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Old October 10th, 2009, 10:34 PM
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....Does a Body Good Part 1

So..i've been asked to write longer stories..and honestly I cannot! I mean I have like ADHD but with porn, can't focus on anything too long, so this is a story in multiple easy to write and read parts!..also I gotta stress, this is not for everyone, please see prev stories for info...

Finally, this is a cliched story, which is not going to win a Pulitzer, but it may help get you off! if so, i'm just as pleased!


Billy listened in, his dad fucking once again! He could hear the random woman screaming through the wall, "OH JASON MORE! OHH GOD!" she would scream out, every woman the same thing, "YOU"RE SO BIG JASON!" and he could hear his father reply "You love it deep don't you bitch?"

Billy wasn't sure why these women kept coming back if his father treated them like that but, they always seemed to come back! Finally Billy crept out of his room, down the long hallway to catch a glimpse for himself, see who his father brought home this time! At 17 Billy didn't have that many girflriends, any really, so he liked to think about what his dad has and hope he could get people like that!

Carefully tiptoeing over the creaking floorboards, Billy watched wide eyed through the slit in the door, he could see his dad's thick form thrusting away, the legs of the new woman wrapped tightly around him. Billy jumped as he heard his dad shouting "OH COME ON BITCH! NOT YET! YOU GOTTA LET ME CUM FIRST!" and then his father started swearing! The woman's legs dropped, unconscious around his body, "Like I can finish with you like this bitch!" Jason sighed pulling out, still painfully hard, walking towards the bathroom, his 6'6 body walking heavily, covered in sweat, precum dripping off the end of his 10 inch dick.

Billy could pick up the thick smell of booze, his dad was drinking hard that night, and looked pissed as he walked towards the open door, Billy almost forgot to get up, but as quick as he could he rushed to his own bedroom again, didn't want to get into a fight with his father! At only 5ft and a bit, if his father caught him watching he'd kick his ass!

Lying there, waiting, blanket tucked around over his head he could hear his father's thundering footsteps as he walked into the bathroom. "Well," thought BIlly, "He's gonna finish up in there and I can get some sleep finally!" Turning over, and drifting off, he was started awake as his door creaked open. The smell of sweat, sex and booze pouring in.

"Hey Billy" Slurred Jason "Next time film it or something" He laughed hearing his son whimper "I know you were there for the end, but I'm just sorry you didn't get to see the finale! I mean bitch can't even handle me! what can you do!" He laughed walking and sitting down on the edge of his son's bed, his mind flooded with booze, and sex. "Well..actually you're so interested.." Jason said calmly as he flicked the blanket aside, seeing his frail little son trembling. He slowly turned him over, seeing a tent in the boxers.

"I'm sorry dad..I was just.." Billy cried out his father placing his wide hand across his face, flushed with embarassment.

"Hey, no need little buddy! I understand!" Jason gestured to his crotch and Billy's eyes bulged out of his head! His dad was still ROCK hard! "I didn't have time to finish with her..think you could help your old man out? I'd return the favour!"

Billy was stunned! He couldn't even speak a word! But as he stared up at his father's glazed eyes, his square jaw clenching as he slowly squeezed the base of his dick. Billy just reached over, slowly and grabbed hold, feeling the heat just searing his hand! He started to stroke and after only two or three his father's dick his father was standing infront of him, hips bucking into his son's fist.

"Hurry up Billy! I'm gonna cum soon!" he boomed, and just as Billy's hands started to ache, his arms burning from the motion, Billy watched as his fathers dick started to swell up, pushing his fingers apart as a thick torrent of cum burst out! Billy flinched watching the first 8 or so streams soar over his head hitting the back wall.

"Wow dad!" he laughed amazed at how much his father was shooting! but before he could even close his open mouth a massive wad smashed into the back of his throat. Billy coughed, gasping, the taste was salty and it burned all the way down! He was gagging as the last few drops fell to the bedsheets, his father's throbbing dick slowly softening in his son's tight grip.

"Well Billy" His father panted, pleased he came so hard! "Now it's your turn!" he laughed as he drunkenly groped down to his son's cock. Billy gasped, his dads cold hand wrapping around his small dick almost hurt! and he was still reeling from the force of that blow!

Jason worked his son's dick up and down, watching his son's face start to flush, "You Gonna cum that fast boy?" He laughed as he stroked the hard little dick away, he was upset almost disappointed until he felt the dick start to throb in his hand "Oh! Not hard yet! NICE!" He laughed as he could feel Billy's dick start to throb and push his fingers apart!

It was getting pretty thick for a teen his age! but Billy was just LOST! his mind washed over with how incredible this felt! how wrong this was! and how hot he felt! sweat was pouring off his body dripping off every hair and he could tell he was close to shooting! in all the excitement he didn't even notice his boxers starting to strain around his legs, as the slowly started to throb!

Jason was getting tired! His son's dick a now respectable 8 inches was still throbbing, the head too swollen for his single fist to wrap around, he could tell his son was cumming soon but more than that, he could see his son's body covered in sweat and was seeing definition there that wasn't when he went to bed! Almost like a swimmers build! abs pushing through the tight skin, hair starting to sprout! he didn't know what to say! until his concentration was shattered by the massive eruption of cum all over the bed!

Jason laughed watching his son's body convulse from the orgasm, and got up to leave watching his son lying there, covered in his cum, sweat covering his new abs, as well as a coarse coat of body hair! He laughed it off, thinking he's simply drunk and wandered to his own room, knocking the still unconscious bimbo out of his bed onto the floor.

The next morning, Jason sat at the kitchen table, the new flavour of the week cooking something, he didn't really care, his mind was flooded with what happened last night, between cumming on his own only son, and watching his son suddenly turning into this MAN it was enough to make him swear off booze! He laughed at the thought and continued to eat the massive pile of food infront of him.

"HEY DAD!" Billy boomed as he walked into the room, and Jason's jaw dropped! Standing there, his body easily 5'5, thick chest hair pushing out the top of his collar, mixing with his 5 oclock shadow, he simply looked amazing! "Last night was INCREDIBLE!" Billy laughed taking a seat, fidgeting in his tighter clothing, and Jason just marveled seeing the boys new body, sitting there, flexing.

"It DID happen! My son GREW!" he thought to himself...but WHY?
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Old October 11th, 2009, 06:51 AM
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If he wanna know so bad, he should try doing the saem again hehe
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Old October 11th, 2009, 08:53 AM
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Oh, he will! he certainly will! and then some!
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Old October 11th, 2009, 12:28 PM
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Great start! I hope there will be more of Billy and his dad! :-)


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