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Old June 1st, 2010, 01:26 AM
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A Better Man v2 chap 6

Part 6 Payback original by Clarence591, adapted by Mick93101

Zach stood in back of the small crowd, wearing baggy sweat clothes, a hat, and sunglasses. He didn?t want to be recognized. That was highly improbable now. No matter what he tried to do, he wasn?t the stunning head-turner he once was.
In the distance he could see Chase working with a stunt man. They were going through the moves of a fight scene for the newest James Bond film. The stunt man would stand in for James while Chase would have to do his own dirty work. No stunt double could be found for a man like Chase, especially since the scene called for him to do the action shirtless. Chase did look amazing though. His new larger size made him even more menacing, the perfect henchman for the movie?s bad guy. His hair was cut into a flat top and dyed black. Zach guessed with James being a blonde now, the bad guy couldn?t be as well.
Zach felt his cell phone vibrate in his pocket. Glancing at the LCD screen, he saw it was Gio. He stepped away from the crowd to answer the call,
?Hello there sexy? I?m fine and you? Really, I?m fine. I?ve just been really busy, you know with training and stuff? Well you should know better than to believe everything you read in magazines or on the net. Did you get my e-mail?? I wanted to do it? Yeah, it?s an e-ticket, just give the number to the person at the counter to get your boarding pass. Are you able to get away?? What did you tell her??An emergency bus driver?s convention in Miami? And she bought it?? I?m not saying a word. I never me the woman? Don?t worry it?s a small, exclusive resort, no will know who you are? No, I?m already in Aruba, about hundred yards up the beach from the hotel. I arrived yesterday? Oh, it?s absolutely beautiful? Yeah I?m sorry, I know I didn?t give you much notice. I had to make sure everything would be okay before I sent you the ticket. That?s why I sent it to you just after midnight so you would have it first thing in the morning? Yeah, everything is perfect now that I know you?re coming? You remembered! Thank you. Yeah, I?m another year older. I can?t wait to open your present..ha ha ha. A can of cake frosting, how did you know?? I?ll see you in a couple of hours. Bye.?
Zach closed his phone and slipped it back into his pocket. He returned to watching the movie?s location shoot. After a few hours, the director called it a wrap. Zach followed Chase as he left the old abandoned fort in which they had filmed. He still wore his costume, a pair of custom made black stretch jeans, and the movie make-up. His torso and face were smudged with dirt, sweat, and dried stage blood. His darker hair and dirty face made his large, pale blue eyes more alluring. He stopped to pose for photos with some of the onlookers. All seemed to be bikini clad sand bunnies and he allowed them to feel up his ripped and pumped physique, pretending not to notice their groping hands. Chase just smiled and watched the girls melt. It was obvious he approved of their swooning as much as they his hyper-masculine appearance. He signed autographs for all that asked. Many returned the favor and slipped him their name and phone number for his discretion. Chase finally disappeared inside his trailer and the adoring crowd left
Zach walked up to the trailer and raised his hand to the entry door?s handle. He stopped himself and lowered his hand. He took a deep breath to summon his courage. He then remembered something. He reached for the water bottle attached to his waistband. He drank the contents. His face scrunched up from the bitter aftertaste. He took another deep breathe. He raised his hand again this time it landed on the target. He tried the handle. It was difficult to open. At first he thought it was locked. But after a second thought he knew a man like Chase, with his incredible physical strength and even more powerful ego, had nothing to fear from normal men. Zach applied more pressure, using both hands. It opened.
He cautiously entered the well appointed space where he heard running water. He peered into the bathroom and saw the shower door open. He could only see the top half of an extremely muscular back. Apparently Chase?s shoulders were too wide to be contained within the trailer?s smaller sized stall. Zach prepared for the planned encounter. He removed his clothes. He caught his reflection in the mirror over the make-up table. He couldn?t believe how much muscle he had lost. Almost twenty pounds in addition to the fifty Zach stole. He had increased his work-outs to six days a week and cut back drastically on his fats and carbs. But he still he was shrinking. He looked flat and pudgy. Images of Ben filled his mind. He put his hand on his soft, pale gut feeling for the muscle that laid somewhere underneath. He lowered his hand to his smaller cock and disproportionally small ball sack. He sighed as the self-doubts that have plagued him for the last two months resurfaced. His confidence waned,
? What if this didn?t work??
Chase was so big and strong now he could easily beat Zach to a pulp again. The opportunity to change his mind evaporated as he heard the water stop.
A nude Chase walked out of the bathroom into the main part of the trailer where Zach stood. He wasn?t startled until he realized it was Zach,
?I expected someone to sneak in here, but you are a surprise. Zachy you should really cover yourself up. No one wants to see that body.?
Chase threw a towel he had over his shoulder at the smaller man. Zach tried to catch it, but his reflexes were too slow and it hit him in the face. Chase walked past Zach, who instinctively moved out of the larger man?s way,
?I now have the body everybody wants to see and thanks to you it?s so easy to maintain. I?m down to working out only 3 days a week and still making gains.?
Chase flexed his right arm and felt it up with his left hand,
?I bet you remembered those days fondly, don?t you boy? I can also eat a couple of doughnuts each morning and still have a waist like this.?
Zach crunched his abs, making his bricks pop up through his paper thin skin,
?The other actors stare in disbelief at the amount of food I put away from the craft services table. I can see the envy in there eyes.?
Chase stopped rubbing his hard eight pack,
?I hope you?re not here for the movie. They called me when you fell off the face of the Earth. I told them about your chronic alcohol and drug problems, ha, ha, ha. Combined with your rumored steroid abuse, the producers were thrilled that I was available to step into the role. Especially, after they saw the shape I was in. They even added another scene with me and gave me a line. My manager tells me after this the movie roles are going to be pouring in. I guess I?m going to be the next Arnold, not you.?
Chase flopped down onto the built in couch,
?Boy, do you look like shit. What have you been doing to yourself fat-boy? Besides eating that is. Haven?t quite adjusted to the new you I see. Naturally scrawny nerds, like women, have to hit the gym every day to maintain what little muscle they have and carbs aren?t for someone with you sluggish metabolism.?
Chase snickered.
?I guess you stole my arrogance along with everything else,?
Zach said crossing his thinner arms over his soft chest.
?Comment path?tique. Sorry forget you only speak English. I said, how pathetic. I guess that?s the best someone with your limited intellect can devise as a comeback.?
Zach anger was building. He dropped his arms and walked closer to Chase. He stopped right in front of the seated smirking hulk. He stood between the more muscular man?s spread open knees. Zach couldn?t help but stare momentarily at the huge cock and balls on display,
?Despite what you did to me, Chase. I still admire you.?
?I bet you do.?
Chase ran his hand down his chest, over his abs and along his cock before giving it a slight squeeze,
?I hope you?re not hitting on me. I?m way out of your league, tubby.?
?I admire all the things you took from me and your added mass,?
Zach said ignoring Chase?s remarks.
Chase was ignoring Zach as well,
?You?ve got a real spare tire forming there, don?t you fatso??
Chase raised his hand and pinched a two inch thick roll of fat above Zach?s hip. A second after he made contact, both men gasped in pain. Zach?s fold of fat melted away between Chase?s fingers until all that was left was a millimeter of bronzed skin. Then the skin was pulled out of Chase?s thick fingers and snapped tightly back in place in the deep crevice above Zach?s exposed hip bone.
Free from the paralyzing pain, Chase moved his gaze up Zach?s pulsating torso. What he saw shocked him. Gone was the Zach he had depleated, in his place stood the God as he looked on the first day they met. No, he even looked more perfect, if that was possible. Zach bent down and put a hand on the couch on each side of Chase surrounding him with his muscular torso. ?Usted no es el ?nico bolas para obtener su quema en Chinatown,?
He growled enjoying the rush of power he felt throughout his spectacularly developed body.
?Wen Chu??
Chase mumbled.
?Si. After you beat the shit out of me, I went to speak with our old friend again. He saw what you did to me. I told him everything, including all about Sergei. He wasn?t happy with how you are using the gift he bestowed on you. He feels the fates wouldn?t approve.?
Chase squirmed in his seat,
?So what is he going to do? He branded me. It can?t be undone; it?s burned into my flesh.?
Zach leaned in closer,
?Maybe not. But he had a collection of rings in the box, didn?t he? Who knows what would happen if he branded you with a different ring. Maybe instead of taking things with a kiss, you gave them away instead.?
Zach titled his head and puckered his lips as if to kiss Chase. Chase turned his head away. Zach whispered in his ear,
?I would give up drinking tea for the next four years. Just to be on the safe side.?
Zach then gently kissed Chase on the cheek. Chase began to fidget as his nerves became frayed. He put his hands on his body trying to feel if he had changed.
?Don?t worry, unlike you I don?t steal from others. I sort of copy them. Fortunately, I don?t have to wait for leap year either. My fateful day comes every year, appropriately on the day of my birth and now many rebirths.?
Zach stood up and flexed his restored body.
Chase swallowed hard seeing the incredibly powerful man in front of him. He slid further down the couch to avoid Zach who got on his feet and went to the mirror to check out his body for himself. Once assured he was unchanged, he turned back to Zach who was massaging his package.
?Your birthday? We first met on your birthday??
Chase was putting the pieces together.
?You copied my muscles when we met. I knew it wasn?t feasible to have a body like that under the clothes you were wearing.?
?I?m glad to see you are finally using those IQ points you stole from me.?
Chase scanned Zach with a critical eye. He looked incredibly thick and ripped. His face and skin were flawless. His eyes and teeth sparkled. His hair shimmered giving him a golden halo. Chase couldn?t imagine a more handsome man existed in this physical world. Chase realized Zach was several inches taller than him now. He had to look up at him again.
?You fucking liar, you did more than just copy my muscles this time. I won?t wither under your shadow again.?
Chase took a step forward, drew back his powerful arm and threw a punch at Zach?s face.
Zach didn?t flinch; he just raised his hand and caught Chase?s smaller fist within it. The momentum of Chase?s fist stopped immediately as it hit Zach?s palm.
?Well, copying may not be exactly the right way to describe my gift.?
Zach nonchalantly held onto a struggling Chase?s useless fist in his hand.
?You know how some photocopiers have an enlarge button. Well, that?s what I do. I enhance everything I copy. So now I?m bigger??
Zach tightened his hold on Chase?s hand,
?and stronger than I was before.?
Chase resisted not wanting to look weak in front of his nemesis. Zach applied more pressure. There was a snapping sound. Chase fell to his knees from the pain. Zach let go surprised by his strength. He thought about the tea Wen Chu gave him. He said to drink it right before he met Chase again. It would give him the extra strength he needed to confront him. Zach thought he was talking emotional strength, but now he wasn?t sure. He raised his hands and clenched them into fist. His arms rippled with power.
?Everything you stole from me, I took back and bumped it up a few notches.?
Zach flexed his arms and turned his head from side to side to take in his amazing peaks,
?Quite a few notches it looks like.?
?You asshole, you broke my hand. You actually broke my hand!?
Chase sobbed.
?Stop being such a cry baby, it?s unbecoming even for a man of your small stature. You can tell everybody it happened while you were filming your big fight scene. It will make a great story for picking up twinks at the local bar.?
Zach walked over to Chase?s dresser and searched the drawers. He pulled out one of Chase?s custom made bathing suits.
?I should break every bone in your body for what you did to me. But I won?t. I know that wouldn?t solve anything. I sure would enjoy it. But as Wen Chu says, revenge is for a man of limited wisdom.?
Zach stepped into the stretchy garment and pulled it up his massively carved legs into place. He adjusted his equipment forcing the material to cover his larger endowment. He walked over to the mirror ignoring the still kneeling Chase in front of him. Zach combed his golden man with the brush on the table. He then ran his hands over his chest and stomach muscles, flexing them on contact.
Chase stared at the overstuffed pouch of Zach?s thong that was at his eye level. Every detail of the enormous tool was clearly displayed before him. Chase felt his own cock start to react for being so close to a superior man?s equipment. His lust took over and Chase ran his good hand up the backside of Zach?s thigh to his totally exposed bulbous ass. The transition from thigh to ass was perfectly smooth without the usual skin crease to mark the delineation. Chase felt as if he was exploring the flawless curves of a Stradivarius. Chase?s self destructive thoughts resurfaced,
?Are you sure you don?t want to hit me or punish me some other way. I?ve been a really bad boy. I deserve to be taught a lesson.?
Chase kissed Zach?s pillar of muscle. Zach flexed his leg. Chase didn?t think it was possible for a man?s thigh to be so hard, he almost cut his lip on the deep muscle striations,
?Please, Zach, make me your bitch?, he begged. Zach looked down at Chase,
?I don?t think so. I?m out of your league, shorty.?
Zach walked toward the door.
?I always wanted to spend a month just relaxing on a tropical beach wearing almost nothing.? Zach palmed his package and pulled the thong?s thin straps higher on his thighs. The adjustment made his legs look longer, his waist narrower, his shoulders broader and his manhood larger. ?Now thanks to you, it?s possible. I can eat whatever I want and work out only a day or two each week and still be in top competitive shape.?
Zach could see the defeated look on Chase?s face,
?Don?t worry we?ll see each other again in a few weeks at the Olympia, right? You were so looking forward to humiliating me on stage.?
Zach laughed.
?It will definitely be a night you?ll remember.?
Zach pulled on the door knob. It broke off in his hand. Zach smirked as he looked at the bent piece of forged aluminum. He raised his knee and with little effort kicked the door. The portal swung open violently, smashing into the side of trailer. As it returned to the opening, it no longer filled the space. The metal door was badly twisted and misshapen. The aluminum was folded and bent around the imprint of Zach?s large foot. He turned his attention back to Chase. The smaller man was still on his knees, looking up at the muscle god. Zach dropped the handle and did a most muscular pose,
?Ke yi g?ng hao d? ying d? n?n zi.?
Chase gave him a confused look,
?Oh that?s right, you don?t understand Chinese. That?s my new one. I said, may the better man win.?

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Hmmm, is there a chapter missing between #5 and #6? Either that, or I'm confused.
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There's a chapter 5b.
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Could you tell us what you changed from Clarence591's original, and why you wanted to make the adaptation?
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Absolutely amazing. Great job, both of you!
Some men just want to watch the world burn.
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It was nice, but the formatting could've used some tweaking, especially some double-spacing.
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story tweeked to death

hey guys,
thanks for all the advise. Recently I've revisited the stories Clarence wrote years ago after the Coven Coins was posted recently here and at omelissokomos' transformation site In reading the collection, I share Clarence's interests to a tea.

I have always been fascinated by the prospect of transformation, muscles, big dicks and whether any guy given easy access to his choice of physical characteristics wouldn't turn into a sex addict, douche bag given enough rope. I suspect I would.
Conversely, it amazes me how some guys blessed with big dicks or in my case, my height, don't realize that they are blessed until surprisingly late in their maturing (20 yo sometimes). As a kid, I was spell bound by the last quarter of "Hercules in New York"; Arnold was never sexier.

Pecman, thanks for help in posting the entire story
brahms97, I shifted the muscle theft scene of Clarence's
story from violence to take place during the sex act between two exlovers, (recently out of a 20 year ltr) developed a lot more interior monolog and muscle description. Maybe it's too long for some of the quick draws here but I goon over a big dicked, muscle stud in a fix for a long, long time.
Mad Dog, ya, I wondered whether Clarence had ignored all spacing etc. as well until I posted 7 days worth of editing, spacing, chapter font sizing only to get the posted text reduced to simple telegram-like type...oh well. Only some transitioning sentencing remains.

thanks, Mick
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Mdlftr will become famous soon enough
I just finished reading all six of these chapters, and I have to say, "Bravo!"

What an accomplishment! I have to say that the interior monologues and muscle growth descriptions, particularly in the first and second installments were really vivid and engaging! [I kind of skip over the sex bits because that's not my thing] The mental state of mind was well described and seemed very accurate. Even the kvetching by the former champion [SPOILER ALERT!] as he was in the process of stealing the muscle from our protagonist, rang true.

Good job! This must have been a LOT of work, but it's one of the best-written series I've read on here!

Kudos and two thumbs up,

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Never thought this story would be continued. Its good to catch up with well written stories.
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