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Old June 2nd, 2009, 06:51 PM
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Sort of a darker story I wrote awhile back, short and a little cliche. Not sure if I ever posted it or not.


Joe was a 22 year old attending college. In need of money, he was doing odd jobs, even ocassionally modeling. It fit him well, in part because of his good looks and decent physique. Joe was told he had a few weeks off, and decided he was going to spend that time relaxing even if he wasn't making any money. He was starting to think that it was him though; that he wasn't good enough to be called in.
Joe found himself in the bathroom looking into the mirror, trying to determine his flaws.
"I would do anything to get my body huge," he whispered to himself.
"Anything?" He heard a voice behind him say. Joe turned around and saw a subtly sexy, yet very muscular man just standing there. He felt suprised but sill calm.
"So, would you give yourself for an eternity if I let you make yourself bigger?"
"Well, I...I....uh, sure, why not?" With that he was gone.
Joe rose suddenly in his bed, drenched in sweat.
"Holy shit, that was a weird dream, or did I just...? Nahh."
He decided to forget it, besides, one of his friends was suppose to be stopping by to pick up a few assignments for school and to hang out. Joe went in the bathroom to take a shower, after he got out he looked in the large mirror he had. His dick sat fully erect, strange since no thoughts crossed his mind. Joe, interestinly, began stroking his seven inch tool, slowly. He started to stroke faster and faster, then suddenly he looked in the mirror again and saw something different, his musculature was bigger, his entire body was leaner and more muscular; his cock even looked like it grew an inch. Joe let go of his shaft in shock, and he saw his body slowly go back to its original size.
"What the fuck was that?" He looked down at his throbbing dick. He gently started to massage it again until he found himself fully jacking off as his body started to enlarge with muscle again. This time Joe went to the end; bringing himself to a violent orgasm as he shot a huge load all over the mirror. He looked up, but his body size didn?t slip away again. His entire body swollen with thick hard muscle.
Looking his body over, Joe couldn?t hold himself and he shot another giant load all over the mirror, walls, and ceiling. He began to see his body swell once more, his under shirt became skin tight and ripped in half, falling to the floor.
Joe?s body had gotten big, his chest was so thick and plump, lats that spread out like two giant wings. His hands had grown along with forearms and huge biceps and tris. The once chiseled shoulders were now two enormous boulders, leading up to his huge thick neck and the rest of his back that exploded with pure muscle. Joe looked at his tight six pack, and leading down inside the tight boxer briefs, was a twelve inch shaft. Not to mention the two softball sized sack. Joe?s quads and thighs were beyond huge, each muscle group bulging out from one another, and the calves were like two muscle cut diamonds. Joe began feeling his huge smooth body, as just then the door bell rang and he realized his friend Chris was already there, a bit early as he looked at the clock. Chris was a fellow student at the university and in the same study group. A fairly good looking football player, he was built twice as big as Joe, or at least he used to be. Joe answered the door in just his boxer briefs, Chris looked up at his giant 6?3 muscular frame, he was speechless.
"Come on in," Joe said, he wasn?t going to say anything on how he got so big, besides, Chris wouldn?t believe him. The two only met a few times, but Chris couldn't but stare and rethink his memory, asking questions he thought would only make him look dumb.
They put on the TV while they looked over notes. Joe was lying on the couch reading as Chris was sitting in front. Joe started to notice that Chris was pretty much eyeing him down the whole time, only giving a few seconds on the pages. Then he saw it, the nice, and obvious bulge in Chris? pants.
"Hey, I want to show you something." Joe smiled as hewalked into the bedroom.
"Uh..okay, what exactly." Chris followed, but as he turned he felt Joe grab his hand and put it on his thick chest.
"Whoa dude, no..come on." Chris tried to back down, but Joe pulled him in closer, and closer. A sense of warmth came over him.
"It's okay bud...just..relax." Joe encouraged.
The tension dropped as Chris went down and started licking his massive thighs. The closer he got to his crotch, the closer Joe got to cumming. He licked and lapped and then finally he shot his load, feeling his muscles starting to grow again, his boxer briefs ripped to shreds. His body was even bigger, wider, and thicker. He picked up Chris and ripped off his clothes all in one tug and started sucking his eight inch dick. Drinking all of his juice, Joe put him back down.
Deep powered lust now overcame both boys. "Oh fuck, I want more," Chris moaned. Joe took his now 16 inch tool and stuffed it inside Chris. "I don?t know if you can handle me, but if you can?t, too fucking bad." Joe pumped him hard and heavy for one straight hour, then finally his massive legs shuttered and let his biggest load ever. Joe?s body began growing and swelling.
His body was almost like a god!
He started to feel his cock expand and lengthen inside of Chris. "Oh fuck, yes!" Joe pulled the enormous dick out with a tug, Chris looked up, then without warning, Joe?s two foot shaft erupted gallons of his sweet cum all over Chris. Joe grew even more that time. "Oh shit, I can?t stop!" Load after load after load after load came out of Joe.
It just wasn?t going to end. He looked down and saw that Chris had drowned in all of his man juice as the apartment flooded. Joe had gotten so fucking enormous, that he could barely move. He then remembered the deal in the sudden harsh reality, Joe was going to be cumming and growing for an eternity.
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I remember reading this.

still a good story!
I'm crazy, but who isn't?

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Old June 3rd, 2009, 06:08 PM
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It would be nice to see how much bigger he can get. Great story!
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Old July 29th, 2009, 02:08 AM
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i remember reading this like 6 or 7 years ago-glad i found it- the descriptions of joe's growth always get me excited
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Old July 29th, 2009, 11:10 AM
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Yea I remember reading this story when I was in the 8th grade! Really hot stuff! It was great to read it again, thanks for posting
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Old July 29th, 2009, 12:07 PM
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And The Moral Is...

As is the case in a lot of "So you want to be really BIG?" stories...

The Moral is...

"Be Careful What You Wish For... You Might Actually Get It..."

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