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Old December 13th, 2009, 09:34 AM
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Before and After - Part 6

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Before and After - Part 6
By John D.

So Jimmy did his first split routine workout, blasting his pec muscles. His maximum 90 pound bench press of Friday was now his warmup weight. And he did 20 easy reps. He maxed out on the bench with 145 pounds. He was able to use the Olympic weights after just one week of lifting. And he was more than 50% stronger in all his other exercises too. At the end of the workout his pecs were absolutely burning. They were pumped up beyond belief. His skin was red as the blood surged through the muscle. Muscle fibers were bulging under his skin and veins were visible everywhere. Brian rubbed his fingers over Jimmy's pec muscles and groaned as he felt the rock hard muscle fibers. "I can hardly wait to get fucked by you" he whispered. "I wanna feel those big hard pec muscles while you're fucking the shit outta me." Jimmy did his ab exercises, drank two Muscle Milks, took a shower with Brian soaping up his body and moaning with muscle worship pleasure and then the two of them went to Jimmy's apartment. They fucked four times that night in between the protein snacks, huge dinner and protein shakes Jimmy was consuming like a man whose muscles were demanding more and more protein.

Despite Steve's prediction, Jimmy kept growing. His muscles loved his new workout routine, growing bigger and stronger every day. At the end of week two, he weighed 165 pounds, a gain of 17 pounds in a week. His cubicle mate Ben couldn't believe what was happening to him. He kept having to buy new clothes, going from a men's small to a men's large in two weeks. He had gained 40 pounds of rock hard muscle. But instead of men's large, he bought extra large. He knew his muscles were going to get bigger and fill out his extra large shirts. He came into his cubicle wearing an extra large polo shirt. "Shirt's a little loose but I'm gonna fill it up with muscle in a couple of weeks," said Jimmy. He pulled up his sleeve and flexed his arm. "It's gettin' huge, Ben. And so fucking strong." He walked up to Ben and put his hands under his armpits. Then he lifted him up easily, pressing him overhead. He did ten reps and dropped Ben to the floor. "You're fucking light. I can press 180 pounds over my head now. You feel like a fucking pillow. And next week I'm gonna be even stronger. Pretty soon I'll be able to press you up with one arm. I'm gettin' so strong so fast. And you said gay guys couldn't build any muscle!" Ben kind of shuddered as he looked up at Jimmy's body from the floor. Jimmy rubbed his cock, which was now semi-hard. "And I'm gonna fuck your little straight ass. I bet you'd like that, wouldn't you straight boy. Getting fucked by a huge gay dude with rock hard muscles who's as strong as a bull." Jimmy grabbed Ben and pulled him up so his face was facing Jimmy's crotch. Then he pressed the back of Ben's head and rubbed his face on his cock, which was now fully hard. "And a nice cocksuck, too. I bet you'd make a good cocksucker, straight boy. Maybe you'll turn into a gay dude. It's fun being gay. And when you've got me around you'll have lots of muscle to worship. Just like Brian. He loves my body." Jimmy laughed and dropped Ben to the ground. Then he went to work on his computer as Ben, still trembling, got up and went to his computer. He didn't know if Jimmy was serious or not. But he did think Jimmy's body was pretty incredible. He wondered what it would look like when it got even bigger, even stronger. His cock got a little hard as he thought about it.

At the end of week four, Jimmy weighed 195 pounds. He now looked like a real muscle jock. Not a fat former jock like Steve but a rock hard solid muscle jock. He looked like a muscular waterpolo player, those guys with incredibly buff bodies who push and kick each other in the pool. With his blue eyes and light brown hair he was gorgeous. He looked like a male model except his muscles were bigger, more defined and harder than most male models.

Jimmy had gained 70 pounds in a month. Chad took another set of pictures and now Jimmy looked almost as big as Chad. Chad was an inch shorter and he was 10 pounds heavier so his muscles looked bigger. But Jimmy was catching up fast. Both he and Chad knew that in a week Jimmy would be bigger than Chad. Taller and heavier. And stronger. Jimmy was now benching 375 pounds, Chad's maximum. Net week it would be more. He knew it and Chad knew it. His "after" pictures looked fantastic. Brian thought he should turn them in to a magazine, but Jimmy persuaded him to wait. "Wait for another month," he said. "Then I'll really be huge. I'll blow those people away."

During the next week, Jimmy gained another 15 pounds. He now weighed 210 and he was still solid muscle. Because his waist had remained small at 29 inches, the rest of his muscles looked huge. And they were so striated and defined his looked like a the muscle chart in a doctor's office, only bigger. In the office all the girls would come up and want to touch Jimmy's muscles. They would hand him their phone numbers. Most of them didn't know he was gay. He was treated like a star on his floor. Everybody wanted to talk to Jimmy. Everybody wanted to know Jimmy. Of course the guys were jealous. They all wished they looked like Jimmy. Monday morning the boss of Jimmy's manager's boss came into his cubicle, the boss of his boss of his boss. Ben and Jimmy looked at him in shock. This boss never came to talk to the computer engineers. He managed over 300 people and he was hardly ever seen on their floor. He immediately went up to Jimmy. "I don't think we've met. I'm Jack." He held out his hand. Jimmy shook it using a firm and confident grip, still not knowing what was happening. Jack looked at him. "You don't look like most of our engineers. You look so healthy, so fit. Most of our programmers look like dorks." He looked over at Ben who tried to hide. Jimmy smiled. "Well, I joined the wellness program and my body really responded fast to the exercises. I've put on a lot of muscle. Thanks for the compliment."

Jack looked back at Jimmy. "You know we have a big sales department, staffed with guys who don't know a thing about computers. They're all former jocks and stuff and, just between you and me, they don't know shit. What they need is someone like you to shape 'em up, to teach them about what they sell. And you'd be perfect for the job because they'll respect you. If I sent a dork in there they'd laugh and pick on him. They're not gonna laugh at you. So. beginning two weeks from now, if you want the job, I?d like to promote you to co-sales manager. You and the existing manager will run the group. He provides the sales expertise and you provide the technical expertise. You can also inspire the salesmen by looking so good and still knowing what you?re doing. How's that sound?" Jimmy looked at Ben and grinned. He reached out and shook Jack's hand. "That sounds great, sir. I'd love to do it." Jack patted Jimmy on his broad back. "Good. There's a nice raise in store for you too. And a year end bonus. I hope you kick those salesmen's asses." Jack turned around and left the cubicle.

Jimmy turned to Ben and said "Holy shit!" Ben looked at Jimmy in awe. ?My god,? he said. ?Here I thought gay guys were all wimps, wimps who like to dress up with angel wings. But look at you. You?ve gotten so big, so strong. I?ve been watching your muscles grow bigger every day and I can?t believe it. And now the big boss comes in and gives you a promotion! You are such a stud! I can?t believe how big and strong you?ve gotten. I love to watch your body grow. I don?t want you to leave this cubicle!? Jimmy looked down and saw that Ben?s cock was hard. He walked over and put his hand on it. Ben immediately blushed. ?So the straight boy likes the gay boy?s big muscles, huh.? Ben nodded his head. Jimmy grinned. ?I told you I?d make you go gay. And it looks like I?ve done it. You?re gay for my body. You?re gay for my growing muscles.? Jimmy picked Ben up and pressed him overhead a few times, grinning as he did it. Ben felt Jimmy?s huge arms and shoulders. ?Yeah I am,? he said sheepishly. ?I want you to fuck me, Jimmy. I know you like to fuck guys. I?ve heard you on the phone talking about fucking them, how you can cum four or five times a night. I want you to fuck me tonight. I wanna feel your huge muscles while you fuck the shit outta me. I?ve never been fucked before and I want you to do it. I wanna be fucked by the biggest most beautiful muscle stud I?ve ever seen.? Jimmy really had made Ben go gay for him. He squeezed Ben?s cock. Then he rubbed his own big cock against Ben?s body. ?Tonight,? he said.

So Jimmy fucked Ben four times that night. Ben almost hobbled in to the cubical the next day because his ass was so sore. But he immediately went up to Jimmy and felt his muscles. "How about tonight?" he said as he looked into Jimmy's blue eyes as he felt those bulging muscles. Jimmy grinned. "So the straight boy liked it, huh? Well my roommate Brian, who is also my cook, is gonna get fucked tonight. He was jealous I fucked you last night. But he doesn't mind if I fuck other guys. He knows I'm a horny young man. But he likes to get fucked too. So wait till Wednesday. Then I'll fuck the shit outta you again." Ben smiled and rubbed his hand over Jimmy's hard round ass. "Ummmm," he said.

Jimmy met his co-manager and prepared to start his new job in two weeks. He would even get an office, not just a cubicle. And of course he was still working out every day, one body part per day and eating like a horse. He ate a ton of Brian's good food and he was stuffing himself in between meals with protein shakes and Muscle Milks. Plus he was taking creatine and a whole host of vitamins.

In that week, he gained another 15 pounds of muscle. It was unbelievable how much muscle he could put on in such a short time. In six weeks he had gone from 125 pounds to 225 pounds. And he was still solid muscle. He now looked like an extremely muscular water polo player, the most muscular player on the team. Or maybe a strong football player, a quarterback or running back made of solid muscle. He looked fantastic. Brian spent most of his time in the gym spotting Jimmy, but he kept working out too. He wanted to keep his body nice and trim and keep his bubble butt round and firm for Jimmy. He couldn't build any big muscles the way Jimmy could, but he lost most of his fat and he looked pretty damn good even though he only weighed 110 pounds. And his bubble butt looked fantastic.

That weekend Jimmy went home to visit his parents since it was his mother's birthday. He wore a tee shirt that hugged his body. It was a men's large and it was small on his huge muscular chest and broad wide shoulders. His rippling arms filled up the arm holes. But his waist was a trim 29-1/2 inches, all solid muscle. His shorts showed off his big buff legs. He knocked on door and his mother opened it. She looked directly at Jimmy's bulging pecs and said, "Sorry, no solicitors," and she started to close the door. Jimmy grabbed it and said, "Mom it's me." She looked up and saw his face. "Oh my god," she said, almost collapsing. "What happened to you? You got so big!" Jimmy smiled and flexed his right arm, which almost burst through the fabric. "I've been working out, mom. Google has a wellness program and I've been lifting every day in the gym. And my muscles really exploded! I never worked my muscles before and now they really want to grow. And I've gotten so strong! I can bench 425 pounds. When I started I could only bench 35 pounds. So I've gotten more than 10 times stronger! And I'm always hungry mom. So I hope you bought a lot of good food. Good food with lots of protein. And I'm gonna go to the store and buy more protein. My muscles need a lot of protein because they're still growing like crazy."

Jimmy's mom watched her son's muscles twitch and flex as he walked into the living room. "Oh my god, Jimmy. You were always so small, so skinny. And now look at you! You're so big and muscular. You're gonna give your brother a big shock. Rob was always the athlete in our family. And now look at you. Your muscles are way bigger than his. He's gonna fall over when he sees you. He's watching TV in the family room."

Jimmy smiled and sneered at the same time. His brother Rob was two years older than him and he always made sure that Jimmy knew who was the boss around the house. Rob played soccer and baseball as a kid. He didn't make the teams in high school, but he still considered himself a jock and hung out with all the jocks. And he kept beating up his brother all the time. Things really got bad when Jimmy came out to his family and told them he was gay when he was 13 years old. His mom and dad were supportive of him, but Rob dominated him even more. He called him a fag. He said he was ashamed to be living with a fag brother. He punched him all the time and laughed at Jimmy's gay friends who were all wimpy fags just like his brother. Jimmy tried to stay away from his brother. He hung out with his gay friends and never went anywhere near a gym. But he lived in the same house with Rob and Rob made life hell for him. After Rob graduated from high school he worked as a mechanic?s helper. He never went to college. He now spent most of his time in bars and chasing girls who weren't too interested in him. And he was living at home. He didn't make a lot of money so his parents agreed he could live at home in his old room. And every time Jimmy came home to visit, the hell would start all over again. Not this time, said Jimmy to himself.

Jimmy stripped off his shirt. He wanted to totally shock Rob. His mother gasped as she saw his rippling muscles as he strutted towards the family room. As he approached the door he yelled, "Hi Rob. I'm home." From inside the room he heard, "Oh shit, I gotta put up with my faggot brother again!" Not exactly a warm welcome. Jimmy walked into the room and stood in front of Rob. "Holy shit!" yelled Rob. "What the fuck happened to you? You're a faggot! You're a dork! You're a dweeb! A month ago you were skinny as shit! What the fuck happened to you???" Jimmy looked down at Rob's fat body. The he flexed his rock hard 19 inch biceps. "I put on some muscle, punk. Like 100 pounds! I wouldn't be asking what happened to me. I'd be asking what?s gonna to happen to you."

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Very nice! I enjoy quick progress! :-)


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Nice progression. I'm enjoying the methodical growth and how slowly but surely each nemesis gets his comeuppance!
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I like this story, escept that there are so mean people out there (sadly, it's like in reality), time for some payback bastards!!!!!! and at work too, i wanna see him fuck the shit out of that jerk that bullied Brian. hm!
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You're the greatest


All I can say about this latest chapter is Oh, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !


Thank you.
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