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Old December 16th, 2009, 08:57 PM
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Bottom Feeders

I wrote a little story for and thought that, with a little work here and there, it could be adapted to this forum. Although it seems quite ?dark? by MG standards I hope some will like it.

The park seemed fairly deserted. Situated at the edge of the city limits, there was lots of space, a huge wooded area, and many foot paths criss-crossing.

School had just let out and on my way home I had just sat down on one of the many benches along one of the paths when this fairly well built around 6 foot fifty-ish looking guy came walking my way. It couldn?t happen this easy and this fast. Sure enough he sat down next to me. We engaged me in some useless chatter leading up to us leaving together when this huge at least 6?6? bodybuilder type came up behind us, grabbed him in a hammer-lock and ordered, ?Beat it kid! I just saved you from a lot of pain and suffering.?

Not to be undone in my own pursuit, I came back with, ?But he?s my friend. Leave him alone!?

?I?ve had my eyes on this one for weeks, now, and he?s pure trouble for kids your age. He?s a pedophile - been stalking kids for a long time now - and now he belongs to me.?

?You a cop or something??

?Or something! Now scram!?

I knew at this point I wasn?t going to get through to this behemoth, so I slowly walked away while he took the guy into the woods, well away from any foot traffic. I followed - at a safe distance. They stopped. The guy was still struggling like mad, but, unbelievably not screaming or anything to try to get help. I guess he didn?t want to get caught by anyone else. All of a sudden, with one hand holding tightly to the hammer-lock, the big guy pulled off his black t-shirt revealing the tightest eight-pack I?d ever seen. He turned his victim around, looked him directly in the eyes and said loudly enough for me to hear around twenty feet away, ?Now, perv, it?s time to meet your maker!? He stripped the guy in seconds, literally ripping off every stitch of clothing and shoes until he stood before the big guy in all his naked glory. ?For all the guilt and anguish you?ve laid on all those kids you?ve abused I wish I could make this excruciatingly long and painful. Unfortunately it will be over in just a few minutes.? At that point his tight abs started to separate down the middle revealing a gaping maw that seemed to undulate toward the interior. In no more that a breath, the big guy pushed the smaller man?s head into his opened stomach-mouth and pushed his weight down on the struggling guy so that fairly quickly his entire body was swallowed up into the big guy?s body. I?d guess that the big guy, around 300 muscle-bound pounds, had just ingested at least 200 more. His gut was huge! He stood up straight as if to rearrange his stomach contents, which were still moving somewhat. He stretched his arms and tensed his whole body upward and outward. I thought I heard cracking of some sort, whether from him or his victim or both, I couldn?t tell. I only knew that the big guy had grown up and out and his feast wasn?t yet fully digested. He picked up the tattered clothing and shoes and stuffed it all in a backpack I hadn?t noticed.

He looked around and saw me. He saw me! I stood absolutely still. He came over and simply said, ?Meet me at the rec center on Main Street in two hours.? He walked away and I walked home, still fascinated by what I had just witnessed.


As I walked into the local rec center I was almost immediately confronted by this huge bodybuilder, this time in gray sweats, looming over me as if to pounce, but having the most welcoming smile and demenure I?ve come across in a long time.

?Hi, buddy! I?m Demetrius Johnson, the weight-training coach and all-around helper here. Welcome to the club!?

?Jeremy Hall?s my name. You?ve really got a unique gift, Demetrius.?

?For looking only 16 or so, I?ve got a feeling you do, too, Jeremy. How old are you, really??

How old are you, Demetrius??

?I?ve only been around for a couple hundred years, so far. But I suspect that you?re one of the originals. Am I right??

?I started out just a bit further back, in the old country, around 1600 during the French monarchy.?

?And that would make you over 400!?

?Or so! But whose counting!?

?So what brings you to Cleveland? Surely you had great pickings everywhere you?ve been.?

?Ah, yes. There are so many of THEM and so few of US! There were plenty, but the number of disappearances get too noticeable and the authorities start to investigate too closely - and the towns become just too small to hide in anymore. So, here I am. Moved to the big city last week and I?m starving!?

?That I can see! Looks like you haven?t eaten for a month!?

?You?re just about right. That?s pretty much how I?ve paced myself all these centuries. One every month or so. And how about you? You?re huge!?

?You?re right on that point, but I maintain my size. I don?t really go out and bait like you?ve been doing. I just investigate from neighborhood gossip and can find as much food as I need - every week or two.?

?I figured a larger city would be rife with pedes!?

?Your right. They?re everywhere - always have been. Unfortunately, as I?m sure you know from all your experiences, they?re often kids? most trusted adults - parents, cops, teachers, clergy...and the list goes on. That?s why I have little trouble tracking down the gossip I hear here at the center. I suppose there are still a lot of us, like you, that still bait the perps by posing as kids. It still works, and works well. Each of us has his own style, I guess - what works and what we feel most comfortable doing. The end result is the same. One less perv per month or so for you, per two weeks or so for me.?

?Yeah, but they don?t usually come around the rec center here. It?s too public. Not many chances to catch a kid by himself. No, they usually stick down by the park, where we met, or the arcade where a lot of kids come and go alone. With your boyish good looks, curly blond hair, and innocent looking face, you?ll be a quick pick-up for some pede out for some action. Sorry I took your action away earlier, but I didn?t sense who you were yet.?

?I?ll see you back here tomorrow, okay Demetrius.?

?And very good hunting, Jeremy!?


Well, I?m back at the park. Hope I don?t have another Demetrius interrupt me. Same park bench. And here he comes, like clock-work. Me, fresh out of school, and him, fresh meat in shoes - so far. And yes, sure enough, he?s sitting down beside me. This smiling 6?2? somewhat muscular guy with a developing pot looks down at me. His name? George Davis.

Same old line of garbage. I remind him of his son, now grown and living out of town. Wife died. Lives alone. Starved for company. Would I be interested in sharing a meal with him at his home? If I hadn?t heard similar stuff so many times throughout my life, I might have been just naive enough to fall for his line of bull. Wonder how many kids actually did and are suffering unimaginable living hells because of him.


He ?convinced? me to come to his home. It?s comfortable, not too close to neighbors. Possible screams could be easily muffled. Yes, this will work quite well.

He actually did cook dinner and talked incessantly. I feign interest. His babbling starts to get personal.

?So, Jeremy, what do you like? Hobbies? Sports? Internet??

I give him the ?best? possible answers. ?No hobbies, really. I like sports, especially swimming. Love the internet! I can spend hours just surfing my special sites.?

He?s leading me, he thinks, and I let him.

?You know how handsome you are, don?t you, with your blond, curly hair and 6? swimmer?s build. How about letting me admire you with less on??

Sure! Keep building up my ego. I strip down to my tighty-whiteys.

?How about posing? Show off those beautiful muscles! You know you should really be a model? You could turn anyone on - woman or man!?

What a line!

?Could I maybe feel your muscles??


?Could you strip completely, like an artist?s model? Let?s see the whole picture!?

?Have you ever measured how big your cock gets? That?s a real asset for male models! Why don?t we find out??

Got ya, you old perv, and you?ll never know what hit you!

?I suppose you?ll want me in bed next, hey George??

?Why not? You?re a man, I?m a man. How old are you, Jeremy??

?How old do I look, George??

?Maybe 18, but age is relative isn?t it??

?Actually, I?ve been told I look more like 15 or 16, George, but who?s counting??

?Have you ever been to bed with a man before, Jeremy??

?I can?t say I haven?t.?

?Well, then??

?You lead the way.?

I was actually slightly amazed at how quickly shoes and clothing came off George with each step closer to the bedroom and the bed.

?Mind if I take the lead, Jeremy? I?ve probably had a lot more experience with this than you.??

?Fine with me.? If you only knew, you old degenerate - no, that?s right, I?m the old one.

?Comfortable? Have you ever had a blow-job before??

?Not from you! Go to it!?

?It sure isn?t taking long for you to get into the swing of things, Jeremy! You?re so damn hard already you must be close to shooting!?

?Yeah, George. The balls are churning a nice huge load just for you and here it comes!?

?Oh man, oh man! It actually tastes sweet, almost like sugar. Keep cumming kid! I?m lovin? it!?

?Take it all down! Let that jizz become part of you!? - and shortly, part of me, too!

?That was really special! Never had that taste or that feeling from a blow-job. Your jizz should be bottled. You could make a fortune!?

You have no idea, George - no idea!

?I?m sure you?ve got a great tongue, Jeremy, but I?d rather do something a bit different. How about sitting on my super hard dick? Put your legs over my thighs and lean your back up against the wall. That?s it. Okay, slowly lower yourself. I know it?ll hurt at first, but the pleasure after will be tremendous!?

You have no idea, George - absolutely no idea!!

?Slowly, slowly, while I move my hips in rhythm. Deeper, deeper - there you are, all the way down to the pubes.?

?Say George, have you noticed anything strange - any weird feelings??

?Now that you mention it, Jeremy, I?m getting kind of a numbness - especially hands and feet. I think I?m just so excited! You?re just so different from any of the others I?ve invited to my bed!?

?Yes, George, I am very, very different. The numbness has just about taken over your whole body now. Your speech is slurred and very soon you won?t be able to speak at all. All 6?2? of you is now in my hands, so to speak - actually my ass. I won?t bother you with details of my past except to say that I am simply a creature made to remove scum like you from the face of the earth. There are many like me of every race, ethnicity, and place. We seek out those who prey on the innocent - pedophiles or pederasts - like you, who have permanently injured the psyches of countless children throughout the ages. Different of us have different ways of eliminating the likes of you. One that I met just yesterday used a very direct and fairly quick method of ingestion directly into his gut. I?m an old-timer, so to speak, with a much less direct, but just as efficient, approach.

?That wonderfully sweet jizz that I produce is introducing dissolving enzymes into your system. You?re hearing all this, I hope! Slowly but surely they are permeating your entire body, starting with your bones, teeth, and nails, the hardest substances, then continuing with your organs and blood, and finally your skin. And guess where they?re going? I know you?re now totally numb and can barely hear me, but you?re already becoming part of me. In just a few hours you won?t exist any more. And how is this happening? You can?t feel it, but your dick has swelled up enormously within my ass and I?m just heartily sucking your juices into my system. And do you know the best part? I?m getting big!

?My skin has really loosened up to accommodate you. My bones, teeth and nails are growing. My organs are increasing in size and efficiency. But best of all, my muscles are expanding proportionately. Your 200 plus pounds are becoming my additional 200 plus pounds. Man, if you could only experience this, you?d be delirious!

?Damn! Heart gave out so soon? I guess I?ll have to just describe this unbelievable feeling to myself, now. Even after having done it for centuries, it never ceases to thrill me! Damn! The traps and delts have just inflated, followed by my ballooning pecs. The bis and tris and forearms are getting to be colossal. I?ve now got abs where it was just flat when you saw me - a beautiful 6 pack, no an eight pack with pronounced obliques. I can?t see my back but it feels really huge, with fantastic cobra-like lats! The legs are blasting out like I?ve been doing hundreds of squats. Man, your juices are transforming me into the hunk of hunks! I feel so alive - so huge! And there it comes, the last of your skin and your mighty dick - all done - all in me - and my anus has closed. A-a-a-h!?

?Can I help you, sir?? questioned George next day at the rec center.

?C?mon, George. It?s just me, Jeremy.?

?How the creator works is beyond me, Jeremy. You really do look like a different person - no longer mid-teen - now around mid-twentys and 6?4?. But you do still have your cutsy blond curls.?

?If you didn?t outweigh me by a hundred pounds or so, you?d be eating those words. And, I see your ball-belly settled back to pure muscle.?

?You sure show your muscle well, Jeremy. Not all muscle-bound like me, but really well proportioned. Ever think about maintaining instead of baiting? You could pack on even more size and do some shows and compete.?

?That?s just not my style, George. We bottom-feeders don?t really want or need public attention. No limelight for us! The shadows suit us much, much better as we continue to eliminate the pedophile scum from the earth.?
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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Old December 17th, 2009, 07:01 PM
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Reeza will become famous soon enough
Clever title!

The title made me smile when I reached the end of the story. Clever!

I can't say that this story turned me on, but for what it's worth, it didn't turn me off either. I give you a lot of credit for posting something risky, dark, and out of the ordinary. We could use a little more of that around here. It fosters creativity. Besides, you never know when your own private fantasy will ring someone else's bell.

Thanks for contributing.
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Old December 17th, 2009, 08:53 PM
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Thanks, Reeza. I find that I get easily bored with the same-ole' hum-drum stuff all the time. I need variety. That's why I enjoy visiting Nifty, voreplay, Werewolf Cafe, etc. for my reading pleasure. It is said that variety is the spice of life, and muscle growth can be packaged in many different ways.
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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