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Old March 18th, 2009, 01:42 PM
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And Then there were 7- Part 5

?What do you mean you don?t have anything bigger?? Kyle was in a heated debate with the store clerk about how small the XXXL pants were.

?I?m sorry sir, but we just don?t carry anything larger than that.? Well that didn?t help Kyle very much. He already had tried on the pants in question in the changing room, and he already knew that with the test of time his dick would rip them to shreds.

?Isn't there anything else??

This last comment seemed to tick the clerk off. ?Look man, this is K-Mart. That size is just about as big as you?re going to get. Now, if you want to buy anything else, I?ll kindly ring you up.? Kindly? Yeah right. Kyle realized that he was going nowhere arguing though, so he decided to buy the pants anyway, as well as the largest clothes they had to offer for Matt. Even though the pants would do little for covering up his dick, it was better than walking around in a bathrobe. Still fuming as he left the store, Kyle?s only consoling thought was that hopefully the clothes he bought for Matt would fit him. He didn?t want to waste his trip for nothing.

The road was completely empty on his drive back to Matt?s home. The solitude and temporary alone time made Kyle feel a relaxed. The streets were completely empty, and the soothing atmosphere was absolute silence. He really needed more breaks like this. Unfortunately, his peace was shattered by a deafening explosion that came out of the convenient store he was driving by.

In panic Kyle stopped the car and looked around to find the source of the explosive noise. Something like a bomb blew a gigantic hole in the middle of the store. Hence the ?explosion noise.? Pulling over, Kyle got out of the car to see if anyone needed help. Pulling over and running in through the front door of the store, Kyle noticed what appeared to be a gang of ruffians covered in dust and sweat huddled at the in the corner of the store. They were some big men, and under normal circumstances, Kyle would have thought they were the cause of the big hole. However, it was clear that the gang wasn?t responsible for the explosion, seeing as they were shivering in the corner like a bunch of frightened squirrels.

?What the hell is going on in here?? Kyle wondered. Then he heard it. Thump. THUMP. THUMP. Slowly turning around, Kyle saw the culprit of the explosion. Looming over him was a very naked Matt. But not the same Matt he talked to this morning. His skin was flushed to a beet red color, and he had snake like veins that covered every square inch of his body. He seemed to grow quite a bit, from 7 feet tall to something around 9 feet. Every muscle in his body was tense and ridged, like it was prepared to jump forward in attack. Heaving like a bull, each enormous breath made the muscles expand and contract like giant balloons. But the scariest part was his expression of pure and definitive rage. His teeth mashed and clenched so tightly that he could probably have taken a large chomp out of a tree. His neck was thick with pumping blood, and he looked ready to kill someone. Matt was positively frightening.

Not even seeming to notice Kyle, the beast thumped right past him to where the ruffians were cowering in the corner of the room. ?He must not be in control of his body,? Kyle observed. That, or he certainly didn?t have a strong handle on his emotions.

Stopping right in front the frightened group, Matt ground his teeth and emitted a roar so powerful that Kyle could feel the wind of it from a good 20 feet away. Kyle expected them at this point for all the victims to either pass out, scream like girls, or to try and run for their lives. Instead however, in brave stupidity, one of them stood up in defiance of the beast. And then another rose. Finally, all of them stood up facing Matt as if seeking suicide.

To Kyle?s amazement, one of the gang leaders picked up a pipe and slammed it into Matt?s muscular abs. Following his lead, the other men surrounded the beast and started punching and kicking him everywhere they could reach on him. This of course had no affect on Matt, whose rock hard muscles provided more defense than a tank, and Kyle noticed his expression change from an expression of rage to one of fierce and wicked pleasure.

Kyle realized, ?He wants them to fight back.? Furthermore, he realized that the gangsters must have lost their ability to think strait. Kyle recalled how he managed to seduce Chad with his sweat. Perhaps the Matt?s roaring breath had similar effects.

After a couple minutes of taking a leisurely beating, without warning Matt slammed his fist directly into the first gangster?s chest. Kyle watched in amazement as the helpless gangster?s body shot out through the store window and went on airborne for another good 30 meters. Despite this feat of strength, the other gangsters didn?t stop pounding Matt. They truly must have been possessed after all. One by one, Matt crushed his opposition with the simplest movements. A flick, a light kick, and a couple punches later, not a single one remained standing. Not set for mercy yet though, Matt made a move to where one of the unconscious gang leaders lay on the floor, as if to finish the job he had started.

The beast reached down with his outstretched meaty hand, only to be blocked by Kyle who grabbed his wrist in a pathetic effort to stop him. Looking down at Kyle in surprise, the beast snorted at him as if to scare him away, but Kyle wouldn?t budge. Knowing what he needed to do next to protect himself from the inevitable beating that was about to come next, Kyle let loose his musk. Like an intense odor, the smell reached the beast?s nostrils and had instant effect on him. In surprise, Matt looked down on his body to see that within seconds his cock had grown hard. Matt's expression turned into one of conflict and confusion. The desire for livid rage was being combated with the lust Kyle was drilling into him.

Finally, in order to tip the balance in lust?s favor, Kyle took of his bathrobe, turned around, and offered his butt up to Matt. At that point, Matt couldn?t take it anymore. In a swift movement he leapt up on top of Kyle, tackling him on the ground in the process, and positioned himself over him.

Kyle closed his eyes, understanding what was going to happen next. He assumed that getting ass raped by a man twice his size was going to be excruciatingly painful. However, when Matt shoved his meat down his ass, Kyle couldn?t feel any pain. Kyle felt his body adapt and expand to the abnormal size of Matt?s cock, like Chad did earlier that day. It actually felt pretty good.

Like an animal, Matt started humping in fast, rhythmic thrusts. The sensation felt unreal to Kyle. It was like being fused together with a mountain. He could feel all the power and might that Matt had, as if through some odd connection. Yeah? it felt good. Matt?s animalistic and primitive grunts grew deeper with each lunge. Then, Kyle could feel Matt?s thrusting cock start to pulsate slowly. He realized that Matt was about to cum inside him. Bracing himself, Kyle bit down on his lower lip to keep from crying out. Then it gushed out. Gushed. Kyle felt like a water balloon being filled up to the brim. On top of him, Matt howled like the beast he, jerking and twitching as his juice was pumping out of him.

Finally, after the orgasm subsided, Matt began to relax. His skin slowly returned to its regular color, and his veins slithered back into his muscles. His muscles contorted and withdrew back into their original sizes so that he was about 7 feet tall again. Exhausted by the orgasm, Matt collapsed on top of Kyle. He didn?t even take his dick out of him. Stuck under a mountain of muscle, Kyle tried to wriggle out from under Matt, but the dick stuck in his back pinned him to the ground. After about 5 minutes of being trapped, Matt slowly began to stir and realizing his position, got up off the ground.

Glad he could breathe again; Kyle got up off the ground and gave a ?what the hell was that? look at Matt.

Looking ashamed, Matt stuttered, ?I?ll just? meet you back at the house.? And then running (still naked), Matt left the store and disappeared into the brush in the general direction of his house. Staring around at the wreckage that Monster Matt left in the convenient store, Kyle final figured out, ?Huh, so that?s why they call it Wrath.?

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More???? PLEASE?????
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OH, YEAH! Let's have some more f*****ng growin' and gaining and gangbanging like this.
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