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Old May 19th, 2010, 08:29 PM
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Being grown up is way more fun than growing up Part 4

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

?Wake up, sleepyhead! It?s time to get up for school!? Phil heard a strangely familiar voice say while being half asleep and half awake and thought he was still dreaming since it didn?t make any sense; he graduated from high school a lifetime ago.

?Come on Travis, it?s seven o?clock! Get up already! You?re going to miss the school bus!? He opened his eyes only to see his own body standing next to the bed already dressed in his charcoal gray suit.

?What the fuck! It wasn?t a dream!? He sat up in bed in astonishment.

?Watch your language, mister!? Travis said, slapping him on the back.

?Ouch! Sorry dad.?

?Hurry up and get dressed. I?ll pack your lunch.?

?Aw come on, dad! You can?t be serious with this. I can?t go to school, for God?s sake. Yesterday was bad enough. Just change us back right now please.?

?Sorry, buddy. We can?t. The transformation takes thirty minutes and if we change back now, we both will be late, then.?

?But that?s not a problem because I?m the regional manager there and everybody works for me.?

?Right. But what about me? If we change back now, still I?ll be late for school. So stop arguing and do as you?re told. We will talk about this later.?

?But dad,? Phil tried to protest but Travis waved him off.

?Look, don?t make a fuss about trifles. It?s just school. I?m not going to let you skip out only because you don?t want to go. If you give me any more lip, I assure you will not see the damn medallion anytime soon.?

Phil stood speechless, mouth agape.

?Don?t just stand there gawking! Move your sorry ass!?

Driven by fear, Phil started to get dressed and pack his backpack. About ten minutes later, he was standing in front of the house, shaking with dread of what would happen next, while the school bus was approaching. He really wanted to run away from the situation but when he turned around, he saw his dad staring down at him with a severe expression on his face. Then he realized that he didn?t have any other choice but to get on the school bus. As soon as he rode on it, he gulped at the sight. There were already a bunch of kids on the bus and most of them were much bigger than him. He quickly headed for an empty spot wishing to be unnoticed as he didn?t want any more trouble than he already had. He was very sorry for himself and had to try hard not to cry but when he watched outside the window and saw his former body drove his Lexus to work, he finally burst into tears.

Once he was inside the school, he felt a little lightheaded and disoriented. It was a junior high school and he was one of the smallest sixth grader, so more than half of the kids towered over him. He had a hard time wedging his way through the crowd, pushed back and forth by the bigger kids who seemingly didn?t even notice him, until he bumped into Principal Clancy.

?Why are you here alone, Travis? Why didn?t you bring your parents?? he demanded with a stern look.

Suddenly, a flash of memory popped into Phil?s head. Cody Scott, one of the worst bullies, jumped on him yesterday and he was just struggling when Principal Clancy found them and told them to bring their parents tomorrow. He tried to explain that it wasn?t his fault but he wouldn?t listen.

?You didn?t tell them, did you? Well, bring your parents this afternoon or you?ll get a suspension. And after class, come to my office and wait until they show up. Is that understood??

?Yes sir.? Phil was worried sick. Dad would be furious.

Meanwhile Travis was in his dad?s office, reading some reports. He loved being his dad. He was the boss both at home and at work and nobody dared to mess with him. Now his first taste of power was slowly intoxicating him. He wanted to stay this way forever. But what about his dad? It would be hell for a grown man suddenly stuck in his own son?s puny body for good. It was not fair to him. He wasn?t the best dad in the world but he was still his dad. He shouldn?t treat him like that. But what he?s got now was too good to give up. He looked down at his powerhouse of a body. His expensive suit couldn?t hide his well built muscles. He felt his buff biceps and pumped-up pecs. His proud seven inch cock started swelling. Yeah, it felt right. This was his body now. He couldn?t give it up. Who could? Forget about dad. He had always been a tough guy and he would survive. What?s done is done. From now on he?s the dad, not the other way around.

Then the phone rang. ?Wells Fargo. Phil Cavanaugh speaking. How may I help you??

?Dad, it?s me,? Phil said with a wavering voice.

?Now what? Aren?t you supposed to be in class now? Can?t you stop bothering me at least when I?m at work? I have a damn important meeting in twenty minutes. This better be good.?

?I... had a fight yesterday and Principal Clancy wants to see you.?

?How many times have I told you not to be fighting? You?re just asking for a spanking!?

?I?m sorry dad but it wasn?t my fault,? Phil began to whimper.

?Enough! I don?t want to hear any excuses!? then Travis hung up the phone.

Phil?s nightmare continued and it was about to get worse. His first class was math and he found he didn?t do the homework. Mr. Walker, the math teacher, grabbed him by the ear and dragged him to the corner and said, ?Travis, this is the third time in a row that you didn?t do your homework. Stay right here and think about your behavior till I say otherwise.? So he was having his first time out in over twenty years and he could hear other kids laughing at him. Feeling mortified and miserable, he wondered when his ordeal would end, or if it would end at all. As his new dad apparently enjoyed this situation very much, there was good chance of being stuck like this. Tears started flowing from his eyes. Now he knew in his gut he would be stuck as Travis and gave up hope to back to normal. He couldn?t understand why this happened to him. He might have been a lousy dad, but didn?t deserve this much. He was about to have a nervous breakdown. He screamed inside, ?Why God? Why me? Please let this nightmare over.?

Then God answered his prayer, or the magic of the medallion did. But not in the way he expected. All of a sudden he was calm. He didn?t feel any pain or humiliation. But he was still Travis and nothing had changed. Magic is tricky; you can never predict its outcome. He still wasn?t happy with being Travis but it didn?t bother him anymore. Shit happens. Life is supposed to be unfair. There was nothing he could do about it. He still wished to change back but it didn?t matter. It was not his call. Dad knows what?s best for him. He was just a little boy now and should listen to dad. He just shrugged and accepted his fate.

The rest of school was uneventful and now he was in principal?s office waiting for his dad. Finally Travis showed up and shook the principal?s hand.

?Mr. Cavanaugh,? Principal Clancy said, ?your son Travis was caught fighting yesterday and ignored my direct order to bring his parents. I consider this kind of matter serious enough to get your attention and we should discuss his punishment.?

?Well, thank you. Lately he became wild and out of control. I have told him no fighting over and over again but he still goes out looking for fighting. I?m sure you will punish him justly but he will be punished at home as well. I guess the spanking I gave him yesterday was not sound enough.?

Frightened of what he heard, Phil pleaded, ?but, dad. It really was not my fault. Please believe me.?

?Cut it out, young man! I?m sick of your excuses. Just wait till we get home. You will get a serious spanking.?

?Well, I can see you?re a responsible and stern father unlike some parents who don?t understand the value of discipline and neglect their parental duties. I?m sure he will get rid of that attitude and shape up under your guidance. I will spare him detention this time, but he won?t be lucky next time.?

Travis grabbed Phil by the wrist and dragged him to the car, squeezing hard.

?Ow, ow, you?re hurting me, daddy, ow, please let go of me,? Phil winced.

Once they got inside the car Travis started to snarl, ?I specifically told you not to fight, but you still went ahead anyway. You just can?t stop looking for trouble!?

?But dad it?s really not my fault. He just attacked me. Besides, I wasn?t even there. I was you at that time.?

?What the fuck are you talking about? Is this another one of your fucking fantasies? I?m not going to tolerate any more nonsense from you!?

?I?m sorry daddy. I will not make up silly stories any more,? Phil flinched and began to whimper.

?You just earned another spanking, young man. I will give you real blisters on your butt!?

When they arrived at home, Phil was literally shaking with fear. Feeling sorry for him, Travis said, ?Go to your room and do your homework, son. I will not spank you this time.?

Phil was more than happy to hear this and hugged his dad around the waist. ?Thank you daddy. I?ll be good and won?t fight again.?

When starting to do his homework, he found out the problems were way more difficult than it should be. It was just a sixth grade math but he couldn?t solve it. He was supposed to know it but didn?t anymore. Panic stricken, he checked out other stuff. He still remembered being the star quarterback and the captain of the football team in high school, frat parties and spring break at Cancun, all the girls he?d dated, and working at Wells Fargo. But how to do things? That part was gone. Now he didn?t know how to drive, how to throw a ball, how to write a check, and all about sex and adult stuff. He sighed for his loss of knowledge but after a little while, he felt fine. He didn?t need it anyway. He was just a little boy now, after all. After struggling with homework about thirty minutes, he began to worry. It was too difficult to finish and if he wouldn?t finish, dad would be mad at him and probably spank him. Fortunately Travis seemed to be in a good mood at dinner.

?Well, I?m going to hit the gym now. So do the dishes and finish your homework and no TV tonight. Got it??

?Okay dad, bye.?

Travis was quite excited. This was his first workout although he had memories of working out over twenty years. It was funny. He felt like those experiences were his own but still hardly contained his excitement. He wanted to try every single machine in the gym. He checked out his own body. He was a damn hot stud but yet he wanted more defined abs. ?Damn those beers! I gotta concentrate on the ab workouts later.? After getting stretched and warmed up, he started with bench presses. He felt his muscles working. Then he did squats, deadlifts, shoulder presses, curls, rows, calf raises, crunches and everything else. He felt powerful, strong, vibrant, alive and very proud of himself. It was incredible and an almost sexual experience. His tank top was now completely soaked with sweat. He noticed some of the guys were staring at him. He became more confident and self-assured.

Meanwhile after doing the dishes Phil was going to his room when he accidentally found that his dad?s bedroom door was open and there was the medallion on the floor. His heart began racing uncontrollably. It was really there. Now he could change back to normal. All he had to do was to touch it and dad?s clothes. It was as simple as that. Shaking with excitement, he walked towards the room until he was on the threshold. Suddenly he stopped cold. His gut told him something was wrong. He wasn?t allowed to go in dad?s bedroom. But dad was not home. He could go in there. However the thought of disobeying his dad made him trembling with fear. His butt was still sore from yesterday?s spanking. Hesitantly he just stood there for a few minutes, which felt like forever. At last fear got the best of him. The last thing he wanted was to get another spanking. He had to respect dad?s authority and be a good boy for his own good. Staring at the medallion one last time with sad eyes, he sighed and turned back to go to his room.

It was August. Ten months had passed after the switch. Phil quickly adapted himself to the new role. His life wasn?t that bad. Dad gradually learned to control his temper and looked after him. Above all things, he never spanked him again. Actually they got along much better than before the change. Together they often went to the games, the movies, amusement parks, etc. He loved spending time with his dad. The only problem was being a late bloomer and picked on by bullies. He wanted to get bigger. Meanwhile Travis regularly hit the gym and thanks to the medallion and a muscle shirt which was a little baggy on him, now he was 270 lbs. On his 6?2 frame, his muscles bulged out everywhere. Some people suspected he was on roids but magic was better. If they only knew.

?Wake up, champ. You?re going to love this.? Phil was awoken by his dad?s cheerful voice. Something felt funny ? but in a good way. He had a morning wood! Morning wood? But he didn?t hit puberty yet. Or did he? He looked down at his body and it wasn?t his normal scrawny one that he?s gotten used to. Totally amazed, he jumped to the mirror. He was taller, about 5?6 and looked older. He could easily pass for a high school kid now. And he had muscles, not huge like his dad but still very impressive for his age. He was a jock now. Dad tossed him something, a red singlet.

?Now you can fill it out nicely, son. You will be the biggest seventh grader in school. Like father, like son, huh??

?You, you changed me. Wow! I?m a jock! I can join any of the teams now! Thank you dad! You are the best dad ever! I love you.? Phil hugged his dad with tears of joy in his eyes.

?Oh, you?re going to make me cry, son. I love you too. Always have, always will.?

Life couldn?t be better. Travis had everything. He had a body to die for, a nice job with a big salary, a fancy car, but most of all, a perfect son who looked up to him. Who said being grown up isn?t half as fun as growing up? Being grown up is way more fun than growing up, definitely!
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Old May 20th, 2010, 05:50 AM
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Nice! Is this the end? I hope not..
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Originally Posted by MuscleHintz View Post
Nice! Is this the end? I hope not..
I was planning on concluding it here but um, I don't know, maybe I could write some more.
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Old May 21st, 2010, 08:40 AM
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definitely you should write more. There are stories within the months you quickly ran through that could be told. More about his enjoyment as an adult. Any sexual encounters he had, gay or straight. You hinted at his enjoyment of smoking in part 3, does this get extended. You said that he mastered his temper, there are stories in there as well. As well as the other effects of the medallion you mentioned in part 3. Lots of room to play in here. Keep it going!
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