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Being grown up is way more fun than growing up Part 3

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Phil was fairly relieved to know that he wasn?t permanently stuck as his son. Even though he had to remain as Travis till tomorrow morning, it was child?s play compared to stuck as him for good. Feeling a lot better and relaxed, he sat on the couch and turned on the TV. After watching some news, he found it rather boring and began to flipping channels until Ben 10 came on. Although he had seen Travis watching it, he had never watched it himself but discovered it actually interesting somehow.

Meanwhile, Travis did some more research about the medallion and found out it had more functions: If two people touch it at the same time they will change into each other. If a person touches it and a brand new clothes simultaneously, his body will alter to an appropriate version of himself to the clothes.

?Wow, this could have so many possibilities,? he smirked. In the meantime he didn?t feel well. He had been nervously tapping his foot on the floor and his stomach was all in knots. Finally he knew what this was all about. He had a craving for cigarettes. His dad had been a chain smoker and now that he had got his body it was not a surprise. He lit a cigarette and puffed reflectively as he felt calm spread over his body. He felt a little guilty about smoking but couldn?t help it. The more he inhaled the smoke, the more it felt right.

He looked in the mirror. His dad?s face was looking back at him. With piercing blue eyes which sunk deep above his high cheekbones, strong prominent nose, thick square jaw, closely cropped brown hair, well trimmed beard and nicely tanned skin, his dad looked handsome in a tough, masculine way. With an immaculate white dress shirt, a red silk tie, and an expensive navy suit which couldn?t hide well developed chest and wide shoulders, he looked stunning and bore an air of authority. And the cigarette he was smoking made him look even more attractive. His dad was a real hunk. HE WAS A REAL HUNK.

He started breathing faster and swallowed a few times. He looked down at the front of his navy blue pants and discovered that he was already developing a significant tent in his pants. He slightly touched the bulge and an intense wave of pleasure ran through his body. He started to let out a low moan then unzipped and released his dad?s seven inch cock. He cupped his stiff dick and began to stroke gently. As his rigid cock getting much bigger, he was getting more aroused and his moan was getting louder. Noticing some drips of precum formed at the head, he ran urgently into the bathroom. He quickly made a large wad of toilet paper and went back to stroking. A couple of minutes later he shot his load into the paper. ?Holy fuck!? he had never felt this good in his entire life.

Fully dressed again, he looked in the mirror, while adjusting his tie. ?Fuck! I could never get tired of this body!? then he lit another cigarette and started smoking. After he smoked one more piece, satisfied and relaxed, he sauntered to the living room and found his dad absorbed in watching Ben 10. He sat next to him and playfully put an arm around his neck and tousled his hair.

?What are you doing? Stop it!? Phil got annoyed with Travis for treating him like a child.

?Hmm, why are you watching a cartoon?? Travis smirked.

?Am not! I was flicking channels and just watched it for a second,? Phil shrieked with his cheeks turned red with embarrassment.

?Don?t try to lie to me. Do you think I?m stupid?? Travis yelled at him with a stern look on his face.

?I?m sorry. I was just panicked and didn?t know what to say,? now Phil was about to cry.

?It?s okay, buddy. But don?t ever lie to me again, all right??

?Okay. I won?t.?

Suddenly Phil became aware of the peculiarity of the situation. Their actions matched their appearances. Apparently the transformation didn?t affect on their bodies alone but also on their minds and therefore he started to get worried. Then Travis tousled his hair again, which actually made him feel good. This wasn?t right. He had to do something.

?Don?t do that! You are not my dad!?

?What? Of course I?m not. You?re my dad. Why are you saying something so obvious??

?Because you are acting like dad! Wait a minute. What is this smell? Did you smoke?? Phil began to lose his cool.

?Yeah, I did. But it?s not my fault. You?re the one who made this body got an addiction,? Travis said nonchalantly.

?Don?t be a smart ass! No matter what you look like now, you are still eleven years old! You shouldn?t be smoking!? by now Phil was in a very agitated state.

?You have no right to ask me what you couldn?t do! You have tried several times to quit smoking and gave in only a couple of hours later each time! Just admit it! This body needs it!? now Travis was clearly pissed off, too.

?Don?t talk to me like that, you little shit! I?m the one in charge here! I?m calling the shots! You will do what I tell you because I?m your dad! Now get your fucking ass out of here and go to your room! You?re ground for a month!? Phil was screaming and stomping his feet angrily and then punched Travis with his feeble fist.

?That?s enough! You crossed the line! As you are acting like a child now, so you will be treated like one! If you don?t stop throwing a tantrum, you?re going to get a spanking you will never forget!? Travis yelled with his face dark with rage.

?You can?t! You can?t! You can?t! You are not my dad! I hate you!? being afraid of spanking, Phil slowly backed away from Travis.

Watching Travis slowly starting to rise from his seat, Phil tried to run away but Travis was much quicker. Travis scooped him up under the arms, placed him across his knee, pulled down his clothes and gave him a sound spanking.

?No! I?m not a kid! You can?t do this to me!? Phil screamed in pain.

?From now on, I?m the dad and you?re the son and you will do what I say! Is that clear?? Travis barked.

?Yes,? Phil mumbled between sob with pain and humiliation.

?Yes what,? Travis growled, still swatting his ass.

?Yes sir? Phil was defeated. He was now just a helpless little boy.

?Good. Now go back to your room and think about what you?ve done and don?t come out until I say so!?

Phil came into his son?s bedroom and lay face down on the bed. He couldn?t believe what just happened. His son spanked him and now he had to call him dad and obey him. He couldn?t stop crying and his butt hurt like hell.

As his anger melted away, Travis felt shocked of what just happened. He couldn?t understand why he had done it. He surely hadn?t meant to spank his dad. He had just boiled with rage and then he had got out of control. But he had been meek and docile for his entire life. This was so unlike him. Actually he had acted like his dad. Now he worried about his newfound short temper. He didn?t want to hurt his dad but he already had. Out of guilt, he decided to apologize to his dad.

When Phil heard Travis knocking on the door, he got terrified. Maybe he could get another spanking. As Travis came into the room, Phil started crying.

?I?m sorry daddy. I?ll do whatever you say. Please don?t hurt me. I?m scared,? Phil was completely broken.

?I?m sorry that I hurt you. I shouldn?t have done it. I promise you I?ll keep my temper,? Travis hugged Phil and rubbed his back trying to soothe him, ?Hey, how about going out to dinner? Let?s go to the Denny?s. You can eat some ice cream.?

?Okay, dad,? Phil answered immediately, still afraid of the consequences of disobeying Travis. And he wanted to eat ice cream anyway.

They went out and got into Phil?s Lexus and now Travis knew how to drive like he?s been doing it for years. The magic of the medallion was certainly more powerful than they thought.

?Hey listen, now that we?re outside the house, we have to pretend to be each other. Got it??

?Okay dad. Now I?m Travis. I know,? Phil answered reluctantly.

In a little while they arrived at a parking lot. ?Dad, where are we? Here?s not the Denny?s.

?I?ll buy you new sneakers before we go to the Denny?s,? Travis smirked.

?But I... don?t need new sneakers. I told you yesterday I won?t buy you a new one,? Phil protested feebly.

?Yeah, I wanted it for a birthday present but you said it?s a waste of money. Now I will buy them for you, kiddo. Isn?t it cool, huh??

?But I really don?t want you to waste my money.?

?Hmm, let me see, this credit card belongs to Philip Thomas Cavanaugh. And you surely don?t look like him. Do you??

?No sir,? Phil gave up. He couldn?t win this battle.

When they walked into the shoe store, they ran into Cathy, Phil?s secretary.

?Mr. Cavanaugh, what a surprise! What are you doing here??

?Hey, Cathy, I was going to buy new sneakers for my son.?

?Oh, is he your son? What an adorable boy!?

?Um... can you watch him for a minute? I need to go to the men?s room.?

?Sure. I?m good with children.?

?Dad, dad, don?t leave me alone with her, dad!? Phil shouted desperately but Travis was already gone.

?Hello little fellow, what?s your name??

So mortified, Phil couldn?t answer the question. Just a couple of hours ago she was his secretary and now she?s babysitting him.

?You?re shy being around with a stranger, aren?t you? It?s okay, honey. I?m working for your daddy. So you don?t want to tell me your name, huh? How about this, I?ll tell you my name first, then you tell me your name, okay?

?I know your name, you?re Cathy!? feeling embarrassed and frustrated, Phil squealed.

?Oh, you heard my name. But little boys shouldn?t call an adult by her first name. It?s Miss Andrews to you.?

?But I?m not a little boy,? Phil whimpered.

?Right. You?re such a big boy. How old are you? Still you don?t call me by first name. That?s inappropriate. And what?s your name??

?I?m Travis and eleven, Miss Andrews.? Phil mumbled with tears in his eyes. It became too painful for him, so he resigned himself to play the part. Lucky for him, moments later Travis came back.

?Did he bother you much?

?Not at all. He?s been a good boy. A little shy though.?

?Well, thanks Cathy. I?ll see you tomorrow.?

?Goodbye, Mr. Cavanaugh. Bye Travis, it was nice to meet you.?

?Bye Miss Andrews.?

Having too much stress for one day, Phil became numb. But after Travis bought him new sneakers, he began to feel a little better. By the time they arrived at the Denny?s, in fact, he was excited like a little kid.

?Dad, can I eat ice cream first??

?No, champ, you will eat ice cream after dinner.?

Phil pouted. His mood changed rapidly and began to sulk, ?Stupid dad and his rules. Why can?t I just eat ice cream first?? A little later another horror struck him, ?Oh my God! Did I just think of Travis as dad? What?s happening to me?? He made a mental note of what had happened, determined not to let that happen again.

The rest of the evening went well and when they finally came back home Phil was in good mood. He was about to run to the couch to watch TV when he was grabbed by a strong hand. ?Hold it, young man, go wash up first!? Although getting a little annoyed, he did as he told and sat on the couch. Then Travis ordered him again, ?now it?s your bedtime, son.? Phil got upset. Now they were back at home but his son still bossed him around. ?But I?m not sleepy,? he protested angrily. Travis felt sudden anger filled his mind and barked at Phil, ?I said it?s your bedtime! You don?t want to piss me off, do you, mister?? Cringing in terror, Phil answered, ?no sir, I will go to bed. Please forgive me, dad.? Cooled down a little, Travis said, ?It?s all right, buddy. You?re a little boy. You need to sleep. Okay?? ?Okay daddy. Good night.? ?Good night son. Have a nice dream.?

Phil went to bed. Being his son for twelve hours was much harder than he thought. It was the worst day of his life. But tomorrow morning he can change back to himself. He drifted off with a smile.

Travis was beaming. Now that he sent his dad to bed, he could watch some adult stuff. He wanted to make the best use of his time as dad. He went to sleep happily after a few hours of watching some porn.
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Next please

Eagerly awaiting the next installment of this story....
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