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Old July 21st, 2009, 09:04 PM
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California Muscle, Chapter 4

Hey everyone! Here's the latest installment. I'm sorry it's so short and growth-free--I've been insanely busy, and don't have too much time to write. I REALLY appreciate your kind comments, though, and WILL continue this story if you want me to.

I?ve never seen one like it before.
You?ll probably never see one like this again. Matt leaned forward and covered Luke?s mouth with a kiss, their tongues entwining.
God, I need that thing inside me, shrieked the model.
Get in line, Matt thought, reaching down to tug on Luke?s dick.
Luke broke the kiss. I have an idea, he said. You fuck her, and I?ll fuck you.
Dude, I don?t get fucked. I fuck.
Oh, come on. You know you want this inside your tight little asshole.
Matt looked at Luke?s swinging cock, intrigued by it. It certainly wasn?t as large or thick as his, at only eight inches, but it was beyond perfect. The veins ran over it just so, the plumlike head peeped out of the foreskin as it grew slowly erect. He remembered his dad?s advice while feeling an unfamiliar twitch in his asshole. Might as well, he thought. Give the cock what it wants.
Okay, Luke. Fuck me. The words felt so good coming out of his mouth.
They fell on the bed, Luke and the beautiful model, Matt fitting in between them. Their clothes were already off somehow, and Matt leaned over and started kissing the model, moving his hand between her thighs. She grew wet at the feel of him, and he moved his lips down, kissing her large, full breasts and hard nipples. Soon, she was gasping for breath.
Luke pulled closer to Matt in bed, kissing his back, reaching his hands around and rubbing his pecs, tweaking his nipples. He moved one hand lower on Matt?s back, slowly stroking his crack, letting his index finger dip in and out of his asshole. Matt groaned a little bit every time, loving the sensation.
A few seconds later, Matt felt the girl?s hand on his cock, and helped her to guide it into her pussy. It was warm and tight, surprisingly enough. Matt was used to models who were so used to sex, his massive cock could slip in and out of them like a key in a lock. He enjoyed the challenge of this one, teasing it in, kissing her, letting her know it would be okay as his hands held her to him, his tongue alternating between her mouth and her breasts.
Matt tensed; Luke had inserted his finger all the way into his asshole. It wasn?t a sensation he was familiar with, but somehow, it felt good. He squeezed his asshole a bit, simultaneously flexing his cock in the girl. She let out a shriek, and he pushed in deeper, her shrieks getting louder and more pleasurable the deeper he got. Finally, when Luke had three fingers in his asshole, she screamed for what felt like a full minute; an orgasm that Matt knew would only be rivaled by the one he and Luke would share.
He pulled out, the model spent. She kissed his pecs, sucking on his nipples slowly, before saying, I?m sorry I finished before you? I think I can still help, though.
Matt turned around, into Luke. I don?t think that will be necessary, he said.
All mine, Luke said.
Not quite, said a voice from the doorway.
Steve, Luke?s friend was standing there, naked. He slowly moved over to the bed, gently lifting the model off. I think I can help. Matt, shove that thing in me.
Matt turned around, tonguing his assistant coach?s hot friend for a moment before pulling him down into the bed. Within moments, his arms were wrapped around Steve?s cut chest, tweaking his nipples as Matt sucked on the skin of his neck. Slowly, Matt moved his cock toward Steve?s asshole, entering him tenderly but forcefully. At the same time, Luke entered him.
Matt started moving, thrusting, pumping, bucking back and forth. The two men moaned, Matt?s voice joining theirs. All three grew closer and closer, grabbing each other, feeling the hardness of each other?s bodies, groaning?

Matt woke up, his cock at full attention, his left hand furiously jacking it and three fingers on his right hand buried deep in his asshole.
Fuck, he thought to himself. Had that all been a dream, the threesome with Luke and Steve? He looked around, and details of last night began coming back to him.
Luke had brought his friend to meet them at Force, and they had hung around for a few minutes until Josh decided they should leave before the waitress came out of the bathroom. They went over to a club on the strip, and all the time Matt was talking to Luke and Steve.
Steve was hot, but not as hot as Luke?he was bigger though, more of a bodybuilder. He and Matt had compared guns, and one of the highlights of Matt?s night came when Luke suggested that the three of them meet up sometime and compare their bodies. Matt agreed wholeheartedly, exchanging numbers with Steve to make sure it would happen.
The whole time, Joey was trying to break in on their conversation, to hang out with Matt. Matt purposefully ignored him?he had fucked him twice today, once in the mouth, once in the ass, and didn?t want to again for a while. What was the point of surrounding yourself with hot, jacked studs like he did, and only fucking one of them?
The first club they hit let them in without a question. They knew the team here, and knew that once they gave everyone their complimentary drink, the hot jocks dancing on the tables would get them more business than anything else. That was exactly what had happened?Matt had vague memories of a blowjob under the table, and then jumping onto the tabletop to dance. Everyone?s shirt had come off fairly quickly, and more than a few pants (Matt?s among the first, of course). The club looked like a sea of tanned, muscled flesh, gyrating in time to the music.
They picked up a bunch of girls at that club, and then split up before heading out again. Matt stayed with Luke, Steve, the twins, Josh, Jesse, and Joey (along with about ten women, all of them looking like models or pornstars). Before leaving, someone yelled in Matt?s ear ?Dude! You should be a model. Call me!? Matt felt a card being slipped into his jock, and smiled?he loved being told how hot he was, but this was the first time he got a modeling offer.
The rest of the night was a blur of dancing, fucking, drinking, and more fucking. Somehow, Matt had gotten home and gotten a few hours of sleep before 4:00 AM. He woke up at 8:00, as usual, a little to late for a blowjob before school, but who cared. He would fucking skip chemistry today.
The game was a great success, as everyone knew it would be. Matt led his team to victory, himself scoring three touchdowns and not allowing the other team anywhere near their goal. He got so cocky that at halftime he even ran out of the locker room, totally shirtless, beer in hand, and started grinding with the cheerleaders during their sexy dance. The crowd loved it, of course?even spectators from their rival school couldn?t help getting horny while looking at him. Matt gave the crowd a double biceps before carrying the cheerleader back to the lockerroom with him, enjoying a quick, hot fuck (that left the cheerleader unable to cheer for the rest of the game) before going back out to play. Everything was like it should be.
After the game, Matt saw his parents briefly before they flew to New York on their private jet. His father gave him a huge hug and joked about the cheerleader; his mother, while proud, continually wrinkled her nose at her son?s rank smell. Amber even smiled at him, but then her face returned to its normal look of disgust at his antics. Matt ran back to the lockerroom to grab his things, then hopped into his H2 to get home before everyone else got there. It was tradition for guys on the team to wear their smelly uniforms to after-game parties.
It was already 10:30 when Matt pulled into his driveway?high time for a party to start. He had the help pull all four kegs out of the basement, then got an extra two for the poolhouse. Since he had the whole house tonight, he figured, he?d make the poolhouse his special den?only those he invited could join him there. And he planned on being VERY exclusive with the invitations.
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Old July 22nd, 2009, 02:23 AM
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Short but good. Yes you need to continue. My sincerest apologies on being busy...sometimes I like being crazy busy...but it's summer and I waana be on vacation...will anxiously await chapter five.
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Old July 22nd, 2009, 12:07 PM
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Good chapter. Looking forward to more! Sorry you are so busy. Take some time to relax when you can and keep writing!
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Old August 5th, 2009, 09:00 AM
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I really hope you will continue this story! Really looking forward to the transformation and growth scene.
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Old August 29th, 2009, 02:59 AM
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Yeah - Keep on writing this one!
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Old July 23rd, 2011, 04:12 PM
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Any chance at all of this being continued?
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Old November 6th, 2011, 07:23 AM
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Will you do more of this story, it has alot of potential!
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