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Old June 3rd, 2009, 08:24 AM
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As Good as I Feel, part 2

As Good as I Feel, part 2 (part 1 is here)

Even with the ice broken and the cat out of the bag, I drove home in an awkward silence. As the sole knower of my deepest secrets, my passenger was unofficially my most trusted confidante, yet the full five minutes since we had met made him the most unfamiliar stranger. I was about to bring him into my home, into my world, yet I knew nothing more about him than his name and, oddly enough, his masturbatory fantasies.

"Tell me something about you. Something no one else knows."

He considered the request. Was he struggling to find some private detail in his mostly public life or merely trying to choose from hundreds of secrets which to give up? Perhaps he was even inventing a lie he hoped would satisfy me. He opened his mouth for several seconds before actually speaking.

"I've never had sex with anyone without pretending my partner was someone else."

Wow, that was good. I was expecting an untold tale of a third-grade cookie theft. "So I'm the virgin but you've never been satisfied."

"That's not fair. I've had great sex and a great relationship. I was just able to make it a little better with some imagination."

"Uh huh. So who was it?"

"Who was what?"

"Who was the someone else? Who was it you wanted instead?"


I scoffed. "You didn't know me before ten minutes ago."

"Well not YOU you, but you. It was no one at the time. Someone I thought didn't exist. And not really someone either, but something."

"So now I'm a monster again."

"No, no, not that kind of thing. I mean like an enhancement. I didn't want someone different than my partner. I wanted my partner with something extra. What you have."

"So why not just date a bodybuilder or something?"

"Oh you mean just go down to the bodybuilder store? Even if it was that easy, it still wouldn't be enough. Don't get me wrong, all that muscle drives me crazy. But they still don't grow before my eyes and they're only so big." A thought went off in his head, I could tell. "You haven't told me how big you get."

"No," I said. "I haven't."

I pulled into the garage and led Chris into the living room. I didn't entertain guests very often and my place is pretty sparsely decorated. My stomach reminded me that amidst all the drama I hadn't eaten my dinner.

"I have to eat. Changing takes a lot out of me." I tore into the first burrito ravenously. Chris just watched me eat, with a bit of fascination, I think. I remembered his meal was left sitting on the counter and offered him my last burrito.

"No, you need it. I'm okay. Really."

"Okay mphm," I said, my mouth full. "Can I at least get you something to drink?"

"I'll take a beer," he said.

"Two beers, then." I grabbed a couple from the fridge and sat next to Chris on the couch.

"I've never done anything like this," I said. "I'm sorry." I was so afraid of displeasing him or making my first time awful.

"Why don't you just let me take care of everything for a while? Okay?" I nodded. I took a long swig from my beer and found I had emptied the bottle.

Chris took the bottle from me and placed it on the table. He leaned in close and I was struck by his beauty. His eyes were a piercing blue and his skin so smooth. He kissed me. I had never been kissed before. I wanted to tell him but couldn't. He put his hands on my shoulders and inserted his tongue into my mouth. I was too afraid to kiss him back. What if I was sloppy or too wet or too much tongue or--

He pulled away.

"What's wrong?" What did I do wrong? I had ruined it already!

He smiled. "You're growing." He was the little boy filled with wonder again. He pulled me to my feet. I was just an inch or two shorter than him. He stared into my eyes as they rose until we were the same height.

"Amazing," he whispered. He pulled my sweater and shirt over my head, leaving me bare-chested. I had put on quite a bit of muscle already, sporting a solid gymnast build. My chest hair was coming in. He removed his own shirt revealing a fit, smooth, jockish body no doubt forged from regular gym visits. I had never been to a gym but I was bigger than him in every way.

"You stopped," he said.

"Because you stopped." I laughed. He grinned. He knelt down and untied my shoes, removed my socks and pants, leaving me standing before him in extra large boxers with a stretched out waistband. He caressed my legs, examining my calves and thighs carefully. I felt awkward just standing there. Honestly I was getting a little bored as he pored over my calves. I had probably softened a bit but when his hand brushed the inside of my upper leg my cock jumped, causing my thighs to bulge in his hands. He gasped.

He looked up at me and I down at him as his hand wandered up the leg of my boxers. I shuddered at his touch and visibly grew. He moved his hands to my midsection where eight hard bricks of muscle had grown out of my soft stomach. Chris stood once again, this time two inches shorter than me. He ran his hands over my generous pecs.

"Do you know how to bounce them?" he asked.

Of course I did. I didn't know anything about working out or gyms or even what all the muscles were named, but I knew them all intimately. I could isolate the movement of each and every one, flex and feel and display. I bounced them for him, alternating quickly at first, then slowly to show the full range of the muscle.

He breathed in sharply. "You have great control," he said. I smiled. His compliments made my heart flutter. I was the school girl getting attention from her first crush. He moved his hands up to my shoulders. "Flex for me."

I drew my arms up in a double biceps. He put his hands on my now sizable guns. They must have been 18" by now. He ground his crotch into mine causing me to shoot up another inch. He gasped as the biceps beneath his hands mounded up even bigger.

Chris quickly shucked his pants and boxer briefs. He had a gorgeous body and a cute seven incher that was clearly as hard as it had ever been. It was dribbling precum and I know his hands hadn't been off of me the whole time. He pulled my body against his. His left hand pulled my head down to meet his in a kiss far more aggressive and passionate than our first. His right hand gripped my cock. He moaned at the size of it and pulled it out through the fly. Our members stood against each other and I felt the slickness of precum, his or mine, lubricating his strokes.

Chris's prediction was certainly true. I had masturbated literally thousands of times, some sessions lasting hours, and I had never felt quite like this. There was something magical about the hand clutching my cock not being mine. Like closing your eyes on a roller coaster, the expected turned to surprise and excitement. And kissing? Well, I was a fan for sure.

I was growing fast now. My balls were climbing up Chris's shaft and I was leaning to maintain our lip lock. Finally I broke off the kiss and stood straight up. I was a whole head taller than my new friend.

"Holy fuck! You're huge!" I was. I stretched my arms out to my sides to give my playmate a good view of my width. Chris was in awe of my thickness. I could tell he'd never been near anyone close to my size. I brought my arms up for a double biceps, each gun easily 20" now. "You truly are my fantasy."

I picked him up easily, surprised by his light weight, and stood him on the low coffee table. We had traded positions, he now a head taller than me. But we both knew that wouldn't last. Gaining some courage, I took this brief opportunity to check his body before it disappeared beneath my view. My large hands made his waist look positively tight. I kissed his firm pecs and licked his little nipples. Meanwhile Chris was enjoying my shoulders and reaching over to feel my back.

" big can you get?" he asked. I looked up at him and saw a wicked smile. Cupping his ass cheeks and clenching my cock I drank in the situation. I gazed into his eyes and I grew. My eyes inched up toward his, passing his slack jaw. I pulled another double biceps pose, because I knew he loved them so much, and held it until we were once again eye to eye. They looked 23" or 24" to me. Chris attacked them with his hands and mouth, tickling me and I laughed.

"Hey, I want to try something," I interrupted. I put my hand under his chin and lightly gripped his jaw, surprised how small his head felt in my hands. "Hang on to my arm so I don't break your jaw." His eyes went a little wild and he grabbed my arm tight. If he had tried to say something, I didn't notice.

And I lifted him off the table with one arm. I held him there for a moment, his legs dangling but his cock pointing straight up, and then pumped his whole body high overhead and back down again. After eight reps I stood him back down on the floor. When I released him he gasped and grabbed his throat, panting.

"Oh my god, did I hurt you?"

"No. Not much anyway. I'm okay. I'm better than okay. That was awesome! You're every bit as strong as you look."

"Did you think it was a suit?" I laughed. Back on the floor Chris was looking positively small. He was having trouble seeing over my pecs, he only being nipple high now.

"Fuck. How tall do you think you are?"

"Probably seven-six, seven-eight."

"Oh shit!" he exclaimed. Chris had just rediscovered my cock, its oozing head just inches below my pecs. It was as big around as his forearm and at least as long, elbow to finger-tip. It was also leaking prodigiously.

Chris licked the shaft just below the head, sending shivers through my whole body. " taste good, Mike. I've never seen anybody leak this much."

"Have you ever seen a cock this big?"

"Fuck no! Good point." He licked up another glop running down the side then polished the top. I was going crazy, trying to resist shooting my load or clawing him up. Afraid of hurting him, I didn't know where else to put my hands so I just stuck them behind my head. Chris was impressed enough with the display he swallowed the head. He couldn't get any more in but applied a good amount of suction and flicked his tongue in and out of the big slit.

It was too much for me. My balls tightened, I bellowed, and Chris, being the smart boy he is, got the hell out of the way. The first spurt flew on its own but I squeezed the rest out with both hands. Chris's eyes were glued to my chest and arms which I'm sure made an impressive display. He beat off furiously and actually finished before I did. I managed to coat both Chris and myself as well as the floor and coffee table with ropes of sticky spunk.

We collapsed opposite each other, Chris on the easy chair and I on the couch. It creaked under my weight but it held. We sat watching each other with nothing but our heavy breathing breaking the silence. As my erection diminished, so did my body. Wordlessly Chris watched me shrink down to my usual size.

I broke the silence first. "I'm very hungry." Chris laughed.

Several microwaved hot pockets later, I was satisfied. "You sure can put away the calories, Mike."

"Well you know how I burn them." A big glop of spunk dripped from Chris's hair on to his hot pocket just as he took a bite. "Uhh, maybe we should shower."

The shower had only one head but we both fit comfortably inside. We took turns in the warm water, rinsing the sweat and cum from our bodies. I was surprised how instantly comfortable I felt around Chris. Sure, we had just shared one of the most intimate acts imaginable, and certainly the most intimate of my life, but he was still a stranger. And I was beginning to doubt the quality of my first performance.

"Did I cum too soon?" I asked.

", no. You lasted longer than I did my first time. And I should have held back a little. I forgot you were a virgin. Besides, it won't be the last time." His eyes sparkled as he smiled. His teeth were so white. It was fascinating to look up at him after towering over him, especially at such close range.

Chris soaped up my shoulders and chest as I shampooed my hair. "You really are a little guy, aren't you? And don't even have a treasure trail."

"I make up for it when it counts," I shot back. He laughed.

"That's for sure!" When he washed his hair I jumped at the opportunity to wash his chest. He really did have a sexy body. I loved running my hands over his round pecs. They weren't big but they were firm. "Get my back, will you?"

From behind I traced his shape from his moderately broad shoulders just above my head to his trim waist. My hands rested at the top of his perfect ass, a view I hadn't seen in our first adventure. I shuddered as I moved down and squeezed the cheeks of his bubble butt.

"Hey! What's going on back there?" he teased. Bringing my gaze up, I found myself eye level with his shoulders. I was growing!

"I think you need to finish my front," I said. He turned around and met my gaze at eye level.

"You sexy beast! You must have seen something you liked back there." The same height, I was already quite a bit wider. He rubbed soap into my chest.

"You already washed my chest," I said.

"Well I don't remember all this hair here, so I better do it again." His touch was firm, masculine, purposeful. He skipped my stomach and slicked my rod with lather. It stuck straight out from my body, pointing at his navel. I shuddered. "Ever jerk off in the shower?"

"Thousands of times."

"Did it ever feel this good?" He stroked me as he spoke. I shuddered again. I fell toward him, my hands slamming into the wall behind him.

"Never," I gasped. I stood over him, trapping him against the wall, blocking out all light. We kissed as he continued to stroke me. "Mmmph!" I pulled my lips away from his. "Stop!"

"Why?" he asked, with seduction. He didn't stop.

"I'm too big."

"No such thing." Chris kissed my shoulders and chest in my face's absence. I was able to crane my neck away from the shower head, but there was nothing I could do about my widening shoulders, now pinned between the tile wall on the left and the glass wall on the right. Still he stroked, now also swirling his thumb over the tip.

I gasped and surged bigger. The glass wall creaked, pressuring the joint to split from the tile. Cracks appeared in the caulk. I twisted away, positioning my shoulders in the diagonal space long enough to open the door behind me. Water sprayed across the bathroom floor as I landed one foot on the mat outside. I could see clearly over the shower walls, my head only inches from the ceiling.

Chris looked up at me, motionless. "Shit, you're big. Way bigger than last time." His eyes on me, his hands steadying his stance on the walls, his untouched cock blew short spurts of semen into the air. His expression was of awe, not ecstasy. In fact his face hardly registered his orgasm.

I rinsed the cum from his stomach and legs, turned off the water, and dried him with my own towel. His cock dribbled a bit more as it softened.

"Now who cums too early?" I asked. He smiled a tired smile, exhaustion evident on his face. "Chris, would you like to stay the night?" He nodded and I carried him to my bed as I would a doll.


"Yes, Chris?"

"Will you stay big for me? I've always wanted to fall asleep in the arms of a big man."

"Of course."

I laid down, pulling him next to me. His whole body was cuddled up to mine, his head resting on my chest, bigger than any pillow, his toes pawing at the side of my knee. I draped a heavy arm over him. He grasped my cock, just below the head, unable to reach all the way around it with one hand. "So big," he whispered, then rested his hand on my stomach and closed his eyes.

I was hungry and hard but content and comfortable. I gently stroked and pulled at my cock until I heard the soft breathing of a sleeping man. A yawn I tried to stifle escaped, my chest expanding and carrying poor Chris's head nearly a foot into the air. He slept on. As sleep overtook me and my eyes fluttered shut, I thought I saw the mushroom head of my cock receding slowly away from me.
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This was, simply put, one of the best stories I've ever read on this forum.
Beyond the fact that it was hot as hell, you've nailed down the awkwardness and insecurities that accompany such an experience (whether it's a first date or the first time of having sex,) espcially when people feel like they've got something they need to hide.

This is a remarkable achievement - a sex story with characters that have real feelings! It makes an erotic storry hotter than I thought possible.

Looking forward for more! :-)

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Couldn't have put it better - REAL FEELINGS AND INSECURTIES - and they're sorting them all out! I'm really enjoying your writing.
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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Wow, I really like this story, hope you continue.
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What they said! Really enjoying the real-ness behind this fantastical story. Very creative idea!! Keep it up ^__^
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this is frightfully close to my own fantasy, haha ;p
except in mine both guys would grow...together...while sexing.... ;D
not that i mind this story on its own merits, of course; this thing is fantastic
just my thoughts as a writer

Things happen.
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Really wonderful writing. I'm a fan.
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Old January 8th, 2010, 06:05 PM
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I think you've got a great story here. And it's not just the growth and the good show of emotions in a strange situation. It's because you had Mike finding someone who could love the new and awesome with out any fear. They are both great characters, because they mastered their own fears for a prize each of them wanted.
It looks like that kind of relationship has some legs to it. So it could get them to explore some of the ways they could each please the other. Sex in the shower room of a Hardcore Lifter Gym. Chris helping Mike to become intimidating enough to get a building permit sooner than normal... Ah the ideas you must have in your own imagination...
Go with those. You've already shown how good they are. Just Please...
Keep Writing.


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Very well written. The pace and the interactions of the characters were perfect. Quite stimulating!
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