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Old July 24th, 2010, 08:37 AM
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Adam ... part 9

Dawn had just begun to break when I was suddenly aware of Adam doing his best to climb out of bed without disturbing me. Thanks to his gains in muscle mass, that was now a tricky proposition and, sure enough, I began to stir just as he disappeared into the bathroom. The reason for his visit was soon all too obvious, and I smiled as I listened to the torrential rush of a full bladder being emptied. In the silence that followed I heard a long, low whistle. I realized he must be checking out his buff body in the mirror and I wondered if there had been any further overnight surprises. I didn’t have long to ponder. As he clambered back under the covers, his deep voice whispered in my ear.

“Tim … are you asleep?”

I turned to face him and grinned.

“Not any longer, you big mutt.”

“Tim, it’s unbelievable. Take a look at this …”

He brought up an arm and flexed it. I gasped as the bicep compressed into a hard ball of muscle. A thick artery snaked across its crest, connecting with a network of purple blood vessels that traversed his entire arm from wrist to shoulder. The hand that I stretched out to inspect the monster trembled a little as I placed it on that awesome muscle peak. It was like touching warm steel. Adam smirked at the obvious effect he was having on me and began to rhythmically pump his arm. Muscle, sinew and veins swelled and rippled in a fearsome demonstration of his new virility.

“Well, what do think, little guy? Is your toy boy man enough for you yet?”

Gulping back my dismay at his callous words, I threw my arms around his massive torso and snuggled into his chest fur.

“Oh Adam, you are much more than I ever dreamed possible.”

He responded by hugging me protectively. As I lay on top of his chest, pondering his changing physique and attitude, my dick throbbed excitedly until I began to calm down and drift in and out of sleep. When I next opened my eyes it was to discover that Adam had once again beaten me to the shower. While he was busy in the bathroom I climbed out of bed, anxious about any further changes to my own body. From how I felt, and from the evidence in the bedroom mirror, my slim figure appeared not to have changed at all from the previous day. As Adam’s tuneless singing came to an end I stood at the bathroom door, expectantly waiting my turn.

Suddenly the door flew open and Adam pitched into me, sending me sprawling on the bed in a fit of giggles. Laughing at his clumsiness, he shot off downstairs in search of a cure for his hunger. I followed him 20 minutes later, scrubbed and shaved, and found him in the kitchen brandishing the inch tape triumphantly.

“Almost 6 foot 4 inches! More height and a lot more muscle. But then, you already know about the muscle, don’t you little guy?”

He backed his boast by pumping and flexing his body for my inspection, finishing off with a truly intimidating double biceps pose. I was rooted to the spot, transfixed with awe while he purred with satisfaction, clearly relishing his superiority. Then he turned his head and fixed me with an arrogant smirk.

“What do you say now, Tim? Or should that be TINY Tim?” he guffawed. “Not bad muscles for a teen, huh?”

“You … you look truly awesome, Adam” I stammered. “But do you think you could stop taunting me with ‘little guy’ and ‘Tiny Tim’?”

He studied me for a moment, and I felt my face flush under his relentless stare. Then he threw back his head and roared with laughter. As his mirth subsided he ambled slowly over, his muscular quads flexing powerfully with every step. Staring down at me over his hairy pecs his face contorted into a scowl.

“Seems to me I’m only stating the obvious, LITTLE guy” he hissed.

My head dropped in submission, but as my eyes burned hotly into the kitchen floor, he tousled my hair and hugged me.

“I’m only funning with you, Tim, surely you know that? But there’s something strange happening here. You definitely seem to be getting smaller.”

Before I could respond he hauled me off my feet and carried me to the wall, his tight grip on my arms making me yelp in pain. Grabbing the inch tape he took my measure then nodded with satisfaction.

“I was right! You are shrinking. Weren’t you once a six footer?”

“Si .. six foot t .. two” I stammered weakly.

“Well now you’re only 5 foot 9 inches.”

I was devastated. Why would I be getting smaller? It made no sense at all. My day was spoiled pondering this predicament. I was still getting younger, it seemed. It had been part of my wish, of course, but I hadn’t counted on the regression continuing into my late teens. Surely there would be an end to the spell soon?

Ignoring a gloriously sunny day, I moped about the house. In total contrast to my mood, Adam enjoyed his day hugely and was without a care in the world. I would occasionally steal a glance at him from the upstairs window as he sunned himself and swam in the pool. He had undoubtedly become a magnificent specimen of manhood, a towering powerhouse whose body rippled and pulsed with awesome muscle as he moved around the patio. His legs, arms and chest were now carpeted in dark, manly hair, and the stubble growth on his chin since morning had already become an embryo beard. As my eyes appreciated every gorgeous inch of him, I fretted over his earlier flash of arrogance. It was a side of Adam I had not seen before, and hoped I would never see again.

I drew back from the window as he suddenly sprang from his sun lounger and turned to scan the windows.

“Tim!” he yelled. “Where are you? What are you doing?”

By the time he walked into the house I had run to the top of the stairs, where I stood trying to look unconcerned.

“Ah, there you are. You’re missing out on a great day. How do you fancy a swim in the ocean?”

Happy memories of our earlier frolic came flooding back.

“Sure thing” I said. “Just give me a minute to get ready.”

I raced into the bedroom, tugged off my shorts and T shirt and pulled on my speedos. Strange, they felt unusually loose at the waist and I turned to the mirror to investigate. The shock of what I saw made me gasp in astonishment. Staring back at me was a slightly built teen who looked no older that 18 or 19! As I stared at the young stranger in the mirror, my mind was spinning at the obvious implications. The magic was continuing to work its changes.


Adam’s angry yell broke the spell. Tearing my eyes from the mirror, I obediently darted downstairs. By the time I reached the patio, Adam was already halfway to the beach, running powerfully down the rubble path. I yelled after him and waved. He turned and beckoned me on. As I ran towards him with mounting excitement, all thoughts of my transformation were forgotten. I felt happy, jubilant and carefree for the first time that day – just like an immature young teen, in fact!

Just as we had the previous day, we splashed, dived and swam in the waves until we were near exhaustion. Then Adam took off, swimming powerfully away from the shallows until I began to worry that he was going out too far. Then he stopped and motioned me to follow. I needed no second invitation and set off at speed, my slender body cutting through the water like a torpedo.

When I reached him he was standing on the sandy bottom with his head and shoulders protruding from the water. I stopped swimming in front of him, stretched out a foot for the bottom – and promptly sank beneath the waves. Taken totally by surprise, I swallowed a lungful of water and spluttered and thrashed about in a panic. I felt myself being grabbed by powerful hands and hoist to the surface. I flung my arms gratefully around the neck of my rescuer and clung to him tightly. As I fought to recover my breath, Adam grinned at me.

“Forget you’re none too tall any more, did you?” he chortled. “That was my fault, I guess. I never should have encouraged you to swim out so far. But it’s a lesson learned. You play in the shallows from now on, little guy, is that agreed?”

I nodded miserably, all my gaiety lost.

“Come on” he laughed. “Let’s get my little cutie safely back on dry land.”

He began to wade for the shore, his huge quads powering with ease against the water resistance. I held on gratefully as his magnificent body slowly surfaced with every giant stride. As I stared up into his handsome face, so manly and rugged with its growing beard, the pleasant sensation of yesterday pushed back into my mind. Once again I began to glow at the perception of being safe, loved and protected. I puckered up and planted a kiss on his chin. He looked down at me and chuckled.

“Don’t worry, little man, I’m here for you. Nothing and nobody will ever hurt you while I’m around.”

When we reached the beach he deposited me gently on the sand. The instant I was separated from my champion, I panicked, feeling suddenly vulnerable and afraid. I ran back to him and threw my arms around his waist, pressing my face into his wet chest hair. As I clung to him, all my fear and anxiety melted away. After a few minutes patiently indulging me, he ruffled my hair.

“C’mon, Tim. Let’s get back up to the house and get you dried off.”

Then he effortlessly scooped me up in his arms like a child and began to amble back up the rubble path. This was altogether too weird. Only days ago I had been painfully conscious of our age difference. He was a lithe 19 to my portly 52. Now the situation had reversed. With his new muscle bulk and growing beard, he now had the maturity of a powerful young adult while I had become a slim, edgy teen. It wasn’t quite what I’d had in mind when I first decided to dabble in magic. But at that precise moment, feeling safe and secure in Adam’s muscular arms, I didn’t much care.

(more to follow)

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Can't wait for the next installment!
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This story is in such a unique niche. Thanks!
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