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Old September 14th, 2009, 02:18 PM
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Built That Way


I think my body was just built to be this way.

My brother was my idol. He was eight years older than me. Graduated from high school when I was just seven years old and immediately enlisted in the Marines to get the hell out of our house. Good for him.

He?d come back and visit every couple of years. When I was 12 or 13 he came back for Christmas. He noogied my head, but when we had quiet times together fishing at the river or skipping rocks on the pond, he told me what Vietnam was like. I felt like the one guy he took seriously in the whole wide world. Except I wasn?t much of a man.

He stood about 5?9?. He had thick black stubble where you just knew a beard could grow in a matter of days. His camo uniform set off his well-tanned skin like a movie star. Stripping off his shirt to catch some sun, he revealed a solid chest, slim waist, and arms with rippling veins that snaked down his biceps and into his forearms.

I, on the other hand, was a pasty, skinny white kid. 5?5? and 96 pounds soaking wet. God what I would have given to look like him.

I think that?s why I started lifting. And reading everything I could about bodybuilding. To look like him. Who?d have guessed I?d blow him out of the water?

I lifted hard. And I mean friggin? hard. Three days on, one day off. I started in March. My hunger was insatiable. Soon, mom was making two roasted chickens for dinner: one for me, and one for everyone else. My old man told me I had to get a job if I was gonna keep growing like this. Hell yeah, I?m gonna keep growing like this, I thought. Between March and May I grew an inch in height and my bodyweight shot up from 96 pounds to 116. Yeah, 20 pounds of solid muscle. I know that 116 doesn?t sound like much, but on my previously skinny arms and hollow chest?what a difference. Every bit of me was solid.

I started eating two chickens at dinner. Busted the weights every afternoon in our shithole of a garage. It was so hot?I remember the sweat dripping off my arms as I loaded the rusting metal plates onto the bar, heaving them up with a grunt and an intake of air. It gave me a hard-on as I watched the swelling muscles ripple under the paper-thin skin of my forearms, the veins pulsing through the flesh in a network of ridges. And this is what I mean by my body was built for this. Because I had started lifting in March at a wispy 96 pounds, and by July I stood 5?6? at 152 pounds. You?re reading that right. And in August?by the time school started again, the beginning of my sophomore year?I was 5?7? and a solidly ripped 175.

I know 5?7? doesn?t sound too tall. But if you?re looking to be a champion bodybuilder, that?s about at the top of your height range. And I knew, after 6 months of heavy lifting and solid growth?not only did I WANT to be a champion?but I knew could be. And soon, if only I could get big enough.

When I showed up for the first day of school? well? people didn?t recognize me. As I stood in line to get my classroom assignments, a hand touched my back, feathery through my white cotton T-shirt. Gentle. Soft. I don?t think I was supposed to feel it at first. Then it tentatively poked into my rock-hard muscle.

?Shit,? said a deep voice.

I grinned to myself. It was Jim. My friend, in a way. See, he hung out with me, not really because he liked me, but because I envied him, and he got off on it.

I tensed every muscle in my body, swelling them to capacity. God, Jim must?ve been intimated. He?d last seen me at my old skinny 5?5?. Little did he know the muscle beast standing in front of him was me. I was built with a friggin' thick, ripped-to-the-bone 46? chest, 17? neck, 18? biceps, and 28? washboard waist. My traps swelled through the upper seams of my shirt, adhering it to my flesh like a second skin. My biceps?already pushing the seams of the fabric?tensed and bulged enough to make rip sleeves along the top of each hard baseball peak. My thighs contracted into teardrop shapes, my hamstrings visibly shredding as the thick muscles contracted, my 18? calves screaming above their sports sock and sneakers, a single vein pulsing down each diamond bulge. And my lats?my entire friggin' thick back?flexed and swelled, widening into a monstrously intimidating V-taper that still tingled from Jim?s touch.

?Hey, buddy,? I said, pivoting around to face him head on. I was still an inch shorter than him, but man, I was jacked. A solid 30 pounds heaver, and a shitload of that was solid muscle, compared to Jim?s flabby frame.

?Steve?? he gasped, taking a good step back.

?Yeah,? I said, stepping forward confrontationally. Nose to nose. Heady with my new power.

?Have a good summer?? he stuttered.

?Yeah,? I said, cracking my neck and flexing my thick, heavy pecs through the straining white fabric of my tee. ?Been working out some.?

?No shit,? Jim said. ?You look good.? His jeans formed a slight tent in the crotch.

?Damn straight,? I said.


So this is what it feels like to be a friggin? wet dream.

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arpeejay will become famous soon enough
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Great start! Exactly the kind of story I love (obviously!) Here's hoping there's lots more (and soon!)


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Old September 14th, 2009, 03:05 PM
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Love the V-taper, and the neck crackin'. Nice read.
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Old September 14th, 2009, 04:51 PM
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Dayam Bro This is Fantastic Start, really freakin hot!! Got me boned right at the start and I love how fast and huge he's growing! Your description of different muscle and the size he's packing is fantastic! You really captivate the feeling of being huge, and the energy in this story is just plain RAW! Great Job man Gonna save the next two chapters for a little fun session tonight

Just random advice tho don't post to many chapters at once. Give people a chance to read and comment, otherwise your chapters will be lost in the mixture of all the new stories

Last edited by TeenMuscleGod; September 14th, 2009 at 04:56 PM.
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Old September 17th, 2009, 05:48 PM
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Anyone else who reads this...

Love to know your thoughts! And don't miss chapter 2!
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