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Before and After - Part 10

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Part 9:

Before and After - Part 10
By John D.

Jimmy trained as hard as he ever had for the next two weeks. He was nearing his 280 goal and was training extra hard to get there. And in two weeks he gained 25 pounds. He was now 280 pounds of solid muscle. This muscle looked fantastic on his 6' 2" frame. Because his waist was so small at 32 inches he actually looked almost normal in a long sleeve shirt and slacks, except that his 23 inch arms completely filled up the sleeves of the shirt and his 32 inch thighs completely filled up his pant legs. Plus his neck was 22 inches around. Well, his waist was normal. Everything else was huge! He had been working out only two months and had gained 155 pounds of muscle. He more than doubled his weight and he was 15 times stronger. Unlike some guys whose big arms are soft and spongy, Jimmy's arms were rock solid. They were as hard as rocks. His arms had increased in size from 9-1/2 inches to 23 inches, way more than doubling in size. And the strength in his new arms was incredible. Those arms could curl 315 pounds - more than Jimmy weighed. He could do a tricep pressdown of 375 pounds. Brian had to hold on to his hips as he did them and even with Brian holding on he almost lifted the two bodies up as he pressed his huge triceps into the weight. He could do parallel bar dips with a 200 pound dumbbell hanging from his waist. Those arms were incredibly strong. All his body parts were incredibly strong. He could bench 600 pounds, squat with 750 and deadlift 800. Jimmy was a man of muscle.

It was now time to take Jimmy's two month progress pictures. Chad of course had been following Jimmy's amazing muscle growth and he couldn't believe what had happened to this formerly skinny young man. He had seen guys make progress before but he had never seen progress like this. Jimmy had just incredible genetics, genetics that enabled his muscles to grow at will with the right training and the right food. And genetics that absolutely refused to allow Jimmy to put on any fat. Jimmy had never had any fat on his body as he grew up and Jimmy had no fat on his body now.

When Jimmy first came to the gym, he thought of Chad as a god. A god that weighed 205 pounds of hard muscle and had 18 inch arms, a 48 inch chest and 27 inch thighs. A god that could bench press 375 pounds while Jimmy could only bench 35. But then things changed. Both Jimmy and Chad remembered the day when Jimmy got bigger than Chad. He weighed 210 pounds of solid muscle. All muscle with no fat And he was stronger than Chad. Chad told him that he had tried to gain more weight but he just couldn't do it without putting on a lot of fat. And here was Jimmy at 210 pounds of muscle and no fat, muscle that was going to grow even bigger. He was bigger than Chad and he was still growing.

Chad liked muscle growth. He liked to see his own muscles grow and he liked seeing the muscles of his trainees grow. He liked big muscles. He thought he was straight but he liked big muscles. The day Jimmy outweighed Chad he thought he saw Chad's crotch bulging as the trainer realized that the pupil was bigger and stronger than he was. And Jimmy was still growing bigger and stronger. Chad's eyes were wide as they saw Jimmy flexing his big new muscles. And every day as Jimmy grew bigger and bigger, the bulge in Chad's crotch got bigger and bigger. He just couldn't believe what was happening to his star pupil. He was getting so huge. He was getting so strong. He got promoted and was now co-managing the whole sales department, and the salesmen followed Jimmy's orders like he was a god. Jimmy made three times as much money as Chad. And he was so good looking with his blue eyes, strong jaw and cheekbones and light brown hair. Jimmy was a total muscle stud, the epitome of Chad's lifelong dreams about muscle growth.

Chad's crotch was already bulging as Jimmy got ready for his "after" picture. He wanted a good pump so he did three sets of benches, curls, dips, presses, lateral raises, pullups, rowing, squats, leg presses, calve raises and crunches. He used light weights for himself, only benching 400, curling 250, chinning with only 50 pounds attached to his small waist and squatting with 500. These were light weights for Jimmy's huge muscles. Chad was watching every rep. Those light weights were way more than Chad could lift. Jimmy finished his crunches and walked over to Chad. "Feel my muscles, trainer. You're the best trainer there ever was. Look at my body. Feel how big and pumped my muscles are." Chad reached over and felt Jimmy's 23 inch arm, an arm what was now pumped up to 25 inches. Twenty-five hot hard inches of throbbing muscle. "Fuck," said Chad as he felt the huge muscle. He had never felt an arm that big before. And the muscle was so hard, harder than his own muscle. He ran his hands all over Jimmy's body, feeling the huge size and hardness of Jimmy's muscles. His fingers felt the striations of muscle bulging, trying to burst through Jimmy's thin fat-free skin. Veins surged with blood right under that skin, veins that were pushed into the skin by the bulging muscles. Chad's cock was now rock hard. He had never seen or felt muscles this big or hard in his whole life.

Chad loved big muscles and his cock was showing it. Suddenly Jimmy reached down and grabbed Chad's cock. "You like my muscles, don't you Chad. You've got muscles but I've got bigger muscles. Bigger and stronger and harder muscles. I bet my cock is bigger too. I'm huge, Chad. Really huge." Chad gulped as he felt Jimmy's fingers massaging his cock. "I'm gonna fuck you Chad. I've been dreaming about fucking you since the day I walked into this gym and saw your hot body. And I bet you'd like it, wouldn't you Chad. You'd like feeling my huge muscles while I fuck you. You'd like watching and feeling them flex and bulge as I thrust my big cock into your mouth and then into your ass. "You'd like that, wouldn't you Chad." Chad looked at Jimmy's huge pecs and whispered "Yes." Jimmy ran his hand up Chad's rock hard abs to Chad's pecs and fondled them. "Good," he said. "I can hardly wait. Let's take those "after" pics right now."

So Chad took pictures of Jimmy in the same positions he had when he took his "before" pictures. Jimmy didn't even look like the same young man who had stood there two months before. For picture number one, Jimmy just stood there flexing his lats and abs and legs. He looked incredible. His chest had grown from 33 inches of bone to 62 inches of striated muscle. His legs had grown from 16 inch sticks into 32 inch oak trees of muscle. They were the same size as his waist. And these were unpumped measurements. His pumped muscles were way bigger. His thighs were bigger than his waist. His shoulders were a foot wider than they were before. His deltoids looked like huge bowling balls of muscle with the fibers twitching and flexing with every movement of his arms. But his waist had grown only four inches, from 28 to 32 and his hips were still narrow. His chest was almost twice the size of his waist. His V shape was incredible. For the next pic he flexed his biceps. His pumped up 25 inch biceps were as big than his head. Those guns had grown from 9-1/2 inch straws into 25 inch monsters of muscle. Then he did a most muscular shot, a back double biceps shot and a side triceps shot. His body looked amazing. Every member of the gym was standing there looking at Jimmy's body.

When he had finished those pictures, Jimmy grabbed the camera out of Chad's hand and handed it to Brian. "Take both of us, Brian. Just like we did two months ago." So Jimmy and Chad stood side by side. Two months before, Chad outweighed Jimmy by 80 pounds. Now Jimmy outweighed Chad by 75 pounds. They both stood there flexing their lats, their abs and their legs. The difference in size was incredible. Jimmy was only an inch taller, but his muscles were way bigger. His 62 inch chest looked enormous next to Chad's 48 incher. His 32 inch thighs dwarfed Chad's 27 inchers. And his calves measured 24 inches, bigger than most guys' thighs. Jimmy's tight little waist looked incredible as he flexed his eight pack washboard of rock hard muscle. Chad's six pack looked flabby next to it. Chad's waist was 33 inches, so Jimmy's waist was actually smaller than his. With his giant 62 inch chest, with pecs and lats bulging with inches and inches of muscle, and a tiny 32 inch shreded waist, Jimmy looked incredible. "I can't believe it," said Brian as he snapped away.

"Biceps," yelled Jimmy. They both flexed their arms. Chad's 18 inch arms looked tiny compared to Jimmy's huge 25 inch artillery guns of muscle. His forearms measured 18 inches, the same size as Chad's biceps. Brian gasped and snapped. "Triceps," said Jimmy. They both turned to the side and hit a triceps shot. Jimmy's triceps were enormous, a huge horseshoe of striated muscle. They dwarfed Chad's muscles. They hit a back double biceps pose with Jimmy's lats and deltoids looking almost twice the size of Chad's. Finally they did a most muscular pose. Jimmy's traps bulged with thick muscle that looked inches and inches bigger than Chads. His whole torso was huge. Huge and cut and shredded. "Great pics," said Brian as he put down the camera. "You are both so hot. But Jimmy, you're huge. Huge, huge, huge!" Jimmy grinned at Brian and then turned towards Chad.

"Now what were we talking about before we took those pictures?" he said as he rubbed his big hard pecs into Chad's chest. Chad rubbed his fingers on Jimmy's shoulders and arms and he immediately got hard. Then he turned to Brian. "You take over the gym. Jimmy and I are going to have a private meeting in the yoga room. Brian nodded. He wished he could be a spider on the yoga room wall. The two muscle boys walked into the yoga room and closed the door. Luckily there was a lock and Chad used it to lock the door. The walls of the room were covered with mirrors and the floor was covered by mats. As soon as Chad locked the door Jimmy swept him into his body and kissed him. "I've been lusting over you for two months. You're hot as hell." The two young men kissed for a long time as they ran their hands over the muscles of their bodies. Then Chad pushed Jimmy away and stood next to him in front of the mirror. "You think I'm hot. Look at you! You're huge! You have so much muscle! God I love muscle!" He kissed Jimmy's huge pec muscle. Then he said, "Flex your huge muscles for me. Let me feel their hugeness, their hardness. I want to feel your huge muscles."

Jimmy grinned. Here was this big jock muscle stud wanting to feel his huge muscles. And he wanted to show them off for Chad. He wanted Chad to worship his body just like he worshipped Chad's body. Jimmy ripped off his shorts and shoes and Chad did the same thing. They were standing in front of the mirror totally naked. And both of their cocks were rock hard. Jimmy's cock was at least three inches bigger and much thicker than Chad's cock. He had huge muscles and a huge cock. Chad looked at that huge weapon and his cock got even harder. He had never seen Jimmy's cock before. "Holy shit!" he yelled. "Your muscles aren't the only thing that's huge!" Jimmy grinned and started flexing his muscles. Chad immediately started feeling them and kissing them and licking them. Chad licked and kissed Jimmy's huge pumped arms, 25 inches of rock hard muscle. He licked those striated biceps. He kissed them. He licked and kissed those huge football sized triceps. "So fucking big! So fucking hard! So fucking strong!" Chad groaned. Then he buried his face deep into Jimmy's huge armpit and he felt those huge lat and pec muscles that were enveloping his head. "Oh my god, so huge!" he murmured. He breathed in the sweat that Jimmy had made when he pumped up for the pictures. He breathed in that masculine scent of the huge muscle man. He had his head buried in a real man. A huge muscular man. He moaned in pleasure as he felt the huge muscles surrounding him.

Then he took out his head and started licking and kissing Jimmy's pec muscles as he felt Jimmy's huge shoulders. Jimmy flexed his pecs and his delts and Chad moaned as he felt the huge muscles bulge under his hands. He put a nipple in his mouth and licked it. Now Jimmy moaned in pleasure and his cock began to twitch. He ran his hands over Chad's hard muscles, muscles that he had worshipped since the day he walked into the gym. He was in heaven, being worshipped by the stud trainer who he once worshipped himself. Then Chad moved his hands down to Jimmy's abs and felt the hard muscle flexing as Jimmy moaned as Chad licked and sucked his pecs and nipples. He ran his fingers over Jimmy's abs, abs in a waist that was incredibly small for the huge torso it was supporting. Those abs felt like bricks. They were hard as rocks. He lowered his face and started licking those abs, feeling every bulge and crevice of those shredded muscles. Suddenly Jimmy pushed his head down to his cock. "Suck it," he yelled. "Suck a real man's huge cock!"

Chad immediately started sucking and licking the huge weapon that was rammed into his mouth by the huge muscle stud standing over him. As he sucked he felt Jimmy's huge thighs and calves. Jimmy's thighs felt like huge logs of muscle, muscle that was 32 inches around and harder than wood. His huge 24 inch calves were like warm granite with the two heads of muscle covered with veins and rippling with steel hard fibers. Chad felt those muscles and moaned in erotic pleasure. These were the largest muscles he had ever seen in his life. And he was feeling them! He was touching them! He was worshipping them! And he was getting face fucked by the stud who owned those muscles. His cock was rock hard and he was ready to cum.

Jimmy grabbed Chad's big shoulders and rammed his cock down into Chad's throat. He began to pump furiously. He was totally aroused as he fucked this big muscle stud jock. He pumped faster and faster. Chad had grabbed his cock and was stroking it fast as well. Then Jimmy yelled "Fucccckkkkk!" as he shot spurt after spurt of cum down Chad's throat. Chad grunted as loud as he could with that big cock down his throat and came also, spurting his own huge amount of cum on the mat on the floor. Jimmy kept his cock in Chad's throat as he ran his hands over Chad's big muscles. He rubbed his cock around to get the last bits of erotic pleasure. Chad kept stroking his cock with one hand as he felt Jimmy's thighs and calves with the other. Then they both fell down and kissed and hugged each other on the mat. They kissed and hugged for several minutes as they felt each other's big hard bodies. Finally Jimmy stood up and said. "I could do this for hours, but I gotta do my workout. Come over to my apartment for dinner at 7. I've got a real good cook who has a nice little ass that loves to be fucked. I'm gonna fuck your ass and his ass. And you can fuck him too and maybe I'll let you fuck my face." Chad was getting hard again as he looked at Jimmy's huge body. He said, "Yeah!"

They put on their gym clothes and walked out of the yoga room. Brian was standing there with an eager look on his face. Jimmy grinned. "Chad's coming for dinner so we need a lot of food. And we're both gonna fuck you. We're gonna have some wild sex!" Brian hugged his huge friend and buried his face in Jimmy's massive pec muscles. "Oh yeah, getting fucked by two muscle gods," he murmured as he held Jimmy's huge torso.

Jimmy did his workout. He was working out his arms. As usual all the eyes in the gym were focused on him as he pounded out rep after rep of arm exercises with weights the other guys couldn't believe. With one arm he could curl and press more than the other men could lift off the ground. His arms became so huge and ripped it was unbelievable. He flexed his arms in Brian's face and said "I think we're gonna have a good time tonight."

So the two studs and the boy had a great dinner, with Jimmy eating three times as much as Chad and ten times as much as Brian. Chad said, "This is the best food I've had in years. It's better than my mom's!" Brian grinned. "Brian's a great cook," said Jimmy. "My muscles wouldn't have grown so fast if I wasn't eating his good food." He looked at Chad. "And your training advice and dieting help with protein and supplements helped a lot too. My body thanks both of you." He flexed his huge arms and smiled proudly. Chad felt his right arm that was still pumped up from his arm workout. "Well, I think your genetics trump whatever we did. Nobody but you could build huge muscles so fast. You're a stud, Jimmy. A total stud." He leaned over and kissed Jimmy's arm.

Brian said, "I told my slave not to come over tonight to clean up. I told him to come at 5:30 tomorrow morning. He didn't want to wake up that early but I told him tough shit. I want him out of here before you wake up. He'll need some extra time because there's a lot of pots and dishes for him to clean. I'll get up and let him in." Chad looked puzzled. "Slave? You have a slave? I thought they were illegal." Jimmy laughed. "Oh this guy volunteered to be Brian's slave. He does whatever Brian wants. He used to bully Brian but now he does whatever Brian wants. Brian even fucks him sometimes. You know Steve? He's the slave." Chad looked at Brian. "He's your slave? He's twice as big as you." Brian laughed. "But he's not twice as big as Jimmy. He wanted to be my slave." Chad looked at Jimmy's huge muscles and understood. The bully was getting his payback.

The three young men had the best sex of their lives that night. Jimmy fucked both Chad and Brian. Chad felt Jimmy's muscles as he fucked Brian too while Jimmy was fucking Brian's face. Brian was in heaven, getting fucked by these two big muscles studs. Jimmy let Chad fuck him in the mouth and Chad went crazy as Jimmy gave him a blow job while he could feel those huge muscles, huge muscles that fulfilled all his muscle fantasies.

They got together every night that week. Then Chad broke up with his girlfriend. His girlfriend couldn't compete with Jimmy's muscles. The boys found a big three bedroom apartment with a large kitchen. Jimmy had the master bedroom with a king sized bed. They put mirrors on the walls so they could watch their flexing and see Brian's little bubble butt as it got fucked and fucked and fucked. Chad and Brian had the other two bedrooms, but they all spent their nights in Jimmy's bedroom, flexing and fucking for hours and hours.

And Chad and Brian had a plan. They wanted Jimmy to get huge. More huge. Real huge. Brian was in charge of the food and the cooking. He bought even more protein-rich food for Jimmy to eat. And his cooking was fantastic. Chad was in charge of the workout program and the supplements. He devised even more brutal workouts for Jimmy's muscles and picked out the right supplements for tremendous muscle growth. Jimmy had a personal chef and a personal trainer. And Jimmy had the genes and the drive to get huge, very huge.

Chad posted Jimmy's "before" and "after" pictures on the wall of the Fitness Center. The difference between the 125 pound stick boy and the 280 pound muscle monster was incredible. He even posted pictures of him standing next to Jimmy, before and after. This made Jimmy's body look even more spectacular. And he knew that in a few months he would replace the "after" picture with a picture of an even bigger Jimmy.

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Nice ending for the story, and Brian must be in heaven.
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Many thanks!


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Originally Posted by johnd View Post
And he knew that in a few months he would replace the "after" picture with a picture of an even bigger Jimmy.
Oh hot damn, what a great image to leave us with.
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its a really good ending!
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