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Old March 4th, 2010, 01:55 PM
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A Thief's Luck (Part 4)

[COLOR=white]Well sorry I took too long for this installment, but I had some other work I needed to get done, plus I encounter what you could say a writers block being the noob that I am. I think their isn't too much growth here as some of you would like and some of you might be upset I took the main guy in another direction. Well all is possible, let us see what happens. -enjoy[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Part 4[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]For the first time in a long time Frank woke up before the sun. He lay in bed for awhile thinking on what to do. He did not want to confront Josh right know and really wasn?t feeling up to it. He decided on finally just leaving a note for Josh. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]-hey I just think I need to take a break from the farm life for awhile. I hope you don?t mind me saying good bye like this, but it might be for the best. ? Frank[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]It would have to be enough. Frank got some of his backpack and clothes and was out the door. He thought again about staying until Joshua was up. But before he even noticed, he was out the door and on the street just walking. Who was he to intrude in Joshua?s life? Joshua was better off without him. By the time the sun started breaking on the horizon, Frank was entering the small town. He sat in a public bench, in a small monument dedicated to some war hero. It made him feel small. He must have been there for a while but just before he was about to get up a familiar voice brought him out of his stupor.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?Hi, what you doing here??[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Frank raised his head to see the familiar face of Betty. ?Hi, I?m just ? just?? Words seem to leave his mouth. Betty sensing something was wrong sat at the bench next to him. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?Is everything alright??[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?Yes, just planning my next move.? [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?Should you even be walking??[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Frank did not answer, but at that moment his insides growled loud enough for the world to hear.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?Wow, looks like someone?s hungry? Betty was smiling trying not to laugh. This brought a smile to Frank face. ?Listen, come with me I haven?t had breakfast yet, you can be my escort.? Frank was about to declined the offer, but Betty grab him by the arm and bluntly stated ?your coming mister.? They made their way through some apartments building until they reach A-3. ?Here we are? Her apartment was very sweet; the kitchen to the side took almost all the space of it. Through a narrow hallway a door stood at either side. One was a bubbly decorated bathroom and the other Frank guess was her room. There wasn?t much room to walk on, but it was cozy enough. Betty served him a wonderful pancake spread with two types of syrup. ?Hey, listen today is my day off and I need to run over to the community center we could use your help. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?Hmmm, I should get going.?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?What got some better place to be?? Frank did not really have anything in mind. ?C?mon promise you?ll have fun.? [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Frank indeed had fun, but not because he was distracted. Betty was really nice to be around with. I was much more than being nice, she made him feel wanted and appreciated. Frank helped her and they got to know each other throughout the day. The fact that Betty had a handsome face and long brunette hair were making Frank even more crazy for her. Throughout the day he did all kinds of chores that required a strong person to do them, but Frank did not register any of it. Just when they were cleaning up and the sun was beginning to set did Frank begin to feel antsy because he did not know where he was going to crash. Betty came to his rescue once again. ?Hey you have a place to stay for the night??[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?I?ll probably crash at the Motel again?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?Nonsense, walk me home and stay with me. You can sleep on the couch.? She was checking Frank out as if debating whether that was such a smart move. ?Unless you?re freaky at night.? Frank really did not have a choice in the matter. Betty had grabbed him by the arm and they were heading back to her apartment.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?Thanks for letting me crash here.? Frank was looking at Betty in the kitchen. He was wearing a shirt that she had lent him and his boxers. Betty was in the kitchen getting a glass of water. She had an oversized shirt that showed only her legs. She set her glass down and made her way to help Frank fold out the bed from the couch. The situation got heated up all of a sudden when Frank and Betty were looking at each other from just centimeters away. ?You got something on your face.?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?Oh? Betty pulled her arm to her face not really focusing on were Frank was pointing.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?It?s no big deal. She came closer as if looking at something on Frank?s face.? Slowly, Betty slid her hand up Frank chest and around his neck. Their faces connecting on a small tender kiss, she abruptly cut it short. ?O my god what am I doing?, she said really fast but did not let go.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?Please don?t stop? Frank said in a soft voice. ?Unless you want to.?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]That was all the invitation Betty needed and began kissing Frank in a deeper way both caressing each other body as if they were holding each other for dear life. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]The next morning Frank and Betty awoke in the bed couch undress with only the blankets to keep them warm. Frank had a morning woody even though last night he cum two times. He hadn?t had sex in awhile; to him it only seemed natural. He looked over the sleeping body of Betty. Her breast were exposed and in the morning light looked like perfect peaches waiting to be suckled. He slowly got up still somewhat ashamed to be naked and went to the bathroom to take a leak. In the bathroom he found a person that wasn?t him. He moved to touch his chest and the person looking at him did the same. Through the bathroom mirror he could not believe the image of himself. He had at least gained some weight since he last saw a reflection of himself. It did not make him look fat. Instead he had small pecs as Josh had told them they were usually referred to and abs. It was as if he had changed overnight. Then he realized it was probably because he has been eating consistently for the past week that he has gain the mass. He felt stronger to. His arms looked more muscled and his legs felt strong. He stretch somewhat in t the bathroom that was really too small to do so checking himself out in the mirror. He was even amazed at the small lump on his back which Josh had told him the name but he could not remember. Walking back to the couch a picture stood out among the coral decoration. It looked to be a family of four. Mom, Dad and two sons; one look to be a teenager and the other about 8 years old. Stirring from the couch made him look back to see Betty looking at him with eyes he never had had the chance to see. Eyes that told him he was loved. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?Morning? Betty said rather sleepy. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?Good morning? Frank said quickly covering under the blankets as he felt his dick being aroused at the sight of Betty naked in the bed. He realized in his haste he was still holding the photo. To make casual conversation he made a remark about the picture. ?Is this your family??[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?No? Betty said looking at the picture. ?That is Josh?s family; I took the picture of course a long time ago.?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Frank took a good look at the picture again and realized that the teenager was Josh, but looking closely he noticed that even at that age he was quite built. His thought quickly came to the other people standing in the picture and finally to the other boy in the picture. ?This must be his parents, but who is the boy here?? He pointed to the boy shied press against his mother. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?Josh did not tell you about him?? Betty looked slightly puzzled and after seeing Frank?s face she knew the answer. ?That?s Josh brother, his name believe it or not was also Frank.?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?What happened to him??[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?He passed away, he was very sick? Betty had a tear on her eyes obviously recalling a memory. ?His dad even took him to the city once for new treatment, but they could not leave the farm business for long. So he came back and left Frank in the hospital to recuperate. A week later they received a call telling them their son did not make it and died in the night. Of course Clarice ? josh mom ? went immediately over there, but by the time she got there all they gave her were the ashes of her son. Apparently they had a miss up and could not find the contact information immediately, but he had been dead since the second night he was there.?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Frank felt bad, that was probably why Josh was acting so weird around him. He was seeing Frank possibly as a brother he lost. ?Man I got to be the biggest idiot in the world?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?What?s wrong??[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?I sort of left Josh without an explanation or goodbye probably thinking it was for the best. He really seemed happy at me being his pal. He probably was thinking I was like the brother.?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?Oh, well I sort of told Josh that you weren?t his brother.? Betty confessed. ?I told him since day one when I saw after your wound, but I knew he already was seeing you as such. As his brother.?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?I feel bad now?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?Don?t be, is not your fault.?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Frank look at Betty. She was looking at him with the tenderest eyes. No one had ever given him such understanding before. He kissed her lightly. ?I need to go back and apologize and say goodbye.?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?I would think less of you if you did not do just that? Betty had a huge smile on her face. ?You?re a nice guy Frank, Ill drop you off by the house when I have to go to work?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?But since that?s not till this evening, I guess we can have some fun first.? Betty reached down under the blankets and massage Frank inner thighs. Frank was not opposed to the idea of having some fun. He wrapped his arms around Betty grabbing her by her soft butt and pulled himself closer. ?Well what do we got here big man.? Betty said rather surprised.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?Careful miss that?s private property?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]?Oh is it, well will have to see about that? They began kissing each other tenderly as Frank pulled the blanket over both of them hiding them from the light.[/COLOR]
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Old April 8th, 2010, 07:38 AM
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This is very good story. Will you continue?
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Old April 8th, 2010, 08:35 PM
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I am unsure as how to continue with the story. Did not get a lot of feedback for this part of the story. Not sure if the path the story took was not well received or simply put boring to most people in the forum. I been drowning in work resently I have had no time to write aything other than work stuff. I did get a good idea the other day about another possible new story that I have not seen in here before or at least I have not read. I plan to start it soon to continue practicing writing. I'll take a second look at Thief's Luck and see where I can take it. Suggestions welcomed.
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