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Old September 9th, 2010, 08:54 PM
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Ben Gets Huge: chapter 3.5

Ok, here's part two of chapter three. I have to say, this may be my favorite part of what I've written so far.

I had just got back from class and was sitting at my computer when I heard and felt the telltale thumping rumble of Ben stomping up the stairs to the third floor. His approach was unmistakable: slow, heavy, resonant plods that shook the whole building. I immediately started to chub up just anticipating his return to the room. I hadn't cum in a week, and I was so horny all the time it practically hurt. My balls were constantly tight, and I had to concentrate to keep from having a boner in class, especially in the human genetics class I had with Ben. Watching him squeeze into one of those tiny desks was hilarious and hot at the same time. I rubbed my aching ball sack and felt my cock swell up as the thumping, rumbling sound of Ben's approach got louder.

I heard a grunt from down the hall as Ben cleared the final steps, and a moment later the behemoth was wedging himself through the doorway and into the room. He had to turn sideways to fit his broad, muscular shoulders through the entrance; he was so thick that his pecs and back were getting to be a bit of a tight fit sideways as well. A wave of Ben's intense body odor slammed into me as he closed the door, sending shivers up my spine. Another wave of it hit me as he peeled of his skin-tight, sweat-soaked tank top and threw it onto the pile at the end of his bed. It was one of the few that still fit him, and it didn't look like it was going to last much longer.

He reached for his gym bag and pulled out four protein shakes he had tucked away and proceeded to drink all four of them in rapid succession without saying a word to me. He was looking absolutely swole; every part of his body was turgid with rock-hard muscle. His bicep bulged thick and round as he guzzled the last shake into his mouth; he had just downed at least 120 grams of protein in two minutes, and I knew that was but a fraction of his normal daily intake. His chest was ruddy and pumped up, his nipples thick and hard. His neck merged with his shoulders and traps as he shrugged and stretched his head from side to side, popping and stretching the muscles. He finally turned to acknowledge me, and I saw his massive cock bulging in his boxer briefs wedged between two thighs which were each clearly bigger around than my waist. I knew it was time for me to make him grow.

He eyed me and stared down at my own sizable bulge in my shorts, begging to be set free and release the load I had been building up for a week. Ben waddled over to me, the stomps of his strides shaking the room and rattling the window panes, and he towered over me. My mouth dropped open as I saw up-close just how massive he was. I had never seen him so pumped and swollen from the gym. His enormous bulge was right in face as he stared down at me, throbbing and pungent with ball sweat. It was clear he was ready for the next level. He reached down and tore off my shorts in one clean motion with a meaty paw, my pants ripping down the middle like it was tissue paper. My cock sprung free.

"Time to grow," he rumbled, and in one smooth motion he bent down, grabbed me with his beefy hands under my armpits, and effortlessly lifted me into the air. He lifted me all the way until my head bumped the ceiling. It looked like it was hardly any effort for him to lift my 180lbs as high as he could and hold me there. A fresh wave of his man stench filled the room as his uncovered armpits were exposed to the air. They were hairy and damp with sweat; in fact his whole body was slick with jock sweat.

He took my entire rock-hard cock into his mouth and started sucking powerfully, a hard, rough, vacuum-powerful force that was design to extract his own personal muscle-growing juice. Considering I had been waiting a week for this moment, I held on longer than I expected, just long enough for me to look down and admire the giant-to-be effortlessly holding me 3 feet in the air. His traps and shoulders swelled up in heaving mountains of muscle; thick, massive, powerful. His neck bulged out and the folds on the back of his head bunched. His triceps ballooned the longer he held me. He stared up at me with a hungry look in his eyes, grinning that arrogant smirk I had seen so often since the semester started.

Removing his mouth from my cock briefly, he roared "Come!" and opened his maw to receive my seed; it was an order, not a request. I exploded with a moan as thick ropes of cream blasted into his mouth and caught on his beard. I shot one, two, five, 10 thick spurts of it until I was finally spent, my balls tingling with pleasure as they finally had release for the first time in days, my cock exhausted and sore as Ben clamped his lips around it and drained every drop. He was growling happily as he guzzled down every drop, chugging the cream as it spurted from my mouth. After getting every ounce from the source, he licked his lips and wiped up all the excess that had dripped onto his beard and chest, his shelf-like pecs catching any of my growth-inducing spunk from hitting the floor. He was like a bear licking up honey, but it was no ordinary honey.

Ben finally put me down, showing no signs of fatigue, and chuckled happily, a low, rumbling bass. He waddled to the full-length mirror on the back of the door and started flexing.

"Fuck yeah, looking huge," he said, lost in a reverie of worshiping his own massive body. He hefted his massive right pec, causing his unbelievably thick forearms and biceps to bulge and bunch up, fighting for space. He pinched his nipple and growled with pleasure, and I saw his chest swell bigger. He took a deep breath and watched his musclegut balloon larger, and he groaned as he exhaled but saw his massive boulder gut remain swollen and hard.

"Fuck yeah, bigger, bigger," he huffed as his breathing quickened. He pinched both of his hard nipples, twisting and teasing them, and his chest swelled bigger with thick muscle as he growled with pleasure. He flexed his traps and shoulders and I heard the muscles crunch and pop as they merged with his thick neck. He spread his chest and lats to the side and he grew a half a foot wider. His massive shoulders bulged out, thicker and round with muscle. He looked at his expanding form in the mirror and boomed with laughter and quickly threw up both arms in a massive double-bicep flex. Each arm exploded with size, the peaks round and solid like cannonballs. Ben was wet with sweat again as he stared at himself in the mirror, watching himself grow wider than the doorway and edging higher as he grew taller. "Bigger, stronger, more," he grunted, his voice loud and deep. He willed himself bigger and bigger, flexing his tree trunk thighs, each one expanding thicker and rounder. The muscle spilled over his knees in an excessive display of power. His calves were way bigger than my thighs when he was done tensing and flexing them, grunting and sweating all the while.

"Oooh shit!" he rumbled, and suddenly let loose one last blast of growth that caused every part of his body to explode with size. He shot two more inches taller and he swelled thicker and wider than ever. He looked totally swollen and bloated with beefy muscle. Finally done, he smirked back at me and motioned for me to follow him to the bathroom and the scale. First he had to get through the doorway, which was suddenly an obstacle. He turned all the way sideways and tried to suck in his musclegut, but it was his hairy chest and thick jock bubble butt that rubbed against the door frame. He wiggled through the door and popped out into the hall and started plodding to the bathroom down the hall. His footfalls really did shake the floor now, and he grinned as he felt how much heavier he was than before.

As he stepped onto the scale, Ben knew he had surpassed his greatest expectations.

"Matt, get down there and tell me how fucking huge I am," he commanded, clenching his fist and flexing his massive bicep and chest in a display of power he knew I would appreciate. He was unable to peer over his enormous chest any longer, instead he flexed his barrel chest outward and rested his square jaw on his pec; he had always wanted to do that, and now he was big enough. His short, dark beard mixed with the thick chest hair and he rumbled his approval.

My jaw dropped as the number resolved itself on the scale. I knew storing up a week's worth of cum would work well, but this was insane.

"Well bud, how fucking huge am I?" Ben boomed from above me, admiring his own huge tricep as he swelled his massive gut above me.

"Ben, you just grew over 40 pounds. You weigh 405 pounds now and probably grew 3 inches. You're a fucking monster. I've never seen anyone like you. You are becoming a giant," I gushed, unable to contain my lust for him. "May I service you?" I implored, and Ben grunted his approval. It was the least he could to repay me for the growth-inducing seed I had saved up for him.

I pulled down his pants and his monstrous, bulbous cock swung out and hit me in the face. Its' weight and power was tremendous, and I knew it wasn't quite 100% hard yet. The jock stench emanating from his crotch was more powerful than anything I had smelled yet; sweat, cum, BO, power, sweat. I hefted his balls; they were goddamn heavy. I ran my fingers over the tight sack and Ben grunted with lust. I looked up and saw his great gut swelling out above me, bested only by his enormous barrel chest and hairy, thick, round pecs, each one capped with a hard nipple. Ben started pinching his nipples and boomed "Suck that cock." He was a total authority in complete control.

His cock was longer than my hand and thicker than my wrist. It made the meaty brats I ate growing up look like mini hot dogs. It was topped by a bulbous mushroom head that swelled out from the rest of his cock, bright red . His piss slit was already leaking copious amounts of pre-cum, which I started licking up greedily. I opened wide and started sucking his massive cock, gently using my teeth to add extra friction on the way down and then pressing my lips down on the rock-hard monster as hard as I could on the way up. I deep-throated him and choked as I tried to fit as much of it down my throat, getting only about 3/4 the way in before I had to stop. He growled with pleasure and his breathing increased.

"Faster, more," he groaned from above, and he put his heavy right hand on the back of my head, pushing his cock deeper in my mouth. He was already pretty close to cumming if his heavy breathing and growling sighs were any indication. Without warning he roared with power and exploded down my throat, a thick, hot jet of cream that I had to struggle to drink fast enough. He went for almost as long as I did in the room (he had cum this morning, I had stored up for a week) and finally finished with a satisfied growl.

I stood up and looked up at the giant football player towering over me. He was the biggest person I had ever seen, easily twice as wide as I was.

I suddenly felt a rush of heat in my abdomen, and I bent over double. What the fuck was this feeling? I felt burning inside, and I suddenly was compelled to flex as much as I could. I was shocked to realize that I was growing a bit bigger after taking in his cum as well! My modest torso swelled with new power and my thick legs hardened and bulged into bigger muscles. I jumped up an inch in height and, stepping onto the scale, i found I had gained 10 pounds.

"Excellent," Ben thundered from behind me as he towered over me. "Now you can continue to be big enough to service me as I grow even bigger. I'm going to need more and more of your cream in order to be even HUGER, STRONGER, and more MASSIVE than I am now!" Ben boomed, punctuating his statement with a laugh that shook my bones. He wrapped his huge arms around me and squeezed, forcing the breath out of my lungs and making me feel tiny even though I had just grown. There was no questioning his mass and power.

Ben took one last satisfied look at his gigantic frame in the bathroom mirror. He swatted his gut and bounced his massive chest, flexed his huge biceps, and rolled his mountainous shoulders in turn. "Let's go see if any of my fucking rags fit anymore and get some food. I'm fucking STARVING!" he said, his deep, resonant voice echoing off the walls of the bathroom, which now seemed tiny with his massive frame filling it up.

I admired the extra bulk to my body and followed him out of the bathroom obediently. I couldn't wait for him to get even bigger.
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I had just got back from class... and read chapter 3... Imagine my surprise to find 3.5 just a bit later. Thanks for your writing. I enjoy the meaty MG.
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Old September 10th, 2010, 03:44 PM
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ok, great capter, like the grown but he's like a powerlifter or is like a huge bodybuilder ( like branch warren) ? and hope Ben use is streght for show us how much his strong! no only in gym, if I heve abody lik that, I use my streght to show it ... BTW, great capter
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Old September 10th, 2010, 05:08 PM
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Originally Posted by xboy View Post
he's like a powerlifter or is like a huge bodybuilder
More like a powerlifter build. And he'll be using some of his strength in the big football game next chapter.
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Old September 11th, 2010, 06:46 AM
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Your pullin my heart strings for muscle growth with this amazing story!!!

Keep up the great work!
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Old September 11th, 2010, 05:50 PM
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Damn hot!!!

Can't wait for part 4!!!
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Old September 13th, 2010, 09:38 PM
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love that matt grew too, man ;p
more more bigger :P
great chapter
just my thoughts as a writer

Things happen.

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