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Old March 16th, 2009, 02:13 PM
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And then there were 7- Part 3

His heart still racing from the initial shock, Kyle gave Lust a scornful look. Seeming to take pleasure out of his hatred, Lust jumped down from on top of the stall and landed with the grace of a cat on the ground.

?You know Kyle, you may want to seduce your boy toys somewhere more appropriate. A grimy bathroom? Come on.?

?Hey, don?t patronize me. It was kind of a heat of the moment thing.? Kyle was really starting to not like Lust very much. Something about her cocky demeanor seemed to make him feel defensive.

?Ha! Heat of the moment huh? Well it is that kind of choice that gets you into trouble. Did you know that after you were gone for 10 minutes, your teacher sent a security guard to look for you? I had to steer him away from the bathroom personally. Hardly a job for someone as important as myself.?

Then, as if out of nowhere, an epiphany struck Kyle. What if everything that happened today, his honking large dick, abnormally high desire levels, and attractive scent was all due to Lust? Maybe she wasn?t a hallucination after all. Maybe this was the result of the deal. Feeling more at unease by the minute, Kyle suddenly remembered that he was still at school. He shifted his attention over to Chad, who was still sleeping on his side in an oblivious kind of way. Understanding that both of them needed to leave school now, Kyle started to prod Chad awake when Lust cut him short.

?Hold on there tiger. Before you leave school, there is something I need you to do for me.? Confused by her response, Kyle then remembered that she offered him these traits for his services in return.

?Now is a bad time. I need to get out of here.?

Kyle started to pick up Chad when Lust hissed, ?Stop.? Instantly, every muscle in his body went stiff, as if frozen. Lust continued, ?You forget that we had a deal Kyle. I need something done now. Besides, it?s not hard and will only cost you a couple minutes.?

She could control him?! Great. That?s the last thing he needed. He knew there was a catch to that funny deal. Understanding that Kyle had no choice in the matter, he reluctantly said, ?Fine, what do you want?? Instantly Kyle?s body went limp again as whatever freeze spell that was on him lifted.

Smiling, Lust said, ?I understand that you are good friends with a Mr. Matt Harpman. I need you to give him this.? Extending her hand, Kyle accepted the scroll she offered him. Opening it up, Kyle gasped in surprise as he realized that it was the same seal that he drew earlier yesterday afternoon. What did this drawing have to do with Matt? Or anyone for that matter?

Drifting like a wraith, Lust whispered, ?First period is about to be finished. If you want to leave now, you?ll have to catch Matt in the halls; I think he is heading to the 2nd floor. Anyway, all you need to do is give Matt that scroll and tell him that when he goes home to wipe a little of his blood on it.? At Kyle?s look of shock, Lust reaffirmed, ?Oh don?t worry. Not a lot of blood. Just a drop or two. And tell him to do it before the day is up.? Kyle was about to give a well formulated rebuttal when the period bell rang throughout the school. Temporarily distracted by the bell, Kyle didn?t even realize that in that very moment, Lust had disappeared. Looking around for her and realizing that he had just been ditched, Kyle punched the bathroom wall. This hurt. But knowing that he had to do this job, he ignored the pain in his hand, put on his clothes and walked out to the 2nd floor.

Right on cue, Kyle found Matt in 2nd floor hallway. Seeing Kyle, Matt raced across the hall to Kyle and gave him a big bear hug. Even though Matt wasn?t gay, he had an odd trait of being extremely physical. All the time. Like Chad, Matt was rather muscular and big but in a lesser sense. He was one of those guys who worked on all upper body but was rather lacking muscle under the waist. One of the best perks about him was that he never seemed to mind that Kyle was gay and was very accepting of him. Ironically, despite how nice Matt was to Kyle, he actually had a rather infamous reputation for being a bully around the school. Again, a little too physical for his own good. Still, this meeting wasn?t about Matt. It was about Lust.

?Hey man, what?s up?? Matt greeted.

Still a little disoriented with the unusual day he was having, Kyle gave a little grumble in response. Unaffected by Kyle?s gloomy demeanor, Matt was looking just as excited as always. ?Hey Kyle, did you hear about Rod and Tom?? Thinking about it, Kyle realized that those two were the other guys who sat around him during his first period class.

?Yeah, I know them. Why??

Still bursting with excitement, Matt burst out, ?Apparently they left in the middle of their first period class and our security guard caught them making out in the locker room. Who would have thought that those two were gay! Maybe you could hook up with them sometime buddy, eh??

?Shut up Matt.? Kyle said in a cocky manner. Despite the confident expression he just gave though, Kyle was really feeling petrified? again. Poor Rod and Tom must have gotten a full blast of his musk as he was sweating a storm during first period. They probably couldn?t control the lust he gave off? ?Anyway Matt, there is something I need to ask you.? And with that, Kyle conveyed the message Lust told him. He would have gone into the full story on what was going on that morning, but he was in the middle of a hallway filled with eavesdropping and gossipy teens. Handing over the scroll, Matt opened it up and seemed a little perplexed.
?Why do you want me to do that?? Matt asked.

?Look, I don?t really know why myself. Just? do it for me and I?ll call you later.? Seeming reaffirmed, Matt gave a big grin, reached around Kyle to give him a goodbye hug and headed off to class. Kyle felt bad. Matt was his best friend, and he had the nagging feeling that he just sold him out. But, did he really have a choice? Either way, he did what he was told, and now he could skip school (like he should have done in the first place) and head home with Chad.

Oh crud! Chad! He forgot that he left him naked and alone in the boy?s bathroom. Running back the way he came, Kyle burst in the bathroom, only to find Chad already awake and dressed.

?Hey Kyle. Umm? Hey, listen. I don?t really know what just happened, but I think I made a mistake. I don?t honestly think I?m gay. I don?t know what came over me. I think I?m going to leave school early? so? I guess I?ll see you later.? Kyle felt his heart drop to his stomach. Even though it was kind of wrong, Kyle really loved the sex he just had and knew that deep down Chad did too. He wasn?t going to let Chad just get away like a prize fish. Chad was about to move right around Kyle, when out of desperation he stopped him.

?Wait, your car got towed last weekend, right? Let me give you a ride home. It is the least I can do.? After thinking about it for a minute, Chad agreed and they both snuck out of school into the student parking lot.

The car ride home was awkward. Like the drive to school, Kyle?s monstrous dick was crammed between his legs and the steering wheel, making it difficult to drive. To make tension even tighter, they both rode in silence practically the whole way there. After awhile, it suddenly occurred to Chad to ask, ?So uh? how did you get your dick to be so big??

Not really sure how to answer him, Kyle responded, ?I?m not really sure myself. I guess you could say it is a perk I got in a deal.? Chad understood that Kyle wasn?t about to say anymore on the subject and let it drop. Right around that time, the car pulled into Chad?s driveway. The garage doors were closed and Kyle realized that no one was home.

The atmosphere still very awkward, Chad opened the car door and said, ?Well, uhh? thanks for the ride.? Knowing that his moment to strike was now or never, Kyle used all his will power to sweat as hard as he could. Instantly, a wall of pheromonic smell flew out of Kyle faster than even he was expecting. Upon contact with the wave of odor, Chad seemed to recoil as if hit in the face with a brick.

In that second, any regret or animosity Chad felt towards Kyle was gone. Kyle noticed that Chad had sprouted a boner. For a moment, Chad seemed at lost for words. After what seemed to be forever, Chad faced Kyle and said, ?Um? I don?t really know how to say this, but? would you like to come inside?? Kyle however, was already out of the car. He was already starting to get his own boner, and didn?t want to be stuck between the car seat and the steering wheel when it was at full mast.

Outside the car, Kyle and Chad gave each other a knowing glance. Realizing what was going to happen next, both boys raced into the house, prime and ready for round 2.

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Old March 16th, 2009, 02:17 PM
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And Then there were 7- Part 4

Kyle woke up to the sound of his cell phone. Ignoring the phone, he got up in a sluggishly trying to recall what happened last night. Oh yeah. Orgy fest with Chad. Fortunately for the two of them, Mr. and Mrs. Axes were on their anniversary vacation in the tropics and wouldn’t be home till the end of the week. It was about 12 hours of constant, hot sex. Kyle memory flashed back to the parts between intercourse that he could remember. Spraying gallons of cum all over the floor. Passionately kissing Chad for what seemed to be hours at a time. Rubbing his sexy muscles until they craved for more dick.

He looked across the bed to find a still intoxicated but very exhausted Chad sleeping on the other side. Man, he really was a heavy sleeper, but after last night, Kyle could hardly blame him. It was the beginning of spring break though, so Kyle was ready to spend lots of ‘quality time’ with Chad. Unfortunately, his cell phone started buzzing again, popping his daydreaming like a bubble. Rather annoyed, Kyle picked it up to find two text messages were left for him.

Fr. Matt:
Text 1:
Kyle, get over to my house right away. You won’t believe what is going on.
Text 2:
HURRY UP Kyle. I know you are there.

Ah double crud. He completely forgot about Matt and the scroll he that he gave him. Geeze, he was getting forgetful lately…Now in complete panic on what could have happened with Matt and the scroll, Kyle put on his sweaty bathrobe and raced out the door. It took him about 2 minutes of driving overtime to get to Matt’s house. Once he reached the door, he didn’t hesitate to open it up and walk on inside. Like Chad, Matt’s parents were both gone. Probably only at work though. Upon walking into the main hallway, Kyle called out for Matt. Kyle heard a faint rumble upstairs, as if something fell on the floor. Racing up the stairway, Kyle bolted down the upstairs hallway to Matt’s room and opened the door only to…

Run strait into a wall. Well, it wasn’t literally a wall. After all, who would put a wall right behind a doorway? No. Kyle ran strait into a wall of muscle. Keeling back in pain from smacking his face against the mass, Kyle had to do a double take to comprehend what he was looking at. He was directly facing the back of a man… no… a beast about 7 feet tall. The creature was completely naked, which exposed the solid and well defined back muscles which rippled under its skin. Realizing something ran into him, the monster turned around only to discover that his best friend was behind him.

Displaying his signature goofy smile, Muscle Monster Matt reached down and helped his friend up. At this point, Kyle was gapping like a goldfish. Reading his reaction, Matt boomed, “I know isn’t it great? I just woke up like this. Dude, check me out! I’m a muscle freak! You wouldn’t believe the… the power I feel! UGH!” Matt flexed his gargantuan biceps, which seemed to explode out of his arms. If Kyle had to guess, he supposed his biceps were about 27 inches all around. Kyle couldn’t help but notice though that while Matt’s body seemed to be huge, the only place that truly seemed to be lacking was his dick. While still larger, it looked pretty small compared to the rest of his body. Still, it didn’t take away the inevitable fact that he was a HUGE MONSER!

Out of instinctive fear, Kyle took a step back. Noticing this, Matt went on to say, “Aw, come-on Kyle, You can give your best buddy a hug.” Uh oh. But it was too late. Matt reached in for the kill and gave Kyle the biggest bear hug in history. The pain was excruciating, not to mention the fact that Matt’s pecs were suffocating him. Only when Matt heard a definite *SNAP of Kyle’s spinal cord breaking in two did he let go.

Falling limp like a dead fish, Kyle collapsed on the ground. Paralyzed and on the floor, Kyle realized that he was dying. Matt seemed to come to this same conclusion too, and started going into an all out panic. However, Kyle wouldn’t be on the ground long, for after a minute he felt his muscle fibers and his back bones moving on their own accord. After making a couple cracking and grinding noises, Kyle stood up to realize his spine was perfectly in tact again. Somehow, he had accidentally healed himself.

“Great.” Kyle thought. “I guess I’m immortal now too. As if things couldn’t get any stranger.” Now noticing that Kyle was still breathing, Matt let out an enormous sigh (literally; Kyle could feel the gust of his breath) of relief.

“Geeze Kyle. I thought I killed you for a minute there.”

Feeling a little disgruntled, Kyle retorted, “You did.”
Unsure what to make of that response, Matt’s short attention span shifted his attitude from concern to immediate excitement again. “Wow, this is so awesome, right? I mean, look at me! I’m a freaking stud. I don’t even know my own strength! And I have you to thank for that.”

Coming to attention, Kyle realized that his worse fears must have come true. “What do you mean you have me to thank for that?”

“Well, you know… you gave me the seal.” Seeing Kyle’s incredulous expression, Matt decided to elaborate a little more. “Well, uh… anyway, I went home and around 9:00 I remembered how you asked me to put a little blood on the picture, right? So I just pricked myself and let the blood sit there for a minute. And then I met him.”


“Yeah, you know. Wrath. That really huge and angry guy. Anyway he kind of just popped into my room and offered me the chance for maximum power. To be honest, I kind of thought it was just a joke, but I accepted his deal for the hell of it and the next morning... well, you know the rest.”

While self centered Matt was flexing in the background, the wheels in Kyle’s head were beginning to spin. He was beginning to put the pieces together. It would seem like putting blood on the seal summoned this person… this ‘Wrath.’ Matt must have made a deal with him just like Lust made a deal with Kyle. Wait a minute… Lust, Wrath. Those names sounded familiar; but from where? Either way, Kyle needed to fix this problem for the both of them now. And seeing that Matt wouldn’t be able to walk in public without attracting a ton of attention, it seemed that at the moment, was all up to Kyle.

“Hey Matt, listen. I’m going to run to K-Mart to see if they have any clothes that can fit you or me. Can you wait here until I come back?”

Something Kyle’s sentence made Matt stop feeling his body and think. “Wait, you mean you are going to get clothes for you too? You don’t look any different.”

Sighing and realizing that it was time Matt found out, Kyle opened up his bathrobe to reveal his sporting dick. Predictably, Matt’s mouth dropped like a rock. “That’s… that thing is… how the hell did you…”

“You know how you made a deal with Wrath? Well I made a deal with Lust. Apparently they offer different perks in order for them to get what they want.” Still while Matt was still stuttering, Kyle continued, “Like I said, I’m going to go to K-Mart. Just stay here and I’ll see if there is anything that can cover us up.” Nodding in stupidity, Matt just stood there in a trance of shock. Taking that for a ‘yes’, Kyle headed back downstairs and out to the car. He wondered if there realistically was anything that would hide his giant teenaged friend.

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fucking sexy, man

oh, how exciting looking forward to more!
just my thoughts as a writer

Things happen.
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Old March 16th, 2009, 05:00 PM
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great. i like a lot theis "sin" thing look like a very interesting thing.
I hope that Matt doesn't fall in wrath as kyle fell for lust because with taht body I wouldn't like him angry
The Internet is for PORN!
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I love that scene with Matt! I truly hope you let him grow bigger !! Awesome work!!
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Old March 16th, 2009, 07:03 PM
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awsome story can't wait to read more, I wonder what you are going to do with Gluttany and Pride
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I bet their will be a person named glutony. Good story anyway.
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Old March 17th, 2009, 02:17 PM
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The 7 Deadly Sins - an interesting idea! I'm looking forward to your plans for the others!!!
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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