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Muscle Growth Fantasies and Story Ideas Got a great idea for a muscle growth story or want to share some of your growth fantasies? Post them here!

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2 sides of a coin.

I'm thinking of a story where it tells the same thing from one participant's point of view, then the other for this one. I've read a story or two with that format, and I think its hot.

Here's the idea: Guy one is a young, gay, single, well-built (but not huge muscles) stud, I'll call him Miles. Guy two, is an atractive, gay, single, middle aged guy, of average build, I'll call hime bryce. One Friday night Miles meets Bryce at a bar, then they go home to Bryce's house, to enjoy more drinks & conversation. Miles mentions that he is joining a gym in Bryce's neighborhood. Bryce says that he belongs to that gym, and that they should start workingout together occationaly. They have sex, and end up spending the weekend together. Bryce mentions that if Miles looks this good now, imagine how he'll blow-up if he starts working out! Bryce enjoys being single, and brushes off most of Miles' advances to a relationship, so they only see eachother in the gym once, or twice every week.

One day Miles gets an offer for a good job in another city. He takes it, and moves away. Bryce then never sees Miles, and figures that Miles thought he was too good to talk to him. Feeling hurt after a few weeks, Bryce starts really working out hard, and starts getting huge after a while.

When Miles moves tp the new city, he is too busy with his new job to work out. Miles' muscles attrophy, but he still looks good since he is young and thin. A couple years after moving to the new city, Miles plans a trip back to the city where he used to live. Miles goes around the areas he used to hangout for nostalgia. At a cafe in the old neighborhood he see a huge muscle beast who keeps looking at him, and gets a little freaked. The hugely muscled stud then says, "Miles?" Miles looks, at the guy wondering how he knows his name, but thinking the guy seems familiar. Bryce says its me Bryrce, and starts asking why he left, and getting all jelous-lovery.

Miles is coerced back to Bryces house, and they have passionate muscle sex. Miles is turned on by how huge his old friend has become, and Bryce is still taken with Miles, even if he is thinner. This time they exchange numbers and continue having hot muscle sex one weekend each month, in alternating citties...
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