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Battle Royale: Kinniku Island- Dossiers

[COLOR=white]Battle Royale: Kinniku Island[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#000000][COLOR=white]Dossiers[/COLOR] [/COLOR]
[COLOR=#000000][COLOR=white]Subject list[/COLOR] [/COLOR][COLOR=#00b050]CLASSIFIED[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#000000][COLOR=white]Zachary A.[/COLOR][/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Age: 18, Weight: 185lbs, Hair: buzzed bleach blonde, Eyes: blue, football offense[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Mitchell B.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Age: 18, Weight: 210lbs, Hair: medium dark brown, Eyes: dark brown, junior bodybuilder[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Matthew C.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Age: 19, Weight: 190lbs, Hair: crew cut dark blonde, Eyes: sky blue bodybuilder[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Ethan H.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Age: 21, Weight: 230lbs, Hair: buzzed medium blonde, Eyes: brown star wrestler[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Kaleb Ma.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Age: 18, Weight: 200lbs, Hair: crew cut bright orange, Eyes: dark blue, football defense[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Kristopher Mc.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Age: 22, Weight: 170, Hair: medium-long brown, Eyes: brown, underwear model[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Joseph P.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Age: 20, Weight: 210lbs, Hair: short brown, Eyes: deep brown, ex-star wrestler[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Greg R.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Age: 25, Weight: 170lbs, Hair: shoulder blade jet black, Eyes: gray, Speedo/ Underarmor model[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Johnathan Sa.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Age: 18, Weight: 190lbs, Hair: light brown, Eyes: emerald green, football star[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Ted St.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Age: 24, Weight: 250, Hair: short curly dark blonde, Eyes: dark blue, bodybuilder[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]Powers to be Distributed[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Muscle puff- like a pufferfish, the one with muscle puff can use his power to grow his muscles by feeding off nearby subjects. Cast time: 10 seconds Effect time: 3-7 minutes Efficiency: 70%.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Excess strength- the subject is imbued with triple his/ her normal strength making them much stronger than normal and feeding off by submission. Cast time: 10 seconds Effect time: 0 minutes Efficiency: undetermined though around 53% for submission.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Beguiling Seduction- this subject has evolved into an Adonis and makes both sexes see their fantasy man and the man feeds through intercourse. Cast time: 0 seconds Effect time:5-10 minutes Efficiency: 69%.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Werewolfism- a subject overcome with werewolfism is able to infect a victim with his mark, feeding over time. Cast time: 30 seconds Effect time: total effect 1440 minutes Efficiency: 85%.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Enraging- the subject has the effect on complete anger on any human nearby if he so chooses, making them exhaust their energy so they may feed. Cast time: 60 seconds Effect time: total effect 5-10 minutes Efficiency: 65%.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Noctmare- this subject can control another human’s dreams only when he is sleeping, usually reaking chaos, to feed. Cast time: When sleeping Effect time: Until awakening Efficiency: Depends on victim.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Ensnare- the subject can control small grounded plants or vines nearby to enstare and sap another human to feed. Cast time: varies on location of enemy to subject Effect time: varies on location of enemy to subject Efficiency: varies on location of enemy to subject.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]The Gambler- a subject with this effect has a 50-50 chance of a change; becomes a neanderthal or incredibly fast, using torture or intercourse to feed. Cast time: 300 seconds Effect time: varies on submission Efficiency: 50%[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Authority- the subject has authority over some humans in which he can command and seduce them to feed. Cast time: 0 seconds Effect time: varies on castee Efficiency: varies on castee[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]Royale- [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=white]effects unknown. Cast time: unknown Effect time: unknown. Efficiency: unknown. Request: [/COLOR][COLOR=white]Test immediately before applying on island subjects.[/COLOR] [/COLOR][COLOR=red]REQUEST DENIED BY THE BOARD OF THE EXECUTIVES[/COLOR]

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