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A Thousand Wishes A Thousand Dreams Part Two

A Thousand Wishes A Thousand Dreams Part Two

I had no idea how long I slept for, I just knew that when I awoke, I was refreshed, but more importantly I was still cradled in Kip's arms like a child.

"Well hello've been out for so long I was getting worried about you."

"What time is it?" I asked groggily.

"It's just after 5pm. You must be starved...let me make you something to eat. I'll make you a nice salad."

Kip stood up, still holding me in those huge powerful arms. He turned to bend down and sat me back on the chair. When I looked forward all I could make out was that huge crotch of his with that anaconda of a cock down the side of his pants. "5....that's all? I thought I was out longer than that."

"It's 5 pm Thursday silly! You slept all throughout the day and night." Kip said with a humorous laugh as he walked away.

And walk away he did....his ass looked amazing in those pants that were about to burst like a damn any second now for containing his muscled butt. My eyes looked upwards and I didn't know if it was the effects from the accident or what but his shoulders barely fit through the doorway leading into my kitchen. I had no clue what was going on, but Kip seemed different to me and I couldn't figure out what it was. I thought maybe that he had a day old scruffy beard that seemed to bring out his eyes and make him appear more of a mountain stud or the way his body filled out his clothes tighter than I remembered.

" the way, I got your stuff from your job that they wouldn't let you get yesterday." Kip yelled from the kitchen

"How did you get that and when did you get it?" I asked Kip.

"I went jogging last night and stopped by....the night security guard was...shall I say...quite accommodating with my request." Kip gave me that cocky sexy laugh of his as he came back in the room.

"Thank you...this looks amazing." Kip had a plate with an awesome looking salad of fresh greens, vegetables, shrimp and some kind of dressing that tasted out of this world. "Umm....I do have a question for you? I never told you where I worked. How did you know where to go?" Damn this looked so good and the presentation was out of this world. Yes, I thought; he knows how to cook and one of my favorites too.

Kip seemed puzzled for a moment and actually at a loss for words. He fumbled for a few moments and placed his index finger near his mouth like he was trying to think of something to say. "I saw one of your old pay stubs on your dresser in your bedroom. When you were sleeping I just checked out your apartment. Sorry if you feel like I intruded."

"Oh.....thank you I guess. That was very sweet of you to do that. Can you drive me over there so I can get my car?" I knew I was in no condition to drive, but just the thought of my car being there left alone was making my blood boil.

"Yea...about your can I put this so you won't get angry with me.....I...umm...I'll buy you a new car in a few days when you're fully recovered. You know, new life equals new car!" He seemed too energetic in his words almost like he wanted to jump up and down.

I jumped out of my chair at those words, but immediately fell back down when I placed pressure on my hurt like hell still. "What happened to my car? I just bought it last year? Did that fucker Kent trash my car?" I was angry and upset.....I still had four years of payments left on it.

"Don't worry about your car. I said I'll buy you a new one. You'll learn that money is no object to'll like me...I'm what you call rich. Remember when I just said I went for a jog last night? Well....I remember you saying that you left everything at your job and they wouldn't let you get"

I sat there in pain, mesmerized by his words and his muscles, but even in my hurt state I knew that I never told him all those least I didn't recall saying them.

"So....I arrived there and I talked to the security guard into giving me your stuff....well...talked isn't exactly see he wasn't paying attention, so I kind of knocked him unconscious and found your desk."

"YOU WHAT?" I was shocked by this, but also intrigued.

"It's amazing what happens when you take some big biceps like mine and sneak up on a guy and wrap his head in them until he passes out." Kip walked toward me...he looked huge. "I can demonstrate on you if you want me to." Kip smiled at me and bounced his mammoth pecs (they seemed much larger than I remember from yesterday) "You'll be out before you know it."

"No, that's ok...I'll take your word on that." I wanted to feel those huge arms around me and to have Kip play with me at will, but I was in to much of a hurt state and I still knew very little about this giant of a man who was in my home and seemed to know a lot about me.

"So I got your things and then went to find you car in the parking lot....and when I opened the kind of came off at the hinges." Kip bit his lower lip and put his head down like a little kid who just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. "So I got in the car and when I pushed the seat back....cause I'm a bit taller than you, I broke the seat by accident." Kip placed his massive bear paw like sized hands in front of his face like I was going to hit him. "Then when I went to step on the brake, I kind of put my foot through the floor and onto the're car was kind of like a Flintstone car."

"Jesus Christ that's going to cost me a fortune to fix." I was upset and angry because I had no savings and no job and now no car to even find a job. But I was also intrigued at what he did to my car. Was this guy some muscle beast? I hoped so!

"That's not the worst...oh you're going to be so mad at me!" Kip now stood behind me....his presence was large and looming. I felt his aura of a male body full of muscles filling up the room. "So I turned the steering wheel and kind of ripped it off the wheel base thingy. I was so mad at myself that I wanted to get out of the car and when I got up I accidentally jammed my shoulder on the door frame and my foot got stuck in the hole where the gas pedal was and I tore part of the roof off."

"Oh my God." was all that I could utter. Even in my hurt state, my cock was not injured as I was picturing this beast of a man tearing my car apart.

"Well I was so mad at myself that I took my fist and pounded the hood of the car and I think I hit it to hard because the engine fell out of the block and the front two tires exploded from the pressure."

"Kip, there is no way you could have done that! Do you know the kind of muscle power that would have taken?" I tried to stand up again, but I left the hand of Kip on my shoulder pushing me gently down. I glanced over to look at his fingers and I couldn't believe the size of them. The only thing that I could compare them to would be a cross between a banana and a full size carrot. They were huge!

Kip leaned over me and whispered in my ear. "Do you have any idea how much muscle power I have?" He stood back up but he left his hand on my shoulder and pressed down, pinning me to the chair.

"So there I was, all upset over trashing your car like that.....but don't worry, I'll buy you a new one just as soon as you're ready."

"Kip that is nice of you, but you don't have to. Cars aren't cheap; I'll just file a claim with my insurance company in the morning."

"Yea....I don't think they'll cover see....I was so mad at myself and the car that I kind of got carried away." Kip walked away and went behind the sofa. "You see Gary...I kind of brought you a nice conversation piece for your apartment.....this is what's left of your car. Don't worry about any glass or oil....I shook all that out when I carried it back here...I mean ran with it back here under my arm."

In Kip's hand was a mangled mess of metal that was the size of an average end table. Pieces of chrome were sticking out and intermixed with various metal pieces. My beautiful navy blue car was just a crumpled piece of metal. I only knew it was mine because I could make out most of the license plate.

" did you do this? Oh I know...this is all a practical took the car to a junk yard and had them crush it.

"Nope" said Kip as he shook his heads from side to side. "Watch this!"

Kip grabbed the mass of metal in his hands and brought it up to his chest with apparently no effort from what I could see. He wrapped those huge hands of his around the remnants of my car and started to squeeze. It resembled something like a bear hug as he fained a few groans. Within a few seconds, the car started to bend inwards. I imagined that if it was a human being, the ribcage would have been crushed and the spine would have snapped by now. Kip just kept staring at me directly in the eyes, making sure I was watching him, neither one of us saying a word.

My cock started stirring and pressing against my pants and my skin was all tingly as I watched him further reduce the size of my mid-sized car into a smaller ball of metal. I wanted to yell to Kip to remove his shirt so I could see his muscles in action, but this action was leaving me speechless.

The metal crunched against itself as it was now bent totally in half with only a few inches keeping it together in the middle. Kip gently set the mangled metal down on the floor. With his right foot, he stepped on the top piece further crushing it smaller under the weight of his feet. He then stomped on it with his left foot crushing it again. With one hand, Kip picked up the car that was now the size of large beach ball and pressed it between both of his hands. "You're going cream over this! Just watch!"

Kip pressed both of his hands together like in a most muscular pose....but I couldn't see his muscles through his damn clothes! He started to press them together and the steel had no choice but to conform to his wishes. Kip kept pressing the car tighter and tighter as he rung his hands back and forth in a ball motion. Sparks flew in every direction

"So now do you believe that I'm strong?" Kip said as he held what was left of the car in one hand....I couldn't believe that it was now the size of a basketball! "I would say let's play catch, but this thing probably still weighs about a ton....hey, at least I have a dumb bell to work out with now."

"Kip, this is all funny and stuff, but it's a cool magic trick. Tell me how you did it?" I stood up, but this time I braced myself on the chair. I lifted my leg up and hobbled over to where he was standing.

This was the first time since I first met him that we stood eye to eye...I mean, eye to chest. I shook my head in disbelief over his size. I did not remember him being so tall or huge!

"This is no magic trick my little friend....just pure muscle power." Kip set the ball of my car on the floor.

I squatted down the best I could and pressed against the didn't move. I pressed harder and it still didn't move...I bent a little further and I started to lose my balance. Just before I was going to topple over, I felt the huge hand of Kip's press against my stomach and lift me up. I couldn't believe it....I was dangling in the air balancing on the palm of his hand like it was nothing to him. I tried to struggle a bit but before I could escape I felt his other hand on the small of my back locking me in place.

"Now I'll have none of that young stay put right here."

"Kip; put me down...come on this isn't funny!" I screamed at him

Through a laugh filled voice he replied. "Yes it is I'm getting a great view of your ass here....I'm just trying to figure out how I'm going to fit my huge, thick, juicy, meaty cock shoved in your ass someday...that's if you will let me...when we come to it...."

Those words were all I needed to hear from his cock jumped to attention and I got goose pimples all over my body filled with excitement.

"If I let you down, are you going to behave?"

"Yes Kip....please let me down." I was laughing, crying, excited and scared all at the same time. What was this man, giant or God capable of I thought.

Instead of setting me down on the floor, Kip turned his hands around so I was now facing him. The pressure of his hands was just enough to make it uncomfortable, but safe. He took his hand away from my stomach and pressed me into his amazing body. My crotch hit his abs (I felt thick chiseled ab muscles) my stomach titled against his chest (it was huge and shelf like. I could have sworn that his nipples were piercing or jabbing me) and my hands rested on his shoulders. I looked down at his shoulders and was amazed at how wide they were. I saw his traps nearly tearing away at his shirt and his deltoids sticking up and out. I grasped onto his shoulders and squeezed but was met with resistance of pure muscle. I started to pound away at his shoulders, but either he didn't feel a thing due to all that muscle or he was ignoring me.

"Kip, come on....this isn't funny anymore...let me down! PLEASE!!!!" I begged of him.

"Don't you enjoy this Gary? I's not like you weigh're a lightweight." Kip just stood there, not moving....holding me.

Now I never thought of myself as a lightweight. I mean I'm 5'6" tall and weigh anywhere from 175-180 pounds. I'm somewhat in shape for my age, but I would NEVER take my shirt off in public if you know what I mean. So for him to call me a lightweight I guess was a compliment.

"Kip....ok...ok're strong.....but I can't I see your muscles?"

"Gary my friend....I would love to show off for you, but I don't think you could take it....I really...really have a lot of muscles. I know you like muscles...I saw all those magazines in your bedroom, but those guys are pencils compared to me. I don't know if you could handle the real thing."

"Make a bet on that Kip? Come one....I can control myself....let me see."

With that, Kip gently set me down on the floor....finally. He walked over to that big black leather bag of his and looked inside. "Do you want me to wear one of those tiny posing suits like the bodybuilders wear? Or something else. I have just about everything in here."

"What I would really like is a nice skin tight pair of leather chaps with a metal harness that you would burst out of....but a poser would be fine." I had a quick visual in my head of Kip standing there and flexing and a leather and metal harness just explode into all different directions when he inflated his chest.

"Maybe we can do that another day. Do you have a color preference?"

" match you eyes."

" if you'll excuse me, let me go get ready so I do you say....rock your world." With a few steps Kip was out of the room and into my bedroom so he could change.

That bag of his intrigued me, so I got up and hobbled over to it. I tried to lift it, but it seemed like it was glued to the floor where it lay. I tried to unzip it, but I couldn't find any zippers, clasps or anything.

" thing I forgot to tell you....please don't ever touch my bag. It's kind of personal...I have my whole world in there." Kip yelled out from my bedroom in a booming voice.

Oh shit I thought....this guy must have x-ray vision or something! I hurriedly hobbled back to my chair....waiting for my show to begin.

"I hope you're ready for this Gary. Here I come."

Out walked Kip from my bedroom, wearing the exact same clothes he just had on! This was so unfair I thought, that was until....

"Now don't worry....I just thought that I'd make this a little more...shall we say....enticing and interesting for you. But first I have a few ground rules. I don't want to be the only one here who's going to get half need to undress."

I stammered somewhat as this totally caught me off guard. I just met this guy and I didn't want to turn him off already.

"Don't worry about your body Gary...I've already seen it all. I undressed you and cleaned you up after the accident when you were out of it." Kip wiped his wrist across his lips. "And I like what I saw....a lot."

That comment coming from someone so huge made me blush and act like a teenager again. Without thinking I took off my shirt (he was right....that wasn't the one I was wearing yesterday) and I took off my pants (those were changed too.....I was wearing pajama bottoms and I didn't even know it) I sat there in my boxer briefs and socks....what a lovely picture it must have made.

"That's good....I like the inspiration it gives look nice sitting like that. Now, you can't speak...I'm kind of shy so I don't want to be embarrassed, no fact I want you to sit on your hands so you don't get tempted to touch anything."

I quickly obliged with his request since they weren't unusual. My eye caught a glimmer of light through the window as it reflected off my car laying in a lumpy ball on my floor. I couldn't fathom the power that Kip must have.

Kip stood about 6 feet away from me. Looking up at him I was mesmerized by how huge he looked. I was uncomfortable and totally excited at what lied ahead for me.

Kip stood there for a he was frozen in time...he kicked off his slippers....wait...those were exact copies of my bunny slippers that I had when I was a kid. I was so upset when my father threw them away....I thought they were funny looking. It was then that I saw Kips bare feet for the first time...they were HUGE! I knew that I wore a size 10 shoe and these looked to be almost twice my size. He then undid the belt on his pants, real slow, almost like a male stripper would do. And then he reached for the zipper. Licking his lips and staring at me directly in the eyes, Kip lowered the zipper on his snug fitting pants. He bent over slightly and pushed the pants against his mammoth looking quads as they struggled to get down. It was then Nirvana for me!

Kip had the largest thighs that I had ever seen on any man. A thousand times better than any bodybuilder in any magazine. Huge teardrops at the outside of his legs that protruded outwards like fins on a car. Striations upon striations on the front quads with muscle bellies I've dreamed about seeing.

At this point, my own cock started to stir and I wanted to leap off the chair and ravish his legs, but I dared not move.

His pants then fell to his ankles as he stepped out of them. His calves were a sight to see. Perfect diamond shape like he had a pineapple shoved inside each one. Just looking at his legs I guessed that this man had no body fat and could crush a boulder with ease. I saw a thick vein, the thickness of one of my fingers snaking in and around his legs....I looked to his crotch and damned the sight that his shirt was hanging down a bit to low. Kip looked at me and smiled. He then lifted up his shirt just a bit to reveal that he was wearing black boxer briefs that did nothing to contain his own rising cock and extremely full package. I wanted to ask about his posing suit but he seemed to read my mind when he pulled the waistband down just a bit on his underwear to reveal a tiny minuscule royal blue strap. Kip stood there and raised his arms upwards....his shirt rode up a bit revealing his upper body to me for the first time. I saw a hint of a small trail of hair leading up to his navel....something I find very sexy on a man....I then noticed how his abs seem to sink inwards from being so tight. He lowered his arms and undid the top two buttons on his shirt, was I now going to see those huge pecs that I've seen glimpses off before I thought?

As if almost planned, Kip turned his back to me. I gasped when I saw the true shape of his calves. There were fucking huge! Skin so sheer you could make out every muscle fiber and then my eyes traveled upwards to those hamstrings of his. A wonder to behold when it was just striated steel cables, hundreds of them running up and down his hamstrings. He then slowly bent down, revealing even more muscle mass on his magnificent legs. His hands touched the floor as he looked at me from between his legs. Kip smiled and blew me a kiss...I thought I was going to either shoot my load or pass out right there.

He stood back up and I could make out that he was unbuttoning his shirt. Kip spread his arms out to his sides and then brought them back into his body. He placed his hands at his hips and then he started to spread those airplane hanger wide shoulders. Soon his shirt couldn't take the pressure and the shoulder burst out; revealing to me the first time the skin on his upper body. He kept flaring his lats out, further and further as if he was growing right before my eyes. His shirt was in tatters now, the shoulders ripped out and a split down the back seam....but he wasn't done yet.

Kip brought his left arm up very slowly and deliberately into a single bicep flex. I saw the head of his bicep seem to bounce up and down when an explosion of muscle happened! The sleeve of his shirt ripped and tore away from the pressure of the bicep head destroying the fabric. Before I could fathom what was happening he brought his right up arm in the same way and...pow...he flexed and the shirt remnants fell to the floor. His back muscles looked incredible like a relief map of some freakish mountain range. All I saw was muscle on top of muscle with bulges on top of bulges.

His skin appeared to be perfect with no blemishes or anything like that....there goes the steroid theory I just had. His magnificent back muscle traveled all the way down into the crevice of his muscled bubble butt. This was a man's ass...full, solid, like he was holding two basketballs in that underwear.

Still holding the double bicep pose, Kip turned around to face me.....I couldn't control myself and I creamed all over myself. His body was magnificent.

"Who...who....are you?" I had to speak, I had to find out who this God was.

"I'm Kip....sorry about your mess there...I had a feeling that was going to happen...I guess my muscles are to much for you to handle." Kip stood there, bringing his arms, no make that tree trunks sized arms down to his sides.

He just stood there, the light from the window reflecting off my car, cascading over his body bringing out every muscled highlight.

"No honest...I really enjoy what I'm seeing. It's just that I have never seen anyone like you in person....hell, even in the magazines they can't compare to you." I stammered for each word as I kept having to pick my jaw up from the sight before me.

"Yea, I know...thank you though. It's always nice to hear. I guess I won't be able to finish showing off for you, I don't think you'll be able to take it."

Kip walked over to me. Now I was really shaking. He was just a mere foot in front of me and all I could see was massive paper shredded skin covered my muscle. "Trust me Kip, I could take you."

I guess that those were the wrong words to say to this behemoth of a giant.

"You could take me huh? How about a little wrestling match...winner decides that fate of the loser? Let's see if you can take me!"

Kip reached forward and grabbed me under my arms...he easily hoisted me into the air. I thought I was going to crash onto the floor, but Kip caught me, placing one gigantic hand on the back of my head and the other cupped under my ass. His hand seemed to cover my entire ass like a parent to a child. Instinctively, I wrapped my hands around his neck as best I could. I felt the warmth his muscles as I held onto his rock solid body. My legs wrapped around his tight taut waist as I felt his pecs smash into me.

"Gary, you do know now that I could crush you so easily, like I did your car. You do realize that right?" Kip whispered softly into my ear.

All I could do was whimper a yes reply. I was scared for my life and excited all at the same time. My cock was hard again, as I felt it pressed against his abs.

"That's what I thought my little man. But don't worry, I would never hurt you. I would only hurt those who tried to hurt you. I've been looking my whole life for somebody just like you baby...and I'm never going to let you go. I just needed to establish who's in charge and well...who's not in charge." He took his hand off my neck and moved my head so I was looking at him directly in the face. His handsomeness was even more staggering this close up. " about a little won't be needing these!"

Kip moved his hand from my ass and with one swipe, ripped my underwear from my body. My cock slapped against his stomach and he smiled at me.

"Now...let's try something. If you don't shoot another load, we'll do anything you say...anything. BUT when I win and make you shoot, you will do exactly what I say. Deal?"

"Umm...ok, I guess?" I had no idea what Kip had in mind, but I was putty in his hands and we both knew that he had the power that I desired so much.

It wasn't much of a challenge I thought. Kip placed his hands on my hips and slowly, very slowly brought my body upwards. The sensation of his thick chiseled abs nearly drove me over the breaking point, but then he stopped moving my body. He just stood there for a second...I was happy, because my erection started to go down just a bit, but then I sensed that something was going to happen.

"I give you less than one minute before you lose this challenge. Now try to resist this!"

With those words Kip flexed his pecs....more like pillow sized muscle. I felt a tightening around my cock as I realized that he had my cock trapped within those magnificent pecs! I felt a rumbling of muscle surrounding my cock as his huge thick pecs were smothering my cock. I felt the right pec tighten and then bounce and then the left pec....then both together and together over and over again. My hands tightened on his shoulders for support but I could have sworn that he was trying to flex his shoulders somehow too. I looked down and all I saw was mountains of muscle smothering his chest with striations like a paint brush that was wiped over his skin.

Kip continued with the right pec, then the left pec, then both again....I couldn't take it any longer as I once again every muscle in my body tightened as I quivered and shook and erupted with an orgasm that spewed all over Kip's massive chest. My convulsions seemed like they were never going to end as the feeling of his firmly muscled yet smooth like velvet skin kept caressing my cock and milking me to dehydration.

Totally spent, I collapsed on his shoulders. Kip finally released his death grip with my cock with his pecs. He gently pushed me back as his hand held me by my ass. He took his right hand and brought it up to his chest. Wiping my cum with his hand he brought it up to his lips as he tasted it. "Mmmm, protein....builds muscle...Kip wants lots more protein from Gary and Kip gets what he wants!"

Still holding onto me, Kip jogged into the bedroom. Standing at the edge of my bed Kip bent over and fell forwards onto the mattress still holding me. I expected his weight to crush me flat but just before impact, he stretched his arms out, dropping me and he caught himself with his hands. He balanced himself on his elbows...those magnificent huge pecs just inches from my face.

"Clean me off."

It was more of an order than a request. I immediately obliged. My tongue ravished his chest licking away my own cum. His skin was so soft on my tongue and lips and his manly musk tasted like liquid heaven. There was one point that Kip pressed his elbows together on my body...the pressure was almost to much for me to take as I thought he was going to crush my ribcage but instead I felt my face being lifted up and smothered by his pecs. I couldn't believe the depth and power they possessed. With my hands at my sides, I tried hitting Kip on the legs to make it stop, but it was like a feather hitting a brick wall. He must have known what he was doing and what damage he may have caused since he released his massive pecs...pecs so gorgeous they should be on every dollar bill in the world so everyone can gaze at how awesome they are.

Kip pushed himself upwards off my body...our bodies still stuck together....the suction pulled me upwards a few inches before I fell back down. Kip moved himself upwards so now he was pinning me down on my bed. His incredible sized thighs pressed against my arms holding me in position as he shimmied himself forward. That beautiful muscle butt was pressed on my chest...I was able to feel the firmness as my chest was nearly crushed. I then looked forward and saw that humongous crotch just inches from my face.

What looked like a couple of softballs were shoved within his underwear were pressed against my lips as I licked the sweet smell and tried to put them in my mouth but there was no way I was going to have that done. I looked up and saw those abs up close for the first time. I was able to make 6 thick and deep plates of muscle that had an indentation of at least an inch or more in between each one. That continental glacier sized chest blocked my view of his face, but I didn't care...that size of that huge bulge in front on my face caused my cock to rise again with anticipation and excitement.

Kip leaned forward, his crotch totally smothered my face, once again he was cutting off my air supply. It seemed like his package was bigger than my whole face. I felt a hard cock press against my cheek, nearly crushing my cheekbones in. I wondered how I was going to handle that monster when we had full blown hard core sex.

Kip slithered his body down mine....the firm muscles felt sensual against my skin. We were now face to face in bed....he rolled off of me...the pressure of his body was crushing me, so I enjoyed the relief of having him off of me. Like the anaconda in his underwear, he was big everywhere.
Kip rolled to his side and placed my head under his left arm. My face rested against the biggest bicep that I had ever seen or felt. A bicep that deserved to be a national shrine. He flexed the bicep making my head bounce upwards a bit. Kip then took his right arm and draped it across my chest...with no effort at all, he pulled me into his chest so that we were now spooning in bed. I felt that hard cock press against my back as he held my tight.

Wrapped in his arms I felt so safe and secure. I wrapped my free hand around his forearm feeling the muscle and that thick finger sized vein that he had. His warm hard muscular body felt erotic and soothing pressed against mine.

"I know you want to take this further, and so do I...but I don't want to rush me....I'm worth waiting for...but for now, you need to get some sleep, you've had a rough few days. I don't want to take advantage of you like this."


"No buts, other than your butt that I will have. You need your rest....we have all the time in the world to be together...when I think you're ready you'll taste the biggest cock you've ever seen attached to the biggest, most muscular male you've ever seen. Do you understand?"


"Yes what?" Kip said as he pulled in a bit tighter showing off his strength.

"Yes I understand."

"Yes you understand what?"

"Yes I understand sir."

"That's better. You're very special to me Gary. I don't ever want this to end, but you need your sleep. I have a big day planned for you tomorrow. And I do mean big." Kip shoved his hips into my back again reminding me of what he was calling my big day.

But he was right, I was tired and wrapped within those gorgeous muscular arms, I fell fast asleep.
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Great descriptions! I'm worrying about Kip's intentions. In chapter 1, I thought he might be a guardian angel. Now, there's a strange sense of foreboding I just can't put my finger on. What, oh what, do you have planned in your wonderfully fiendish mind???
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This is an awesome story with an awful title. I honestly think that more people will read this story (and leave more feedback) if the title is renamed. This is an erotic story, and as such - I believe - it should have a clear, explanatory title. (When you see a title like "Little Brother Gets Big" you know that the audience to whom that story was written to will definitely check it out.)

The story itself is ridiculously hot. Looking foraward for more!
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Originally Posted by ieny24 View Post
This is an awesome story with an awful title. I honestly think that more people will read this story (and leave more feedback) if the title is renamed. This is an erotic story, and as such - I believe - it should have a clear, explanatory title. (When you see a title like "Little Brother Gets Big" you know that the audience to whom that story was written to will definitely check it out.)

The story itself is ridiculously hot. Looking foraward for more!
Thanks for the compliments and the suggestion.
The title will make sense in the end (but I know it doesn't help now, but I din't think it was awful)

I thought that this story had what people on this board liked (regardless of what it was called) but I guess that the title means everything. It is a bit of fantasy, and character development is VERY important to me.

Part 3 is hopefully even hotter (at least that's what I've been told) and it should be posted soon. Part 4, which is the end, brings everything into perspective with who Kip exactly is.

I don't write for comments sake, but I'm glad you took the time out though. It is appreciated. I have numerous other stories (some fit this group and some don't) that hopefully...if the demand merits.....I will post.

Thanks again.
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Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing more of your stories posted on here. They are very good.
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Man, just got done reading through it, I loved it! Your muscle description is just awesome and the strength of Kip is great, I hope there's more coming soon!
"Loved by few, hated by many, respected by ALL" The Undertaker, Deadman Inc.

In the MGS FC's, I am Barf the Mawg from Spaceballs, loyal, powerful, quick witted, but I have a bit of a weight problem.

Only those serious about young muscle need apply. We do accept stories, but let's keep it clean. This is the only place on the web where Ragman's "My Nephew" Stories can be found.
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