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Bringing Down Our Principal Part 3

Part 1

Part 2

Seth came home just in time to meet up with his father. Since Seth was going away for the purpose of continuing and furthering his experimentation, he had to take care of his dear father. A man who for all intents and purposes was a hard man, and was very strict and stern and not a very modern, loving father. To him, obedience was love.

So Seth had injected his program into his father???s laptop earlier that day. His father, even after a few minutes would have absorbed all of the protocol. His father was handsome enough in his forties. Pepper brown hair that was graying but not gray. Close cropped, immaculately dressed. Deep voice, chiseled looks. He looked like the sort of man that would grace magazine covers. His father could have been in movies, with his Kevin Sorbo/Gary Cole looks. But his no nonsense approach to life would negate any fun, something which he didn???t believe in very much. Seth, however, did in overwhelming amounts. For what his father lacked in depravity and indulgence, Seth rejoiced in.

???Hey, dad.???

???Son. You???re dressed quite fancy today. Where did you get that suit????

???Oh, the principal gave it to me.???

His father barely recognized him as he arched an eyebrow. ???Very funny. Did you use your savings? I hope you got a good deal. Anyway, I???m glad you bought it. A suit is a sound investment.???

???You know, you???re right, dad. Hey, I was just wondering. I was hoping to have a small party here next week. Just me and a few friends, maybe 20 people or so. I really think it could help me at school. Getting to know some people, socialize, I just work all the time to get straight A???s. I think I???ve earned it.???

???Well, son. I admire your tenacity. But in any negotiation you will have to know who you???re up against. You know the rules. No parties until you???ve graduated from high school. You can save that for college once you get there, and then only because you???ll be making connections you can use in the real world.???

???Dad, don???t you want to take pleasure in anything???? Seth caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. A darker haired young man almost a head less in height than his father. But the similar traits, the shape of face and eyebrows, were unmistakable with both of them dressed in such sharp clothes.

???Yes. But I do it in moderation and I don???t let it get in the way of me getting ahead. And you should know by now that I expect nothing less of you than what I do myself. Now, that???s the end of the discussion. We???ll talk later, right now I have a conference call.???

???Checkmate??? Seth said, voicing the trigger word.

???What???? His father???s face glazed over.

???Cancel it. You have to spend your time doing other things.???

???Yes. I should cancel it. No time for it.???

???Now, dad. About that party. I???ll be having about 20 people over. For fun and laughs. We???re going to pretty much just drink and hang out. You???re okay with that, of course.???

???Of course, son.???

???I can pretty much do anything I like around here. In fact, I think we should switch rooms. I???ll take your room and you take mine.???

???Sure. Sounds fine.???

Seth took some clothes out of a shopping bag. ???Here. Put these on. Take off your nice clothes. Wear these instead.???

His father complied, putting on an ill-fitting Pokemon T-shirt and surfboard pajamas.

???Sleep mode.???

His father hung his head and remained still.

???From now on, I am your father, a grown up who you will obey. You will be a ten year old boy, in a ten year old body, and you will respond to me as this situation requires. You will call me Daddy and I will call you Son. Do you understand, son???? Seth said, stuffing and lighting up a pipe from his father???s pipe rack.

???Yes, Daddy.???

???Sleep mode finish. Pawn,??? he said, giving the passwords that now controlled his father.

???Son, did you have a good day at school????

???Yes, daddy.??? His father said, now looking strangely na???ve, with a loosening of his limbs and a change in his facial expression, usually severe it now had a wonder filled sense of constant ease.

Seth threw down a newspaper. ???I work all goddamn day and this is the thanks I get? When I come home I want you to leave your shoes at the goddamn door. Look at the mud you tracked in!??? He pointed to some slight mud stains on the wooden floor that came from Seth???s own shoes.

???Sorry, daddy,??? his father replied, shyly.

???Sorry doesn???t pay the bills. I DO. Now around here I expect you to follow my directions, young man.??? Seth chomped his father???s pipe.

???Daddy, can I go play????

???Play? Is your room clean???? Seth walked his father over to Seth???s own room. ???This is disgusting!??? He yelled at his father, berating him, pointing viciously at all of the clothes everywhere. Books and assorted stuff lay everywhere. All of Seth???s computer equipment was locked safely in the basement, of course. ???How dare you leave things this messy! Don???t you know how hard I work to put a roof over your addle-brained head!???

Seth???s father cringed. He stood there nervously, shuffling his feet. His voice stuttered and he had a frog caught in his throat. ???I-I-I don???t?????? He tried to speak but it was difficult as he was now so afraid of Seth being angry with him.

???It???s bad enough you don???t try very hard at sports. Little sissy,??? Seth said, echoing some of the things his father used to say to him. ???Clean up this goddamned mess! You???re grounded! I???m sending a babysitter over to take care of you while I go out on business. And don???t let me hear any lip from you! You understand me???? He filled every word with fatherly anger, strict and powerful. His father whimpered a yes and sniffed. Seth adjusted his suit. ???You know, Georgie,??? he said, beginning to call his father by his nickname, something he never would have done before. ???I think you???re a good boy, but you need to start doing as I tell you. LISTEN to what I say and then DO it. Alright????

???Okay, daddy! I???m real, real sorry, okay? Please don???t be mad.???

???Son, I???m just trying to look out for you. If I don???t do that, then what kind of father would I be????

???Kay. I???ll do my best, dad.???

???That???s my boy,??? said Seth smiling with the pipe in his hand. He adjusted his suit and smirked. He went into his father???s room, and pipe in his mouth, began to jack off. He masturbated furiously over his father???s nicely trimmed bed with its expensive blankets and linens. After cumming over it sufficiently, he began to pack his suitcase. He called Kevin and asked him to come over while he was away and explained how to control Georgie. Maybe he and Roger could have a playdate.

Finally his suitcase was packed, mainly with expensive clothes he???d bought with Roger???s money, and he finally put a fedora hat on his head and left his father with detailed instructions to clean the house.

Driving away in his convertible (once his principal???s) he smiled. The world was now his oyster and he could do with it as he pleased.

A week later, he found himself on the outskirts of a small town that housed a rather secret army base. In the desert. He had hypnotized a soldier at a local diner by carrying a video clip of his program on a cel phone. This created a really quick way of temporarily giving them orders to go and download his special program onto their computers, or DVD players. They could watch the blank screen and then be programmed to do as he bid.

It took little prodding to get the location of the base. Seth moved from soldier to soldier until finally one knew the answers to the questions he had. He hypnotized them in diners or gas stations or shooting galleries. Now he was in a honkytonk grill with a bunch of soldiers playing darts. Someone conveniently asked for the time and Seth let him see his phone. The pattern told the man to come to his hotel room later on that night.

He received a knock from Lieutenant Brent Bone at 9 PM and invited him inside, then sat him down in front of his laptop, where he pressed a button and began the sequence. A few minutes later he was ready.

Brent was handsome. Cornfed, light haired, buzzcut, and a large, tall bronco of a Texan stud. Football playing hero at his small town. Smile to die for. Seth wanted him very badly.

???Brent, you like women, don???t you????

???Yes, sir. I do, sir.??? Brent smiled.

???Not, really though. Because you are totally gay.??? Brent frowned. Everything Seth said was true, wasn???t it? But he felt that his long history with women was because he wanted to be with them.

???In fact, it always felt like at any moment you could burst. All those times with girls you had to picture guys. Hot, sweaty, masculine men. With muscles and facial hair. It???s the only way you can cum.???

Suddenly all of Brent???s memories changed. He had crushes on a lot of his fellow guys in the unit. But he dared not utter a word for fear of being discovered. So much so he???d never even touched a guy.

???You???ve never been with a man but you think about it all the time.???

Brent smiled sadly. ???I sure do. Shit, guys are so fuckin??? hot. All I want is some pussy. I???I mean boy pussy, I guess.???

???You like dick. You dream of sucking dick and of rimming guys??? asses.???

???Sure do. Man, I love dicks. I love how sexy they look. Man I could really suck some dick right now!???

???Get naked. I???m about to let you have sex with me. Every time I touch you it???s going to be ecstasy. You???ve never known real sexual pleasure before now. Tonight you lose your virginity to me and you would do anything to please me.???

Brent took off his army camo uniform to reveal a wife beater underneath, stained and his armpits had two huge bushes of hair covering a muscular frame. His pecs hung nicely, with full chest hair. He took off his hat and showed his biceps, both of which had an army tattoos. Seth began to lick his stubble filled chest.

???Yeah, bitch. Lick my chest. Worship this.???

Hmmm, Seth thought. He???s treating me like women he???s had sex with. Well, that could be fun. Brent was hung like a horse and Seth sucked him off. Brent???s expression became more and more ecstatic. He whined and rocked and kept Seth???s head bobbing in rhythm. ???Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, oh baby. Oh baby, who???s your king? Who???s the king, baby? What???s my name, bitch????

???Brent, your name is Brent, sir.???

???Goddamn right it is. GET back down there, keep sucking til I say no more. Yeah. Yeah, oh yeah. Oh!??? He began to cum and Seth swallowed it gladly. Then he took some of the cum dribbling down and put it into a vial and rolled it away underneath the bed.

???You???ve never felt physical pleasure like this before.??? Seth stated. ???Your lust for me is greater than anything you???ve ever felt before.???

Brent???s eyes bulged. His muscles swelled. In the dank light of the motel room they glimmered with sweat, light reflecting half of his body???s immensity. He looked like he couldn???t take anymore. He lifted Seth up in his arms and started kissing him, and placed him on the bed.

???Take off your clothes. God, you???re gorgeous! You???re fucking hotter than hell!??? Brent stroked him all over as Seth slowly undid his tie, took off his nice clothes, while Brent seductively kissed his neck and licked his face and they tongue locked. With each movement Brent became more impassioned and horny.

They kissed some more, and felt each other???s naked muscles. Seth was really enjoying himself and Brent more so. He started to become more gentle and straddled Seth for a while, standing up and holding him in his muscular arms and rubbing Seth???s body against his engorged, nine incher as it bobbed up and down.

???Mmmm, what kind of chemicals do they give you to produce gigantic muscles like that????

???Oh man, I wish you knew. Fuck, all the guys on the base started to look like this. S???all top secret.???

???Bet I can guess. Is is nanotech???? Brent raised his head in surprise.

???How???d you know about that????

???I heard a few things.???

???Baby, I was thinner than a reed just a few months ago. Beanpole, they used to call me. Now I look like this,??? Brent shoved his musky arm in Seth???s face. Seth breathed it in with pleasure and felt the iron texture as he licked its godly veins.

???Do you think you could get your hands on one of the scientists at the base. Invite one of them over????

???Baby, I can???t. S???classified.??? Brent encapsulated Seth???s mouth with his own and shoved his tongue down to taste Seth???s. He more than overpowered Seth and when he leaned on top of him and groped him all over it was one of the most powerful erections he???d ever had. Seth ordered Brent, who was obviously a top to let him be fucked in the ass. Brent got on all fours and Seth instructed him to feel amazing orgasm as he stuck his dick in Brent???s virgin military hole. He put on Brent???s camo jacket, even though it dwarfed him somewhat. And began fucking him.

???Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. YEAH. YEAH! YEAH!??? Seth fucked Brent hard, repeatedly, until he came after twenty minutes or so. The orgasm of power and sweaty musk and army clothes and dominance washed over him in pleasure that he could barely describe. ???You???re my fucking army bitch now.???

???Yes, sir!??? Brent said enthusiastically and turned around to pull Seth toward him again, after he was done being Seth???s own personal cum dumpster (which he called Brent and Brent smiled at the term). He pulled Seth towards him. They kissed and grappled.

Getting their own clothes on again, Seth ordered Brent to call as high ranking a scientist as he could. The guy came over a little bit confused. Brent had said some urgent security business was needing his attention. Seth said he had something to show him and before he had a chance to ask Seth who he was he was under Seth???s spell. Seth ordered Brent to go sit in the kitchen and eat some take out that he???d gotten earlier. Brent was pretty hungry after all that fucking and could use the energy.

The scientist, whose name was Dr. Jenner, gave him detailed information as Seth questioned him over the next few hours. Brent dozed on the bed for a while per Seth???s instructions. Then, when he was satisfied, he ordered Dr. Jenner to procure him a sample and bring it the next day. He didn???t want to stay very long in this town for the slight fear of being discovered but these men were smart enough to cover their tracks well, and he knew it.

With that, he sent them away with instructions to tell no one about these events and called Kevin to check up on things. Apparently Kevin had been having a lot of fun with ???the boys???. He???d instructed them to wake up the next morning and be aware of their adult bodies but still with little kid memories. He had watched them panic and react and then get excited as he told them he???d be giving them real grown up jobs, because he was magic and had granted their wish. Seth laughed.

???So how has this affected the curriculum????

???I don???t want anyone to get wise to things. Some days I allow him to be Roger the adult principal and some days he is ten year old Roger. He???s a lot happier, and everyone has noticed he???s a lot more immature. He???s hanging out with the jocks in the hallways, high fiving them, and it???s hilarious. He???s just been throwing paper airplanes everywhere. The teachers think it???s some psychological thing to freak out the students so they aren???t saying anything except how brilliant it is. It???s fucking awesome.???

???Well, that???s fairly amusing. Not really humiliating, though.???

???I made him go clubbing with me as a shy kid. He got his first taste of alcohol and nearly puked. Poor little guy.???

Seth chuckled. Well, that was pretty humiliating.

???And I changed him to think he was a kid again body and soul, and took him to the playground at night so he could play. I videotaped the whole thing. It???s all pretty hilarious, especially the parts where he pretends he???s an airplane.???

???That is. Of course we need to return him to mental adult status permanently so we can proceed with the plan. Speaking of which, how???s my dear old dad????

???The office thinks he???s having a nervous breakdown. He got sent to the psych ward for throwing a temper tantrum in the hallway of his legal firm. I had to get him out, basically I convinced them with your handy hypno phone. A wonderful device if I do say so.???
???You may. Anything else????

???Lots of antics. I love being able to convince them that they are just kids, or dogs. Oh I did that, too for a while. Made your dad eat out of a dog dish and everything.??? I took your dad to the beach and he had a lot of fun. We got ice cream. I???ve never seen him so happy. Then I took him home and returned him to normal adult mode and fucked the shit out of him. Made him my gay slave. He calls me master now. I told him he???d always been jealous of you for being gay when he couldn???t be out himself.???

???Nice touch. So no more age play from now on. We need them to be adults in mind and in body so we can proceed. But you filmed everything, right?

???Been recording as much as I can.???

???Excellent. I???ll talk to you later, sweetie. Love you.???

???Love you more!???

Seth hung up and had himself a nice long rest that night.

Seth was back on the road, and it was a few nights later when the cop car pulled him over. It was in the middle of a very rural area with woods on both sides of the road. No one in sight for miles around. He smiled as he checked out the cornfed blond cop with a military buzz cut that asked for his license and registration. He handed them over along with his phone. He made sure the cop looked directly at the swirling hypnotic images and the next thing he knew, the cop had been sent back to show the phone to his partner. Both of the cops were now standing outside the cop car. Seth got out.

???Sleep mode.??? Both cops hung their heads down slightly. ???Okay, so you,??? he said to the blonde cop. ???What???s your name????

???Officer Hollis.???

???First name????


???Corbin. I like that name. Alright, Corbin. Are you gay, Corbin????

???Fuck no. I only fuck women. I???m a real man. We both are.???

???Are you married, Corbin????

???Fuck no, all the women I fuck? I got so much pussy I don???t need to be married. Fuck that.???

???So you live alone????


???But you???re not married because you???re gay.???

???I???m???I like girls.???

???Checkmate. No, you are both gay. You always have been gay. Every thought that you???ve ever had about sex revolves around men and their sweaty, muscular bodies. You get turned on by men and only men. Is that understood???? The two newly gay cops nodded.

???You Corbin, are no longer a big adult in his 30s. I am, and you will see me as a grown authority figure. You are sixteen years old. You are not a cop, but a high school student and you???re not supposed to be out with your dad???s car. But you wanted to ride around and hang out with your friends. Your father doesn???t know that you???re gay. You are gay and like boys, right????

???Sure. I love cock.???

???You love sucking cock alright. And your dad doesn???t know which means you have to be extra careful for him not to find out. Now, come with me behind those bushes. I want us to switch outfits.???

Seth had been wearing a simple state college sweater and jeans when he???d been pulled over. He traded this for the cops black uniform, hat, badge, gun and holster, sunglasses and pants.

???Now that???s better. Now you get in that car, son. And as for you, what???s your name????

???Ed. Officer Ed Paglia.???

???Well, Ed, you and me are partners. Everything you ever went through with Hollis, you now went through with me, Seth Stevens. When you look at me you will see an adult in his 30s and when you see Hollis here he will appear to you as a sixteen year old boy. Is that understood????

???Yes, master.???

???Officer Stevens will do. Now let???s get in the car. I???ll be in the driver???s seat. Pawn.???

???So what do you think, partner????

???Think this little boy here was speeding.???

Seth got out of the car, now dressed in his cop uniform. He swaggered up to the car. Corbin adjusted the mirror, seeing himself as a sixteen year old version of himself. A large, stern looking officer looked down at him. He cringed and sat there uncomfortably.

???Good evening, officer.???

???Boy, you were going pretty fast, weren???t you???? Seth asked, getting off on being the one in uniform now.

???Oh, I didn???t realize! I never speed???I don???t know what happened. Please. You gotta believe me!???

???Boy, get out of the car.??? Corbin got out of the car gingerly.

???Boy, you are a sweet looking piece of meat. Where were you going????


???Were you going to a glory hole????

???What? No!???

???I think you were. Checkmate. You were going to a glory hole.???

New thoughts flooded Corbin???s mind.

???You were going to stick your dick into some hole in a wall in a men???s bathroom just to get your dick sucked. You fucking faggot. Isn???t that right???? Seth demanded.

???Yes. Oh god, please don???t tell my dad!???

???Boy you are going to get off with a warning tonight. But you gotta get me off. You understand me? You gonna be this cops bitch tonight. Little fucking virgin faggot. You wanna get your cherry popped by a real man????

???Oh. Yes.??? He breathed heavily.

???Yes WHAT????

???Yes, yes sir! Yes sir, I???I want to suck your cock. And to?????? He looked back at Seth???s partner, still in the car. ???And to get fucked. By you. Please.???

Seth put a gloved hand on Corbin???s muscular shoulder, leaned forward and kissed him on the mouth. ???Mmm, you taste pretty good, boy. Tell you what. You follow our car. Then we???ll take you home and fuck you real good.???

They went to Corbin???s house, which for the time being Seth would pass off as his own. He and his partner had had a talk in the car about all the things they were going to do with their new ???boy???.

They got inside, Seth using his new keys. They made Corbin get naked in the living room.

Seth pulled out a cigar and gave it to Officer Ed and had him light it up. Ed smoked on the cigar passionately. He hadn???t been a smoker, but he liked the occasional cigar. Seth rubbed his crotch and sat back in the leather easy chair and guessed this is where Corbin normally liked to have his dick sucked.

???C???mere boy. Start licking my balls. That???s right.??? Seth was very turned on by Corbin. He was muscled out and covered with a few tattoos. Looks like one very alpha male was now nothing but a bitch. ???Lick my sweaty balls. You fucking cocksucker. Yeah. Hand me that cigar.??? Ed gave his cigar to Seth. Seth smoked in his cop uniform and started shoving his cock down Corbin???s throat further. Ed got a condom out and started to pull out his dick and lube his cock up. Ed???s cock was a huge beer can of a cock. Corbin licked Seth???s balls for ten more minutes with Seth degrading him the entire time, calling him names and alternating between his cock and his balls being serviced.

???Now boy, I am going to fuck you and then Ed here is going to fuck you and first you are going to beg me to fuck you.???

???Please fuck me! Please. Please fuck me! Please, sir! Please Officer Stevens! Please fuck my virgin ass, I???m begging you!???

???Get down on all fours. Yeah you want to fuck you? You want that, boy? You want me to fuck your ass!???? Seth took out a condom and put it on and used lube that Ed passed him.

???Sir, please!???

???You???re just a little bitch and I???m a big man! Say it!???

???I???m just a little bitch and you???re a big man!???

???I???m an alpha male!??? Seth yelled as he started to fuck Corbin, spanking him on the side as he rode him.

???You are! You???re the boss of me, sir! Please tell me what to do!???

???Say you???re my slave and my bitch and my fucking dog!???

???I???m your slave and your bitch and your fucking dog, sir!???

Seth clenched his cigar and fucked and fucked and fucked until he came twice. It took a full hour for him to finish fucking this former cop???s hot ass. Luckily for him the cops shifts were nearly over when they had pulled him over and they were available for the night.

After he was done fucking Corbin???s virgin asshole, he made Corbin stay on all fours while he walked around to where his face was. He put his cop boots, formerly Corbin???s, up in his face. ???Lick my boots. Lick them till they shine. BOY.???

???Yes, sir,??? Corbin said and started licking his new master???s new boots carefully, lovingly. ???Lick my fucking balls while you???re down there. Now suck my dick some more, I think I???m going to come again.??? Seth facefucked the cop for another ten minutes, making him choke several times, but forcing him to breathe through his nose. He gagged a lot and took Seth???s cock well, making the teen cum all down his throat. Seth gasped with orgasmic relief.

???Get up. You fucking bitch.??? Seth kissed him some more, tasting his own cum in the cops mouth. ???Now Ed, have some fun with the little whore. You???re a whore, aren???t you? Corbin, that means whore now. You fucking cumslut. You little piece of shit. Fucking skinny bitch.??? He kicked Corbin slightly, nudging him with his boot. ???Say it. Say you???re scum compared to me.???

???I???m scum compared to you, sir.???

???Fuck his ass, Ed.???

???Gladly. Come here you little motherfucker. Yeah.??? Ed entered the man???s asshole for the first time but did it with pride and like an expert. This steroid case had probably never touched another guy before but now every moment he spent touching Corbin, his once partner who he now saw as a high school kid, and Seth stroked himself as he watched Ed force his beer can cock up Corbin???s ass. Corbin cried, with tears streaming down his face and onto the floor.

???Every moment of this is bliss for you. You love his cock up your ass, don???t you, Corbin????


???You fucking cumwhore! Be grateful for this! He???s a fucking cop and he???s above you and he???s doing you the favor of fucking you! You worship the ground he walks on!???

???Yes! Thank you, sir!???

???UGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!??? Ed came inside Corbin???s ass. ???Fuckin??? A right, you fucking dirty whore. Fucking dirty little bitch. Take my big dick. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. YEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!???

Ed took his cock out and his chest heaved.

???Now I want you two to wrestle. Corbin, remember that Ed is much much stronger than you,??? he told Corbin, who was of equal musculature to his now dominant partner.

???Get the fuck up you pussy. Get the fuck up,??? said Ed. ???Get up you motherfucking bitch.???

???I think you two should oil up first. Here, said Seth bringing some olive oil from the kitchen. ???Rub that all over your bodies. And then you can begin wrestling.???

Soon enough the two big cops were naked and struggling against each other. Good thing all the curtains were drawn. Wouldn???t want the neighbors to see, thought Seth dryly. Muscles heaved and Corbin struggled but he now thought that Ed was much bigger and stronger. Ed put him in a headlock and the two rolled around on the floor, fighting with all their might. Ed locked him down and straddled his back, then stood up with his foot on Corbin???s back.

???Straddle him again. Cum all over his back.???

???Yeah. You little bitch, you think you can take me at wrestling. Look how much bigger than you I am. Little fucking bitch.??? Ed started to masturbate his huge cock and turned Corbin over upon Seth???s request.

???Cum all over his face. Cum all over his eyes and mouth. Corbin you???re going to love this more than anything on earth. Soon enough, ropes of cum were hitting Corbin in the face, hot sticky white fluid got in his hair, his mouth, his ears, all over his face. Ed wiped the cum all over his face, bathing his skin in hot cop cum.

???Yeah you little bitch. Take that. Take that you fucking whore.???

When the debauchery ended, Seth took both cops and put them into sleep mode. They were to forget everything about this night, but they would from this day on be completely homosexual and become extremely attracted to each other. They would want to fuck each other intensely and roleplay and have the urge to wrestle each other. They would come out only if they felt that it wouldn???t hurt their careers. If not, they could move in together after they realized how intensely they wanted to fuck each other all the time.

Seth instructed them to go to sleep and when they woke up, they would live a whole new life. Getting into his car, Seth finished his cigar and smiled. He had more sperm samples in glass vials to experiment with. He had the nanites. And more importantly, his hypnotic programming was going off without a hitch. The world was full of treasure, he thought, as he listened to the radio and drove off into the night.
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Your story is really hot as always! You know too damn well what turns me on!
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There's going to be a LOT more muscle growth in the next chapter.
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