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A Better Man v2 chap 2

Part 2 Tagged original by Clarence591, adapted by Mick93101

Ben woke-up to strained music. He was in his bedroom. Like almost every morning, his room mate was playing the guitar in the next room. Everything looked hazy and his mouth was extremely dry. He was lying on top of his covers, completely dressed. He struggled to move his body, his joints felt stiff and achy. He forced himself to sit up, his legs dangled over the side of his twin-size mattress. He felt a jolt of pain when his package was squeezed between his thighs. He put his hand on his crotch. His ring finger slipped into a hole on the underside of his jeans. He bent forward to see the hole. It was about a half inch in diameter. The material around the hole was scorched. It looked like a cigarette burn. He stood up slowly and removed his pants to examine the hole again. He removed his underwear and found a similar hole in the same area. He grabbed his balls and felt the pain again. He gently lifted his scrotum and found a mark burned into his flesh, like he was branded. ?What the fuck?? Ben said aloud. His clothes had a strangely familiar odor. He pulled off his shirt. He put the garment to his nose. The sweet and spicy scent caused an image of an old Chinese man to flash in his mind. He struggled to balance himself on one leg as he pulled on a pair of cargo shorts he found on the floor. He staggered to the door and went into the living room. The volume level of the music increased as he passed his room mate on the couch and entered the kitchen.
?You look like shit, dude,? his room mate said without stopping his strumming. Ben didn?t answer as he continued his slow march to the refrigerator. He opened the appliance door and removed a bottle of apple juice. He twisted off the cap and chugged the contents. ?What happened to you last night, Ben? Why were you in China town??
?China town?? Ben asked in a gravelly voice.
?Yeah, this buff Chinese dude, in like these happening clothes, brought you home. You were totally shit-faced. He dumped you onto your bed and split without saying a word. I figured he had to be from China town to wear that getup.?
?I took the bus there to get something to eat,? Ben said as he rubbed his head. ?There was this dog and this strange old guy who was smoking something. He gave me some tea. I?ve got his burn mark on my balls. I thought it was from a cigarette, but now I don?t know.?
?What?? Ben?s room mate stopped playing his guitar for the first time. He got up and walked to the counter that separated the kitchen from the living room. ?Some old guy drugged you and burned your balls. My God you are such a loser.? He continued holding back his laughter. ?Is your ass sore too? He probably fucked you with his shriveled Chink dick.?
?Fuck you, Holt. This isn?t funny. Who knows what he did to me? Ben cupped his balls again, this time the pain wasn?t as sharp. He squeezed is ass cheeks together, but felt nothing. He suddenly felt very vulnerable and exposed without a shirt on.
?Don?t panic, dude. I was only kidding. The guy might have been old, but not desperate enough to stake your scrawny ass. He probably jut mugged you.? Holt could see Ben was still concerned. ?Hey Rockefeller, it?s not like you ever carry more than $20. The most valuable thing you own is that lame bus pass. The guy?s a freak, who gets off drugging young dudes. The burn was probably from a cigarette like you said. Was the perv smoking?? Ben shook his head. ?There you go. How old was he??
?Old, like Methuselah, old,? Ben said feeling more relieved.
?No worries, dude. A guy that old can?t get it up anyway. Good news, you?re still a virgin,? Holt joked as he put his large hand on Ben?s narrow bare chest and pushed him backwards. At the moment Holt touched him, a jolt of pain went through Ben?s head and throat. Ben groaned and bent forward in pain. ?What a wus? I hardly touched you.?
?No, it wasn?t that,? Ben?s voice cracked as he spoke. ?Uhm, hmm, it felt like someone put an ice pick through my temple and punched me in the throat at the same time.? Ben cleared his voice as he straightened up and rubbed his forehead and neck. ?But it?s gone now.?
?Maybe it was a migraine? I hear they can come on very fast and intensely,? Holt commented.
?It was strange; I never felt anything like that before. Ahem, hmm. Does my voice sound different to you?? Ben asked.
?Yeah, deeper,? Holt said before adding, ?Hey maybe you are finally going through puberty, Benji!?
?Ha, Ha!?
?In your case, it?s more likely a cold.?
?Why don?t you go back to working on your song? Don?t you have a gig tomorrow night?? Ben said feeling better,
?Yeah, I?ve been working on this same stanza for over a week. I just can?t seem to get it right,? Holt went back to the guitar on the sofa. He started strumming the strings again,
?I know. I?ve woken up to it every day. It?s in my subconscious. I can play it better than you at this point??
?Now who?s being funny,?
Holt said with some arrogance.
?Yeah, I know you are the musical genius and I can?t tell the difference between an A sharp from a B flat,? Ben said with some remorse. He watched Holt play a few chords and sing the same lines over. Holt was an extremely good singer and songwriter. Ben was always a little envious of his talent. ?I?m going to take a shower.? Holt didn?t respond, but then again there was no reason for him too.
Ben took a long, hot shower. He spent more time than usual cleaning his ball sack and ass crack. He thoroughly brushed his teeth and gargled twice with Listerine. He got dressed in some clean clothes and felt much better. He walked back into the kitchen, humming along with Holt?s singing. Ben started to make his breakfast. Once gain Holt got to the same point and stopped. He slammed this hand into the couch. ?This is so frustrating. I?ve never been blocked like this before.? He played the song again and stopped at the same spot. ?Fuck,? Holt said before throwing his guitar onto the chair on the other side of the room.
Ben stopped eating his cereal, and walked into the living room. He picked up the guitar. ?I don?t know what the big deal is, the answer is so obvious.? Ben positioned the guitar on his knee as if he had been playing for years. He played the same part of the song then went into a complicated chord change. Go from the G into a split C/E to get to the bridge. And change the lyric from ?She?s the one I dream about? to ?You are the one I dream about?, the additional syllable makes the line flow better. Ben sang the song in perfect pitch. His voice was strong and pure hitting notes that Holt could not. After completing the song, Ben stopped and looked at a stunned Holt.
?What was that?? Holt asked. ?Since when can you play guitar and sing like that.?
Ben didn?t think about what he was doing, it just came naturally to him. The realization of what he had just done sank in. He stood up and handed the guitar to Holt. ?I don?t know. I heard you struggling with it, and somehow I just knew how to fix the song.?
?So now you?re suddenly a better singer and song writer than I am. Is that what you?re saying, Benji?? Holt stood. His tone was one of anger and jealousy.
?No, of course not, Holt. I just thought I could help you?. Ben answered backing away from bigger man.
?Did I ask for your help??
?No. I?m sorry.? Ben continued his backward movement toward the door. ?I?ve got to be going. I?m late for class.? Ben picked-up his backpack. ?I?ll clean up my dishes when I get home.? Ben closed the door and stood in the hall. He looked at his hands trying to understand why he could now play the guitar. He remembered how his voice changed after the sudden pain in his throat. Did that have something to do with his new singing ability?
Ben kept on thinking about what happened as he walked the campus. He hardly remembered anything about his first class. His daydreaming was abruptly ended in Statistics when the professor announced a pop quiz. The entire class groaned and the professor smiled. He then reminded the class that quizzes make up a quarter of their overall grade. He got some sadistic joy out of tormenting his students. He loved using his genius IQ to make others feel inferior. Ben heard the guy behind him talking to someone, ?Which one of the five languages Maniac Mandrel speaks, do you think would be the best to tell him to go fuck himself?? The professor walked behind his students handing out the quiz and making sure everyone had put away their books and cell phones. He put the test face down in front of Ben, who went to turn it over. The professor grabbed Ben?s hand; again Ben felt an intense jolt of pain in his head. ?Shit,? Ben whispered.
?What did you say to me young man?? Mandrel asked.
?Nothing, sir. My head hurt for a minute? Ben answered rubbing his forehead. ?I?m sorry, professor.?
?Your head hurt, well based on your grades it?s not from having too much knowledge up there is it?? Mandrel said loudly. Ben heard several of his classmates laugh.
?No, sir.?
?I am going to say this again. I hope all your bright young minds will be able to comprehend this time. Do not turn over your quiz, until I instruct you to do so.?
?Yes, sir,? the class said in unison.
The professor finished distributing the quiz and returned to the front of the classroom. ?You will have 35 minutes to complete the quiz. Those of you who do not finish in time, which I?m sure will be the majority, should be aware that no answer is a wrong answer. If anyone does finish, bring it to me and you can leave.? He looked at his watch, ?You can begin now.?
Ben turned over his paper and wrote his name. He knew at least he would get that right. The read the first question, it was an easy one. He thought Mandrel was lulling the class into a false sense of security by starting off with something simple. But the second question was easy too. Ben found all ten questions amazingly easy. He finished in only twelve minutes. Ben slowly stood up and walked to the professor?s desk. He thought it odd he was the first one to complete the quiz. ?Do you have a question?? the professor asked without looking up.
?No, sir. I?m finished?, Ben whispered.
?Finished? Did you finish or did you give up?? Mandrel asked loudly.
?No, I answered all the questions? Ben said holding up his paper.
?I?ll be the judge of that, young man? the professor ripped the paper from Ben?s hand. He looked at the first answer and gave Ben a strange look. ?Congratulations, you got the first one right. Of course that was a soft one.?
?I knew it. I thought it was easy too. I was surprised; the whole test was kind of easy.? Ben said.
?Why don?t you take your seat?.Benjamin,? the professor had to read the student?s name off the quiz paper, ?while I check the remainder of your answers to my easy questions.? Ben turned around and saw several of the other students staring at him as he returned to his seat. He sat there while the professor reviewed his test. Ben used the time to review the older tests in had in his backpack. He didn?t understand why he got so many questions wrong. None were that difficult. Mandrel indicated he wanted Ben to come to his desk. ?Congratulations, Mr.Hamilton, you have answered every question correctly. This is quite a feat for someone with a less than stellar track record.?
?Everything just seemed to click today,? Ben tried to explain his improved performance.
?Really, just out of the blue, you are a statistical genius,? the professor said in a sarcastic tone.
?I never said that, professor,? Ben put his hands into his pockets and hunched his thin shoulders.
?Well, you must be to sail through these questions. Questions I spent several hours putting together and which you called kind of easy. Maybe you think you should be teaching this class, since it is so easy.? Mandrel?s tone was getting louder and angrier.
Ben was getting nervous. He crossed his arms over his chest and squeezed to relieve some of the tension. ?No, sir. I just think your great teaching has finally sunk in. The student is only as good as his teacher, right??
?Don?t bullshit me, boy. The only way you could get every question right in only 15 minutes on one of my tests is if you cheated.? The professor stood up and leaned into the frightened student.
?No, I swear I didn?t?? Ben tried to defend himself meekly.
?I will be notifying the dean about this and ask for a full investigation. Until then you are suspended from my class. Now get out of my sight,? the professor yelled, his face turning red from his rage. He sat down and lowered his head to return to his paperwork. Ben took a few steps backward, before turning and running out of the class.
Ben wondered around campus and found himself at the cafeteria. He sat at an empty table to consume his chocolate milk and Twinkies, his usual lunch. He also ate alone as usual. He took out his statistics text book. He skimmed the chapters. It all seemed so obvious, almost at the level of common sense. He moved to the last chapters that hadn?t been covered in class yet. The new material seemed matter-of-fact too. He usually had to read each paragraph several times and highlight passages before it partially sunk in. But now he just had to glance over the words and problems before he understood it completely. Ben opened his English Lit book and it too seemed almost remedial. Two girls he recognized from his statistics class walked by his table. They looked at him then whispered to each other. Ben knew he was labeled as a cheater now. It would only be a matter of time before it spread throughout the entire school. He finished his chocolate milk before he opened another text book. He read an entire semester?s amount of work in less than an hour and thoroughly comprehended the subject. Ben tried to use his new found intelligence to make sense of what was happening to him. First the music thing and then the academics; somehow his brain was radically changed over night. That old guy in China town must have done something to him. That was the only explanation, regardless how implausible, of his new found abilities. Ben looked up at the clock and realized he had been in the cafeteria for over two hours. He was going to be late for work.
Ben ran to the bus stop in time to see the number 8 about a block passed his stop. ?Damn it,? he said between gasps for air. Out of breath from his quarter mile jog, he took a seat on the bench. He checked his watch; that must have been the 1:16 bus. The next one wouldn?t be for another half hour. He couldn?t wait; he had to get to work. He saw the bus route map attached to the side panel of the bus stop enclosure. It always looked like a confusing mess of multi-colored spaghetti before, but now he saw patterns and order to the lines. He realized he just had to walk 2 blocks to catch the number 9 bus and transfer to the 14B, then to the 23A. He calculated, if he made all his connections, he would arrive at work at 1:54. ?Perfecto!? he said aloud. He quickly walked 2 blocks and caught his bus. When he made his second transfer he was confident he would get to work on time, he finally started to relax. As he sat, two Hispanic women were in the seat in front of him. They were having a conversation, not particularly loud, but Ben could hear them. They two were discussing the bus routes and which would be the fastest to the county courthouse. Ben with his now detailed knowledge of the entire bus system knew both were wrong. The two went back and forth arguing the issue. Ben wished he had brought his mp3 player to help block out the noise. Eventually Ben had enough, he politely but sternly, interrupted the two women and told them the correct way in great detail. The surprised women thanked him. One woman commended him on how well he spoke Spanish, with no noticeable American accent. ?Que?? asked a confused Ben. Then he realized he was speaking Spanish. He spoke and understood Spanish perfectly. Before today, the only Spanish he knew was on the Taco Bell menu. But to him the two ladies could have as easily been speaking English. Ben?s mind was reeling. What was happening to him? He didn?t have time to work on the problem, his stop was next.
Ben walked to couple of blocks to the gym rubbing his forehead, as if trying to squeeze the answers out of his brain. He found Mr. Griggs at the counter talking with a newspaper reporter. It was apparent he was enjoying the attention. The boss man waved to his employee to come over. Mr.Griggs shook Ben?s hand and introduced him to the newsman. Ben exchanged niceties and quickly excused himself. He entered his safe zone, the storage area. He hung up his backpack and stepped into his baggy coveralls. He pulled the top half up over his arms and shoulders, before zipping it closed. He looked in the full length mirror attached to the back of the room?s only door. He thought, why today of all days does this weird shit have to be happening. He was going to meet Chase Jameson, the world?s most perfect man today. He took a deep breath, then another. ?Everything is fine. Just do your job and deal with all the other shit tomorrow. Okay, okay,? Ben gave himself a thumbs-up to enforce his pep talk.
Ben quickly walked through the locker room and picked-up the scattered towels. He emptied the trash can and carried the half-full bag onto the gym floor. He put the garbage bag he carried into the trash can in the gym. He looked around to see who was here. The gym was more crowded than usual, but most people weren?t working out. They were dressed in street clothes and hung around the lobby. It looked like they would have a good turn-out for Mr. Universe. Ben saw two regulars using the equipment. It was the Iron Spike and Geoff. He knew neither of them would be impressed by Chase. To Spike, Chase was just a poser. Geoff was a better looking man and saw the bodybuilder?s massive musculature as a hindrance, not an advantage.
Spike was working his superhuman chest on the incline bench press. He was had just finished a set with 440 pounds. He loaded another twenty pounds onto the bar. Spike positioned his square-shaped body under the bar. He threw his arms back to stretch out his thick pecs. He grabbed the bar and took a deep breath. Ben watched as his body fought to raise the weight. Spike?s face grew red, the bar shook along with the lifter?s arms, but it did not rise. Spike released his grip and sat up. He rubbed his solid tits through the sweat soaked t-shirt he wore. He turned to see Ben staring at him. Ben quickly turned away and bent down to pick up a towel. Ben looked back at Spike and saw him try the weight again, but again he failed. Spike got up and rubbed his chest again. He stood up this time. He shook out his legs and arms. He swung his arms back and forth the best he could. His muscle bound physique limited the movement. He sat down on the bench again and tried the lift for a third time; but failed. He sat up and pounded his fists into his massive thighs. He got up and walked the few feet to the dumbbell racks. He picked up a 120 pounder in each hand and started to do quick alternate curls to help psych himself up. Ben was standing next to the incline bench now which still held 460 pound bar. Spike tossed the weights back into the rack and turned around to face the bench. A startled Ben started to wipe Spike?s sweat from the vacated bench. Spike gave Ben a dirty look.
?Y-y-your s-s-supposed to wipe off the equipment when you?re done,? Ben said nervously.
Spike walked up Ben. The musky scent radiating from Spike?s pores invaded Ben?s nose. Ben could feel his heart pounding in his chest. Ben?s three inch height advantage was easily negated by Spike?s overwhelming breadth. Only inches from Spike, Ben felt like a stick figure. Spike finally spoke after what seemed like an eternity to Ben. ?Then you wouldn?t have a job, little man.? To demean Ben even more, Spike patted the weaker man?s head as if he were a child. Ben felt intense pain flash throughout his entire body. His muscles seized, paralyzing him. Spike didn?t even notice, he walked by Ben, hitting him with his bowling ball sized shoulder as he passed. Unable to control his balance, Ben?s stiff body fell into the incline bench.
Spike continued his trek to the squat machine on the other side of gym. The intense pain left Ben?s body as quickly as it came. Finally able to move his arms, Ben clung onto the weight bench to keep himself for collapsing. He slowly lowered his body onto the bench. He twisted his body into the proper position; as he willed his limbs to move, they felt different. They were heavier and stiffer. Ben let his head rest on the back of bench. He was breathing heavy and sweating. His overalls felt confining and hot on him. This felt worse than the flash head aches he experienced earlier. He wanted to bring his right hand to his brow to wipe the sweat away. But, his upper arm and shoulder felt tight, he fought to make contact with his head. He felt like something was tearing around his shoulder. He twisted uncomfortably to look at his shoulder, his overalls look undamaged. He brought his left hand to examine his right shoulder. The tightness in his left shoulder was similar to his right. This time he heard the sound of tearing, but the sound was muffled. He took turns looking at and feeling the clothing around his shoulders. The cloth was okay, but what it covered felt different. His shoulders and upper arm felt larger and much harder. Ben stopped exploring his overalls and finally wiped his forehead dry. He let his arms drop, closed his eyes and took several deep breaths. He was feeling much better, almost invigorated. But his chest still felt like it was in a vice. It made breathing difficult. He wondered if he was having a heart attack. But he deduced he didn?t have any of the typical systems and based on his age and family history, it was highly unlikely.
Ben opened his eyes. They slowly focused on the weight bar in front of him. He noticed black, scuff-like marks on the metal bar. ?Damn, cheap weight gloves?, he said under his breath. He held the bar in one hand, and pulled a towel out of his pocket with the other. He brought the towel to the bar and started to vigorously wipe it. The marks proofed to be stubborn. He wiped faster and pressed up on the bar more. The edges of the glove and resin residue disappeared, but the larger deposits remained. Ben pressed harder, suddenly one side of the bar rose off the rack. Ben quickly lowered his arms. ?What the fuck?? he said. He stared at the bar for few seconds. He wrapped the towel around the back of his neck. He grabbed the weight bar with both hands. He took a couple of quick, deep breaths and pressed up. He heard the bar rattle in the rack. Ben pushed harder, his back arching away from bench. He clenched his teeth and exerted more effort. The bar rose out off the rack. Ben felt and heard the tearing again, this time around his chest. Ben lowered the bar. Not truly believing what he just did, ?Shit!? he said astonished.
It was easier to breath now; the restricting feeling around his chest was much less. He could feel his abdominals clench when he pulled himself into the sitting position. Ben put his hand on chest. It felt more round and much, much harder. He slowly lowered the long zipper that ran down the center his coveralls. The two sides of the zipper pulled away from each other revealing the source of the tearing. The t-shirt he wore underneath was ripped down the center. A set of defined pectoral muscles protruded through the tattered cotton. He pulled apart the coveralls to increase the size of the opening. He saw more tears of his undershirt at the shoulders. Ben put his hand over one of the solid slabs of muscle. ?This is awesome.? His hand traveled to his other pec, his fingers falling into the crevice between the two granite mounds. It felt like someone implanted two 8 inch cast iron frying pans under his skin. ?So hard?, Ben whispered as he instinctively flexed his new found muscle tits. As he continued to feel up his steely torso, his cock was becoming as hard as his muscles. Ben looked down and saw a growing bulge at his crotch. His confined erection brought to mind, his shirt wasn?t the only too tight article of clothing. Ben stood up making sure to keep his back to the rest of the gym. He undid the button closure of his jeans and struggled to pull down the taunt zipper. The slim-fit denim was now filled to capacity by Ben?s thicker thighs and ass. He stuck his hand down his underwear and pulled his still rather small stiffy up toward his newly toned stomach. The freedom from the painful pressure made Ben sigh in relief.
?Excuse me, do you work here?? a voice interrupted Ben?s pleasurable moment. Ben frantically tried to zip up his coveralls. In his panic, the zipper got stuck a third of the way up. Ben felt a hand tap him on the shoulder, ?Excuse me. I asked if you worked here.? Ben saw a figure move around him out of the corner of his eye. He turned his body in the same direction so the other person wouldn?t see the state of his clothes. Ben pulled the towel from around his neck and draped it over his head.
?Can I help you?? Ben responded and quickly knelt down next to the inclined bench. He pretended to be working on it?s underside in attempt to avoid making eye contact with the other person. He saw the legs of his inquisitor appear on the other side of the bench. One glance at their flawless shape, tightly covered in smooth tan skin, and he knew they had to belong to Geoff.
?Yeah, there doesn?t seem to be any power going to the second treadmill,? Geoff stated.
?Okay, as soon as I get done here. I?ll check it out?, Ben said. His voice exhibited a lot of stress.
Geoff leaned in to try to see the worker?s face, but the angle and towel prevented him. He leaned in closer. He put his hands on the padded seat to stabilize his bent over stance. ?Are you feeling okay??
?Yes sir, I?m fine. I should be done here in a minute or two,? Ben answered as he lowered his head even more. As he squatted, the too tight jeans were restricting his blood flow. Ben repositioned his legs and lost his balance. He grabbed for the bench, Ben?s hand landed on top of Geoff?s. Another flash of pain ran through Ben. This time it was his entire body, from head to toe. Ben instinctively put his hands over the most painful area, his face. He toppled over in the fetal position, temporarily paralyzed.
?Oh my God, are you all right?? Geoff moved around the bench to kneel next to Ben. The model pulled the towel off of Ben?s head surprised to find a head covered in wavy blonde hair, a lighter shade than his own. Ben started to recover and lowered his hands. He turned and looked up at Geoff who had a strange look on his face. ?Are you okay?? Geoff asked for a third time.
Ben twisted his body and sat up. ?Yeah, I?m fine now. I just had a muscle spasm.? Ben answered running his fingers over his face. It felt strange, weird to him. He finally looked at Geoff. Geoff?s eyes darted from Ben?s face to his torso. Ben looked down and saw his coveralls were wide open due to his crunched position; his shredded t-shirt and chest on display. Ben did a double take, his chest looked different. He still had protruding slaps of muscle, but his pecs looked more defined. They were broader, flatter, more square in shape. He could see the striations of the muscles hanging from his breast bone. He could also see a perfect set of abdominal muscles bulging below his more perfect chest. His skin was tan almost golden in color, instead of his usual pasty complexion. There was no sign of his freckles or scattered moles either. His soft, doughboy appearance was gone. Ben pulled his overalls closed the best he could with one hand while he stood up. Geoff helped him. Once on his feet, Ben tried to straighten his clothes. They felt tighter, almost restricting everywhere except his waist. Ben ran his fingers through his hair pushing it out of his face. His hair felt different in his fingers; thicker and silkier. To his surprise, he found Geoff staring at him again. Geoff must have noticed Ben?s discomfort,
?Sorry to stare, but I thought you were somebody else. Do you work here?? Geoff asked scanning Ben?s uniform,
?Yes, for the past several months,?
Ben said a little annoyed. He was getting tired of not being noticed. Unexpectedly, Geoff looked at Ben?s face intently and scanned his body again before asking,
?Have you ever done any modeling??
Ben chuckled,
?Eh, no.?
?I don?t want you to think this is some come-on line or that I?m hitting on you. Because I?m sure that happens all the time. I?ve got a girlfriend, I?m perfectly straight. But I think you could be a model,?
Geoff hesitated for a moment still staring at Ben,
?I?m sorry, I should introduce myself. My name is Geoff Roberts. I?m a model and know what clients are looking for. And you have it. I?ve never seen such perfect bone structure and your skin is amazing. If you?re interested I could introduce you to my agent.?
Ben looked around the room trying to figure out why Geoff was saying this to him. Was he being punked? Would Geoff start laughing at him any minute? Ben took a step back and said,
?I don?t think so.?
?Are you sure? You can make a lot more money modeling than you can working here.?
Ben shook his head, no, as he continued his retreat,
?Well, if you change your mind. I?m here almost every day.?
Ben turned and started to walk back to the storage room. He needed to figure out what was going on with him. He quickened his pace, looking behind him to check on Geoff. As he entered the locker room, he ran into Damon, the basketball player. Ben raised his hands as did Damon when they collided. When the two men touched, the paralyzing pain overtook Ben?s body again. He fell backwards and was caught by someone behind him. Ben felt his head make contact with the person?s bare chest causing a second burst of pain centered in his crotch. Ben?s body was fully functional within seconds. Oddly, he was getting used to these painful shocks. He straightened up, or tried to. His coveralls where forcing him to hunch over. When he tried to stand, he gave himself a painful wedgie. Ben pulled the coveralls off his shoulders allowing him to stand completely erect. He went to apologize to Damon for running into him, but stopped when he realized they were the same height. In fact, Ben was slightly taller than the basketball star,
?No, way,?
Ben whispered as he then turned to see who caught him,
It was Beefstick. Ben actually had to look down to see him. Ben quickly regained his composure even though his body was still racked with pain,
?I have to get out of there, fast...Sorry guys, totally my fault.?
The two other men just stared, mouth agape, at the taller, larger, more handsome, muscular man in the torn t-shirt. Ben walked away as quickly as he could, but it felt like his legs were in a cast. His feet were gnarled inside his tight sneakers. It felt like an elephant was standing on his balls, each step adding more pressure. He hobbled into the stock room and locked the door behind him.
Once safe from view, Ben immediately fell to the floor. He reached for his sneakers and pulled at the laces. He heard a ripping sound and felt a little relief at his groin He pulled off his shoes. His feet were red and distorted. He rubbed each foot to sooth the twisted joints and tendons. As the pain subsided Ben wiggled his toes to encourage the blood to flow freely to his digits. With his legs spread out before him, he saw the coverall?s cuffs were now at mid-calf. He laid on his back and peeled the outer layer of clothing off of him. That?s when the real problem became apparent. The jeans which were once loose on him, now were so tight his legs looked like blue sausages. He couldn?t even bend his knees. Luckily he had unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans earlier. He saw the bulge of his cock behind his underwear protruding from the spread open zipper. He reached inside the fly of his boxers with two fingers and tried to pull out his rod which was trapped in a pant leg. But he couldn?t get a grip.. With the pain from his feet ended, the pain from his balls took top priority. Feeling frustrated, Ben brought his other hand to the fly and pulled, the thin cotton fabric of the boxers ripped easily. For the first time Ben could see his cock. It was amazingly thick and long, even in its flaccid state. He pulled the rubbery hose out and let it fall on his stomach. But Ben couldn?t enjoy his new endowment yet. He forced his hand into the larger underwear opening and pulled up on his balls. He bit his lower lip as the pain intensified momentarily until his big boys emerged from the hole and spilled out onto his lap. Ben fell back onto the floor to catch his breath. The cool concrete floor felt good on his back. He felt the cold on his ass too. He put a hand under his seat and felt his ass. At least he thought it was his ass. The seat of his jeans and underwear had split when he sat down. ?good thing? Ben thought. He returned his hand to his balls and massaged them to encourage the pain to subside. God, they felt so good in his hand.
As the feeling to his balls returned, he realized his legs were becoming numb. The tight pants were acting as a tourniquet, cutting off his blood flow. He grabbed the waistband of his jeans and pulled down. The jeans only lowered to the top of his thighs. Ben pushed harder, but the jeans would not pass his beefy upper legs. Ben rested for a moment and looked around the room. He saw a pair of scissors he used to unpack the gym?s merchandise. Ben rolled over onto his stomach, crushing his balls again. ?Fuck,? he moaned. He had to remember his boys were much bigger now. He stretched for the scissors. Amazed at how far his longer limbs could reach. He rolled onto his back and started to cut the jean?s waist band. As soon as he passed the pocket stitching, the fabric split open all the way to the cuff allowing his muscular leg to explode through. Ben cut the cuff before starting the other side. He gave a sigh of relief and flexed his legs to get the blood going again. Finally able to bend his knees, Ben got his feet. He used a combination of brute strength and the scissors to remove the tattered remains of his underwear and t-shirt. Ben was completely nude. He looked around the room. Everything looked so different, so small and fragile. He saw his reflection in the full length mirror and gasped. ?Jesus Christ, is that me?? Ben walked closer to the mirror.
He ran his fingers through his wavy golden blonde hair. Then he followed the exquisite contours of his masculine face; the perfect arch of his brow, the straight line of his nose, the full outline of his soft lips, and sharp edge of his jaw line and strong cleft chin. ?How now brown cow,? he said to make sure the man in mirror was really him. He made funny faces. But no matter what he did he still looked beautiful. Ben laughed. ?I?m fucking gorgeous. I?m a bigger, better looking version of Geoff?. His attention then went to his body. He twisted his torso slightly from side to side to search for a body flaw, but found none. His physique was tall and perfectly symmetrical. Every muscle was large and full, pushing out through his tight, smooth, bronze skin. He flexed his arms in a double bicep pose and smiled as his upper arms grew and hardened into baseballs. He twisted his torso to see the sculpted hill and valleys of his shoulders and back. He followed his spine down to his smooth, round ass cheeks. His shifted is weight and watched the twin mounds lift higher. He commanded the long muscle slabs to emerge from his thighs. He turned to face the mirror again. He ran his hands over his broad chest. The slightest movement made his prominent pec meat bounce. Ben then crunched his waist, and counted six solid bricks morph from his flat stomach. The exploration of his new body was affecting one body part more than any other. His cock was standing perpendicular to his body. It?s massive weight and size preventing it was passing beyond the 90 degree mark. Ben wrapped his large, strong hands around the 2 ? diameter testing its hardness. He gently stroked the foot long cannon enjoying every erotic sensation. He easily reached a bottle of hand lotion on the shelf 3 feet away without taking a step. The bottle looked so small in his large, square hand. He squeezed the bottle and a too large glop of moisturizer came out. ?Damn, I have to get used to my new strength.? He worked the lotion in his hands than applied the excess to his athletic body. The cr?me made his skin feel slicker, like silk on warm steel. The coating made his skin glisten in the florescent light. He used the last bit of lotion to cover his now throbbing tool. The slick surface allowed him to quicken his strokes. Ben mixed his pre-cum with the lotion, making a better lube. He put one hand on the door to hold himself up, while the other hand slid across his burning hot shaft. Heat radiated from his entire body as his pulse quickened and his breathing became fast and shallow. Ben kept his eyes open to watch his new body reach climax. With a soft moan, he released his seed. Within seconds, the third and final volley was expelled from his enormously powerful balls. Ben couldn?t believe the amount of fluid he produced. The intensity of the pleasure he experienced surpassed the increase in cum. He recovered quickly and tore some paper towels from the dispenser. With a quick jerk of his arm, he sent the entire apparatus crashing to the floor. ?Shit, remember, go easy?. He took the paper towel in his hand and wiped his cock dry, squeezing the last bit of juice from its decreasing length. With one hand on his cock, his other hand went to massage his sack. He rolled the huge stones between his fingers and gently squeezed the whole overflowing package. That?s when he felt the imperfection. He pulled his balls up and fingered the mark. Looking in the mirror, Ben remembered it was the branding from Wen Chu. The old man?s words came back to him, ?With a touch, you will be better than those you admire.?
Ben looked into his reflected eyes,
?Better than those you admire.?
Ben released his abundant package and brought his hands to his throat,
?I admired Holt?s musical talent. So when he touched me this morning, I became the better musician.?
Ben?s mind was working in overdrive. ?That?s why I aced Mandrell?s quiz. I always wished I was as smart as the professor and now am I more intelligent?? Ben began to pace. ?Wait, this can?t be happening. Mandrel speaks five languages, so do I speak six? English, Espa?ol, Portuguese, Italiano, Fran?ais, and?Deutsch. KeinWeg!? Ben walked back to the mirror and flexed his powerful arms. ?I?m stronger than Spike?. He examined his flawless face, ?Better looking than Geoff?. He rubbed his long, taunt, vein crossed six-pack, ?Taller and leaner than Damon and better hung than Beef Stick.? Ben grabbed his voluminous ball sack, ?I bet little Beef Stick would finally throw on a pair of boxers if I started to lurk around the locker room.? Ben laughed softly. The sight of his muscular torso tensing from the chuckle made his cock pulse. ?This is so much better than I ever dreamed.? Ben?s tool ceased expanding as a thought came to mind. What if this is only good for one day? Wen Chu said ?on the date of my birth. Shit, I forgot it was my birthday. I?m just as bad as my mother. Does that mean after today, I?ll be back to good ol? Benji? I?ve got to know.? Ben needed answers from Wen Chu.
Ben realized he couldn?t leave without some sort of clothing. One of the shelving units in the room stored the clothing the gym sold. He found a sweat outfit in size 2X. He knew it would be too big for him, but he needed the spare material to compensate for his towering height. He stepped into the pants and tied the long drawstring taunt around his 34? waist. He looked in the mirror. The outline of his manhood was obscenely noticeable in the loosely gathered material. Ben looked around and found a pair of spandex shorts. The same shorts he made fun of his boss for wearing. He pulled the large sized shorts up, the material reluctantly expanding as it moved up his thick thighs. As the garment reached its final destination, it protested against the bulk it was expected to contain. Ben stuck his hands down the front to adjust his uncomfortably encased junk, As he fought for more material up front, the back center seam dug deeper between the granite-like globes of his ass. He pulled the stretchy material in every direction in an attempt to make the snug shorts more accommodating. After a minute or two, he gave up on the losing battle. He realized he had to get used to his clothes being much tighter. He slipped on the sweatpants again. While still obvious he was a big man, at least it didn?t look like he was shoplifting salami. He pulled on the matching sweatshirt and stepped into a pair of shower sandals he had found. His long toes and heels surpassed the skimpy foot bed. The sandals were marked as one size fits most and at a size 12EEE they did. But Ben was no longer part of ?the most?, he estimated he wore at least a size 14 shoe now. Ben gave himself one last quick glance in the mirror. He ran his hands through his silky tresses to smooth out his wavy mane. He still couldn?t believe the reflection was really him. He was the best looking man he had ever seen. He felt his cock pulse with lust again. He pulled himself away and opened the storage room door.
Ben stepped out into the locker room. It was deserted, not even Beef Stick was around. Ben heard the low rumble of a crowd echoing through the empty room. He thought he could take advantage of the mayhem and slip out the door without being noticed. He walked casually out onto the gym floor and made the left to the lobby. He tried not to think about how his new body felt as he moved. The powerful muscles flexing and relaxing with each step was a new sensation for him. The eroticism of simply walking both frustrated and delighted him.
When Ben reached the lobby, his hopes of going unnoticed were dashed. The lobby was packed with about sixty people. Everyone?s eyes went to him as he appeared. The majority looked only for a second, but others slowly scanned him up and down as he made his way through the crowd. Ben passed by his boss, who was calling out his name. Ben instinctively covered his face, but soon remembered he had no resemblance to his former self. Ben was almost to the door when someone grabbed his arm.

?Where you gong big guy??
Ben turned to see a well groomed man with a strong build in an expensive looking suit. The business man grabbed Ben?s hand to shake it. As he held Ben?s hand firmly, he put his left hand on Ben?s upper arm. He squeezed Ben?s tricep as if trying to figure out what kind of physique he had underneath that bulky sweatshirt. The stranger uttered,
?Real solid and strong. Are you a fitness model??
Ben shook his head no, before looking longingly out the door as the stranger continued to demand his attention,
?With your face and build, you should be. Let me introduce myself. I?m Steve Garcia, the president of Size-Zup supplements. We are always looking for fresh, new, upcoming bodybuilders to promote our products. Tell me, uhhhh??
Ben picked up all of Steve?s prompting,
?Bennnssson. Uhh.?
Ben looked up and saw Zachary?s bakery across the street,
?Zach Benson.?
?Zach Benson, I like it. It?s a strong name for a strong guy.?
Steve finally released his grip from Ben?s hand and playfully punched him in the stomach. Again, he was testing the condition of his potential spokes model. The hardness of his target must have pleased him for he continued his inquiries,
?Nice to meet you, Zach. Tell me do you have representation.?
Ben gave him a strange look,
?You know, an agent.?
Again Ben nodded negatively.
?Great, no reason to get a third party involved. You and I can work out a deal, de hombre a hombre?.
?No lo s?,?
Ben answered without thinking.
?Oh, you speak Spanish. That will help with the South American market. Do you have some time to talk after..?
Before Steve could finish, his attention was distracted as the entrance doors opened. The crowd cheered as Chase Jameson, his best spokes model and several smaller men strutted into the lobby. Ben took the opportunity to move away from the crowd?s center of attention. He went to the back of the room. He realized, at his new height, he had a clear view over the crowd and thought,
?I?ll just wait until Chase moves to the display table to sign autographs on the other side of the room. Then, once everyone is away from the door, I can make my escape.?
The crowd surrounded the newly crowned Mr. Universe telling him how good he looked,
?Thank you.?
Ben had never seen such a charismatic personality before and recognized Steve?s voice when he said,
?Let?s have a good time, people.?
The beam and reach of this man was twice as much as any of people surrounding him, even Geoffe , Wayne and Spike were dwarfed. But what was hypnotizing was how he moved, the tumescence of his body. He seemed to live in an atmosphere comprised of slow liquid element where here on earth, its inhabitants jerked and creaked when they moved. As Chase peeled off his warmup jacket, his body exuded an animal magnetism. He positively beamed confidence and allure when he dropped his warmup pants and revealed his wasp-sized bubble butt. Ben noticed he wore a pair of spandex shorts similar to what he had on under his sweat pants. On top, he had a form fitting sleeveless tee shirt with the Size-Zup logo emblazoned across his broad chest. The logo was distorted slightly as it wrapped around Chase?s pectoral shelf. Ben had never seen someone saunter through his fans and allow a multitude of groping hands to caress his massive arms and firm butt. A grin came over Chase?s face as the many fingers stole their touch of his bulk; he knew his arms were his best body part. His relaxed arms looked as if a set of ten pound hams were hanging from each of his shoulders,
?Try this on for SIZE-ZUP.?
When he flexed, his powerful limbs glistened, bulged and produced a baseball-size split-head muscle; the tanned smooth, moist skin reflected the room?s filtered light. In between the full muscle bellies, a roadway of thick veins entwined each of his arm; the thicker ones dividing, increasing in number as they descended toward his large, flexing fists. Ben wondered,
?How much bigger would they get when he?s fully pumped??
With each slight flexure, it was obvious that each vein struggled to feed a corresponding muscle with the nutrients. You could see they demanded it to grow ever larger, harder, stronger. Chase raised his arms into the classic double-bicep pose,
?And this.?
Two magnificent mounds of masculine might exploded into baseballs. The crowd cheered and the luckiest few, closest to him were able to feel up his sharply peaked granite mountains,
?...Ya, like that??
Ben couldn?t believe his eyes,
?Chase looks even more massive in person than in his poster.?
Of course, his overall definition was slightly out of focus, he wasn?t competition condition but Ben?s revelry joined the crowd?s when he heard,
?More, more, more,?
The crowd demanded Chase Jameson?s body be put up for their consumption. And the big man was right there with them. His stare locked onto the split dimple at the very top of hid bicep. It seem to feed something inside him. He flexed his arm several times as if he were coaxing a smiling from an angry lover,
?Come on baby, you can do it.?
Chase reveled in how easy it was to acquire these big guns and for the first time in three years, thought about his past,
As if some one had taken the wind out of his sail, Chase lowered his arms, he then shook his head,
He shook his massive arms with a slight trace of fatigue running across his face as if his lover was a very choosy prima donna. But as soon as the mood hit him, Chase resumed,
?How about these...??
As a consolation, he then raised the hem of his shirt several inches to display his cobbled waist.
Everyone recognized the cobbled bed form the yogurt commercial. The crowd cheered and whistled their approval of seeing the TV abdominals. Chase laughed at their enthusiasm and whipped his shirt off to their delight. The crowd cheered their approval as Chase exhibited his perfectly sculpted torso. Chase?s animal magnetism was thick in the air as the crowd whooped up greater wolf calls,
?More, more, more,?
It was intoxicating. Chase popped his cobra-like lats and crunched his ladder-like abs until Steve, who had gone unnoticed beside his muscle star, raised his arms to calm the crowd. After several attempts to speak, the crowd finally quieted down enough to be heard by the stranger when Chase relaxed his orgiastic display while Steve grinned at his pedigree pony,
?Chase, it seems your fans want to see more of you!?
He whispered something into Chase?s ear and the nearly naked muscle man rotated his body, coiled up his arm and went into a single bicep pose. While Chase slowly squeezed every centimeter of girth from his gleaming guns, his concentration grew to lazer beam intensity. Meanwhile, Steve took the role of carnival barker,
?Size-Zup?s specially blended formula of vitamins and L-lycein aminos...?
You could see Chase struggling to sustain the flexure to his satisfaction; he relaxed and recoil again, sometimes faster, sometimes slower. As the pitch went on, Steve punched the ball of steel cradled between Chase?s forearm and deltoid. The behemoth?s sustained muscle climax just forced his fist to bounce off with a loud thud. As he carried on with his flexure, Chase helplessly looked up into the enraptured audience. His expression looked to be as if he were held hostage by an irate lover demanding ?a certain type? of flexing. While Steve continuedd his pitch,
?You too can have muscle like this with the quality products from Size-Zup.?
Steve patted the massive man on his chest to point out his company?s emblazoned logo. While Chase, scorned by his reluctant bicep, proudly searched the adoring crowd. Eventually, as beads of sweat formed on his brow, he lowered his tired arm and bounced his pecs, distorting the printed image even more. The crowd hooted,
?More, more, more,?
Chase smiled yet he looked slightly disappointed. In between hoots, he conitued his search for the body attached to a pair of eyes worthy of him.

After a few moments, Steve quieted the crowd again,
?I think they want to see the posing routine that won the overall Mr. Universe title.?
The crowd cheered louder while Chase?s smile grew wider. He raised one hand in the air and the great hams of his flesh hung flaccidly from their relaxed ligaments. In seeing the spectacle, immediately the room fell into a hush as their lord began to speak,
?Thank you, please join my web site, only thirty-nine dollars a month.?
Oddly, Chase?s voice didn?t match with a man of his build, it was the reedy voice, the tenor of a much smaller man,
?My routine? I?ll do it, but I need someone to join me. I hate to do a competition pose alone.?
A murmur from the crowd filled the room, but no one volunteered. This was Chase?s favorite moment in every promotional visit. Everyone knew they would look pathetic next to Mr. Universe and he loved it,
?Come on, someone must want to pose with me.?
Chase said as he crossed his thick arms over his broad chest with a confident grin. He had let them feast, now, who amongst them would they sacrifice? There was an awkward silence. Fast thinking, Steve thought of his latest find,
?The naive boy, what was his name..???
His eyes searched for the stud in the track suit. Once in his his cross hairs, Steve called out,
?Zach, Zach!?
It took a second for Ben to realize Steve Garcia was talking to him; literally calling him to approach the front of the class,
?Zach will do it.?
Relieved by their own reprieve, the crowd parted to make a path for Ben to reach the super human, Chase Jameson and his pimp, Steve Garcia up on stage. Ben reluctantly moved forward into the clearing while Chase?s confidence diminished slightly,
From the sight of the unexpected taller, more handsome athlete approaching him,
?Where was this hottie??
His ego tried to guess,
?Jeez, Steve can find ?em! What kind of muscle does this hunk have underneath his baggy sweats??
Steve glanced at Chase and introduced the two alpha males,
?Zach Benson this, as you probably already know, is Chase Jameson?.
As if royalty, Chase raised his hand and said,
?Nice to meet you, Zach.?
Ben was in awe, standing this close to his idol made his new lanky lags melt. Yet as he stepped up onto the small platform, he thought,
?I can?t believe Chase has to look up to make eye contact with me...?!?
Without thinking, Ben slid his hand into Chase?s waiting, calloused grasp. As they made contact,
Chase wondered,
?How?s a guy with this build have such feminine hands? He?s never seen a day in a gym but is the sucker good for a B.J.??
Chase?s eyes were burning into Ben when suddenly, Ben?s body was racked with pain, once again. He fell to one knee in front of his idol.
Chase mocked a look of surprise on his face for the audience but secretly loved the subordination of a taller man to his superiority. Lustfully, he thought of the potential encounter later tonight; of his long legs splayed in the air,
?Oh ya...?
Stooped down, Ben felt his body expanding, getting heavier and stronger. This latest wave of muscle was more intoxicating, steeped in pharmaceuticals, greed and the super natural. Ben?s whole center of gravity was thrown higher onto his frame as colonies of his resident fibers swelled to three times their previous size. As the pain ended, he became aware of the uncomfortable tightness of his sweat clothes binding against his added bulk; a new pecking order being established by the sheer volume his once desolate muscle groups. He looked at his sleeve; it was now so tight he could see the outline of a thick vein running along the top of his bicep. Ben thought about his predicament,
?If I just stand up directly, my new bulk will be obvious to everyone. How can I explain that to the crowd??
His sharp mind quickly developed a plan of assumed stealth. Ben inhaled deeply to free his girdled rib cage only to realize his expanding chest caused the side seams of his shirt to creak from the strain. Ben looked up at Chase and scanned the crowd,
?Oh God, they?ve all gotta confused look on their faces...?
Yet when he spoke, he betrayed none of his confusion,
?Sorry, I just got a little light headed there for a moment. I mean meeting Chase Jameson and being asked to pose with Mr. Universe. Wow, it?s all a bit much.?
with those words, Chase?s cocky smile returned to his face. He could almost feel the young man yielding to him. The crowd?s collective expression changed to one of understanding and empathy. Standing along side his idol, the novice declared,
?I?d be honored to pose with you, Mr. Universe.?
Chase threw his contest-winning arms up in the air and assumed a victorious double bicep stance. With the crowd temporarily distracted by Chase?s display, Ben put his plan into action. He thought,
?If I could combine the removal of my clothes with the act of standing, it would prevent everyone from seeing how differently I look. Don?t give them a clear ?after? shot to compare with my smaller ?before?.?
Remaining in the crouched position, he removed his two small sandals from his feet and then awkwardly balanced himself by putting both hands on the floor to pull his other foot underneath himself,
?What?s wrong??
He heard the muffled ripping sound of his pants? center seam as it was forced apart from his added bulk,
?So hard to...?
He quickly grabbed the waist band of his pants while straightening his legs and bending at the waist,
He had hoped to lower his pants in one quick, smooth action as he had expected but his tree truck thighs thwarted his plan. Ben was forced to awkwardly roll them down over his titanic legs while appearing to be taking a shit,
?Ugg, I, I don?t.?
The whispered chatter amongst the crowd behind him increased yet as more of his muscular legs were revealed, he heard gasps. Ben stepped out of his pants still in the stooped over position. If the sensations his body were giving him weren?t so new and unexpected, Ben would be flush with humiliation. He then grabbed the hem of his shirt and lifted it up toward his head as he stood up. But again, his massive physique impeded the smooth removal of every garment while the muscles themselves seemed be in revolt from his decrees. Meanwhile, the bottom of his un-stretched shirt was way too small to pass his over his prodigious chest and back,
?Just a sec...?
With a strong tug, he heard the hem go,
Whereby, Ben pulled the shirt over his head exposing a cobble stone road of abdominal leading the way to two overdeveloped watermelon-like pecs. they were just watermelons, but top of the season, engorged with summer?s juicy goodness melons,
?Uh, oh.?
He inadvertently gave the crowd a show as he continued to struggle to free his massive arms from the over-stuffed sleeves; abdominals collided with intercostals as pecs heaved, great gunny sacs of latisimus coiled and exploded in retaliation. It wasn?t until the shoulder seams stretched that Ben?s newly enhanced body stopped doing the ?muscle Watussi? and was ready to be presented to the mesmerized onlookers,
Ben had a satisfied look on his face yet he was tempted to look down to see if his shorts were still there. He had never been comfortable with being the center of attention and suddenly he found himself in the most awkward situation of his life. Unfortunately, his swollen chest muscles blocked the view of his lower body. His whole peripheral vision was surround by a nine inch mantle of muscle flesh; as if he were wearing football shoulder pads. As he rocked his head, he could feel a buttress at each side of his thick neck battling with shock absorber resistance. Somehow, all he could utter was,
?I can see my toes...?
To compound his confusion, trying to move his limbs was equally as strange a sensation. Ben noticed it immediately. When he attempted to feel himself, it was like his new muscles were a dead weight on his elongated frame. as a last resort, he curled his wrist and had to willfully push his triceps and biceps into submission with his mind before his hand could cup his pec overhang. At one point, all available space was occupied when his forearm met his coiling bicep, bicep squished into delt, delt into pec, pec into intercostals, intercostals into flared lats. He sensed he possessed great strength in them but the density of it all was like wearing a suit entirely made of super ball material; very responsive to react but not at all involved in the initiation of a movement. Ben tilted his hips and noticed the rippling response he was looking for; it made the top cobble of his abdominal kiss across the cleavage of his inflated pectorals. He tried tilting and rocking his carriage at the same time,
?Ah, momentum!?
Formally living in a skinny body, he never detected the tricks his carriage used to bully his pip squeak muscles before. Now, the shoe was on the other foot, at six foot six, his carriage was the pip squeak.

Completely self involved, Ben finally looked out at the crowd. Everyone?s mouths was wide open and the room was completely silent. Here he was standing naked in front of a room of complete strangers and he had just performed what must have looked like a skinned duffle bag filled with squabbling cats,
?Oh God.?
With panic in his eyes, Ben looked towards Chase for guidance. Standing directly in front of him, the big man?s eyes were darting back and forth from one side of Ben?s chest to the other. Ben?s chest was still slightly heaving up and down from his wrestling match with his clothes and when he inhaled a deeper gulp of air, he saw Chase?s eyes follow the slight rippling sensation in Ben?s intercostals. It was as if, the big man had a string tied from his nose to any part of Ben?s body where he felt that particular kind ripple sensation. Ben tried an experiment and flexed his pecs as best he could. In a flash, Ben?s pectoral muscles went from encased balloons of flesh to a combed stack of Udon noodles and Ben felt not one string but seventy-four to be exact. Ben could feel the Udon noodle squiggle from his command and the laxer beam attention make his nipples grow hard. Chase finally looked up from Ben?s chest to meet his eyes. Relieved, Ben stare back at his idol. The look Ben saw surprised him. It was one of awe and more importantly,
Ben didn?t need to see his crotch anymore to know if the shorts were still in place. The strangle hold the spandex had on his awakening cock made him aware of its painful presence. Something in Be?s reptilian mind awoken and said to him,
?So, this is what animal magnetism feels like...?
Steve ordered,
?Pssss, let?s...let?s get this thing started,?
His voice strained, even after clearing his throat several times. Obediently, Chase turned around, almost robotically and went into his signature double bicep pose again. Ben, who was directly behind him, gratefully did the same pose. In having an example right in front of him, Ben could watch the subtle twists and tilts Chase implemented to achieve a desired result from his body. Ben aped his idol?s control and couldn?t believe how strong his arms felt, fifty pounds of writhing power at his command; his newly found muscles made him feel so masculine and confident now that they were under his command,
Chase changed into a side chest pose. While Ben copied his movements the best he could, the asymmetrical posture was awkward for him yet the sensation continued to be glorious. With every new muscle flexed, Ben felt more alive,
?...such power!?
He felt so powerful, it bordered on super human strength. Ben gasped and then he heard himself praise,
?Oh ya...?
the sensations from his muscles grew stronger. The only comparison Ben could come up with was when he would jump out of bed with an achingly hard morning erection and a full bladder. Even with his former four and a half inch dick, it was a sensation of,
?W, whata ya gonna do with that, sucka??
Ben? eyes grew wide as he realized his verbal breach into the fixated onlookers.

Meanwhile, Chase executed a most muscular pose while Ben tried to follow his lead. The crowd remained in stunned silence while Chase noticed them looking back,
?What?s Howdy Doodie doing back there??
It unsettle Chase that the wave of lust he expected was on the novice, Ben instead of focused on his glorious explosion of muscle. Chase felt his intercostals snap, his delts arc outward yet even he had to admit that he was not in contest condition. he knew his ab separation softened in Dayton, Ohio. He knew the spider web on his quads disappeared in Dallas and today his signature split bicep refused to make its debut in his hometown. His mind boiled at how hard it was to be on the road and sustain a body like his; at the peak level his adoring public expected. Sullen by their indifference, Chase mumbled as he flexed harder,
?Oh God, I have to have something to eat! I gotta eat right for every three hours...Just like a baby drinks its milk every three or four hours, sleeps all day to increase their growth hormone...eating...on schedule...places my hormone above all my other priorities, my growth hormones.?
Like most bodybuilders in their off cycle stage, he was on his own for ten weeks. Without the injections, Chase had learned to become obsessed with maintaining his hard earned size by his eating regimen and his sleep routine and the resulting size-sustaining hormone spikes called the diurnal flux his body produced if he was disciplined enough to time both perfectly. Every man knows their influence, it?s undeniable, a good meal and a good nap inevitably results in waking up with a crowbar between your legs. Within bodybuilding circles, it was well known that these spikes had to be as extreme as possible at the onset of their next cycle if they were going to gain any addition benefit. Yet right now, he could literally feel his testicles shrinking as the crowd looked back to his perfect execution, then back towards the hayseed behind him, comparing their two physiques. Since living in L.A., he had seen the steep backside of the bodybuilding lifestyle; about the forty year old Muscle Marys that paid their five hundred dollars to have Chase remind them of their faded youth,
?I?m still young. I still got it in me.?
Chase feverishly thought about his wasted time with Garcia,
?The boys, the sex and the cocaine...?
He thought about his bros in L.A., the dweebs that followed his career and serviced his slightest concern,
?What ever happened to Paco??
Finally, Chase thought about the gnawing hunger in his muscles and his kinky gear,
?...The butt plug, the poppers and the Viagra are all in my toilet kit. What?s missing? Oh fuck! I can?t wait to get back on a cycle!?
Chase had noticed the mild ebbing from his contest size last year, without concern but this year it was harsh. Ever since last year, he hated being on tour after a contest. Each step up to the stage was like flogging a wilting erection for him in front of the spot light. What sustained a crowd?s muscle lust for sixty minutes in his first week of the tour,
?S,shriveled to twenty minutes here. In my home town!?
Chase could feel the crowd?s unknowing disappointment in his latest signature pose, the way his muscle didn?t have its well-documented double crest. No one mentions that about fame, living up to it,
?Fucking split bicep is mine!?
Of all his strong body parts, Chase?s arms had always been eye popping. They were what he used to lure young studs to him; short sleeves in public were perfectly acceptable. But ever since he had entered into this weird sex pact with Steve Garcia, his fuck sessions had spiraled out of control, each one giving him less of the spike he needed. Chase?s obsession with boys had something to do with recreating that one special night that made him who he was. Of finding the key to immortality,
?Of getting that edge back...ever since I left this town. Sergei, that Jap, what did he say? Maybe having sex in this town is the answer!!?
Exhausted by his effort, Chase turned around to do a back lat spread, he could feel his arms tremble as he looked upon the teenager, a harbinger of things to come.
Once again, the expression on Chase?s face surprised Ben. He looked embarrassed, almost humiliated; his eyes were distant and unfocused. Yet, after watching Chase?s movements, Ben turned around to duplicate the subtle pose. Ben could feel pound after pound of pure muscle stack upon each other and then become erect!
This time, Chase watched Ben?s back expand to an inconceivable wide spread, a writhing wall of muscle exploded from his two cantaloupe butt checks. A full cobra?s hood stood so thick and engorged it showed cleavage at the struggling teen?s christmas tree. Before his eyes, its very presence intimidated Chace and he decided to give up,
Chase turned to the crowd and raised his arms and bowed, before quickly walking off the platform.
Finally, a smattering of applause broke the awkward silence. Its random clapping made Ben turn around. He noticed Chase was walking into Mr. Grigg?s office in a huff. The crowd virtually ignoring his histrionics, the one who previously held the room?s attention. Now, all eyes stayed focused on the behemoth remaining on the plywood stage. Ben mumbled,
?Thank you,?
Not sure what to do next, he started to follow his idol, Chase. The crowd parted to make way for the larger man as the applause restarted. This time, reaching a thunderous level accompanied by whistles and hoots as Ben brushed between them. Only now could he appreciate how arousing the stealing touches of strangers could be. As he entered the office and closed the door behind him, he found Chase pacing back and forth in the room.
?Who are you? Where did you come from? Why haven?t I seen or heard of you before??
Chase said in an almost angry tone,
Ben felt like he was under attack again,
?Why is everyone so mad at me??
Yet he replied in his defense,
?I?m just from the neighborhood, nobody special. There is no reason for you to have heard about me.?
Chase laughed incredulously,
?Do you think I?m a fool? You are definitely not a nobody, not with that body. You?re ripped. In competition condition like that. Did someone send you here to show me up? Was it Steve? If I find out it was that asshole because I?m fighting my contract, I?ll crush him like the scrawny runt he is.?
Chase anxiously flexed his arms before he started to pace again.
?No, I just met Steve five minutes ago. No one sent me here. I work here, I mean I work out here, or I was thinking about working out here.?
Ben hesitated for a moment to collect his thoughts,
?Because I knew you used to lift here. I really came here to see you...You?re, you?re my idol.?
Hearing the naive flattery, Steve stopped suddenly and looked at Ben more intently. He could see he was sincere and allowed his powerful body softened before he spoke,
?Really, I think you are the most perfect bodybuilder in the?.universe,?
Ben said excitedly.

Chase laughed again and felt his cock shrink up as he admitted how he felt,
?Ha, haven?t you ever looked at yourself in a mirror, Zach??
When Ben saw the wolfish glint in Chase?s eyes, he got a confused look on his face and averted his eyes bashfully. Chase suspected false humility, something he never suffered from, but he recognized the deflecting gaze of a fan, a twink or a muscle bound boy toy smitten by his appearance,
?Come on, you saw who the crowd was looking at when we were posing together.?
Chase clutched his twenty-four inch arms for reassurance and confessed,
?...I?ve never felt so insignificant. I?m just glad we didn?t meet on stage at a competition. You would be the one with the pro card instead of me...I have my reputation to think about.?
Ben shook his head in disbelieve and lowered his head while Chase walked up towards him. Chase put his hand on the taller man?s bowling ball shoulder and squeezed his Brunzwig deltoid. He tested the young man?s flesh for its firmness as if it was a melon in the produce aisle. For the first time in his life, there was something greedy in his touch as he muttered aloud,
?Hard as a fuckin rock...?
No one had ever petted Ben like this before. As he watched Chase?s hand slowly move over his shoulder and down to his bloated bicep, it filled his body with a pent up energy. A life force that wanted to be released. Chase squeezed Ben?s arm firmly,
?And people say my arms are inhumanly large. You?re in competition condition without even trying.?
Slightly envious, Chase slowly continued down Ben?s corded forearm where his hand then made the leap to the growing limb between Ben?s legs. Chase watch spellbound as the young man moaned softly from his advance. As Ben?s tightly packed equipment was massaged in Chase?s strong fingers, the gestures became more desperate, more tugging like Like a snake charmer, Chase drew Ben?s python up into the cool air,
?You are definitely some body.?
For the first time, Ben looked directly into Chase?s hungry eyes while his idol stretched up to kiss his perfectly pouty mouth. Just then, Steve Garcia walked in unannounced,
Embarrassed and confused, Ben turned away so that the business man wouldn?t see his obscenely aroused state.
Steve?s eyes darted conspiratorially to Chase?s and instantly, he could tell he had interrupted something intense. He was mightily impressed with young Chase?s near perfect hitting record on muscle dudes. When he saw the tan trophy sticking up above Zach?s tights, he thought,
?The big stallion has lured another fine buck into the fold.?
Steve Garcia?s previous promotional trips with his musclebound spokesmen paled in comparison to this one. Ultimately, a jump in the jacuzzi, a slow muscle massage and a reluctant blow job from the boss was par for the course for the big men who traveled with him. That is to say, until crossing the country with Chase Jameson. Ever since everyone of the wanna-bee candidates that stepped up onto the stage with Chase was bedded by the oversexed muscleman, the two men had come to a mutual understanding. Steve couldn?t understand if it was because he was so much younger but they were both into it for the muscle sex. In no time, their shared suite?s living room was always command central, no furniture, floor to ceiling mirrors, flood lights and very discreet array of cameras were on the scene for a constant parade of Chase?s suitors. Steve supplied the Viagra, cocaine and steroids while Chase fucked and simultaneously worshipped their young bodies with unending stamina. The sex was scorchingly hot, sometimes lasting all night long.

But Steve noticed a reoccurring ritual, it was as if Chase was reenacting some crucial sex experience from his past. With each overwhelmed partner, he?d try something slightly different but with each encounter, it was exactly the same for the most part. Chase uttered the same words, following the same advances and always swallowed what ever he elicited from the eager studs. He lusted for their young bodies in a way, only another muscle worshipper knows. What Steve thought was really peculiar, was Chase always flexed for himself in the mirrors after the act; as if he expected to be bigger from the sex. The anxious businessman snapped to,
?Hey Chase,?
For the first time, his bulky spokesman looked small and needy, much more like Steve himself when he is up against one of these muscle bucks. He quickly thought,
?The shoe is on the other foot.?
Yet barked out,
?...Everyone?s waiting for you out there. We?re on a tight schedule, so we need to press some flesh and move on to our retailer?s meeting!?
Chase gave Steve a dirty look,
?I was pressing some flesh, before you came in.?
Steve knew this young behemoth was a true temptation. He felt it in himself.

Still buzzing from his kiss, Chase turned his muscular body towards Ben and said seductively,
?We can finish what we started here, later tonight; if you want. I?m staying at the Hyatt by the airport. I should be back in my room by ten, number 1212,?
Garcia interrupted,
?Chase, don?t forget we have the state sales leader awards tonight.?
The big muscle man?s eyes burnt a whole through Ben while Steve added,
?...It doesn?t end until eleven.?
Chase walked by the smaller man, purposely bumping him with his broad shoulder,
?Like I said, I?ll be in my room by ten.?
Chase stopped before leaving,
?I really hope to see you tonight, Zach. It doesn?t matter at what time!?
Chase left the room wondering if should have gotten Zach?s cell number.
Steve turned towards Ben, who still had his back turned to him.
?I brought you your things.?
Steve held up the sweat clothes and sandals as an offering to a god.
?I?m not sure what happened, but they look the worse for wear. So, I brought you one of our printed tee shirts.?
Steve moved closer and to one side of the hulking figure in the room. Instantly, his mouth went dry as he confirmed his recollection of the young stud?s enormous pec shelf and obscenely huge bulge in his tights,
?Oh my God! He?s utter perfection!?
Zach Benson was so beautiful, he was momentarily at a lose for words,
?I must surprised me when you took these off. I had no idea what a monster you were underneath.?
Steve?s eyes darted down to Ben?s crotch while the young bodybuilder turned and looked at the smaller man with an annoyed expression. Steve?s eyes grew large from his unintended double-entendre,
?I meant that as a compliment.?
Once again another conversation was accompanied by a steeling touch from the slight man. Steve continued in a more measured tone,
?...You, you are a real muscle monster. I?ve never known a man of your height to be able to put on so much mass.?
His fingers were in the produce aisle as he pulled back for a more overall assessment,
?...You?re as proportionally thick as Chase and have even better symmetry. Damn good looking too. And don?t get me started about the double digits you?re packing in those shorts of yours.?
Both men grinned while simultaneously looking at the Kielbasa sausage stuffed in Ben?s pants, Steve could see his fondling having a relaxing effect,
?...You?re like some kind of ultimate extreme fitness model. Every man that sees you is going to love to hate you.?
Ben laughed,
?Maybe that explains why everyone?s so angry with me.?
Ben became more relaxed,
?Thanks, that sounds very encouraging.?
He finally turned around to face Steve and sighed softly. For when he took the clothing from Steve, he felt Steve?s boney fingers wrap three quarters of the way around Ben?s girthy python,
Being a master of seduction, Steve decided to take advantage of the moment. He knew which head most bodybuilders thought with,
?Zach, you have everything Size-Zup is looking for in a spokes person. I?m willing to offer you a two year contract as your exclusive supplement sponsor.?
Ben never realized how much more pleasurable his new cock felt being worshipped. Steve?s expert technique unlocked the combination to Ben?s arousal response,
?We?ll pay to relocate you to L.A.?
Ben felt Steve?s tongue follow his river of precum coating his giant erection,
?...Put you up in our company condo rent free and pay all the utilities.?
Ben erupted with another dollop of his dick honey,
?...We?ll provide you a company car, plus a monthly salary of $5,000.?
With Steve torturing explicit spots under his swollen gland, Ben a continuous eruption of his essence,
?No, $7,500!?
Ben was as hard as he ever experienced. It felt like he had a baseball bat between his legs. He was frantic to cum and on the verge of giving himself up, body and soul,
? Also for every title you win, you get a $10,000 bonus.?
Ben felt his cock belch out a lazy river of precum to add to his torment,
?...If we cum to an understanding, all you?ll have to do is a couple of photo shoots and go on a few promotional tours with me.?
The man?s technique had Ben leaking like a faucet,
?Mmm....What about Chase? Guuuh! Isn?t he your spokes person?...Guh!?
Ben reviewed the poor condition of his clothes while his gladiator cock spewed out dollops of his honey into the hungry man?s mouth and then propelled gobs of his spunk across the room,
Ben?s climax seemed to go on forever.
Steve wiped his mouth and turned walking away from Ben to check his appearance the a mirror while Ben?s cock was still convulsing in empty, helpless spasms beneath the pile of clothes in his hands. Finally, Steve decreed,
?Chase has made it perfectly clear he wants out of his contract.?
He turned to look at Ben again. Truth was, his spokesman was driving Steve Garcia crazy. What, with his strict dieting, constant sleep needs, bizarre supplements and perverted sex rituals and constant anxiety about his ?hormones? and his size, life was not what he expected. Steve confessed,
?Ya well, the bloom is off the rose...?
Ben batted his big, blue eyes, the teenager looked like Apollo himself,
?Plus you saw the crowd?s reaction to you out there. Once the world gets a look at you, they?ll forget all about Chase Jameson. Every editor will want you for the cover of their fitness magazine, especially if you?re this...forthcoming. That?s money you get to keep. You?ll easily make a quarter of a million your first year. Once you turn pro, you can double that with no problem.?
Ben remembered he hadn?t paid for these tattered clothes and felt a pain of guilt and asked.,
?...$500,000, just because I look like this??
?Hell, yes. Maybe even more. Zach, with your looks, the sky?s the limit.?
Ben felt his cock swell from the praise,
?...You have ?the potential? to be the greatest name in bodybuilding since Arnold Schwarzenger; except you?ll be able to run for president one day.?
Both men chuckled conspiratorially as Ben?s cock stood upright like a twelve inch lead pipe. Ben ignored his erection and said,
?I don?t know, something about it seems underhanded.?
As he pulled on the printed tee shirt Steve gave him.
?Do me favor Zach, and think about it.?
Steve watched Ben?s carnival of muscles struggle with the too small cotton garment.
?Sorry the largest size I had was a 3XL.?
Ben finally managed to get the shirt over his massive shoulders and protruding chest. As he pulled the shirt down, it dangled around his tiny waist and didn?t reach the top of his shorts but created a blimp size bill board logo over the two mounds of Zach Benson?s pectoral muscles, saying,
S i ze-Z u P
Ben felt his chest trying to stretch the cotton fabric more with every breath while a one or two inch gap allowed his washboard abs to show for his admirer. He bent his massive right arm to adjust the twisted left sleeve and heard a ripping sound,
His contracted bicep burst through the right sleeve.
Both men said in unison.
Ben looked at how stunned Steve was and smiled as his ever present erection bobbed in front of the shirt,
?Oh, well, like you said symmetry is good.?
Ben felt gratified by Steve?s transfixed attention and bent his left arm and burst the other sleeve,
Steve took a business card from his breast pocket and handed it Ben.
?I better get out of here.?
Ben took the card, his fingers touching Steve?s shaking hand. Ben like the fact he made someone else nervous for a change. Steve swallowed forcibly as he backed away, almost tripping over his own feet,
?I have to check on, on...Chase.?
Steve reached the door and opened it. He turned to Ben with a yearning look and pleaded,
?Call me?.
Ben lifted the waistband of his shorts over his hip and slid his floppy penis an d Steve?s card inside. He ran his hand over his crotch and lifted the heavy bundle up, trying to find a more comfortable position for his package. The stretchy materials felt like it was glued to his body and yet sinking from his hips to support his heavy gear. Without anything else to wear, he mumbled,
?This will have to do.?
He then tugged at the remnants of his sleeves to remove the tattered fabric. He stepped into his sandals and walked out the office door. He headed directly for the exit avoiding eye contact or talking to people he passed His body felt so heavy and strong as he moved. The weight of his massive chest, made him pull back his shoulders so he could breathe easier. He had to rotate his legs outward slightly to allow his thigh to slide by each other. His new massive size and weight made him do the bodybuilder strut yet his lack of experience gave him little control over his massive muscles. He was forced to waddle down the street, deciding what to do next. He wanted to go home,
?But how can I explain my appearance to Holt? And can I go back to school? There would be so many questions.?
Questions, he didn?t want to answer yet they buzzed around in his head,
?And what about my clothes; none of my old things will fit me??
Ben was so deep in thought he didn?t even notice the stares from the people on the street. In his impetuousness, he had lost everything. He found himself at the bus stop; he sat down on the empty bench; the one place that felt familiar. Ben was awoken from his daydreaming by the sound of a bus door opening in front of him. He looked up and saw Gio,
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