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Bedtime Story - Six

- Prologue
- One
- Two
- Three
- Four
- Five


An older student bumped his shoulder against mine as he passed, causing me to stumble in the hallway. I straightened, glanced behind.

?Loser,? he muttered, hooded eyes meeting mine for a second before he disappeared into a classroom.

Ray Sinclair. Junior. Parents were divorced. He lived with his father, who worked at Crystal Bank on Main Street as a loan officer. They?d moved to Crystal Springs over the summer, so he had no reason to recognize me.

Or to realize I was dangerous.

Leaning back against a set of lockers, I retrieved my cell phone and called a number I had on speed dial.

?Crystal Bank, this is Samantha. How may I help you??

?Hello, Samantha. This is Cameron Heaton. Is James Mason available??

Her voice went soft. ?Hi, Mr. Heaton. I?ll get him right away. Please hold.?

I waited patiently for James to pick up the line. It didn?t take long.

?Mr. Heaton! How are you today??

?I?m fine, Mr. Mason. I wanted to check in on my father?s holdings. Are they doing all right??

?Oh,? he breathed with relief. ?They?re doing very well. Steady growth across the board.?

No surprise there. For a small town bank, they were surprisingly easy to work with on a global scale. ?And what about my personal accounts??

James chuckled. ?Extremely well, sir. I must say, you have quite the eye for growth industries and their stocks. I never would have thought a portfolio could grow so fast with an initial investment of five hundred dollars.?

?Thank you,? I murmured. No one else my age in town had their own checking account, let alone their own investment portfolio. With my parents? permission, of course, which meant my father knew about every penny I made.

For some reason that bothered me, and I was currently trying to find ways around that.

?Is that all, Mr. Heaton??

?Not quite.? I pretended to ignore his subtle intake of breath. ?You have an employee named John Sinclair??

?Y-Yes, sir.?

?Would you say he?s a valuable asset to the bank??

James?s voice softened. ?Yes, sir. One of our best. Why do you ask??

?I?bumped into his son today, and I found myself wondering what sort of man his father might be.?

I heard a click on the other end of the line, possibly the door of his office closing. ?H-He?s calm, courteous, efficient.?

My own voice remained level as I glanced at my watch. ?That?s good to hear. Naturally I was curious, given the amount of money I?ve entrusted to your organization.? Seeing I had plenty of time before my next class, I dropped my arm to my side. ?With my father out of town for such long periods of time, I?m left as a caretaker of sorts for his assets as well, so you understand my concern.?

Several seconds ticked by before he responded. ?Mr. Heaton, are you saying you want me to??

?I don?t want you to do anything, Mr. Mason. As I said, I was merely curious. Thank you for your time.?

?Yes, sir,? he said, fully distracted now. ?Have a good day, sir.?

I hung up and slipped the phone into my pocket. Just as I was about to leave for class, a feminine voice made me turn around.

?Hi, Cameron.?

Madeleine Evans. Twenty-seven years old. Married to an oil rig worker who was out of town a lot. No children. She was the guidance counselor at Crystal Springs High, had been for the past three years.

?Hello, Mrs. Evans,? I said cautiously.

With a smile she lifted a hand, gesturing toward her office. ?Have time for a talk??

?No, actually. American History begins in two minutes.?

Her smile warmed. ?I?ll write you a tardy pass.?

I hesitated. Something about Madeleine Evans made me uneasy. Maybe it was the fact that she wasn?t at all frightened of me, and I?d grown used to controlling the adults around me. Or maybe I?d been having problems with her because she was the first one I?d encountered who?cared.

?All right,? I said, following her into her office. She took a seat behind her desk and I raised a hand as she opened her mouth. ?If this is about skipping me ahead, the answer is no. As I?ve told you the other times you?ve asked, I have responsibilities that make it necessary for me to stay in high school.?

If anything, that warm smile of hers only got more inviting. ?Okay, you win. No more discussions about bumping you up a grade or three.? She nodded to the chair in front of her. ?Please have a seat.?

What was with her? She behaved as if she was actually fond of me.

As I took the seat offered, she held up a white envelope.

?What is that??

?This,? she placed it on the desk between us, ?is an opportunity.?

My gaze dipped briefly to the envelope before meeting hers again. ?An opportunity??

?I?ve been talking with your teachers, Cameron, and I discovered something interesting. Would you like to hear??

I remained silent, making no move to respond one way or the other.

But Madeleine was well used to how our meetings usually went, and continued on without any prompting from me. ?Most of your teachers describe you as quiet, intelligent. You do your homework and get A?s on your tests, but you don?t participate beyond that.? She leaned forward, crossing her arms on her desk. ?Your physics teacher painted quite a different picture, however.?

I raised an eyebrow. ?Oh??

?She describes you as thoughtful and intuitive. Bright and engaging. She said you practically lit up during the astronomy section, so much so that she considered extending the section just for you.?

Mrs. Harper had said all of that?about me?

?You have such potential, Cameron. Since the first day of school I?ve been trying to figure out where you hid your passions.? She pushed the envelope toward me. ?It?s astronomy, isn?t it??

Suddenly frightened by what might be in that envelope, I gripped the arms of my chair tighter. ?What is that?? I asked again, my voice softer this time.

?It?s an invitation to participate in the summer Physics and Astronomy program at Kessler University in Colorado.?

My brow furrowed. ?Colorado?? I?d? I?d never left Crystal Springs.

?It?s a small program, but very prestigious. Only twelve students are accepted each year.? She smiled. ?At fourteen, you are the youngest student they?ve ever invited. Isn?t that amazing??

?How did they even know about me??

?I called and told them all about you. They asked to see your transcripts and this invitation arrived less than a week later.?

My grip on the chair was so hard that my knuckles were starting to turn white. ?You called them? Without telling me? Without getting my parents? permission??

The warmth in her expression never faded. ?I was only bragging about you, Cameron. I haven?t signed you up for anything. The invitation is yours to accept or decline.?

A whole summer?studying the stars. I wanted to?

But I couldn?t.

?I am Cameron Heaton,? I said carefully. ?As next in line to take my father?s place when he retires, I?m expected to attend Yale.?

?It?s one summer. And I checked. The credits you earn will transfer to Yale. It?ll be similar to taking an AP course.?

She had an answer for everything. Except?

?My brother??

?Cameron,? she interrupted gently. ?I won?t pretend to understand your situation, but I want you to promise me one thing.?

It was difficult to plan my next move. I wasn?t sure how to handle this sort of kindness. ?What??

?Don?t give up on your dreams?you?re much too young for that.? She picked up the envelope and held it out to me. ?And give this program serious consideration, okay??

Releasing my grip on the arm of the chair, I reached up, took it. ?All right,? I told her, tucking it into my backpack.

Madeleine picked up a pad of paper and scrawled a note across it. ?As promised, here?s your tardy slip.? She tore off the top sheet and handed it to me.

I took that as well and left her office without looking back.

But the invitation was on my mind through history and English. Even at lunch, as I pretended to read a book in the corner of the cafeteria, I couldn?t stop thinking about the envelope in my bag. The envelope I still hadn?t opened.

This place in Colorado? If they were so prestigious, then they had to have an observatory, right? Being a freshman in high school severely limited my options regarding stargazing?even my telescope at home was better than the one they had here. There was a planetarium in town, but to be able to spend time in a real, academic observatory would be?


I glanced up, blinking at Ray Sinclair. ?Yes??

He looked around, then pulled a chair and sat next to me. ?I-I got a call from my dad a few minutes ago. He said you talked to his boss??

Oh, right. I?d completely forgotten. ?James Mason and I have a longstanding professional relationship.?

His voice shook as he leaned forward. ?Some of my buddies said? I mean? Could you really get him fired??

I studied him a moment. Most students I?d gone this route with came to me with grudging apologies because their parents had forced them into it. Ray was honestly scared. ?Yes.?

He bit back a gasp. ?Listen, I?m really sorry about what I did to you earlier. Some guys on the team dared me, saying it was an initiation they all went through?? He squeezed his eyes shut, took a deep breath, opened them again. ?Okay, the reason doesn?t matter. It was a fucking boneheaded thing to do. I?m sorry.?

A genuine apology, devoid of pride or passive aggressive anger. I tilted my head to the side.

People seemed intent on throwing me off track today.

?Please,? he said earnestly. ?Don?t punish my dad for what I did. He uprooted his whole life to make things better for us, and I think this is the first job he?s ever had that he actually likes. Don?t take that away from him.?

I recognized that expression. It was the one that shaped my face every time I thought of Spencer. ?You love your father.?

He nodded.

Closing my book, I slipped it into my backpack, steadfastly ignoring the envelope that seemed to get brighter and bigger every time I looked at it. ?I was curious about him,? I said, rising to my feet and slinging the bag over my shoulder. ?That?s all. You have nothing to worry about.?

Ray?s shoulders slumped with relief. ?Really??

?Really,? I told him. The end-of-lunch bell rang and I turned without another word to head to physics.

As I took my seat in class, Mrs. Harper gave me a big smile. Wasn?t hard to figure out she?d been speaking with Madeleine Evans. It was strange to think of them imagining me as an astronomer when I?d never even considered it as a possibility.

I pulled out my textbook, and the white envelope fell onto the floor. Picking it up, I traced the edges with my fingers, then carefully slit it open with my pencil.

Dear Cameron Heaton,

As I read the letter, I began to imagine a different future for myself. Just for a little while. And the summer really wasn?t that?

Don?t give up on your dreams?

Those words echoed in my mind as I walked home, the letter from Kessler University still clutched in one of my hands.

Give up on my dreams? I?d never had any dreams to give up. I?d always been focused on Spencer, and after that my place at Heaton Corp.

I climbed the porch steps, unlocked my front door, and walked inside.


Spencer bolted out of the doorway that led to the kitchen and caught me up in a tight embrace. ?You?re home!? he cheered, spinning me around.

I laughed as he put me down. ?Home,? I murmured, dropping a kiss into his hair.

Cindy entered the room as Spencer took my bag and set it next to the coat rack. ?He?s had his snack. No messages today.?

?Thank you, Cindy.? I removed my coat. ?You?re dismissed.?

A wince flickered over her face, but she quietly gathered her things and left as Spencer filled me in on his day.

?I did seventy-five pull-ups on the monkey bars at recess,? he said, grabbing my coat and hanging it on the rack. ?I could have done more but the bell rang and I had to go back to class. Also, I got an A on my vocabulary test??

?Spell ?vocabulary.??

?V-O-C-A-B-U-L-A-R-Y. Vocabulary.? He checked my face to make sure he had it right and continued without missing a beat. ?Trent Baxter ate a beetle today. I didn?t think he was going to do it but he did, and Kelly screamed because she was close enough to hear the crunch and??

My stomach turned. ?Why would Trent eat a beetle??

?He saw it on some TV show. He said it was crunchy on the outside but really gooey on the inside plus one of the legs got stuck in his teeth and??

Oh my god. This had to stop. ?What did Cindy make for your snack??

?A ham and cheese sandwich.? He stopped short as his palms went to his stomach. ?But I think I?m still hungry.?

Cute. He looked surprised by the discovery. ?Run on ahead to the kitchen and I?ll be there shortly.?

Spencer gave me another hug, pushing himself on his toes to kiss me on the cheek. ?I?m glad you?re feeling better, Cam. I missed your cooking. It?s so much better than Cindy?s.?

Silently I cancelled the sandwich I?d planned to make him from leftover roast beef and began to think of things I could prepare from scratch. ?Thank you. I?ll be right there, Spence.?

He settled onto his feet and took off for the kitchen.

I stared down at the crumpled piece of paper in my hand and carefully smoothed it out the best I could.

Kessler. Yale.

Colorado. Oregon.

School. Home.

Blowing out a slow breath, I tore the sheet in half, and half again before dropping it into the waste basket beside the door.


?Wait. You got that part wrong.?

He was still sitting up, so I had to tilt my head all the way back to meet his gaze. ?It?s not wrong, Spencer.?

?It is,? he insisted, edging closer to me. I wondered if he even realized he was doing it. ?I remember the day you got that letter because I??

?The letter you saw was the third invitation I received. It came my junior year in high school. It was the last one they would ever send me.?

His lips parted.

The guilt in his face was hard to watch, so I let my gaze dip. To his broad shoulders. His insanely thick chest. I?d followed him in the news via television, newspaper, internet?any venue I could find?and he?d been quite a big guy even before tonight. But his suits always fit him to perfection, meaning he must have had them tailored to fit.

?You know one of my favorite things we used to do together?? I asked, smiling as I looked up at him. ?Getting you new clothes. I?ve had basically the same frame my entire life, but your body changed dramatically every time we went shopping. It was a challenge finding things that fit as well as looked good on you.?

?A challenge?? He leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees. ?Me??

I chuckled. ?And it was fun.?

A smile crept over his mouth. ?Yeah??

All at once, I felt less weighed down by our past. ?Yes. Like the time we went to get you new clothing before our parents? visit??


I awoke in a rush and sat up in bed.

Late for something. What was it?

Snatching up my clock, I checked the time. Ten in the morning already? I never slept past eight!

I jumped out of bed, putting on my sunglasses and running across the room. Why was the house so quiet? It was Saturday, right? Why couldn?t I hear cartoons playing downstairs?

I threw open the door and had my answer when Spencer fell into my room.


He blinked up at me, then shot me a big goofy grin. ?Good morning.?

My concern slipped away as I stared at his sleepy face. ?What are you doing down there?? I asked, crouching beside him.

?Waiting for you.? He stretched his body and yawned, showing a strip of skin on his stomach.

I glanced at his sleeves and the legs of his pajama bottoms. A lot of skin was showing there, too. These days he outgrew his clothing almost as soon as we bought them. ?Why were you waiting for me??

?It?s Saturday!? He grabbed my arms and the world pitched and spun. Before I could react, my back was pinned to the floor and Spencer was straddling my waist. ?You said we get to go to the mall today!?

Ah, that?s what I?d had planned today. I was surprised looking at his pajamas hadn?t jogged my memory. ?That?s right.? I reached up, brushed a lock of hair behind his ear. ?Excited??

?Yeah!? He leaned down, touching our foreheads together. ?After we get new clothes, can we stop by the arcade? And maybe get some ice-cream? Oh! And stop by the videogame store??

Between his weight on my stomach and his stone-hard thighs squeezing my waist, it was starting to get hard to breathe, but I humored him. ?Sure,? I said, trying to sit up. I frowned when he shifted his weight to keep me on the floor. ?But we?ll never get there if you don?t let me wash up, make breakfast, and call a taxi.?

Still grinning, his fingers skimmed down my arms, curled around my wrists. He pushed my hands above my head and locked them there. ?Wrestle me.?

My frown deepened. ?There?s no point, Spence. You?re much stronger than I am.?

?C?mon.? He stretched his body along mine, driving home how everything about him was wider, thicker. ?Play with me, Cam.?


I looked up at him, and there was that touch of?loneliness in him.

Sighing, I gritted my teeth as I tried to wrench my arms free. Spencer watched me, effortlessly holding my wrists in place. I braced my feet on the floor and tried to use my legs and torso to push him off. All he had to do was lock his body and I was locked down, too.

Spencer smiled down at me. ?Try a little harder, Cam.?

I gave him one last push, shocked when he tipped over. Suddenly I was on top of him, my palms braced on each of his pecs as I steadied myself.

?You win!? he said, laughing as his big hands curved around my ribcage.

Ah, so this was his game. ?You let me win.?

Nodding, he wriggled underneath me, shifting me into a steadier position. ?That?s okay, right? You used to let me win all the time, and I haven?t let you in a while. I thought you?d like it.?

I chuckled. He had such a simple way of seeing the world. It really was adorable. ?Thank you, Spence.?

His grin pulled even wider. ?Are we taking a taxi to the mall today??

Gradually, I became aware that most of my weight was tipped forward on his chest, yet the muscles there continued to rise and fall without any trouble as he breathed. Was I really that light to him? ?We are.?

?Can I call them this time??

I refocused on his bright eyes. ?You?re really looking forward to this, aren?t you??


?Then why didn?t you wake me up??

His smile faded as he broke my gaze. ?I figured if you were still sleeping, you must be tired.? The hands on my torso slid up to my shoulders, down my arms and up again. ?You work so hard all the time. I didn?t want to bother you.?

?Spence,? I leaned down to look into his eyes, ?you never bother me. I?ll give you anything you want?all you have to do is ask, all right??


I glanced up at my brother, the beginnings of a realization coming to me.

He frowned. ?What??

?Nothing,? I said softly, getting back to the story. ?You were so cute at the mall, taking what must have been half the clothes off the racks to try on??


Spencer disappeared into a dressing room stall with a pile of clothes almost as big as he was.

Knowing this would take a while, I sat on a nearby chair, checking my watch before opening a book I?d brought along.


I glanced up. ?Yes??

His hand curled around the edge of the dressing room door. ?Come in here with me.?

My head tilted to the side. He hadn?t needed me to go inside with him for over a year now. ?Why??

?Well?? He swallowed. ?Wouldn?t it be easier if you were in here while I tried these on??

A smile played on my lips as I closed my book. ?Don?t you think it might be crowded in there??

?I-I?ll make room for you,? he said quickly.

His face was so eager, so open. Who could resist that?

?Sure,? I said, going into the dressing room with him. Luckily there was a decent amount of space inside, and I took a seat on a bench.

Spence slid the deadbolt in place before sifting through the clothing he?d picked out. ?Hey, Cam,? he said, spinning around. ?How many outfits can I get today??

I raised a hand. ?As many as you want.?

?Really? Even though I outgrow them so fast??

?It?s all right,? I told him gently. ?Get whatever you want.?

His shoulders relaxed, but he made no move to try anything on.

Something was bothering him. He wasn?t quite the ball of excitement he?d been a few seconds ago. ?What?s wrong, Spence??

He cast a sideways glance at the mirror. ?My? My body is weird.?

The air in my chest went shallow, but I kept my tone level. ?Oh??

Spencer slid his hand over his stomach. ?Yeah. I know you said everybody develops at their own speed and that?s why I?m the tallest in my grade, but I?ve been looking at the other kids lately and? and I?m really different, Cam.?

I knew this day would come eventually. I?d hoped it would come later, but he really was mature for his age. ?How so??

His hand slid lower, grasping the hem of his T-shirt and pulling it upward to reveal startlingly chiseled abs. ?Nobody else?s stomach looks like mine.? He stared at himself in the mirror, tracing the deep crevices of his abdominal muscles with the fingers of his free hand. ?Everyone in my grade is smooth here, and it?s either flat or curves out.? In one fluid movement he whipped his shirt off over his head. ?I think if I was the same height as my teachers, my muscles would be bigger than theirs.?

My eyes rounded as I stared at his upper body, and I was suddenly glad that my sunglasses hid them from view. Spencer took his baths by himself now, so it had been a long time since I?d gotten a good look at his body. I?d known he possessed big, solid muscles?that much I could tell by hugging him?but I had no idea just how carved his body had become.

His pecs had developed into a shelf that was starting to cast a bit of a shadow over his upper abs. The deep trench between them only served to accentuate their power. His shoulders were broad and rounded, naturally leading the eye down thick, strong arms. He even had the beginnings of lats flaring out from his back, giving him tight, V-shaped torso.

Lats. What eight year old child had lats?


I shook myself out of my stupor. Spencer was self-conscious about his body. He didn?t need me adding to that. ?You are different,? I said carefully, ?and I?d wager you?re right?if you were the same height as your teachers, your muscles would be much bigger than theirs.? I?d been quite impressed with his reasoning in that, actually. It showed he had an understanding of proportions already.

He hugged himself, causing his muscle to bunch and twitch. ?So I am weird??

?No.? I stood, grasping his wrists and coaxing him to pull his arms from his body. ?You?re special. Unique.? Tucking a lock of his hair behind his ear made him look up at me. ?Never hide who you are. Always stand tall. Understand??

Slowly, the uncertainty faded from his expression, and he threw his arms around me. ?Love you, Cameron.?

I chuckled, nuzzling his hair. ?I love you, too. Now,? I returned to my seat, ?try on your clothes.?

He smiled big and picked up a powder blue shirt. ?Why aren?t you trying anything on?? he asked, pulling it on and taking off his slacks.

My gaze dipped to his legs, which were cut as deeply as the rest of him. All four heads of muscle in his quads were visible and distinct. ?Because my clothing still fits properly.?

?Yeah, but?? he grunted as he struggled with a pair of jeans obviously too small for him. ?You always wear black. Maybe you could pick out a shirt or something in a new color today.?

?Skip that pair, Spence, move on to the next.? He gave up on the jeans and picked up another set that worked much better for him. ?What color would you suggest? Nothing too bright?sometimes the sun reflects off the material enough to slip under my glasses and bother my eyes.?

?Hmm.? He glanced over at me as he fastened the button just below his navel. ?I bet you?d look good in burgundy.?

?Spell burgundy.?

?B-U-R-G-U-N-D-Y. Burgundy.? He turned to face me and presented himself for my approval. ?How?s this??

I looked him up and down. ?Good. Want it??

He nodded.

?All right.? I patted an empty spot next to me. ?Put all the ones you want here.?

?Cool.? He undressed himself to move on to the next set of clothing. ?So? want to try on a burgundy shirt??

My mouth crooked. His attention span was improving. Normally the spelling trick would have distracted him from the issue. ?I?ll think about it.?

Spencer made a face at me. ?I know what that means.?

The only response I had for him was soft, amused laughter.
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Daisuke is on a distinguished road
I thought there was going to be growth in this chapter, but... didn't happen.

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I'm just glad the story continues. I'm sure the growth will come when it's ready. Star Light, Star Bright.
Keep Writing.
And Merry Christmas.

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I love each chapter. You've put so much thought into the characters. It's very rich, this story. Like fine wine it should be savored. You're doing such a great job of it. The dramatic and erotic tension between the adult brothers is palpable. And hot.
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I'm with Mass Driver here. Take all the time you need to tell the story, growth or no growth.
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kid Spence is so sweet!!!! i wonder what could happen, which makes me wanna read so much more of this story!!!
The Internet is for PORN!
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Originally Posted by Daisuke View Post
I thought there was going to be growth in this chapter, but... didn't happen.
Well the way you set up the story Cameron can almost see Spencer growing... So even if you don't include a growth spurt for Spencer there is always growth...

One thing that I like in this story as "kids" Cameron and Spencer are buddies in addition to being brothers... They actually like and care for each other... The relationship between brother can be very complex and volatile...

My brother and I aren't friends we don't see or talk to each other much holidays when my work permits... We were close once but by the time I left home we were bearly tolerating each other (sharing a bedroom for twenty years with do that... ) But he is my borther and I would do just about any thing to help him... Eldest brothers have the look after and protect your sibs directive drummed into them even before the sib arrives... So it's a difficult habit to break...

Cameron seems to have gotten that programming module too...

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Old December 18th, 2009, 11:42 PM
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Daisuke is on a distinguished road
Thanks, guys. As much fun as I had writing it, I was a little worried the chapter would come off as boring.
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