now.

?I just hope they don?t get too worried.? Alex thought. ?This is going to be one heck of a story to tell when I get back though. I hope everyone believes me. Then again, I?m not sure I believe what has been happening.?

Alex made the rest of his way down the hall and tried the last door. It was open and Alex found himself stepping into a bedroom. Judging by the size of the bed it looked like this was THE bedroom. The bed was neatly made and there was only one dresser and a medium sized closet. There was a mirror on the ceiling as well and what appeared to be a pole on a pedestal in front of the bed. There was a bottle of some unknown liquid open on a table next to the bed and some of it had spilled out. It was clear and Alex thought it best not to think about what sort of things went on in here. It really wasn?t any of his business anyway. He was about to leave and listen at the door leading to the stairs to see if he could go back downstairs when he spotted a bottle sitting on the dresser. It looked like the bottle of pills that had made him grow back in the Bizarre Sauna. He grabbed the bottle and saw that it was labeled: White Rabit?s Extra Strength Bulk Up Pills! Warning: Still in testing.
Alex opened the bottle and saw that there was a small collection of black pills inside. He fished one out and thought about taking it. It couldn?t hurt to get a little bigger after all. Then again, the last time he did that he ended up getting stuck. But if he took just one then maybe he wouldn?t grow so big. In all honesty he was still only a few inches tall. Alex tossed the pill into his left hand and shrugged. He popped the pill into his mouth and swallowed, waiting to see what was going to happen. Nothing really happened so Alex shrugged again and said, ?That must be why they?re still in testing.?

Alex opened the door and tried to step out into the hallway only to hit his head against the door frame. He stepped back and tripped over another pair of leather pants his feet getting tangled in them and sending him backwards onto his butt. Before he could even begin to think about doing anything his body kicked into overdrive growing wildly in all directions. His feet broke through the wall and he felt them reach the bottom floor before continuing out through the side of the house. His arms followed suit knocking down one wall into the weight room and the other one out into the side yard. Alex felt his arm break through the greenhouse. He could feel shards of glass and metal pressing against him but they didn?t break the skin. In fact he didn?t feel any pain from it at all. His other arm knocked around the weight lifting machines and the free weights, shattering the mirror as it passed through the next wall into the outside. His head smashed through the roof and into the attic. In all the chaos his body was causing he managed to think, ?I wonder where the stairs to the attic are?? before his head was forced forward to the small window as his shoulders and back widened. Now that his body had stopped growing taller it was steadily growing thicker. He couldn?t see anything but his legs and feet through the window but they were expanding in much the same way as before reaching the same size he had when he was trapped in the Bizarre Sauna (comparatively of course. He was probably still only around a few feet tall). He could feel his other muscles following suit including his package inside his amazingly stretchy Speedo which was pressing against something. Maneuvering his hands around he managed to open his window allowing him to see out where White and his visitor, a small boy with lime green skin and a long tail, were staring up at him in surprise. Alex wasn?t sure what to say so he tried to move around and break down the walls so he could at least stand up. However the house was built sturdier than it looked and the walls stayed intact. The only thing he managed to do was create groaning noises around him. He sighed and looked back down and saw that another person had come to join the other two. Alex groaned as he saw Dodo.

Before Alex had started growing uncontrollably, in fact, as soon as he had disappeared upstairs, trouble had started. After shooing Alex upstairs, White had pulled on a pair of leather pants that had been strung on the banister and opened the door. He relaxed a little when he saw that it was just one of his neighbor?s kids, Bill. He lived down the road with his father Jack who was a lumberjack. He had managed to create a very interesting jacket that had blades running out the back of it that could fall an entire row of trees if used properly. It could also double as a defensive device since if he bent over and curled into a ball the blades stuck out in all directions that protected him from all sides. White assumed that Bill was here to talk to him about something, perhaps about the Queen?s upcoming party and why he wasn?t invited, so he did what he could to hurry this process along. ?What?s up Bill??

Bill had always been shy since he was not only green but had a tail, but he was usually open to White since they?d known each other for years. Today was no different. He smiled and said, ?My dad told me to come here and help paint your house. Remember? He said you talked about a few days ago.?
White did remember that conversation though he had forgotten completely when Marty had gone missing and then suddenly re-appeared again smashing trash cans. Well at least this explained why Bill was carrying a ladder and three paint cans. Thinking fast, White said, ?You know Bill I don?t think this is a good time. I have a lot of stuff to take care of before I meet with the Duchess so I don?t think we?d be finished in time.?

Bill looked disappointed and said, ?Aww really? I came all this way for nothing??
White didn?t like to see Bill unhappy since he was a cute kid, but he knew he had to get rid of him somehow. White patted him on the shoulder and said, ?You can come back tomorrow and help Bill. I?d be happy to have you.?

Bill smiled and said, ?Alright Mr. Rabit. Have a good day.?

White smiled as Bill started walking away. He really was a good kid. He was also surprisingly polite for someone his age. White was about to turn around and go back inside to get Alex when something exploded out of his house to the left and right of him. Looking both ways he saw an enormous pair of feet and legs sticking out of his house! Closing the door, he ran into the front lawn and watched as a pair of arms grew out the sides of his house, one taking out Marty?s greenhouse while the other one knocked down a few trees. Sounds of destruction from inside drifted out as the giant appendages expanded with muscle. White and Bill looked up at the attic and saw a pair of gigantic blue eyes staring down at them which became easier to see as the massive arms opened the window. Bill?s eyes were wide in wonderment as he asked, ?Who?s that Mr. Rabit??

White didn?t know what to tell him. The only thing he was really thinking was that whoever it was it wasn?t his Marty. Wherever Marty was he was still missing. So he turned to Bill and said, ?I don?t know but we need help. Go get your dad over here.?
Bill had turned to run back down the road to his house but he stopped when he saw a strange man dressed in black running down the road, jumping and flapping his arms with a pair of ridiculous looking wings attached to his arms. Bill turned back to White and said, ?There?s a strange man running over here.?

White turned and groaned when he saw Dodo coming. He was difficult to deal with in a normal situation but in a crisis he was impossible. Unfortunately White couldn?t really avoid him since his house was currently invaded by a massive stranger. So he just waited and sure enough Dodo saw him and shouted, ?Ho White! Stay right there!?

Dodo ran over to White and said, ?What is going on here? Having trouble with your house??

White shook his head and said, ?Not really. I was just about to send Bill back home to get Jack so we could sort this thing out. So you can just keep heading down the road.?
Dodo shook his head and said, ?No, no, no! Jack won?t be coming. I?m here instead.?
White looked at Dodo and pulled out a book. He showed Dodo and said, ?What does this book say??

Dodo bent over and read the title, ?Alice?s Adventures in Wonderland. Why??
White opened the book and flipped it to chapter four. He handed the book to Dodo and said, ?What is this chapter about.?

Dodo flipped through it muttering under his breath, ?Let?s see, let?s see?girl mistaken for a maid?gets trapped in house?gets attacked by woodland creatures??

?Yes.? White said pulling the book back. ?She gets attacked by a lizard.?

He pointed to Bill. ?By a rabbit.?

He pointed at himself. ?And by a hedgehog. No Dodo. You do not figure into this equation.?

Dodo laughed and said, ?Yes but this story is based on the Disney movie! That?s why there were Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum characters.?

White rolled his eyes and said, ?If this was based on the movie there would?ve been a talking doorknob. But there was no talking doorknob. It?s based on the book.?
Dodo shook his head and said, ?No, no, no! It?s obviously based on the movie!?

?The book!? White said holding up the book.

?The movie!? Dodo shouted.

?The book!? ?Okay, that?s enough.

?The movie!? Seriously. Enough already.

?The book!? STOP IT!

Both Dodo and White looked up and around. Now that I have your attention please, just get back to the story! No one cares what it?s based on. In fact, it takes elements from both and ties them together so just stop bickering and get back to the story!

?Fine.? Both men said quietly.

?Wow, I have no idea what?s going on!? Bill said happily.

?And that?s why you?re going down the chimney!? Dodo said.

?What?!?? Bill said, shocked.

?Well we can?t just waltz in through the front door can we dear boy?? Dodo said, walking to the front door and opening it. It was filled with the symbol of the two arms making a heart. Dodo poked it and the limbs poking out through the house shivered at the touch. Dodo closed the door and walked back down to White and Bill. ?So that leaves up with one option: down the chimney. White and I are too big to fit down it so that leaves you!?

?But-But-But?? Bill stuttered nervously as he was pushed towards the side of the house by Dodo.

?The only butt I want to see is yours scooting up the side of that house!? Dodo replied cheerfully, setting Bill?s ladder against the house. At this point Bill tried to scurry away but was grabbed by Dodo and forced up the ladder. If Bill was thinking of escaping once he was out of Dodo?s reach he was sadly mistaken. In order to ensure the boy was going down the chimney, Dodo was following him up the ladder. In a last ditch effort to escape Bill tried to jump over Dodo hoping that the fall from the second story wouldn?t kill him but as soon as he reached Dodo?s shoulder Dodo grabbed him around the waist and carried him the rest of the way up the ladder. Once on the roof, Bill scrambling like mad to escape, Dodo stopped at the chimney and said, ?Now remember to just grab hold of whatever?s down there and yank it up the chimney!?

Bill shouted, ?Are you insane? How am I supposed to??

He was cut off as Dodo shoved him headfirst down the chimney. ?Don?t worry about how, just do!?

Dodo climbed back down the ladder and made his way back over to White. White bit his thumbnail and said, ?Are you sure he?s going to be okay? He is just a kid after all.?

Dodo flapped his hands in White?s face and said, ?Don?t worry about him. He?ll be fine.?

Bill was having no trouble making it down the chimney. It was a tight fit even for him but by pulling with his hands and pushing with his legs and feet he was making his way slowly but surely down the chimney. Alex, who had been listening to the insane conversation between the three, knew that Bill was coming. There wasn?t much he could do to stop that, nor was there much Bill was going to be able to do once he arrived. The only option was to wait for Bill to come down and try to convince him to help Alex. That was the plan until Bill dislodged a large quantity of soot that blasted into the room with Alex. Alex, who had always had a sensitive nose, got a face full of the stuff and instantly started sniffling. White and Dodo looked at each other in confusion as the sound of Alex?s deep breathing floated out the window. Just as Bill was about to crawl out of the fireplace, Alex bent over and sneezed explosively the wind forcing Bill back up the chimney and, like a cork out of a bottle of champagne, rocketed into the sky. White and Dodo both watched as this happened. Dodo shook his head and said, ?Poor Bill.?

White smacked Dodo on the head and said, ?I thought you said he?d be fine!?

Dodo pushed White in the chest and said, ?He is! He?s just?taking a little vacation!?

White covered his eyes and sighed, not feeling up to dealing with Dodo anymore. Dodo, unknowing of the effect he was having on White, was looking around, trying to get a new idea. Finally his eyes fell onto a small pile of charred wood. He stared at it and said, ?Hey White. What?s that charred pile for??

White glanced at it and said, ?That?s where I burn wood from broken furniture or things of that sort in the house.?

Dodo turned around and grabbed White?s shoulders, shouting, ?That?s it! I?ve got it! I know how we can get the monster out!?

Alex heard that and thought, ?Monster? Isn?t that a little harsh??

White snorted and said, ?Whatever. I don?t even care anymore! If it gets you to leave, then go ahead. Do whatever you want.?

Dodo had a gleam in his eye as he said, ?Then let?s begin! Start gathering wood and pile it up outside the house!?

White did as he was asked, not knowing and not wanting to know what Dodo was planning. When a large amount of wood had been piled up, Dodo motioned for White to step back as he pulled out a match and ran it across the bottom of his shoe. With a hiss the match flickered into life and Dodo said, ?And now we smoke the monster out!?

White?s eyes widened as he saw what Dodo was about to do and made a grab for the match. Dodo tossed it before White could make it and the match fell among the wood. Unfortunately, some of the wood was lacquered making it go up in seconds. White tried to prevent the fire from spending by knocking some of the wood out of the pile but the majority of the wood was still burning. Running for water, White knocked Dodo aside who looked miffed and muttered, ?If that?s the thanks I get for helping, then I?m leaving!?

But he just stood off to the side and crossed his arms watching White carry buckets of water back and forth to kill the flames. Alex, smelling the smoke and knowing that danger was present, tried to think of something, anything he could do to save himself from being burned alive. His hands ran over the ground trying to find anything he could use to knock out the fire. Instead, his hand ran across a small clump of what he assumed was vegetables from the greenhouse.

?Food has made me grow and shrink in this place, so this shouldn?t be any different.? He thought hurriedly, bringing the clump of carrots to his face. ?If I shrink, I?ll be able to get out of the house. If I grow more I?ll be able to break out of the house. Either way I win!?

With no further thought Alex tossed the veggies into his mouth and swallowed them whole. Instantly his body drew in on itself, his arms and legs pulling out of the holes in the house, his muscles shrinking back down (though the muscle he had before he was trapped in the house was still there and then some) to size. Alex watched as everything around him grew over his head leaving him even smaller than before and sitting on the middle of the bedroom floor. He took one regretful look at the bottle of pills on the dresser, now needed and now completely out of his reach, before running out the door and heading down the stairs. It took a little longer than he thought it would but he eventually made it to the front door. Crawling under it, he watched as White finished putting out the fire. He wiped his forehead and glanced at his watch, his eyes bulging as he saw the time. ?I?m late!? he shrieked before running away down the road. Alex, dismayed to see the man he had been following disappear, tried to chase after him. He had taken only a few steps when Dodo came running past him, flapping his arms again and clearly no longer caring about the house or White. Alex dived out of the way of his massive feet and landed in a clump of weeds. After disentangling himself he saw that he was lost in a jungle of grass and flowers unable to see the road that White had disappeared down. Alex sighed and started making his way through the thick grass hoping that the road ahead wouldn?t be fraught with any danger.
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