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Andrew chapter 30: Andrew at work

Once Andrew walked out of the school after his last class, he found Carrie and Mike waiting for him, as well as Darrel and Steve.

?Thanks for waiting while I changed into my work clothes guys,? Andrew said. He stepped over to Carrie and hugged her gently. I?ll see you at your house after work tonight Carrie.?

"Ill be waiting for you Andrew," Carrie promised him, kissing him softly.

She started walking home and Andrew turned to Mike and said, "Time to go Mike; say goodbye to Steve and Darrel."

"Bye Guys!" Mike shouted, as he got into Andrew's car. "See you in about an hour!"

"Oh yeah, they have a shift at the same store I do this evening," Andrew realized, as he started the car. "But they don't know that I'm being promoted to Head Personal Trainer tonight, do they Mike?"

"No Andrew; I didn't tell them that!" Mike assured him. "I wouldn't want to get a big guy like you mad at me, now would I?"

"No you wouldn't, though I'm a huge guy, not just another big guy," Andrew corrected him. "I am huge and immensely strong, as you found out in the junkyard last night!"

"Don't remind me Andrew!" Mike begged him. "That was really scary Andrew!"

"Yeah, you'd better be scared of me if you know what's good for you Little Man!" Andrew growled without thinking, turning the car onto the street.

"Okay, okay Big Guy, don't get mad!" Mike urged his big friend, laying a hand on Andrew's massive shoulder to keep him calm.

"Don't worry Mike, I'm just kidding!" Andrew assured him.

"I hope so Andrew, because you were certainly mad for real when that building fell on you last night!" Mike remembered. "I don't want you to get mad at me, or you might crush me like a concrete block!"

"Then don't get me mad by bringing up bad memories Little Man!" Andrew growled, glaring over at Mike.

"I didn't mean to remind you about last night Andrew!" Mike assured him. "What can I do to make it up to you?"

"You can do exactly what I tell you to do and say excatly what I tell you to Mike," Andrew snarled, grinning arrogantly at him. "I'm the boss here, and don't you forget it, or you'll be sorry!"

"I already am sorry: that I'm trapped in this car with you!" Mike shouted in fear. "What's happening to you man? Is your enhancement speeding up again?"

"Yeah man!" Andrew roared in excitement. "I didn't feel any immediate effect from knocking down that building or crushing all those vans and concrete blocks last night. But I was completely exhausted from the events of last night, for the first time in many months. So it must have taken me this long to recover. Now I can literally feel the adrenaline and testosterone surging through me, making me stronger and more aggressive!"

"Ah, so it's not really you talking, it's the raging hormones surging through your massive body!" Mike realized. "I was getting worried for a minute there Andrew; you weren't acting like the kind, gentle giant I know you are."

"I'm tired of being a kind, gentle giant!" Andrew roared in frustration. "It's time I acted my size and showed everyone that they have to obey me and do whatever I want them to do!"

"But they can only do what their size and strength allows them to do," Mike reminded him. "If you told them to crush a car or knock down a building, they couldn't do that!"

"Of course they couldn't man!" Andrew shouted at him. "Only I, the Muscle Monster, can do those things!"

"Exactly!" Mike agreed. "That's why you have to do what they want you to do, because it's likely that you're the only one who has the great strength to accomplish the task! If you serve others, by helping them with tasks they can't perform themselves, they will serve you in return by worshipping you as a muscle god!"

"They'd better do more than that!" Andrew yelled in excitement. "They'd better literally serve me by giving me all the food and supplements I want! Then I can do more for them, because I'll be well fed!"

"Very good Andrew!" Mike commended him. "Though it may appear that you're being selfish, wanting people to feed you, you're actually getting fuel so that you can be selfless by performing tasks for them!"

"You see, I tricked you Mike," Andrew chuckled. "You thought that I would act like a big dumb jock during this whole car ride, didn't you?"

"I was beginning to wonder if I would ever see the true Andrew again," Mike admitted. "I'm glad he was just hiding behind the Jock Mask."

"Yeah, the True Andrew was just hiding, but soon you will see the Work Andrew," Andrew promised him.

Within an hour, Andrew and Mike got to Harrington's Gym, which was connected to Harrington's Sports Store and the Head Office building of Harrington's Sports Suppliers. Andrew parked the car and led the way over to the gym building. Mike followed him inside and right up to the Registration Desk.

"I'd love to stay and help you register Mike, but I only have five minutes until my shift starts in the store," Andrew said. "I'll come in and check on you later."

"Okay Andrew; see you later," Mike said, waving to him. As Andrew walked out the gym doors, Mike turned back to the desk and realized that the huge guy behind it looked familiar. "Hey Darrel; I didn't know you worked in the gym as well as the store!"

"My name is Phil; I'm Darrel's twin brother Mike," Phil said. "Phil is the store clerk; I'm the Personal Trainer for this gym as well as at school. Is there something I can do for you?"

"Yes, you can let me sign up for a membership here," Mike replied.

"I don't know if I should, considering that you got me confused with the guy who used to bully you!" Phil informed him with a frown. He stood up to his full height and crossed his arms, glaring at Mike as he towered over him. "I think you'd better apologize to me right now Mike if you want me to help you this evening!"

"I'm sorry man; I didn't mean to insult you!" Mike stammered in fear, wishing he had Andrew with him.

"I appreciate your apology Mike; I'll get you signed up for a membership now," Phil said.

While Mike was getting his gym membership from Phil, Andrew was walking into the store. He walked to the backroom and punched in at the timeclock, with two minutes to spare. He greeted his fellow employees warmly as he passed them and then turned to go back into the main part of the store. But he was swarmed by his co-workers, who wanted to hear tales of how he had crushed cars in Rob's junkyard two days before.

"Okay, okay guys, calm down!" Andrew urged them. "You don't have to idolize me as a hero! I'm a truck unloader and Personal Trainer, just like all of you!"

"You're not just any Personal Trainer, you're Andrew the Muscle God!" Steve shouted in excitement. "You're also a military hero who serves our country proudly in the Canadian Forces!"

Andrew smiled quietly at everyone, too humbled by their admiration to say anything. When the clock chimed the half hour though, Andrew realized he had to get onto the store floor.

"Thanks a lot for your praise everyone, but I have to get to work now, and so do all of you." Everyone nodded hastily, suddenly aware that Andrew towered over all of them. As they all walked through the double doors into the main part of the store, Andrew truly felt like a giant as he saw how much he dwarfed his fellow employees. "See you all later everyone," Andrew said, as his co-workers headed to their posts.

Everyone waved to him and Andrew grinned to himself as he walked down the central aisle of the store. All the customers scattered hastily out of his way once they saw how big he was and Andrew grinned at them encouragingly so that they wouldn't be scared of him. It seemed to work, because the customers began to follow him to the front of the store. So by the time Andrew reached the Demo Desk, he had a whole crowd of people asking him questions. Andrew patiently answered each question and then found himself facing someone familiar as the crowd began to thin out.

?Hey there Andrew; how are you doing today?? one of the smaller kids asked him.

?I?m fine man,? Andrew replied. ?Do I know you??

?Hey there Andrew; how are you doing today?? one of the smaller kids asked him.

?I?m fine man,? Andrew replied. ?Do I know you??

?It?s Scott; you met me at the Georgian Mall five days ago and you wrote this encouraging note for me,? Scott replied, handing a napkin to Andrew.

Andrew leaned closer to Scott and read the napkin, which said: ?To Scott: Stay clean, work hard and run like hell. Andrew.? He looked up at Scott and said, ?I remember you now. How are you doing man??

?I?m just fine Andrew,? Scott replied. ?I?d be even better though if you could show me how to use the cardio machines.?

?Come with me,? Andrew ordered Scott, leading him over to the right front corner of the store. Scott followed Andrew over to the cardio machines and Andrew ordered him to step onto a treadmill. ?Just let someone know if it?s too fast for you,? Andrew ordered him, inputting the program for him. ?It should keep you at a brisk walk, nothing more. I have to go check on someone in the gym, but I?ll be back to check on you after that.?

Scott nodded agreeably, and Andrew headed for the front door of the store. En route of course, he had to endure the admiration of the customers and employees. Everyone wanted to hear more details of how Andrew had crushed all the cars in Mr. McDonald?s junkyard.

Obviously Steve has been blabbing about my great strength to everyone! Andrew realized. I?m going to have a little chat with him about keeping his big mouth shut!

By the time Andrew exited the store and entered the gym, he had an angry look on his face. He thought that his angry look may have had something to do with the nervous look on Phil?s face. But Andrew was more concerned with how Mike was doing working out in the gym by himself, so he hurried past the Welcome Desk and into the gym itself. Andrew didn?t see Mike at first, but he did see other gym clients. So he began walking through the gym, giving the clients some pointers and tips as he passed them. He finally saw Mike standing at the dumbell rack so he walked over to him.

?How are you progressing with your workout Mike?? Andrew asked him.

?Just fine Andrew,? Mike replied.

?That?s good Mike,? Andrew said. ?I feel that I should apologize to you for my quick temper today and over the past week. I feel like my temper is spiralling out of control, even though I have nothing to complain about. In fact, these past two weeks have been among the best weeks of my life!?

?I?m glad that you feel that way Andrew,? Mike said, heading over to the benchpress. ?I must say that you?re terrifying when you?re mad Andrew, probably because you?re so big and strong!?

?If you find me so scary when I?m mad, then why do you keep getting me mad Mike?? Andrew asked him. ?Are you a glutton for punishment or something??

?No way Andrew!? Mike assured his big friend hastily. As Andrew set up the benchpress for him, Mike added, ?It just seems like everything I say to you this week makes you mad! I?d like to tell you something else, but I?m afraid you?ll get mad again!?

?Then you?d better tell me what it is before you start the benchpress exercise Mike,? Andrew warned him with an angry glare.

?Okay Andrew, here goes,? Mike said, taking a deep breath. ?Basically, you?re so strong, invunerable and angry that it?s like you?re on PCP and steroids!?

Andrew just stared at Mike for a moment, and Mike stepped back hastily, terrified that he had made Andrew angry again. Then he saw Andrew smile sadly and he breathed a sigh of relief when he realized that Andrew wasn?t angry after all.

?You know Mike, I?ve heard that from almost everyone over the past week,? Andrew informed him. ?Actually, I got really mad at Steve in July, when he accused me of being on steroids! Unfortunately, my violent reaction to his accusation led to him accusing me of being on PCP!? He thought for a few seconds and then realized something. ?You know, when my dad explained the enhancement process to me seven years ago, I did express a wish that the PCP effect could be reproduced from inside the body! When my dad explained that his research hadn?t progressed to that level yet, I realized that I had to settle for legal supplement enhancement! However, it seems that even those supplements allowed me to have superhuman strength even before Marge enhanced me. I took two bullets from Alexander without getting knocked down in July. And once I was enhanced by Marge, I was able to benchpress cars, vans and limos! Then I moved onto to crushing cars and vans and knocking down buildings! And these massive muscles made it all possible!?

Completely forgetting that he was at work, Andrew ripped off his work t-shirt and flexed his massive muscles, admiring his muscular reflection in the mirror. Andrew was so absorbed in admiring his own reflection that he failed to notice the looks of terror on the faces of the other gym patrons. By the time Andrew was done flexing each massive muscle and admiring himself in the mirror, the gym had emptied completely, except for Mike, who was too scared to move.

?Uh, don?t you think you?d better put your t-shirt back on and get back to work Andrew?? Mike stammered in fear. ?All the other gym patrons ran out of here when they saw your massive muscles; I think they?re terrified of you!?

?Who do you think you are Little Man, trying to tell me what to do?? Andrew growled in fury.

?A paying customer, just like all those people who ran out of here when you ripped off your t-shirt Andrew,? Mike replied fearfully.

?You?re right Mike,? Andrew realized, looking down at his watch. ?I have someone on the treadmill back in the gym that I have to check on, and I have to make sure that those gym patrons didn?t cancel their memberships out of terror! Meet me at the front desk of the store at 7 pm Mike; I?ll see you later.?

Mike didn?t get a chance to say anything more, because Andrew rushed out of the gym too quickly. After stopping by the Welcome Desk to ask Phil where the gym patrons had gone, Andrew entered the store to see the gym patrons browsing the aisles of workout equipment. He quickly put his t-shirt back on before anyone saw him and then quietly approached the customers. After quickly apologizing for his unprofessional behavior in the gym, Andrew helped them pick out some gym equipment. Then he quickly checked on Scott at the treadmill, before heading back to the front desk. There, Andrew found that Scott and his friends had followed him. After listening to their requests, Andrew left the front desk and helped them master the demo machines. Then he picked out some dumbells for Scott and his friends and took the all the boxes out to Scott?s car in one trip. Then he brought everyone back inside and began writing out some diet and supplement plans for them. By the time Andrew was done his work, it was 7 pm and Mike had arrived at the front desk of the store.

"It's 7 pm Andrew; time for supper," Mike said. "When you told me that you were taking me to work with you, I didn't know that you meant for your entire shift!"

"What did you expect?" Andrew asked him in surprise. "Did you really expect someone to take you home and then come all the way back here?"

"I guess you're right Andrew; sorry about that," Mike said quietly.

"That's okay Big Guy, I forgive you," Andrew said, trying to cheer Mike up.

"Thanks Andrew," Mike said, smiling at his big friend. "Where are we going for supper?"

"There's a good restaurant across the street that has a big buffet and we have an hour for supper," Andrew replied. You go wait outside, I'll go punch out and I'll meet you outside."

"Yes sir," Mike said with a big grin.

"Don't call me 'sir' Mike; I work for my rank!" Andrew teased him with a chuckle.

Mike grinned at Andrew's joke and waved as his big friend headed for the back room. Andrew grinned as well as he walked into the back room, pleased that his sense of humour was keeping Mike from being scared of him. Andrew waved at Steve and Darrel, who were heading home.

"Hey Big Guy; taking a late supper?" Steve asked him, as he punched out for the evening.

"Well you know how it is Steve; when you're a popular guy, everyone wants you so it's hard to get away," Andrew said with a cocky smirk.

"I see those modesty lessons from Mike and Coach Everson are working really well Andrew!" Steve teased him. "See you at school tomorrow Big Guy."

"See you then Steve," Andrew said, giving him and Darrel a high five.

He punched out for supper and then headed for the front door of the store to meet Mike for supper.

"Hey Big Guy; ready to get full?" Andrew asked Mike as he stepped outside.

"Yes I am Andrew," Mike replied, somewhat distracted by the huge glass and steel building beside the store.

"Don't worry Mike; you'll be able to see inside that building after supper," Andrew assured him. "You'll be able to see my new office in there, as well as my dad's. He always works late on nights that I don't have football games."

"Wow, you have your own office Andrew?" Mike asked him as they headed to the intersection.

"Yeah man, I just heard about it last night, when we heard about my promotion tonight," Andrew replied. "I haven't been in it yet, but hopefully we'll get a chance to check it out tonight after the Enhancement Meeting. It will also double as my first management meeting, which I will be attending in my new role as the Head Personal Trainer. I've moved up the ranks at this company pretty quickly, by training three small guys to become football stars and getting Steve and Darrel hired here as Personal Trainers. Being part of the Management Team now will be a good precursor for Business Management classes next fall."

"It sounds like you've made a lot of good decisions in your life Andrew," Mike observed as they crossed the street.

"Like the good decision I made to train you this year so that you can enter U of Miami as a freshman football player next fall," Andrew agreed with a smile. "It feels great to use my great strength for something more constructive than smashing old cars and knocking down buildings. It feels great to be so powerful, but it's actually pretty scary as well. So I think that my great power is best used sparingly, or I'll lose more than I gain by using it."

"So, it would also be fair to say that the use, or misuse, of power is everything," Mike realized, as they entered the restaurant. "The ultimate question is: will you control your great strength, or allow it to control you?"

"I hope for the former, but as you saw last night, sometimes it's the latter," Andrew replied, as the waiter led them to their seats.

After they put their coats on their chairs, Andrew and Mike headed to the buffet line.

"You know Andrew, if you let your great strength control you too much, it won't be good for you or anyone!" Mike informed him. "Noone will want to work, or play football, with someone who thinks they're better than everyone else, even if they physically are! If you start thinking that you're 'all that and then some' you'll be proving that you don't have all that much up there!"

He pointed at Andrew's forehead to emphasize his point as they began getting their food. Andrew looked down at Mike and nodded in agreement, feeling great respect for his small friend.

"You're a really great friend Mike; you aren't afraid to tell me when I've crossed the line," Andrew commended him. "You are also a great external moral compass, especially in those times when I forget to turn on my internal one! I wish you were my little brother Mike; we would have had a great time growing up together!" When he saw tears appear in Mike's eyes, he reached over and squeezed his shoulder gently. "Hey there, don't cry Big Guy! What did I say?"

"When you mentioned growing up together, you just reminded me of my mother, who I never got to grow up with," Mike replied, wiping his tears away as they headed back to their table. "I miss her so much Andrew; you have no idea!"

"No I don't Mike, I've never lost a parent like you have," Andrew realized, as they sat down at their table. "I can't imagine what you've gone through and I can only hope that I can be a good 'big brother' to you for as long as we know each other."

"That would be really great Andrew; it's been really tough for me and my brothers and my dad to get through all the holidays without her," Mike informed Andrew. "Especially since she died on Thanksgiving Weekend, which is when my birthday is."

"You know, you and your dad should join my family for Christmas Dinner," Andrew decided. "You're already coming down to Miami with us over New Years, so it will be a great way for you and your dad to enjoy the holidays for once!"

"That would be great Andrew," Mike agreed. "Every time Matt gets deployed, I'm afraid that I'll never see him again! And with Mark gone as well now, I'm feel all alone!"

"Is that the real reason you sought me out this year, but not the last two years?" Andrew guessed. "You wanted me to be your new big brother?" When Mike nodded, Andrew chuckled and said, "I see how it is Mike; both your brothers are gone now, so you have to settle for me!" When he saw Mike's sad look, Andrew patted him on the shoulder gently and assured him, "Don't worry Big Guy, I have no problem being your new 'big brother.' Now, since I'm going to do that big favour for you, why don't you do a little favour for me and refill my plate for me."

"Okay Andrew," Mike said, noticing that Andrew's plate was empty, while Mike's was still half full. "I'll be right back."

"And I'll make sure that noone touches your plate while you're gone," Andrew promised him.

Mike headed for the buffet line and Andrew smiled, pleased that he had gained a deeper understanding of Mike's motives for seeking him out in September.

Once Andrew and Mike had finished eating supper, it was nearing 8 pm. Andrew and Mike paid for their food, which had been five plates for Andrew, and then headed out of the restaurant and across the street to the main office building for Harrington?s Sports Suppliers. As they stood in front of the building, which was already shining with interior lights as the sun set, Andrew grinned as he watched Mike admiring the view.

?You stay here Mike; I?ll go punch back in and then I?ll be right back out here with you,? Andrew said.

He stepped inside the store and Mike stayed outside, admiring the view of downtown Barrie. After a few minutes, he turned around to look at the office building and wondered what the Management Meeting would be like.

?Maybe this meeting tonight will help me decide what courses I would like to take in Miami,? Mike said to himself. ?It would be great having classes with Andrew the Football Star!?

?You mean you?re not sick of me yet?? Andrew asked him in surprise, coming out of the store in his dress clothes.

?No way man!? Mike assured him, turning around to face his big friend. ?You could be my future dorm mate, and classmate, and teammate in Miami! I look forward to it Big Guy!?

?We could possibly be teammates sooner than next fall Mike,? Andrew informed him. ?While I was getting changed, I was trying to choose between playing hockey and training you this winter.? As he led Mike towards the front doors of the office building, he added, ?Then I realized that I could train you to play hockey, so that you could be my teammate on the ice this winter.? As they went through the revolving doors into the office building lobby, he missed the excited look on Mike?s face. Andrew showed his ID card to the guard sitting behind the circular security desk and then led Mike to the elevators that would take them up to the Management Floor. As the elevator doors closed and the elevator began rising, Andrew turned to Mike and asked him, ?What do you think about me asking Coach Everson to let you try out for the OD hockey team this winter Mike??

?That sounds like a good idea Andrew,? Mike agreed. ?That way Coach Everson can give Coach Malcolm a better idea of my sports skills after he?s seen them in person.?

?That?s correct Mike,? Andrew said. ?You?re a pretty smart guy Mike,? he added, patting his shoulder gently. The elevator doors opened and they stepped out onto the Management Level of the building. ?Hope you enjoy the view man,? Andrew said, stepping out of the elevator and Mike?s line of sight. He swept a massive arm out to emphasize the great view of the city lights. ?What do you think man??

?Wow Andrew!? Mike marveled, staring out the window at the glittering city lights. ?It?s such a beautiful view!?

"Yeah and that view will look great from my new office; if I get a window office that is," Andrew said. He led the way to his dad's corner office and knocked on the door. "Hopefully my dad will tell me which office is now mine."

"Come in," he heard Chad say from inside his office.

Andrew opened the office door and Chad looked up from his desk in shock.

"What's the matter Dad?" Andrew asked him in concern. Chad's face turned white with fear and Andrew was worried that his dad was having a heart attack. "You don't look well Dad; what's the matter?"

"You-you fill the entire doorframe son!" Chad stammered in fear. "Have you grown even more during this past week?"

"Yeah Dad," Andrew replied with a smug grin. "I have, as of today, reached my target weight of 375 pounds of solid muscle!"

"Congratulations son!" Chad said, turning the computer screen on his desk around so that Andrew could see it. "Now this footage is reality, not fantasy!"

Andrew looked at the footage and saw a huge, red-headed guy getting shot twice in the chest. The guy staggered back, but then he steadied himself and stepped forward to crush the gun with one massive hand. Then the footage ended.

"That footage looks familiar Dad," Andrew said, sitting down in one of the desk chairs. "It looks a lot like the footgae you showed me seven years ago when the Enhancement Division first started."

"Look at the time stamp son and then you'll see when the footage was actually taken," Chad advised him.

He played the rest of the footage and Andrew saw the big guy throw Alexander into the helm console of his helicopter with one quick punch. The helicopter began shaking and then a huge flash of fire filled the screen screen before the footage ended in a burst of static.

"That footage was taken in July, not seven years ago, and that big guy was me, not a computer model," Andrew realized.

"Yes son, and that footage showed how bullet-resistant you were before you were enhanced!" Chad shouted in excitement. "I can't tell you how proud it made me feel to see that footage when Margaret showed it to me."

"How did Margaret get that footage?" Andrew asked Chad.

"When Alexander's helicopter was captured, Marge and her crew took the opportunity to get his camera frequency," Chad replied. "After that, it was a simple matter to eavesdrop on his signal and capture any video footage from his helicopter. Then they gave the footage to Margaret."

"That's great Dad," Andrew said. "What are you going to do with that footage now?"

"I'm saving it to the company server so that we can access it in the Conference Room," Chad replied. "We have a meeting there at 8:30 to announce the success of the Enhancement Project, as well as the new promotions in the company today, including yours."

"We have about 15 minutes until that meeting," Andrew realized, looking at his watch. "Is there any more footage you can show me?"

"Yes there is son," Chad replied. "There's footage from Orillia and Miami on the server now. Take a good look Mike: you might see your brother Mark in some of the videos. Then you can see how much bigger he is since he left in late August."

Andrew and Mike watched the footage with Chad and saw all the still shots and video footage of Andrew using his great strength over the past six weeks.

After 15 minutes, Chad said, "It's time to go into the meeting now." He looked over at Andrew and noticed that he had changed into his dress clothes. "I see you've changed into your dress clothes Andrew, but you're so huge that your massive muscles can still be seen!"

"You made me this huge with all those supplements, weight training, and the Genetic Enhancement procedure," Andrew reminded his dad, as they headed out of the office with Mike. "I hope Mike's dressed okay in his jeans and t-shirt. I forgot to tell him to bring some dress clothes for the Management Meeting tonight."

?No problem Andrew,? Chad assured him, as they reached the Conference Room. ?His presence here is a result of your training, so he?s a welcome guest here.?

?Thanks Dad,? Andrew said, as they entered the empty Conference Room. ?I?m sure he appreciates that!?

?Just don?t tell anyone what you see in here Mike,? Chad ordered him, as he began to set up his presentation. ?Andrew?s influence got you in here; if you divulge corporate secrets, he could get fired for bringing you in here!?

?Don?t worry Dad, Mike?s good at keeping secrets,? Andrew assured Chad, patting Mike?s shoulder gently.

?That?s good to know Andrew,? Chad said, finishing his presentation setup. ?I?m all set up for the presentation now, so I?ll go get the other members of the Management Team. Wait here and we?ll be back in a few minutes.?

Andrew and Mike waited quietly in the Conference Room until Chad, Derrick and the other members of the Management Team arrived. Andrew sat down at one end of the table with Mike, while Derrick sat down at the other end of the table, near the screen on which Chad had displayed the video files that he would play during the presentation. The rest of the Management Team filled out both sides of the table as Chad stepped up to the podium beside the screen.

Chad began his presentation, which started with a chronological video file of Andrew's enhancement, from the procedure itself to Andrew moving the tree off the road five days before. Then he explained in full detail how the Enhancement Procedure worked, including its size and age restrictions for the volunteers.

Once Chad was done his presentation, everyone stood up and applauded Andrew for his feats of great strength, even before he was enhanced.

?Seeing how you resisted bullet shots even before you were enhanced, you may have had some degree of superhuman strength already,? Derrick realized. ?That was once beneficial side effect we had hoped for with our new weight training supplements. I?m glad to see it was successful.?

?Thank you sir,? Andrew said. ?But once my anger faded away, my superhuman strength seemed to fade away also, at least before I was enhanced.?

?Yes, but once you were enhanced, your great strength remained with you, thanks to your constant flow of adrenaline,? Derrick reminded him. ?That allowed you to lift more, which caused your body to pump out more testosterone to make you bigger!?

"All that proved that Andrew would be the most compatible for the Enhancement Serum, which we had the blueprint for, but not the medical science to produce. So I told Commander Marge about our research, which paralled hers. She had a working serum, which had been successfully tested on volunteers at her house. So I arranged for her to ask Andrew if he wanted to try the Enhancement Procedure. He said yes, and the rest as they say is history! The Enhancement Project has proven to be a complete success, especially since Steve and Darrel have been enhanced just like Andrew, with no harmful side effects. Andrew is still the strongest of the three however, because he has volunteered to try out all our new supplements over the years, after I tried them out on myself first of course. I'm very proud of my son Andrew, because he hasn't let his great strength go to his head, but has instead used it for the benefit of everyone around him!"

After Chad finished speaking, he played the footage Andrew and Mike had given him the night before, which showed Andrew's strength tests in the junkyard. Everyone in the room was shocked speechless by the footage of Andrew crushing cars and buildings. They hastily glanced over at Andrew, who was sitting quietly at his end of the table, staring down at his hands with an embarrassed look on his face. Then they began applauding Andrew, hoping that their praise would rouse him out of his shyness. Andrew looked up, grinned modestly and resisted the urge to flex, afraid that he would rip his dress shirt apart.

"I think it's time we took some measurements of Andrew's upper body so that we can see how big and enhanced human really is," Derrick decided. He stood up and walked around the table to stand beside Andrew. "You wouldn't mind cooperating with us for that task, would you Andrew?"

"No I wouldn't sir," Andrew replied, standing up so that he towered over his boss. "Of course someone would need to get a tape measure first."

"Would you mind taking care of that Chad?" Derrick asked his second-in-command.

"No Derrick, I'd be glad to take care of that," Chad said, anxious to get out of the room so that he wouldn't be intimidated by Andrew's size. "I'll be right back."

He walked out of the room and down the hall, smiling with pride at how successful the Enhancement Project had turned out to be. Derrick turned to Andrew as the other Management Team members came up to him.

"You truly are a superhuman Andrew!" Derrick commended him. "How have you remained so humble since you became Genetically Enhanced?"

"My military training fulfilled its intended purprose, making me quiet and humble instead of loud and cocky," Andrew replied quietly. "I really have no reason to get angry these days, now that I know the full details behind my enhancement."

"Have you been angry since you've been enhanced?" Derrick asked him. "Have you noticed any negative emotional side effects from the rapid increase in your adrenaline and testosterone levels?"

"Yes to both questions sir," Andrew replied, handing over Dr. Johnson's reports. "See for yourself."

Derrick read over the report carefully until Chad came back with the tape measure.

"This is truly startling Andrew!" Derrick shouted in fear. "It sounds like you were spiralling out of control until Dr. Johnson managed to stabilize you with pills. But judging by Mike's nervous looks, the pills haven't proven to be effective. I think I know why and how to fix it though. We'll take you to the lab and inject the sedatives and Prozac directly into your bloodstream."

"If you can get me into the lab that is," Andrew reminded him with a cocky smirk. "I think it would be an interesting strength test for me, seeing if all of you can force me into that room."

"Before that, we have to take your upper body measurements; take off your shirt please," Andrew's female boss ordered him.

"Only because a female asked me to!" Andrew chuckled, beginning to unbutton his dress shirt. He paused when he saw his boss smirking and said, "I meant to say 'Yes ma'am!' Sorry about that!" Andrew finished unbuttoning his shirt and set it on the desk. Then he began grinning when he noticed all the executives gaping in astonishment at his massive muscles. "Are you going to stare at my muscles or measure them?" Andrew asked them, beginning to feel embarrassed by their attention.

"We'll measure them," his boss Debra replied, taking the tape measure from Chad. She stepped forward and wrapped the tape measure around Andrew's massive unflexed bicep. "Your arm is 34 inches around Andrew!"

"And it's not even flexed!" Andrew reminded her, flexing his massive arm and almost snapping the tape measure. "Now measure my chest and we'll see how big it is!"

"Yes sir!" Debra said mockingly, wrapping the tape measure all the way around Andrew's massive chest. "Your chest is 60.5 inches around Andrew!"

"Good, that means that I've gained an inch on my chest and my arms over the past two weeks," Andrew realized. "It looks like I'm still growing, so once we get to the lab, I'll have to weigh myself."

"Let's get down there now," Derrick said, leading the executives and Andrew and Mike down the hall to the elevator. They went down one level and entered the lab. "Here we are Andrew; lie down on the table and we'll inject you with the sedatives."

"What if I don't want to lie down on the table?" Andrew asked them, flashing a cocky grin. He was trying to get them to physically force him to lie down. "Do you think that all of you are enough to get the job done?"

"Okay Andrew; if you won't go over there willingly, we'll have to force you over there," Chad sighed, realizing that Andrew wouldn't make it easy for them.

"Well go ahead Big Man; force me onto the table, if you can!" Andrew goaded his dad, sneering in comtempt.

"Okay Andrew, get ready," Chad ordered him, as he and the other executives surrounded Andrew.

Half the executives pushed against Andrew and the others pulled on his arms, with no visible effect. Andrew crossed his arms and smirked, not even noticing the extra weight as he pulled three people off their feet with each arm.

"Time for me to go home now," Andrew said jokingly, beginning to walk towards the door. He dragged all the executives along with him as they tried futilely to hold him back. "It looks like I'm twice as strong as I was in September!" Andrew stopped at the doorway as he saw three huge security guards step into his path. "You three guys come to join the fun?"

"Yes Andrew, and we're armed," the first guard replied, pointing to his holstered tazer.

"What's going on Dad?" Andrew asked Chad with a worried look on his face.

"We have to get you onto that table so that you can be injected with the sedatives and the improved Enhancement Serum," Chad replied. "The guards are here to help with that, and they will help set up the bench-press after that so that we can all see how strong you are."

"If you're going to give me more of the Enhancement Serum, you won't have to force me onto the table," Andrew informed his dad. "Since you're going to make me even stronger than I am now, I'll go voluntarily!"

Andrew walked over to the lab table and lay down. Derrick and Chad secured Andrew to the table with metal straps. The doctor plugged the IV into one of Andrew's arm veins and began injecting the serum into him.

"How do you feel Andrew?" Derrick asked him once five minutes had passed.

"I feel very calm but also very powerful," Andrew replied. "That IV must contain the same refined Enhancement Serum that Darrel got in September."

"Yes it does, because Marge gave us a full supply once she made more," the doctor replied. "So now we have enough for any future volunteers who weigh at least 275 pounds." He unplugged the IV after the last drops of the serum entered Andrew's veins. "We're all done Andrew; you can sit up now."

"Good," Andrew said, sitting up and effortlessly shattering the metal bands that had held him down. He got off the table and stood up. "I feel stronger than ever before and I can't wait to find out how much I can bench-press now!"

"According to our best estimates, your maximum bench-press should be 7500 pounds now," Chad informed him.

"But I just got to 6700 pounds on Monday!" Andrew shouted in shock. "Are you telling me that this serum I just got will increase my bench-press by 800 pounds in just a few minutes?"

"Just like the serum treatment you had in Doctor Johnson's office on Saturday increased your bench-press by 500 pounds," Chad replied. "Each successive treatment with the serum is designed to enhance the effects of the previous treatment."

"Sounds good to me," Andrew said, taking his weight plate capsule out of his pocket. "Okay, I guess it's time to see how strong I am now!" As Chad put the bar on the brackets, Andrew opened the case and expanded the weight plates to their proper size. Then he put three 100 pound plates and one 500 pound plate on either side of the reinforced bar. He looked over at the security guards and asked them, "You guys wouldn't mind spotting me, since you've been enhanced like I have, would you?"

The guards shook their heads and stood behind Andrew as he lay down on the weight bench. Chad suddenly realized that Andrew was right, the guards had been enhanced, right after Darrel had been in September. He felt confident that the three guards could keep Andrew under control if he got too excited by his great strength. Andrew managed to get to ten reps with 7000 pounds, making him all sweaty and pumped up.

"Yeah!" Andrew shouted in excitement, making the windows rattle from the immense power of his lungs. "Time for 7500 pounds men; I can't wait!"

The three guards loaded a 250 pound weight plate on either end of the weight bar and slowly lowered the loaded bar down into Andrew's waiting hands. Andrew focussed on his reps and managed to push the bar up a few times, grunting with the effort.

"Good job son; do it a few more time," Chad urged him, squatting down beside Andrew. He was reminded of how he had encouraged Andrew the same way seven years before, during once of his first workouts at Derrick's cottage. "You're doing very well Andrew," he added, as Andrew pushed the bar up again with a loud grunt. "Give us another rep son!"

Andrew lowered the bar to his chest, closed his eyes and pushed the bar up again with a loud yell.

"Very good Andrew, now try a final rep!" Derrick encouraged him. "Give it everything you've got and see if you can do it without a spot!" he added, as Andrew lowered the bar to his chest with trembling arms.

Andrew closed his eyes, took a few deep breaths, gritted his teeth, and forced the loaded bar up with a furious yell. His arms trembled heavily and his face turned red from the effort, but Andrew managed to force the loaded bar up one last time without a spot.

"Good job Andrew!" Derrick commended him as he sat up with his chest red and heaving. "You truly are a superhuman muscle monster!"

"Thank you sir," Andrew said quietly, shaking Derrick's hand as he stood up slowly. "I guess I'd better take a shower now; I got all hot and sweaty lifting all that heavy weight!"

"But you don't seem tired out by all the effort you put into that workout session Andrew," Chad realized, as everyone walked back towards the hallway. He noticed Andrew checking his pockets and he asked him, "What did you lose son?"

"My weight capsules Dad!" Andrew replied with a shocked look on his face.

"You didn't lose them; the guards are putting them back into the weight case for you," Chad informed him, pointing across the room to the weight bench. Andrew looked over and his eyes widened as he saw the guards easily lifting the 1000 pound weight plates off the bar. "Yeah, we enhanced those guards just after Darrel was enhanced by Marge," Chad informed Andrew. "Once she informed us of the proper mix of sedatives to include in the serum to avoid emotional side effects, we knew it was safe to begin enhancing our security guards."

"Ah, I understand now," Andrew said, with a relieved look on his face. "Thanks for explaining that to me Dad."

"You're welcome son," Chad said, as they reached the elevator. As the doors opened and everyone stepped inside, he added, "Why don't you go and get your shower while the rest of us have the Promotion Meeting in the Conference Room. For those who didn't know, Andrew is being promoted to the Head Personal Trainer tonight."

As the elevator took them up one floor to the Management Level, all the executives clapped and cheered for Andrew. Andrew grinned and waved as the elevator doors opened. Then he headed down the hall to have a shower in the bathroom attached to his dad's office. Everyone else headed into the Conference Room, where Mike learned a lot about the new changes in the leadership structure of the gym branch of Harrington's Sports Suppliers.

Once Andrew was done his shower, it was almost ten pm. He came back into the Conference Room to pick up Mike and retrieve his dress shirt.

"It's about time you put your shirt back on son!" Chad teased him.

"Hey, you guys ordered me to take it off!" Andrew reminded him. "Don't get mad at me if you can't handle getting what you wanted!"

"Very funny Andrew!" Derrick laughed, handing Andrew's shirt back to him. As the Management Team headed to the elevators to go home for the night, he handed Andrew a file folder. "Here's the new Management Structure for you to look at over the weekend."

"Oh great more homework," Andrew groaned, pretending to be upset. "I'll have to study this and put it into practice when I come into work next week as Steve and Darrel's new boss!"

"Good idea son; I'm glad to see that you're taking your job seriously," Chad commended Andrew, as they stepped into the elevator.

The rest of the Management Team nodded in agreement and Andrew grinned quietly, very pleased that he was doing so well as an employee of Harrington's Sports Suppliers.
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