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Old December 3rd, 2009, 08:44 AM
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Before and After - Part 2

Part 1:

Before and After - Part 2
By John D.

?Okay, enough talk,? said Chad. ?Now you gotta work!? Chad handed Jimmy two sheets of paper. ?The first sheet is your beginner exercises. I?m gonna show you how to do them today. Then I?ll be around if you have any questions. We?re gonna warm up with a light weight and then raise the weight so you can get about 10 reps. So you?ll do two sets of each exercise. After you become more advanced you can go to three or four sets but you?re way too skinny now for that. The second sheet is a list of the foods you should eat and the foods you should not eat. If you want to put on muscle, you gotta eat the right foods to do it. You gotta eat more protein. You can still eat carbs and fat, ?cause you?re so skinny, but lay off the pizza and french fries and stuff like that. Just eat the good stuff. And you?re so skinny maybe you should take some protein powder. You can get it at a heath foods store. With the exercise and good food maybe you?ll gain a few pounds of muscle and feel a lot better. That?s all part of our wellness program. I wanna make you well!?

Jimmy looked at the exercise sheet and then at the food list. He wondered it he was really going to be able to do this. He had never lifted anything heavier that a small computer and he ate all kinds of junk food. But he was very encouraged by Chad. Chad really was giving him inspiration. And if he came to the gym he got to see Chad. He got to see Chad?s body and maybe even feel his muscles. That was incentive right there. So he decided to try it. ?Okay,? he said.

Chad smiled. ?Come with me.? He led Jimmy to a bike. ?First you?re gonna do some cardio to warm up your body. Ten minutes of bike riding. You can do that, right?? Jimmy nodded his head. ?Yeah, I think so.? Chad patted him on the back. ?Good. Get on and set the resistance to something that makes you work a little but not too much. I?m gonna put these pics on a CD. I?ll be right back.?

So Jimmy rode the bike. He hadn?t had this kind of exercise in years. He rode a bike when he was a kid but he hadn?t done anything physical since he was about 12. At the end of 10 minutes he was getting tired. Chad came out of his office and handed him a CD. ?Here it is, Jimmy boy. I like the pictures of us standing together. I look so good standing next to a geek like you. Sometimes I don?t realize how good I look until I see pictures like these.? He flexed his arm and admired his muscle. Jimmy was staring at that muscle too.

?Okay, time for the real exercises. You?re gonna do two sets of each exercise. The first set will just be a warm up and we?ll use real light weights. The second set will be heavier. I?ll try to make it so you can do about 10 reps. In a month or so, if you put on some muscle, you can go to three or four sets. That?s how you really build big strong muscles like mine.?

So Chad guided Jimmy through the routine on the sheet of paper. ?The first exercise is lat pulldowns. These are your lats and this exercise will make ?em grow.? Chad flexed his lats and Jimmy stared in wonder at the enormous slabs of muscle that slashed from his wide shoulders down to his narrow hips. ?Here?s how you do it.? Chad placed the peg at the 150 pound mark, the last mark on the weights. He was going to use all the weights on the rack. He got down, put his knees under the pad and pulled down the bar. ?See my lat muscles working? Go ahead and feel ?em. Feel what happens to ?em when I do the set.? Jimmy wrapped his skinny little fingers around Chad?s huge lat muscles. ?Oh my god,? he murmured and Chad grinned. Chad started cranking out the reps. ?You feel my lats getting bigger, getting harder? They?re getting pumped. When I work ?em hard like this they get flooded with blood. The blood makes ?em bigger and harder and it really makes ?em grow. And it feels so good to get a pump. It?s almost as good as sex. My muscles just feel so good when they?re all pumped up.? Chad cranked out 15 reps and Jimmy gasped as he felt his lats getting bigger and harder with each rep. When Chad finished he jumped up off the seat and flexed his lats right in front of Jimmy. ?See how the muscles bulge? See all the veins? See all the muscle fibers? Yeah, that?s a good pump. I hope you can get a pump. Some guys just can?t get a pump at all and their muscles just don?t grow. The guys who get a good pump are the ones who grow big muscles. Very few guys in this gym get any kind of pump. All you guys are geeks. But maybe you can do it. We?ll see. I?m here to give you hope.? Chad looked down and saw a huge bulge under Jimmy?s shorts. Jimmy was rock hard. Chad laughed. ?See if you can hold it until after the workout,? said Chad as he grinned and flexed his lats even harder.

So Chad did all the exercises first, to Jimmy?s delight, and he let Jimmy touch his working muscles as he lifted weights that Jimmy could not even imagine lifting. Then Jimmy did them. Chad showed Jimmy the muscles on his huge body and how the exercises worked them. Chad looked like an anatomical chart in a doctors office. You could see every muscle under his thin tan skin. As Jimmy did the exercises, Chad corrected his form and prodded him to do the exercises correctly. Jimmy started out with almost no weight for his warmup and then Chad added 10 or 20 pounds, very light weights for a very skinny boy. And Jimmy barely managed to crank out eight to 12 reps with that weight. Chad was a very good guesser at Jimmy?s strength, actually the lack of any strength. They did the lat pulldowns, machine rowing, military presses. lateral raises, bench presses, incline dumbbell presses, barbell curls, dumbbells curls, triceps pressdowns and french presses.

At the end of this upper body workout, Jimmy was exhaused. He had never worked this hard in years and years. He wondered if he had a pump. He reached up and felt his lats and he thought he felt some hard muscle that he never had felt before. He was exhausted and wanted to stop, but he wasn?t done. He still had to do legs. He did squats, leg presses, leg extensions and hamstring curls. Now Jimmy was panting with exhaustion. Chad kept talking to him, saying things like ?You can do it Jimmy! Push that weight. Make your muscles work. Get a pump! Make ?em grow!? This really encouraged Jimmy and he drove through the workout even though he was now in pain. Finally he did situps. He could only do five situps so Chad made him do four sets, a total of 20. At the end of the workout Chad slapped him on the back and said, ?Good job, geek boy. You really worked hard. Now go take a shower and eat real good for the next two days. I?ll see you in here the day after tomorrow. You gotta rest and let your muscles grow.? Jimmy nodded and staggered to the locker room and shower. Now he was wondering again if he could really do this. He looked at Chad and hoped that he could. As soon as he got inside the locker room he found an empty secluded space and immediately beat off.

Jimmy could barely move as he left the gym. All his muscles were sore. He got in his car and went to the supermarket. He looked the list of foods that Chad had given him and bought them. He was going to try the program. He was going to give up junk foods, at least for a couple weeks and see what happened. And low and behold, the supermarket had some protein powder too. So he bought a big jar. Next to the protein powder were bottles of Muscle Milk. He studied the labels and saw that they were protein milkshakes. You could drink these instead of Coke or Dr. Pepper and put even more protein into your body. So he bought a bunch of those too. He was going to eat a lot of protein. That?s what Chad said to do and Jimmy wanted to do whatever Chad told him to do.

He got home and made dinner using the good foods Chad had listed. He thought he was hungrier than usual and he actually had a second portion of food. Must have been the working out, he thought. All that work made my stomach get real empty. After dinner he loaded the pictures onto his laptop and brought it into his bedroom. He marveled at the pictures of Chad and marveled at how good Chad looked and how terrible he looked. He beat off three times as he looked at those pictures and thought about him touching Chad?s huge muscles. So that made four for the day. It was a record. He had been more aroused than ever. He was beginning to like the wellness program. Before he went to bed, he had a glass of milk with protein powder. He thought it was strange that he was hungry again so soon after dinner.

The next morning he woke up and he was ravenously hungry. He had never been this hungry in the morning in his life. Usually he just had a bowl of cereal, but now he wanted lots more food. He had two bowls of cereal, some eggs and some toast. And then he had another protein drink. Finally he was full. His body was still sore but he actually felt pretty good. He was more awake than he usually was at this time and he was ready to do some hard programming.

He felt he was more alive at the office that morning and he thought he was working faster and better than he had before. Maybe that wellness program really works, he thought. The other guy in his cubicle was a straight guy named Ben. Ben looked very average. He was about 5?9? tall and probably weighed around 160 pounds. He had played soccer when he was younger, but he didn?t do anything athletic now. He had a small pot belly from all the beers he drunk. He decided not to participate in the wellness program. Like most straight guys, he thought his body was just fine. He had no trouble picking up girls - maybe not the hottest girls, but at least some girls. ?So how did your wellness program workout go?? he asked. ?Do you feel more well?? He laughed. ?It was pretty brutal,? said Jimmy. The trainer really made me work hard. My body?s still real sore. Then he gave me a list of foods to eat so I?m trying to eat those. And I?ve been real hungry. The workout made me real hungry.? Ben laughed. ?Ya know gay guys can?t build any real muscle. You guys are all wimps. I?ve seen pictures of wimpy gay guys with angel wings on your backs. I?ve seen videos of the gay parades where you all dress up in stupid costumes and blow kisses at each other. You?re all skinny and weak. You gotta be a straight guy like me to build any muscle. I could build a lot of muscle but I don?t give a fuck. I?m happy just the way I am . Maybe you?ll add a few pounds and look more normal like me.? Jimmy looked at Ben in disbelief. ?Do I look like I would wear angel wings on my back? Do I look like I?d wear a stupid costume in a parade?? Ben looked at Jimmy, who actually looked just like a straight guy. ?Well, no. You kind of look straight. And you kinda act straight. But I know you?re gay so you can?t build any muscle.? Jimmy flexed his skinny arm that had a little more muscle in it than the day before. ?What if I get so big and strong I could just pick you up and fuck your little straight ass. How would that feel, straight boy?? Ben laughed. ?Shit, that?s never gonna happen. I?m the man around here. You?re just a wimpy little gay guy. And gay guys can?t build any muscle. It?s in their genes. They?re born to be wimpy and weak.? Jimmy shook his head.

By lunchtime Jimmy was ravenously hungry again. Right at 12:00 he said to Ben, ?Let?s eat! I?m really hungry!? Usually they didn?t eat until 12:30 or 1:00, but Ben agreed. They went down to the free cafeteria. Luckily, Google provided an unlimited amount of free food for their employees in their cafeteria. And there was a lot of good food besides all the junk that Jimmy usually ordered. So he had two big pieces of fish, some chicken, rice and vegetables. And two glasses of milk. He realized he was eating about four times as much food as he usually did. But he was hungry and he wanted to eat. Ben couldn?t believe how much food Jimmy had taken. And now he was eating all of it. ?Whoa, you really were hungry,? he said as he ate a piece of pizza. By mid afternoon Jimmy was hungry again. He wished he had brought some Muscle Milk to the office. He would do that tomorrow. He bought a few granola bars and wolfed them down with some milk.

So this increased eating continued for two days. The soreness finally went away from his muscles. He felt his arm and he thought he felt some muscle bulging, muscle that wasn?t there two days before. And he sort of felt some muscle in his shoulders and his pecs and his lats. Could he really be building muscle? He was excited. He was ready for his next workout.

He walked into the gym and Chad immediately saw him. ?So how to you feel, Jimmy? Were you sore?? Jimmy smiled. ?Yeah, I was really sore after that workout but I feel fine now. And I was eating a ton of food. I went out and bought all the good food you listed and I ate a ton of it. And I bought some protein powder and Muscle Milk and I?m eating that too. I was always so hungry the last two days. Its like I had to eat every three hours or so. My stomach was like a bottomless pit.? Chad smiled. ?Wow, you really got into it. Most guys aren?t as dedicated as you after their first workout. Let?s see how much you weigh. Let?s see if you put on any muscle.? Jimmy got on the scale. Chad looked down and yelled ?Holy shit! You gained five pounds! You gained five pounds. And I think it was muscle! Way to go geek! You gained more weight after your first workout than any other geek in this whole company! Your skinny body really wanted to grow. You worked out, you ate the good food and look what happened! Way to go!? He slapped Jimmy on the back and gave him a high five.

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Yeah! that's what we wanna see! 5 lbs. every three days! :-)


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Now there are two guys to get their comeuppance at the hands of the eventual new Jimmy!
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Originally Posted by philat99 View Post
Now there are two guys to get their comeuppance at the hands of the eventual new Jimmy!
I'm almost pretty sure Chad's gonna be all right. Ben, on the other hand, yeah...

Really enjoying this one, John. Thanks.
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Good to see that the "buff jock" isn't necessarily going to be the jerk here!

"Wearing angel wings on your back?!"

Is that a snarky reference to "Angels in America"??

Good cultural snarkiness!

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