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Old September 16th, 2009, 08:55 AM
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Built That Way 4


I released the asshole and pushed him forward and slightly to the left, sending him smacking face-first into the row of green lockers, his body hitting right next to where Jim stood, paralyzed and watching intently. His clothes were still rumpled from the beating the asshole had intended to give him.

The asshole peeled his face from the metal, cracked his jaw, and quickly gathered his jock composure as he wheeled to face me. He was moving so fast, so much on instinct, I don?t think he realized who he was dealing with until it was too late.

As he spun around, it was clear that he expected a challenger standing at least equal to his own 6 feet in height. So when he looked down at my 5?7?, he grinned, snarled, hauled back, and planted a right hook into my belly with every bit of power he could muster.

Poor guy. I think it was just right before his fist made contact with my etched-brick abs that he realized his mistake. The blow glanced off my solid abdomen, and the asshole?s eyes widened as he realized that even though I was five inches shorter than him, I outweighed him by about 25 pounds, all of it muscle. I grinned.

The asshole scrambled backward in surprise, banging up against the green lockers once more. I stepped forward, grabbed the scruff of his collar with both hands, and lifted him off the ground, all the way this time, his pullover and jacket stretching and threatening to choke him. His eyes widened in ear.

?So you?d like to fuck with me instead?? I growled right in his face. ?Is that what you?re saying??

The asshole had no words. He just stared into my dark eyes, terrified, speechless. He may have whimpered a little.

?That?s a bad idea,? I said, tightening my grip some more just to hear him whimper again. Then I quickly planted one muscled leg behind me, stepped back, and threw him forward again, slamming him into the row of lockers, letting him go and drop to the floor in a defeated heap.

?Get the fuck out of here,? I said, towering over him. The asshole looked up into my dark smoldering eyes one last time?I think to make sure I was really letting him go?and then scrambled down the hall without looking back.

Now I turned my attention to Jim, still frozen up against the lockers but obviously looking relieved.

?Steve,? he breathed, ?that was amazing.?

But with all this testosterone raging through my thickly muscled body, Jim wasn?t getting off that easy. I stepped forward, grabbing his hands and pinning them to the locker, one on each side of his head. I stood directly in front of Jim?all tan, leanly 165 pounds of him?my meaty paws and thick, rippling forearms pushing his own slender hands and sinewy forearms up against the cold metal, holding him captive.

?You think you get off that fucking easy?? I asked. ?This is the first time you talk to me all year? and only because I saved your scrawny ass??

A flicker of fear raced through Jim?s eyes. He strained a little against my bulk. What was he thinking? I grinned and pressed every bit of my hard 197 pound body up against his, legs to legs, chest to chest, abs to abs, grinding against him, my dark, stubbled face right in his clean-shaven one. Huh. Jim was hard. So was I.

?You think you get off this fucking easy?? I yelled again, slamming his hands against the locker repeatedly. ?What?s the matter with you?!?

?How did you get so big? so strong??? Jim gasped. I could feel his boner getting harder, warmer through his jeans.

It was no secret that Jim lifted. His lean, sinewy body was proof enough of that. But I don?t think he ever ate enough to gain much real muscle like I had. Or, he just wasn?t built that way.

?Is that the problem?? Almost unexpectedly, my anger started to dissolve as I realized what was really going on here. Jim was jealous. And lustful. I grinned, grinding against him more, pressing my heavily muscled chest into him so hard that he was having trouble breathing, alternating it with thrusts of my hips that ground his hips into the metal locker behind. ?You don?t have little Stevie to feel superior to anymore??

Jim bit his lip. I wanted to push by body against his even harder, but though better of it, in case the locker should buckle behind him.

?Well, get used to it,? I said. ?Because you ain?t seen shit yet.?

I pressed his arms back again hard into the metal, one last time for effect, and then quickly stepped back, releasing him. Jim slumped there, weakly, breathing heavily, his denim crotch tented and hard.

I looked around hall at the other students, who were quiet, pretending to be looking anywhere else, doing anything else?but who had really watched the entire thing. The girls. The guys. Everyone.

?I?ve gotta workout to do,? I said to no one in particular, and walked away down the hall, leaving weak-kneed Jim to wonder what was to come.

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Hehe, yes, that would be good.
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Old September 17th, 2009, 10:46 AM
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Another fucking hot chapter bro!! I could really visualize the whole thing, especially there boners grinding together damn that was hot! Just wish there was more clothes ripping, I would have loved to have seen his muscle bulge so huge and freaky that his top just exploded right off his body.. but thats just me... maybe lol

Still a bonerific chapter tho
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Old September 17th, 2009, 03:55 PM
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Thanks man. We are gonna get HUGE and SUPER DOMINATING soon enough. Hope to leave everyone panting for more.
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