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Being grown up is way more fun than growing up Part 1

I'm not sure it's okay to post this here. It contains some muscle growth but is mainly a bodyswap, ap/ar story. Anyway it?s my first attempt to write a story and I'm really nervous right now.

?Being grown up is way more fun than growing up?
Part 1

On the way home from school, 11 year old Travis Cavanaugh was sulking. School sucks. Those stupid bullies never left him alone. Being only 4?9 and 80 lbs, he was small for his age and an easy target for them. People say the apple doesn?t fall far from the tree, well, in his case, it must have been a damn windy day when it did. His dad, Phil, was a big burly man and former star quarterback of the local high school. At the age of 35, although he lost some definition in his abs, he was still impressive at 6?2 and 220 lbs. Sometimes he suspected that maybe his dad wasn?t his real dad but it was clearly an absurd idea. They have the same deep-set blue eyes, the same prominent nose, the same slightly pouty lips, and the same cleft chin. He was indeed his dad?s son. It?s just his genes fucked up in those physical development parts.

He sighed. It was just not fair. Due to the fact that he?d always been a big guy and a star athlete when he was in school, his dad didn?t understand him. When he was beaten by the bullies, his dad seemed more upset about the fact his son?s such a wimp than he was beaten and hurt. He was sick of being told to toughen up and be a man. He wished to be a big strong man more than anything in the world. Just like his dad.

Thinking of his dad, he started to getting pissed off even more. He thought about yesterday?s incident. Dad had promised to take him to the movies because it was his birthday.

It was a typical Sunday afternoon. Dad was on the couch watching football and already drinking fourth bottle of beer. Travis plucked up his courage to ask him. ?Dad, can we go to the movies now??

?Not now, sport. The game?s not over yet,? he answered in a seemingly irritated voice.

?But unless we go out now, we?ll be late for the movie, dad,? Travis pleaded.

?I said NOT NOW!? he yelled. It was clear that he got really angry now. Normally Travis would back off at this point, but it was his birthday, after all.

?But dad, it?s my birthday,? he mumbled with a quivering voice.

?So what? It doesn?t matter! What matters is the fact you?re an ungrateful little brat! Forget about the movies and go to you room now!?

?It?s not fair. You promised...? he couldn?t restrain his feelings and started sobbing uncontrollably.

?That?s enough! I said go to your room! I?m sick of you whining and being such a crybaby! You deserve to learn a lesson!? then he picked him up, turned him over his knee, pulled down his pants and tighty whities and spanked his bare bottom. Soon he was bawling like a baby. After the spanking he went to his room being completely crestfallen and defeated. He couldn?t sleep that night. His butt was still hurting and the pillow was wet with tears. He couldn?t understand why his dad was so mean to him. He wished that he could be the adult and dad could be the child just once. Then he?d see what it?s like.

Finally he came home and dropped his backpack on the floor. Nobody was home because his mom died six years ago and dad was still at work. He still missed her so much. She was sweet, kind, caring, and compassionate and he always felt loved and safe with her. After she died, he couldn?t feel that kind of love from anyone else. His dad had a nasty temper and never cut him some slack. He felt so lonely and alone in the world.

Recently he developed a weird habit of playing dress up in his dad?s clothes. It felt so good imagining he?s becoming a big muscled adult, especially his dad. He knew if he get caught he?d be toast but he couldn?t stop himself doing it. It just felt too good to stop. He took a deep breath and sneaked into his dad?s bedroom. He opened the closet and hesitated about what to wear. About a moment later he made up his mind to wear the navy pinstriped suit his dad wore last Friday. If his dad was a cop, he?d surely tried the uniform but his dad worked at a bank and the suit was the best option for him.

He took off his t-shirt, jeans, sneakers and socks then grabbed his dad?s dress shirt. Just at that moment he found something on the floor. It was some kind of medallion. He was going to take it to look closely when he dropped the shirt by mistake. He grabbed the shirt and the medallion then suddenly he felt a tingling. Getting irritated he dropped the medallion on the pile of his clothes and started put on his dad?s dress shirt slowly and carefully. It wasn?t easy as the sleeves are too long for him but it wasn?t his first time and he?s kinda getting used to it. So he managed to wear it anyway. Then he put on the suit pants and jacket. He didn?t wear a tie since he didn?t know how to tie. The shirt and jacket hung down like a dress and he had some trouble to hold up the pants. He looked into the mirror and grinned. Obviously he looked ridiculous. But it was fine anyway. It surely helped him fantasizing about becoming an adult.

But something wasn?t right. He actually looked a little taller and older. He was bewildered. ?What?s going on? Am I losing my mind? Maybe this is a dream.? He closed his eyes and took a deep breath trying to calm down. However when he opened his eyes again, contrary to his expectation, he looked even older and taller than before he closed his eyes. Now he looked like some eighth grader or high school freshman and his tighty whities felt really tight. So he took off all the clothes he was wearing and looked at his body. A few minutes ago he was just a scrawny 11 year old boy of 4?9 and 80 lbs. Now he was undoubtedly over 5 feet and starting to hit puberty. He didn?t know how this was happening or if it was real but couldn?t stop looking at himself in front of the mirror. ?Wow!? his voice was cracking now. ?I?m finally having a growth spurt!? He kept growing, slowly but still noticeably and now his body was developing some muscles. He watched his biceps slowly growing with amazement. ?Now I?m having muscles, cool!? In the meantime he kept growing taller and he was almost 6 feet and looked like a high school jock. His cock was now about 6 inches and he had pubic hairs. He touched his biceps and pecs. It was not a hallucination. It felt so real. He could feel his muscles. He did some muscle poses. He was in bliss. ?This is too good to be true. I must be dreaming now. I don?t want to wake up at all.? And the transformation wasn?t finished yet. He grew a few more inches to the height of 6 feet 2 inches and the muscles kept getting bigger. He got a stubble on his face and soon it turned into a beard and he had thick brown hairs on his pecs, arms, legs and all the right places.

He looked into the mirror and the image on the mirror was his dad. ?Oh my god! I?m dad!? even his voice was identical to his dad?s deep baritone. ?Awesome! My wish came true!? he danced for joy until he realized he was still naked. He felt a little awkward being naked in his dad?s body so he decided to wear some of dad?s clothes. Only this time it wasn?t play dress up since he was dad now. He found his dad?s boxer briefs and put them on. It didn?t feel right somehow but now that he?s got dad?s body, it?s logical to wear his clothes even though it was underwear. Then he put on his dad?s dress socks and the dress shirt he wore about thirty minutes ago. Just thirty minutes ago it was huge on him and hung down like a dress but now it?s snug fit. Next, he put on the navy suit pants and the leather belt. Then he wore a red silk tie. ?Wait a minute ? I don?t know how to tie. But I do now. Weird. Guess it?s some nice side effect. Cool.? then he put on the jacket and the expensive dress shoes.

After finishing getting dressed he looked in the mirror again. He looked great in suit. He looked so adult. He could hardly contain his excitement. Then he got an idea. He tried to impersonate his dad. ?That?s enough Travis Michael Cavanaugh! You?re grounded for a month! No more backtalk and just do as you?re told! Look me in the eye when I?m talking to you, young man!? he burst into laughter. He sounded exactly like his dad.

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off to a good start! love the father-son body swap
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