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A Thief's Luck (Part 2)

This installation has a little more muscle than the previous one. Enjoy.

[COLOR=white][COLOR=white]Part 2[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]The breakfast was good. As soon as I finish my ass was out the door limping across the front yard and into the surrounding trees. Man that guy was stupid in leaving me alone in the house. I ended up not taking anything. I swear I heard some sirens coming closer and bolted. The terrain here was kind of rough the farther in I went. The green canopy of the surrounding area provided the perfect escape if someone was looking for me. At least I knew I was out. My leg felt pretty bad and I did not dare put any pressure on it. Climbing rocks was kind of hard when you only had one leg to work with. I got to a point where I got stuck and couldn’t go any further, so I jumped to the next rock forgetting for a second about my foot. It was like if I had been struck by lightning. I tumble down the crevice cutting myself in the face. Lucky it wasn’t that deep. I tried to get up but couldn’t, I was stuck. And soon afterwards I felt pretty scared. At some point I must have lost consciousness because when I came to the sun was pretty high overhead. I tried to get up and it was hard as hell. I crawl to the rock wall and tried to climb out, but as soon as I had a grip I had to let go because my left arm was badly scraped. It did not look like a serious injury, but it still hurt. I was trapped.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]It was probably minutes later I heard a soft purring coming from the top of the boulder. Slick golden fur made this animal look even more terrifying than what I had seen on books. Damn mountain lion was at the top of the boulder looking at me like I was some sort of food.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“Get out of here!” –I threw a small rock to go with the remark. The big cat only growled in its feline way. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]It was looking for a way down, but all of a sudden I heard barking in the distance coming closer. The cat sprang to the next rock and was out of my view. Right where it had been the shape of the big Rottweiler came into view. Then all of a sudden the towering figure of the big guy was behind the dog analyzing the situation from what I could tell.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]He tried to reassured me “Hey man, hold on I’m coming” With seemingly ease he started climbing down the rock wall. He was wearing his Michigan State sweatshirt, but it was soaked with sweat which made it seem impossibly tight to his skin.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white] The next thing I knew he was kneeled next to me inspecting me.“Are you all right?” [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“I am ok”[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“Always the tough guy, huh”[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]I smirked, but did not look at him.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“We need to get you out of here, that’s a nasty cut you got there.” “Can you walk?”[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]I tried to get up but couldn’t.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“It ok, looks like I’ll have to carry you out” with that he grabbed me with his hands and lifted me up like I weight nothing. I know, I was skinny and slim, but he made it seem effortless. “Look, we can’t climb out of here with me holding you. You’ll have to hold on to my back while we get out.”[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“Ok.” I remembered saying” He readjusted me to his back and I put my hands around his neck. It was bulgy and hard. His back was so wide that I could probably fit three of me in it. He started moving up the rock wall and I put my feet around his mid section. I could feel the muscle of his back straining and working together as he climb the wall. We clear the top in relative short time and he stood up at the top with me still on his back. When I looked down it was amazing I had survived that kind of fall.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“Well the hard part is over, will head home for now”[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]My senses sort of kicked in “I… don’t want to go back ther...”[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“It's not like you’re in good shape to be walking anywhere anytime soon” – he said rather caringly. He started walking with me hanging off his back.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“I seriously don’t need help” I slowly started to let go, but I did not want to fall hard on the floor with my bad foot. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]His hand grab both of mine and in a serious tone said “Don’t let go, you can’t walk, I’ll carry you home”[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]By this time the word “home” struck a nerve in me again, but I was too tired to fight. I slowly dozed off. I remembered waking and founding myself looking up at his face. He had a big neck which was only natural since he was a big guy. But more than that he had a very manly look as well; his jaw and brow were perfect. He had a worried look in his face. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]He looked down. “Don’t worry Frank, I got you, will be there soon, keep resting” The surroundings were making me kind of dizzy so I closed my eyes and most likely fell asleep.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]That dam light was in my face again. They seriously need to get some curtains in this room. I was back where I started. By know he should have turned me in, but apparently he didn’t. I got up to find my foot was bandaged, my arm as well and the cut on my face stung, but at least it was not bleeding. I heard the sound of metal coming from somewhere outside. I opened the door to find Rocky looking up at me as if he had been waiting for me to open the door. He tried to jump at me and lick me, but I put the door between us. He was winning the battle to open the door when all of a sudden a sharp whistle called his attention and he was off making a ruckus as he went. Joshua probably called him off. I noticed a note on the door saying the bathroom was across the hall and there was a towel, toothbrush, and clothes if I wanted. It also said to come down to the kitchen when I was done. I was about to refuse but decide against it and took a bath, used the toothbrush and put on the clothes. They were a little loose on me, and had an old look, but it was all good. I made my way to the kitchen slowly, every part of me ache or was bruised. As I took my bath I noticed that I had bruises on two parts of my abdomen and one on the back probably from the fall.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]I reached the kitchen door and sat down in one of the stools. I felt movement from the back door and looked to see Joshua half naked. He was sweaty and without his sweatshirt he looked ten times the man I was. His huge frame made me think that perhaps he was a big gutty fellow. But he had no fat in that figure. He had a perfect eight pack, each muscle perfectly defined and his chest was like slabs of grade A meat. His hands were what I expected. Huge water melon size guns with forearms to go with his big hands. Although I remember seeing his neck the muscle on his shoulders made him appeared much larger than he already was. His skin was slightly tan probably from being out there in the sun, it made his appearance look more unrealistic. His hair was cut short now, last I saw him his long black hair made it all the way to his shoulders. I had to catch my breath a little and I felt something stirred in my pants. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]He did not notice me when he came in, but a bark from Rocky made him look my way. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“Hey you’re up!” “Nice to see your up, I thought I might need to call my friend to come check on you again” He said that with a worried look on his face. “You sure do sleep a lot.”[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“Your friend checked me?” [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“Yes, you were badly hurt we were considering whether to take you to the hospital” [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Thank God they did not take me. I hate Hospitals.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“You want something to eat? You must be starving.”[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]As a matter of fact I was starving, but I did not offer any clues.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“I’ll make some stakes for us.” “You just rest” his face told me that I looked like shit. I felt like shit, so I did not move at all. His back was impressive to see. I was playing with his back in my mind counting all the mounds and ridges I could see. I had seen guys like him on the magazines. He was probably one of those professional bodybuilders. But to me he seemed to be larger than any of those guys. No those guys probably couldn’t scratch their butts right with all the muscle in their way. Joshua seemed to be very well proportioned. He was big, but I could tell he was not disabled like that. What did I know anyway? I felt my dick stirring again in my pants as I looked at his back muscle. Wait a minute, I am not gay. I am probably just dreaming, but this guy turned me on for some reason. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“It's done, eat up” He said with a beautiful smile and started cutting his stake.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]When, I looked at my plate there was a 22oz stake on my plate. I was somewhat revolted by it since it seemed like a lot, but I did not show any sign of dislike on my face. I took my utensils and started eating.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“So, what happen? Why you leave? I told you, you weren’t in any condition to go.” He continued on talking after chewing some pieces of his stake. I just looked at him and continued eating. “I’m sorry for the other day you got hurt with my weights; I did not secure them properly.”[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]I couldn’t believe this guy was apologizing to me for that. It was my fault anyhow. “It’s not your fault man. I probably shouldn’t have been there anyway”[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]"About that, what where you doing?"[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“I… I…” I stammer for awhile trying to come up with a good answer.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]He looked at me with the green eyes filled with anger that I suddenly grew sacred. He slammed his fist into the table. “What were you doing there? You better tell me the truth! He said this with an angry tone and a mean looking face.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]I think at that moment I might have pissed my pants. “I… very well” I decided I was done for anyway might as well be the truth. “I was planning on breaking in and stealing some stuff” I sat quietly on the table.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“Oh” He stared at me at least his anger was gone. “Why the hell you trying to break in here for? Nothing worth stealing. “You a thief?” [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]I paraded with my answer a little. “Sort of, well not really a professional robber…”[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“I didn’t know robbers needed to be professionals” Josh said sarcastically.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]I was determined to at least go down with some dignity. I wasn’t about to be intimidated by this man. “Listen I do what I do to survive. Sometimes life hands you crappy hands, but you just plow through no matter what.” My mouth was kind of dry. “Just call the cops and turn me in and will be done with it”[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]He seemed to be taken back. “Well I’ll be a thief with morals” He seemed to be thinking on something and then with a pleased look on his face said “I am not going to call the cops, I knew you were a robber, I saw the lock picking tools and the bags when I found you the other night.”[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“So what, you were playing with me” I said rather angry.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“No man I just wanted to see if you tell the truth. My dad said a man that tells the truth is got to have at least some good in him” Josh looked to be proud at that moment. “You’re welcome to stay until you get better. My friend told me the ankle and bruises will heal on their own.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]”Uh, thanks” I still was a little skeptic to this guy not really sure what to say. He had finished his stake and gotten up to go get another that I just noticed laying on the counter plate. He sat down again and resumed eating. I ate a few more pieces of my own stake. For some reason my instincts were telling me to go, but as soon as it started raining outside I reconsider and decided not to get wet. “You sure it’s ok if I stayed”[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]He let out a hearty laugh, “You just changed your mind when it started to rain didn’t you.” He had me there. “You can stay, the room you were in was my room, and your more than welcomed to stay there; don’t steal anything.” I looked up to his smirking face. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“I won’t” I said looking down ashamed for the first time in my life. “I promised.” I said to sort of make it binding, but something told me he really did not care either way. I put my forks down half of the stake was still there on my plate. He looked up and with a questioning face looked at me.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“I am full already” I said touching my belly.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“You sure you don’t want it”[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“I’m sure.” A bark resounded in the kitchen almost knocking me of my chair.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“K, I’ll guess I’ll take it then, don’t want to let it go to waste” another bark from rocky made his owner look. “OK, Ok, you get half” he split half the remaining stake and threw one half to the dog who just swallowed it whole. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“I think I’ll go to bed.” I was rather tired and the sun seemed to be setting.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“Help yourself around here. TV is in the living room if you want to watch it. Sorry there is no TV upstairs. “[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“I’ll guess I’ll watch some of it for awhile” I was getting nervous around this guy probably because I could not get him yet. He seemed weird somehow. I made my way through one of the kitchen’s archways past the stairs and into the living room. There seemed to be another archways in the corner that connected the kitchen with the living room had I known I would have probably taken that route. It was quite spacious, but the furniture was old and the TV was probably one of the white and black ones from the look of it. I sat on one of the sofas and picked up the remote. To my surprised it had color but only three channels worked. One channel had lines going through the picture, the next one they were cooking and the last had some news so I decided on that. I looked toward the opening and Joshua was standing there looking at the news to. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]He turned to me “Hey, I am going to take a shower and probably hit the sack afterwards, so good night.” He stepped away, but came right back. “If you need anything my rooms just through the doors in front of the stairs” He did not wait for me to answer, he seemed preoccupied with something on his mind. I heard the shower turn on somewhere in what I guess must be his room. I slowly closed my eyes thinking of waiting to the next commercials before going to bed and slowly I must have felt asleep. I dreamt that I was at a house and for some reason I felt warm and welcome inside and nothing would be wrong just as long as I stayed in this house. The closets though seem to have a red light illuminating them and they called out to me. I stayed out of their reach were they could not get me. I heard a reassuring voice tell me that everything was alright and nothing would happen.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Damn light again in my eyes keeps waking me up. I stood from my bed and made my way to the window. Outside it was another bright sunny day. It was still morning at least this time around. After I got out of my room I noticed two other doors in the hallway apart from the bathroom. One of them led to a room filled with boxes, it looked like this room was the master bedroom and it was used for storage. The other room was old and dusty. It looked like a child’s room that had not been used in years; it was filled with toys and infantile furniture. I closed the door slowly and made my way to the bathroom. I brush my teeth and took my clothes off to take a bath. My bruises looked worst than yesterday, but that just meant they were healing. In the shower I found myself washing the scrapes and thinking of Joshua’s upper body. My hand just found my cock and I starting wanking myself. With my other hand I felt my body as the hot water cascade around my body. I did not cum as I thought of his big body and thinking of my own body’s small chest and almost invisible abs. I decided to stop myself after awhile. It was kind of foolish to start with and got out.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]I heard some puffing and huffing coming from the double doors when I came down the stairs, I did not dare intrude on Joshua so I proceeded to the kitchen where I made myself some eggs. When I turned around he was in the archway dressed in another sweatshirt and sweatpants. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“Morning” He stated.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“Morning, want some eggs” I offer my plate. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“No thanks, I ate already” He looked at my plate with a look that said that seems like a small portion, but he said nothing. “I am going to be out in the backyard if you need anything” He walk past me, Rocky in tow, I could not help noticing that I only came up to his upper abdomen meaning he had to be around 6.5 feet tall or possibly taller. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]I only mutter my understanding and seated myself on the mahogany table. I heard the same metal sounds shortly afterwards. After I finish, I washed the plates, something I was not inclined to do, but did anyway because I thought was the right thing to do. I went outside afterwards through the kitchen door to find a cozy backyard porch with one chair that looked toward the garden and the barn. I spotted Rocky digging something a little farther off, but my attention quickly came to Joshua curling massive looking dumbbells which relative ease. After he was done with the dumbbells he set them down and picked a bar attach to weights that look even heavier and did some up and down motions. After the third switch he noticed me on the porch, but gave me no heed. He continued exercising with no end in sight. Under his clothes I imagine all the muscles extending and contracting in one fluid motion. My butt got sore from seating down so much that I decided to walk around the backyard. There was a walking stick outside the door. I took it and made my way to the barn. I could hear Joshua huffing and what I took for grunting as he lifted the weights. What I mistook for rocks the other night were actually weights of different sizes. I finally stop at what I wanted to examine, the blasted machine that almost killed me. It was some weird contraption mounted to the side of the barn. The bar looked innocent enough in the daylight. I was startled to hear Joshua’s voice behind me all of a sudden.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“SO, you came to see what almost kill you? His face show some excitement to it, which I did not get. “I build this weight machine myself it gives me a good work out when I need some variety.” [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“You use the bar for lifting?”[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“Yes, want me to show you?”[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]My appearance must have said yes because he waited for no reply. Joshua took off his sweatshirt to reveal his upper body which seemed to be even bigger than last evening. It was probably because he was pumping it just now. He positioned himself beneath the bar. “Can you pull the lever for me” I went to the lever and gave him a questioning look. “C’mon pull it don’t worry I got it” I pulled the lever and immediate I saw the rod drop like it had the night before. Joshua on the other hand was ready to catch it. I heard the same rolling sounds as before and saw Joshua gently let the rod come down with his hands until it reach just below his chest. The rolling sound continued a second later and Joshua brought the bar up with both his hands above his head and proceed to do some up and down motions with it. Through the time that I was there the rolling sound continued to go. The muscles on his hands seemed to get leaner and toner as he did his motions. I could not look any other way. My eyes were fixated on the muscles as they grew with what could only be the increasing weight of the bar, his chest particularly swell every time the bar came down. I notice also some veins on his arms when he did the motions slowly. The weight of the bar seemed to be insignificant to Joshua who looked completely in control.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white] “You hear that sound? That’s more weight being added every sec so it’s more difficult as time goes by.” [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“Is there a limit”[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“Yeah there is since I only have so much weight to counter”[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]A sudden though came into my head. “If it keeps increasing beyond the point that you can’t handle it how do you stop it?” [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]He responded without stopping. “Well you can let it drop I guess if you’re not beneath it” He seemed to be laughing in the inside obviously enjoying my last misfortune. “Or do what I do and just lock it in place up here.” With that he pushed the bar high to where it was in the beginning. The lever sprang up and locked back into its original position. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Another thought enter my head. “Wait if you’re holding the bar; how are you able to pull the lever?” He put his hand on his waist and looked at the machine as if he had not thought of that before. The V shape that his upper body made was something to admire, his hands looked pump up to match his pump chest. Sweat was running through the middle of chest. And for the first time I notice that he probably shaved his upper body. I had not considered how the lack of hair made his body so enticing especially as it glistened with the sweat from his body. I notice that he still had some hair on his arm pits and arms which only made his appearance more masculine to me. I took my eyes from his dark colored nipples to his face immediately when he turned to address me again. I only hope he did not catch me with the mesmerized look on my face.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“Well Frank I usually only use one hand for this machine, so one is free to pull the lever” He said this with indifference.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white] I could not believe that he could hold that much weight with one hand. “You can lift the bar with one hand?”[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Yes, It’s rather easy maybe when I add new weights to the machine I may have to think of something to start the machine” He pulled his right arm up to scratch the back of his head. The muscle bulge that his arm made was enormous. New muscles from the side of his abdomen pop forward. I was completely entrance by this. “Mmm, I have to go jog now” He said rather quickly and he was off. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]“I wonder if he was weird out by me looking at him” I said to no one in particular. I thought that it might have been rude, but he was a sight to see. I watch his uncovered back until I lost sight of him in the woods. Rocky came by and smelled my hand no longer thinking of me like a threat. I decided to go back inside and watch some Television. Thoughts of leaving invaded my mind, but for some reason I wanted to stay at least a little longer. You can say my curiosity got the best of me at that moment. What was a seemingly perfect man leaving by himself in the outskirts of a small town? Something told me another reason for wanting to stay is because I was slightly interested in this muscle of a man. His bulging back. His big hands. His perfect chest and washboard abs. I wanted to feel them with my hands and touched them when they were at their peak. I was slightly confused as well since I never thought of another man like I did with Joshua. I never met another man to arouse my sexual drive like this. Surely I was just admiring his physic and nothing more would come of it. It hit me right there and then, I was infatuated with Joshua and I wanted to see more of him and his strength. [/COLOR]
[/COLOR][COLOR=white]The last person that I remember showed me strength was not to kind with either words or discipline. He was a brute of a man and possibly the reason my foster-mother left us. When I say left us she hung herself from a hanger in the closet only to be found later by me. If the topic was ever brought up it was me that pay the consequences. For some reason I was to blame for her death and he made a point of telling me not only with words. With Joshua, I think it could be different. He showed me kindness and compassion when I deserve none. He gave my shelter and food for nothing in return. He gave me clothes and… and… It probably was too much to give me. I should just leave before he realizes his mistake, but against my better judgment I stayed. I stayed.[/COLOR]

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aaaw, how sweet ;p
glad to see you're continuing, man!
just my thoughts as a writer

Things happen.
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arpeejay will become famous soon enough
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Great story!

Regarding readability: There are a few minor errors with grammar / spelling but I've seen much worse from people for whom English is their native language! You're doing a good job!


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@ sex thanks for your support. Not sure were I want to go with it. I worked part three already trying to revise it and stuff before posting.

@ rpj I do understand that my writing could use some work. As you guess it English is not my first language. But you mentioned that you seen much worse form native speakers. Does that mean mine is bad as well? Only is a less worse one...

Kidding. I am just messing around :-P

Thanks for your comments I'll try to post part 3 soon
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arpeejay will become famous soon enough
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I mean you're doing a much better job of it than some writers who have English as their native language -- so pat yourself on the back for doing a very good job!


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You've got a good story line going. The English could be helped with some collaboration - maybe a proofreader could edit your work. I find it totally understandable, though, and look forward to you continuing.
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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great story line. I'm usually very distracted by translational errors, but I'm so intrigued by the story line. I want to see where you take it...and those little errors can be easily RPJ write better than a lot of people who have English as their native language. I can't wait to see where this goes!
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