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Old January 28th, 2009, 08:23 PM
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Another interesting incident from not too long ago.

Another interesting incident from not too long ago.

After being fat for the 2nd time in my life, this time due to a bout with cancer a few years back… Yeah I know, I thought with cancer you’d lose weight too. But my doc told me that only happens with throat cancer or if you’re dying. Well, thanks to the chemo and radiation treatments, I didn’t die and my cancer wasn’t throat cancer. It was at the other end, colon cancer. After about six months of hell with the chemo and radiation and a follow up colonoscopy, I was declared “cancer free.”

(Guys, a colonoscopy is no picnic, but compared to chemo, it’s a walk in the park so hackin’ GET ONE!!!)

During my rounds of chemo I fasted. Couldn’t stand the sight or smell of food. But in between rounds, whatever I ate turned to fat. I went from 180 lbs to 216 lbs and from a 32” to a 40” waist in six months! And afterward, I just had this mental block against doing anything physically strenuous. But after about four years of looking at that morbidly fat “stranger” in the mirror, I went to a personal trainer. He was a real pro. We took it slow and steady but after about two years, I was more or less where I wanted to be, back to 180 pounds, athletic but not hugely muscled build with a 32” waist and feelin’ pretty good about myself. My co-workers and friends had all noticed the change.

One Saturday morning not long ago, on my way home from the gym, I stopped at a Chevron station to top off my gas tank. Right in front of me was this phenomenal muscle guy in gym shorts and a T-back muscle shirt gassing up his vehicle, a Japanese pickup, Mitsubishi, I think it was. Everything on this dude was huge but perfectly proportioned. I knew better than to stare but I couldn’t help myself. The guy had his back to me at first but then he turned and caught me scoping him over. His face was kinda cute in a nerdish, book worm sorta way. Sheezze!!! My ultimate type, a built, stacked, scholar super stud. He had that Phd candidate look. Mid to late 20’s, bookish looking but with all that muscle! Maybe he went to grad school on Krypton?

He looked down for just a second and I forced myself to tear my eyes away from him. I finished topping off my tank, not daring to look back, and went inside to pay. As I walked back out to my car, the big muscle guy came in. Without smiling, he nodded to me and I nodded back. I was still kind of embarrassed since he’d busted me flat scoping him over. As I walked across the driveway to my car, I felt a hand on my right shoulder. I turned to look and it was him! He said “Don’t leave. I need to ask you something. Please wait here till I get back. I just need to pay for my gas.” Then he said to me very firmly, “Don’t leave! I’ll be right back.”

I was tempted to get into my car and just leave. I had no idea what this guy wanted. Hopefully he didn’t want to pound me, but, really, who knew? I guess my curiosity got the better of me and he hadn’t seemed at all threatening, but I did consider the possibility that I could be totally misreading him.

It seemed like forever but it couldn’t have been more than five minutes when he came back out, still with a very stern look on his face. He came up to me and he could tell I was nervous. He said to me, “Don’t be paranoid, dude. Hey, I caught you checking me out but it’s cool. In fact, I just got done lifting and I’m horny as a motherfucker. And I can tell you dig my body. So, I just live a couple blocks from here. If you want, why don’t we go to my place and we can both get into this muscle bod I work like a fiend to keep pumped up.”

Well, I was conflicted as hell and he could tell I didn’t really trust him. I asked him, “Why would you do that for me? I’m nothing special and you could have anybody you want. You don’t need to settle for someone like me.”

He gave me a little half smile, the first time he’d smiled at me at all and gestured with his hand at my body. “You’re obviously no spring chicken, but you’re in fantastic shape. But, to tell you the truth, you remind me of someone I knew back in high school. And the fact that my body turns you on is a major turn on for me. So I’m going back to my place and wack off, with or without you, but you might as well come along for the ride because it’ll be you I’m thinking about when I’m pounding my pud.”

So I said, “What the hell. Let’s go.”

We get into his apartment and after he closed the front door behind us, he took me into his arms, and powerful arms they were, and deep kissed me. As we tongue wrestled, his hands roamed all over my body, squeezing and massaging my muscle. I don’t really understand how he did it, but the way he massaged my upper back was like some kind of magic, like somehow he had turned the blood in my back muscles effervescent! He cooed at me “Oh fuck, have I been needing this! You are so hot!”

Me? This guy was a 20 on a scale of 10 and here he was going on and on about me! I said so. I told him he was my ultimate type, calling him “the scholar stud from planet Krypton.” To that he just answered “Oh Fuck!” as he rubbed his massive rock hard pecs against my chest. Then he kissed my fore head and said, “Let’s get our clothes off.”

Frankly, I wasn’t too keen on that. Me, an average joe with an ok build and him, a sculpted young demigod. I told him, “Look, we can both grove on your hot body. We don’t need me to take my clothes off.”

The guy pulled back from our embrace and held me by my shoulders at arm’s length as he told me, “I’m gonna undress myself first. Then I’m gonna unwrap my present, you. Your clothes are comin’ off. Deal with it.”

He didn’t just take his clothes off. He did it seductively, keeping his eyes on me. First, he shucked his t-back, crossing his arms and pulling it off in one smooth motion. His pecs were impossibly hard and heavy, criss crossed by an intricate latticework of angry, pulsing little veins. His pecs stood out so far that his inch long nipples were pointed almost straight down! I laid my right hand, end on in his cleavage and then he flexed, trapping it there. The pressure was firm but not painful. I tried to pull out but couldn’t! That’s how powerful his pecs were. He favored me with a tentative boyish smile and asked, “You like?”

I laughed and answered back with a question, “You hafta ask?”

He smiled again as he shook his head and said “No but I still like to hear it.”

“Yeah I like, I guess you could say. But that doesn’t tell the half of it! You’re, you are my ideal! You’ve got it all, muscle and brains. Sort of like you’ve arrived at the next stage of human evolution. I just wanna, well, you know…”

He smiled and prodded me. “You wanna what? Say it. Tell me what you want.”

“I wanna get down on my knees and worship your muscles and suck your cock and tongue fuck your ass.”

He didn’t smile. It was more like this look of intense passion as he told me, “Kneel! Now! And eat!”

He kicked off his shoes, pulled off his socks, his pants and his briefs and started to flex as he started off on a line of chatter, egging me on.

As I knelt before him, he told me “Make love to my feet. Start down there and work your way up my body. I want that tongue to swab every inch of me from my toes all the way up to my lips. Grove on this body…”

It reads very narcissistic, I know, but I guess you just had to be there. There was a blend of passion and playfulness in his tone. And it was all clearly done to please ME and boy howdy did he ever! As I worked my way up his legs, he flexed them for me as I tongued every ridge and cut. His quads were hard as rock only warm to the touch, and covered with a paper thin layer of supple, smooth tanned man/boy flesh. When I began to approach his crotch, he said, “Uh uh. Not just yet.” He turned around and said, “Here, check out my ass.”

I did. I pawed his glutes. They were harder than my biceps at full flex! He relaxed them and I went in to rim his sphincter. As I rimmed his bung hole, he purred like a kitten. I have a very long tongue. When I penetrated him with it, he whimpered and as I probed, he moaned contentedly until my tongue tip found the prostate. It was easy. There’s sort of a very mild “electric current” sensation as you press the tip of your tongue into that tough walnut. I had to hold onto his hips as he thrashed and bucked. Before too long, he stopped me, pulled me to my feet and deep kissed me again.

After tongue wrestling me for a good ten minutes, all the while massaging my back and giving me that tingling sensation again, he pulled away, held me by my shoulders, looked into my baby blues with his deep hazel eyes and said to me, “You are like a freakin’ drug!”

I answered, “Well, if you say so. You could be pretty habit forming yourself! You are rocking my world!”

I went back to my knees and began teasing and worrying his abs. He was kind of ticklish. He giggled and flinched. I worked my way down his abs to his crotch. He’d shaved his pubes. That was a major turn on for me. Some guys like `em hairy, I know. But the smoother the better I always say. I took first one ball, and then the other into my mouth and sucked. He smelled all jock boy sweaty. It was just incredibly intoxicating. When I went for the cock he shuddered and then grabbed the back of my head and slid his 9 inch cock all the way down my throat. When I nibbled the base of his cock with his meat all the way down my throat, he moaned, “Oh my God! Oh God!” He held my head until I needed to come up for air. As I withdrew, he didn’t resist. He easily went with my flow. I pulled out far enough to open my air passage, took several deep breaths through my nose, hyperventilating and went down on him again. We kept this up for five minutes or so until he pulled me off. “No more!” He insisted. “You’ll make me go off and no way I’m ready to cum yet.”

He pulled me to my feet and deep kissed me again and went back to his “back massage routine.” I forced myself to rise above the sensation of the moment to ask him, “How do you do that?” He smiled sweetly and asked innocently, “Do what?” I pressed and he demurred claiming, “Nobody’s ever asked me that before.” It was obvious he wasn’t going to share his secret so I just let it go.

He guided me into his bedroom and to his bed. And we lay down side by side facing one another. He traced his left index finger under my right pec as he said, “I want you to get me off however you want. But then I get to do the same for you.”

I knew exactly how I wanted to get him off but had no idea what he had in store for me. I asked, “Before I GET you off, I’d really like to satisfy myself by FEELING you up. Could we get off the bed and stand up? I can do this better if we’re on our feet.” He stood in front of his dresser mirror and I stood behind him as he put on a show for me, starting with a double bicep. I pawed his 19” biceps, squeezing the unyielding muscle, unable to make a dent in his rock hard muscle. Then my hands moved to his cantaloupe delts, again squeezing impossibly hard muscle. I went for his traps but as I did so, he giggled and flinched. He was very sensitive there. Same with his lats. I squeezed and he giggled and flinched. But the muscle was just as rock hard has his biceps and delts. From behind him I moved my hands around the front to his pecs, reaching under his arms to caress and squeeze. He bounced them for me. Now THAT was an awesome sensation. His pecs were so heavily muscled, so rock hard that it seemed impossible that they could spring to life as they did when he flexed them! I damn near blew my load right then and there! I knelt down and squeezed his glutes and damn near lost it again as he flexed them. He knew he was driving me crazy. I peered around his massive legs and he favored me with an impish grin. He was obviously enjoying this as much as I was, but he still felt the need to tell me. “If you’re not real careful,” he warned, “you’re gonna make me shoot!”

I sniggered. “Well, if you do, young buck like you oughta be able to muster the stamina to go again.”

“Yeah, but I wanna make this first shot with you something really special.”

I laughed again, “OK, I’ll go easy on you.”

I worshipped his rock solid legs and he bounced as he flexed his quads for me! Incredibly, his legs were almost disproportionately large for his upper body, as incredibly muscled as he was up top, which was just perfect in my book. So many lifters have great upper bodies but neglect to develop their legs. Clearly, my young muscle friend had NOT neglected ANY part of his magnificent, superbly sculpted body.

I climbed back onto the bed and pulled him after me and made him lie on his back. I took his cock in my left hand and proceeded to jack him, very slowly. I looked into his eyes and in answer to his unspoken question I said, “Just wait. As I continued very slowly, slowly, to jack his cock, first it stiffened and began to leak pre cum. Before long, he began to tremble. He started to reach of his cock but I slapped it away. “No! No touching your own cock!” He heaved a sigh, nodded and settled back as I continued to jack him, very, very slowly. After about five minutes of jacking as I cooed praises to him over his hot nerd muscle body, he began to tremble and thrash violently, groaning and moaning in almost painful bliss. Finally, he exploded, his first angry jet of semen slamming into the ceiling and he spewed like a geyser. After a couple of minutes and three successions of progressively diminishing ejaculations, he was spent. He continued to moan and whimper and shudder as I lightly teased his cockhead with my tongue and teeth.

We lay there for a few minutes until he sprang out of bed, pulling me with him, a wicked grin on his face. “Now it’s MY turn!” And then he hoisted me onto his shoulders like I weighed nothing at all. I settled onto his humongous traps with my crotch in his face. He looked up at me and ordered, “You just enjoy the ride. I’ll take it from here. Come to find out, his mouth and tongue were as magical on my cock and balls as his hands had been on my back! The boy put a lip lock on my “hose” and I swear to God, he freakin’ sucked like a Hoover! But that wasn’t the ? of it! I got that same “tingling” sensation as he’d given me when he was massaging my back. The only other time I’d ever felt anything like that before was when a chiropractor gave me an electronic “stim” treatment which is about like having a vibrator INSIDE your muscles. Only right then, this muscle god/sex magician was doing this to my cock and balls with his mouth! I was squirming and bucking to beat the band and damn near fell off, but he steadied me as he backed off my cock. He instructed me, “hold onto my head, tight Grab onto my hair if you have to. Don’t be afraid to ram your cock down my throat. And when you do, make sure you do it hard and mean, like you freakin’ OWN me!”

I looked down at him quizzically. “But your breathing…”

“Not your problem, I got it,” he insisted. He paused, looking up at me. “Believe me.” He paused again. “I want your seed. You’ve got no idea how long I’ve waited for this. And when I saw you at the Chevron station, it was all I could do to keep myself from jumping your bones right on the spot! That’s why I looked down like I did after I first saw you checking me out! Dude, that was about like waving a red cape in front of a charging bull! Now I want you to fuckin’RAPE my head. Do NOT hold back!”

So who was I to argue with this muscle Adonis? I did as instructed and rammed my dick down his throat with unbridled gusto as he continued to do that “stim magic” thing he did with his mouth. He alternated among sucking and growling and purring, only to be more accurate, it seemed like he was doing all three at the same time. And it wasn’t long before I was right on the edge of exploding. He could sense that I was close and immediately shifted his suction from my cock to my balls. He sucked so hard that it almost hurt as he pulled me back from the edge. He kept this up for, I’m not really sure, maybe somewhere between half to three quarters of an hour, all the while with my 180 pounds on his shoulders! He showed no sign of tiring as he continued edging me between the brink of orgasm and the threshold of almost but not quite pain. Until finally, nature could no longer be denied and I tumbled over the edge into an abyss of bliss. He sucked down most of my ejaculate. Then, with little apparent exertion, he lifted me off his shoulders, setting me down on my feet in front of him.

Then he pressed into me, deep kissing me as he fed part of my seed back to me. After a few minutes of that, he pulled me into his bed as he said, I just know you’re not the kinda guy who gets off on post coital cuddling, so we’re gonna compromise. Before I let you go I’m gonna give you the best back massage you’ve ever had in your entire life and then feed you a real nice lunch.

And then he did! He gave me the most wonderful, relaxing, soothing, sensuous massage I’ve ever had. And then he rustled up some kind of spicy, delicious Thai dish with sticky rice and mango for dessert, all professionally prepared and plated like a first class restaurant.

Before he let me go, he took me into his arms, deep kissed me, held me by my shoulders at arm’s length as he said, “I can’t thank you enough for coming home with me today. You are the spitting image of this guy I went to high school with. I was nerdy and kind of rolly polly fat back them but I hadda crush on him. He didn’t even know I was alive. When I saw you today, it was like he had come back into my life! And then when I caught you checking me out, like you were attracted to me! Well, like I said, it was all I could do to keep my hands off you.”

I was curious. “So, what ever happened to the real thing?”

He laughed. “Well, we had a five year high school reunion. He’s married now, bald, fat and a couple of kids. So it turns out that for me, anyway, now YOU are the real thing and the realization of a fantasy I’ve had since I was back in high school. And I’ll remember our time together for the rest of my life.” We embraced and kissed again and then I left.

I never saw him again. I never even got his name nor he mine. I have been with my partner for over thirty years. No way I would ever give him up for someone thirty years younger than me. And going with this guy again would’ve been about like taking heroine. Nothing good could ever have come from it. It just never could’ve worked out. A relationship that starts off with one of us ditching a lifelong partner? I don’t think so! It would’ve been only a matter of time before he did the same to me.

But we’d each had an “itch” and we’d scratched it for each other. And it was one helluva fantastic one-time fling!

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Thank you so much. To put so much hot stuff in a story then have the character realize what is really important at the end of it. And realize the truth about those kind of "One time affairs". The guys partner is a lucky man. At least that's the feeling I get off of this great little story. Keep Writing, Man. It's all good.

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