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Old March 11th, 2009, 11:44 AM
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Brad The Beast - Part 1

Hey Guys, Yes its Soccerstud but I have changed my username.. Again. I never did like soccerstud because even though I played soccer... it just didn't fit with my stories. So this is my new username, named after the amazing artist TeenMuscleGod! Because most My stories are about Huge High School Muscle Boys getting bigger, so I figured this is perfect. I swear on my life I will never change my username again, and I will be slowly transferring stories over to this username... Very Slowly so I don't take over the forum.

Thanks For Understanding

Brad the Beast - Part 1
"Just The Beginning"

“Awe Fuck yeah”

Brad dropped his duffel bag and stood there with his feet spread apart and arms swollen from his chest, grinning at his own massive reflection. The threads of his Red XXXL T-shirt snapped and groaned with every breath he took, and seemed impossibly tighter then this morning. You could see the outline of every muscle on his gigantic torso along with a few sprouts of his dark chest hair that had snaked through the fabric. The extra baggy jeans were filled to the brink of destruction with muscle, and obscenely showed off the outline his monstrous manhood and lemon sized testicles. He palmed his growing denim bulge and snickered, knowing the day had finally arrived. The day when his muscles would become so freakin huge that even the largest clothes at the department store would simply shred to pieces from a simple flex. Marking the transition into the stage where he would no longer resemble a bodybuilder or even a man… but instead a full-fledged muscle freak! And now he stood there at just the early age of 17 ready to make that transition, ready to become the thing he had always desired.. He didn’t know where to start wanting to take such care and pride on this momentous occasion, relish every moment. He stood there for a while then instinctively slowly raised his arms up colossal arms. The threads Snapped and Cracked even more, Bradley couldn’t help but lightly snicker never feeling so unbelievably powerful and strong. His cock started to swell up in his jeans, he could feel his briefs start to dig into his ass crack. He paused for a moment to relish on what was actually happening. No more department stores, no more socializing, no more living what everyone calls a normal life. Everything from this moment on had to be working towards the development and growth of his muscles and become the thing everyone had begun to call him at school! A Beast! A Huge Muscle Beast that lives, breathes, and thinks about only the growth and power of his muscles. He couldn’t take it any longer... he had waited 6 long years for this to happen. He suddenly raised his arms up and placed his hand’s on the back of his neck hearing a loud RRRIIIPP


He groaned watching his biceps explode through the fabric, all 22 inches of them. He crunched his abs down and flexed his arms as hard as he could, unloading a huge warm load of cum into his jeans. He looked like a fucking animal with patches of hair flaring out from the bottom, top, and ripped sleeves of his shirt. His 8 pack was pumped already and his pecs were heaved up so tight against the shirt it started to look transparent. He took a deep breath and flexed his pecs with loud groan watching the left one Tear through the fabric

“UHH God Look At Me….Fuckin 340 Pounds of MUSCLE!”

Bradley hit a most muscular pose feeling the shirt rip half way up his spine unleashing even more of his body. With a red face and clenched teeth he snarled and grunted, like the animal he was becoming, flexing his back over and over until the remainder of the shirt was shredded to pieces. He watched the remaining fabric dangle lifelessly around his mammoth traps, remembering how perfectly it fit just a few weeks ago. 40 pounds of muscle in just a couple of week, Bradley laughed at the very idea and ripped the remaining fabric to the floor hitting another massive pose. He couldn’t believe how fast he was growing, how fucking massive he was becoming. He was bigger then big, no one at his school could even compete with his size. At 6”5 and over 2 feet wide he could have ripped anyone to shreds with his bare hands. He flexed his pecs and abs again watching his cock suddenly snap open the zipper


He creamed simultaneously as his cock stretched outward through the broken zipper hole heaving out bigger and longer, pumping loads of hot cum. He flexed his enormous biceps again and drooled just looking at there throbbing size and power! Completely intoxicated he couldn’t help but slowly start to lick each one, smelling his manly stench. He let out a light moan with what little high voice he had beginning to slobber like a dog as he licked and cleaned every inch of them, kissing and making out with his own muscles. The obsession that he had with his own body was almost unhealthy, he could barley get it up for anyone but himself. No other man had the masculinity, the muscles, the sheer dominance he had. His mind started to wonder again to the one thing he though about day and night which was the idea of growing bigger, thicker, and stronger! Imagining what it would be like to have two, three, even four times the amount of muscle he currently had, his desire for size was insatiable! He didn't wanna wait any longer, it was time he completed his transformation! He started to focus on the growth of his muscles, licking and worshipping his body faster and faster feeling it already began to happen. It was even easier then before, he could already feel the power pump through his veins. He let out a snicker imagining everyone's face knowing they already thought he was to big, imagining the power he'll soon pozess. He closed his eyes and continued to focus harder and harder feeling it began to happen again, feeling the muscle's on his body began to twitch and tingle. His cock suddenly throbbed ripping through the poor white briefs unleashing all 12 INCHES of his giant manhood, sending a torrent of cum towards the mirror. He started to laugh hysterically from the sheer bliss as his jeans and briefs began to get tighter, practically digging into his ass. The feeling of his own weight was increasing against his feet, and his biceps were undeniably growing against his tongue. His jeans became painfully tight before he heard a loud SNAP as his left leg burst through his jeans


SNAP his other leg burst through


He opened his eye's to see his monstrous figure in the reflection with his cock boning out of his jeans, and pumping wads of cum onto the floor and mirror. Shit he was already a freak, and he wasn't even done, not even close! He began to flex his legs as hard as he could watching more of the fabric tear from his immense size, feeling so unbelievably powerful and strong. Next he squatted down while flexing his entire body letting out a roar of power watching the rest of his hairy tree trunk legs burst out of the fabric from another surge of growth. There size was beyond anything most people could imagine and covered in some of the biggest veins he had ever seen, cut to perfect with gigantic muscles and coated in dark hair. He flexed them over and over feeling the muscles push up against each other, spreading his feet further and further away from each other across the cold cement floor. He knew it was only a matter of time before he would have problems walking, and he knew running would out of the question by the time this was over. He grinned and made one final squat sending his ass cheeks shredding through the denim, fallowed by a another loud SNAP as his wide waist exploded the rest of the jeans off his body. They fell to the floor into the puddle of cum leaving him in just a tortured pair of briefs and looking even bigger then just a few minutes ago.

"And Now for the Grand Finale.."

He grinned and then clenched his fist flexing his entire body, holding the pose until he started to shake and become covered in veins. He could already see himself began to expand in every direction never feeling such strain and pain on his body, but he knew he couldn't stop. He gritted his teeth and snarled forcing himself to hold the pose grunting louder and louder knowing he had to flex out of those skimpy white briefs, growing more then he ever had before! Shaking violently and looking freakier then ever he soon felt his weight start to increase faster, feeling the briefs become tighter and tighter. The poor tortured fabric snapped and strained sliding up his thighs as they grew impossibly bigger. His already giant ass cheeks heaved out and swelled with even more muscle making the briefs dig further into his ass crack, the feeling felt unbelievably good like someone taunting you with a huge cock against your ass. He watched his abs get denser creating probably the hardest and thickest 8 pack anyone had ever seen and his obliques made him look like a muscle freak in a comic. He looked down to watch his pecs heave outward watching his nipples get pushed down even further, seeing the fur on his chest become even thicker. His traps were swelling, his arms were growing, his back was widening and yet his briefs still weren't snapping. Brad became furious and slammed his foot down cracking the cement below him hearing the first RIIIIPPP!!


Brad hit one colossal pose and roared feeling a massive surge of his muscles watching the briefs explode from his body fallowed by his monstrous cock unleashing a river of cum towards his reflection from the incredible orgasm of power. He stood there for almost a full 5 minutes stroking his cock and unloading stream after stream of cum onto the floor and mirror. The collected mounds of cum into his hand slurping it up like an animal, tasting its sweet nectar and drinking as much as he could. The rest from the mirror and floor he practically bathed himself in rubbing it all over his body and using it as lubricant to finger himself for one final jerk. When he approached his 4th orgasm he bent his neck down and unloaded another cup of cum directly into his mouth, self sucking his own jaw breaking cock. After full and complete satisfaction he stood up and looked in the reflection, looking upon his even bigger body. He couldn't stop grinning noticing he was a little taller and his cock had managed to become even more monstrous, his transformation went better then he could ever imagine!

"Haha...I Finally Did it.. I'm a FREAK!"

Brad hit one last pose staring at ever inch of his body with detail relishing on his size and perfection when his phone started to ring. He grunted a little and ripped open his duffel bag seeing it was his friend Kyle calling. He flipped open the phone and answered

"Supp Bro"

"Whoa Brad.. did you get a cold or something?"

He grinned knowing his voice had deepened again

"Nope I'm fine"

"Well Maybe its a bad connection. We still hanging out?"


"Cool ok I'll be at your place in 15, sound good?"

"Yeah see you then"

He tried to hit the end button but accidentally hit the 3 key at the same time, finally using his pinky to end the call. When he closed the phone he chuckled knowing it was all finally happening and that it was only going to get better! Brad's fingers were already bigger then most guys erect cocks so it was only a matter of time before he wouldn't be able to even use a normal phone. Most people would think this idea would be sick or annoying but Brad got off on every minute of his abnormality because it expressed how insanely massive he was getting. He took one final look at himself and left the garage to get ready to hang out with his best friend, one of the two people Brad would stop his working out to spend time with. As he headed into the house every step he took was like a dream come true to him. The thumping of his foot steps had become even louder, shaking the walls and windows even more of the cheaply made small house. The small gain of height that most people wouldn't notice was soaked up by Brad's Giant loving ego. But His favorite part of all was The muscles in his legs now smashed into each other as he walked, making him almost wobble. With his tall height he never thought it was going to be possible to obtain this weird fetish of his. The width of his shoulders almost touched the small hallway making him dream of the day he would no longer fit with out walking sideways. He first entered his room that he shared with his little brother and grabbed the huge clothes from under his bed that he had bought at the Big and Tall Store, just in case this day had finally come. Grinning the beast walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower, stepping on the extra weight scale watching the dial spin to a gigantic 374 pounds of muscle.

"Haha Fuck Yeah!!"

Over 30 Pounds of muscle had just been added to his body! Over 30 pounds of muscle without even lifting a single weight. Brad raised his huge hairy 23 1/2 inch arm up and laughed

"I can't wait to get bigger.."

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coolman69 (December 2nd, 2012)
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hot! when are we seeing more? :P
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Hey man,

Love your stories (if only you'd finish more of 'em! ), and fully understand the quest for the perfect username, but... maybe you wanna rethink taking over such an established name just because it's available. Sure we all see your introduction here right now, so nobody's confused yet, but unless you're planning on introducing all your posts that way from now on eventually someone's gonna see a post and think it's actually the artist himself. It's kinda like someone registering RonnieColeman or JayCutler on a bodybuilding forum, or TheHun or PFillion at an art site. It's just begging for confusion.

If you're really stoked about the name (which I guess was originally HSMusclBoy with no 'e'), could I suggest going for a slightly bigger difference, say HSMsclBoyAlex or HSMuscle1989 or HSMuscleBoy2009 or something like that. Close enough for an homage but different enough to let people know it's not a case of deliberate identity-theft. And for sure put something in your public profile (where I see now someone's already mistaken you for Matt) to clarify! I'm sure it'll save a lot of trouble down the road.

Just a thought, and either way thanks for yet another awesome chunk of story-hotness!
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Yeah Probably true.. Should have thought of that earlier though.. haha oh well, guess people will have to get used to

I'll put in my profile though that it isn't me
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When do you post part 2?

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I'm working on it when I can right now, and its actually going really good. I would say it should be posted in less then a week

I'm super glad you guys are enjoying this one the amount of views is crazy! Especially when you look at how many there were before I transfered it to this new SN.

If only all 3000+ People left a comment haha
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Ok ok...

Ok, I'll post a comment. I don't post here much, but I LOVE your stories! The way you focus on the whole outgrowing clothes is just what I love. Thanks for spending the time to write these, much appreciated.
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