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Old July 20th, 2010, 04:16 AM
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Adam ... part 7

Following our high-spirited antics around the pool, Adam grabbed my hand and raced upstairs with me in tow. Running into the bedroom, he picked me up in his strong arms, spun me around and bounced me onto the bed. It was the prelude to the most amazing night of passionate lovemaking we had yet enjoyed. He was insatiable, his energy tank fully charged and showing no sign of running dry. I was likewise in fine form, easily able to match his stamina and his libido. All my doubts and regrets were instantly snuffed out in an ecstatic orgy of sheer sexual pleasure.

To my immense relief, Adam had been neither angry nor disappointed when I divulged the full enormity of my actions. The very least I had expected was some apprehension on his part, but there was none. Instead as we lay on the bed, exhausted at last by our carnal exertions, he began to flagrantly relish his new physical prowess, running his hands conceitedly over the sexy contours of his muscular body before turning an admiring eye on me. I blushed at his evident approval.

“Jeeze, Tim, you look totally awesome. And that little flabby tire around your waist has all but disappeared.”

Startled, I examined the evidence. Sure enough, my middle age trademark was in retreat and I seemed to be reclaiming my waist.

“And your hair …” he added, ruffling it playfully, “There’s not a lot of silver left.”

I purred with pleasure.

“I’ll take your word for it. I can’t be bothered getting up to look.”

I turned and stared at the alarm clock. It was 3am.

“Sheesh, is that the time? Not that it matters much, for I don’t think there’s any way we can go in to the office tomorrow. I think we might cause quite a sensation.”

“Yeah, that’s occurred to me too” he said. “I guess we should lie low for a few days until this magic of yours blows itself out.”

He grinned at me.

“Leave it to me. I’ll contact personnel in the morning and tell them we’re both down with a bug. That should buy us some time.”

I sank my head into the pillow and sighed contentedly. Problem solved, thanks to the authoritative resourcefulness of Awesome Adam. I turned to him and ran my fingers through chest hair that had now begun to thicken into a manly thatch. He responded by puffing out his chest impressively and flexing his pecs. I smiled at him in abject adoration.

I awoke next morning to birdsong rather than the familiar alarm clock. The sun was filtering through the window blind, which told me better than any clock could that the morning was already well advanced. I turned expecting to find the sleeping form of my gorgeous lover, but his side of the bed was empty. After the briefest confusion, I smiled.

“Well of course he’s up early” I thought. “He’ll have assumed full control of the situation. Doubtless my hero has already phoned personnel.”

At the comforting thought of his protective maturity, my dick began to stir. Ignoring the opportunity to pleasure myself with further erotic thoughts of Adam, I threw back the covers and stumbled towards the bathroom. Bleary-eyed I stared into the mirror, examining my morning stubble. The face that stared back at me was a memory from twenty years ago. The thick tousle of hair on my head and the stubble on my face were now a rich, dark chestnut brown.

“Well hello there, gorgeous” I said to the man in the mirror. “That stubble of yours looks darned sexy. Guess I’ll just leave it for Adam to see.”

So pleased was I with my new svelte look that, following a quick shower, I headed downstairs in just a pair of briefs. The kitchen was just as we had left it last night and there was no sign of Adam. A splash from the pool drew me out onto the patio. Adam was in the water, pounding powerfully up and down the short length. When he spotted me he swam for the edge, planted two big hands on the tiles, and pulled himself out of the pool with the contemptuous ease of a young man possessed of broad shoulders and muscular arms. I gazed at him admiringly as he toweled himself dry. Then we embraced and kissed before Adam held me at arms length and surveyed me with obvious approval.

“Wow, Tim, you look amazing. I meant what I said about loving you just as you were, but now you’re just so handsome with that dark hair and stubble.”

He turned to gaze out at the ocean that sparkled invitingly in the morning sunshine.

“I was really enjoying that swim” he continued. “How about we have some fun on the beach before breakfast?”

“Sure” I said. “Why not?”

With a grin he grabbed my hand in a vice-like grip and set off at a gallop towards the beach, his powerful legs carrying him effortlessly down the rubble path. What a joy to discover that my rejuvenated body was able to match his stamina. Leaping and yelling like a pair of excited schoolboys, we arrived at the deserted beach and raced towards the beckoning waves. He released his grip on me as we splashed into the shallows, laughing at our childish impulsiveness.

Despite my youthful transformation, I had to take a few moments to recover from the run. Adam, on the other hand, was barely out of breath. I ran a worshipful eye over him. The magic had worked an overnight sensation on his youthful, ripped body, broadening his shoulders and filling out his long limbs with powerful muscle. The young hunk who stood impatiently waiting for me to recover was now every inch the awesome god of my dreams.

How long we frolicked in the ocean I couldn’t say. But certainly we swam and dived, ducked and splashed until hunger pangs eventually sent us racing back up the path. It was to be a truly idyllic day, spent in the carefree enjoyment of one another’s company, enjoying our young, strong bodies and slaking our insatiable sexual appetites. As the sun finally began to set, Adam stretched out his beautiful, naked body on the sofa to watch a TV movie. I snuggled up beside him, pressing my slender frame against his muscular body. It was a day I hoped would never end.

Not sharing Adam’s interest in the movie, my mind drifted contentedly over this perfect outcome to the old man’s black arts. That was when a niggling doubt began to insinuate itself into my blissful mood. Having already achieved all that I had wished for, I was now ready to be done with the magic. But was it finished with me?

(more to follow)

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Old July 20th, 2010, 08:49 AM
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I really enjoy this story so far. I hope Adam's growth continues.
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