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Old July 6th, 2010, 01:42 PM
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Adam ... part 4

The weeks that followed were a whirl of blissful happiness as my relationship with Adam flourished and deepened. To my absolute delight he seemed to be as hopelessly obsessed with me as I was with him. As matters began to accelerate far beyond mere friendship, we had to observe strict limitations on our behavior in the office. No matter, we were able to make full use of our own leisure time, which had expanded beyond private intimacy in my home to include long walks, car excursions, restaurant dinners and theatre trips. Adam had naturally assumed the role of dominant partner and decision maker while I was content to be entirely subservient to his whims.

One evening as we lay naked on the bed, me with my head resting on his chest and my fingers riffling through his dark chest hair, we talked frankly for the first time about our odd inverted relationship. Here was I at 52 purring with pleasure at being spoiled and bossed by a young god more than thirty years my junior. Wasn’t that a situation he found strange? No, he assured me, he found it entirely unremarkable and was wholly comfortable with it. I gave him a loving squeeze.

“Oh Adam” I whispered. “I love you so much and I still can’t believe that a gorgeous young hunk like you has come into my life. But you could attract anyone you care to set your sights on. It worries me that I’m not being fair, saddling you with a middle aged admirer like me.”

He pushed himself up on one elbow, tipping me off his chest and onto the mattress.

“What are you talking about, Tim?” he laughed. “I don’t want anyone else. I’m perfectly happy with you, thanks very much.”

“You say that now” I persisted, “but the math is not encouraging. Ten years from now you’ll still be a young guy and I’ll be …. well …. it just bothers me is all.”

Studying me with his sparkling eyes, he smiled. Then he playfully ruffled my hair, like an adult reassuring a troubled child.

“Don’t be such a silly little boy” he said in that deep, reassuring voice. “Daddy will always be here for you.”

We both laughed at his humor, but when I laid my head once more on his chest, the troubling doubt returned again to mock me. It was a worry I was to revisit often in the weeks that followed as my relationship with Adam continued to deepen. These were happy times, marred only by the persistent worry over our yawning age difference.

“How I wish I was thirty years younger” I said to Adam one evening as I lay curled up on the sofa in his protective embrace.

“Not again, Tim” he scolded. “Do you never let up? Don’t you get it? It doesn’t bother me. I love you just the way you are.”

I knew that well enough, but still I could not suppress the bitter regret that such love and happiness had come to me so late in life, nor my worry that I would eventually lose him as age began to take its inevitable toll. How wonderful if only I could recapture my youth, I would dream. Even better if, at the same time, I could persuade Adam to boost his natural dominance and athletic physique with some serious muscle.

To understand what happened next requires a suspension of disbelief in the mind of the rational reader. Desperate situations call for desperate measures. Adam had continued to resist my pleas to challenge his incredible genetics with a good workout, and I had continued to fret ever more anxiously over the disparity in our ages. Eventually on another occasion when we lay on top of the bed locked in one another’s arms, I finally plucked up the courage to broach the subject that was to lead to a wholly unexpected and fundamental change in our relationship.

“Adam ……?” I murmured.

“Mmmmmm?” he responded sleepily.

“Have you ever wondered if there is such a thing as real magic?”

“What on earth are you on about?” he laughed, jolted from his drowsiness by such a totally unexpected question. “This is some kind of joke, right?”

“No, not at all” I countered. “You’re a religious guy, aren't you? I mean, you believe in God, don’t you?”

“Well sure I do. But come on, Tim, that’s a whole different ball game from tricks with mirrors.”

“Precisely!” I countered triumphantly. “My point exactly!”

This made him sit bolt upright, annoyed by my elation. As I slipped down his chest, he flipped me onto my back and straddled my body. Then he lowered his face until it was just above mine.

“Explain” he demanded.

“I’m not talking about stage tricks and illusions” I said. “I’m asking the wonderful guy who I love dearly if his belief in things supernatural, like God, extends also to the possibility that there might actually be genuine magic?”

I smiled at his confusion and, raising my head slightly, I planted a kiss on his lips. He hovered over me deep in thought before turning and collapsing onto his back beside me. Then he turned to face me and wormed an arm under my shoulders. With a casual flex of muscle he pulled me to him and, with his free arm, brought a clenched fist menacingly to my jaw.

“Stop the kidding, little man, or I’ll be forced to discipline you” he smiled.

Now it was my turn to look confused, which caused his smile to slowly fade.

“Hold on” he said, “this isn’t more of your ‘get yourself some serious muscle’ and ‘I’m too old for you’ nonsense, is it?

He knew me well enough not to wait for an answer. His head crashed down onto the bed and he let out a long, low sigh. I knew I was in trouble. With his eyes fixed on the ceiling, he began the now familiar lecture on how satisfied he was with his buff body just as it was, and of how totally unfazed he was about the big gap in our ages. Just as he had done on several previous occasions, he told me to stop being so damned stupid and put these thoughts out of my mind once and for all. I listened in obedient silence. Then, propping myself up on one arm, I fixed him with what I hoped was an earnest and pleading look.

“Humor me this once” I said, “and I promise you’ll never hear me on this subject ever again.”

He responded by propping himself up and returning my gaze. His eyes twinkled mischievously.

“You expect me to buy that, pipsqueak? You kids always tell lies.”

We both had a fit of giggles at his quip. Collapsing into one another’s arms, we rolled about the bed mock-wrestling, cuddling and kissing. The matter was closed – for now.

A few days later, while we were enjoying a drive out in the car, I diverted thru one of the town’s more seedy neighborhoods. As I picked my way slowly along the litter-strewn streets past depressing rows of dismal, rundown houses, Adam piped up.

“Boy are you fond of a treat. Whatever possessed you to come this way?”

“He lives somewhere around here. I’m just checking it out.”

“Who lives here? You got another boyfriend you’ve been hiding from me?”

I pulled the car to a halt at the curb and held his gaze.

“Remember the magic I was telling you about? If it exists at all, it’s right here in this crappy neighborhood. I want to give it a try, Adam, and I need you to indulge me on this one …. please.”

Tearing his eyes from my gaze he sank back into his seat and buried his face in his hands, the movement flexing the muscle and sinew of his arms. At any other time I would have savored the sight gratefully, but at that moment I was gripped with anxiety about how he was about to react. The silence was excruciating, but I knew I had to give him time with his thoughts. What seemed like hours later (though in fact probably no more than a couple of minutes) he tore away his hands and looked at me earnestly.

“Okay, Tim, you win. Just do whatever mad thing is in that head of yours and get it out of your system once and for all.”

Relief flooded through me. Ignoring the grubby kids who were gathering out of curiosity around the car, I threw my arms around him and kissed him gratefully.

“Thank you, Adam. You are such a wonderfully understanding boyfriend. I know I don’t deserve you and …..”

He halted my torrent of adulation with a grin.

“Just start the engine and let’s get the hell outta here - before these brats start to dismantle the car!”

(Hmmm, I’m sorry for such a lengthy bit of scene setting and thanks for sticking around. At last we’re arriving at the good stuff! - Gideon)

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Grrrr! I cant wait 4 the next part
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Old July 7th, 2010, 05:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Lionor_King View Post
Grrrr! I cant wait 4 the next part
Calm down, dear, it's only a story!
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