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Old September 9th, 2010, 08:09 AM
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Ben Gets Huge: chapter 3

I had to split chapter 3 up into two parts because it was too long. Part two of chapter three will be up tomorrow. For now, enjoy this.

The next two weeks were a flurry of discovering the extent of Ben's incredible strength on and off the field, defining the limits and capabilities of his growth abilities, dominating guys on the gridiron, and plenty of flexing, showing off, and muscle worship. Ben's personality was becoming increasingly confident, arrogant, dominant as he continued to grow and explore exactly how powerful he was, and he wasn't afraid to show it. Everybody love it though, especially the coaches and the guys on the team; Ben was quickly becoming a leader on the team, in and out of the locker room because of the respect his massive body and incredible strength commanded.

Of course, it wasn't like I was making Ben grow every night. In fact, after that first night I fed him my cum in the locker room showers, Ben told me what he had discovered over the summer. His growth was limited to once every few days; it seemed that his body had to recharge or sorts to make use of the cum he was feeding on...for now. That didn't stop him from slurping down as much cum from himself as he could, but he had other ideas for me. Despite being almost constantly horned up around him and even most of the time when I wasn't around him, I had been trying for the last 6 days to hold all my cum in to prepare for when he was ready to grow again, and damn it was hard. It was so hard NOT to feel on the brink of cumming around him, or even being in the room. The room stank of his sweaty pads. His shoulders were so wide and enormous the coaching staff had to special order a set of pads that would fit him, and they were already getting tight again after the last growth spurt. To me, the pads were as long as my whole torso and much wider, and they were extremely heavy even to lift, much less wear.

Ben had decided to stop washing his clothes because he enjoyed his own musky jock scent so much--he claimed the smell increased the power he felt and amplified the growth process--and the room was growing increasingly pungent as the pile of sweat-covered shirts, shorts, and jock straps grew to a mountain in the corner of the room. A lot of the clothes in the pile weren't even wearable anymore; Ben was quickly outgrowing many of them, despite having bought a bunch of new stuff during the summer. Coming back from the gym covered with sweat and ripping out of a t-shirt he could no longer get out of was coming a common occurance for Ben, and most of his underwear hardly contained his massive, thick cock and pendulous balls.

Oh how those balls could pump out cream. Ben probably masturbated at least 3 times a day, usually looking at his own expanding body in the full-length mirror, which was just wide enough to show his whole frame, for now. Even though he only grew maybe a pound a day when his body wasn't ready for another big growth spurt, he always saved and slurped up as much of his cream as he could. He always pumped out a ton of it too, and there was a growing stain on the carpet in front of the mirror where he hadn't bothered to clean up.

Ben's appetite was increasing along with his size and strength as well. He was going through a 5lb jug of protein powder every week along with the rest of the food he was eating at the cafeteria. He and his lineman buddies, or occasionally me, would hit the caf in force; the food service workers always cringed when they saw the corp of lineman, led by the unbelievably huge Ben, roll in to feed. It was hard to estimate just how many calories Ben was consuming every day, but it had to be over 8000. All the food made his perfectly round, rock-hard stud gut swell out and hang over his belt, causing the tortoise-shell abs to stand out. He loved swatting and rubbing his big belly, and used the weight, size, and power of it to dominate on the football field along with his incredible strength.

Along with his appetite, of course Ben's strength had exploded. By the time freshman year had ended, he was already one of the strongest guys on the team; now it was just a question of whether he was the strongest man on the planet, or maybe even the strongest persone to have ever lived. His training was hardcore, several hours a day, and involving insanely heavy weights. He had easily totaled over 3000 for the three traditional powerlifting lifts; he was just over 1000lbs on bench, no shirt, and well over 1000 in both the deadlift and squat. He was using 180lbs for his hammer curls, deep, slow reps that hit the core of his biceps and made them balloon and swell to 25". When he was lifting, everybody else in the gym just stopped and stared; his incredible feats of strength DEMANDED attention, his gigantic frame drew every eye.

Oh and he loved the attention. That confident, smug smirk was now fixed on his face almost permanently, but especially when he knew people were staring at his magnificent body or when he was dominating in the gym or on the field. There was a spark in Ben's eye that wasn't there last year, one that said he knew the potential and power he held within himself to become the biggest, strongest human being ever.
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Old September 9th, 2010, 10:21 AM
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Very nice man, I like it.
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Old September 9th, 2010, 12:12 PM
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Once again you have me on the edge of my seat...BEGGING for the next installment of this amazing story!!!

Great work, and I can't wait to see how big Ben gets!!!
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Old September 9th, 2010, 08:22 PM
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Can't wait for more! I hope you take it far.

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