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Andrew chapter 38: The government strength tests

On the morning of Saturday, December 17th, 2005, Andrew woke up and sat up in bed. He noticed his reflection in the mirror above his dresser and grinned quietly, admiring his massive muscles in the mirror.
"Yeah, these massive muscles made winning the Provincial Championship possible, defeated David effortlessly, and sent Carrie into ecstasy last weekend when I proposed to her," Andrew said to himself.
Andrew walked into his bathroom, had his shower, brushed his teeth and shaved, and then walked back into his bedroom to get dressed. Taking the weather into account, he hunted for the warmest clothes he could find, but they were the clothes from last year, and they looked like they were painted on by the time he finally squeezed into them.

"This is ridiculous!" Andrew fumed to himself. "I can't believe that Carrie and I forgot to buy me new winter clothes during our shopping trip on my birthday! I guess I know what we're doing today! I'd better call her and tell her my plans for today."

So Andrew did that and Carrie assured him that she would be over to see him as soon as she got dressed and had breakfast. That reminded Andrew that it was time for him to have his own breakfast, so he said goodbye to Carrie and walked out of his room and down the hall to the stairs. As he walked down the stairs, he saw his father Chad standing at the kitchen counter.

"Good morning son," Chad said to him. "How did you sleep?"

"Just fine Dad, but I got an unpleasant surprise when I woke up this morning and saw that my winter clothes are now too small for me," Andrew replied.

"Yes I can see that," Chad agreed. "But I'm sure that you've already called Carrie and told her that you're going on a shopping trip to rectify that situation."

"How did you know that Dad?" Andrew asked him; shocked at his dad's insight into his thoughts.

"I know you pretty well Andrew, even if you've spent a lot more time with your friends than with me over the past few years," Chad replied, handing Andrew a plate piled high with food.

"I hope you don't think that I've forgotten about you Dad," Andrew said. "Don't forget, everything that I am today is all thanks to you and your research."

Chad looked up at Andrew as they sat down at the dining room table and realized that even though Andrew had toned down to 350 pounds, he was still much smaller than his son. But Chad realized that Andrew had been much more shy and humble since his Provincial Championship victory, so he wasn't worried that his son would try to intimidate him with his great size and strength.

"I haven't forgotten that Andrew, but thanks for reminding me of that anyway," Chad said; relieved that Andrew's enhancement was no longer a sore spot between them. He felt great joy when he realized that Andrew's dreams had come true and that joy brought tears to his eyes. "Sorry about that son; I'm just so happy that all your dreams have come true and that you've finally become the great man you've always wanted to be."

"It's okay Dad; I just hope that those tears on your face are ones of joy because of this!" Andrew shouted in excitement, pulling a letter out of his pocket. He handed the letter to Chad and said, "I was saving this until I could show it to Mom as well, but maybe you should be the first to see it."

"What is it Andrew?" Chad asked him, wiping the tears off his face with one hand and unfolding the letter with the other. He read the first few lines and then looked up at Andrew, his face beaming with pride. "You got your full athletic and academic scholarships from Miami!" he shouted in excitement. He jumped up from the table and gave his son a big hug. "Congratulations son: your dreams of becoming a Hurricane have finally come true! How does it feel Andrew?"

"It feels great Dad, but it hasn't really sunk in yet," Andrew replied, as he and his dad sat down again and continued eating. "But I am very aware that if it wasn't for you pushing me into athletic training at age 10, none of this would have happened. You took a big kid seven years ago and turned him into a huge muscle god. You should be really proud that your research and training worked out so well."

"I am son," Chad assured him. He took a closer look at the letter and added, "It looks like you got the letter almost three months before the regular offers of admission get mailed out!"

"Yeah well, I'm not a regular student, I'm a highly-sought after football star," Andrew reminded him with a smug grin. "That's why I got all these scholarship offers from other schools as well!" He dropped nine more letters on the table and said, "What do you think of that Dad?"

Chad looked at the addresses on the envelopes and at a glance saw Ohio State, West Virginia, University of Michigan, Georgia, Penn State, USC, Notre Dame, Florida State and Alabama.

"These letters are from most of the Division 1-A schools in the US, aren't they son?" Chad asked him with a big grin.

"Oh did I forget to show you the rest of the letters?" Andrew asked his dad with a cocky smirk. "Here you go," he added, dropping more letters on the table.

Chad picked them up and looked at them one by one: seeing Ole Miss, Clemson, Michigan State, Purdue, Texas A & M, Army, Syracuse, UCLA, Oklahoma, Kentucky, and University of Texas.

"That's 11 more schools Andrew; which means that you've received full scholarship offers from 20 schools," Chad said, beaming with pride. "I know you've picked Miami, but it doesn't seem to have stopped these other schools from trying to snatch you away."

"They're not going to stop until I officially sign with one of them on National Signing Day in the first week of February," Andrew reminded his dad. "I'm sure you remember getting this same kind of early Christmas gift 30 years ago."

"Yes son I do, but I didn't get 20 scholarship letters; more like five," Chad informed him. "How many letters did your friends get?"

"Steve got 15, Darrel and Phil got 12, Ralph and Connor got eight and Mike even got a couple," Andrew said, smiling with pride at his friend's accomplishments.

"Which schools did Mike get offers from?" Chad asked him.

"Miami, Florida State and Ohio State," Andrew replied. "But only Miami offered him a full scholarship, because they have actually seen him practice in person and they actually had a full scholarship left over."

"It says here, in each letter in fact, that you'll receive the actual scholarship checks once you accept an offer of admission on National Signing Day," Chad read. "But you have to apply to three schools before that, even if you only choose one in the end. Any idea which schools you're going to pick as your top three choices?"

"The same three schools as Mike: Ohio State, Florida State, and University of Miami," Andrew replied. "Ralph and Connor are picking the same three schools as their top choices so that we can all stick together."

"I hope you put Miami first, not last Andrew," Chad reminded him. "After all the recruiting that Coach Malcolm has done for you, it would be a shame if he didn't see his school at the top of your list, since you are obviously at the top of his list!"

"Don't worry Dad; I just misspoke when I told you my top three choices," Andrew assured him. "Miami's the first choice for all four of us, I can assure you!"

"That's good Andrew," Chad said, as they began eating again. He heard a knock at the kitchen door and looked up to see Carrie standing there. "Oh hello Carrie, come on in."

"Thanks Mr. Pearson," Carrie said, opening the door and stepping into the kitchen. She looked at Andrew's half-eaten plate of food and couldn't resist teasing him a bit. "After you called me and told me to hurry up and have breakfast so I could come over here, I expected you to be done eating as well Andrew!?

"Sorry Carrie, Dad and I just caught up talking about my future," Andrew apologized. "Are you still hungry? There's more food on the stove I believe, though it may be cold by now."

"Oh thanks a lot Andrew; leaving me cold food to eat!" Carrie teased him. "How am I supposed to get warm now, after walking here in the snow?"

"Come sit on my lap and I'll show you," Andrew said, patting his legs and beckoning Carrie over to the table with a finger.

"No thanks Andrew; I was just teasing you," Carrie said, lifting the cover off the pan on the stove and seeing that the food inside was still warm. "See, your dad left the stove on low so that the food would stay warm." She put some eggs and bacon on a plate for herself and then sat down beside Andrew at the kitchen table. "What are all these letters Andrew?"

"These are my 21 full scholarship offers from various Division 1-A football schools in the United States,? Andrew replied.

"Actually, the Division 1-A is now known as the Football Bowl Subdivision Andrew," Chad informed him, after checking his Blackberry. "They have some of those bowl games that you and I have watched for years; the Rose Bowl, The Orange Bowl and the Capitol One Bowl among them."

"This will be our last chance to see some of those games Dad; do you think we can go see some of them in person?" Andrew asked him.

"I see no reason why not; a lot of those games probably have some of the schools that these letters came from and you haven't been to all 20 of these schools yet," Chad realized. "But enough about that; if we keep talking about you all morning, Carrie will think you're showing off."

"Yeah, she always gives me the confidence to show off," Andrew agreed. "I'm a bit shy otherwise, except when I'm around the guys of course."

"I know Andrew," Carrie said. "You really do show off around the guys all the time, replacing the true Andrew with Andrew the Jock." She thought for a minute and then realized something. "Actually that's not quite true Andrew: during the last trip out with the guys three weeks ago, you were very quiet and humble, even when Coach Everson presented you with your Championship jacket. Are you going to wear it today?"

"Yes I am Carrie, because it, unlike my other winter clothes, is actually the right size for me," Andrew informed her. "We'll have to go shopping today and find some 3XL winter clothes for me!"

"So which mall do you think you two will go to today?" Chad asked them, as they finally finished breakfast.

"Probably down to the Georgian Mall Dad," Andrew replied. "Judging by their success in providing me with bigger fall clothes on my birthday, Carrie and I shouldn't have any trouble finding bigger winter clothes for me today."

"Good idea Andrew," Chad said, putting some DVDs in an envelope after he finished putting the breakfast dishes in the sink. Andrew started to help him clean up, but Chad stopped him by saying, "I don't need any help cleaning up Andrew, but if you don't mind dropping this envelope off at the OPP station for me, I'd appreciate it."

"Sure thing Dad," Andrew said with a big grin. "But you have to ask me nicely."

"Would the High and Mighty Provincial Champion do his dad a favour and deliver a letter to the police station please?" Chad asked him with a joking grin.

"Of course Dad, since you acknowledged me by my true title!" Andrew replied with a chuckle.

"Thanks a lot son!" Chad laughed, noticing Andrew's smug grin. "The huge football star helps out others, even when he outweighs them by more than 100 pounds!"

"I don't outweigh you by that much, do I Dad?" Andrew asked him with a shocked look on his face.

"Actually, you outweigh me by 120 pounds, but who's counting," Chad informed him. "Have a good day you two." He noticed Andrew opening the kitchen door and said, "Wait a minute Andrew."

"Yeah Dad?" Andrew asked him, caught halfway through the doorway. "I'm kind of stuck here; what is it now?"

"You forgot to change your jacket Andrew," Chad replied, realizing that his son was in a hurry to leave. "Hurry upstairs and get your Championship jacket; then you can go."

"Sure thing Dad," Andrew said eagerly, coming back into the kitchen. "I'll be right back."

He ran upstairs to change his jacket, which gave Chad the opportunity to ask Carrie, "What schools are you picking for your top three choices Carrie?"

"Miami, Florida State and Ohio State," Carrie replied. "I want to make sure that I'm with Andrew wherever he goes!"

"Don't worry Carrie, I'm sure that Andrew will never leave you, especially now that you're engaged to him," Chad assured her.

As he finished speaking, Andrew came downstairs in his Championship jacket. Chad wished them a good day and finally let them leave. Andrew waved to his dad and led Carrie out to the garage where his car was parked.

As they drove to the OPP station, Carrie said, "I'm so glad you're my fianc? Andrew; I'm really lucky."

"Not as lucky as I am to have you Carrie," Andrew reminded her. "I'm so glad that you're not scared of me anymore, and that makes me love you even more."

"I love you too Andrew, now more than ever," Carrie said. "I can't wait until we get married."

"Not that long to wait now: barely six months Carrie," Andrew informed her.

"We haven't actually set a date yet, but I'm sure we can take care of that when both our families are together for Christmas Dinner in eight days Carrie," Andrew decided.

"Good idea Andrew," Carrie agreed. "It looks like we're approaching the OPP station."

"Yes I can see that Carrie," Andrew teased her with a joking grin. "Do you have any idea where we deliver the DVDs my dad gave me?"

"Why don't you ask Chief Collins?" Carrie suggested, pointing to the front
door of the building as they found a parking space. "He's waiting for us."

"Good idea Carrie," Andrew said, getting out of the car and opening Carrie's door for her.

They both walked up to Chief Collins and Andrew handed him the envelope with the DVDs in it.

"Thank you Andrew," Chief Collins said. "I hope you don't mind performing some strength tests for us while you're here," he added, leading Andrew and Carrie through the building to the back lawn.

"Actually I would mind Chief; Carrie and I were heading down to the Georgian Mall in Barrie to get some shopping done," Andrew informed him with a frown.

"I'm sure you can spare a few minutes," Chief Collins said, motioning Sam to join them.

"Only if I want to," Andrew reminded him; getting angry now. "And it'll take a lot more than two of you to stop me from leaving, so don't even bother trying!" He clenched his fists in their faces but then Sam suddenly locked handcuffs around them. "Why you little creep!" Andrew roared, lunging at Sam

Sam quickly jumped behind Chief Collins, keeping Andrew from getting his hands on the handcuff key. Andrew glared at Chief Collins and Sam and Carrie looked back and forth between the three of them, wondering what was going on.

"Don't just stand there Andrew; snap the cuffs if you really want to leave!' Chief Collins goaded him.

Andrew shattered the cuffs effortlessly with one quick jerk and then lunged at Sam as Chief Collins stepped aside. But then Andrew had to dodge aside as a police car came out of nowhere and almost ran him down. At least ten cops swarmed Andrew as he tried to get up, but they were unable to keep him down. So they pulled out Tazers and used them at full power.

"Oww!" Andrew yelled in pain, never having been hit with ten Tazers at once before. The cops kept zapping him, hoping to make him behave, but then Andrew looked up in fury and the ten cops realized that they were just making him mad instead. "You guys are going to be so sorry that you got in my way!" Andrew stood up and threw all ten cops away from him with a tremendous heave. "I warned you, but you didn't listen!" Andrew shouted in rage as he saw the ten cops lying motionless on the ground. "You'd better learn not to mess with the Muscle God!" He turned around to face Sam and the Chief, but then noticed the same police car that had tried to run him down earlier bearing down on him again. "Hey, what are you trying to-?" Andrew began, before the car ran into him, pushing him backwards despite his best efforts to brace himself. "Oh, you want to see who's stronger: man or machine?" Andrew growled. "Okay, let's find out!"

Andrew planted his feet firmly and then pushed against the car with all his strength. He managed to lift the front end of the car off the ground and the cop inside got a look of horror on his face as he realized that he was now spinning his tires uselessly.

The cop jumped out of his now useless car and ran for the helicopter that was parked on the helipad, hoping to escape Andrew's fury.

"Come back here you coward!" Andrew yelled, running after the cop as soon as he flipped the car out of his way. "If you think you can get away in that puny helicopter, I'll bring you back down to earth really fast!"

Andrew was still running towards the helicopter as the cop jumped in and
prepared to take off. Andrew had to fight through the wind from the rotor blades to get close to the helicopter, but then he grabbed one of the landing skids as the helicopter began to lift off. He managed to pull the helicopter back down to the ground, but then the pilot pushed the engines to full power. Andrew was almost pulled into the air with the helicopter, but then he managed to summon his full strength and pulled the helicopter back down to the ground again, this time permanently. The engine died in a shower of sparks and Andrew's rage died just as fast.

He grinned at the pilot to hide the shock he felt at his great strength, and then looked around the back lawn to see the damage he had caused: ten cops still on the ground, a flipped car and a dead helicopter. To help alleviate the pilot's fear, Andrew helped him out of the helicopter.

"Thanks a lot man," the pilot stammered, scared to death of Andrew's great strength.

"You're welcome man," Andrew said. He noticed the terrified look on the
face of the pilot and assured him, "It's okay man: I'm all calmed down. Thanks for the great workout: I loved it!"

"I'm glad you did Andrew," the pilot said. "I'm also glad that we have a replacement chopper; the strength tests we put you through wrecked this one!"

"Hey I'm sorry about that," Andrew apologized. "I'll get my dad to buy you a new helicopter, since the strength tests that wrecked it were probably his idea anyway."

"That won't be necessary Andrew," Chief Collins assured him, coming across the lawn with Carrie. "When Dr. Johnson told us that you were ready for the next round of strength tests, we found money in the budget for a replacement helicopter." He looked around at the damage Andrew had caused and added, "And a replacement squad car as well, since you wrecked that too!" He shrugged helplessly and said," When we planned the strength tests, this wasn't what we had in mind!'

He walked over to Sam, who was desperately trying to wake up the ten cops who Andrew had knocked out. Andrew followed him, a little ashamed of the damage he had caused, even though he now knew that it had all been part of the strength tests.
"Hey Sam, don't be scared of me man!" Andrew advised him, as Sam backed away in fear from Andrew's approach. "Don't forget, you're the ones who tried to run me down, not the other way around!"

"A lot of good that did us," Sam stammered, motioning at the flipped-over car.

"Oh yeah, I'd better clean up the mess I made," Andrew realized. He walked over to the car and effortlessly turned in right side up again. "There Sam, how's that?" he asked, turning to face Sam again.

"That-that was incredible Andrew!" Chief Collins stammered, while Sam was speechless with fear beside him. "You've performed so many strength tests today that I hope you're tired out now!"

"I guess I am," Andrew informed him, even though he wasn't. He noticed the ten cops beginning to wake up and added, "It's a good thing that I am, or you guys would be even more scared of me!" Andrew noticed the terror on the faces of the ten cops as they stood up and noticed him standing near them. "Hey, don't worry guys: I won't hurt you anymore! You certainly tried to hurt me with those Tazers; not that it did much! Great strength tests anyway guys!"

"It was a great session of strength tests," Chief Collins agreed. "I knew that if we took you by surprise, we'd see your full strength unleashed! Good job Andrew!"

Andrew grinned, feeling perfectly calm now. The cops were all relieved to see Andrew smiling, and their fear gradually turned into admiration for his great strength. They all crowded around him, congratulating him on his great strength.

"You should join the OPP instead of the Hurricanes Andrew!" Sam shouted in enthusiasm. "No criminal would dare walk the streets with Super Andrew in uniform!"

"Yeah, we should put some videos of your great strength on the OPP website so that everyone in the police community can see how strong you really are," Chief Collins said. "Then, even if you don't join, it might make future recruits feel like they can make more of a difference, especially after the Enhancement Serum becomes approved for us!"

"That would be a good idea Chief," Andrew agreed, as the other cops went back inside. "Well, I guess Carrie and I should get going down to Barrie now.

"I just want you to promise me something before you go Andrew," Chief Collins said.

"What's that Chief?" Andrew asked him.

"Promise me that you will remain on the side of Law and Order Andrew," Chief Collins ordered him. "Your great strength today proved that no human has any hope of restraining you, and when you get angry, they may not be able to reason with you either!"

"I hadn't thought about that," Andrew realized, looking scared at the idea. "But I promise you now Chief that I will never turn to crime and that instead I will use my great strength to make everyone?s lives better, in any way I can."

"Good for you Andrew," Chief Collins commended him, looking very relieved. "I think I will ask Dr. Johnson if he could use you on an informal basis as a volunteer EMT."

"How would I be helpful in the regard?" Andrew asked him, looking confused.

"You could use your great strength to rip jammed doors off wrecked cars, greatly reducing response times in medical emergencies," Chief Collins replied. "That way, valuable life-saving time wouldn't be wasted waiting for the Jaws of Life to arrive!"

"Wow, I never thought about that Chief!" Andrew shouted in excitement. "You're right, I would be a great help as a volunteer EMT considering that application of my great strength! Sign me up Chief!"

"Consider it done Andrew," Chief Collins said with a big smile. "I'll call Dr. Johnson and set everything up after we're done here."

"Sounds good Chief," Andrew said, looking relieved that he could use his great strength in a better way than just causing damage from now on. "By the way, did you basically order me to perform strength tests today to make me mad so that you'd see how great my strength really was?"

"Yes I did Andrew," Chief Collins replied. "I knew that we'd never get you to reveal your true strength if you were calm, so we had to make you mad to see it."

"That was kind of dangerous, don't you think?" Andrew asked him with wide eyes. "I could have really hurt someone you know!"

"But you didn't!" Chief Collins reminded him. "Even though you knocked out ten cops, they're just fine now.? When Andrew's look of panic vanished and he began to look relieved, Chief Collins nodded and added, "You forgot that, didn't you Andrew?" When Andrew nodded, Chief Collins continued by saying, "Even when you were mad, you controlled your great strength and didn't permanently injure anyone! You should be very proud of your self control Andrew!"

"I guess you're right Chief," Andrew realized. "It's just that my great strength scares me sometimes."

"That's a good thing Andrew," Chief Collins informed him. "Remember that fear anytime you get tempted to intimidate anyone and multiply it by ten. Then you will know how scared everyone else is when you get mad!"

"I hadn't thought about that either," Andrew realized. "Well, now that you've helped me realize all that, I wonder if you can do something else for me."

"Anything for you Andrew," Chief Collins assured him.

"Now that my car has been tricked out, I'm sure that I'll enjoy it a lot, if you know what I mean," Andrew informed him. "I want you to promise me that your cops won't let me off with just a warning if I'm speeding. I don't want any special treatment because of who I am or who my father is."

"I wouldn't consider giving you special treatment Andrew," Chief Collins assured him, not exactly truthfully. "But I'm glad to hear you ask me not to anyway. You just proved how smart you are by asking me to treat you just like everyone else and not like a celebrity. A lot of guys in your position might think they're above the law because of their status as Provincial Champions. I'm glad to see that you're not one of them Andrew."

"Thanks a lot for understanding Chief," Andrew said gratefully. "Can I go now?"

"Yes you can Andrew," Chief Collins replied. "I've got all the footage I needed today from those strength tests and I'll give the tape to Lt-Colonel Mitchell for your strength tests at the base tomorrow."

"I see that Dr. Johnson and my dad told you the date of those tests before they told me!" Andrew chuckled. "But thanks for telling me Chief! See you later!"

Chief Collins shook Andrew's hand and then went back into the OPP station. Andrew walked back over to Carrie, who was still standing at the back doors of the building, and waited for her to say something.

"There's my huge muscleman," Carrie said, giving him a big hug. "How did it feel showing off the true limits of your great strength?"

"It felt great Carrie," Andrew replied with a big smile. "I love being so big and strong, but I don't think I've reached the true limits of my great strength yet! I look forward to finding out tomorrow when Colonel Mitchell puts me through more strength tests at the base!"

"I think you should bring the guys to the base with you to see that," Carrie decided, leading him back to his car. "I'm going to go out with Sarah and Sue tomorrow."

"Okay Carrie," Andrew agreed, as they got into the car. As he started the engine, he turned to her and asked, "Speaking of going somewhere, where are we going now?"

"To Georgian Mall to find you some bigger clothes," Carrie replied, as they pulled out from in front of the building. "I hope we have better luck than those cops did restraining you!"

"There?s only one way to find out Carrie!" Andrew declared, pulling onto the southbound lane of Memorial Avenue.

Carrie grinned at him, looking forward to a fun day of shopping with her fianc?e.

The next day, Sunday, December 18th, at 7 am, Andrew and Chad were already up getting ready for the trip to Meaford to meet Lt-Colonel Mitchell. He was the officer who would be supervising the strength tests, as well as the younger brother of Major-General Mitchell: Chad's old friend from Basic Training.

"Are you ready to go to the Meaford Base Andrew?" Chad asked him, as they began eating their breakfast.

"Yes I am Dad," Andrew replied, looking a bit nervous.

"What's wrong son?" Chad asked him, very surprised to see a hint of fear in Andrew's eyes. "You look nervous Andrew; what could possibly scare a big strong guy like you?"

"The Meaford Base used to be the Meaford Tank range Dad!" Andrew reminded Chad.

"Yes I know Andrew, but there are no working tanks there anymore," Chad assured his son. "Marge and Margaret will be coming with us today though, in case the bullets the soldiers fire at you injure you."

"Of course I'll get injured Dad!" Andrew shouted at him. "I'm not invincible you know!"

"Not yet Andrew, but if the doctors at the base can successfully transfer Margaret's healing properties via a blood sample then you soon will be," Chad assured him.

"Hey, good idea Dad," Andrew said, smiling at the thought. "Also, Margaret can heal me after I get used for target practice today."

"Yes she can Andrew, and don't forget that she was actually one of the architects of your enhancement," Chad reminded him.

"Architects?" Andrew repeated. "You make me sound like some kind of special project Dad!"

"Well, you are special, but you're my son, not my project Andrew," Chad assured him.

"Thanks Dad," Andrew said gratefully, laying a massive hand gently on Chad's shoulder. "I really appreciate you saying that; you haven't forgotten that I'm not just a big medical experiment."

"I sure do son," Chad agreed. "I'm really sorry about having you enhanced without telling you that it was my idea. But it was a last minute decision, unlike the Testosterone Supplements."

"Are you talking about the special supplements your company made that you tried out on yourself before sharing them with me?" Andrew asked him.

"Yes I am son," Chad confirmed. "I just realized something about those supplements last night."

"What did you realize Dad?" Andrew asked him with a sigh. "What have you done to me now?"

"Nothing I haven't done to myself first Andrew, as you pointed out," Chad assured him. "I got a call from Margaret last night and she told me that she was coming along today and that your testosterone levels were sky-high after the encounter with Alexander two weeks ago. She reminded me that your testosterone and adrenaline levels were very high even before you got enhanced in July and she asked my why."

"And now you know why," Andrew realized.

"Yes son I do," Chad confirmed. "All those supplements I gave you since you were ten enhanced your puberty development. Did you ever wonder why you put on 40 pounds of muscle and grew four inches that summer, almost two years before the normal puberty growth spurt?"

"Wasn't that just your genes kicking in Dad?" Andrew asked.

"You only have some of my genes Andrew; the rest come from your mom and the men in her family were short," Chad informed him. "Even with puberty, you may not have reached your Pre-Enhancement size of 6 foot 7 and 275 pounds."

"So you gave me all the supplements to make sure I'd get big enough to undergo the Enhancement Procedure," Andrew realized.

"That's true Andrew, though I wasn't exactly thinking of that since our company hadn't perfected the Enhancement Serum by July."

"So it was just a fortunate coincidence that Marge enhanced me with her serum in July, providing you with a blueprint to follow," Andrew realized.

"That's right Andrew, and we worked over the summer to duplicate her success, finally succeeding around Labour Day," Chad informed him. "That's why both Marge and Margaret are coming along today: they can explain the process in detail to Lt- Colonel Mitchell and his scientists. Then they can duplicate the Enhancement Procedure safely."

"Good idea Dad," Andrew agreed. "Marge's trial runs gave Steve and me some nasty emotional side effects, which were finally corrected when Darrel was enhanced. That does bring up something Darrel said however: that Marge told him that she can only enhanced people who weigh more than 275 pounds. How can I help others get enhanced if they're nowhere near that weight?"

"Everyone who wants to be enhanced would have to take my testosterone supplements first, to bring their bodyweight up to the lower limit for the procedure to be successful," Chad replied. "There is another condition: the volunteers have to be less than 25 years old, when their hormone levels are high enough to interact successfully with the Enhancement Serum."

"So I guess you're not enhanced then Dad," Andrew realized.

"That's right son, but even if I was young enough, the serum is initially designed for military, police, and EMTs, not football players," Chad said.

"But did you come up with the Enhancement Serum in the first place because of the knee injury that ended your NFL career?"

"Yes I did Andrew," Chad admitted. "I didn't want any other athletes to go through what I did so once the government is satisfied, I intend to get the serum approved for athletes."

"It would be a good idea to start with Coach Malcolm, since he seems really excited to have an enhanced player like me on his team," Andrew suggested.

"Good idea Andrew, especially since three enhanced players will soon be playing for Florida State," Chad agreed. "I think that Anthony and Mike would be good candidates for the procedure, though we'll get Anthony enhanced first over New Years. Let me know when Mike's bodyweight crosses 275 pounds and then we can ask him if he wants to be enhanced as well. Then he'll be just as strong and invincible as you are son!"

"I'm not invincible Dad," Andrew protested. "IF I was, bullets would bounce off me, not stick in me!"

"A theory we'll be able to put to the test at the Meaford Base," Chad informed him. "That's why it's so essential that Marge and Margaret come with us: so that they can make sure you heal scar-free."

"That sounds like a good idea Dad," Andrew agreed. "So, who else is coming with us besides Marge and Margaret?"

"Mike and his dad," Chad replied. "Now that is Christmas Vacation, they have the time to see Matt, since they'll be bringing him home from the base after our visit today. Also, since Martin's a counselor, he's the perfect person to give the newly enhanced recruits all the psychological guidance they need as they acquire superhuman strength."

"Good thinking Dad," Andrew said approvingly. "It sounds like you've put a lot of thought into this."

"We all learned a lot over the past three months thanks to you Andrew," Chad said. "Your genetic enhancement was obviously a great success, as you demonstrated when you crushed cars and knocked down buildings with your bare hands!"

"Yeah that was great fun Dad," Andrew said, flexing his biceps in the mirror. He grinned at the awesome muscle god he saw reflected there and added, "I'm glad that I trimmed down to 350 pounds; I can see a lot more definition in my muscles now."

"That's great Andrew," Chad said, walking to the window as he heard something outside. He looked out and said, "It looks like our ride's here; better put a shirt and jacket on son."

"Good idea Dad," Andrew agreed, as Chad went to the front door and opened it.

Chad watched Marge's red helicopter land in the driveway and then noticed Mike and Martin driving up the street.

"Good to see you Chad," Margaret said, suddenly appearing right in front of him, even though she had been sitting in the helicopter just a few seconds before.

"It's good to see you too Margaret, though I didn't see you walk to the front steps from the helicopter," Chad said, recovering from the shock her sudden appearance. "You must have used magic."

"Yes I call it the Shifting Spell," Margaret informed him. "I found it in the Ancient Book of Magic and decided to try it out today. Are you and Andrew ready to go to Meaford?"

"Yes we are Margaret, and so are Mike and his dad," Chad replied, pointing behind her.

Margaret turned around quickly, not having heard the Stevensons walking up behind her. She greeted them along with Chad, while Marge stepped out of her helicopter to do the same. So no one saw Andrew getting into his boots and jacket and putting on his sunglasses. Once everyone got into the house, Chad closed the door and then they turned to face Andrew.

"Hey, who's the biker dude?" Mike laughed, pretending not to recognize Andrew.

"Very funny Mike," Andrew laughed, putting on his sunglasses. "I guess I really do look like a biker, don't I? I never realized that my black leather Championship Jacket would have that effect."

"You can admire yourself in a mirror on our way to Meaford Andrew," Chad said. "Let's go everyone," he added, collecting his files from the kitchen counter.

Chad led the way out of the house and locked the front door behind them. Then they all got into Marge's helicopter, which could seat six people.

"It looks like we've filled the helicopter to capacity," Marge commented as she sealed the doors and prepared to lift off. "Do you have the course plotted to Meaford Mr. Pearson?"

"Yes I have it here on my PDA," Chad replied, bringing the device up to the front console.

He connected the PDA to the upload slot of the console and uploaded the map to Meaford into Marge's navigation system.

"So Andrew, are you nervous about your strength tests today at the Meaford base?" Margaret asked him.

"Naw, I'm a jock so I don't get nervous!" Andrew boasted, not even lying since his talk with Chad that morning had eased his nerves. "After my strength tests against Alexander three weeks ago, I think I've proven that I can take more than a few bullets!"

"You certainly have Andrew," Margaret agreed. "You truly are a muscle god Andrew! I don't think anyone could stop you unless they tried to melt your heart like Carrie does!"

"Well she certainly does that," Andrew agreed. "Did my dad tell you the good news yet?"

"Yes after your brunch at the casino last weekend, Chad called me and told me that you and Carrie are now engaged," Margaret replied. "Congratulations Andrew; I'm sure that you and Carrie will be very happy together."

"Yes we well Margaret," Andrew agreed. "Carrie loves me very much, especially when I use my great strength to pick her up effortlessly! I also find it very gratifying helping guys like Mike reach their full potential, just like I did with Mike's brother Mark."

"He's up to 185 pounds now, he stands five foot 9, and he just benched 250 pounds yesterday!" Andrew bragged proudly. "He's turning into an awesome jock, just like his older brother Mark did!"

"And at the Meaford base, we'll see Mike's oldest brother Matt, who you first met in July 1998, when he was just out of Basic Reserves Training," Martin said proudly. "He was based at Borden then, but once the military moved the Land Force Training Center to Meaford, he moved with it, as did all the staff. Borden is mostly for non-combat trade training now, while all the combat training is done at Meaford." He looked over at Chad and added, "I'm sure that your dad is just as proud of you for winning the Provincial Championship as Matt is serving in the Army Reserves with you."

"Yes I am Martin," Chad agreed, patting Andrew's massive shoulder proudly. "Not only is Andrew an awesome National Defender, but he's a Goliath on the Gridiron who helped his team win the Provincial Championship! I had to expand his trophy case in the living room so that the huge new trophy could fit right in the center!"

"Yeah, that was a great weekend after the game," Andrew said. "I'll remember that weekend for the rest of my life!"

"Don't forget about last weekend Andrew; it's the one in which we all learned that you and Carrie will get married soon," Chad reminded him with a frown.

"I can assure you I have not forgotten," Andrew informed him, returning Chad's frown with one of his own. "But enough about the past; let's talk about the future. Am I the only one who's going to be tested against bullets today?"

"Yes Andrew, because you are the only Enhanced Soldier in the CF," Chad replied. "That means that you're the only one who's legally allowed to be in harm's way today. However, 'harm's way' is a contradiction in terms for you, because while you'll be in the way of the bullets, they will not harm you!"

"As we found out in the summer and last month Margaret," Andrew said with a smug grin on his face.

"I just wish we could solve the blood loss problem," Chad said with a frown. "Then you won't have to worry about bleeding out from the chest shots Andrew."

"I never bled much from them anyway, probably a residual effect of Margaret healing me back in July," Andrew reminded his dad. "We discussed that this morning, and after she healed me from three bullet wounds last weekend, I bet I'll bleed even less now!"

"That's probably why I'm coming along Andrew: to provide a blood sample while I heal you so that the military scientists can mix it with the Enhancement Serum," Margaret realized.

"That would be a great help to our research Margaret," Chad agreed. "After all, even if Andrew can't feel pain anymore, the physical evidence of injury would still make him a target for attackers, as he found out from David at IGA two weeks ago!"

"Yeah Dad, but anyone who tries to hurt me will become my target!" Andrew growled in fury.

"Time to back up that threat Andrew; we've arrived at LFCA TC Meaford," Chad informed him, pointing out the right window of the helicopter.

The helicopter landed at the South Gate as Andrew grinned, excited at the thought of showing off his great strength and invincibility once again. As the six friends stepped out of the helicopter, they found three soldiers waiting for them: Lt-Colonel Mitchell and his two aides: Master Warrant Officer Jones and Captain Mitchell.

"Good morning Private Pearson; are you ready for the strength tests?" Lt-Colonel Mitchell asked Andrew.

"Yes I am sir," Andrew replied, remembering not to salute in civilian clothes. "Let's get on with it sir!"

"Very well Private; follow me," Lt-Colonel Mitchell ordered him. "Bring your friends along as well."

Andrew and his friends followed both Mitchells and MWO Jones over to the Handgun Training Range, where Sergeant Stevenson and Private Luke Rowe were waiting for them.

"I see you broken leg is fully healed Luke," Andrew said, stepping forward to shake his hand.

"Yes it is Andrew and now it's time to see how well you heal from bullet wounds," Luke replied, pointing a handgun at Andrew's head.

"You should be careful where you aim that gun Luke," Andrew warned him, stopping in his tracks. "Someone could get hurt!? He took off his Championship jacket and t-shirt, trying to forget that David had aimed a gun right at his eyes two weeks before. Then he turned back to Luke and asked him, "You're still pointing the gun at my head Luke; haven't you learned basic handgun safety yet?"

"Yes I have Andrew, at this very range in fact," Luke replied, shifting his aim to Andrew's chest. "I guess we're not doing head shots today; only chest shots."

"That's right Private Rowe, because the head is still a vulnerable point on an Enhanced Soldier," Sergeant Stevenson reminded him. "Even the Kevlar helmet and ballistic glasses can't fully protect against damage to the face! Fortunately, the first place soldiers aim is center of mass: which is the chest."

"Are you ready to be shot in the chest Andrew?" Luke asked.

"Yes I am Luke, but you have to wait for Lt-Colonel Mitchell to give the fire control order," Andrew reminded him.

"Good point Andrew," Lt-Colonel Mitchell said. He turned to Luke and said, "Private Rowe: target to your front, 10 meters, rapid rate, open fire!"

Luke began firing rapidly, aiming all the shots at Andrew's massive chest and rock-hard abs. Andrew staggered back from the impact of the first few shots and Luke grinned: thinking that Andrew would soon fall down.

But then Andrew stopped playing around and began walking towards Luke; not even flinching as the bullets lodged in his chest and abs. Luke fired the last shot just inches from Andrew's chest: hoping that firing from point-blank range would make Andrew flinch.

But Andrew just grinned and said, "If you were trying to see if I'm ticklish, you succeeded Luke. But if you were trying to hurt me, you failed."

"I can see that Andrew," Luke agreed, his teeth clenched in fear. He noticed that Andrew was barely bleeding and added, "Let's see if Sergeant Stevenson can do better."

"He won't have-" Andrew began to say, before he heard a loud snap and saw chunks of wood fly past his head. "-any better luck," he finished with a smug grin, turning around to see Matt holding a shattered wooden bat in his hands. "Maybe a metal bat would be more effective Sergeant."

"Good idea Private Pearson," Matt agreed.

Andrew felt something hit his back and heard a loud clang. He turned around just in time to catch a metal bat right in his abs. Andrew grinned when he felt nothing and laughed when he saw that the end of the bat was actually dented. He looked up to see Captain Mitchell staring at him in shock and fear.

"It looks like the metal bat had no effect on me, but let's see if I can have an effect on it Captain," Andrew decided. He snatched the bat from Mitchell's hands and bent it until it formed a rough circle. Then Andrew folded the now-circular bat on itself several times until it had become a rough sphere. Then he handed it back to Captain Mitchell and said, "There you go sir; I made you a new paperweight for your desk. I hope you like it."

"Thank you Private Pearson," Mitchell said, too shocked to say anything else.

Andrew grinned at him and then turned to Lt-Colonel Mitchell.

"So, were those strength tests successful sir?"

"Yes they were Private Pearson," Lt-Col. Mitchell replied, letting out a slow breath to dispel his fear of Andrew's great strength. "You have more power than you can imagine Andrew. The only question I have for you is: will you control that power, or will it control you?"

"The former sir, as the police found out during the strength tests they gave me yesterday," Andrew replied with a quiet grin.

"I'm glad to hear that Andrew," Lt-Col. Mitchell said, breathing a sigh of relief. "You certainly caused a lot of damage yesterday, which is why we decided to only use small arms against you today."

"Yeah, Matt here is the only one who can attack me with big arms sir!" Andrew chuckled.

"Very funny Andrew!" Lt-Col. Mitchell laughed. "But all kidding aside, it's time to go inside and talk more about the future applications of the Enhancement Project."

"What applications sir?" Andrew asked, retrieving his t-shirt and jacket as Margaret healed his bullet wounds.

"I'll tell you everything once we're all inside Andrew," Lt-Col. Mitchell promised him, as the four soldiers and Andrew's five friends followed them into the nearest building. Once they entered the meeting room beside the main lab, Lt-Col. Mitchell closed the door and ordered everyone to sit down at the table. Once everyone was seated, Lt-Col. Mitchell said, "The reason I didn't tell you anything outside Andrew is because everything I'm about to say about the Enhancement Project is Top-Secret. That's why only the 11 of us are in this room: we're the only ones on this base who are to know the full details until it's time to tell everyone else." He opened the folder he was carrying and took out 11 forms. He passed them around and said, "Fill out these non-disclosure agreements everyone and then we can get started."

He sat down and filled out his own form as the other ten people filled out theirs.

"All done sir; can you tell us about the future applications of the Enhancement Project now?" Andrew asked him, after everyone had handed in their filled-out forms.

"Yes I can Andrew, and thank you for cooperating everyone,? Lt-Col. Mitchell said. "Everything I'm about to tell you today is Top-Secret, as I already said. Disclosure of this information will be investigated by CSIS and could result in five years imprisonment in the Edmonton Military Prison. Is that understood everyone?"

Everyone nodded and Lt-Col. Mitchell smiled. "Good, then we can get started." He looked down at Captain Mitchell, who was seated at his right side and said, "Go ahead Captain: tell them everything."

"Yes sir," Captain Mitchell said, standing up as Lt-Col. Mitchell sat down. "Major-General Mitchell has authorized this base to be the first military test site for the Enhancement Serum. Any members under the age of 30 are eligible for the serum, though we'd prefer to start with the biggest guys: the ones over 250 pounds."

"Why is that sir?" Sergeant Stevenson asked.

"I can answer that," Marge replied, standing up from her seat. Captain Mitchell nodded and saw down. Marge turned to Sergeant Stevenson and said, "First, only the biggest soldiers would have enough testosterone to make the Enhancement Serum effective. Second, they're already big enough that they could probably take a few bullets without getting killed. So enhancing them to guarantee that won't arouse notice or suspicion. We don't want the enemy to know that we're enhancing our soldiers until it's too late for them to do anything about it."

"Yes, yes, no one needs to know," Martin said suddenly. "There's no need to frighten uninformed people!"

"Do you have a problem with what we're proposing Martin?" Lt-Col. Mitchell asked his brother-in-law. When Martin hesitated, realizing that he was the only one in the room who wasn't fully on board, Mitchell assured him, "You can speak freely Martin; we're all friends here."

"Do you have any idea what a slippery slope you're on Chris: enhancing soldiers when they're barely out of High School?" Martin asked him, pointing at Andrew.

"I would rather tell a soldier's parents that we've found a way to keep their kid safe in combat then send an officer to tell them that their son or daughter got killed in Afghanistan," Mitchell reminded him.

Martin nodded and said, "That's a very good point Chris, but there's still something that concerns me." Chris nodded at him to continue and Martin added, "When a person gains great power: the use or misuse of that power is everything. Will the Enhanced Soldier use their great strength for the greater good, or will they use it for personal or even destructive ends? When will it be deemed acceptable for them to use their great strength, and when will they have crossed that invisible line that turns them into tyrants over our fellow citizens? These are important questions that we have to consider and answer very carefully before we go through with this."

"Those are very good points you just raised Martin, and that is exactly why you're here: to provide a balanced psychological perspective to the Enhancement Project," Lt-Col. Mitchell commended him. He turned to Sergeant Stevenson and asked him, "Do you think you can address Martin's concerns Matt?"

"Yes I would sir," Matt agreed, standing up from his seat. "In order to make sure that the young soldiers we enhance don't get drunk with power, Captain Mitchell and I will be undergoing the Enhancement Procedure today, along with Private Rowe here." Martin nodded in approval and Matt turned to Andrew. "How soon will the effects of the serum become apparent Andrew?'

"Well, I noticed a 25 pound weight increase and a doubling of my bench-press every month sir," Andrew replied.

"Don't call me 'sir' Andrew; I work for my rank!" matt teased him. He turned to Lt-Col. and Captain Mitchell and said, "No offence sir."

"I know you were just joking Sergeant, but if you ever become an officer, you'll find out just how hard we work," Lt-Col. Mitchell informed him. Matt nodded and Mitchell turned to Andrew. "Those are pretty impressive results Andrew; were they typical for Steve Peterson and Darrel Parker as well?"

"Yes sir they were," Andrew replied, fighting down a surge of Andrew at the mention of his former best friends. He turned to Matt and said, "You're as big as me Sergeant, so I'm not sure what effect the Enhancement Serum will have on you."

"The serum will go right to his adrenal gland, since his testosterone glands are obviously already at full power Andrew," Margaret informed him. Matt turned to look at her, surprised by her insight, and Margaret said, "I can detect people's vital signs and hormone levels without touching them now; I can't heal them without touching them unless I read the Healing Spell."

"And that brings us to the reason for your presence here Margaret," Lt-Col. Mitchell said.

"I?m way ahead of you sir; you want me to provide a blood sample so that you can mix it with the serum and pass on my healing properties," Margaret realized. Mitchell nodded and Margaret assured him, "I'd be happy to help in any way I can sir; then we can ensure that our soldiers come home safe and sound."

"Will Luke and I reach the same height and weight as Matt sir?" Captain Mitchell asked Lt-Col. Mitchell.

"Yes, because Matt was actually the physical model for the Enhancement Project," Lt-Col. Mitchell replied. "And since we're all friends here and unofficially off-duty, let's address each other by first names until after lunch."

Everyone nodded and Andrew asked, "What happens after lunch sir- I mean Thomas?"

"You'll be on duty with Matt, Luke and Tom and then you'll find out," Thomas assured him. "Right now though, it's time to go to the lab and enhance those three. Lead the way Tom."

"Okay Thomas," Captain Mitchell said, leading the group down the hall to the lab. "Will you or my dad be undergoing the procedure Uncle?"

"I'm 38 and my older brother, Major-General Chris Mitchell, is 45," Thomas replied. "We're above the new age limit unfortunately, so you, as his son and my nephew, will have to represent our family among the ranks of Enhanced Soldiers. Are you up to the challenge Nephew?"

"Yes I am Uncle and I won't let you down," Tom promised Thomas, as they entered the lab. ?I'll use my great strength to make you and my father proud!"

"Just come home safe from your deployment to Afghanistan Tom," Thomas urged him. He turned to Andrew as they entered the lab and said, "That's who we're going to be using the Enhancement Serum for Andrew: personnel who will be deployed next spring. Matt, Luke and Tom will all be going to Afghanistan next spring and I want to do everything in my power to ensure that they come home safe and sound. Also, since you won't be with us, we need to enhance these three now to make sure the serum works on them as it did on you."

"I understand sir," Andrew said. He felt uncomfortable at calling the Base Commander by his first name, even though he had known Thomas Mitchell since July of 1998. "Believe me, if there was any way I could play for Miami and still be a soldier, I'd do it sir."

"Well, by coming back here for the summers to fulfill the rest of your Reserves Contract, you can do just that Andrew," Thomas assured him. "You won't be deployable of course, because of college academically deferring you from that, but maybe once you're done with football, you can return as an officer. I'll have to check the Commissioning Documents of course, but I imagine that an American university degree would allow you to become a Second-Lieutenant at least."

"At this base, at least for the Soldier Qualification, 2nd-Lts are usually Platoon Commanders," Andrew realized. "Is that what you have in mind for me in the future sir?"

"Yes Andrew, but in the meantime we have Captain Mitchell," Thomas said, realizing that Andrew wanted to be more formal with him. "Who better than an Enhanced Captain to lead a whole platoon or company of Enhanced Soldiers?"

"I couldn't agree more sir," Tom said. "If our trial runs in Afghanistan next spring are successful, maybe we can create an Enhancement Company or E-Company for short. All Enhanced Soldiers would be part of that special group."

"That?s a very good idea Captain," Thomas said. "Write it down and we can discuss it more when our special guest arrives this afternoon." He noticed the other soldiers grinning, but Andrew and his friends looked confused. "More on that later Andrew, but in the meantime, one the deployment of these three soldiers is complete, we will know if the Enhancement Serum was effective or not. If it is, then we'll be able to give every recruit the opportunity to become genetically enhanced. They'll have to take the appropriate supplements of course, and we'll need to create a screening process to determine which recruits would be the best candidates for the Enhancement Procedure. Fortunately, we have just the person who can do that." He opened the door of the office on their right and said, "You can come out now Doctor."

Andrew and his friends were very surprised to see their friend Dr. Richard Johnson step out of the office.

"What are you doing here Doctor?' Andrew asked him in surprise.

"Lt-Col. Mitchell just told you Andrew; weren't you paying attention?" Dr. Johnson teased him. When Andrew glared at him, pretending to be mad, Richard laughed and said, "Seriously though Andrew, since I was around to see how well you took those rifle bullets from David two weeks ago, your dad thought I'd be the perfect person to come here and administer the injections." He turned to Chad and asked him, "Do you have the Enhancement Reports ready for Thomas Chad?"

"Yes I do Richard; I got them done last night after I got all them all from Margaret, Marge, you and Chief Collins," Chad replied. He handed Lt-Col. Mitchell a stack of full file folders and said, "It's all here Thomas: physical effects, medical effects, and psychological effects of the Enhancement Procedure. So the three soldiers who get enhanced today know exactly what they'll be facing and the doctors here will be able to deal with any side effects as well."

"The perfected enhancement of Darrel and Phil Parker eliminated any emotional side effects that Andrew Pearson and Steve Peterson experienced," Marge assured everyone. "It?s safe to proceed with the injections as soon as Dr. Johnson prepares them."

"Fortunately, I brought a whole cooler of the Enhancement Serum with me, which is sitting in the fridge in my office," Dr. Johnson said. He stepped inside his office, retrieved the cooler and stepped back out into the lab. "Are you ready to add your blood sample to the serum Margaret?"

"Not yet Doctor, I need to heal someone who's injured and then the med techs have to take my blood sample at that moment," Margaret reminded him. "Otherwise, there's no way to tell which one of my magic powers the Enhanced Soldiers will receive!"

"Yeah, and we don't want anything unpredictable to happen!" Andrew realized. "But it seems like you know what you're doing Margaret, so I'll volunteer to be the person who gets injured."

"Okay Andrew," Margaret agreed, leading him over to the nearest work bench.

Dr. Johnson came along to take the blood sample personally.

"Who?s' got a knife?' he asked the soldiers who had followed him over to the bench. I think Andrew's had enough bullets for today."

"I've got one," Sergeant Stevenson replied, unsheathing his knife and holding it up.

"Okay Sergeant, go ahead and attack Andrew with it," Dr. Johnson
said, "Let's see how long it takes you to cut him."

"I've been looking forward to this," Sergeant Stevenson said to Andrew.

"My strength has doubled since the last time I was here Sergeant," Andrew warned him, exaggerating a bit.

"Good; twice the pride, double the fall," Sergeant Stevenson said with a smug grin.

"Whatever you say 'Count Dooku'!" Andrew laughed, recognizing the quote.

He didn't laugh long though, because Sergeant Stevenson started swinging the knife at him, forcing Andrew to use his martial arts skills to avoid it. All the people watching realized that Matt wasn't holding back, but then they realized that with Andrew's great size and strength, he couldn't afford to. Andrew caught Matt's arm between his ribs and his right arm and then threw Matt to the ground, taking the knife away from him in the process.

"Good job Andrew; you disarmed me without hurting me," Matt said proudly.

"No problem Sergeant," Andrew said, turning away and holding the knife out to Luke. "DO you want to do the honours Luke? I know that you guys are probably mad that I couldn't make it for the last Reserves Weekend."

"You were busy Andrew; everyone understood that," Luke said, as Andrew felt something hit his back.

Andree turned around to see Matt holding another knife in his hand, but this one was bloody.

"Don't you know that it's not nice to stab people in the back sergeant?" Andrew asked him, grinning because he didn't feel any pain.

Matt grinned and replied, "Yes I know that Andrew, but that's what you get for turning your back on your opponent. I bet you won't make that mistake again!"

"You're right Sergeant," Andrew agreed soberly. He turned to Margaret and said, "It's time for you to heal me Margaret. Are you ready to collect a blood sample from her at the same time Dr. Johnson?"

"Yes I am Andrew," Dr. Johnson replied. "Roll up your sleeve please Margaret," he added, approaching her with the vial and the syringe.

"Sure thing Doctor," Margaret said, following his orders. Then she placed her hand over the wound on Andrew's back and said, "Whenever you?re ready Doctor."

"Now Margaret," Dr. Johnson said.

Margaret closed her eyes and healed Andrew's knife wound as Dr. Johnson took the blood sample from here. A blue mist glow showed from between her fingers and her blood draining into the vial glittered with blue sparkles.

"Are you finished Doctor?" Margaret asked, as she lifted her hand off Andrew's back.

"Yes I am Margaret; just hold this gauze against your elbow," Dr. Johnson said, sealing the vial and taking it to the cooler of Enhancement Serum.

"Good job healing him Margaret; there's no trace of a scar," Thomas congratulated her. Margaret smiled and then Thomas asked Andrew, "Did you feel any pain when Matt quite literally 'stabbed you in the back' Andrew?"

"No I didn't sir," Andrew replied, as Dr. Johnson began putting drops of Margaret's blood into each vial of Enhancement Serum. The serum fizzed and turned a light purple. "Are you going to synthesize more of Margaret's blood for that sample once the original sample is gone?" Andrew asked him.

"No Andrew; instead I'll just make more of the new serum from one of the vials of the serum I'm combining with Margaret?s blood," Dr. Johnson replied. He looked over to Lt-Col. Mitchell and said, "It'll be a few more minutes until the serum is ready sir; I want to make sure that Margaret?s blood doesn't separate from it."

"Okay Doctor; I'll continue talking with my soldiers and friends about the future applications of the Enhancement Project," Thomas decided. He turned to Andrew and said, "You're a pretty smart guy Andrew; do you remember what we were talking about before Dr. Johnson came out of his office?"

"Yes, you were talking about Captain Mitchell's idea to create an Enhanced Solider Company; E Company I believe he called it," Andrew replied.

"Ah yes, I remember now," Thomas said. "Once we identify the right candidates for the procedure, we'll be able to graduate entire platoons full of Genetically Enhanced Infantrymen who won't have to worry about losing their lives in combat. Then they can come home safe to their loved ones, who will no longer have to dread the prospect of bereavement officials visiting their homes!"

"Well said sir!" Sergeant Stevenson shouted in excitement. He looked over at Dr. Johnson, who was still working with the serum and Margaret?s blood. "How much longer will the doctor be working on the new serum? I really want to get enhanced today and I'm sure that Captain Mitchell and Private Rowe do too!"

"Yes we do Sergeant, but getting impatient won't help Dr. Johnson get his work done any faster," Captain Mitchell reminded him. Matt nodded and Captain Mitchell turned to Lt-Col. Mitchell and said, "How exactly does the serum work sir?"

"It purifies the output of the adrenal and testosterone glands," Lt-Col. Mitchell replied. "Or put another way: it increases to maximum efficiency the systems in the body that are responsible for generating size and strength in men."

Captain Mitchell looked confused, but then he said, "So essentially what you're saying is that the Enhancement Serum causes a Second Puberty."

"That's essentially correct Captain, minus the emotional side-effects of course," Lt-Col. Mitchell corrected him. "After all, we want to create Super Soldiers, not Super Freaks Captain!"

"Quite right sir," Dr. Johnson said, coming up to the group of soldiers. "Good news gentlemen; the new Enhancement Serum is ready. Who's going to be getting the injections?" Sergeant Stevenson, Captain Mitchell and Private Rowe raised their hands. "Excellent; sit down by the cooler please and I'll inject you myself." Dr. Johnson said.

The three soldiers followed him obediently over to the work bench and Dr. Johnson inserted a vial of serum into each of the three syringes.

"Have you streamlined the procedure since July Doctor?" Andrew asked him as Dr. Johnson injected Luke.

"Yes I have, but you already know that Andrew," Dr. Johnson said, picking up the next syringe full of serum.

"What do you mean Doctor?" Andrew asked him, as Captain Mitchell was injected.

"This new serum disguises itself as material that the two glands in question need to function properly," Dr. Johnson replied, picking up the final syringe. As he injected Sergeant Stevenson, he added, "This ensures that the serum gets routed to the two glands via the bloodstream, where it goes to work filtering out the impurities and flushing them out of the body via the exocrine system. Then the adrenal and testosterone glands won't have to work as hard, because they'll be producing a much purer product."

"Which means that their heart won't have to beat as fast to move the adrenaline and testosterone through their bodies," Andrew realized. Dr. Johnson nodded, and Andrew asked him, "Will these three soldiers need booster shots of the serum, which you and my dad gave me in October?"

Dr. Johnson nodded and said, "I?m sure you realize that those booster shots you received were also tests of the streamlines Enhancement Procedure Andrew."

"Yes I do Doctor," Andrew agreed.

While they were talking, the three newly-enhanced soldiers stood up from their seats and walked over to Lt-Col. Mitchell.

"How do you feel men?" Thomas asked them.

"We feel very strong and calm sir," Captain Mitchell replied.

"That's good Captain," Lt-Col. Mitchell said. "I'm sure that you'll want to work out after lunch in the gym to see how much stronger you are now."

The three soldiers nodded in agreement and Dr. Johnson walked up to them and said, "That's actually a very good idea sir, because the Enhancement Serum is only activated by working out. But first, I have something to tell you Sergeant Stevenson."

"What's that Doctor?" Matt asked him.

"Since you are already 6 foot 7 and 350 pounds, the serum will only go to your adrenal gland, not your testosterone gland," Dr. Johnson replied. "Since surging adrenaline has been known to cause aggressive tendencies, much like steroids, it is most imperative that you tell your dad if you feel any. He'll send you to me, and I'll give you some medication to calm you down."

"But didn't you tell us that the Enhancement Serum had been perfected with Darrel Parker, eliminating any side effects?" matt asked him.

"Yes I did Sergeant, but I forgot to account for how big you are already," Dr. Johnson informed him. "You are already the height and weight that a person injected with the serum is projected to reach. So your adrenal gland gets all the serum, causing it to produce a pure product in half the time it would normally take. This means that your strength will increase at twice the normal rate as well!"

"And you're afraid that if I get too excited by my great strength, I'll become aggressive and start bullying people," Matt realized. He smiled and said, "You don't have to worry about that Doctor; I've been so big and strong for so long that I'm used to being very careful around other people, since they're all much smaller than I am!" He turned to Lt-Colonel Mitchell and added, "Don't worry sir; I'll set a good example for the troops and motivate them to follow in my footsteps!"

"I'll hold you to that Sergeant," Lt-Colonel Mitchell said. He turned to Dr. Johnson and said, "You'd better give Private Pearson an injection of the new serum: which now has Margaret's healing properties in it."

"Right away sir," Dr. Johnson said, leading Andrew over to the workbench.

Mitchell turned back to Matt and asked him, "When do you think we can begin asking for volunteers from among the platoons on the base here Sergeant?"

"I'd wait until after Christmas Vacation sir, which should be enough time for me and the other three enhanced soldiers to double in strength," Matt replied. "We'll have to rehearse of course, but I imagine a few strength demonstrations like we performed on Andrew today should produce a few volunteers. What soldier wouldn't want to be bulletproof?"

"That's a good point Sergeant, especially when we remind any potential volunteers that being bulletproof will allow them to come home safely to their families," Mitchell agreed. He turned to his brother-in-law Martin and said, "I may have said it once already, but I'll say it again: keep a close eye on the psychological stability of Matt and Andrew, just like you have for the past few years."

"Sounds like a good idea sir, because now that I've received a third booster shot in the space of two months, I'm going to become stronger even faster!" Andrew shouted in excitement, walking up to the group with Dr. Johnson. As his superiors turned to look at him, he asked them, "So, what are the plans for the rest of the day sir?"

"We'll be going to my Private Dining Room for lunch Andrew," Lt-Col. Mitchell replied. "Everyone who took part in or witnessed the strength tests this morning is welcome to attend. Let's go everyone."

Everyone followed him down the hall and out of the building to the Mess hall, which was quite a walk down the main road.

"I should tell you now what my plans are for the afternoon Andrew," Mitchell said, keeping a close eye out for people who would salute him. "But first, I must tell you that Sergeant Stevenson, MWO Jones, Captain Mitchell, Major-General Mitchell and I were all promoted to our current ranks in July, as a result of our efforts to bring the Enhancement Project in to the Canadian Forces. We're actually having a formal announcement this afternoon to announce the success of the Enhancement Project and the creation of the Enhanced Training Division in the CF."

"Will Major-General Mitchell be here for that announcment?" Andrew asked him, as the officers returned the salutes of some NCMs who were passing them.

"Actually yes Andrew; he'll be arriving at the base in approximately 90 minutes," Mitchell replied. "Sergeant Stevenson will be leading the Honour Guard for him and since this counts as your December Reservist Weekend Andrew, you're welcome to join in. If your dad and friends want to stay to meet the Major-General of course."

"We'd be glad to Tom," Chad replied, as his friends nodded in agreement.

"Excellent," Captain and Lt-Col. Mitchell said simultaneously. Lt-Col. Mitchell looked at his nephew and said, "You see now why I go by the first name Thomas Chad: it's less confusing that way."

"Yes I can see that," Chad said, as they entered the building that contained the Commandant's Private Dining Room.

"Anyway, once we're done lunch, Privates Pearson and Rowe will be going with Sergeant Stevenson to the Drill Hall beside the gym for the Honour Guard Practice," Lt-Col. Mitchell said. "Then the Sergeant and Private Rowe will change in the gym and work out in the weight room, experiencing their new strength for the first time. I'll show the Major-General around the Enhancement Lab with Captain Mitchell and then we'll all come to the gym to see how strong you two have become. Then we'll all go to one of the meeting rooms for the official announcement of the Enhanced Training Division, or ETD for short. At that meeting, Major-General Mitchell will assume his new role as Commander of the ETD and he'll settle into his new office here at the base."

"Sounds like you've organized the afternoon's events pretty well sir," Captain Mitchell said approvingly. "I just have one question: when do we show the Major-General the new uniforms we have created for the Enhanced Soldiers?"

"Wear them for the Honour Guard Sergeant," Lt-Col. Mitchell ordered Sergeant Stevenson.

"Yes sir," Matt said. He turned to Andrew and said, "I suppose you're wondering what the new uniforms look like Andrew."

"Yes I am Sergeant," Andrew replied, as they entered the Commandant?s Private Dining Room. They sat down at the table, gave their orders to the waiters, and then Andrew said, "This is the first I've heard of special uniforms."

"We had to figure out a way to distinguish normal soldiers from Enhanced Soldiers, and your last Reservist Weekend in October showed us how Andrew," Matt said. When Andrew looked confused, Matt asked him, "Do you remember how much trouble you had getting under the wire obstacle on that weekend?"

"Yes I do Sergeant; it took me four tries to get through it because my uniform kept getting caught on the barbed wire!" Andrew remembered.

"That's because CF combat uniforms are generally loose and baggy," Matt informed him. "The enhanced uniforms have a tight fit to prevent them catching on anything sharp. Also, since those of us who get enhanced are bigger guys, a form-fitting uniform will decrease wind resistance, allowing us to run faster when we have to. Also the fabric of the uniform is thin enough that a tight fit won't restrict our movement: the same principle applied to baseball and football uniforms."

"Yeah, and my football uniform is skintight, revealing all my massive muscles and intimidating my opponents on the field," Andrew said with a cocky smirk.

"We considered that, and we hope to have the same effect on enemy soldiers," Lt-Col. Mitchell informed him. "And it's not just for show: imagine how demoralized the enemy would be if our soldiers just pull out the bullets without feeling any pain or even being knocked down! And if they don't bleed anymore, then there would be no evidence that they'd even been hit by enemy fire! We'd look unstoppable to the enemy and their spirit would be broken, allowing us to win this war and bring our troops home in victory!"

Everyone in room applauded his impromptu speech, and Captain Mitchell looked up from the careful notes he had been taking.

"When was the last time you and your dad met Major-General Mitchell Andrew?" he asked.

"I think it was 1998, when the some Infantry Reserves training was still held at Borden," Andrew replied. "We met him when I began working out, when he was a Lt-Colonel, and Dad first told him about the Enhancement Project."

"I remember that Andrew," Matt said, as their meal arrived and they began eating. "That's when I first met you Andrew and asked you to keep an eye on Mark and matt for me. Now that Mark's a Hurricane and Mike's going to be, it's clear that you did much more than watch them: you turned them into football players!"

"Actually I did watch them, as they got bigger and stronger in the gym under mu guidance," Andrew reminded him.

"Very funny, but very true Andrew," Matt laughed.

During lunch, Andrew realized that he had not been at the base in November, but then with football and dealing with Alexander he realized that he wouldn't have had the time. Andrew also realized that he had never been called for a Reservist weekend last month and he correctly guessed that Coach Malcolm and Margaret had informed Lt-Colonel Mitchell about the activities that had kept Andrew occupied.

"How many people will be in the Honour Guard for Major-General Mitchell sir?" Mike asked Lt-Col. Mitchell suddenly.

"25 people Mike," Lt-Col. Mitchell replied. "IF the Chief of the Land Staff was visiting, we would have a full Honour Guard of 100 soldiers to greet him."

"Does that mean that if the Chief of the Land Staff came here, he'd be greeted by a Half-Guard of 50 soldiers?" Andrew asked him suddenly.

"Good question Andrew, but only Major-General Mitchell can answer it," Lt-Col. Mitchell replied. "Ask him when you see him."

Andrew nodded and everyone ate the rest of their lunch in silence. Then the four Enhanced Soldiers went to the QM to try on the new Enhanced Soldier Uniforms. Mike went with them while the parents and the two Witches went with Dr. Johnson, Lt-Col. Mitchell and MWO Jones into the main office building to prepare for Major-General Mitchell's arrival.

In the QM, the four soldiers put on their two uniforms and then looked in the mirror. One glance showed them that the new uniforms fit much tighter than the regular CF combats.

"I love how tight this uniform is sir; I can see all my bulging muscles!" Andrew shouted in excitement to Captain Mitchell.

Captain Mitchell nodded and reminded him that since he and Matt were the same size, he was lucky that Clothing Stores had a uniform big enough for him.

?That?s the largest Enhanced Solider Uniform we have Andrew, so until we can specially order a larger size for you and Sergeant Stevenson, you?ll have to make due with 3XL,? Captain Mitchell informed him.

Andrew nodded in agreement and then followed Luke and Matt out of Clothing Stores and over to Equipment Stores to get their equipment for the Quarter-Guard. Then the three soldiers walked over to the Drill Hall, where the rest of the Quarter-Guard was waiting for them. Once there, they put the bayonets and slings on their rifles.

?Wow, that uniform is practically skintight on you Andrew!? one of the soliders teased him/ ?Where do you think you are: on the football field??

Andrew laughed and after enduring some more good-natured teasing about the tight fit of his uniform, he got in line for the Quarter-Guard practice. The practice went smoothly and Sergeant Stevenson said that he was very impressed with the drill of the 24 soliders in front of him. The soldiers were tempted to tease the Sergeant, since his uniform was just as tight as Andrew?s, but they kept their mouths shut since he was their superior officer.

At 13:20 hrs, Sergeant Stevenson marched the Quaarter-Guard out to the front of the Officer?s Office Building to wait for the flag car that would bring Major-General Mitchell into the base. Captain Mitchell and Lt-Colonel Mitchell waited at the top of the steps inside the double doors.

?I think the tailors miscalculated on the size of the uniforms for Sergeant Stevenson and Private Pearson sir,? Captain Mitchell said. ?My uniform is tight, but theirs look like they?re painted on!?

?Good point Captain; I?ll have to talk to Clothing Stores about that after the General?s visit,? Lt-Col. Mitchell said. ?I hope they can order a 4XL size for those two, or we?ll just have to get them altered at the Tailor Shop ourselves.?

At precisely 13:30 hrs, the lookouts signaled to Sergeant Stevenson that Major-General Mitchell?s flag car was approaching. Since the three ranks of eight soldiers were already at Open-Order position, all Sergeant Stevenson had to do was called them to attention and then Shoulder Arms.

The flag car pulled to a stop to the left of the Quarter-Guard and Major-General Mitchell stepped out with his aide: a Brigadier-General. He walked under the flag and stood at attention.

?General Salute: Present Arms!? Sergeant Stevenson shouted.

The Quarter-Guard followed his order and Major-General responded with a crisp salute. Then Sergeant Stevenson ordered the Quarter-Guard back to Shoulder Arms and then Order Arms, before stepping up to the Major-General and saluting him.

?Would you like to inspect the ranks sir?? Stevenson asked Mitchell as the latter returned his salute.

?I would indeed Sergeant and I can see that you and two other soldiers have already gotten into the new Enhanced Soldier Uniforms,? Mitchell said, looking his massive frame up and down. ?I think we?ll have to talk to the tailors about getting you and Private Pearson a bigger size.?

?I wasn?t going to mention it sir, but I think you?re right,? Sergeant Stevenson said. ?Let?s inspect the ranks first and then we can bring that point to Lt-Col. Mitchell?s attention.?

?Very well Sergeant; lead the way,? Mitchell ordered him.

The two Generals and Sergeant Stevenson inspected the ranks of soldiers slowly and Major-General Mitchell made sure to speak to each soldier. He mainly asked standard questions like how long they had been at the base, what trade they were, how long they expected their training to take, and what unit they wanted to be posted to. When he got to Andrew however, he diverted from the standard speech.

?So Private Pearson, you were the first soldier to be genetically enhanced, am I right?? Mitchell asked him.

?That?s right sir; I was enhanced in July, five months before Sergeant Stevenson, Private Rowe and Captain Mitchell,? Andrew replied.

?Ah yes, those three were enhanced today on my orders so that I could see the initial effects of the Enhancement Procedure for myself,? Mitchell said.

?Yes sir, after your meeting with Lt-Colonel Mitchell, you?re welcome to stop by the gym where we?ll be working out,? Sergeant Stevenson said. ?Then you?ll see how much stronger we?ve become since we got enhanced before lunch today.?

?Good idea Sergeant; I look forward to it,? Mitchell said. He turned back to Andrew and said, ?Congratulations on winning the Provincial Championship and securing your athletic scholarship to the University of Miami Private Pearson.?

?Thank you sir,? Andrew said with a big grin.

?Carry on Private Pearson,? Mitchell said, moving on to talk to Luke, who was standing on the left side of Andrew.

After Major-General Mitchell had completed his inspection of the ranks, he walked back under the flag and another Present Arms was performed for him. He returned the rifle salute with a crisp hand salute and then shook Sergeant Stevenson?s hand, congratulating him on a fine Quarter-Guard performance. Then he walked up the steps into the office building with his aide and shook hands with the Commandant, MWO Jones, and Captain Mitchell, after returning their salutes of course. He winced at the surprising strength in Captain Mitchell?s grip and realized that the Enhancement Serum was making his son much stronger already.

Outside the building, Sergeant Stevenson marched the Quarter-Guard back to Equipment Stores, where the 25 soldiers returned their equipment.

?Thank you for volunteering to come here today for this Quarter-Guard everyone,? he said, once they were all back outside again. ?Everyone except for Privates Pearson and Rowe can go home now. Enjoy your Christmas Holidays and see you back here in the New Year.?

?Thank you Sergeant!? everyone shouted.

?You?re welcome everyone; dismissed!? Stevenson shouted back. 22 of the 24 Privates performed a right turn and then marched off in twos to their cars. Stevenson turned to his two remaining soldiers and said, ?Private Rowe: go get changed into your PT Gear and I?ll meet you at the gym. Private Pearson: go get changed into your civilian clothes again and then meet Captain Mitchell and the Generals in the Commandant?s Office in 15 minutes. Your father and the other guests will also be waiting there for you.?

The two Privates followed their orders and reported to their respective destinations on time and in the proper attire. Once Andrew arrived at the Commandant?s Office in his civilian clothes, he was able to chat more informally with Major-General Mitchell. Lt-Colonel Mitchell filled his father in on the full details of the Enhancement Project, with help from Margaret, Marge, Chad and Dr. Johnson.

?Well now that I?ve heard everything, I?d like to see where the Enhancement Serum is made,? Major-General Mitchell decided.

?Good idea sir, but since the meeting room we?ll be using is off the Enhancement Lab and Sergeant Stevenson is waiting for us in the gym, it would be best if we went there first sir,? Lt-Col. Mitchell suggested.

?It?s your show Colonel; lead the way,? Major-General Mitchell ordered him.

?Yes sir; follow me,? Lt-Col. Mitchell said.

He led the way out of the Officers Office Building and over to the Gym. Inside, everyone went up to the viewing window and looked inside to see Sergeant Stevenson and Private Rowe working out on the machines in the weight room.

?If we go inside, we?d get a better view sir,? Captain Mitchell suggested.

?Good idea Captain,? Major-General Mitchell agreed. ?Lead the way.?

?Yes sir,? Captain Mitchell said, opening the weight room doors. He walked over to where Sergeant Stevenson was setting up the bench-press and asked him, ?How much weight are you planning to lift today Sergeant??

?I?m going to see if I can get up to 1200 pounds today sir,? Matt replied. He lay down on the bench and asked Andrew, ?Would you mind spotting me Private Pearson??

?No problem Sergeant,? Andrew said, stepping behind him.

?Of course it?s no problem for you Andrew; you can lift 1200 pounds with one hand!? Mike laughed. Major-General Mitchell turned to look at him in shock and Mike said, ?I didn?t mean to blurt that out sir, but it?s true!?

?I can believe it, considering how easily your big brother is benching 1200 pounds,? Mitchell assured him, pointing to Matt on the bench.

Everyone watched Matt and Luke work out some more and Captain Mitchell took careful notes, recording the new best lifts for the two newly-enhanced NCMs. Then the workout session was over and Matt and Luke headed to the locker room to have their showers and get changed.

?Report back to the meeting room off the Enhancement Lab in 20 minutes troops,? Lt-Col. Mitchell ordered them as they stopped outside the locker room.

?Yes sir,? Matt said, smiling at how much stronger he was than yesterday. ?I can?t believe that I was able to bench 1500 pounds today; that?s a 300 pound increase over yesterday!?

?Believe it Sergeant; Captain Mitchell recorded the new results directly onto your own workout sheet,? Captain Mitchell reminded him. ?See you in 20 minutes.?

Matt nodded and went into the locker room with Luke. Everyone else went outside and went into the Lab building to show the two Generals the Enhancement Lab. Dr. Johnson explained the entire streamlined Enhancement Procedure to them and showed them the video footage of the four soldiers being enhanced that very afternoon.

?Very good work Doctor, and thanks to you three as well,? Major-General Mitchell said, turning to Chad, Margaret and Marge. ?The combined efforts of the four of you will save the lives of many soldiers, allowing them to come home safe from combat operations.? He then shook their hands, before turning to face Captain Mitchell and Andrew. ?I must especially thank you two for stepping forward and volunteering to become Enhanced Soldiers. If we didn?t have people like you stepping forward, the Enhanced Training Division wouldn?t exist.?

?I?m glad we could help sir; it?s a great honour to be part of the project that will bring soldiers home safe and sound,? Captain Mitchell said.

?Well, it?s about time to go to the Meeting Room now and make the official announcements sir,? Lt-Col. Mitchell ordered his older brother.

?You?re quite right Colonel; after you,? major-General Mitchell said.

Lt-Col. Mitchell led the way to the Meeting Room and everyone got there just as Matt and Luke arrived.

?Right on time you two; sit down everyone,? Lt-Col. Mitchell said. Everyone sat down in the chairs that faced the podium, noticing that the big table had been removed during lunch to make more room for chairs. Lt-Col. Mitchell stepped up to the podium and pulled out a few papers and plaques. ?First, Major-General Mitchell and I will reveal the official plaque that will hang above the front door of the lab, identifying it as the location where the enhancement of our soliders will take place.?

Both Mitchells held a side of the plaque and posed for the picture. Then they exchanged the lab plaque for the one that listed Major-General Mitchell?s new position as Commander of ETD: Enhanced Training Division. Then Lt-Col. Mitchell invited the Major-General to say a few words. Major-General Mitchell stepped up to the podium and looked out at the seated crowd of civilians and soldiers.

?First of all, let me thank you for inviting me here today to be part of this historic occasion,? Mitchell said. ?I promise you that I will undertake my new duties to the best of my abilities, finding volunteers from all over the CF to come here and become part of a new breed of Canadian Soldier. And I?m sure that once those volunteers arrive here, Lt-Col. Mitchell and his staff will do everything in their power to train them for the challenges they will face in the future.? Lt-Col. and Captain Mitchell nodded in agreement. ?If we didn?t have this base doing this kind of work, the Canadian Forces would be nothing,? Major-General Mitchell continued. He turned to the three newly enhanced soldiers and said, ?And without volunteers like you stepping forward to be the first of many enhanced soldiers, we wouldn?t be able to recruit others into your ranks.? He turned to look directly at Andrew and said, ?And I must especially thank you Private Pearson: for stepping forward and volunteering to be the very first Genetically Enhanced Soldier in the Canadian Forces. You served as a template for your three comrades and hopefully many more soldiers in the future!?

He stopped speaking and everyone applauded for Andrew. Andrew smiled as he realized that his selfish wish for superhuman strength would soon benefit many other people.
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