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Old August 1st, 2009, 09:24 PM
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9th Grade Muscle Experiences

[COLOR=#000000] [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white] [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]My Body[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]I weigh 128 lbs now, 5?5. My biceps bulked up the most. My abs are coming in more. Haven?t gotten much in my legs. Pecs are broadening, and erections are getting harder and more frequent.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=red]Rex?s Pull-up Session[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]In the locker room in November, it was pull-up day. Our pull-up door was IN our small tight locker room! All the boys were slightly tense, because we wanted to do a decent amount of pull-ups. It was this Brazilian kid Rex?s turn, who I admired. Rex had high cheekbones, a rich, orangey brown tone, thick short brown hair, piercing brown eyes, and a solid build- slightly muscular. Rex was one of those chill guys with that really cool masculine voice that was attractive in itself. So the Spanish semi-stud gets up to th bar in his grey t-shirt and blue cotton shorts. Jumping up briskly to the bar, he performs his pull-ups in a steady motion. You could see his solid bronze arms tighten up as he pulled his body up. All the boys watched in a suspenseful, interested, anxious way. Pull-Ups were manly signs of strength, and every guy wants to prove himself here and be impressive. The pressure is on! Underneath his t-shirt, Rex had on a black beater that showed a centimeter in between his shorts and shirt. This thin black area created ?rim? that contrasted the blue and grey clothes. I wouldn?t have noticed the black beater rim at all if Rex?s shorts hadn?t of started bulging just a little at his 5th pull-up. ?Oh shit.? I thought. ?Will this really happen in a confined room like this where everything is obvious to notice and all guys are watching intently?? And we guys weren?t mature enough to know how to react to this stuff yet. 7th, 8th, and 9th graders. Rex was still mustering out pull-ups as well more erectile function! At his 10th chin, his erection created a bulge that lifted his black beater rim up. And the dark beater and light clothes made it soo obvious. Nobody said anything. The gym teacher, Mr. , a bald white man with a funny face and decent build casually watched, counting the amount. Rex started grunting- he was halfway up on his 15th? his erection now bluntly bulged out as his body shook to complete the pull-up, but he dropped. I noticed all the quiet sexually excited boys drop their eyes down with Rex?s body. His erection faded when he was on the floor- a minor downward bulge? The pull-up session continued. When it was my turn, I powered out 19 pull-ups!! Probably being motivated from Rex boosted my strength!! My biceps felt awesome after that. I did more pull-ups than any other guy! But some other guys still had better bodies? Still, my confidence went up!![/COLOR]
[COLOR=red] Bonding with Nate[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Nate transferred this year to some Catholic boys school. Damn, Ime gonna miss that cool, tan Spanish hottie! In December, I ran into Nate at a house party for some oversized kid?s birthday. I was wearing this fitted long-sleeve blue and green Abercrombie shirt. My dude Thomas says to Nate: ?Yo?Nate?He has all?this.? Thomas gestured to my arm, a subtle way of saying I bulked. Nate looked at me with interest. Later, when we all sat down, I chilled out next to Nate. As we talked, Nate kept glancing at my arm. After some male bullshitting around where Nate casually grabbed my arm randomly, he finally asked me to make a muscle?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white] ?Whoa?okay, you?re definitely on steroids.?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]I smiled. ?Nah, just liftin.?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]On the ride home from the party, Thomas? mom drove me, Thomas and Nate home. We were crammed in the back seat. When Thomas? mom was in the drug store, Nate yelled out:[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white] ?Ethan?s diesel now!? as he groped my arm. ?Yo, you ever get hard?? Nate said as he pointed out his finger. ?Yeah, in school-sometimes when I?m lifting, a little bulge.?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white] ?Hehe, word-there?s always cum stains on my underwear.?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?Really?? ~ ?Yeah, I can?t help it-once I got hard and cummed without touching it. I had some heads over- this hot girl, Darlene, ma boy Luis-who?s pretty jacked. And it just happened, too much of a good time.? ?And it?s big!? Nate widened his eyes, looking serious.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white] ?No, c?mon.? ~ ?Serious, look.? Opening his legs, Nate put his hand on his crotch to show us the length of it. Me and Thomas both touched it, totally comfortable (Because Nate rocks like that). [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white] ?That?s not it!? Thomas spit out.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?No, it grew.? Nate responded. ?Last year, it was 3?, now it?s 4?, and when I?m hard, even bigger.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Checking out Nate briefly, I noticed he kinda grew everywhere. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white] ?Ya know, you got more facial hair coming in, Nate. That goatee?s comin nicely.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Nate stroked his chin and neck.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white] ?And yer face changed, you look?shit! Really masculine, no homo. Like your cheeks firmed up, and yer eyes look good. Your neck thickened up too-neck muscles. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Thomas left the car and went into the drug store, obviously feeling left out.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?Seriously, you manned up!? I went on. ?You think? I couldn?t really tell-?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?Yeah, I haven?t seen you in 8 months!? ~ ?So that?s why you notice-haha-that?s puberty kicking in, I feel good?but your muscles, dog?Damn! The rest of you?s not done growing-you still look young. Keep up the muscles, and when the rest of you mans up, you?ll be a big stud!?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]It was awesome to be able to talk about that stuff with Nate!!![/COLOR]
[COLOR=red]Playing With Keith[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]My sexy tan, light brown-haired muscular, Irish friend came to my house when I was on the phone with this flirtatious girl adopted from the Balkans. Keith wore super-small black t-shirt with sleeves so skimpy, his erotic arm muscles were fully exposed. He had come back from a beach vacation in Florida the day before? so now he had a perfect tan!! And the sun slightly bleached his thick flowing hair, giving his gorgeous light brown mop beautiful flowing blonde highlights. His arms looked extra-hot now! Still doing wrestling, Keith had cut-up a bit and leaned out. But his neck sprouted broader muscles, enhancing his face, making him look drop-dead amazing. Keith sat on the nearby bed while I talked sitting on the bureau. He was antsy for me to get off the phone so we could play something. (Yes, we?re 14-15, and we still??play?)[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white] ?C?mon, Ethan, allright already with Tarin.? (the Balkan adopted girl)[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Somehow, I got on the topic of muscles with Tarin and Keith obnoxiously interrupted by shouting: ?Ethan?s got muscles, flex for your lover girl, meister.? Keith rolled up my sleeve.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]He hadn?t seen my newly developed 13? biceps yet because of Winter- we always wore big, warm clothes. But this past winter was when I bulked up more.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Tensing my forearm and fist, I flexed my 13 inchers aggressively[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?Have you been taking that protein Kev gave you?!? Keith felt my right bicep.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?Shoot, it?s really hard, Eeth-meister, you?re getting jacked!? [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white] ?I know, but I want the veins. Veins don?t you when you flex like this.?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?I know-check this out,? Keith tensed his arm facing downward, and he didn?t bring his forearm to his bicep, just flexed it isometric. I watched in euphoria his forearm veins bulge.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?If you grab this part between and squeeze,? Keith grabbed the intersection of the bicep and forarm and squeezed it. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?Then you keep flexing your hand,? Keith repeatedly relaxed and tensed his grip.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?This pumps up the veins if you keep doing it.? [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]And it sure the hell did!! Keith?s veins became more prominent, visible, and obvious. And under this powerful vein netwok, Keith?s bronzed ripply forarm muscles and biceps looked ultra-masculine. I stared in awe ignoring Tarin who was probably munching on mashed potatoes in the leftover pot.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white] ?Now do the flex with the veins pumped.? I said excitedly.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Keith grunted a little, and powerfully flexed that bulging vein arm. My cock agitated. Then, Keith rapidly pumped up the veins in his other arm. He pulled back the sleeves all the way, exposing his cut-up bod up to his traps, and flexed his arms at multiple angles. His tan biceps peaked like round mountains; his deltoids bulged out like boulders on a cliff?s edge, and his veins trickled through his arm like a system of rivers and streams. I dashed to my garage, and grabbed a bunch of free weights and brought them back to my bedroom.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?Weights are good for veins.?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white] ?Ohhhh, weights super pump up my veins!? Keith said. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]My cock was in a state of halfway fullness. Reuniting myself with Tarin on the phone, I left Keith to mess around with dumbbells; he did curls while my boner enlarged.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?Keith, wanna see my pecs?? I pulled back my sleeves far enough to reveal my outer pecs shaped like ?V??s.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?Ooo-those pecs.? ~ ?Feel ?em.? Keith approached me and grabbed by slabs of chest muscle.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]I flexed them a few times, as he rubbed. ?Holy Shit, you have a massive chest!? My nipples hardened up, piercing the thin white cotton t-shirt. My white sleek briefs constrained my cock from going outward, but it pressed more downward looking like a vertical shaft bulging. Keith saw my boner and it only seemed to heighten his mood.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?Lemme feel those shoulders.? Keith said as he caressed my delts. Turning my back to him, I stripped off the white t.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white] ?It?s mad hot.? [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?Yeah.? Keith said as he removed his black shirt.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Wow, what a hunk of sexy musclebuy meat![/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]While I moved and flexed my shoulders about, Keith grasped them. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white] ?Uhhhh,? I groaned as my boner erupted even larger.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Keith couldn?t see it though because he had my back to him. As he ran his hand down my spine line (a instant turn-on!!), Keith exclaimed,[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?Do you have a six-pack??[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white] ?My abs are okay,? I said as I enjoyed Keith caressing my shapely back muscles.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Upon turning around, my boner collided with Keith?s fully hardened package. Whoa, Keith?s jeans were gone! I didn?t even know he took ?em off! So his boner was pushing through a pair of soft, thin Hanes Boxer Briefs. Massaging my back and delts must?ve aroused Keith. As our boners met, Keith?s in grey b-briefs, and mine in red athletic shorts, we laughed hysterically in surprise. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white] ?Fuck dude!? I grabbed Keith?s cock, watching his mouth open in intense pleasure. ?How many inches is that bad boy??[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Keith chuckled, ?Hahehe-5? I guess. ?What?s up with your ?bad boy?. Too shy to come out?!?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Sliding off the red shorts I laughed heartily. Now my package ripened through the white briefs. Keith reached for it. ?Easy.? ~ ?You grabbed me!? ~ ?Haheahha-okay.? I rotated my body, pointing the boner toward Keith, who groped it. ?Yours is pretty damn thick!?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]I wiggled my pelvis, flopping my cock which caused more friction against Keith?s boner. Keith wiggled his pelvis too, and our fully hard dicks kept rubbing into each other, and that rubbing friction felt orgasmic. I swear our manhood grew even bigger. Pulling my briefs released the tension and my cock could now erect extremely outward into Keith?s dick which was swelling larger at the head. Keith and I laughed, groaned, and shook our dicks enjoying the state of near orgasm euphoria. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?Lemme try sumthin,? Keith seized my swelling cock and vibrated it. It felt so hot and sexy!!! ?Ohhhhuuhhh!?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?Fuck, Eethmeister, get the measuring tape- I think you just mustered out a bigger dick?7 ??-my world record. Now it was my turn; Keith?s thick shaft swelled out farther and wider when I masturbated it. While I vibrated his boner, Keith ran his fingers all over my abs and biceps; but then he yanked on my dick, sqeezing it gently, savoring my look of ecstasy on my face, and pulled it slowly out farther. Keith stretched the briefs out, and he could now see my dark pubic and the start of my dick as he yanked the briefs. Thrusting my pelvis forward to help maximize my cock, I roared like stud. Keith steadily kept pulling out my briefs, until my 7 ?? shaft was all visible. Pulling even harder, I gazed at Keith?s veiny biceps and ripply forearms flex to their full potential?and rip!! The back of the briefs shredded along my muscle bubble butt. Keith pulled back with my torn briefs. I seized Keith by the underarms and lifted him up and tossed him on the bed. Stroking his cock made him hump me while his dick pushed through the flap in the grey boxer briefs. After gently sliding off his briefs, I lined up my boner against his. We felt that sexual warmth from our cocks touching together and our dicks throbbed violently. We groaned like lions-Thrust, thrust, thrust, thrust- Ummpph- our 7 ? entirely cum-loaded, erected, bulged, throbbing, masturbated dicks ejaculated cumshot all over each of our crotches.[/COLOR]
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awesome hot story
The Internet is for PORN!
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Oh yes we definitely need more of these... I don't know what exactly it is about it, but there is something that makes this kind of story hotter than others!!
There's nothing quite like the sight of bulging muscle.
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Nice story but the font is a little small!
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