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Before and After - Part 9

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Before and After - Part 9
By John D.

Jimmy started on Monday with his new job. He now had an office, not just a cubicle. He had risen three tiers in company management in seven weeks. They had called a sales meeting to introduce Jimmy as the new-co-manager. There were over 50 salesmen gathered in a big assembly room. They were all former jocks. Big and often fat. They were the alpha males in their high schools and colleges. Big and dominant. Jimmy and his co-manager walked in. Jimmy was wearing a tight polo shirt. His 21 inch arms looked huge and his chest and shoulders and lats almost burst the fabric. He had tucked in the shirt and it was unbelievable how small his waist was. His pants could barely hold his huge legs. His face was beautiful. Even with his huge body, he still looked 22 years old. His blue eyes sparkled. A roar went up as the salesmen talked to each other about their huge new boss. There were a few women in the group and they sat motionless looking at Jimmy. And a couple of guys did too. Jimmy's body blew their minds. One of the salesmen was Steve. He was sitting right in the middle about three rows back. His mouth dropped open as he saw Jimmy. He had been traveling out of town most of the time for the last several weeks and hadn't made it into the gym. He couldn't believe how big Jimmy had gotten. "Oh shit," he murmured to himself.

Jimmy's co-manager called the meeting to order. "I want to introduce you to your new co-manager, Jimmy. Now, what do you think Jimmy is?" There was murmuring in the crowd. "All those who think he was a football player, raise your hands." Many hands went up. Jimmy did look like a big young football player. He looked like an incredibly muscular running back or linebacker. "All those who think Jimmy was a bodybuilder raise their hands." Even more hands went up. Jimmy looked like a competition bodybuilder. His muscles were huge, they were incredibly shredded and he had all the right proportions. Broad wide shoulders, a small waist and narrow hips, huge arms and massive legs. "How many think Jimmy was a wrestler?" A few more hands went up. Jimmy looked like a heavyweight college wrestler, the kind of wrestler who could force his opponents into a pin with his brute strength. The co-manager smiled. "Well, you're all wrong. Jimmy is a software engineer. He's a programmer!" The audience erupted. "That can't be true!" yelled one of the salesmen. "He's too big. He's too strong. Computer programmers are little nerds."

Jimmy walked over to the guy and flexed his arm in the guy's face. "Do I look like a nerd?" he said. The guy was trembling as he looked at Jimmy's huge 21 inch arm. "Uh no," he said meekly. "I'm a software engineer," said Jimmy to the group. "Yeah, I'm big. And I'm strong. I'm bigger and stronger than any of you. But I know software! And that's what you sell. So I'm gonna make sure you know what you're selling. I'm gonna kick your ass if you don't learn. See this leg?" Jimmy flexed his huge quads which bulged under his tight pants. "My legs can squat with 650 pounds. You wanna be kicked in the ass by that leg?" He looked at one of the salesmen in the eyes. "I can bench 500 pounds. You want this arm to smash into your gut?" He flexed his triceps and in the guy's face. "No!" yelled the guy. "Good. Then you better learn about software. I'm gonna make sure you learn. I'm gonna pass out your first lesson. You've got a week to study it, to learn it. Then I'm gonna give you a test. If you don't know it, this fist is gonna smash your gut. Got that?" Jimmy made a fist and tapped it on the guy's shoulder. The salesmen were trembling. Here they were the jocks and they were being intimidated by this huge young man, this huge young programmer. "Yes, sir," they said.

Jimmy handed out the lesson. His co-manager patted him on the back. "Good job," he said. "You got those guys all riled up. I think they're gonna learn it. They don't want to be hit by you." Jimmy laughed. "Well, you know I would never hit them, at least not here at the company. I think we all might get sued. But hey, after work who knows?" Jimmy made a fist and smashed it into his hand a couple of times. The co-manager laughed. "Yeah, I don't think they want to confront you at all. You own those guys."

Jimmy gained another 15 pounds of muscle that week. He was up to 255 pounds. Brian was cooking him more food than ever because his bigger muscles needed more food. Plus he was taking more creatine and protein. He was truly getting huge. The next Monday he gave the test to the salesmen. Every one of them passed it. He could tell they had studied very hard. They didn't want to confront their new boss, their huge young boss. During the test Jimmy went up to Steve and whispered to him, "I haven't seen you in the gym. You better be there tonight. Be there or else." Jimmy made a fist and opened and closed his hand, showing off his huge forearm muscles. Steve gulped.

Steve was in the gym doing bench presses when Jimmy and Brian walked in. Steve was benching 225 pounds, very close to his maximum, which was a little warm up weight for Jimmy. Compared to Jimmy he looked terrible. He hadn't been working out very much and his body showed it. Jimmy walked up to the bully who had tormented his friend Brian all through elementary school, middle school and high school. "Fuckin' light weight. You think you?re strong, but you?re weak. Watch what a man can do." He got on the bench and cranked out 25 reps easily. "Now for some real iron," he said. He and Brian loaded another four plates on the bar, making it weigh 405. Steve was shocked as he saw all that weight. Jimmy got on the bench and pressed it up. He did eight reps and didn't need a spot. "Two more plates," he said to Brian. They loaded the 45 pound plates. There were 10 45 plates on that bar. The iron of the bar was actually bending. Now it weighed 495 pounds, an incredible weight. Jimmy lowered the bar to his chest and pressed it up. He looked at Steve and sneered. ?Strong as a fucking bull,? he said. He cranked out three more reps with a little help from Brian in the last one. "Next week I'll be up to 525. I'm gonna be at 600 real soon." Steve was trembling as he looked at Jimmy's huge chest, which was now pumped and bulging with thick striated muscles.

Jimmy stood up. "You see Brian here? You remember Brian, don't you? The guy you used to torture all the time. The guy you used to bully all through school, hundreds of times. You remember Brian?" Steve looked over at skinny little Brian. "Yeah," he said.

"Well, guess what's gonna happen tonight, Stevie. You're gonna suck Brian's cock. You're gonna be Brian's cocksucker. And I'm gonna be right there watching and if you don't do it or it you hurt Brian this fist is gonna smash all the way into your spine. And that will be just the first part of the beating. So be at my apartment at 8:00. Here's the address. If you don't show you're toast." Steve looked at Brian, who was grinning at him. Never in his life did he think he would be sucking the cock of that little twerp. He had never sucked cock before and he didn't want to do it with Brian. That little dork was for beating up. That's all the dorks are good for. "I've never sucked anyone's cock and I'm not gonna suck that puny geek's little cock." Steve looked defiant. "Wrong answer," said Jimmy. He grabbed Steve by the arm and dragged him into the locker room, into an area where there were no other people. He grabbed his right wrist and pulled it up his back. He flexed his bicep as he pulled and the huge muscle bulged with rippling fibers of muscle. Steve started yelling in pain . "I haven't even started yet," said Jimmy. "I could rip your arm right off your body." He raised Steve's arm another inc. Brian was standing there watching his tormentor finally get tormented himself after all these years. Brian was so excited. Jimmy was holding Steve right in front of Brian. "Hit him, Brian. Hit him as hard as you can. Think about all the times he hit you. Hit him back!" Brian's eyes got wide. He couldn't believe he was going to be able to do this. Do something that he had been dreaming about for years. He made a fist, pulled back his arm and punched Steve as hard as he could in the gut. Steve's gut was a little soft and Brian's punch hurt him a little bit, even though that punch had just one tenth of the power a punch from Jimmy would have had. Then Brian started punching Steve's body rapidly. It was payback time. He punched his gut, his pecs, his arms, his legs. Then he started pounding Steve's gut in the same place, over and over again. Punch after punch landed right on his belly button. Now it was really starting to hurt the big bully. Steve gurgled "Stop, stop." That got Brian even madder. "How many times did I say 'stop stop' and you just kept punching, asshole. A hundred?" Brian punched harder. Steve started crying. Meanwhile Jimmy was raised up Steve's arm. Soon the cartilage would start breaking. Steve was crying very hard. He was choking and gagging at the same time he was trying to puke from Brian's relentless gut punches. He looked like he was ready to pass out. Then Brian smashed his knee into Steve's groin, smashing his balls. Steve had done that to Brian too. Jimmy let go and Steve crashed to the ground writhing in pain. "See you at eight," said Jimmy. "If you're not there this will feel like a picnic." He and Brian gave each other high fives.

Steve didn't do any more bench presses. His gut and neck were too sore. Jimmy took over the bench and did more bench presses. Then he spent the next hour and a half working his chest. At the end of that workout his pecs were huge. Brian felt the huge muscles with his little fingers and he almost wept. Here he was as one of the best friends and lovers of this huge young man, a man that fulfilled every one of his muscle dreams and who was going to let him dominate his childhood bully. He put his face on Jimmy's hot pumped sweaty pecs and cried with joy. Jimmy flexed the huge muscles for his little friend.

At precisely 8:00 that night Jimmy's doorbell rang. Jimmy had just finished a huge dinner and his stomach was very full. It was full, but his abs still looked like a washboard of corrugated muscle. He had eaten four whole chickens, lots of rice, lots of vegetables and a half gallon of milk. He was going to eat again in two hours. When you weigh 255 pounds and you're gaining 15 pounds of muscle each week you eat a lot of food. Brian had eaten one piece of chicken and a little rice and vegetables. Lots of plates and dirty pans were in the kitchen. Jimmy opened the door and Steve sheepishly walked in. "I'm glad you were able to make it," said Jimmy as if his invitation was optional. Jimmy and Brian were dressed only in their boxer shorts. Steve looked at their bodies, 255 pound Jimmy standing next to110 pound Brian. He gulped as he saw the difference in their bodies. Brian was his same little skinny self, the same kid Steve had beat up so many times in middle school and high school. Jimmy was huge. He had been gaining muscle so fast that Steve hadn't realized how big he had gotten. Twenty two inch arms, a 58 inch chest, 31 inch thighs, 22 inch calves and a waist that only measured 31 inches. His thighs were as big as his waist. And his calves were way bigger than Brian's thighs. Steve kind of moaned as he saw all that muscle and thought about how strong it was.

"Take off your clothes," said Brian. Steve hesitated. This little twirp wasn't going to give him orders. He stood motionless. Jimmy smashed his fist into his gut. "Brian said take off your clothes!" he yelled. "And what Brian says, you do!" Steve looked at the little dork, who was smiling at him. He stripped off his clothes. Jimmy said, "Do you know what the word 'humiliation' means?" Steve said, "I think so." Jimmy continued. "When you put Brian in the locker and made him wait in there for two hours while all the other kids were laughing at him, do you think he was humiliated?" Steve said, "Uh maybe." Brian spoke up. "And when you made me lick all the dirt off your shoes in front of all the other kids, do you think I was humiliated?" Steve looked at Brian. "I guess so," he murmured. Brian continued. "And when you twisted my arm up my back so hard that I started crying, while you and your jock friends were laughing?" Steve hung down his head and whispered "Yeah." "When you're a puny guy in middle school and high school, especially a gay guy like me, you get humiliated a lot by the big jocks like you. You were my number one humiliator, do you know that Steve? You really got off on making me feel humiliated." Steve looked down. "Sorry Brian." Jimmy said, "Sorry isn't good enough, asshole. Now we're gonna make you feel humiliated. You're gonna feel just like Brian felt, maybe worse. It's payback time, asshole. Go out on the patio."

Brian opened the sliding glass door to the outside patio. The patio opened up to a large courtyard for the apartment complex with a swimming pool in the middle. Steve looked around anxiously. There were about 20 people milling around near the apartment who turned to see him standing there totally nude. "On your knees," said Brian. Steve looked at Jimmy who was also standing there in just his boxers and who flexed his arm. He got on his knees and looked up and Brian. All of a sudden Brian started pissing on him. Streams of piss came out of Brian's cock and covered Steve's body, his hair, his face, his torso. The spectators were aghast. Jimmy yelled. "He's gay. He likes being pissed on. He likes to be shit on too. He's so disgusting." The people looked at Steve and shook their heads. "You should be put away. You're a pervert," said a middle aged guy. Steve looked horrified.

"You feel some humiliation, asshole?" whispered Brian. Steve looked up to him with pleading eyes. The smell of piss evaporated off his body. "He likes to suck cock in public too." yelled Jimmy. "He gets real turned on by sucking cock when everybody's looking." Brian stood above Jimmy and pulled down his boxer shorts so his cock and balls were exposed.

"Lick my balls, you little pervert. Lick 'em and suck 'em. Make 'em feel real good. Oh yeah, if I feel any teeth on my balls or cock my bodyguard there is gonna smash you so hard you won't be able to walk." Steve looked over at Jimmy's body and trembled. Then he started licking Brian's balls. The audience was murmuring loudly. Steve looked up at Jimmy with a pleading look in his eyes. "I wonder what your jock friends would think if they saw you now," said Jimmy. "Would you feel humiliated?" Steve almost started crying. "Yes! Yes!" Brian sneered. "Keep licking. Keep sucking." Steve turned back to Brian and licked his balls like he had been doing it for years. Brian's cock got hard. He was getting so turned on by having this big bully service him like a little cocksucking bitch. "Lick my cock, punk," said Brian. Lick it and suck it. Make me feel real good." Steve started licking Brian's cock. His cock was about 6 inches long, way shorter than Jimmy's 10 inch monster cock, but it was very hard. Brian was really getting into being Steve's master. Steve hesitated for a moment. "Keep lickin' bitch. Keep sucking!" yelled Brian as he started thrusting his hips back and forth. He slapped Steve on the face with three hard bitch slaps. Steve couldn't believe he was being hit by Brian, but there was nothing he could do about it. Brian slapped him again. "How's that feel, bitch? You like getting hit? Like you hit me?" He slapped Steve two more times as hard as he could. "Lick harder! Suck harder!" Jimmy turned to the crowd. "He likes to be punished. He likes to be slapped and punched." Jimmy went up to Steve and punched his fist hard on his shoulder. "Lick harder, punk!" he said.

Steve licked harder and Brian got more aroused. By now all Steve wanted to do was please Brian. He realized that he was subservient to the wishes of the little geek he used to torture. "Open your mouth," said Brian. "And remember, no teeth." Steve opened up and Brian rammed his cock into his mouth. His cock was just big enough to go down Steve's throat by a few inches. "Suck and lick!" yelled Brian as he moved his cock around in Steve's mouth, feeling the joy that comes from having it massaged by Steve's tender mouth and throat issues. Steve sucked and licked feverishly. Then he started to gag. Brian slapped him four times. "Take it all bitch. Take my whole dick down your fucking throat." Brian thrust his hips faster. He was totally aroused. He yelled, "I own you, bitch!" as he exploded with spurt after spurt of jism that filled Steve's mouth and went down his throat. When he finished, he kept his cock in Steve's mouth, feeling the pleasure of the light massage Steve was giving it.

Finally Brian took his cock out of Steve's mouth and hit his face a couple of times with it. Steve was so humiliated. He was hoping he was done, but he wasn't. Not by a long shot. Jimmy sprayed him with a hose to clean off the piss and then dragged him back inside the apartment. He turned to the crowd. "He wants more sex, real rough sex. Too rough to show you guys. Hope you enjoyed the show." He closed the door and closed the curtains. He looked down at Steve, picked him up and threw him back on the floor, face down. He rubbed Steve's virgin jock boy ass. "Nice and tight, I bet," he said. A look of horror came over Steve's face. "No, no!" he yelled. "You don't have a vote, asshole," said Jimmy. "My cock's real horny and it wants to fuck your tight ass. Ten inches of thick steel is gonna pound its way in. And no lubricant either. It's gonna plow into your tight ass, ripping apart anything that gets in its way." Steve started crying. Brian said, "You remember when I cried? Your torturing made me cry all the time. Did you stop when I cried? No you did not. Fuck him, Jimmy. Fuck his ass!"

Steve was on his stomach. His butt was round and firm. Jimmy got on his knees on top of Steve's legs and rubbed his cock on Steve's ass. He instantly got hard. He slapped the bully a couple of times on his ass, real hard slaps that made his ass turn red. Jimmy rubbed his cock on Steve's ass while he was slapping it. "Got to tenderize your little ass." More slaps. Steve's ass was bright red and he was crying. Jimmy's slaps were a lot harder than Brian's. Then Jimmy flipped Steve over so he was on his back. He sat on Steve's stomach. He flexed his abs and put Steve's hand on them. "Hard as bricks," he said. He flexed his arms and lats as Steve gasped at the strength that was sitting on top of him. His cock started to get hard as Jimmy flexed. Jimmy grabbed his hand and put it on his bicep. "I could crush your neck with that," Jimmy said. Steve was straight or at least he thought he was. But he was getting turned on by Jimmy's huge body. Then Jimmy put Steve's hand on his hard cock. "Feel it, punk. Feel how big and thick and hard it is. I've got big hard muscles and a big hard cock. He wrapped his hand around Jimmy's huge cock, a cock that was twice as big as his. And that cock was hard.

Then Jimmy moved back and put the head of his cock in Steve's asshole and rammed it about two inches in. "Does that hurt?" he said. "Yes, yes, it hurts!" yelled Steve. "It really hurts!" Jmmy looked at Brian and smiled. "Good!" he said. He pulled out and rammed his whole cock inside Steve's butt. His muscles rippled with power as they smashed his huge cock through Steve's sphincter muscles and into his colon. "Owwwww!" yelled Steve. He started crying in abject pain. "Humiliation!" said Jimmy as he pulled back and rammed his cock in again. "You got a hot ass," said Jimmy. "Nice and tight and firm. I love the feeling when my big body hits your firm ass. I love the feeling when my cock goes deep inside your asshole. My whole cock is getting massaged by your body. So fucking hot!" Blood started coming out of Steve's ass, providing some natural lubrication. "Humiliation can be fun! Fun for me but not for you," yelled Jimmy. He thrust his hips in and out faster and faster. Finally he came, shooting spurt after spurt of cum up inside Steve's ass and colon. After he finished he left his still hard cock inside for a few minutes and pulled it slowly in and out, feeling the pleasure of Steve's ass muscles caressing it. "Nice fuck," he whispered in Steve's ear. "We'll have to do that again sometime." Then he pulled out his cock.

He picked Steve up by his armpit and crotch and threw him on the couch. Brian came up to him and slapped him on the face. Steve didn't dare respond. "How do you feel, bitch?" Steve looked at him. "Terrible. I feel terrible. I smell like piss. My butt is so sore. And all those people saw you pissing on me and saw me sucking your cock." Tears started coming down his cheeks. Brian slapped him again. "You feel the same as I did. Not a lot of fun, is it. It was fun for you but it wasn't fun for me. Well tonight Jimmy and I had fun but you didn't. Now you know a little bit how I felt." Steve looked up and Brian with sad eyes. Then Jimmy spoke up. "Maybe next time we can invite your friends so they can see you getting fucked by Brian, to see the piss dripping off your body, to see my big cock plunging deep inside your body." I bet they'd love to see that. Steve started crying again. "Oh no, oh no," he moaned. "So you don't want to do that?" Jimmy looked at Steve. "There's a way to keep what we do to you private." "What? What? What?" yelled Steve. "You will be Brian's slave. You will do whatever he asks. If he says it, you will do it. If he wants to fuck you, he will fuck you. If he orders you to clean his shoes with your tongue you will do it. And you will always be very nice to him and to all his friends. You will either be Brian's slave or all your straight jock friends will think you're a pervert.. Slavery or perversion, asshole?"

Steve looked at Brian. He thought for a few seconds. He knew he didn't have as real choice. "Okay," he said. "I will be Brian's slave. Never in my life did I think I would be his slave, but now I am." He hung down his head. "Good, I'm glad that's settled." said Brian. "Brian walked up and slapped Steve on the face. "I'll have to slap you 1,000 times just to get even. Now go wash all the dishes in the kitchen. Make 'em nice and clean. I cook all of Jimmy's food and I want a clean kitchen. Unless I tell you Jimmy and I want privacy, you will come here every day at 8:00 p.m. and clean up. And you will come here every Saturday and clean the whole apartment. Maybe I'll take you outside and piss on you again. Maybe I'll fuck your face. Maybe I'll fuck your ass. Maybe Jimmy will do it too." Steve looked over at Jimmy and shuddered. "Yes, sir," he said. "After you're finished washing the dishes, go home and write notes of apology to these six guys. You'll recognize their names. They're all friends of mine you bullied in school. And write a note to me too. I'll inspect the notes tomorrow and if they aren't real good, I hope your gut is real hard." Brian grabbed Jimmy's arm and felt the hard muscle flex. So Steve was now Brian's slave. The bully became the bullied.

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Hey John D, great addition, a little darker tone than the previous couple of chapters but as always very good. I know the revenge is good for people who have been in the situation. You should never be mean to people! As always very good once again and can't wait for the next one.
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Yes, yes, more, still I'm not satisfied

Absolutely terrific.

Thank you.
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I want to see him takes on a few hot girls - a mix of heterosexualism would be amazing
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Wow! That Jimmy is my hero. What a dream to have a bf grow like that. Such a protector to, Bonus
worshipper, 5'8
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Don't usually enjoy domination, but your reverse dom is really enjoyable! Keep up the great writing.
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