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A *shockingly* great summer - part two

Ok, here is part two. I hope you guys like it. I did include some more sexual references this time, but no long graphical sex scenes


part two

I still couldn?t quite get my mind around what exactly happened to my best friend. I lay awake the night I discovered the new ?him?, thinking about his ripped body and fantasizing what he could do with that. I noticed a hint of jealousy in my thoughts, but who wouldn?t be. I started thinking about myself diving into the lake, having me zapped and growing huge with muscles. What it must feel like, having all that power and not fitting into your old clothes. My dick started to react on the fantasy, growing harder and stiffer. I grabbed it with one hand, stroking it up and down quickly. At the point where I almost reached a climax I stopped; I suddenly realized that I was masturbating for the first time on the body of a man?that of my best friend! I couldn?t be doing this, it wasn?t right. I quickly grabbed the Playboy from under my mattress, flipped it open to the centerfold and relieved my urges in a more decent fashion?at least according to what I was used to.

The next morning I was awoken by my cell phone; Joey was calling.

?Dude, you?re not up yet?!? I thought we agreed to meet at my place, to arrange the things for the plan we discussed yesterday evening??

?Oh shit sorry, you?re right. I must have dosed off yesterday, not setting my alarm. I?ll be over in 15 minutes, ok??

I hung up the phone still lying in bed. That?s when I noticed the enormous tent I created with my bed linen.

?Oh great, morning wood. And I?m pretty sure it?s not from ms July?what is wrong with me??

I pulled away the covers, stood up and noticed my erection in the full-length mirror. I was really happy with what I was seeing, it even made me chuckle. The look of my 7 inch erect penis pushing against my elastic boxer briefs was so hilarious. I could hang a towel on it, I thought. Moving my eyes upwards in the mirror actually satisfied me even more! My new Floridian tan looked really great on me and highlighted my recent muscle gains. For a brief moment I completely forgot about the muscle stud living a few blocks away, cause there was one right in this house as well. My decent 6 pack showed above the tented boxer briefs who in its turn were overshadowed by my protruding pecs. Even though I didn?t look as muscular as Joey, I at least looked pretty ripped and 100% better than before the summer.

I went to take a shower, dealing with my erection once again, and quickly grabbed a light breakfast on my way over to Joey?s house.

As I arrived the garage door was opened slightly, and I saw Joey working away on his new workout routine. I walked to the door and just stood there for a minute. I once again had to completely take in the image of the man that my best friend now is. He was laying flat on the bench, wearing a pair of skimpy shorts and a tanktop which offered me a great look on his wide shoulders and ripped arms. Eighteen fucking inches were now packed on those arms; almost twice as big as two weeks ago. At each press, I saw his chest expand like two big slaps of meat, making my boxer briefs expand as well.

Joey was so concentrated on his workout that he didn?t even hear me enter. After taking most of it in, I decided to break the silence before it would become too uncomfortable for me.

?I thought you didn?t want to grow any bigger and become one of those muscle freaks?? I said mockingly. He was startled by the sudden talking and almost threw the barbell up into the air. He looked around and saw me standing there.

?Wow dude, didn?t expect you so soon. I thought I?d quickly do my morning routine before you?d arrive, after all you have to maintain these puppies!? Joey said while placing the barbell back on the rack, sitting up and flexing both his arms. ?Wow Kyle, look out man! You can almost poke someone?s eye out with that!? he said while pointing at my crotch. Shit, he noticed. I wasn?t sure how he?d react, but I couldn?t help it. It was like it has a mind on its own. I felt embarrassed.

?No need to worry! I don?t mind, like I said yesterday?I get turned on by these changes as well. Even more I think, because it all happened to ME!!!? He hit a most muscular, flexing his chest and abs and looked up at me. ?I really can?t wait till we get to teach that son of bitch Brad a lesson!?

He stood up from the bench, grabbed some 45lbs free weights and started to do curls right before my eyes.

?You can work out with me as well, if you want. I just think we need to switch the plates around some more.?

?Oh that?s ok. I still have some weights in our basement that I can use. After all, it?s difficult for me to keep up with you! Why don?t we talk about our little plan then, that?s one of the reasons I came over? What the other reason was, was quite obvious, and Joey did not disappoint by putting on a subtle show. While we talked he kept alternate curling the dumbbells, causing some veins to appear on his biceps peaks. He didn?t keep track of the reps, so after talking for five minutes about our plan he was still curling the weights showing no fatigue.

?Ok, so for the disguise we?ve got things covered. Hopefully we will be able to fool everybody long enough. By the way, aren?t you getting tired of those curls??

?Huh? What? Oh shit, I?m still lifting them? Didn?t even occur to me??

?So your arms are not sore, you don?t feel a thing??

?Nope, not really. Hey, now that you?re here, I want to test something?you know I?ve said I could lift over 550 pounds yesterday??

I couldn?t really remember, but I was sure I saw him lift 300 pounds with only one hand. ?Yeah, could be?why??

?Well, check this out. This is 530 pounds? He pointed at a barbell that was laying on the ground that looked like it indeed had 530 pounds on it. He walked over to it, placed his feet apart, squatted to the floor and grabbed the bar with both hands. Then he tensed all his muscles and tried to lift the barbell with all his strength. But he couldn?t get it up in the air.

?What the fuck?!?? I stood in amazement.

Finally he managed to lift the barbell only one foot into the air. ?You see that? That?s less weight than a couple of days ago, and I can?t lift it anymore! I found out this morning, but thought it had to do with still being a bit sleepy. Fuck not! I?m getting weaker!?

?No way, wait a minute, let?s think about this for a minute. Aren?t you feeling sick or anything, didn?t you catch a cold? There must be a logical explanation for it. And then again, it?s not very strange for a boy who couldn?t lift his own bike three weeks ago to not being able to lift over 500-fucking-pounds!?

?Well, maybe you?re right. I?m not feeling sick or anything. Maybe I?m just over my peak and my strength is settling in. It?s still fucking great that I?m able to lift that much!?

He went on lifting some other heavy stuff, showing off his size and strength, and we further discussed our plan. We decided upon confronting Brad as soon as possible, as to get the biggest surprise out of him. We knew Brad turned 16 this summer and his parents got him a car. He would be arriving at school by car, so we had to strike there. Joey and I decided to ride to the school?s parking lot the next morning to scout the location. We could also try out the disguise we quickly put together for Joey for the first time.

That evening the same ritual took place as the night before. I grew more jealous of Joey?s recent magical gains and imagined myself in his place more often. I also got turned on more by Joey?s body, which I still didn?t know why happened.

The next morning I woke up with a Joey-boner greeting me. I wacked off in the shower before grabbing my bike out of the garage to drive over to Joey?s. Joey?s now chubby brother Jason opened the door, looking more terrible than before. He had a black eye which he had tried to conceal with his mother?s make-up.

?Hey chubby, what happened to you?? I asked out of curiosity.

?Nothing?Joe will be down shortly.? he said timidly as he turned around to go to the kitchen. I thought for a second why he called his little brother ?Joe? instead of ?Joey?, but I?m sure it had its reasons. I turned around and there was Joey coming down the stairs in ?our? disguise. He was wearing his newly bought sweatpants, which were the only ones we could find that looked baggy on him, with a black tanktop that hugged his ripped physique. Over that he was wearing one of my dad?s woolen sweaters that concealed most of his torso. I thought the disguise worked perfectly since he did look smaller in comparison to what I discovered in his garage two days ago.

?So over this you wear your brother's winter jacket and if you then hunch a little, you look a lot smaller and chubbier. Hopefully people will fall for the ?spend the entire summer eating? lie?

?So you also think I look smaller?!??

?Well, yeah, the disguise works?right??

?Yes it does, but there?s something else. I am really smaller than yesterday! Come?? he said as I followed him into his garage. ?Measure this?

He flexed his right biceps and I measured it as 17? inch.

?Fuck! No way! You ARE shrinking! They were full blown 18 inch whoppers just yesterday!?

?I know! We need to be quick at getting back at Brad before I?ve shrunken back to my old size again!?

?What? No, that?s probably not gonna happen! Is it? But we really must do it this Monday. We don?t know how big Brad has gotten over the summer, remember!?

We grabbed both our bikes and were on our way to our school.

?Hey Joey, do you know why Jason had a black eye?!??

?Oh, so you noticed? Ha, that fat fucker didn?t want to give me his winter jacket, which we needed for our plan, so I taught him a little lesson that ended up in me hitting his eye. The baby immediately went to ?mommy? who gave him some ice to stop the swelling. This morning she even offered him a make-up session?but it didn?t really help right? Hehehe?

When we arrived at the school?s parking lot we noticed a nice remote section, shaded off by a row of bushes, that we could use to ambush Brad. We only needed to come up with a plan to get him to park there.

On our way back to our neighborhood, we went to several scenarios of what could happen this coming Monday.

?He remember when we were cycling here just before the summer and I convinced you to start working out. Look at us now, would you have ever thought back then we would be riding the same bikes again looking like two halfgods??

?Hehe, speak for yourself! You?ve got ALL the muscles!?

Just then, we arrived at the dirt road that led us to our secret hiding place in the swamp.

?Hey, why don?t we take another peek at where the highlight of the summer really was. Maybe we can recreate those events and ?fix? your shrinking problem??

?Sure, would be nice to get fried again in a lake full of toxic waste? Joey said sarcastically.

We entered the dirt road and after 5 minutes, passing several bushes, we arrived at our swamp, only to discover that the entire area was sealed off by yellow ?toxic waste? ribbons. A forklift could be seen holding up the power cable that ran under water, some of the drums were fished out of the water and now sat under the big oak tree and yet no person was around.

?Shit, look at this! The chemical company must have figured out what happed here??

?Yeah, they cleaned it all up?now we can?t ?fry? me again?bummer? Joey said.

?Wait, I?ve got an idea. You?ve still got some strength left, right?? I said mockingly to which Joey angrily replied with a biceps flex. It was hard to see though, under all those clothes, so our disguise really worked perfectly.

?If we can?t do it here, maybe we can do it at home. Do you think you could lift one of those drums and take it back to our place??

?What, are you serious??

?Yeah, why not? I will grab some of the tape, it might come in handy for our little plan?

Without too much hesitation, Joey followed my order and lifted one of the drums up into the air. He didn?t really have much trouble with it, even though it was fully filled. He placed it on the back of his bike and with one hand holding it, started peddling. I quickly followed him, with two roles of the yellow tape. One luckily only had yellow and black stripes on it, so it could come in handy if we needed to fence off a piece of a parking lot, for instance?

By the time we arrived in our neighborhood, it was already getting dark. Not only from the time of day, but also because the weather suddenly turned. Dark rain clouds had gathered over our town and just as we crossed the train tracks it started pouring.

?Hey, where are we going to hide this drum? I think your place is the best, since my father doesn?t really like to find out his son is hiding toxic waste in his backyard. You know how he feels about stealing in general?

?Yeah, he?s a cop, I?m not an idiot. We can hide it at my house. We have some old oil drums next to the shed in the backyard, if we place it in between those no-one will notice. Hardly anyone looks at them.?

Joey followed me to my house, but as we arrived at my garage, he discovered that he was already late for dinner. I thanked him for carrying the drum all the way from the swamp to my house and told him I could take care of the final couple of yards. He said he liked the workout it gave him and was curious to find out if my plan could work. Still in the pouring downfall we said goodbye and I grabbed the drum. It was heavier than it looked on Joey, but with a bit of perseverance I managed to get it in the backyard. It was really heavy, so I decided to roll it in an angle. This way it was easier to move the drum in place. In the mean time the rain had started to come down in bucket loads, it was really hard to see 3 feet in front of me. I thought I was wheeling the drum into the right direction, but instead I was walking closer to our swimming pool. Without noticing it, my shoe slipped on the wet tiles that surrounded the swimming pool, causing me to drop the drum on the tiles, myself to fall backwards into the pool, only seeing the drum crack-open on impact and rolling into the pool after me.

Just at that exact moment, as if someone was controlling it all from above, a bright flash, a bolt of lightning, came out of the sky and electrified the swimming pool. This time, not my friend, but I myself got fried in a gooey yellow-brownish chemical. I immediately was unconscious.

The next day Joey ringed our doorbell. My father opened the door and told Joey that I had a small accident and I needed the rest to heal. He had found me in the swimming pool, unconscious, not noting the drum that floated next to me, and put me in bed immediately. I hadn?t woken up since.

?So we think he slipped, bumped his head and fell in the pool last night. It was such dreadful weather. We want to let him sleep it all off and wait for him to wake up before we let anyone see him. Is that ok with you?? My father asked Joey

?Oh, yes sure! But of course.? Joey was wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a pair of jeans. They were both not leaving much to the imagination.

?By the way Joey, I haven?t seen you in weeks. Kyle told me you two were working out, but I didn?t know it had such great effects on you!?

?Why thank you!?

?You look great, keep it up and you?ll be just as big as me!? My father was only wearing a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. ?Could you flex an arm for me??

Joey responded by lifting his right arm and flexing the fullest 17 inches out of them. ?Not bad, but still not as big as these? My father lifted his right arm as well and placed it behind Joey. It dwarfed Joey?s by a good 1.5 inches. Joey?s mouth fell open from surprise.

?Wow, mr Parker! I knew you had big arms, but I never would have guessed they were this big!?

?Haha, well, yeah, when I bought you guess those extra weights I decided it was time for me to get back at training again as well. So at night I was downstairs pumping these guns, with great results if you ask me. Therefore I?m glad both you and Kyle picked it up as well?I hated having such a wimpy kid as my son! By the way, they were 18.5 inches pumped this morning?! I was thinking of getting back on my old training schedule again and compete in the amateurs next year. I always liked bodybuilding, I was so sorry to have to give it up when the kids were born. What do you think? Maybe you and Kyle should compete as well?we can train together!?

?Wow, that sounds like a great plan mr P! I never knew you were an amateur bodybuilder before. Hopefully Kyle gets well soon so we can ask him as well. If he wakes up let him know I stopped by, for now I have to go again.?

?I will! And nice seeing you again, stop by more often!?

For the next three days, Joey was too focused on training his lost gains, that he only called my house. Each time he got to hear that I was still feeling sick and had to stay in bed to rest.

The next day was the Monday, the first day of the new school year, and our D-Day. Joey got up pretty early to do a final morning workout. He measured himself under the shower and was pretty happy with the results. His hardcore training sessions of the last couple of days had halted his shrinking. He didn?t know if he completely stopped shrinking, or of he gained enough muscle again to equal it out, but he was still a lot bigger than before the accident. He now measured 6 feet, had 16? inch biceps, his chest measured 50 inches, his waist was still 31 inches and he weighed 195 pounds. The shrinkage was noticeably for anybody who knew him before, but he still looked massive for anyone who knew him as the nerdy Joey who forgot to pay Brad his lunch money.

He quickly got dressed in the clothes we had picked out before and grabbed his bike to cycle to my house. When he arrived, my mother opened the door.

?Hello mrs Parker, is Kyle coming to school today??

?Oh hi Joey?my you look all grown up. No, Kyle is still not felling well. I don?t want him to go to school when he?s not 100% better. It could only get worse then, making him miss even more of school.?

?Ok, I see, I understand. Too bad though, I?m sure he wouldn?t have wanted to miss his first day??

The door to the basement was open and metal clanking sounds together with grunts could be heard all the way in the hallway.

?I?ll tell him you?ve stopped by. Have a nice day!?

?Thank you, you too. And say hi to mr Parker. From the sound of it he?s busy right now, tell him I would like to take him up on his offer.?

?I will. Goodbye!?

A bit disappointed Joey took his bike and cycled to school all by himself. He was sorry I couldn?t be with him on this important day. He even began to wonder if he should go forward with the plan. As soon as he arrived at the school?s parking lot, he had decided he wanted to continue since Brad really needed to be taught a lesson as well as the fact that it wasn?t easy to hide such a transformation in school.

Joey arrived early, much earlier than most of the other students, to set-up the parking lot. He blocked off several parking spaces with the yellow and black tape, making sure that all of the remaining parking places would be out of sight from the teacher?s lounge. Now he had to wait for Brad to arrive and hope that he would park his car in the predetermined spot. To keep it open, Joey parked his bike on this spot.

Some students started to arrive and were confused by the blockings. Nevertheless they followed orders and parked their cars around the spot destined for Brad.

Fifteen minutes after the first class had begun, Joey saw Brad arrive in his new car. He had a friend with him that he knew from football. It was one of the other bullies of Jayne Seymour High. Joey quickly removed his bike from the parking spot and concealed himself in the bushes.

Brad arrived, saw the empty spot and parked his car. Joey saw Brad and his friend get out of the car and noticed he looked different as well. Brad was wearing a loose fitting shirt, but it clearly showed his new wide shoulders, protruding chest and massive arms. Damn, Joey thought, he looks almost as big as me!

Nevertheless Joey came to senses and knew this was the best time to strike. He took of his jacket and sweater, leaving his muscles bulging in his tanktop and he came walking out of the bushes.

?Hey dickhead!?

Brad and his friend were already passed the back of his car when they stopped and slowly turned around. They gasped at the muscle beast that stood before them, but quickly regained their tough attitude.

?What did you just call me??

?You heard me the first time, dickhead!?

?Why you fat son-of-a-bitch! I don?t know who you are, but you have no right to call me dickhead, asshole!? Brad?s muscles tensed as Joey once again saw his V-shaped lats. Only this time, his arms appeared to hang away even further and his V-shape appeared to be wider. Still Joey was confident that he was bigger and more powerful than this piece of shit, so he continued his threatening.

?Who are you calling fat, you asshole. Do you call these rippling muscles fat?!? You don?t even know who I am. Let me make it more clear to you?? Joey walked forwards towards a furious Brad, placed his hand on his massive shoulder that felt rock solid and quickly pulled to turn him around. He yanked his arm in Brad?s trousers only to find a pink thong, nevertheless pulls on it all the way up so that he lifts Brad off his feet. Now Brad hangs there, suspended by his own thong, when his memory starts to come back. Joey was still larger than Brad, but muscle-wise he had a disadvantage.

?What the fuck?skinny Joey?!? No way! That can?t be you!?

?Bingo, I think you owe me mone??

Before Joey could finish his sentence, Brad?s friend kicked him in his guts. He wasn?t prepared for that. He released Brad and crunched forward. Brad seized this opportunity to suckerpunch him in the face. Joey fell to his knees, looking up at the once again threatening Brad.

?This is more like it. I don?t owe anyone any money. As you can see I have spend all of your money wisely on training equipment and steroids. I don?t know how you have done it, but you?re not the only one who has done some growing!?

Brad placed one hand in his shirt?s collar and with one simple movement completely ripped off the fabric. What he concealed under his shirt was even more amazing than Joey originally thought. His shoulders were as wide as a bodybuilder, his pecs looked like two half water melons sitting just above a cobblestone street of 8 bricks. Joey was bigger, but Brad was definitely more defined. He alternatively flexed his pecs at his command, and finally lifted his arm to make a ball of muscle.

?Thanks to you I am bigger and more ripped than I ever could have dreamed off?? He flexed his biceps and a large peak appeared in the middle of his arm ??17.5 inches!!?

As he held his biceps flex for just a little while longer, a hand suddenly grabbed hold of it and applied pressure. The pressure built and built, just until Brad couldn?t keep his ball of muscle flexed anymore.

?I think you need to listen to Joey, or else you?ll get me to worry about?

Brad shook of the pain in his arm, turned around and gasped at what he saw. ?You??!??

Just at that moment, a fist hit Brad right on his nose, breaking his bone and punching him on the concrete. Brad?s friend also merely turned around before a second fist was punched in someone?s face.

Joey still sat on his knees, two unconscious bullies on either side of him, looking up at the giant that stood before him. He got up his feet to get a clear view of the guy?s face, before looking me straight in the eyes.

?OH MY GOD!!! What the hell happened to you! You got zapped as well, didn?t you?!??

?Haha, well, yeah! The accident in the swimming pool was actually the same kind of accident, only I got hit by lightning.? Joey stood up and watched straight at my chest. ?I think lightning works a bit better than 10.000V, since I think I?m bigger than you ever were! And I have only been training for the last three days.? I was wearing one of my dad?s polo?s of when he was still bodybuilding, though it hardly contained all of me. I flexed my biceps to show Joey how big I had gotten after only three days, when I heard a ripping sound. ?RRRRRRIIIIIPPPPP? My 20 inch guns could not be contained in the shirt.

?Oops, haha, oh my god, this feels so good!?

I wanted to show Joey the rest of my muscles, but before I could I felt his body being pressed against my hard body, an erection pricking in my thigh and his mouth on my mouth. Right there and then my best friend kissed me. I felt my bulge move my shorts forward.

?Wow, look out dude, you can really poke someone?s eye out with that!?

We laughed, we kissed and we decided to remodel Brad?s car with Brad and his friend inside. It would now be difficult for them to get out and if the managed, they would have to climb down a tree as well?

Ever since that day we were the most popular kids in school. The bullies left us alone and all of our old friends wanted so bad to be with us.

We also continued working out together. My father joined us. In the coming spring contest all three of us will compete. I outgrew my father. He is now 6 ft 2, has 19 inch guns and weighs 237lbs. Joey also continued to gain again in the next year, now ending at an impressive 226lbs, 6 ft and 17.5 inch biceps. However they both couldn?t compete against me. I?m now 6 ft 6, my arms are 21.5 inch and I weigh 298lbs!

I would have never thought, early last year, that I would come to love being so big and falling in love with my best friend. We share everything, really love each other and organize private posing sessions where we touch each other and worship each other until we are satisfied?
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