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Old November 14th, 2004, 11:10 AM
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Butch's Buddy

This story is about a year old and was never posted to the MGS Yahoo Group because of the flame war regarding underaged characters in erotic fiction. SO, anyone who has a problem with that should not read on. Otherwise . . .

Butch's Buddy


Uncle Butch's voice interrupted Buddy's workout fantasies and he knew from the tone of it, the teasing, syrupy, insistence, what Butch wanted. He knew he'd go into the lounge area by the pool, right next to the gym where he was slowly lowering the eighth rep, benching 240 pounds, and he'd find Uncle Butch and that buddy of his, Kyle, and they'd both be half-boned in posers, and they'd be wanting to give him another dose of that shit.

"Yeah?" he called back, racking the bar and sitting up.

He already felt strange from what the stuff was doing to him. Not that he minded, really, but it felt odd to be the only kid in the eighth grade with his pubes already mostly grown in, pit hair that showed even with his arms down, practically a full shadow on his face that he already had to shave every day. He'd taken some shit from his buddies in gym class, but he knew they were jealous that he was getting so much more grown up than they were, and so fast. It also felt kind of weird that he was working out all the time, now, almost like he was getting addicted to lifting, and that he was already getting a cut up body like one of the high school jocks. And the other thing, besides how his voice was changing, and the trail of hair suddenly popping out and shooting up from his pubes to a couple inches above his belly button, and the hairs he was sprouting around his nipples and in the middle of his chest, the other thing he was getting so much shit about was how big his dick was getting all of a sudden--his dick and his balls, both. Strange, weird, but even with the teasing, pretty fucking cool in a way.

"Come on in here. Kyle's here." Butch's sing-songy delivery sounded so taunting. "He brought something."

So, he'd been right. Shit. He stood up and looked at himself in the mirror. How long had he been here, since his Uncle Butch took him in? Three months? Already he barely recognized himself when he looked in the mirror, and he looked all the time lately. Easter, he was a gangly, stretched out, skinny kid with the beginnings of a mustache, a few hairs on his chin, a few at the base of his dick, and now, after only a couple doses of whatever they were giving him, he looked like a fairly buff high school guy, and, standing there in the tiny poser Butch made him wear he had a bulge down there that was almost embarrassing if it didn't feel so cool, so grown-up, so masculine. He was starting to get hard. He could feel the rush of blood. But that was okay. It was totally cool to be hard around Butch, and even Kyle. In face, he'd boned in front of several of Butch's muscle buds, as Butch liked to call his workout buddies, and it was always cool. They usually did too, and this whole new thing of being naked with grown up guys and everything being just a bunch of guys together, all cool with being naked and getting boners and even jacking off and stuff, it was all that.

He walked into the lounge, and, sure enough, there was Butch, lying back on a chaise in one of his posers, all muscular with those posers packed so full, and Kyle, sitting at a table with all that shit he would bring. There was a vial, a syringe. Kyle was also in a poser, a red one, which looked good with his dark tan and his pale blond hair, and Buddy could see they both had the slightly rounded pointy bulge that let him know they were excited about giving him this dose. It always excited them. And Buddy thought it was funny, but the fact that it excited them somehow excited him. He just wished he could remember what happened after they gave him the shot. Both times, he remembered that other guys came over too, some of Butch's muscle buddies. He even thought he remembered another guy about his own age, but he'd asked Butch, and Butch said, no, just the guys. He remembered that they let him drink beer, and Butch said he didn't hold it very well, and that's why he didn't remember much, but when he did next remember, it was the next day, and he woke up to find himself, like in some kind of dream, getting more grown up almost overnight. He'd be getting this hair, his dick would be bigger, which was pretty cool, and he'd be more muscular, his whole body would have a more grown up kind of shape to it, and, most of all, he would feel different in a way that was hard to get a total thought around. More masculine. More into being masculine. More sort of really wanting to lift weights and get muscular like the guys. But the part after the shot was just like some kind of blurry dream. An exciting dream, he thought, because he felt excited when he thought about it, about what he couldn't remember, but weird. It was all so weird.

"Hey, Buddy. Lookin' good there, kid." Kyle smiled, his rough, blond stubble creasing with long dimples on both cheeks. "Ready for another boost?"

He always called it that. A boost. Seemed more like a shove, pushing him to grow up a whole lot faster than anybody else. He knew when it was over, whatever happened, he'd probably get teased more, but there was something so cool in a kind of scary, secret, science fiction kind of way, that he wanted it anyway. He felt like a guinea pig or something, but since he was the charge of his uncle now, since his stupid parents had just given up custody because he was too much for them to take care of, since he didn't really have a choice, anyway, the idea that they were going to do this to him again made him start to get harder. Was he ready? Why not?

"I guess so."

"Hey Buddy," Butch said, "who are you?"

Buddy turned to look at Butch, lying on the chaise. He was so built, so big, like those big professional bodybuilders, bigger than Kyle, who was also like one of those guys. When he heard the question, "who are you?" it made him feel strange, very relaxed, very focused. That question, those words, struck some note in him he couldn't put his finger on, but as he looked at his uncle, it seemed like everything else but the muscular man on the chaise sort of faded away, just went out of focus, and he was totally zoned in on Butch.

"Come on, Buddy," Butch said, a little more insistent. "Who are you?"

Suddenly he knew the answer. It was in him. He saw the words in the piercing blue of his uncle's deep set eyes, staring at him, into him.

"I'm your muscle dude."

The words came out of him, just came out of his mouth, and it made him feel so good to say it.

"That's right. Now, it's time to grow some more. You want to grow, don't you, Buddy?"

"Fuck yeah, sir."

"Good. Then go over there and get your medicine."

Buddy felt like he was in a dream. The needle in Kyle's hand was a ticket to the best roller coaster on the planet. He knew that much. He wasn't even aware of walking, just being in the chair, feeling the jab, the medicine going into his vein, and then, very quickly, the heat.

Oh yeah. Now he remembered. It made him hot. It made his whole body hot.

"Feeling it already, aren't you? Feeling hot, I bet."

"Yeah, Uncle Butch," now he was standing up, and his cock was so hard it was pushing on the skinny side of his poser, about to pop out, and he liked that, liked it a lot, "I feel hot as shit."

Yeah, now he remembered. For some reason, this shit made him swear a lot, too. It made him feel something really cool, sexy, something, to swear, to talk dirty, nasty.

"Kyle, why don't you get Sean? You remember Sean, don't you, Buddy?"

Sean. That was the other guy. Yeah, he remembered. Kyle's stepson. He watched, just stood there, like he couldn't move, his cock so hard, his body feeling so hot, while Kyle went into the other room, the kitchen, maybe, or the living room, and brought in Sean. Yeah, he remembered him. He knew Butch wasn't telling the truth when he said there wasn't another guy, but he didn't know for sure, because he couldn't remember, but now he could. Good looking guy. He watched like a dream going by while they brought him in. He was in a poser, too, and he was all bulging in it, and was the same kind of muscular that Buddy was, and getting the same kind of grown up hair and all, and Buddy just stood like he was in a movie or something while the other kid walked like he was in a trance, and sat down, and got a shot in his arm, and got all hard when he stood up next to Buddy, just like he was.

"So talk to me, Buddy boy." Butch sat up, now. "You like big muscles, don't you?"

"Fuck yeah." God, he loved to talk like that. It made him feel so good.

"And you, Sean," Kyle said, "you like big muscles, too, don't you."

"Fuck yeah."

"Show us your muscles, boys. Do you want to show us your muscles?"

"Fuck yeah."

"What else?"

"Big fuckin' cock. Gettin' a big fuckin' cock."

"Yes, you are. You both are. You like that, too, don't you?"

"Fuck yeah."

Buddy wasn't even sure if it was his voice answering or Sean's. It was like they were the same guy, same place, just the same, feeling so totally turned on and hot. Fuckin' burning hot.

"How can we see them grow with those trunks on? It's okay if you want to take them off."

Yeah, that was what he wanted. He wanted to be naked. He wanted them to see his big cock. He wanted to feel his big balls hanging down on his legs. Sean was taking off his while Buddy pulled his down and stepped out of them.

Then he had to flex. He had to feel his muscles. They were getting big. The burning was in them. Now he remembered. It hurt. It hurt really bad. But it made him want to flex, because the hurting made him bigger, and he liked getting bigger. Sean was doing the same thing, talking the same way. He kept hearing himself, or Sean, it was hard to know who, say "fuckin' muscles gonna get fuckin' huge, big fuckin' cock gonna get fuckin' huge, you fuckin' love making us get fuckin' huge fuckin' muscles and cocks, yeah, fuck yeah, and then he was feeling Sean's muscles, and Sean was feeling his, and they were bigger, and harder, and it felt so hot, getting big, being touched, flexing hard and having Sean feel how big and hard he was getting, and the hair, more hair, whiskers, and they were kissing each other, and feeling each other all over, and rubbing their cocks together, jesus god so big and hurting, burning, getting bigger, and wanting to stick it into him and feel his inside him and sucking on them, and then there were other guys there watching too, and Sean was so hot and handsome and he was so hot and knew he was so handsome, and he was getting big like Butch and Kyle and he could feel his muscles grow, and his cock getting bigger and heavier, and his balls hanging lower, and all he knew was his body and the feelings it gave him, the feelings he got from it, and they were so good, so intense, so masculine, and he loved the maleness of his muscle and his cock and Sean, and even Butch and Kyle and the other guys, all doing stuff while they watched him and Kyle flex and feel themselves getting more muscle and more cock and more hair and . . .

He woke up with a little bit of a headache.

"Buddy, come on."

Butch was calling him for breakfast, a protein drink and scrambled eggs. He threw back the covers to get up, and when he moved, he remembered . . . something. He was in the gym, then, oh yeah, Kyle had come over, and they . . . damn, why couldn't he ever remember what happened after he got one of those shots?

He got up, and the minute he felt his body move, he knew he was bigger. He went to the bathroom and by the time he got to the mirror, his cock was hard, and it was so big. Holy shit, would he get teased now. But there was something so cool, exciting about it. Yeah. He flexed his arm and his biceps popped like a real muscle dude. And there was more hair on his pecs. Shit. His pecs.

"Buddy!" Butch called again.

"Just a minute," Buddy said, as he spontaneously ejaculated all over the mirror looking at himself. If only he could remember . . .
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arpeejay will become famous soon enough
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Thanks for posting this one. I hope there's more of it.

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Old November 14th, 2004, 02:32 PM
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FanTCDude, this story is the best definition I've ever seen of a "guilty pleasure". (grin)

As always, though, beautifully written and conceptualized.....and I HAVE to figure out how you can get into my head and push every damn button all at once......
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Old November 15th, 2004, 12:52 AM
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Good read, I hope there is more to come.
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Old November 15th, 2004, 12:36 PM
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Fantastic story
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Old November 16th, 2004, 10:14 AM
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Don't take this wrong, but it sounds a lot like "Muscleboy" but you wrote that too so it's cool.... I've been wondering what be came of Russell/Muscleboy

An another take on a fun theme is cool...

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