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Before and After - Part 7

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Before and After - Part 7

By John D.

Jimmy stood in front of his brother and flexed his pecs, lats and abs. "Stand up, asshole," he said. Rob was so shocked he sat motionless, staring at Jimmy's huge muscles. "I said stand up punk!" yelled Jimmy as he made a fist and moved it towards Rob's face. Rob stood up. He was 5' 10" tall and weighed about 180. He used to have some muscle but now he was mainly fat. Fat from drinking all those beers. At 24 years old he already had a small beer gut.

Jimmy made a fist, pulled back his arm and smashed it into Rob's gut. Rob buckled over in pain. "How's that feel, punk? Think about all the times you did that to me. Now stand up again. Stand up!" Slowly Rob stood up, rubbing his gut which was throbbing in pain. "What did you call me when I told you I was here?" Rob kind of stuttered. "Uh, I don't remember," he said. "Let me help you, punk. It starts with an "f." You remember now? Say it!" Rob looked at Jimmy's body and trembled. "Uh, faggot," he said quietly. Jimmy pulled back his arm and smashed it into Rob's gut, even harder than the last time. Rob buckled over and started groaning in abject pain. "That's right. You called me a faggot. You've been calling me a faggot for years. If you ever call me a faggot again those punches are gonna feel like little love taps. I'm gonna smash you so hard you'd wish you were dead. You understand that, punk? You got that?" Rob hesitated. Jimmy smashed his fist into Rob's arm, so hard it would be bruised for weeks. "I didn't hear you punk! You got that?" Rob murmured "yes." Jimmy said, "Yes what, punk? Yes what?" Rob looked at Jimmy's face which was mean and menacing. "Yes, sir," he said.

"That's better, punk. From now on I am your master. You will do everything I ask. You will always call me 'sir' or 'master'. If you disobey me I'm gonna beat the shit outta you, just like you did to me. You got that asshole?" Rob looked at the ground. "Yes sir," he said as he looked at Jimmy's big muscular legs and calves. "Stand up!" yelled Jimmy. Rob immediately stood up and looked at his totally buff younger brother. Jimmy flexed pecs and lats and abs and Rob gulped as he saw the bulging muscle. "I'm sleeping in your room. My room's full of fucking boxes. You can sleep on the couch, punk." Rob was about to say something to object but then he looked at Jimmy's huge pecs, his cannonball delts and his rippling, muscular arms. "Yes, sir," he said meekly. "Pick up my backback and bring it to your - I mean my - room." Rob went out and picked up Jimmy's backpack. It felt heavy. He needed to use two hands. "God you're fuckin' weak," said Jimmy. He picked up the backpack with one hand and curled it up and down several times. "That arm can curl 100 pound dumbbells. This ain't nothin' to that arm." He threw the backpack to Rob, almost knocking him over. "Go!" he ordered.

The brothers walked up to Rob's room, with Rob struggling to carry Jimmy's bag and Jimmy following him, almost leaping up the stairs. His powerful legs loved to climb. They could squat with 550 pounds so climbing some steps was easy. They went into Rob’s room. "Your room looks like shit," said Jimmy. He walked over and grabbed a sports trophy cup that Rob had sitting on his dresser. It was a metal trophy, won by Rob when he was most valuable player on his 13 year old baseball team. It was one of his prized possessions. Jimmy wrapped his fingers around the cup and squeezed. The skin on his forearm almost burst from the huge flexing muscles that drove his thick fingers into the cup. "Hey stop! That's mine!" yelled Rob. Jimmy looked over to Rob and said, "Fuck you!" He squeezed harder and the metal started to bend. "I order you to ask me to crush your trophy. I order you to beg me to crush this piece of crap. I've always hated your fucking sports trophies. Beg me to crush this fucking thing!" Rob looked over to his brother in disbelief. Then Jimmy moved closer and smashed his other fist into Rob's pec, real hard. Rob grabbed his flabby chest which was in total pain. Jimmy stared at him and made another fist. "Master, please crush my baseball cup. It's a fucking piece of shit. Crush it into nothing. Smash it with your big muscles. Smash it into twisted metal!" Jimmy sneered and then squeezed hard. His muscular forearms flexed into writhing snakes of muscle in the shape of a bowling pin and his big fingers bent the hard metal like it was cardboard. In a matter of seconds, the cup was crushed into twisted metal by Jimmy's strong fingers. Jimmy threw it on the floor. "Fucking crap," he said.

Then he took his arm and ran it over the top of Rob's dresser, spilling everything that was on it onto the floor. Now Jimmy had a nice clean dresser for his stuff. "Pick up this shit," said Jimmy. "Go get a box and put all this fucking shit in it. Then pick up the floor and make this room real neat. I like a neat room." He stood next to Rob and bumped his chest into him, knocking him backward. "Yes, sir," said Rob and he started to work. Jimmy jumped on the bed on his back and put his arms behind his head. He was going to watch Rob work. His big bicep muscles flexed and Rob gasped as he took in Jimmy's totally buffed body. Rob ran into another room and got a box. Then he loaded it up with his stuff. As Jimmy watched him he smiled. Never in his wildest dreams did he ever think he'd be ordering his older brother around. He unzipped his shorts and grabbed his cock. It was already semi-hard. Just thinking about how he was dominating his brother really turned him on. Rob looked over and saw Jimmy's big cock. "Oh fuck," he said. "It's huge." Jimmy grinned. "Yeah it's huge. It's huge and it's horny." Rob gulped. Then he took all his stuff off the floor and put it in the closet or drawers. "All done, sir," he said as he stood at attention next to the bed.

Jimmy stroked his cock and the monster was gigantic. Rob stared at the huge weapon. "Take off your clothes!" yelled Jimmy. Rob immediately obeyed. Jimmy got up off the bed and took off his shorts and shoes. His torso was already bare. He stood next to Rob and they looked at each others' naked reflections in the mirror. Jimmy was tall, very muscular and incredibly good looking. Rob was nothing but fat and his face was fatty too. He looked like a so-so jock gone bad, no muscle just fat. Jimmy stroked his cock as he looked at the images. "Things have sure changed, haven't they punk? And I'm still gaining a ton of muscle every day. I'm gonna be huge, bro. I'm gonna be so strong I could arm wrestle you with just my little finger. And I'll win no problem."

Jimmy stood in back of Rob. He rubbed his hard cock on Rob's ass as he looked at their bodies. His shoulders were almost a foot wider than Rob's. They were capped with writhing muscle that looked like cannonballs while Rob's shoulders were capped with fat. "Flex your arms," said Jimmy. Rob obeyed and flexed his fat arms. There was almost no muscle visible. Then Jimmy flexed his arms right behind Rob's. His 19 inch arms bulged with muscle. Both his biceps and his triceps were huge. Rob's arms looked like fat little sticks in front of Jimmy's huge bulging muscles. Jimmy's lats flared out from his wide shoulders down to his narrow hips. His hips were narrower than Rob's and his waist was way smaller. So in the mirror you could see Jimmy's huge shoulders and chest dwarfing Rob's while Rob's fat stomach was much bigger than Jimmy's washboard of muscle behind it.

Jimmy turned and faced Rob. "Hit me in the gut, punk. You used to do it all the time. Now try it." Rob hesitated. "Do it!" yelled Jimmy as he waved his fist in front of Rob’s face. Rob made a fist, pulled back his arm and punched Jimmy's abs as hard as he could. In years past, Jimmy would buckle over in pain. Now Rob's fist felt like it had hit a brick wall. A brick wall of muscle. "Oww," said Rob as he pulled back his fist in pain. "Like fuckin' bricks, aren't they bro. My abs are like fucking bricks. My whole body is as hard as rock. You could try to punch me all day and I wouldn't feel a thing. But if I punched you........." Jimmy made a fist. Rob grimaced. "No, no, don't do it. You're too strong. I know you're strong. I already felt the power of your muscles. Don't hit me, please, please! Don’t hit me, master." Jimmy smiled. For years he had begged his brother not to hit him, mostly without success. Now his brother was begging him not to get hit. His cock got real hard.

"Get on your knees and lick my balls, punk. Suck ‘em too. Then lick and suck my big dick! My cock is gonna fuck your mouth. My cock's gonna fuck your throat. I'm gonna cum inside your fucking body, filling you up with your little brother's hot musclestud cum." Rob looked up with fear in his eyes. "And there isn't a thing you can do about it, asshole," said Jimmy as he stroked his cock. "Get on your fucking knees and lick! Suck and lick, punk. And no teeth. If I feel a bite, this is what’s gonna happen." Jimmy slapped Rob across his face with the hardest slap Rob had ever felt. “That’s a bitch slap, punk. You bite my cock with your teeth and you’re gonna get slapped so hard you’ll wish you were dead. Now lick!”

Rob started licking Jimmy’s big balls. He had never licked balls or sucked cock before but he wanted to please Jimmy. He didn’t want to get hit. He put a ball in his mouth and began sucking and licking. “Ohhh, feels so good,” moaned Jimmy as he moved his hips around. Then Rob sucked the second ball. Jimmy was moaning louder. “The cock!” he yelled. Rob started licking Jimmy’s huge ten inch cock. Rob’s cock was only seven inches long. He couldn’t believe how big his little brother’s cock was. “Ummm, feels so good,” moaned Jimmy as Rob licked. “Suck it!” said Jimmy and he hit Rob on the face with his big hard cock. Rob opened his mouth and began sucking and licking his brother’s cock. Jimmy moaned louder and louder. “It feels so good having you suck my cock. Never in my life did I think this would ever happen. I was so skinny and you tormented me for being gay. But now I got muscles and you don’t have shit. Suck it hard, cocksucker!” He slapped Rob on the cheek and Rob started sucking harder. Jimmy started moving his hips back and forth faster and faster. Then he rammed his cock down Rob’s throat and thrust in and out. Rob started to gag but Jimmy didn’t care. He was red hot with lust and all he wanted to do is fuck his brother’s face. He was totally aroused. “How do you like your little brother fucking your face, bro? You fucked me up so many times and now I can fuck you any time I want. It feels so fucking good. Fucking the bro that beat me up so many times.” Rob made a gurgling sound. “Oh yeah, you can’t talk because my big cock is in your throat!” Jimmy thrust harder and harder. He was in a sexual frenzy thinking about the power he now had over his brother. Finally he came, spurting gush after gush of cum down his brother’s throat. He yelled in pleasure. After he finished cumming he kept his cock inside Rob’s throat for several minutes, letting Rob’s tender throat tissues massage his still sensitive cock as he slowly pulled it in and out as he moaned in pleasure. Rob was gagging but Jimmy didn’t care. He was so turned on by completely dominating his older brother.

Finally he pulled his cock out of Rob’s mouth. “You’re a good cocksucker,” he said. “That’s good, because you’re gonna get a lot of practice when I’m up here visiting. And I bet you have a nice tight butt. That’s gonna be fun to fuck.” Rob looked at Jimmy’s still hard cock and gulped. He couldn’t imagine having that huge thing up his ass. But he knew he had no choice.

“I’m hungry,” said Jimmy. “I’m gonna go down and raid the kitchen. My muscles need lots of protein. Put on your clothes and clean up the room. Then go to the health food store and buy 12 Muscle Milks and a big can of whey protein. Also a gallon of milk. I need to keep feeding my growing muscles. You better be back here in less than an hour because I’m gonna make a big protein shake before dinner. You got that, asshole?” Rob looked at Jimmy and trembled. “What about the money, sir?” he asked. “Use your own fucking money! You’re gonna use your own fucking money to help me get huge. Just forget your beers for the next week.” Rob looked down. He was going to be buying protein to make his brother’s muscles even bigger, even stronger. “Yes sir,” he said as he put on his clothes. Jimmy put on his clothes and opened his backpack. He took out a jar of creatine and a couple jars of vitamins and minerals. He put them on the dresser where Rob’s stuff used to be. He took out his clothes and hung them in Rob’s closet, throwing Rob’s stuff on the floor so there was plenty of room for his clothes. Then he went down to the kitchen and made himself two big sandwiches, tuna and chicken. “Mom, we need a lot more tuna and a lot more chicken. I’m gonna eat what you got here today. I’ll need a lot more food tomorrow.” His mom came up and wrapped her hand around Jimmy’s big bicep and Jimmy flexed it for her. “I’m gonna buy you all the food you want, son. I just can’t believe your new body. You look so good. You look so much better than Rob.” Jimmy kissed his mother and said, “Maybe you won’t think Rob’s the big stud around here anymore.”

Rob returned in about an hour, carrying a big jar of protein, the 12 Muscle Milks and a gallon of milk. Jimmy smiled and rubbed his stomach. "I’m hungry again. My muscles want a big protein shake." So he made a big shake and glugged it down as Rob watched him drink with a sense of awe and envy. “I’ve been puttin’ on about two pounds of muscle a day,” said Jimmy. “Need a lot of food to feed those muscles, make ‘em grow bigger, make ‘em grow stronger.” Rob nodded. “Yes sir,” he said as he looked at Jimmy’s huge arm holding his shake.

Then the boys’ father arrived home. He had been working on a Saturday and got home about 5:30. He walked in the door and went into the family room. He suddenly stopped. There was this huge young man sitting in Rob’s chair watching TV while Rob was sitting to his side in a folding chair. The young man was wearing a tight tee shirt that showed off his bulging arms, his huge shoulders and his big pecs. And his legs were enormous, big thick hunks of muscle that slowly flexed as the young man turned around to see him. “Who are you?” said the father. Jimmy grinned. “It’s me, Jimmy. I’ve put on some muscle.” He stood up in front of his dad who gasped. His dad came up to him and looked him in the eyes, seeing the clear blue eyes and handsome face of his son. “Oh my god,” said his dad. “It is you. I can’t believe it. You’re bigger than Rob. You’re way bigger than Rob. And it’s all muscle. You’re just all muscle.” Jimmy grinned. “Yeah, I’m way bigger than Robbie here. He’s all fat. I’m all muscle.” His dad looked at him quizzically. “Did you say ‘Robbie’? Rob hates the name Robbie. That’s what we called him when he was a kid, but after he turned 10 he hated that name. He’s ‘Rob.’” Jimmy turned to Rob and said, “You like the name ‘Robbie’ don’t you boy?” Robbie looked up at his muscular brother and said, “Yes, sir.” Their dad gulped. “Did he call you ‘sir’? Rob’s always picked on you and now he’s calling you ‘sir’?” Jimmy flexed his arm in front of his dad’s face. “Yeah, things have changed around here, dad. Robbie doesn't argue with these muscles. He takes orders from me now. If I tell Robbie to do something he does it. He used to beat me up all the time. Now I am his master. Right, Robbie?” Robbie looked at the ground and said, “Yes sir.” Their dad looked at Rob’s chair. “So that’s why you’re sitting in Rob’s chair. You just took it from him.” Jimmy sat back down in the chair and put his arms behind his head. His big biceps bulged. “Yeah, I took it, just like he used to do to me. And Robbie graciously said I could use his room. He’s got a nice comfy bed. He’s gonna sleep on the couch. Right, Robbie?” Rob looked at his dad with defeated eyes and then turned to Jimmy. “Yes, sir.”

The boys' dad wrapped his fingers around Jimmy's bicep and tricep. He couldn't circle the whole arm. It was too big. Jimmy flexed his muscles. His dad moved his fingers around the huge muscles, almost gasping at what he was feeling. Then he said "Whoa! Your muscles are so big. And so hard!" He looked at Jimmy's face and blue eyes - he had not realized before how handsome his younger son was - and at his big rippling muscles. "Well, after everything your older brother has done to you over the years, I guess turnabout is fair play." Jimmy looked at Rob and grinned.

Their mom came into the room and said, "Dinner's ready. I made steaks because I know Jimmy wants a lot of meat. He gets two steaks and the rest of us get one.." The family sat down at the table. Jimmy's food was sitting in front of him. He had twice as much as anyone else. And even though he had had a big protein shake an hour before, he was ravenously hungry. He immediately dug into his food, cutting the steaks quickly into big pieces and chewing them quickly in his mouth. Rob marveled at how fast Jimmy could eat. He watched Jimmy smash the meat with his very white teeth, crushing it and swallowing it. His jaw muscles were big and strong and they rippled under his thin skin with each chew. Before he knew it, Jimmy was done with his two steaks. Rob had only eaten one bite. "I need more meat," said Jimmy. He stabbed Rob's steak with his fork and put it on his plate. "Hey," said Rob. Jimmy looked at him and made a fist, flexing his big forearm and bicep. "Hey, what, punk. You got a problem? I need more meat. And I'm takin' yours. You got a problem?" The boys' parents looked at Rob. He had always dominated Jimmy in the past. Now he sat silently as Jimmy started eating his meat. "No sir," he said.

Jimmy's parents were shocked at how subservient Rob was to Jimmy. Things had totally changed around their house. They gave Jimmy half of their steaks too. He grabbed them and started tearing the meat off the bone with his teeth. He tore the meat like a young lion would tear meat off the carcass of his prey. Jimmy was like a young animal, tearing meat off the bones of the slaughtered cows to build more muscle on his growing body. He grabbed all the bones and bit off every piece of flesh, leaving five bones that had been picked clean by Jimmy's white teeth. His teeth and jaw muscles were so strong it looked like he could chew up the bones too. But he just ate the meat. All the meat. Jimmy ate four steaks and lots of vegetables. He patted his full stomach. He looked at his dad. "All that meat is gonna turn into muscle, dad. My muscles are growin' like crazy. I'm gonna be huge." His dad said, "Well, you're already pretty huge!" Jimmy laughed. "Not huge enough! I'm gonna get real huge. Real huge and real strong!" Rob gulped. They also had a birthday cake for Jimmy's mother, who beamed with pride when Jimmy flexed his muscles as he sung Happy Birthday to her.

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very nice story
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The classic sibling rivalry plot. I have a quibble with this chapter in that it seems too similar to stories you have written where the brothers are both teenagers. But your brothers in this story are both supposed to be in their twenties and I think that rivalry changes in a lot of ways when the siblings leave school and encounter the real world. The rivalry doesn't go away, but it becomes more subtle For example, I think the "clueless" mom and dad parts, which work in stories about teenagers because teenagers really believe their parents are clueless, are not as convincing when the brothers get older.
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