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Adam ... part 11

My scary brush with the ocean failed to spike the passion of the lovemaking that followed. Like the pair of highly sexed young bucks that we now were, we explored our bodies with a voracious intensity until, exhausted and spent, we drifted off to sleep wrapped lovingly in one another’s arms. But my ardor was not completely drained, for I was soon to wake up again bathed in sweat with a pounding heart and a throbbing erection, thanks to a wildly fanciful and highly erotic dream.

In this fantasy my subconscious conjured up an image of myself as a tiny, insignificant child, barely capable of speech and entirely dependant upon a powerful father-figure who was holding me possessively in his massively muscled arms. Feeble and powerless, my small, weak world was now entirely submissive to him and his demands.

The father-figure in the dream was, of course, Adam. But he was an Adam transformed far beyond mere human capacity into a fearsome, angry colossus. Suddenly the titan tipped me off his mighty chest onto the bed. Then, propping himself up on one arm, a movement that formed a rippling horseshoe of his triceps, he started to pump his free arm before my fawning gaze. His forearm bulged with power, pulsating with a vast latticework of purple veins as the bicep began to swell on his upper arm. It hardened into a huge ball of solid muscle that gained size and power with every pump until it was bigger and thicker than my entire frail little body. Then he fixed me with an arrogant glare and began to sneer at my helplessness and my craven need to be around him.

“Fuckin skinny twink” he spat. “Tell me again why a total fuckin musclegod like me is in bed with a pathetic little shit like you?”

His eyes shifted their gaze onto the one part of my anatomy that my dream had left totally unaffected by my physical regression.

“Oh yeah …..” he smirked, staring fixedly at my remaining grip on adult life as it throbbed in helpless adoration. He reached out, wrapped a huge hand around the thick, pulsating shaft and began to work me towards an ecstatic, worshipful climax. His surprisingly gentle strokes quickly achieved a result that spurted a stream of worshipful cum all over the thick growth of fur on his chest.

Suddenly I woke from the dream to discover reality mimicking fantasy. My real self was hugging into Adam’s sleeping form, frantically pummeling my throbbing dick up and down the solid muscle of his hairy leg and shooting my load up his thigh. I was sweating and panting from the intense arousal and highly exhilarated. Adam slept on, totally unaware of the drama. As I completed my rapture and cuddled into him, the smell of my cum blended into his manly aroma.

I studied him. Unlike in my dream he was no god and I was no little boy. But Adam was certainly, thanks to my dabbling in sorcery, evolving into an awesome alpha male. As for me, the sticky outcome of my erotic fantasy had all the hallmarks of a pubescent teen’s wet dream. A chill descended on my mood at the thought that my regression might still not be at an end.

Next morning I woke to find that Adam was already gone from the bed, and yet the house was strangely quiet. Recalling with some embarrassment the sticky mess my wet dream had left on Adam, I swung my legs out of bed to go find him. Immediately my head ached and the room began to spin. I flopped down on the bed again and waited until the moment passed, then I headed for the stairs and walked unsteadily down them. There was no sign of Adam and the car was gone from the driveway. Then I came across a scribbled note on the kitchen table.

Hi gorgeous! Nothing much fits me anymore and it’s a dull day, so I’ve gone shopping for new duds. Adam X

I poured myself an orange juice and found I could barely hold the glass in my shaking hand. What was happening to me? Was I in for a bout of ‘flu? I decided to abandon all thought of breakfast and head straight back to the sanctuary of my bed. The climb upstairs was a major challenge but, once I was safely back beneath the covers, I was soon asleep again. The next thing I was aware of was Adam hovering over me.

“Come on, sleepy head. I’ve never known you so lazy. It’s afternoon already!”

“Uh … sorry … I was feeling really strange so I just came back to bed.”

Adam studied me with concern.

“Wassup, lover? Are you coming down with a bug?”

“Yeah, I expect that’s it. Something I picked up at the diner, I guess – probably from your boyfriend.”

He punched my shoulder playfully in mock offence then slowly lowered his face until it was inches from mine.

“Can the jealousy, Tim. It doesn’t suit you.”

I smiled and he continued.

“You just stay in bed and I’ll see if I can fix us some hot soup.”

“That’s a plan” I said gratefully, “but I really don’t have much of an appetite.”

With an encouraging smile he bounded for the door. My eyes washed over his powerful frame, which new, roomier T shirt and shorts could not spoil. The sight made my dick twitch with interest. I grinned. Well at least there was nothing wrong with that department! Adam was soon back, bearing a tray with a bowl of steaming soup.

“Eat some of this and you’ll soon be back on your feet.”

After only a few spoonfuls I discarded the rest of the soup and lay back in bed. I felt nauseous, hot and sweaty, and I didn’t have the energy to try getting up again. Adam was clearly anxious about my mood and continued to dance attention on me for the remainder of the day. It was dark before I made another attempt at moving.

I climbed gingerly onto my feet and staggered to the bathroom. When I clicked on the light it was a shock to stare at a face in the mirror that was so ashen and gaunt. Clearly I looked as awful as I felt. Still, I was sure a shave and hot shower would improve matters, so I reached for the shaving foam. As I slapped the white gunk onto my chin I discovered that my familiar rough stubble was softer and more sparse. No matter, I scratched it off expertly then hit the shower where another shock awaited - my naked body looked very naked indeed! Like the stubble, my body hair seemed to be performing a disappearing act. My legs and arms were unnaturally smooth with even my pubic hair in retreat.

I began to tremble with the awful realization that my body might actually be reversing through puberty. Was this the real explanation for my weakness and dizziness? I decided I would keep my suspicions from Adam for the moment.

The T shirt and shorts I pulled on felt altogether too large and I thought I had mistakenly picked up some of Adam’s new clothes. But no, they were mine. There was just a whole lot less of me to fill them. Still feeling very weak, I made my way slowly downstairs to find Adam spreadeagled on the sofa, watching TV. When he spotted me he jumped up excitedly, instantly looming over me like a towering giant. His face crumpled.

“Sheesh … you look like death warmed up. And is it me or are you still shrinking?”

He beckoned me over to the dreaded inch tape wall, rolled out the tape and furrowed his brow in concentration. Then he whistled in disbelief.

“5 foot 6 inches! No wonder you look so small. I’m more that 12 inches taller than you now.”

I stood with my back against the wall, staring miserably up at him. He melted at my obvious distress.

“Aaaw, don’t look so sorry for yourself” he said cheerily, scooping me up in his brawny arms.

“Whatever it is that’s happening to us, I’m sure we can work it out.”

The he carried me to the sofa, where he lay down and cuddled me into his protective warmth. As I stretched out beside him, my skinny body was a frail insult to his powerful frame. Yet, far from feeling anxious, just being with him was once again having a calming effect on me, detaching me from my predicament.

I amused myself by running a foot up and down his leg, my toes caressing the manly hair that carpeted his muscular limbs. I began to ponder just how truly awesome Adam was and how I could rely on him to get me through this nightmare. Thoughts of his burgeoning competence, strength and maturity were comforting. They were also very arousing. As I thought of how his natural dominance had been effectively supercharged by recent events, my dick began to tingle, then throb, and then suddenly and unexpectedly erupt with a spurt of cum that left a wet spot soaking into my shorts. I blushed, hoping that Adam hadn’t spotted my juvenile lack of control. Fortunately he was once again engrossed in the TV. I sighed with relief and contentedly dozed in his arms until he decided it was time to carry me gently upstairs and tuck me into bed, where sleep would obliterate my troubles for a time.

It was still dark when the nausea woke me. I headed quickly for the bathroom, heedless of a pounding headache, only just making it to the sink before spasms of sickness hit me. Since I had eaten very little I found myself noisily retching into the bowl to little effect. The commotion woke Adam who appeared behind me, a towering Goliath to my feeble David.

“You alright, little guy?”

I attempted an answer, but the words spilled out in unintelligible squeaks. He laid two enormous hands on my narrow shoulders.

“Chill out and take your time … and drink some water before you come back to bed.”

Then he was gone. When the nausea finally passed, I obediently drained a glass of water and headed back to the bedroom. When I had settled my head on the pillow, Adam stretched out a hand and gently massaged my forehead.

“You going to be okay now?”

I returned his encouraging smile.

“Yeah, I guess I’m …….”

I stopped in mid sentence, stunned by the sound of a voice that was pitched far too high. The smile had also drained from Adam’s face. I coughed and tried again.

“I think I’m ……”

What was the matter with my voice? It lacked its familiar adult depth and resonance. Now we both had to come to terms with what I had feared. My “illness” had nothing at all to do with any bug, and everything to do with a regression that was now propelling me back through puberty into childhood. Stunned and fearful, I cuddled into him.

“Now I’m more scared than ever” I piped.

He hushed my fears, hugging me tight and planting reassuring kisses on my head.

“You’ve got nothing to be scared about, Tim. Your big brother is right here to look after you. And I’ll always love you, no matter what.”

(more to follow)
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