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Old September 6th, 2004, 11:16 AM
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Another Superman Special

When Omelissokomos and I posted our last joint venture ("Superman Caves In"), one of the suggestions was that they'd like to see what happened if the Man of Steel was somehow made more studly. Well, of course you know that got O and I both, here we are!

All characters represented are the property of DC Comics and are used here for the purposes of parody only.



?I do believe that?s everything, Mr. Kent.?

Clark looked up from his laptop as the burly electrician approached, wiping his hands on a greasy rag.

?You?re done already??

?It?s a pretty straightforward rewiring?..then you just have to install new lights,? the electrician grunted. ?I think you?ll like these, though ? it?s the latest thing for these high-rise condos. They let you enjoy the city view at night without bumping around in the dark because you can?t see anything.?

Clark grinned?.?Excellent. That should help out the resale value, at least.?

?Sure will, and maybe some other things too,? the electrician smiled back at him, almost a leer. Clark?s brow furrowed?..where had he seen that look before?

?Well, let me write you a check ??

?No need, Mr. Kent ? Connors Electric will bill you later. I?d better grab my stuff and get out of here?.always more to do,? the electrician chuckled, as he turned and walked out towards the door.

That LAUGH, Clark thought, I?ve heard that laugh??he squinted at the electrician, just long enough to get a view of a gym-toned muscular back and butt ? before the chime of incoming mail pulled his attention back to his laptop.


?Great Krypton, what a trip,? Clark groaned, setting his suitcase down by the door with a thump. ?Next time, if I?m not flying myself, I?m getting the Planet to pay for first class.?

He pulled off his suit coat and tie, loosening his shirt??then, with a sigh, unbuttoning it, the yellow and red S appearing as his powerful muscles flexed under the blue Kryptonian fabric. He grimaced as the spots of debris left over from covering ? and helping clean up ? the leftovers from Hurricanes Charley and Frances fell to the floor, little spots of sand and palmetto leaves. Without thinking, he reached up for the switch??and his jaw dropped as the new lights came up.

?Wow,? Clark gasped, as he looked up?.a soft beige glow bathing the walls, highlighting the exotic modern artwork, dropping back over the couch?.but the beautiful view of Metropolis outside the window not diminished one bit?..a sparkling juxtaposition of lights and colors. ?He wasn?t kidding about being able to see the city view!?

He walked over to the couch, shedding his pants, red boots padding on the tile?..then lowered himself gently, almost floating onto it. He stared up at the bulbs?..marveling at how the light was so intense, but soft at the same time??and its sandy color. Clark frowned as he tried to peer into the molecular structure of the glass, only to have his X-ray vision diffuse?.but he sighed as the warm glow surrounded him?..settling back on the couch, Superman passed into dreamless sleep.

Superman swore under his breath in Kryptonese as he lifted off from the roof of the Planet building, his skin itching under his costume, his muscles knotting and cramping. I must have been exposed to something down in Florida, he thought, whipping down the concrete canyons of Metropolis, heading as fast as he dared out to the harbor front?..ever since I got back, I?ve been sore?..feeling edgy, strange?..and I?ve been sleeping five times as much as usual. Tuning in on the sound of commotion, he dove from the sky like a falling arrow, braking hard and landing with a thud next to a line of police cars.

The head of the Metropolis SWAT team hailed him?. ?Superman? Sleeperhold?.when they went to sedate him this morning, he??

?Thank you Officer, I?ll handle it,? Superman said curtly, striding quickly, almost angrily towards the building. Sleeperhold was a former pro wrestler who had accidentally been given radiation-laced steroids ? superhumanly strong, but by no means swift. Why can?t these idiots handle anything themselves, he thought??shaking his head?.focus, Clark, focus!

He came around the corner??and saw Sleeperhold?..back to him?..the tight wrestling singlet he wore stretched over his powerful, flexing glutes?.Superman?s vision suddenly doubled?..he staggered?..what?.gotta??without thinking, he launched himself blindly at Sleeperhold??hitting him with a thud, his powerful arms wrapping around him and squeezing??unnnggghh?..rrrrgggghh? NNNGGGGGHHHH?..feeling his muscles pulse? so strong??so much?..

Sleeperhold roared, the sound sending a pulse through Superman?s groin?..his grip lessened for just a second in surprise?.and with a mighty heave, Sleeperhold flipped Superman over onto his back, massive biceps moving to pin Superman?s lycra-clad arms to the cracked concrete. Superman?s mind clouded suddenly, feeling the flesh against flesh, the enormous power as Sleeperhold?s triceps pulsed?..and with horror, Superman saw the bulge at the front of his red briefs starting to rise?.inflating grotesquely?..

?Ahhhh?.UNNNHHH?.YESSSS!? Superman screamed, forcing his arms up, newfound strength flooding through him. Sleeperhold?s eyes widened as Superman, growling savagely, tripped him over onto his back??..Superman?s knees slamming down onto Sleeperhold?s elbows, thrusting his red briefs forward??only to stop, mouth agape?.as he sees the thick hair sprouting, protruding?.from the top of his red briefs?..his collar?..he exhales in surprise and feels the seam at the back of his costume part open with a groan?..?What?..what?s happening?..gotta?.GO!?

Superman soared off into the sky, through the ceiling of the warehouse, barely feeling the impact?..his entire body tingling, the blood pounding in his head?.gasping as his muscles cramp, the popping of seams audible all over his costume. ?Something?.someone?..did this to me?? He strains his mind, trying to think?.?that factory I cleaned up?.Lexcorp?.LEX did this!? In rage, he spins, rips opening up in his tights as his quads flex, thick dark hair poking out??.flying straight as a missile for the slender spire of the Lexcorp Tower.

?Look, don?t argue with me? OWE me for your job as it is. I want that abatement, and you?re going to get it for me?..That?s better?.yes, goodbye, Governor,? Lex Luthor thundered into the phone, slamming it to his desktop with a flourish. He punched a button??Eleanor, get me Evans in Miami ? WHAT THE HELL!!!? as a red and blue streak crashed through the penthouse window.

?Lex? did this to me,? Superman growled??Luthor?s eyes going wide as he sees Superman?s massive frame, muscles visibly throbbing under his stretched-out ?S?, tiny tears scattered across the tight fabric, tufts of hair sprouting from each one, a fiery look in his eyes.

?Superman?what?.what happened to you? You?.you usually knock??? Luthor edged back towards his desk as Superman advanced??blanching as Superman?s red boots tore open at the sides, his feet protruding, a quaver slipping into Lex?s confident voice. He composed himself?.?I don?t know what you?re talking about. I didn?t??

?SURE you didn?t, Lex,? Superman growled, his biceps rippling, slamming his hands down on Lex?s desk, the solid ebony splintering. ?Your factory?.it?.it made me like THIS???.he bounced his pecs, his costume ripping, pulling up from his waistband, exposing his tight abs?..moaning?.Luthor?s face scrunched in disgust as he saw Superman?s thick sausage cock in full relief?.

?God, Superman?.at least act DECENT?..? a strange musk suddenly permeates the room?.looking down, Luthor sees a wet spot at the top of?.ugh, Superman?s cock?..he opened his mouth?but?.couldn?t?.close it??stumbling?..moving blindly towards?.inhaling the hot man-scent, his brain fogging?..pulling off his shirt, buttons flying, rubbing desperately at the front of his slacks?.

Superman smiled, a feral smile, teeth showing fully???Oh yeah?.you love it, don?t you Lex? want a taste of this super cock?.you?..??..he shook his head?.?Great Krypton?..must?.must get out of here!?

Superman blasted out the window, Luthor?s agonized scream of desperation ringing in his ears, flying blindly towards? Planet?.gotta get there?.get out of my suit before something happens?..he moaned as his suit tore, fragments of fabric flying off, his tights peeling off his legs, pieces of red leather dropping to the ground as his boots disintegrate. ?Must?.concentrate?.can?t?.??..thoughts of Luthor?s naked body, his hard cock??NOOOOOO???.

With supreme effort, Superman managed to hold outside his office window??trying to get in?.his shoulders not fitting?.in desperation, he forced his way through, the window frame cracking?.bits of concrete and wood falling to the floor into his office. He looked down, almost crying as he saw his boots, the tops torn away by his now-massive calves, his thick musclefeet and toes poking out the front?..but his cry turning to a groan of satisfaction as he sees his bare legs, covered in thick rippling muscle, cords of power wrapped around and over?.so strong?.so?NO?.must cover up!

Superman tore open the door of his office closet, the hinges popping and screaming as they flew off the wall?.must?.must get a shirt on?..he reached out, grabbed his dress shirt??yanked it on??screaming in frustration as the sleeves tore open on his massive forearms?..frantically trying to pull it together, buttons flying off as he fumbled?..tearing, shredding the fabric in pure frustration. He grabbed his extra slacks, punching the wall in frustration as the seams popped going over his knees?.his shoes tearing apart as he tried to force his feet into them?.

?Clark? Is there something wrong??

Superman froze?..Great Krypton, no, not Jimmy?.?I?I?m fine, Jim?.I just?.? A crash echoed through the room as the damaged closet door fell off the office couch where it had landed??

?Ohmigod?.Clark, I?m coming in!? The door swung open, Jimmy rushing in, ?Are you? his voice trailing off as he sees the hulking form crouched in the closet?.glasses askew on its nose?.a thick five o?clock shadow on its cheeks?.

?Clark?.what happened?..? and Jimmy gasped as he saw the big stretched out S on..?Superman?Clark?!?

?Jimmy, it?s not what it looks like?.?Clark moaned, fighting to keep control?..?I can explain?I?.I?I?m not Superman???losing it?.can?t?.fight?.any more?.?I?m not Superman?..I?m SuperSTUD!? He raised his arms into a biceps pose?..flexes?.with a GGRRRRRAAAANNGGGK, his sleeves rip apart, peeling off his arms, cape dropping to the floor?..his costume top tore into a blue wife-beater, split at the bottom?..tight red briefs bulged obscenely?..

Jimmy?s eyes widened?.backing away as Superstud advanced on him, grinning wickedly, a thick musk filling the air as Superstud?s cock jerked in his briefs??Clark?.Superman?what?.what are you?.p-please don?t?.? He gasped as he caught the first wave of the man musk?.his knees going weak?..his little cock popping fully erect, tenting the front of his pants?..

?Don?t fight it, Jimmy,? growled Superstud, his massive muscles tensing, contracting as he strode arrogantly towards Jimmy, who had collapsed to his knees. ?You can?t resist my Superstud musk?..and soon you?re going to be my little gayboy. You know you want it?.this big fat supercock??

?Superman?.no?p-please?.I?? Jimmy protested, his voice growing more fogged??I?.I must?.SUCK?.? With a moan of ecstasy, he pulled down the tight red briefs?..the gigantic Superstud cock leaping out??like a man possessed, he clamped down on it, sucking with all his breath. Superstud roared, throwing his head back, his hips thrusting, shoving??balls quivering?.the windows shattering as he came, Jimmy choking and spluttering as the supercum floods down his throat. Jimmy fell off Superstud?s cock, his eyes going glassy??as Superstud flexed, moaning, feeling over his massive body, his superstud cock erect again.

Maniacal laughter pierced through the room?.?Perfect?PERFECT!?

Superman whirled?.?YOU!? he yelled, seeing a familiar blue and red clad form outside the window?..?The Eradicator!?

?Very good, Kal-El,? the being chuckled. ?Perhaps you didn?t recognize me before?? Superman screamed in anger as he saw its features shift into??.the electrician!

?YOU did this to me! You??

?Rewired the lights in your apartment? mimic the actions of the moons of Krypton, whose strange radiations trigger the long-dormant mating instincts in Kryptonians. Your expression of it is?.interesting?..but it will do,? the Eradicator laughed.

With a howl, Superman leaped out the window, flying at the Eradicator?..who nonchalantly raised a hand??and the Eradicator?s costume evaporated?..revealing hot sexy muscles flexing, thick powerful legs?.and a throbbing cucumber standing erect at his groin. Superman slammed on his brakes?..hovering in midair?.?N-no?.what am I doing?..I can?t??

?But you MUST, Superstud,? the Eradicator taunted. ?Your instincts made you this? can?t resist. Look at those hard muscles? love feeling that power, don?t you? So hot, so muscular, so sexy, so horny now?..ready to fuck with that mighty supercock, aren?t you? Ready to take advantage of those men and give them some supercum??

?No? have you done this?.?

?Very simple, Superstud,? the Eradicator laughed, a horrible chuckle in its deep voice. ?I have not given up my plan to recreate Krypton?..and this is merely the first link. Look at what your supercum is doing already?.?

Superstud turned back around?.?J-JIMMY!? he gasped?..seeing Jimmy Olsen?s clothes hanging off him in rags as his body exploded with new muscle and power?..his thick prick tearing through the front of his pants?.

?That?s right, Superstud?..your Kryptonian cum is changing him into a hybrid being?.who will wake up with an insatiable urge to mate, to fuck??and the first female he sees will get pregnant,? the Eradicator smiled. ?Think of what will happen when you?ve fucked and been sucked by a few thousand more men?..Krypton repopulated, bit by bit!?

?You?.you can?t?.n-no?.Jimmy,? Superstud moaned?..his mind a raging conflict?..torn by desire for the hot form he saw before him and horror?the Eradicator swooped in behind him?..arms tightening around him. ?You can?t stop it, Superman?.it is your DESTINY? KNOW you want it!?

With a loud scream, Superman ceased to exist?.and the age of Superstud began.
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Old September 6th, 2004, 11:30 AM
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The Superstud drawing can be found in the Superman picture thread. (Registration required.)
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Old September 6th, 2004, 09:36 PM
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Love the pic!
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Old September 7th, 2004, 04:39 PM
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I totally agree----more PLEASE!!!! great story,thanks!!!!
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