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Built that way 9


?Mmpppggh!? I grunted, flexing, tensing every muscle in my body in a nearly-classic Arnold pose. My left arm forward, biceps and triceps heavy with thick, bulging beef? powerful forearm snaking with pulsating veins? meaty fist clenched tight.

I adjusted the pose, my right arm flexed into position on my right hip, elbow at a nearly ninety-degree angle, biceps pressing against my bulging lats and expanding ever bigger than their jacked 19 1/2 inches. My thick pecs swelled and striated? my V-taper growing ever more clear? my tight, 28-inch waist sucking in, in? in so much that my lower abs began to pulse with pain? an exquisite pain? nearly cramping in a way that made my dick grow hard. My upper lip curled with guttural delight at the throbbing, arousing, knife-gutting sensation as my abs crunched in further? and my expanding lungs swelled my bullet-proof chest even more? a sneer and the beginning of a growl forming across my shadow-darkened jowl?

?Sit on it! Sit on it!? I willed myself, my dark eyes flashing at my thickly muscled reflection in the mirror. My powerful hips moved slightly forward, bubble-butt hard and tight in my red posers, my lower abs contracting ever tighter, as I lowered myself slowly into a nearly-sitting position, the deep striations in my hamstrings growing ever more defined as the hard, sinewed muscle cut and bulged through my thighs.

Then the locker room door slammed open. And there he stood.


?Not as shitty as I thought,? he smirked.

I?d arrived at this down-and-dirty gym just this morning. It was just about as far as my beat-up Corvaire could get on its last tank of gas. Now I was in some non-descript part of West L.A?. somewhere between Beverly Hills and Santa Monica with only a few bucks to my name? but that wasn?t what mattered.

What mattered was Chad.

I?d never met him before. But I?d heard of him. Through several people who?d traveled a bit? worked out quite a bit? and who would have had admirable bodies? if only they hadn?t stood next to mine.

The fucks.

It made me smile.

Jeremy ? the personal trainer from my hometown ? was the guy who?d given me Chad?s number. And I?d enjoyed taking it from him ? the number, and much more.

And now? here was Chad. In the flesh.


The guy?s bulk was incredible. Breathtaking. I watched his visage in the mirror behind me and felt my abs contract ever harder, tighter, as my dick instantly swelled and I painfully willed myself not to cum. God, it would have felt so good. My cock pulsed deeply, relentlessly, of its own accord.

?There?s some work to do,? Chad said, running his eyes up and down every inch of my heavily muscled body. ?But you?ve got a good base.? He took in every fucking jacked bulge of my 5?9?, 211 sinewed pounds.

He was mocking me. He wasn?t impressed.

And shit. Why would he be? Standing 5?11? and weighing an easy 230, with, what ? 5 percent bodyfat??? ? the guy made me look like an absolute prick. I felt so small. So small. Like the scrawny kid I used to be. Who cared that I was now 5?9? and 211 shredded pounds and that I outmuscled ? and outlifted ? every fucking person I knew? Until now.

I felt like I used to feel standing next to my jock athlete brother. The guy with tan skin and ripped abs. The guy I had always wanted to be.

?Calm yourself, Steve.? That?s what I was now willing myself to do, over and over again. ?Breathe? breathe?? which was nearly impossible now that I was taking in Chad?s thick, sinewed bulk. I tried to remind myself how I?d beat down my fucking brother, how I'd shown him nearly without mercy who was the fucking dominating one. And yet, I couldn?t calm myself... I couldn?t. My breathing was labored? each heaving breath drawing the cuts between my abs deeper and deeper, my chiseled waist contracting with each breath. And each breath grew improbably harder and harder as my thick dick pulsed harder and harder with each heavy step Chad took, drawing closer and closer to me. Oh God. Oh God! Oh God! I clenched my fists tight, my hands burning to reach down and stroke and grasp and press my thick, heavy cock until I came.

?Abs,? he commanded.

I stood there suddenly relaxing my Arnold pose, staring the reflection of Chad?s heaving bulk past my own reflection in the mirror, taking in every single one of his freakishly bulging muscles? the incredibly thick outline of his frame? the heavy shadow he seemed to cast over me?

?Abs!? he roared.

This was it.

I crunched. I crunched hard, raising my hands over my head and lacing my fingers together behind my neck, left leg out, contracting my heavy, striated thighs into thick masses of meat, deep with cuts, an unbelievably muscular teardrop springing into being on each leg, networks of veins rising to the surface. My heavy pecs heaved in and out, my brown, perfectly shaped nipples framing my abs perfectly, the cuts around the eight muscles deep and improbably hard? my serattus and freakishly built lats bulging and shredding to superhero proportions?

?Mmpppggh!? I growled again ? no, roared! ? swelling each muscle, willing each cut almost to its breaking point.

?Nice,? Chad said, half serious, half menacing? an involuntary sexual twitch moving his heavily shadowed upper right lip into a sneer? almost like my own? but his was frighteningly powerful.

My knees buckled and I almost came again, my dick throbbing hard and painful. Dear God it was good. Without asking, I relaxed my pose and my right hand moved downwards over my thick, heaving chest? my washboard tight, deeply carved abs? down toward the waistband of my red posers? toward my throbbing, swollen cock, clearly visible and perfectly hard and juicy as it pressed, straining, against the thin fabric?

?What the fuck are you doing?? Chad growled, his heavy musculature tightening, improbably swelling, looming towards me, threatening. ?Did I tell you to relax??


I sucked in my breath involuntarily. What the fuck was happening to me? For the last two years, since I'd started lifting, I?d ruled my life. I?d done what I wanted and took what I wanted and fucked who I wanted. And now, suddenly, what the fuck was happening to me?

Chad moved towards me? in slow motion, it seemed? his thick, diamond shaped calves swelling with every step? the powerful motion moving up through his incredibly muscled thighs, the bronzed skin of which which rippled and deepened with incredibly thick cuts. His gray cotton workout shorts were damp with sweat and clung to every bulge of muscle ? and his hard, heavy cock ? all the way up to his tight, low-hung waistband? where a perfect 8-pack emerged, deep and tanned and chiseled and improbably thick against his tight, perfectly packaged waist ? shit, what were this guy?s measurements, anyway??!!! ? and reached up to his thick, heavy pecs, his powerful lats swelling out to each side, his heavy striated shoulders and immense traps rising up to his unbreakable bull neck which pulsed with veins?

My eyes continued tracking upward, up toward his steely blue eyes, his sandy blonde hair, and his thick 5-o?clock shadow?

And then his heavy, powerful hand landed upon my own boulder-shoulder. It kneaded it for a moment, his muscular fingers digging almost painfully into the deep striations.

What the hell was he going to do to me?

In the mirror, I saw that my eyes were bulging involuntarily.

Chad saw too. And he smiled.

?Yeah, you?ve got a couple of growing years left,? he said with deep satisfaction, patting my meaty shoulder with his heavy hand. ?We?ll start today. I?m betting we?ll get you to six foot, maybe six-one??

Fuck! I was still terrified of him. But bigger? Hell yeah. But ? fuck! ?If I get taller?? I started? thinking how my muscle might thin out against my expanding frame?

Chad grinned? an evil, sneering, knowing grin. ?Yeah, you?re gonna get taller,? he said. His voice was heavy. Lusty. ?You?re gonna need to get a whole lot bigger to put on the pounds I intend you will ? and to stay as fucking jacked as you are now.?

He punched me in the arm, playfully, man to man. Then he turned, looking through the locker room door, toward the rows of heavy dumbbells lining the gym wall? and then he turned back at me.

?Ready to grow?? he asked gruffly, and punched me hard in the thick meat of my chest.

It hurt, incredibly, which made Chad smile. His darkly whiskered lip sneered upwards again.

?We?re gonna get you huge.?

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Hey! What happened to all the earlier parts? You've apparently removed them...?
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I removed them to make some adjustments, and then posted them in one bulk block a couple months ago. But I've gone back and pasted the stories back into the original posts to make them easier to find. Here are the links:


Or you can read them in bulk here:

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