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Andrew chapter 29

On Wednesday, October 19th, 2005, Andrew and Carrie woke up in each other's arms and grinned at each other.
"What are you smiling at Carrie?" Andrew asked her.
"I'm just happy to wake up in the arms of my big man every morning," Carrie replied.
"Yeah, this week it's at your house and next week if all goes well, it will be at my house," Andrew informed her.
"Sounds like a great idea," Carrie said with a smile.
Andrew helped her out of bed and asked her, "You wouldn't mind if I borrowed your Class Ring for a few days, would you Carrie?"
"No Andrew," Carrie replied, having a good idea what he needed it for. "You can have anything of mine that you ask for Big Man, especially since you already have my love and my hand in marriage."
Andrew flicked his eyes down for just an instant, and Carrie knew then that he needed her Class Ring to help him pick out her Engagement Ring.
Andrew and Carrie had their joint shower before breakfast and then went downstairs to eat. When Ron saw that Carrie wasn't wearing her Class Ring, he glanced over at Andrew and raised his head slightly. When Andrew nodded, Ron smiled, having reached the same conclusion that Carrie had.
When Andrew, Mike and Carrie got to school, they went inside and headed to their lockers. Carrie and Andrew kissed and then headed to their separate classes.
"It's done Mike," Andrew whispered in his ear. "I have Carrie's class ring ready for tonight."
Mike nodded and grinned at his big friend, pleased that Andrew and Carrie's engagement preparations were beginning to take shape.
In the Physics classroom, Mike and his friends gave Andrew and his friends some more tutoring, knowing that they wouldn't have a chance during Spare. Steve and Darrel told Andrew and Mike that Mike's friends had been giving them some tutoring during lunch and at home after school.
"Oh, you've invited my friends over after school but not me?" Mike teased Steve. Steve looked over at Mike and shrugged apologetically. "Just kidding Steve; you know that Andrew is busy teaching me to work out while I tutor him!"
"Funny man!" Steve chuckled. "But since Andrew and Carrie will be away this weekend, you can join us and your friends at my house for a party this weekend."
"Sounds like fun," Mike said, looking over at Andrew as if for permission.
"Don't look at me for permission Mike; though you should ask your dad's permission when we see him tonight," Andrew said.
Mike nodded and then they continued studying until class began.
After class, Mike's friends asked Andrew if they could come and work out in the gym with him and Mike during Spare. Andrew told them that he would draw up some workout plans for them the next day at work and then they could all work out together during Spare on Friday. Satisfied, Mike's friends headed off to their next class, and Andrew took Mike to the gym for another workout session. Andrew informed Mike that they would work out after supper at the O.D. football field as well. Mike grinned at the thought and looked forward to working out on a high school football field for the first time since summer holidays.
After school was over for the day, the football team met on the OD. Field for football practice. Mike paid closer attention this time to all the drills, since Andrew had informed him that they were going to practice some one-on-one drills after supper. He was really impressed by the intensity of Andrew, Steve and Darrel and his friends Stu, Lenny and Nate joined him in the stands. Mike also noticed Tom, the freshman he and Andrew had met on Monday, sitting in the stands as well as another small boy who looked at bit like Darrel.
After football practice, Andrew showered and changed and then joined Mike at the edge of the field. He took Mike to his house, where his family was all at home for once. Susan set another place at the table once she learned that Mike's dad was coming over for supper as well.
"Hopefully Mike's dad will return the favour and have us all over for supper one day," Chad said to Andrew.
"I'm sure he will Dad; he'll probably plan that for the next night that we'll all be together," Andrew informed him. "Since I have work tomorrow night and Carrie and I are going away for the weekend, who knows when that will be."
"Monday night would be the best time," Susan said. "I don't have a business trip next week, so I'll be here every day for supper."
"That's good Mom," Andrew said. "I know that you're having a lot of fun on your book tours, but it's nice to have you at home once in a while!" He turned to Chad and asked him, "So Dad, did you take care of that little thing we talked about last night?"
Chad nodded and Susan asked him, "What are you two talking about?"
"Guy stuff Susan," Chad replied with a smirk.
"Okay, if you two don't want to tell me, then I'll just have to find out on my own!" Susan threatened him. "I'll ask Carrie and her mother when I visit them after supper!"
"You do that Mom," Andrew dared her, pleased that neither Carrie nor her mother knew of Andrew's engagement plans for Carrie.
After supper, Susan and Sarah went over to the Peterson's house to pick up Carrie and her mother for another girl's night out. During their drive to school, Carrie had assured Andrew that she didn't mind that he was spending so much time with Mike that week.
"Not only will it give me a chance to catch up with my girlfriends, but I'll have you all to myself for the whole weekend!" Carrie had reminded Andrew with a sexy smile.
Once the lights from Susan's car had disappeared down the street, Chad turned to Andrew and Mike and said, "A few close calls tonight guys, but the engagement plans for Carrie are still a secret."
"That's a relief Dad," Andrew said. "And speaking of those plans, have you found the key to the safety deposit box that has Grandma's ring in it?"
"Yes I have son," Chad replied. "It's a good thing that it's my grandmother's ring and not Susan's grandmother's ring, or the secret would be out! Your mother keeps her mother's engagement ring in her jewellery box to wear on special nights out. In fact, since you and Carrie are going out this weekend, your mother and I are doing the same thing, but she doesn't know that yet."
"Well, I won't tell her Dad," Andrew promised him. "Now, hurry up and get that key for me Dad! I want to get the rings to the jewelers before it closes. Then Mike and I can get to the O.D. field for football practice!"
"I thought you already had it this afternoon," Chad said, unlocking the safe.
"That was for the whole team; this is a private practice for Mike," Andrew informed him.
"Ah, just like you did for Connor, Ralph, and Mike's brother Mark," Chad realized. As he looked through the safe for the P. O. Box key, he added, "How does it feel to be a teacher for one last season?"
When he looked up at Andrew, having found the key, he saw a hint of tears in Andrew's eyes.
"It feels somewhat strange," Andrew admitted. "I never really thought about it before, but you're right: it is my last year at home."
"Don't feel sad Andrew; everyone you turned into a football star is going to the University of Miami with you," Chad reminded him. He closed the safe, stood up, and handed the key to Andrew. "And don't forget about your soon-to-be wife Carrie: she'll be there too. Now you guys get going to Town's Jewelers before it closes and get your great-grandmother?s ring resized to match Carrie's class ring. Carrie's fingers are pretty slender, so this ring needs to have its diameter reduced to stay on her finger."
"Okay Dad; thanks," Andrew said, putting the key in his pocket. He put his jacket and boots on and then noticed that Mike was wearing his normal clothes, not the new clothes Andrew had bought him the night before. "Where's your jacket and boots man?" Andrew asked him, as they headed outside to Andrew's car.
"I forgot them at home," Mike realized, looking down at his feet. "I hung the new jacket in my closet and I just threw on the first clothes within reach when I got dressed this morning."
"No problem man; we can just swing by your place on the way back from Town Jewelers and you can get changed," Andrew informed him. "Until you get a football jacket, your new leather jacket will have to do."
"That should work Andrew; my house and the O. D. field are in the same direction from downtown," Mike realized.
Andrew nodded when he realized that Mike was right, and they headed downtown to Town's Jewelers. There, the jeweler took both rings and told Andrew that the resizing of Carrie's engagement ring would be ready in about six weeks. Andrew grinned at the nervous look on the jeweler?s face and then realized that he hadn't been in that shop since he was 10.
Andrew and Mike headed back to Mike's house, where Andrew told Mike to get changed into his gym clothes but to bring his new clothes from last night along. Andrew got changed into his gym clothes as well, which he kept in his gym bag in the trunk, and then they headed to the O. D. field to work out.
When they got there, Andrew started running around the track, jumping easily over the hurdles in his path. Mike stood on the field and watched Andrew in awe; amazed at how nimble Andrew was, even at 6 foot 8 and 370 pounds. Andrew and Mike had weighed themselves at Mike's house.
When Andrew stopped in front of Mike, he wasn't even panting, even after four laps around the track.
"How come you didn't even try to catch me man?" Andrew asked Mike. "I would have slowed down so that you could catch up with me. Then we could have run around the track together and had an endurance contest." He thought for a minute and then realized something. "I can think of one way that we can run around the track together without you lagging behind me. I'll still be able to run at my normal pace and get a slight strength workout at the same time. Then we can throw the football around after that."
Mike's face lit up at those last words and he asked Andrew, "What did you have in mind?"
"I'll show you," Andrew replied, stepping forward and hoisting over his shoulder in a fireman's carry. "Hang on tight man; around the track we both go again!"
"This is fun!" Mike yelled, as Andrew ran around the track with him across his shoulders. "Have you done this a lot Andrew?"
"Yes I have Mike; for Reserves Training," Andrew replied. "I have another Reserves weekend in nine days, so I have to stay in shape for it."
"I think you're already in great shape for it!" Mike informed him. "It certainly seems easy for you to carry me around the track like this!"
"Well it is easy," Andrew said, "but I don't want to brag."
"At least not until you're in the weight room Andrew," Mike reminded him.
"You're right Mike," Andrew realized, setting Mike down once they got near Andrew's car. "Now, here's the key for the trunk of my car. You go get the football and I'll do some stretching."
"Good idea Andrew," Mike said, jogging over to Andrew's car and opening the trunk. "Hey, this football has the University of Miami logo on it!"
"Yes it does Mike; it's the first football I got from my dad about seven years ago," Andrew informed him, as Mike joined him on the football field.
"So that's why it looks so worn out," Mike realized, throwing the football to Andrew. "You and your former trainees probably used it for football practice over the last three years."
"As my father and I did for four years before I entered high school," Andrew said, throwing the football back to Mike in a perfect spiral. "You've got a pretty good arm Mike; I think I know what position you'd be best suited for on the field."
"What position would that be Andrew?" Mike asked him, throwing the ball back to Andrew with a slight spiral.
"Quarterback, just like Ralph and your brother Mark," Andrew replied, catching the football. "Good job Mike; you're picking up the Quarterback Spiral already!"
"Well, as I told you earlier this week, once I had my growth spurt this summer, Mark started teaching me some football drills," Mike reminded Andrew. "In fact, I am not the only one who wants to learn football drills from you. My friends who you met on Monday also want to learn from you."
"We'll discuss that over supper Mike," Andrew decided, as they continued tossing the football back and forth. "I'm already so busy training you that I'm not sure I'll have time to train them!" When he saw Mike's disappointed look, Andrew grinned and added, "But I'll do my best Mike!"
"Okay Andrew; thanks for considering it at least," Mike said. "So, what other football drills can you teach me besides passing and catching?"
"The next logical step is blocking exercises," Andrew replied. "Since you have the ball, try to get past me with it."
"Okay Andrew; get ready," Mike said, as Andrew jogged down to the other end of the field.
"I'm ready Mike!" Andrew yelled from the other end of the field. "Build up a lot of speed from that end of the field so that you can knock me out of the way with your first attempt!"
"Okay Andrew; here I come!" Mike shouted, running down the field in a zigzag pattern as Andrew constantly moved into his path.
Mike built up a lot of speed once he reached Andrew, knocking him back a few steps when he hit him. Mike fell back onto the ground and rolled back to his feet, keeping a grip on the ball. Then he ran into Andrew before he could regain his balance, knocking Andrew flat on his back. Mike leaped over Andrew's outstretched hands, eluding his grasp and running unimpeded into the End Zone.
"Yeah, I got the Big Man down and scored my first touchdown!" Mike yelled in excitement, spiking the ball and jumping up and down.
"Yes you did Mike," Andrew agreed, standing up and joining Mike in the End Zone. "Let me show you how the Offensive Linemen congratulate the Receiver!"
He lifted Mike up effortlessly until Mike's hands could grip the crossbar of the uprights.
"This is fun Andrew!" Mike yelled. "I should try some chin-ups while I'm up here!"
"Go right ahead man; I'll be down here to catch you when you're done," Andrew promised him. He picked up the football and began tossing it from hand to hand. "Let's see if you can do more than 10 this time."
Mike didn't bother replying; he just focused on performing as many chin-ups as possible. Andrew crossed his arms and grinned, pleased with how quickly Mike was learning the game of football.
And I didn't even let him win; I put my best effort into stopping him! Andrew thought to himself. He's going to be a great football player, just like his brother Mark, who obviously taught him well over the summer!
"I'm done Andrew," Mike panted, hanging from the crossbar of the uprights. "I did 15 chin-ups; are you going to catch me now?"
"Yes I am Mike," Andrew replied, setting his football down and holding his massive arms up. "Jump down Mike; I won't let you fall!"
"I know Andrew," Mike agreed, as he dropped down into Andrew's waiting arms. "I trust you completely, because you've been very kind, gentle, and patient with me since we first met last month." He stumbled a bit as Andrew set him down with one hand and looked up to see Andrew wiping his eyes with the other hand. "Hey, are you okay Andrew?"
"I'm fine Mike," Andrew assured him; blinking his eyes as a few tears rolled down his cheeks. "I just got some dirt in my eyes from your shoes while you were dangling above me."
"Look at how clean the grass is Andrew!" Mike shouted, pointing to the field. "There's no dirt there to get on my shoes and then into your eyes!"
"I know that Mike," Andrew said. "I guess I'm just a big softie who cries whenever anyone pays him a compliment."
"That's okay Andrew; I understand that since we're standing on the football field, you had to give the Confident jock Answer," Mike assured him.
"And I hope you understand not to tell anyone about that revelation Mike," Andrew warned him with an angry glare.
"Of course I do Andrew; I wouldn't want to get you mad at me, now would I?" Mike asked him, as they jogged around the track for a cool down.
"No you wouldn't Mike," Andrew agreed, as they stopped near his car. He set Mike down on the roof of his car and leaned forward to look him right in the eyes. "If I got mad at you, the end of your football training would be the least of your worries!"
"And the loss of a trainee would be the least of yours!" Mike stammered in fear. "You wouldn't want to do anything illegal that could put your scholarship and your military career in jeopardy, would you?"
Andrew shook his head and set Mike down on the ground; the possible implications of being a bully penetrating deep into his consciousness.
"You're right Mike, and I think that you will help keep me on the right path so that I don't blow my shot at the NFL," Andrew said.
"No problem Big Man," Mike assured him, as they got into the car. "I'll be here for you every step of the way!"
"And in return, I'll help you become a muscle god, just like I did with your brother!" Andrew promised him.
He grinned at Mike encouragingly and Mike grinned back, still amazed that he was friends with Andrew Pearson the Football Star.
Once they got to McDonalds, they found the parking lot almost empty. Andrew parked the car and then got out, with Mike following him. Andrew couldn't resist smirking at Mike; amazed at how small he was compared to Andrew's muscular bulk. Then he remembered how well Mike had done on the O.D. football field.
"You know Mike: you just proved on the O.D. field that you don't have to be a big guy to be a jock," Andrew commended him. He changed his smirk to an encouraging grin and added, "You just have to be a cool athletic guy."
"Thanks Andrew; I appreciate you saying that," Mike said, as they entered the restaurant.
"No problem man!" Andrew shouted, startling the cashier, who was even more terrified when he looked up and saw how big Andrew was.
"What-what can I do for you guys tonight?" he asked Andrew, trembling with fear.
"I'll have the Quarter-pounder Meal," Andrew replied. "Make sure that my fries and drink are large!"
"Yes sir," the cashier said. He looked over at Mike and asked him, "And what can I get you?"
"I'll have the Big Mac Meal, and make my fries and drink large as well," Mike replied.
"Trying to get huge like Andrew here?" the cashier asked him, smirking when he realized that he was bigger than Mike.
"Yes he is," Andrew replied, leaning forward to look the cashier right in the eyes. He frowned and added, "With my help, Mike will soon be bigger than his brother Mark, who is the new Freshman Quarterback at the University of Miami!"
"That's very impressive Mike," the cashier said. "Sorry about than man, and say hello to your brother for me."
"I will," Mike said, as he paid for his food. But the cashier pushed his money back to Mike's side of the counter, prompting Mike to ask him, "What are you doing man?"
"Your money's no good here," the cashier replied. "My manager left standing orders that Andrew Pearson and his friends eat for free this season!"
"Oh yeah, I forgot about that," Andrew said, putting his money away. "Thanks a lot man; how can I repay you?"
"Win us the Provincial Championship and we'll call it even," the cashier replied, handing them their food. "Enjoy your meal guys."
Andrew and Mike waved and took their food to a table by the window that looked south. They sat down and began eating as Andrew tried to remember what he wanted to tell Mike.
"I have something for you in the trunk of my car Mike," Andrew said.
"What's that Andrew?" Mike asked him.
"I brought back a brand new football from the University of Miami for you," Andrew replied. "Once Mark told Coach Malcolm that I was going to train you, he gave Mark a new training football for you."
"Wow, thanks a lot man!" Mike shouted in excitement. "That's really great Andrew!"
"My dad did the same thing for me, which is why the football we used for practice today looks so worn out and faded," Andrew informed him. "When I started training Mark three years ago, I brought back a new Miami football for him, and then did the same thing for Ralph and Connor the next year. Last year, I got to enjoy the 'fruits of my labours' when all three of my prot?g?s were my teammates. Mark was the Quarterback, Connor was the Wide Receiver and Ralph was the Back-up Quarterback. Since we had practiced together all summer, we played great together on the field. We got to the Provincial Championship game and almost won the trophy. This year we will win the trophy!"
"I have no doubt about that!" Mike assured him. "And I'll be right there in the stands cheering you on!"
"And I'll be looking over there, watching you get bigger every day!" Andrew informed him. "And I promise you that by the time I'm through with you, you'll dwarf your ?big brother? Mark!"
"Thanks Andrew; you really know what to say to boost my self-esteem," Mike said gratefully.
"I guess I do," Andrew agreed. "After all I wouldn't be a good friend if I wasn't there for you in the good times and the bad. I guess that's the difference between a fair weather friend and an all weather friend!"
"All weather?" Mike repeated. "That sounds a lot like all season! What are you Andrew: a tire?"
"No, but you just reminded me of another football drill I can teach you," Andrew said. "Running through tires will help your footwork on the field!"
"My uncle's junkyard has some tires we could use for that purpose," Mike informed him, as they stood up from the table.
"Another excellent idea Mike," Andrew commended him, as they put their garbage away. He patted Mike's shoulder gently as he led them outside and added, "You're just full of them today, aren't you?"
"Yes Andrew, and one day I'll be full of muscle with your help!" Mike reminded him. As they reached the car, he added, "Then I'll be able to take down the Big Man every time, just like I did today!"
"Yes that's true Mike," Andrew said, as they got into the car. As they headed out of the parking lot, he asked Mike, "Where do you want to go now?"
"You're asking me Andrew?" Mike asked him in astonishment. "You're actually letting me tell you where to go?"
"Since I'm driving, that makes me your chauffeur for the evening," Andrew reminded him. "So tell me where to drive you next Mike!"
"If we go to my uncle's junkyard, I can collect some tires and you can perform some more strength tests," Mike realized. "I just need to borrow your cell phone so that I can call the Night Watchman to let him know we're coming."
"Here you go Mike," Andrew said, handing him his cell phone. As Mike made the call, Andrew realized that he could get Mike a cell phone as a belated birthday present. So when Mike ended the call to the Night Watchman at his uncle?s junkyard, Andrew told him the idea to make sure Mike was okay with it. "What do you think of that gift idea Mike? When was your birthday anyway?"
"Thanksgiving Saturday Andrew," Mike replied. "But can't we just consider the football my birthday present from you?"
"No we can't Mike," Andrew replied. "I got the footballs for Mark, Ralph and Connor on Thanksgiving Weekend, which was months before their birthdays." He looked over at Mike and asked him, "Why are you so reluctant to accept things from me man?"
"It's just that I feel that I haven't been able to give you much in return for all the training you?ve given me," Mike replied.
"What are you talking about Mike?" Andrew asked him in confusion. "You, and your friends, have given me a lot of Physics tutoring this week, which will hopefully allow me to ace the test tomorrow! So training you and them in return is the least I can do for all that study help!"
"Good point Andrew," Mike realized, as they reached his uncle's junkyard. "I'll be right back," he added, opening the car door and stepping out. He walked up to the guard and said, "Hello Richard; I just called you! Is everything ready?"
"Yes it is Mike," Richard replied, unlocking and opening the gate. "When you first called me, I thought you were joking about Andrew using trucks and vans for strength tests tonight." As Andrew drove his car into the junkyard, Richard's eyes widened as he saw just how big and muscular Andrew was. "But now that I see Andrew up close, I have no doubt that he'll be able to crush metal with his bare hands! And the security cameras will record all the footage, which you and Andrew can watch later. I have DVDs of his car-crushing strength tests as well."
Mike thanked him and walked over to Andrew's car, which Andrew had parked beside the office.
"So Andrew, are you ready to perform some more strength tests?" Mike asked him.
"What kinds of strength tests?" Andrew asked, getting out of the car. "I've already pushed down trees, bench-pressed cars and limos, and ripped cars apart to play baseball with the parts!"
"What about that concrete block idea you told me about during lunch on Monday?" Mike asked him.
"You don't want to smash concrete blocks over my head, do you man?" Andrew asked him, looking worried. "I was just kidding about that: trying to intimidate my teammates!"
"There is an old concrete building here that my uncle can't afford to have knocked down professionally," Mike remembered suddenly. "He told me about that last night while I was in the office with him. Why don't you try knocking down the building instead? I'm sure my uncle Rob would appreciate you saving him lots of time and money."
"Now that's what I call a strength test!" Andrew yelled in excitement. "Way to go Big Guy; that's an excellent idea!"
"I'm glad that you're pleased with my contributions to your Enhanced Strength Training Program," Mike said humbly.
"Contributions?" Andrew asked him in astonishment. "You've practically invented my ESTP all by yourself! Will you accept the cell phone now, as a thank you for the great ideas that have helped me safely explore the true limits of my superhuman strength?"
"Yes I will Andrew," Mike replied. He led Andrew across the parking lot to the small crumbling concrete building. ?Here?s the building Big Guy; are you ready to show off the true limits of your great strength?"
"Yeah man; bring it on!" Andrew roared in excitement, taking off his leather jacket and t-shirt. His muscles shifted like armour plates as he cracked his neck like a raging bull. "That building's going down! Nothing can stand against the power of the Muscle Monster!"
"Go ahead and prove it Andrew!" Mike goaded him, pointing to the building. "Let's see how long it takes you to reduce that concrete building into a pile of rubble! Richard here has the stopwatch ready so that he can time you!"
"Get ready to be amazed!" Andrew bragged to his two witnesses. "I'll smash that building into rubble in no time!"
Andrew ran towards the building and smashed his way through the metal door as if it wasn't even there. Then he began knocking all the concrete support pillars and walls down, not even hurting his massive arms in the process. The building began to tremble and Andrew wondered whether he should get out of the building. He heard Mike and Richard screaming for him to run as the building swayed unsteadily and dust began to fall from the crumbling ceiling. But then Andrew decided to see if he really was invincible, so he raised his arms to the sky and roared in defiance, daring the rubble from the collapsing ceiling to bury him alive.
Outside, Mike and Richard watched in horror as the concrete building collapsed into a huge pile of rubble, causing dust to rise dozens of feet into the air and making the ground shake badly. They looked hard for any signs of Andrew in the rubble, but no traces of movement could be seen.
"I hope that Andrew didn't underestimate the protective potential of his muscular armour," Mike stammered in fear, so afraid for Andrew that he forgot to speak in Layman's Terms. He and Richard started walking towards the pile of rubble slowly, once the blocks settled and the dust began to clear. "There's no sign of Andrew, Richard; is he still alive?" Mike asked him quietly.
Mike got his answer as the pile of rubble trembled and then went flying high in the air, causing more dust to billow into the junkyard. Mike and Richard stumbled back in terror as they heard an angry roar from beneath the flying rubble. As they waved the smoke away from their faces, they saw the huge angry form of Andrew striding forward, roaring like an angry bull. His muscles were red and heaving and he had a horrifying look of fury on his face. Terrified out of their minds, Mike and Richard ran for the Office Building, locking the door behind them and hiding in the back room. With their backs to the wall, they trembled in terror, knowing that the locked door would prove to be no challenge to Andrew.
"I only hope the dust from the rubble kept him from seeing where we went," Mike whispered to Richard.
"Where are you guys?" Andrew roared from right outside the building. "You can't hide forever guys; I'll knock down any obstacle that stands in my way!"
Mike and Richard realized that Andrew was right, so they got up off the floor and looked out the window of the back room to see where he was. Their jaws dropped in amazement when they saw Andrew using car-sized rubble blocks to smash rusted vans into small metal cubes. Andrew smashed the stacks of vans apart by throwing huge blocks of rubble at them, and then crushed each van one by one with the concrete blocks that he had thrown. Mike and Richard noticed the look of fury slowly fade from Andrew's face and they realized that it was finally safe to come out of the office. So they opened the back door quietly while Andrew's back was turned and walked up to him slowly, hoping that he wouldn't notice them until he had completely calmed down.
Meanwhile, Andrew was so excited by surviving the collapse of the concrete building that he didn't even notice the pain from his cuts and bruises. He was having so much fun smashing the vans into cubes with the huge blocks of rubble that he didn't even hear the footsteps behind him. Andrew spent about 20 minutes smashing every van he could find in the junkyard until the blocks of rubble and crushed vans were scattered all over the grounds. He smirked once he realized that there was no trace of the concrete building left and then realized that he had to do something about the dozens of rubble blocks that he had left all over the junkyard. So Andrew began smashing the blocks of rubble into dust with his bare hands, smashing some against his arms and chest to get the job done. Andrew grinned with excitement as the blocks crumbled into dust against his massive chest, not even denting his massive muscles.
"Yeah, I truly am a superhuman muscle god and my muscles are harder than rock!" he roared in excitement, as he crushed the last block in his massive hands.
"Yes they are Andrew, which means that 'rock-hard' doesn't do them justice!" Mike shouted from behind him.
"Hey Mike, how are you doing man?" Andrew yelled, turning around and crushing Mike against his massive chest with a big bear hug.
"I' doing better...if I could...breathe!" Mike gasped out.
"Whoops, sorry man, I got carried away," Andrew apologized, setting Mike down and releasing his crushing grip. "So, was that a good enough strength test for you man?"
"Yes it was Andrew; in about 45 minutes of work, you reduced the building to a pile of rubble, crushed every van in this junkyard, and smashed the blocks of rubble into a fine powder," Mike replied. "Now if you could just load the crushed vans into the huge bins, then you'll be done for the night."
"Okay Mike; but what should I do about all the concrete dust?" Andrew asked him. "Is there somewhere for me to put it?"
"My uncle has men who can take care of that tomorrow," Mike assured him. "Richard took detailed notes of what you got done tonight and he is in the process of putting the camera footage on DVD for you. Then you add it to the recruiting tape for Coach Malcolm."
"Good idea Mike," Andrew agreed, his shoulders heaving as he panted heavily.
"Are you actually exhausted Andrew?" Mike asked him in astonishment.
"Yeah I am Mike; I won't be able to perform any more strength tests tonight," Andrew replied, brushing all the concrete dust off of himself.
"That's good Andrew; it was terrifying seeing you change from a gentle giant to an unstoppable muscle monster! How did you manage to survive the collapse of the building? Anyone else would have been crushed instantly!"
"I used my great strength to hold the ceiling up and then crushed it with my fists," Andrew replied with a smirk. "All the dust hid that from you, but also kept me from seeing the walls coming towards me! I actually got slammed to the ground when the walls of the building fell on me, but they broke up into blocks of rubble against my massive muscles! I knew my muscles were dense enough to catch bullets, but I never imagined that they'd be hard enough to break concrete!"
"Well, the evidence is right here on these DVDs Andrew," Richard informed him, as he came out of the office. "I hope you enjoy watching them."
"Maybe later," Andrew decided, handing the DVDs to Mike. "Right now, Mike and I have to get to the hospital so that the doctors can clean my wounds before they get infected."
"Here's your t-shirt and jacket Andrew; better put them back on now," Mike advised him, handing Andrew his t-shirt and leather jacket.
"Yes sir," Andrew said with a smile. He and Mike thanked Richard for allowing them to use the junkyard that evening and Richard thanked them in return for saving Mike?s uncle days of work that he couldn't have afforded to have done otherwise. Once they were in Andrew's car heading to the hospital, Andrew turned to Mike and said, "Thanks for not running away when I burst out of the rubble in fury like that Mike."
"You're welcome Andrew; but why were you so mad in the first place?" Mike asked him in confusion.
"I took it personally when the walls of the building fell on me; I felt they were doing it on purpose to punish me for smashing the building to bits!"
"You can't attribute human attitudes to inanimate objects Andrew," Mike informed him with a frown.
"Please repeat that in Laymen's Terms Mike; I don't 'speak geek'," Andrew reminded him with a cocky grin.
"The walls of the building weren't taking revenge on you Andrew; they weren't human like you are," Mike said. "How's that?"
"Pretty good Mike, except for the last part," Andrew replied. "I'm not just human anymore; I'm superhuman! No human could have survived the collapse of that building, or caused it in the first place!"
"Well, we're at the hospital Andrew; time to see if the collapse of the building caused you to suffer any internal injuries," Mike said.
So Andrew and Mike went into the hospital and asked for Dr. Johnson. The nurse told them that they were lucky; Dr. Johnson was working the night shift that night and he was expecting them, having been called by Richard. The nurse led them through the halls to Dr. Johnson's office and closed the door behind them.
"The night guard at Mr. McDonald's junkyard told me what happened tonight Andrew," Dr. Johnson informed him. "How are you feeling?"
"I feel like a building fell on me," Andrew replied. When Dr. Johnson lowered his head slightly and glared at Andrew over his glasses, Andrew sighed and added, "I feel exhausted, stiff and sore Doctor."
"I don't doubt it Andrew; I wouldn't recommend trying that again," Dr. Johnson advised him, as he began cleaning Andrew's wounds.
"Don't worry Doctor; I realize now how reckless and irresponsible I was tonight," Andrew said, grinning at Mike. "You're not the only one who can use big words Mike!"
"It wasn't big words, but your big muscles that saved you tonight Andrew," Dr. Johnson said, looking Andrew over carefully. "From what I can see, your skin wasn't penetrated anywhere by the concrete rubble; you just have bruises all over your torso. How are your hands after smashing all those blocks?"
"See for yourself Doctor," Andrew replied, holding up his hands. "Do you see any broken skin anywhere?"
"No I don't Andrew," Dr. Johnson said, peering at Andrew's hands carefully through his magnifying glass. "You appear to be truly invincible Andrew. Congratulations, your dream of becoming superhuman has finally become reality."
"Thank you Doctor, can I go home now?" Andrew asked him, standing up and shaking his hand.
"Yes you can Andrew," Dr. Johnson replied, wincing at the great strength in Andrew's iron grip. Andrew quickly dropped his hand and Dr. Johnson assured him, "No harm done Andrew, except to those concrete blocks of course!"
Andrew chuckled and left the office with Mike, after promising Dr. Johnson that he would use his great strength in safer ways from now on.
When Andrew got home with Mike in tow, the first thing he did was go to the bathroom to weigh himself on his scale. Andrew grinned as he realized that he weighed 370 pounds, only five pounds away from his goal weight of 375 pounds. Then he heard his father calling him from downstairs.
"Is that you Andrew?" his dad shouted.
"Yeah it's me Dad!" Andrew shouted back. "I just weighed myself; I'm coming downstairs now!"
Andrew walked downstairs to the living room, making Chad's eyes widen at his great size, especially compared to Mike beside him.
"Are you completely filling out that leather jacket son?" Chad asked Andrew in amazement. "You only got it for your birthday three days ago!"
"Carrie tricked me and bought some 3XL clothes for me, because she loves to see all my muscles, even when I'm fully clothed Dad," Andrew informed him with a smug grin. "But I've also put on 15 pounds of solid muscle since then; I weigh 370 pounds now!"
"Do you ever think that you're getting too big son?" Chad asked him, looking scared as he looked Andrew up and down. "I can tell you that you're huge son, and you're busting out of all your clothes! I've lost count of how many shredded boxers and tank tops I've found in the hamper over the last three days!"
"Yeah, I'm a really big boy; I bust all my clothes apart during workouts!" Andrew roared in excitement. "But that's because Margaret's special weights and the junkyard strength tests have accelerated the Enhancement Effect!"
"I'm familiar with Margaret's dense weight capsules; she told me a couple of weeks ago that she was going to give them to you for your birthday," Chad said. "But this is the first I've head about junkyard strength tests. Can you tell me more about it Andrew?"
"I'll show you Dad," Andrew offered, holding up the two DVDs. "Let's watch them together right now."
So Chad made some snacks for the three of them and then they sat down on the couch. Andrew put the first DVD into the player and then there was a knock at the front door.
"Now who could that be?" Chad wondered, getting up and walking to the front door.
"It's Margaret, Dad; I can see her car through the front window," Andrew replied.
Chad opened the door and saw that Andrew was right.
"Hello Margaret; what are you doing here?" Chad asked her.
"I came here to help you prepare for your Enhancement Project Report tomorrow evening," Margaret replied. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything."
"Of course not Margaret; come on in," Chad assured her. "Andrew and Mike were just about to show me some DVDs that should complement yours quite nicely."
"How do you know I have a DVD for your presentation tomorrow?" Margaret asked him in surprise.
"You just told me and I can see the DVD sticking out of your pocket," Chad informed her with a smug grin.
"I can see that Andrew's brains are inherited Chad," Margaret said.
"They should be Margaret; I got half of them from my dad via his DNA!" Andrew reminded her.
"Very clever Andrew; but now it's time to be quiet and watch the DVDs," Chad said with a frown. Andrew nodded and Chad turned back to Margaret. "Would you like a snack Margaret?"
"I'd love one," Margaret said, taking off her jacket and putting her DVD on the counter. She sat down on the couch beside Andrew; almost getting squashed beside him and asked him, "Are you bigger than you were on Saturday Andrew?"
"Yes Margaret; I weigh 370 pounds of solid muscle now," Andrew replied. "I'm only five pounds away from my goal weight of 375 pounds, which the doctors on the Space Station told me I would reach in a matter of months!"
"Speaking of the Space Station, I have footage on that DVD from that incredible day," Margaret informed everyone. "Maybe we could watch it after Andrew's DVDs."
"Why don't we save it for the meeting tomorrow Margaret," Chad suggested. "We have to save some of the surprises for tomorrow."
"What other surprises are there for tomorrow Dad?" Andrew asked him.
"I'll tell you after the movies Andrew," Chad informed him, setting the snacks down on the coffee table.
Andrew nodded and pressed PLAY on the remote for the DVD player. Over the next 90 minutes, Andrew enjoyed watching his father's reaction range from shocked to excited to terrified and back again. He noticed that Margaret seemed unsurprised at his great strength, as if she had seen such feats performed sometime in the past.
"So what did you think of my Enhanced Strength Training Program Dad?" Andrew asked Chad, pressing STOP on the DVD remote and turning to face him. "Were you impressed?"
"Impressed doesn't even begin to describe it son," Chad assured him. "I'm amazed at how strong and tough you are; you're everything I'd hoped the Enhancement Project could be and more! I'm just glad that you weren't hurt when that concrete building fell on you! We wouldn't want to lose someone with such superhuman strength, would we?"
"You mean you don't want to lose the Genetic Experiment: the reason you'll soon be the new President of Harrington's Sports Suppliers?" Andrew asked his dad with a frown. "Thanks for being so concerned about losing your only son!"
"I didn't mean it like that Andrew; I just got carried away by excitement!" Chad assured him, catching Andrew's arm as he stood up. Andrew looked down at Chad's arm as if it were something he'd stepped in by accident. Chad dropped Andrew's arm and added, "I thought we'd put that behind us son!"
"Put what behind you Chad?" Margaret asked him. "You did tell Andrew about the enhancement we performed on him as soon as he got home in July, didn't you?"
"Not exactly," Chad replied, looking very guilty. "I didn't actually tell Andrew everything until he forced me to on Saturday."
"You kept everything from Andrew for over three months?!" Margaret yelled in astonishment. "Why would you do that?"
"Hey, don't think you can tell me what to do with my own son!" Chad shouted at Margaret. "You didn't tell him everything either!"
"I'm his friend, not his father, and yes I did tell him everything, as soon as he had the Enhancement Procedure performed on him!" Margaret informed him. "So don't think that I've been hiding things from him all this time like you have!"
"I guess you're right Margaret," Chad realized. "I'm sorry; I just wanted to see if the Genetic Enhancement Experiment would reach its potential."
"You mean your son," Margaret corrected him. She looked over at Andrew, whose face was red with fury, and realized that she felt pretty furious herself. "You just called your own son an experiment! How could you Chad? I thought you were better than that!"
"Okay, okay!" Chad snapped in frustration. "I've already apologized many times over the last few days! How many times do I have to apologize before you two believe me?"
"Better tell Andrew the final piece of the experiment Chad," Margaret advised him.
"What final piece?" Andrew asked them, looking back and forth between them. "What have you two been keeping from me for the past three months?"
"It's been longer than that son," Chad informed him. "I just remembered, when planning this presentation, when I first got the idea to have you enhanced."
"When was that?" Andrew asked Chad very quietly, clenching his fists to keep himself from punching something.
"June of 1998," Chad replied, closing his eyes and bracing himself for an angry outburst from his son. He opened his eyes in surprise when he heard Andrew laughing. "What are you laughing at son?"
"Don't you remember that I gave you the idea to enhance me Dad?" Andrew asked him.
"You did?" Chad asked him in surprise, relieved that Andrew wasn't mad anymore.
"Sure I did Dad; I said that I would bench-press a car someday and you told me that it wouldn't happen without a revolution in sports supplements," Andrew replied. "Then you let me try the new supplements Derrick's company was developing, and informed me that genetic enhancement was not possible at that time."
"I'd completely forgotten about all that son; thank you for reminding me," Chad said.
"You're welcome Dad; don't worry about it," Andrew said, patting him on the shoulder with one massive hand. "So, do I know everything about the Enhancement Project now? Do you have anymore surprises for me?"
"No son; you know everything now," Chad assured him. "The question now is: do I know everything that led up to your decision, and Margaret's, to have you enhanced on the Space Station?"
"I imagine that Margaret's DVD has the answer to that question, but let's save that for tomorrow night's meeting, shall we?" Andrew suggested. "Somehow, that seems only fair."
"You're right Andrew, and there's one more thing I have to tell you about tomorrow night," Chad said. "You need to bring your dress clothes to work tomorrow."
"But I have a shift in the store, not the office Dad," Andrew reminded him.
"Mr. Harrington has requested your presence in the office tower at 8 pm: in the Conference Room," Chad informed him. "You?re being promoted to Head Personal Trainer tomorrow night, so you?ll be attending your first Management Meeting. Don't be late Andrew."
"So I can still perform half my shift on the store floor before supper," Andrew realized. "Good thinking Dad."
"You're welcome Andrew," Chad said.
"I have something to add to the DVD Chad," Margaret said, handing Chad a cooler. Chad opened the cooler and saw several small vials of clear liquid inside. "That's the Enhancement Serum Chad; thanks to Darrel's enhancement, it's finally been perfected."
"Thank you Margaret; I'll put it in the freezer," Chad said. He took the cooler to the freezer and then came back to the living room. "You know Andrew; I seem to recall that the supplements I gave you over the years gave you some degree of superhuman strength, even before you were enhanced."
"What are you talking about Dad?" Andrew asked him, getting himself another slice of carrot cake.
"I remember seeing you lifting the back end of your car several times last year," Chad replied.
"I believe you're right Dad, and the back end of a car weighs more than 1000 pounds!" Andrew realized. "I guess I did have superhuman strength before the big adventure at Marge's House!"
"I think taking some bullets from Alexander in July proved that," Margaret reminded him. "You also demonstrated superhuman pain tolerance when the rubble from Alexander's helicopter smashed your ribs, but you jumped back up as if nothing had happened!"
Chad's eyes widened in amazement and Andrew noticed.
"How does it feel for me to keep secrets from you Dad?" Andrew asked him with a smug grin. "Don't like it very much, do you?"
"No I don't son, but I guess I deserved that," Chad realized. He held out his hand to Andrew and asked him, "Are we even now son?"
"Yes we are Dad," Andrew replied, shaking Chad's hand gently. "Just promise me that you won't keep any more secrets from me, especially if my health is at stake!"
"I promise son and I'm sorry once again," Chad said, wincing as Andrew increased the pressure of his grip slightly. "Uh, do you think I can have my hand back now son, before you crush it?"
"Sure Dad; I've made my point now I think," Andrew said, releasing his iron grip immediately. "Just don't forget the promise you just made!" When Chad nodded hastily, Andrew added, "In return, I'll make all the three of you a promise of my own. I will do everything in my power, and it is considerable, to help other people instead of harming them! After all, I want to use my great strength to its full potential, without scaring my family and friends in the process!"
"That's a very kind and considerate attitude you have there Andrew," Chad commended him. "Your mother and I have raised you well."
"Thanks Dad," Andrew said, grinning at his father. "However, there is a rather selfish reason that I want to help people with my great strength."
"What would that be son?" Chad asked him.
"If I hurt or scared people with my great strength, there wouldn't be anyone around to worship me as a muscle god," Andrew informed him.
"Well, you're right about that being a selfish reason to help people Andrew," Chad said. "However, being worshipped, or revered, is hardly unexpected given how big, muscular, and charismatic you are. I hope that you can think of another unselfish reason to treat other people gently!"
"Yeah I can Dad," Andrew realized. "Remember how much I was bullied by the larger kids when I was a lot smaller?" When Chad nodded, Andrew added, "I kept that in mind as I got bigger and stronger and I promised myself that I would not be like the bullies. I decided to be kind and gentle instead, especially around the Grade Nine students, some of whom I outweigh three to one!"
"Very good son!" Chad commended him. "I'm very glad that you are kind and gentle with all those who are smaller and weaker than you are!"
"Everyone I know fits into that category, even Steve and Darrel," Andrew realized. "I really can't use my true strength against people, but only against cars, vans and concrete buildings! That's why I've crushed a lot of cars, vans and concrete blocks over the past few days: I had so much pent-up aggression that I had to release it somehow!"
"That doesn't make those of us that have actually seen you crush those objects feel any better Andrew!" Mike informed him, speaking for the first time in a few hours.
"Don't worry Mike; I also find it very fulfilling to help people like you reach your full potential, just like I did with your brother."
"How far has Mike progressed under your tutelage Andrew?" Chad asked him.
"He can bench-press 165 pounds for reps and he weighs about the same," Andrew said proudly. "He's turning into an awesome jock, just like his brother Mark before him!"
"Did you record any footage of Mike tonight, so that you can put together a recruiting tape for the University of Miami?" Chad asked him.
"Yeah I did Dad; in fact, the battery on my video camera has probably died since I left in on in the car," Andrew realized. "But I think that's the perfect excuse I need to take Mike home and get to Carrie's house. It must be almost midnight by now."
"It's 11:30 pm Andrew," Chad realized, looking at the clock. "I'll have to arrange a trip to the military base sometime this Christmas, so that Mike can see his brother Matt and I can tell Colonel Mitchell about the success of the Enhancement Project."
"I'm sure your dad is just as proud about you serving in the Canadian Forces as Matt is serving side by side with you Andrew," Margaret said.
"Yes I am Margaret," Chad said, putting an arm around Andrew's massive shoulders. "Not only is Andrew an awesome National Defender, but is a great Goliath on the Gridiron who will help him team win the Provincial High School Football Championship! I'll have to expand his trophy case on the wall there to fit the huge new trophy in the center!"
"That day hasn't come yet Dad!" Andrew reminded him, opening the front door and ushering Mike out to the car. "But it will be here soon enough! Goodnight Dad and Margaret! See you soon!"
"See you tomorrow night at work Andrew!" Chad shouted, as Andrew and Mike got into Andrew's car.
"I can't wait Dad!" Andrew shouted back. "Mr. Harrington won't know what hit him when he sees how strong I've become!"
Andrew shut the door, started the car, and drove down the street. Chad and Margaret went back into the house, where Chad wondered if the success of the Enhancement Project would finally let him become the President of Mr. Harrington's company.
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